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    Story FAQ by ChewBar

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 03/13/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            GGGGGG  U    U  IIIII  L     TTTTTTT  Y   Y
            G       U    U    I    L        T      Y Y
            G    G  U    U    I    L        T       Y
            G    G  U    U    I    L        T       Y
            GGGGGG  UUUUUU  IIIII  LLLLL    T       Y
            GGGGGG  EEEEE    A    RRRR
            G       E       A A   R   R
            G    G  EEE    A   A  RRRR
            G    G  E      AAAAA  R R
            GGGGGG  EEEEE  A   A  R  R
    FAQ v3.0(03/13/00) by ChewBar(chewbar@earthlink.net)
    Note:   This FAQ is meant to be viewed in fixed width font (like Notepad 
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    *Table of Contents*
    1.   Introduction
    2.   Version Updates
    3.   Planned Updates
    4.   Characters
        -Sol Badguy
        -Ky Kiske
        -Kliff Undersn
        -Axl Low
        -Chipp Zanuff *NEXT UPDATE*
        -Dr. Baldhead *NEXT UPDATE*
        -Millia Rage *NEXT UPDATE*
    5.   Secrets and spoiler info
    6.   Contributions
    7.   Copyrights
    Key of Abbreviations used
    X = X button on Playstation controller
    O = circle button on Playstation controller
    T = triangle button on Playstation controller
    ￾ = square button on Playstation controller
    § means a musical note which was used in May's line before fighting
    *1. Introduction*
    I got bored and decided to write this FAQ.  This is actually the first FAQ
    I ever wrote so don't expect a lot from it.  I plan to have the two 
    remaining characters finished soon.  If any of you want the mp3s, I have
    them.  Go to  http://www.freediskspace.com/Folders/252799/ and the public
    password is ky.  Please help me gain space by typing my referrer code
    (U0002F956) when you register(required to access). As of the release of
    this FAQ, all of the mp3s are not uploaded.
    *2. Version Updates*
    v 3.0(03/13/00):  Added more character lines
                      Fixed little typos
    v 2.0(01/26/00):  Added MP3 Link (see intro)
                      Added few more character lines
                      Fixed and added stuff here and there
    v 1.0(12/22/99):  Just started the FAQ with few character lines
    *3. Planned Updates*
    As you can see, I need to do story, profile, quotes, and endings for
    Chipp, Baldhead, and Millia.  It will be on the next update.  I'm
    also planning to have move listing, credits(for those who can't read
    fast) and few other stuff.  From there, I don't know what else.  If
    you have a suggestion, feel free to e-mail me.  I will try to get
    next update in April.
    *4. Characters*
    | Sol Badguy |
            Rumors of an immensely skilled lone-wolf bounty hunter had reached
    the ears of Kliff Undersn, the retiring captain of the Sacred Order of 
    Holy Knights.  Kliff was interested; he spared no means in finding Sol, 
    and invited him to become a member of the Order.
            Sol's knighthood, however, was not to last.  The growing tension 
    between he and young master swordsman Ky Kiske was becoming more and more 
    bothersome, and Sol realized that the majority of the knights bore him 
    little more than ill will.  When he saw his opportunity, he took it; Sol 
    managed to desert the knights' camp with one of the Order's most valuable 
    treasures... the blade known as Fireseal.
           It is now five years later after the end of the Crusades, and Sol
    has returned to his former ways.  On a particularly lucrative bounty run,
    one of his marks begs to be spared, telling Sol about a faraway tournament
    being organized by the Sacred Order.  Sol barely even registers the quick
    thrust with which he ends his bounty's life... as his thoughts are now far
    away, centered on only one goal...
    Height:         6'
    Weight:         163 lbs.
    Blood Type:     "No clue"
    Birthplace:     America
    Birthday:       "...I don't know."
    Eye Color:      Brown
    Hobbies:        Listening to Queen
    Favorite Thing: Queen's album "Sheer Heart Attack""
    Dislikes:       Great effort, "Doing your best."
    Weapon:         Fireseal (Fire-based sword)
    Quote:          "Justice! I'll take you to the grave with me!"
    Victory Quotes
    Ky(rival):      "Go to sleep, little boy."
    May:            "And I thought I was holding back!"
    Kliff:          "This is why you retired from the Order, old man."
    Potemkin:       "All show and no go."
    Axl:            "How pathetic..."
    Zato:           "Die, you pale, emaciated freak."
    Chipp:          "Out of my way, punk."
    Baldhead:       "Are all doctors this crazy?"
    Millia:         "I'm actually fighting a woman?"
    Testament Quotes
    Sol:            "Enough foolish games.  Show yourself."
