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"Really enjoyable."

Grand Theft Auto released on the PlayStation and i was so excited that i was going to buy it on the day, and i never regret buying it. The first time i placed it into the system, i really enjoyed it and thought to myself, ''I'm going to have a superbly enjoyable time on GTA'', and i wasn't wrong with my words. It will definitely give you a nice time on your system, and you will continue to play it over and over again. Here's my review on the crime series.

Poor, poor graphics, but do graphical sights make the game? Eh eh! And GTA is proof that graphics do not make a game. No one can say the graphics in GTA are fantastic, but you can say they aren't the worst. You won't pay that attention to the graphical sights anyway, as you'll be too addicted on getting away from the police, who are chasing you fastly down the main road. Your character who you are playing as looks like a huge dot and mark on the screen, which sometimes can be annoying, but no huge complaints.

Swearing pedestrians, really funny! They say thinks like.. Well, i can't say it on this review on GameFAQs but it's really, really funny. If you nearly run someone over they will scream at you and shout something rude, which is quite funny because you just get out and ram there head in. Music in cars, some music is nice. I really like the country music which is featured in the Pick-up truck, it's quite funny and lovely, i'm not sure which one. When you smash your car aswell, ''crash!'' noices are heard, and although it has poor graphics, you've got to love this Grand Theft Auto game in every way.

Start from a poor, poor man and work your way up to a huge rich business man, as usual on GTA games. Basic story, but still quite good with cut-scenes featured in the game also, which are also quite sweet. Around 4 characters to choose from, which will add another 20 hours on GTA, basic but nice story line.

If you haven't played GTA before, and you play it for the first time, the directions on the D-Pad take pretty long to get used to, because it's like down makes you go up and left makes you go right, etc. Complicated stuff like that. I don't really like the birdseye view as it makes GTA look like a Game boy game, and that will take quite long to get used to aswell. Something really, really annoying is how you drive bikes, you don't know what is coming up next as it is a birdseye view and you could keep falling off your bike, really irritating. Same with the cars, too.

Really, really, really, really *deep breath, really fun! GTA is so fun, and i enjoy playing it all the time on my system, definitely one of the most enjoyable games on the PlayStation. It's really hard to drive a motorbike, as you can fall off really easy and it's so irritating, as you want to stay on your bike and drive around for a bit. This is caused by the birdseye view. Sweet, really nice. GTA is total proof that Graphics do not make a game, and i've believed that statement for all of my life. If you're a graphics-man though, which i doubt truly, then you wont really like GTA. The first set of missions are quite easy, then it goes to the harder ones, a tough challenge of missions lies ahead. Some missions are really, really funny and will make you laugh. Gameplay is truly amazing featured on GTA, and although the graphics are poor, the gameplay is on top.

You kidding me? Asking this question? GTA games will always keep you playing, even if you have completed all of the missions on the game. You'll stay play it if you've had a hard day at work/school and you want to play on your system, GTA will be a good option to choose and you will have tons of fun on it. Even if you've completed the missions. It's only when you have completed the missions, and you play the game for about 2 hours, it will get a little boring then. But no huge complaints.

Buy or Rent?
Buy. It will definitely keep you busy and you will have so much fun on GTA. If you rent it, you wont be able to play all of the missions. It's always good to buy a GTA game, because even if you have finished all of the missions you can go on it for a quick mess about. Really fun, buy it.


Grand Theft Auto is one of the most enjoyable games i have played, and it definitely comes into the Top 20 most enjoyable games for me. I've played tons and tons of video games, but this one is one of my all-time enjoyable favourites.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/24/02, Updated 11/24/02

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