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Reviewed: 06/15/03 | Updated: 06/15/03

A decent stress remove...

I first got this game in the Grand Theft Auto Collectors Package, and I thought that this was a completely different game from the others. Well it ends up that this is a expansion of the first Grand Theft Auto. It is a good expansion pack but it could of been better. You also need the original Grand Theft Auto to operate this disc. Read the review to find out what it is lacking.

Story 5/10
There really is no story like in the first two Grand Theft Auto's. All that you basically do in London is go around doing jobs for gang bosses to earn respect and money as a gangster.

Graphics 7/10
Well the graphics could have been a lot better then what they are. The view is a birds' eye view down on you. The graphics have been upgraded to look more like it is 3D but it's not. The explosions look pretty darn realistic though. The city of London is very well designed and stays true to what it really looks like. It has almost all of the landmarks in London. The graphics are a big step above the original Grand Theft Auto.

Music/Sound 10/10
All the music you hear are 60's music which is pretty cool. I think just that will tell you enough about the music. Now the effects are very well thought out to! You can hear the doors opening and closing along with cars skidding to a halt, people getting shot with your guns, and their bones snapping as you run over them. Do I have to say anymore?

Game Play 10/10
Do anything you want to. There are hardly any rules on what you can do and what you can't do. You want to kill people? Go ahead! You want that car that just drove by? Go steal it for yourself. You also can go on 32 new missions that this expansion pack adds. It also has 30 new cars just waiting to be stolen. Now back to the missions. The missions almost always include, kill this person, steal that car and hide it. These can be easy at first but they get very difficult later on in the game because the cops come after you. They also do that if you kill to many people or get caught stealing a car. Game play is awesome.

Replay 8/10
All of the Grand Theft Autos I have played (Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto: London, Grand Theft Auto 2,Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) have excellent replay value to them.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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