    Testament:      "So, you're able to see me..."
    Sol:            "Anyone could see through such pathetic tricks."
                    "Keeping quiet all these years has been... heavy."
                    "You won't be able to escape a second time."
    Testament:      "Well, well.  So you saw right through me..."
                    "This tournament was held just to revive Justice."
                    "You humans fought each other to be sacrifices."
                    "Everyone involved at every level... I duped them all!"
                    "Now its time to end this comedy..."
                    "All I require is the blood of one more sacrifice."
    Sol:            "How trite..."
    Testament:      "Have you no idea what I live for!?"
    Sol:            "Spare me."
    Testament's Defeat Quotes
    Sol:            "This is a waste of time!  Where's Justice!?"
    Testament:      "Oh, you'll be meeting him soon enough!"
                    "I said 'one more sacrifice' was required..."
                    "And I shall be that sacrifice!"
                    "My blood is all that's needed..."
                    "Justice will achieve complete resurrection!"
                    "The world shall finally be wiped clean of humans!"
                    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    Sol:            "This is getting more and more ridiculous."
    Justice:        "It's the same.. the same as that time, long ago..."
                    "Once again I kneel prostrate at your feet, 'Flame 
                     of Corruption!'"
    Sol:            "Right... I won't stop until all the Gears are wiped out."
    Justice:        "Why?  You are a Gar as well!  You have the emblem on
                     your head"
                    "The mark on your forehead is proof!  Then how did you
                     disobey my orders?"
    Sol:            "Why?  I ask you the same question..."
                    "Why should I do what you command?  What binds me to you?"
    Justice:        "I'm... Type-01... The first Gear ever produced."
                    "The only Gear to be fully self-aware... to have a will
                     of their own!"
                    "And because of that, I wield the power to command all
                     other Gears!"
                    "My word is law!!!"
    Sol:            "Every Gear manufactured after you, the first,"
                    "is a production model.  Having no will, they can do
                     nothing but to obey you."
                    "So, then, why do you think I don't follow you like a
                     mindless doll?"
    Justice:        "Exactly! Why? HOW can you disobey!?"
    Sol:            "Isn't it obvious? I'm the prototype Gear."
    Justice:        "!!"
                    "Heh heh heh... Now I see..."
    Sol:            "We were forged by the will of greedy human beings."
                    "And so, we're nothing more than a symbol of all that's
                     wrong with the world."
                    "For that reason... I will never stop until I've
                     destroyed every Gear."
    Justice:        "...So that's why..."
                    "...I seem to recall... The G... Gear Project... Long,
                     long ago...
                    "...!?... That's right... Heh heh. H... How could I have
                     forgotten you?"
                    "If only we could have talked one last time... Just the
                     three of us..."
    Narrarator:     "And so, with a rattling chuckle, the ultimate Gear
                     breathed his last."
    Sol:            "...Justice...?"
    Justice:        "That's right... The man who created us..."
                    "...our boss! I won't rest until you lie writhing in
                     agony before me!!!"
    Narrarator:     "Sol, the Guilty Gear, stared at his bloodstained hands
                     and prayed..."
                    "...prayed for the soul of the grotesque sacrifice lying
                     at his feet."
    | Ky Kiske |
            After the retirement of Kliff Undersn, master swordsman Ky Kiske
    was given leadership of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights at the
    unbelievably young age of 16.  As a symbol of his new status, he was 
    granted one of the Order's most holy treasures... the blade called
    Thunderseal.  The appointment was not a mistake; Ky and his band of heroic
    Knights ended the 100-year-long Crusades by sealing the dread Gear,
    Justice, away for all eternity... or so it was thought.
            Five years after the dissolution of the Order, Ky continued his 
    life of public service by entering the police force.  One day while on
    duty, Ky received an announcement: A tournament was to be held soon, the
    winners of which would be candidates for a Second Sacred Order.  Things 
    did not seem right; Permission to shed blood during the matches, an 
    absurdly large grand prize, and most shocking of all... talk of Justice's
    resurrection, much too soon.
            Sensing the cold machinations of conspiracy at work, Ky dons the
    old uniform of the Order for the first time in five years and decides to
    Height:         5'11"
    Weight:         128 lbs.
    Blood Type:     AB
    Birthplace:     France
    Birthday:       November 20th
    Eye Color:      Blue-Green
    Hobbies:        Collecting teacups
    Favorite Thing: Everybody's laughing, happy faces
    Dislikes:       Sol
    Weapon:         Thunderseal (Thunder-based sword)
    Quote:          "The time to settle the score is near, Sol"
    Victory Quotes
    Sol(rival):     "Sol! Why did you hold back!? Am I not worthy..?"
