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    FAQ/Move List by ABelonio

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    Guilty Gear by Team NeoBlood
    FAQ by Abe Belonio Ver.1.2
    No part of this FAQ may be published without informing the author and 
    it may not be changed, edited or otherwise modified. If you wish to put 
    this FAQ on your site you may do so subject to the above conditions as 
    long as you credit me and Gamefaqs.com. Thanks!
    This is my first attempt at an FAQ so please forgive the shortcomings. 
    Okay on to the good stuff. Guilty Gear is team NeoBlood's first(?) 
    PlayStation fighting game. Unlike the recent overdose of Polygon-based 
    3D fighting games, Guilty Gear is a sprite-based, 2D fighter. Combining 
    a solid fighting engine with good control, beautiful anime-style art 
    and really original fighters, GG is one of the better fighting games in  
    recent memory. GG is also a weapon based fighter but the weapons are 
    just normal fighting moves. Think Strider in Marvel vs. Capcom and 
    you've got the idea. In this FAQ I'll try to give you an overview of 
    the characters and their moves. 
    1.2:Fighting System 
    GG uses a very simple attack button config which is ( default ): Square 
    = Jab, X= Kick, Triangle = Slash, and O = High Slash. GG also utilizes 
    an exaggerated Marvel Vs. Capcom-style chain combo system in which all 
    moves, including most special moves, are interruptible and chainable. 
    One of the major differences is that the same attack can be used two to 
    three times in succession. For Example: Jab, Jab, Kick, Slash, Slash / 
    Down + Slash, High Slash. Special moves can be added at any time during 
    the chain. GG also incorporates air combos which are activated by 
    pressing Triangle and Circle at the same time for a launcher. Then Up 
    to pursue the opponent for a few extra hits. One of the more 
    interesting additions to the game is the "Destroyer" move. At anytime 
    during the match, one can start a move that stuns the opponent for a 
    second, then follow up with another move that, if it connects, will 
    defeat the opponent instantly, even if the opponent is ahead by a point 
    or energy. This may be called cheap by some, but the move can always be 
    countered or evaded by the opponent. Still, it's really cool to 
    suddenly defeat the opponent even though he's got perfect health and 
    he's ahead on points. Or beating the enemy with the very first attack. 
    Kinda cool.  Another feature of the game is the ability to "power-up" 
    one of your characters' special moves. The move will then do much more 
    damage and have more range than it would have normally. Each character 
    ( except Axl? ) has one special move which can be powered up. Power up 
    is done by doing the motion for the move and pressing R1. Normally R1 
    would be a taunt. But using it with a special motion starts the power 
    up. Holding R1 will increase the amount of energy for the move. 
    Pressing a button at this time will launch the move. Or the move can be 
    delayed and launched later in a normal manner. Attacks can be enhanced 
    up to level three. Power levels are shown during the charge. Yet more  
    techniques are the super moves. Each character has at least one super 
    move while others have two. Strangely, some moves can only be accessed 
    when the super bar is full, while others can be used as long as there 
    is energy in the super bar.  Super moves do about half damage to the 
    entire life bar but it is unclear whether the amount of super bar 
    energy has an effect on the damage inflicted. Instead of a single 
    taunt, GG has two, L1 and R1. R1 is interruptible while L1 is not. GG 
    also has some of the toughest bosses in videogame history, comparable 
    to Omega Rugal in King of Fighters 95'. The two bosses, Testament and 
    Justice can be used in versus mode after beating the game with any 
    character. The game also zooms in or out from the fighters in a style 
    similar to Samurai Shodown or Art of Fighting. Add to the mix some 
    really really cool music. The music is old-school hard rock and thrash 
    metal that could pass for one of Metallica's first albums! And the 
    options menu allows the player to play through all the music tracks on 
    the CD, including some bonus tracks.  Some of the characters are even 
    voiced by well-known anime voice actors or seiyuu. Great music, love 
    it. Okay, on to the character profiles and move lists.
    2.1: Characters
    Note: all moves followed by an asterisk (*) are Super Moves.  All moves 
    followed by an exclamation point ( ! ), can be powered up. Move names 
    are taken from the game itself or created by myself.
