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Now obviously when you hear the name Grand Theft Auto London 1969 you know its taking place in London. This game is just like Grand Theft Auto, but its a litter smaller. The reason? This game, says Rockstar, was just an addon to Grand Theft Auto to hold people over until Grand Theft Auto 2 was released. It required the original Grand Theft Auto to be played even. Lets get into further detail.

Gameplay 9/10

Pretty much the same as the original Grand Theft Auto. You go around and do missions that you receive from payphones and cars. If you get bored with this you can always just drive around London and do stuff such as go on killing frenzys and kill as many people as you can or just go around running people over and destroying cars. The only flaw in this gameplay is the major cut of missions. The original Grand Theft Auto had over 85 missions, and this game has over 30. But, of course, there is a reason. And if you read the introduction, you would know that this is due to the pack this is an "add on expansion pack". So, basically the same, although I still can't get to used to the fact you drive on the opposite side of the road...

Controls 7/10

Like the original, they are as simple as they can get. X is accelerate, triangle is enter or exit a vehicle, square is break and reverse, and circle has a new feature, which is honk the horn. The only thing wrong with these controls in my opinion are the fact that you can get mixed up from square and triangle because they were changed a little from Grand Theft Auto. You also have to press and hold X to walk when you are on foot, but you will get used to this.

Graphics 5/10

Once again, the same as Grand Theft Auto (see a pattern?). The only main difference is that fact that you drive on the opposite side of the road. There are new cars but they have the same amount of detail. If you have never played Grand Theft Auto, then let me describe it. First off, it has a top-down view. This looks like you are looking to the ground from a helicopter. Nothing even close to the latest three dimensional stuff. The cars have some detail, but not much. Thats basically it.

Sound Effects and Music 8/10

Compared to Grand Theft Auto, the sound is the same. The only main differences are: one) theres like thirty five percent more music, and two) the music is all music from London! Thats right, no more rap (I know). And like the original, good sound quality. Cars make driving noises that sound like driving noises. Burps sound like burps. You get the point. Oh, and one more thing, like the original, this game (most discs anyway) have the special feature where you can take the game, put it into a CD player, and listen to all the audio tracks! Sound played a big part in how good this game is.

Buy or Rent?

Well, asking me, I would say buy it. Its a good game, even if it is only an add on expansion. It comes with the Grand Theft Auto Collectors Pack which I highly recommend. Note though that if you buy this you must have the original Grand Theft Auto disc to play.

Overall 7/10

The game is fun and is one of the first in the series. Just because it is an add on doesnt mean you should ignore it as it is a good game. If you want my recommendation I say buy it if you love violent games, buy it if you try to collect whole series, buy it if you love action games, buy it if you like any of the other Grand Theft Autos, or try to rent in any other case.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/19/04

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