    May:            "My God, there are children in this tournament..?"
    Kliff:          "You're still rather tough, sir! Leave the rest to me."
    Potemkin:       "I understand the situation. Leave the rest up to me"
    Axl:            "Your style is interesting. Let's spar again sometime."
    Zato:           "Why was a criminal allowed to enter? This is wrong..."
    Chipp:          "You certainly have talent, but you must learn control."
    Baldhead:       "Repent! Feel the fury of those yo've tortured!"
    Millia:         "You've left the assassins? Please, let me assist you."
    Testament Quotes
    Ky:             "This desolate plateau is the winner's circle?"
                    "Ridiculous! You thought I wasn't aware...?"
                    "Aware of the evil permeating this tournament?"
                    "Show yourself, Gear!"
    Testament:      "Now I see why they call you a genius..."
    Ky:             "So you're the puppet master."
                    "Did you really think I'd let you revive Justice?"
                    "Only a reject like you would make a mistake like this."
    Testament:      "Reject? I'll forgot you said that... Listen,"
                    "This tournament was indeed held for the revival."
                    "You humans fought each other to be sacrifices."
                    "Everyone involved at every level... I duped them all!"
                    "Now its time to end this comedy..."
                    "All I require is the blood of one more sacrifice."
    Ky:             "The only blood spilled here will be your own!"
                    "Prepare to die!"
    Testament's Defeat Quotes
    Ky:             "It's over..."
    Testament:      "Heh heh... so the fabled hero..."
                    "...has destroyed the human race!"
    Ky:             "What!? What are you saying!?"
    Testament:      "I said 'one more sacrifice' was required..."
                    "And I shall be that sacrifice!"
                    "My blood is all that's needed..."
                    "Justice will achieve complete resurrection!"
                    "The world shall finally be wiped clean of humans!"
                    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    Ky:             "Damn! I've got no other choice...!"
    Justice:        "I can't believe it... I've been defeated again."
    Ky:             "That's right! Evil has no place in this world!"
    Justice:        "Evil...? How dare you call me evil!?"
                    "...I fight for my own existence. No more, and no less..."
    Ky:             "That can't be your reason for waging war on humans!!"
    Justice:        ". . . . ."
                    "...Look at my body."
                    "I was created by humans to kill humans. ...I'm a weapon."
                    "Yet, the same humans that created me never thought about
                     my mind, or soul."
                    "I'd have been used as a tool... and if I refused, I'd
                     have been dismantled!"
    Ky:             "...I..."
    Justice:        "Ask yourself... Can you truly blame me?"
                    "I was born into this world as a slave... And now you're
                     here to destroy me."
                    "I know humans loathe me violently... and always will"
                    "I could do nothing but live on, if for no other reason
                     than to scorn my creators!"
                    "But what do you think I've been living FOR?"
                    "My duty. My assigned role! I was created to kill, and so
                     I do. It's justice!"
    Ky:             "That's a delusion!!"
                    "What God ordains and wishes for... The order of the 
                     world! THAT is justice!!"
                    "If anyone or anything attempts to deprive the world from
                     its freedom..."
                    "...I'll defeat them all!!"
    Justice:        "I see..."
                    "...You should meet the man who created me..."
                    "I wonder if your unwavering faith in justice would
                     continue if you did..."
    Ky:             "Who... who's that!?"
    Justice:        "Heh... My time to depart from this world has come..."
                    "But remember well, young Knight, even if I die, the Gears
                     will not!"
                    "As long... as long as that man... still... lives..."
    Narrarator:     "And so, with a rattling chuckle, the ultimate Gear
                     breathed his last."
    Ky:             "No... you can't die yet!!"
                    "Wasn't I doing the right thing, Lord?"
    | May |
            All the girl can remember of her infancy is the image of a suave
    and daring pirate captain whisking her away from a savage field of battle.
    The pirate, Johnny, named the orphan May, after the month of endless rain.
            Throughout the long years of wild living aboard the pirates'
    airship, May developed a fierce love for Johnny; He was part father figure,
    part brother, and perhaps even part boyfriend to her.
            However, one day, Johnny was caught in the act. Though he primarily
    stole from the well-off to aid those in need, crime is crime, and he was
    incarcerated.  The term was not a short one.  Johnny's crew immediately
    began placing an elaborate breakout.
    And so, the day before the plan was to commence-
    "May! Hold on! Is it too late of change the plan?!"
    "What's up, Chief Adviser April? A tournament...? And the prize is
     anything?! They'll grant any wish?!"
    "Yeah! We could wish for Johnny to be released!"