     Sol BaDguy:
    This guy is the Ryu of GG. All his moves are the usual fireball/dragon 
    punch style moves. A strong, well rounded character, he has one of the 
    better super techniques which allow him to use his powered up special 
    move repeatedly. Most of his attacks are fire-based. He also has good 
    range and combos, but his Destroyer opener has short range. Overall, a 
    powerful, balanced character for neophytes and intermediate players. 
    Gun Frame:             Bandit Revolver:            Bandit Shotgun:
    D,DF,F + S             D,DF,F + K                  D,DB,B + K
    Volcanic Viper:        Dragon Install:             Flame Vortex:
    F,D,DF + S!            D,DB,B,D,DB,B + S*          D,DB,B,D,DB,B + HS*
    Ky Kiske:
    If Sol is Ryu, Ky is, obviously, Ken. Electricity is the foundation of 
    his attacks and his attacks have a bit more range than Sol's. He also 
    seems to be a little faster. He also has a cool pre-fight pose in which 
    he makes the sign of the cross before saluting with his sword. He has a 
    classy trenchcoat outfit and has more finesse than Sol. He also has a 
    different intro pose when fighting against Sol. Cool guy. Voiced by 
    Takeshi Kusao of  Dragonball, Lodoss and Slam Dunk! fame.
    Stun Edge:            Stun Dipper:      Holy Thrust:
    D,DF,F + S!           D,DF,F + K        B,DB,D,DF,F,B,DB,D,DF,F + HS*
    Vapor Thrust:          Needle Spike:                       
    F,D,DF + S             F,DF,D,DB,B + K
    This blindfolded Andy Bogard lookalike has a rather original means of 
    fighting. A dark aura swirls around his feet and forms itself into 
    weapons and demons. Very impressive-looking as all he has to do is 
    gesture and a huge fist or dragon forms out of his aura and slams into 
    the opponent. He also lapses into a demon form while dashing, jumping 
    or taking damage, reminiscent of Demitri in Dark Stalkers. Voiced by 
    Kaneto Shiozawa voice of Vampire Hunter D, and Duke of Toshinden. 
    Demon Upper:
    F,D,DF + P                                                                                                                    
    Dranker Shade:       Invite Hell:         Yami Kakato:               
    D,DB,B + P           D,D + S!             F + K
    Climb Darkness:         Break the Law     Hell Demon: 
    B,DB,D,DF,F + HS,S,P    F,DF,D,DB,B + S   F,DF,D,DB,B,F,DF,D,DB,B+HS*
    Chipp Zanuff: 
    Looking like a cross between Goku and a Ninja, Chipp is one of the 
    easier characters to use. He has simple combos, good speed and range 
    and a really cool teleport. Useful for all you speed demons out there, 
    Chipp is fast on his feet and can disappear into thin air. A sneaky 
    tactic is to become invisible then teleport behind your opponent and 
    let em' have it! 
    A.Blade:              Y.Blade:                 Meisai: 
    D,DF,F + P            B,DB,D,DF,F + HS          D,DB,B + K  
    B.Blade:              Ten'i:                   Z.Blade:
    F,D,DF + P!           D,DF,F + S               D,DF,F,D,DF,F + K*
    Axl Ion:
    Axl is visually patterned after Axl Rose himself! Long blond hair, 
    bandanna, denim jacket and cutoffs over a white shirt and there you 
    have it. His weapon, a pair of sickles connected by a chain, or 
    kusarigatama, make it a bit difficult to do chain combos. But he has 
    perhaps the best range of any character. Some of his moves even reach  
    almost a full screen away. And he has a counter that stops any physical 
    attack cold. A bit difficult to use but once learned can be very 
    Rensen Geki:           Raiei Sangeki:         Metal Massacre:
    B,F + P                B,DB,D,DF,F + K        F,DF,D,DB,B + K*    
    Benten Gari:            Tenhou Seki:          Kusari Atsui:
    F,D,DF + S              D,DB,B + P            D,DF,F,DF,D,DB,B + HS*
    Millia Rage: 
    One of the few female characters, Millia is still a strong character. 
