"The original, but it is that good?"


Grand Theft Auto. One of Rockstar Games biggest series today started with this game right here in 1998. We have come a long way since this game in the short 6 years since this was launched, including even adding a whole dimension. But I'll save this for the Vice City review. So anyway, Grand Theft Auto. The original game that got the series kicked off is quite good in my opinion. It features over eighty total missions divided into three whole levels. So, without further ado, the review (hey, that rhymes...)

Gameplay 10/10

The game of total destruction using violence, stealing, and a lot of language is pretty addictive. Basically you go around doing missions that you get from Payphones to increase your money/score. But if this gets boring the cool thing about this game is that you can do basically whatever you want. Steal cars, shoot people, break stuff, whatever. Sometimes doing stuff like this increases your money/score. Once you get the target score for a level, you move on to the next level. Pretty basic. But this game is pretty difficult. For most of the game you will be doing missions which involve cops to catch your tail and you have to get by them to pass the mission. This can be hard. If you get busted or die from trying to escape you lose some money, your multiplier, and your weapons, so you gotta be careful. And this game is addictive. Once you start you wont want to stop. Basically addictive gameplay is what this disc brought to us.

Controls 7/10

Pretty easy. X is accelerate, triangle is break and reverse, square is enter or exit a vehicle, and circle is an alternate break. But, there are a couple flaws with these controls. One, you get mixed up between triangle and square, especially if you have played Grand Theft Auto III or Vice City. And for two, you have to hold down X to walk when you are on foot, which can get annoying at first, but you'll get used to it. So, I give controls a 7.

Graphics 5/10

Graphics. This right here is where the game is at its weakest. You can say they are good for the 32-bit gaming system its on but compared to the Grand Theft Auto games these days these are horrible. First off, the firs thing you'll notice is that this game has a top down view. Like your looking down from a helicopter. The cars and buildings do have some detail, but dont get too impressed. And the people, man, the people just plain look like crap. Ok, maybe im exaggerating a little, but they are nothing, I repeat nothing compared to Vice City. I give this area a 5.

Sound Effects and Music 8/10

Relax, dont think this game is a total waste just yet, it gets better here. Grand Theft Auto has and excellent sound effect line up. Many, many sounds in the game that match the event and dont hesitate. There is also a 60 minute soundtrack featuring various styles of music to jam to while driving in a vehicle. Songs such as the self titled Grand Theft Auto by Da Shooterz are good songs that get you pumped for action. Also, the sound quality is really good. Oh, yeah and as an added bonus, what Sony and Rockstar did was go ahead and put the soundtrack on the CD (please note this might not be on every CD, but its on most). This means if you pop the Grand Theft Auto CD into a CD player, it will pop up saying 11 tracks, track 1 being the game and tracks 2-11 being the songs from the game, a whole station per track. Overall the sound helped bring out this game to make it much better.

Expansion Packs

You may be thinking, "What? An expansion pack for a PlayStation game?". Well, yes it does sound weird, and to my knowledge it is the only expansion pack on PlayStation, but there is an expansion called Grand Theft Auto London 1969 which is supposed to be an add on. It requires this game to play it. To learn more about it, check the Grand Theft Auto London 1969 contributed works on GameFAQS, or check a local store that has it.

Buy or Rent?

Well, its your choice. It is the original and is required to play Grand Theft Auto London 1969 if you ever desired to do so. It is needed for a good PlayStation game collection if you ask me, but thats my opinion. If you try this game and like it try Grand Theft Auto 2 as well. Its a little bit different but you may enjoy it.

Overall 8/10

Grand Theft Auto is the original game in one of the most popular series today. I recommend it to any violent action fans. This game just recently became availible in the Grand Theft Auto Collectors Pack which includes this game, Grand Theft Auto London 1969, and Grand Theft Auto 2, all for a price of twenty bucks new. Well, whatever, have fun with Grand Theft Auto!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/19/04

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