    "Good thinking! Just wait, Johnny! I'm coming!"
    Height:         5'2"
    Weight:         93 lbs.
    Blood Type:     B
    Birthplace:     Unknown
    Birthday:       May 5th("Its not my real birthday, but it's the day Johnny
                             found me!")
    Eye Color:      Black
    Hobbies:        Thinking of Johnny
    Favorite Thing: Johnny
    Dislikes:       "Baldies! Ick!"
    Weapon:         Anchor
    Quote:          "Don't worry, Johnny! May's coming to save you!"
    Victory Quotes
    Sol:            "Ooh, you're cool! Not quite as cool as Johnny, though."
    Ky:             "Ulp! I beat up a cute guy! Hmm. Johnny's cuter anyway."
    Kliff:          "Don't overdo it, gramps!"
    Potemkin:       "Gosh, you're ugly!!! You look like a sasquatch!"
    Axl:            "You're bouncy. Johnny could teach you a thing or two!"
    Zato:           "Why are you so gloomy?? Be cheerful, like Johnny!"
    Chipp:          "You've got dangerous eyes, like Johnny.  I like that!"
    Baldhead:       "Ha, ha, ha! Baldy!!"
    Millia:         "Johnny wouldn't like you! Scary girls aren't his type!"
    Testament Quotes
    May:            "Whee! I won! I won! Look, everyone!"
                    "Yay!! Now I can finally live with Johnny again! §"
    Testament:      "...How did a mere child survive the tournament?"
    May:            "(Cute, but Johnny is cuter though...)"
                    "Um, I get whatever I want, right? Then..."
    Testament:      "I'm sorry to have to break this to you..."
                    "But nobody cares about what you want, Miss."
    May:            "Eh!?"
    Testament:      "This tournament was held just to revive Justice."
                    "You humans fought each other to be sacrifices."
                    "Everyone involved at every level... I duped them all!"
                    "Now its time to end this comedy..."
                    "All I require is the blood of one more sacrifice."
    May:            "Um, I'm not getting you at all here, mister."
                    "Will I be a hero if I beat you up? Hmm..."
                    "It'd be easier to bring back Johnny if I was a hero!"
    Testament's Defeat Quotes
    May:            "You sure were weak for being so good-looking!"
    Testament:      "I... I can't believe I lost to a mere infant!"
                    "No matter... I've accomplished my goal..."
    Testament:      "I said 'one more sacrifice' was required..."
                    "And I shall be that sacrifice!"
                    "My blood is all that's needed..."
                    "Justice will achieve complete resurrection!"
                    "The world shall finally be wiped clean of humans!"
                    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    May:            "Ooh... DARN it! When do I get to see my Johnny??"
    May:            "Whee! I win!!"
    Justice:        "How could such a little girl be so powerful..."
                    "....!? It can't be...
                     ...Is this child...
    MysteriousVoice:"Whoa there! Don't say another word!"
                    "Or do you want your few minutes left to live to be cut
                     even shorter!?"
    Justice:        "...Who... are you...? ...I see... There were..."
    Narrarator:     "So saying, Justice breathed his last."
    MysteriousVoice:"...Forget about us..."
    May:            "That voice...!"
                    "Johnny!!! Everybody's here!!"
    Johnny:         "Yo! Did you miss me, cutie-pie?"
    May:            "Oh, Johnny, how I've dreamed of this moment...!"
                    "...But... hey... How did all of you guys get here?"
    Johnny:         "Uh... When I was first stuck in that damned cell,"
                    "I thought, "Why not try and serve my time, like a
                     normal person?""
                    "Temporary insanity, I tell you! As soon as I felt
                     the Gears' vicious aura,"
                    "I came to my senses, broke out, and came looking
                     for you!"
    May:            "You broke out by yourself? No help?"
    Johnny:         "Of course!"
                    "No lock or cage in the world's strong enough to hold
    May:            "Then... then why didn't you come sooner!?"
    Johnny:         "Hey now, cakes, don't get all weepy! I'm sorry..."
                    "I just wanted to, uh, let you get out on your own
                     for a while. Yeah."
                    "(..! If she knew I actually charmed my way out with
                     the female guard, I'd be dead!)"
    May:            "Oh, yeah!! What did that big meany call me? Japa...?"
    Johnny:         "...Ulp!!"
                    "Uh, who knows? Gears say stupid things..."
                    "But, anyway! I'm back in the real world now! Ya'll
                     to ready party!?"