    Using her hair as a weapon, she can hang with the best of them. Her 
    attacks, like the Living Lancer and Zenten, can be very confusing. Add 
    to this her speed and combos, and she's deadly. She has a slight  lack 
    of range but compensates with her speed. Cute babe too. 
    Living Lancer:                  Condemn Top:           Zenten:
    D,DF,F + S, any direction  !    F,D,DF + S             D,DB,B + K
    Living Lancer II:               Lust Shaker:     Living Lancer III:
    D,DB,B + S, any direction !     S rapidly        D,DF,F,D,DF,F + HS*
    Power personified. Potemkin can only chain two or three hits together, 
    but he can wipe out half your life bar with those three hits. He is 
    primarily a grappler and his moves, though slow, can reach half a 
    screen away. His arsenal is a bit limited but the power of his attacks 
    is a force to be reckoned with.   
    P Buster:                        Mega Fist:       Vulcan Straight:    
    F,DF,D,DB,B,F + P ( close )      D,DF,F + P       F,DF,D,DB,B,F + HS*
    Nitro Hook:                     Megaton Stomp:
    B,DB,D,DF,F + P                 F,D,DF + P!   
    Kliff Undersn: 
    An old man who carries a  big cleaver. Kliff can be a real pain. But he 
    has no dashes or retreat moves. ( I.e. back-back. ) But he has some 
    good range and cross-up moves. Although some of his hits like the HS do 
    have significant lag, it's not too much of a factor in battle. And his 
    small size makes it difficult for some enemy attacks to connect. And 
    his High Slash does massive damage if it connects. 
    Houkou Gaeshi:       Kubinatagi:          Bakamonoda:
    D,DF,F + P!          D,DB,B + K           L1     
    Zugaishi:           Urokohagashi:       Dragon's Teeth:
    D,DB,B + S          S rapidly           B,DB,D,DF,F,B,DB,D,DF,F + HS*
    May: Ohh-kay, I'm not really crazy about this character as she falls 
    under the "cute girls" type, and she really isn't that remarkable to 
    begin with. She uses a large ships' anchor for a weapon. Her attacks 
    are short-ranged and a bit confusing. She's also. well, I'm not that 
    into cute girl characters so please forgive me if I don't elaborate 
    that much. 
    Aqua Rolling:                      Mist Finger:
    D,DF,F + S                         D,DB,B + S    
    Restive Rolling:                   Overhead Kiss:     
    F,D,DF + S                         B,DB,D,DF,F + K      
    Dr. Baldhead: This doc is one crazy guy! He stands taller than most of 
    the characters but fights in an awkward crouching position, he carries 
    a stick for a weapon and sounds really psycho. He has really good range 
    as well as a variety of both crazy and unpredictable attacks. He takes 
    off a lot of damage quickly and his attacks are well suited to combos. 
    The problem is that his unpredictability and awkwardness makes it 
    difficult to learn how to use him. And his special move has zero range.
    Souten Enshin:          Going my Way:          Crazy Beat:      
    D,DF,F + P, F/B         D,DB,B + S             F,D,DF + S!     
    Mettagiri:         Rerere no Tsuki:          Psycho Operation:
    F,D,DF + S         B,DB,D,DF,F + HS, B,B     D,DF,F,DF,D,DB,B + HS*
    One of the coolest and most difficult bosses in gaming. Opinion is 
    divided as to whether he/she is male or female. She wears a slashed 
    skirt and some sort of off shoulder thing, but on several occasions her 
    face seems distinctly male. Her taunt for example seems to change her 
    face. Add to this the fact that she has no cleavage and speaks with a 
    vibrato resonance that is both male and female. Anyway, she`s dressed 
    completely in black and carries a huge scythe. Very similar to the grim 
    reaper incarnation of Death, she's an extremely difficult boss to fight 
    against. She can combo very well and her attacks leave almost no room 
    to counter as they pile up in rapid succession. Very tough, very cool.
    Update: According to Kliff's ending, Testament is actually Kliff's son!
