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"I didn't know stealing cars was this much fun."

Grand Theft Auto innovative style caught me right off. While its graphics look like they belong on the Super Nintendo, its awesome gameplay, controls, and sound more they make up for it.

Gameplay- 9/10

Grand Theft Auto's gameplay is very innovative. You can do pretty much anything you want, anytime you want. There are numerous missions your gang will give you. These missions involve killing rival gang members, blowing up police stations, picking up your fellow gang members and taking them places. When you complete these jobs, your gang will give you payment which is used to advance to the next level, changing plates on your car. Trust me you will need to have your plates changed because changing your plates gets any jobs that were chasing you to stop. You can also, as the name of game implies, steal cars. You will soon find out which cars are fast, which ones are slow, and which ones are the most durable. Having a fast, durable car is very important. While you can commit all these crimes you must be prepared to pay the consequences. When you kill too many people, pick up a person who just committed a crime, etc., you can expect to have the cops on your tail. Make sure you don't kill a cop or you'll have the whole police department on your tail. Grand Theft Auto's unique gameplay makes up for all shortcomings of the game.

Graphics- 2/10

Grand Theft Auto's graphics are not good at all. They look like they belong on the Super Nintendo. The people look very blocky but the cars don't look half bad. It also gives you an over-the-top, God view like from SimCity. The camera angle sometimes gets caught on top of a building when your character or car is right next to a building. The bad graphics don't do much to help the game but the gameplay more than makes up for it.

Controls- 8/10

The controls are very good for this game. You just face your guy the direction you want to go and press up. Its a little awkward at first but you get used to it. Driving the cars is even easier. You just press X and left or right to steer. It can't get much easier than that huh.

Sound- 9/10

The sound for Grand Theft Auto kicks butt and takes names. There are several radio stations to listen to when you get in a car. Each radio playing in the car is kinda appropriate for the car. For example, when you get in a Thunderhead it starts playing an oldies type music that you associate a Thunderbird, uh, I mean Thunderhead with. When you get in an Itali, Italian music starts playing and when you get in a pickup truck, country music starts playing. The sound effects are also pretty good. When you go zipping by other motorists cutting them up off, they will honk their car horn and shout obscenities at you. Its pretty funny. Also pedestrians will scream and run away if you drive too close to them. When the cops get on the scanner and say, ''He's headed east in West Kings.'' It actually sounds like how the cops say it on ''World's Scariest Police Chases'' or a show like that. Its pretty dang cool. The sound helps this game out tremendously.

Replay ability- 9/10

Grand Theft Auto is chock full of secrets, missions, and cars to keep you occupied for several weeks if not months. Even after you beat it you can still try to find all the hidden cars and secrets.

Overall Score-8/10

Stealing cars, running over pedestrians, angry motorists shouting obscenities at you, blowing up police stations, ah, the glories of Grand Theft Auto. For those of you who want to see how the series started or just play a game with awesome gameplay, Grand Theft Auto is the game for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/28/03, Updated 02/28/03

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