    Entire Crew:    "Aye-aye!!"
    | Kliff Undersn |
            Kliff was known as a hero: He had bravely led the heroic Sacred
    Order of Holy Knights for decades during the Crusades. Nevertheless, he was
    thought of something of a historic relic. In his prime, however, he was
    regarded with awe... and, truth be told, a bit of fear as well. As a
    retirement gift, Kliff was given his sword of choice - the priceless
    treasure Dragonslayer, the gigantic blade that was said to have the power
    to kill dragons with a single stroke.
            Five years later, Kliff lives his quiet life of retirement in sheer
    boredom. His only diversion now is the study of various cultures' fighting
    techniques, the most interesting of which stemmed from the lost, legendary
    nation of Japan.  However, one day while walking through the streets, he
    notices a placard announcing a tournament for a proposed Second Sacred
    Order. Sensing a disturbance in the natural flow of energies, Kliff
    suddenly suspects something so terrible that he dare not speak it aloud:
    Is Justice being resurrected? Kliff immediately decides to return to the
    battlefield... and enter the tournament.
    Height:         4'10"/5'10"
    Weight:         121 lbs
    Blood Type:     AB
    Birthplace:     Switzerland
    Birthday:       September 9th
    Eye Color:      Brown
    Hobbies:        Sailing
    Favorite Thing: His priceles Japanese teacups
    Dislikes:       Fashionable, voguish words
    Weapon:         Dragonslayer(dragon slaying sword)
    Quote:          "Old soldiers never die! Prepare, youngsters!"
    Victory Quotes
    Sol:            "Sol... you shouldn't have hidden your true power..."
    Ky:             "Still a bit too early for me to retire, eh, Kiske?"
    May:            "This battlefield is no place for a child."
    Potemkin:       "Raw force alone cannot triumph over sheer will!"
    Axl:            "What an old-fashioned lad you are..."
    Zato:           "As long a I live, evil will never prosper!"
    Chipp:          "What a punk! I'll teach you some manners!"
    Baldhead:       "One of the last doctors has lost his mind... tragic."
    Millia:         "Don't show me your gams, toots."
    Testament Quotes
    Kliff:          "Ho ho! Young whippernappers had no chance!"
                    "Its age, will, and experience that matter!"
    Testament:      "Not bad, for such an old man..."
    Kliff:          "My God... y-you're..."
    Testament:      "So you remember me? It's been forty years..."
    Kliff:          "Testament! But... but I killed you! How..??"
    Testament:      "Heh. I was nothing more than a mid-level Gear, then."
                    "So, how would you like to see my power now?"
    Kliff:          "Are you still puruing that vile goal!?"
    Testament:      "That's right! All shall kneel before the Gears!"
                    "This tournament was held just to revive Justice."
                    "You humans fought each other to be sacrifices."
                    "Everyone involved at every level... I duped them all!"
                    "Now its time to end this comedy..."
                    "All I require is the blood of one more sacrifice."
    Kliff:          "You fool..."
    Testament's Defeat Quotes
    Kliff:          "So I win again."
    Testament:      "Not this time, Sir Kliff. I am the victor."
    Kliff:          "What!?"
    Testament:      "I said 'one more sacrifice' was required..."
                    "And I shall be that sacrifice!"
                    "My blood is all that's needed..."
                    "Justice will achieve complete resurrection!"
                    "The world shall finally be wiped clean of humans!"
                    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    Kliff:          "Even when a Gear commits suicide, it's my fault?"
    Testament:      "Ch... cheer up... Can't you smile once in a while?"
                    "Come on... Dad... Heh, heh, heh..."
    Kliff:          "And to think he volunteered to be a soldier!"
                    "Before I follow you to Hell..."
                    "...I have one thing left to do."
    Kliff:          "So, Justice, it seems as if your time has come."
    Justice:        "How did such a... feeble old man... defeat me?"
    Kliff:          "This is my responsibility."
                    "A parent should be responsible for his dead son... Am
                     I wrong?"
    Justice:        "Son...?"
                    "Are you saying that Testament... that Gear... was your
    Kliff:          "My stepson... I took him in during the Crusades..."
                    "Such a kind lad... He volunteered to be a"
                    "soldier.  He thought it would make me happy!  Whatever 
                     he saw during"
                    "that war, all the bloodshed... it drove him mad.  I...
                     I had no choice."
    Justice:        "I see..."
                    "Unlike the other Gears, I knew he wasn't completely
                    "Feelings for his parent... Love... I suppose... He still
                     felt such emotions..."
                    "...Perhaps, in his diseased mind... He thought he was
                     doing all this... for you."
                    "Now... I understand... why my... power... was... limi...
    Narrarator:     "So saying, Justice breathed his last."
    Kliff:          "So, Justice... It is done..."
                    "My duty has been fulfilled..."
                    "But perhaps... perhaps I pushed myself a bit too far..."