    Still, he's got a really androgynous appearance and some death's head 
    trip. Thanks for the info, Chris-san!
    Exe Beast:              Grave Digger:               Scythe Grip:
    B,DB,D,DF,F + HS        D,DF,F + S                  D,DB,B + K
    Phantom Soul:           Panzer  Centipede:          Summon Soul:   
    D,DF,F + P              F,D,DF + S                  D,DF,F,D,DF,F + HS*
    Through a rocking anime style intro you are introduced to Justice, the 
    final boss. Prepare to get your ass kicked. Justice is tough, fast 
    deadly and very cheap. Not bad for a robot fighter that looks like a 
    mix of the Evangelion, Detonator Orgun and the Cybernetics Guardian. 
    His Imperial Ray does massive damage and stuns the enemy very quickly. 
    His Super move does almost 20 hits, not to mention it will stun you if 
    all the hits connect. His only weakness that when used by a human 
    player, some of his combos are difficult to pull off. But the computer 
    doesn't have that problem.   
    SBT:              Valkyrie Arc:        MegaBlast:
    B,D,DB + K        D,DF,F + P           B,F,DF,D,DB,B,F,DF,D,DB,B + HS*
    Imperial Ray:               Michael Sword:
    F,B,DB,D,DF,F + S           B,DB,D,DF,F + S 
    By finishing the game with Sol or Ky without continuing, after the end 
    credits a new screen will appear and you will fight Baiken. He has 
    similar in appearance to Shizumaru of Samurai Shodown as well as 
    Kenshin of Ruroni Kenshin, not to mention Mousse and Ukyo Tachibana. 
    One arm and one eye notwithstanding, Baiken is a very tough opponent. 
    He carries a katana in one hand and can produce various chain weapons 
    out of his empty sleeve. Once beaten, like Testament and Justice, he 
    will become usable. Definitely a cool addition to the game. 
    Tatami Gaeshi:         Youzansen:
    D,DF,F + K!            F,D,DF + S 
    Kumaitachi:            Shinda: 
    B,DB,D,DF,F + HS       D,DF,F,DF,D,DB,B + HS* 
    2.2: Common Moves
    Taunt: L1 or R1
    Dash: F,F or B,B 
    High Jump: D,U
    Destroyer: P + K, then D,DF,F + S or HS
    Destroyer counter: when hit with a Destroyer opener, immediately input 
    D,DF,F + S or HS
    Launcher: S + HS
    3.1: Secrets
    According to numerous email sources, if you finish the game with Sol or 
    Ky without continuing, you will fight a Hidden Boss, Baiken, a one-
    armed, one-eyed samurai who swings a mean katana. If you defeat him he 
    will then become usable. Also, there is a code to make the bosses, 
    including Baiken immediately accessible. As soon as you turn on the PS: 
    Hold Down, X, L1 and R2 until the title screen. I have not confirmed 
    this code myself as I can't get it to work yet. I've heard you're 
    supposed to hold them down before you turn on the PS and hold thru the 
    info and release when the menu comes up.If anyone has specifics on 
    this, email me. 
    3.2: Acknowledgements
    I have had lots of people emailing me with contributions to this FAQ, 
    and I'd like to say thanks. Rest assured I will use as many suggestions 
    as I can. Infinite combos, win quotes, ending translations etc. Here 
    are all the people who have helped make the FAQ better. 
    Chris Cruz, for the Baiken code
    Audeli Nieves- infinite combos
    Kish- Baiken access
    Cybaster- Baiken
    Davidnkf- Baiken
    I may not have credited everyone so please bear with me. I'll include 
    the rest in a future update.
    Ohh-kay, that's about all the info I can give you. I'm not sure if 
    there are any more secrets, or anything else. I'd appreciate it if 
    anyone has any info. There are still some moves missing and there might 
    be typos or other stuff, or maybe I've just got some moves wrong. If 
    anyone's got the Super move of May and Justice, please send it in. 
    Anyway, this is for all you guys who bought the game. I'd like some 
    translations of the endings as I can't read Japanese well. Other then 
    that I hope this faq helps you. I can be reached at hiryu33@hotmail.com

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