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"Stick with the original, it loves you better"

Grand Theft Auto: London is the expansion to Grand Theft Auto. It is a adventure/action/driving game from a sky view.

Game Play: The game is simple to understand. You are a mob guy in London. You are suppose to go around killing things, finding things, and completing missions. You earn money (points) too, to keep track of high scores.

The one bad part in this game is the way you generally move outside of a car. You must “hold” in the accelerate button to walk forward... That’s nuts! Not only that, you have to manually turn your character.

Driving is fun though. You get tons of cars and even a tank. The only bad part is that you have to enter cars from the left side... So if you were used to the original Grand Theft Auto or actually drive cars, this will get you killed very often (It did for me). Driving on the other side of the street didn’t both me, as I drive in the middle and side walks.

The combat in this game is hard to get used to. You get 5 weapons. A punch, pistol, machine gun, rocket launcher, and flame-thrower. They are very different from each other, but they also get old soon. Not only that, only the pistol and machine guns are common.

Doing missions can be boring at times. Most of them consist of killing people or blowing things up. Average

Challenge: This game is hard for two reasons...
1: Because you at a new mission that you have no idea what to do, forcing you to use trial and error.
2: Because you can only get shoot once, then die. Good

Control: The control is good for the driving, it’s not hard to steer. But when you are on foot, this pummels. Walking, turning, and even shooting can get confusing to a beginner. Basic shooting and moving should not be hard to do in ANY game. Below Average

Story: I really honestly didn’t notice a story. If there was a story, it was very little at that. Even if there was one, it is not like you would really pay attention to it any ways. Poor

Visuals: This game looks like crap. For modern play station games, this is just an insult, in my opinion. The main character is very poorly done, hell you can’t even really realize what he even is suppose to look like from the game alone. The cops in this game are VERY blendish and hard to see, thus leading to you getting busted. The explosions look kind of bad as well. Least there isn’t any real glitches Poor

Audio: The music in this game is too... well it’s English, I guess. Nothing that would really keep the game rolling. The sound effects have gotten a little better this time around. I didn’t notice that baby scream I always heard in Grand Theft Auto 1. Average

Re playability: For a real gamer, this game will get boring once you beat it. That’s IF you have the will power to beat it in the first place. The same stuff repeats over and over again. This is a great game to let guest play, but they don’t count since you buy the game. Below Average

If you live in Britain...
Really cool bad ass poster should be included

Nothing really improved from GTA
The games full power comes out with cheats

I would rent this game first. If you are a die hard GTA fan, you should buy this. It was about 20 bucks when it first came out, it should actually be more now from scarcity.

This game is getting a four out of ten. It could have been better, but nothing new was really done. I should mention this game takes a LONG time to set up. You must swap discs like crazy in the beginning and you must do it each time you load up the game. This was a major turn off for me. This game it’s worth the trouble when you think about it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/10/03

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