                    "I feel a bit... sleepy..."
    | Potemkin |
            Zepp, the "Armed Air Empire," was a military state established
    toward the end of the Crusades, the entirety of which was enclosed aboard
    a gigantic airship. The military force of Zepp, composed wholly of slave
    soldiers wearing anti-desertion bomb collars around their necks, was
    unsurpassed... the fear of the collars exploding at any given moment was 
    motivation enough to fight. Potemkin was one of these men.
    "Code 4595605381, Potemkin. We've finally found a use for you and your
     ridiculous body..."
    "I refuse. These fists of mine were not made to kill."
    "Hmph... fine. Your orders are as follows: Enter this tournament, and win.
     You will then wish for suitable territory for us to expand our Empire 
     into. Do you think you can win without shedding blood...?"
    Height:         8'
    Weight:         1446 lbs.
    Blood Type:     O
    Birthplace:     Zepp
    Birthday:       October 18th
    Eye Color:      White
    Hobbies:        Sketching
    Favorite Thing: Indestructible pencil cases
    Dislikes:       Pencils that snap under four tons of weight
    Weapon:         Body
    Quote:          "What I do, I do for my comrades..."
    Victory Quotes
    Sol:            "I salute you, warrior. It was a fine battle."
    Ky:             "I had no wish to fight a hero. Forgive me."
    May:            "Forgive me, little one. I do this for my comrades."
    Kliff:          "After this tournament, I will pay for my sins..."
    Axl:            "I'm not used to long-range bouts. You should have won."
    Zato:           "Your cheap tricks have no effect on me."
    Chipp:          "If you value your pride, don't challenge me again."
    Baldhead:       "Those who can't even master themselves have no chance."
    Millia:         "Usually, I'd never harm a woman..."
    Testament Quotes
    Potemkin:       "Finally, then end of my battle..."
    Testament:      "The end of your life, as well."
    Potemkin:       "Who!?"
    Testament:      "I organized and sponsored this tournament."
                    "So you're after land, eh? Territory?"
                    "But is that all? Surely, you have another goal..."
    Potemkin:       "That's right... A goal I'd stake my life on!"
                    "I seek total freedom for the Zepp Empire..."
                    "And total freedom for my comrades!"
    Testament:      "Two wishes? But you can only get one!"
                    "And so... I'll destroy your beloved Zepp."
    Potemkin:       "What the hell are you talking about!?"
    Testament:      "Heh heh heh... Can't you tell?"
                    "This tournament is nothing more than a sham!"
                    "It was all just a cereony to revive Justice."
                    "You humans fought each other to be sacrifices."
                    "Everyone involved at every level... I duped them all!"
                    "Now its time to end this comedy..."
                    "All I require is the blood of one more sacrifice."
    Potemkin:       "Damn you... DAMN YOU!!"
    Testament Defeat Quotes
    Potemkin:       "I seem to have stopped the resurrection..."
                    "But I'm disgusted at myself for being fooled..."
    Testament:      "But now you can see your comrades!"
    Potemkin:       "Shut up..."
    Testament:      "Heh, heh... What I meant to say was,"
                    "Now you can see your comrades... in Hell.
                    "I said 'one more sacrifice' was required..."
                    "And I shall be that sacrifice!"
                    "My blood is all that's needed..."
                    "Justice will achieve complete resurrection!"
                    "The world shall finally be wiped clean of humans!"
                    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    Potemkin:       "My god... I only have one life to give!"
    Potemkin:       "I... I won. Did I save the world...?"
    Sergeant:       "Indeed. You have done well."
                    "Your mission is not yet complete."
    Potemkin:       "Sir? Where did you come from...?"
                    "And what do you mean my mission isn't over yet!? I'm
                     in no condition to..."
    Sergeant:       "Listen!"
                    "You just saved the planet. Do you think anyone would
                     refuse to join a hero!?"
                    "Now we execute our primary objective!"
    Potemkin:       "You calculating bastard!"
    Sergeant:       "Our objective has changed! Target: the Zepp Empire!"
    Potemkin:       "What!?"
    Sergeant:       "Why do you think we sent you to this tournament?"
                    "You were secretly selected as a candidate for the
                     key soldier in the rebellion"
                    "against the corrupt hierarchy of the Empire!"
                    "This tournament was your final test!"
    Potemkin:       "...What... What are you planning to do...?"
    Sergeant:       "Zepp was orignally established as a means"
                    "of preserving ancient technology. Yet we've since
                     become a pitiful"
                    "garrison state. You're not the only critic of the
                     current Empire!"
    Potemkin:       "S... Sergeant Gabriel!!"
