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"Well.... It doesnt look good..."

I bought this game about 2 years ago with the original grand theft auto game. I enjoyed the original GTA for months before I noticed ''Oh yeah! I bought this game with it too!'' I broke the seal on the game and popped it into the machine. Thought the menus sounded pretty ''Funkadelic'' and I wondered ''Wow, this must be a pretty good game''. I start the first mission and its nothing more then ''Deliver this from point A to point B''. I thought it was pretty odd that the expansion to such a good game would start off so plain, and boring. Unfortunately, things didnt get much better with the second, and third missions. I was pretty frustrated that what I spent 30 extra dollars(canadian dollars) on was just little more then an edited GTA with corny british accents and bland missions.


Well, I cant say its that bad. I mean as with the original GTA, you are allowed to take on a mission whenever you please. There is no pressure whatsoever. Especially in this game. There is really only one city to drive in. So that takes away one motivating factor to beat the game. And even if you decide to take on the missions, you'll be bombarded with crap. Every mission is either a ''Point A to point B'' mission, or a ''pickup/drop off'' or a ''Assassination'' mission. Too bad they couldnt be more creative. I think you'll find, as I did, that the only fun part is driving the austin powers car(a.k.a Shaguar).



Well, the control in this is exactly, and I really mean exactly like GTA. There are no if, ands or buts about this one. They could have at least tweaked it a little. But that obviously was not the case. Its a pitty really. Rockstar had a perfectly good idea in mind. But didnt put the effort in to actually make a dynamic game.



This is one category where GTA London falls WAY behind its predecessor. The radio stations in GTA were pretty interesting. and there were a few tracks I really liked. That was not the case with London 69. I found myself doing the CD trick instead of listening to radio stations. I really dont know what they were thinking/smoking when they made the sound track for this game. If your still listening, the pedestrians are kind of nutty. They all have very british accents and call you things like ''arse'' etc. The cutscenes are even worse. Like the first one. You talk to a man who has such a butchered british accent it doesnt even really count as english. I was not impressed like I was with the original.

*note*The CD trick works on both GTA1 and GTA London. You can pop the CD out and stick a music CD in, the playstation will play it as a radio station. You must stick the GTA/GTA London disk back in if you want to go to a menu.



The graphics are really like the rest of the game. Identical in every way to the first GTA. You can tell that the buildings were made using the same method as the first. Which is a little disappointing, considering computers do come a long way in one short year. The only way you can tell the difference between the two is the color of the buildings. While GTA used bright colors to distinguish buildings, London used dark browns and greens which made it quite boring to drive around in. I cant really say much about the people, they're just the same little heads with moving legs. They still make the *squish* sound when you run over them. I've said it before and ill say it again. Things haven't changed much!



There really isnt any in this game. By the time you complete it, you'll want another stab at GTA. I'd compare it to eating pizza, then dirt. After you've eaten the dirt. Then your gonna want the pizza again. Thats pretty much the same how it goes with this game. its the dirty follow up to a ''pizzalicious'' game.

1/10 (if your bored)


This isnt the game you want for your birthday. You will be sorely disappointed, just like I was when I played it. luckily, by the time you've read this review. GTA2 and 3 are already out, so you are able to get them. If you are interested in the original GTA or GTA2, check out my reviews on both. If you dont want to. Then I'll just say now that I strongly recommend you buy them instead of this.

happy gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/17/02, Updated 04/17/02

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