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Reviewed: 12/16/02 | Updated: 12/16/02

Great idea for a GTA game, poorly dished out

All Grand Theft Auto games are really enjoyable and fun. When Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 released i was so excited, and being a resident of England i knew i was going to enjoy the game. Well, there are a lot of disappointments featured in GTA: London 1969. Here's my review.

Well it's still really addictive and really fun, it will keep you playing for hours. The controls are exactly the same as the previous GTA games, so still that bird's-eye view still exists. Obviously there are still missions featured in the game, as in all Grand Theft Auto games, and some are really fun but some certain missions are really, really annoying and boring. I really don't like how they make so much fun out of England in the game, it really lets the game down. I'm very disappointed with GTA: London 1969. Hopefully they can try again one day and actually take their time with it. It will keep you playing for hours, with so many places to go to on the big map of London, and tons of cars to steal. As i've said, the gameplay is totally fun, but it just doesn't live up to GTA1 or GTA2.

The graphics featured in GTA: London 1969 are average. The cars look okay, but the people just look like small dots with huge heads. No major complaints though, it won't really bother you. The buildings look good, and there is even Big Ben featured in the game, which looks, alright.. It's average, not excellent and not very bad. The graphics are okay. Trees look weird, explosions and everything else look okay too.

It's good how the music is all from the 1960's, i like some of it. Some pieces of music in the game can be really annoying though, but some are great. Pedestrians as usual call you names, insulting names, well it is rated 18. I can't repeat what they say on here, but it's really funny. Some of the text spoken by the character's sound average, some are crap, but some are good. Why do i feel that this game is all about ''average''?

As always, you have to make your way from being an un-popular dirty man to a really popular high criminal with tons of cash. You can go to phones and get missions, while working for people who own their own gang, etc. Not really a huge storyline like Adventure games, but it's quite exciting to try and get yourself to becoming the most feared man in London.

As in all Grand Theft Auto games, the replayability is excellent. If you want to mess about on a game, just put in any GTA game and have fun. You won't get bored, it will last for quite some time. The only time is gets boring is when you have completed all of the missions, done absolutely everything, own every weapon, etc. Because then, when you mess about for 2 hours or so, you will think ''This is getting really boring now'' and switch off your console.

Buy or Rent
This is a real tough one. If you're a big, big fan of the GTA series, i would buy it. If you get bored easily, rent it. I don't think you'll enjoy the game if you got bored easily with the previous titles. It's entirely your decision, i find it a tough one. It's still quite enjoyable, but it's not good and not bad, between the two.


Overall, GTA: London 1969 is an average game. Well, it's not good and it's not bad, it's just in-between. I quite enjoy it as i'm from England, but if anyone from outside of England plays the game, i don't think they will enjoy it that much.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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