    Gabriel:        "There's nothing more to worry about."
                    "Take off your slave collar. It won't explode. You
                     are free!"
                    "From now on, we fight to establish a peaceful,
                     democratic nation!"
                    "Will you take up arms, comrade? For the sake of 
                     the Neo Zepp Empire?"
    Potemkin:       "Yes, sir!!!"
    | Axl Low |
            Axl was born in 20th century England, in one of the worst parts
    of London's East End. He grew up desensitized to violence, seeing it
    every day as a warring gang factions fought for control of the town.
    However, he abhorred it deeply and was determined to end the assault on
    his neighborhood peacefully.
            Ever since childhood Axl had unusual martial arts prowess, and
    with his favorite weapon, the dual kusari-gama, even bllets weren't a
    threat to him. Within half a year, he had successfully cleaned up his
    neighborhood without a single casualty - friend or fore. However, at the
    very moment he was sure the peace would last, he was caught in a "time
    slip" - a random disturbance in the space-time continuum - and hurtled
    200 years into the future.
            Two years have passed since Axl's arrival in this new world...
    and he still searches for a way back home. Yet just as he begins to give
    up hope, he hears a rumor of a fighting tournament in which the champion
    gets whatever they can wish for...
    Height:         5'10"
    Weight:         172 lbs.
    Blood Type:     B
    Birthplace:     England
    Birthday:       December 25th
    Eye Color:      Blue
    Hobbies:        Billards
    Favorite Thing: His girlfriend, Megumi[back in his original time era]
    Dislikes:       Preachy people
    Weapon:         kusari-gama(dual bladed sickle)
    Quote:          "Have I finally found a way to get back home?"
    Victory Quotes
    Sol:            "Pretty good. Not good enough to beat me, though."
    Ky:             "Ha! With those looks, you'd be a star in my world."
    May:            "Is this some kind of joke? You're just a kid!"
    Kliff:          "Old man, do you know how I can get back to my world?"
    Potemkin:       "A Neanderthal!? This world never ceases to amaze me!"
    Zato:           "If I dance, my shadow dances with me. But you..."
    Chipp:          "My kusari-gama's range is limitless! Wanna go again?"
    Baldhead:       "You don't look so good! You should see a doctor."
    Millia:         "I used to prefer long hair on girls...but not any more."
    Testament Quotes
    Axl:            "Yahoo! I'm the champion!"
                    "Can they really grant wishes? Do I get to go home?"
    Testament:      "So... you're not from this era?"
    Axl:            "Who're you? Are you the one who grants the wish?"
    Testament:      "No, I'm just a guide. To Hell, one could say..."
    Axl:            "What... what's this bizarre aura..!?"
    Testament:      "I don't know how long you've been in this time,"
                    "But I'm sure you've heard the name 'Justice'."
    Axl:            "The bloke that nearly destroyed the world, right?"
    Testament:      "'Bloke'? Surely you mean 'Gear'"
                    "This tournament was held just to revive Justice."
                    "You humans fought each other to be sacrifices."
                    "Everyone involved at every level... I duped them all!"
                    "Now its time to end this comedy..."
                    "All I require is the blood of one more sacrifice."
    Axl:            "Wh-whoa, this is no joke!"
    Testament Defeat Quotes
    Axl:            "...I won, but..."
                    "I may have lost the chance to go back to my world."
    Testament:      "Don't be so melancholy..."
                    "You're about to witness the most incredible show.."
                    "The end of the world!"
    Axl:            "Are you nuts?"
                    "I won. You lost."
                    "It's simple... do the math."
    Testament:      "I said 'one more sacrifice' was required..."
                    "And I shall be that sacrifice!"
                    "My blood is all that's needed..."
                    "Justice will achieve complete resurrection!"
                    "The world shall finally be wiped clean of humans!"
                    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    Axl:            "What's so funny?""
    Justice:        "Uwaaaaaah...!"
    Axl:            "Eh... eh!? Did I... win...?"
                    "I don't get this... ...Did I... Save the world...?"
    Narrarator:     "Even after accomplishing a deed this great, he could
                     barely understand it,"
                    "Axl's heart remained heavy."
    Axl:            "(It's a relief to still be alive..."
                    "..but the only clue I ever found about getting home
                     turned out to be a lie!"
                    "I wonder what my mates are up to...? Are they getting
                     along without me...?)
    Narrarator:     "Thinking of his friends, Axl is filled with grief."
                    "But at the next moment..."
    Crowd:          "It's the messiah! You've delivered us from Justice!"
                    "Thank you... Thank you! You've saved the world!!"
    Narrarator:     "The crowd's ecstatic cries of jubilation rose to a
                     deafening pitch."
    Axl:            "These people..."
                    "(That's right. I can't mope around forever..."
                    "This world's really not so bad... I can make new friends..."
                    "If I do happen to come across a way to get back home,
                    "...but I'm not going to waste my time looking for one
                    "Hey, everyone ! Your messiah's right here!"
    Narrarator:     "Just as Axl is about to reach the rejoicing throng of
    Axl:            "Wait... I remember this feeling...! What...!?"
    Narrarator:     "And so, Axl was once again hurtled through time."
    | Zato-ONE |
            Zato-One was once an underling. Disgusted with his lack of ability
    to rise through the Assassin ranks, he risked death my invoking the
    forbidden arts. He lost his eyesight, but gained the ability to control
    shadows, as well as enhanced senses - enough for him to perceive his
    surroundings better than he ever could with sight alone. With these
    newfound powers at his command, he was the Assassin leader within weeks.
            However, Zato was betrayed by the only woman he had ever trusted,
    an Assassin named Millia, and was arrested. Lanquishing in the utter
    blackness of his cell, a tall, thin figure appeared before him...
    "Zato-ONE... Do you want out of there? Isn't there a woman you have a
     pressing appointment with...?"
    "Millia! But how do you know of her? Who are you?"
    "A tournament is to begin soon, the winner of which will have whatever
     they desire. If you win, you'll be free. Free to find this woman...
     to punish her..."
    "...Heh... I don't know what you're after, but what have I got to lose?
     Let me out... and count me in!"
    Height:         5'11"
    Weight:         150 lbs.
    Blood Type:     A
    Birthplace:     Spain
    Birthday:       January 28th
    Eye Color:      Formerly blue
    Hobbies:        Attempting to understand the language of the flowers
    Favorite Thing: His pride
    Dislikes:       That woman
    Weapon:         Shadows
    Quote:          "By my shadow, I will annihilate that woman!"
    Victory Quotes
    Sol:            "How can you touch a shadow? It's impossible."
    Ky:             "Ha! You mean to say THIS is the power of a Holy Knight?"
    May:            "When little brats bother me like this, they die!"
    Kliff:          "And you used to be a hero, old man? Can you even see?"
    Potemkin:       "Your massive size is useless against a shadow."
    Axl:            "My mind can detect and defeat any attack."
    Chipp:          "At least it was funny watching you fly around."
    Baldhead:       "...Hmmm. Quite an unusual opponent."
    Millia:(rival)  "At last...! Only your blood can ease my soul..."
    Testament Quotes
    Zato:           "Victory..."
                    "So, is this it? Am I free?"
    Testament:      "Well done. However... one match remains."
    Zato:           "You! You're the one who told me to enter..."
                    "And I defeated all of the enterants, didn't I?"
    Testament:      "I'm afraid not.  You have one more opponent - me."
    Zato:           "You... you didn't mention that before!"
    Testament:      "Heh... you, who are so fond of deceiving..."
                    "...can't stand to be deceived, eh?
                    "This tournament was held just to revive Justice."
                    "You humans fought each other to be sacrifices."
                    "Everyone involved at every level... I duped them all!"
                    "Now its time to end this comedy..."
                    "All I require is the blood of one more sacrifice."
    Zato:           "Damn it! I'll kill you!"
    Testament Defeat Quotes
    Zato:           "Did I win?"
                    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
                    "Of course! How could I possibly lose!?"
    Testament:      "I'm defeated. Do you think you'll be famous, now?"
    Zato:           "Shut your mouth, loser..."
                    "And prepare for eternal darkness!"
    Testament:      "I don't enjoy watching you bald monkeys..."
                    "But you're exceptional! At any rate..."
                    "I said 'one more sacrifice' was required..."
                    "And I shall be that sacrifice!"
                    "My blood is all that's needed..."
                    "Justice will achieve complete resurrection!"
                    "The world shall finally be wiped clean of humans!"
                    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    Zato:           "You're bluffing!"
                    "Not even a Gear, can defeat my shadow!"
    Zato:           "Ha, ha, ha! How do you like THAT, Gear!?"
                    "Victory! I'm the world's greatest!! Ha, ha, ha!!"
                    "Invincible! I'm invincible!! Ha, ha..."
    Narrarator:     "Zato was drunk with the ecstasy of victory."
                    "However, he was gradually becoming aware of an
                     incessant squaling..."
    Zato:           "Wh... what!? What the hell does this mean??"
                    "My shadow is... moving by itself!?"
                    "I ... I didn't give you any orders! B... back!
                     Get back!!"
    Shadow:         "It's too late... you can't control me any longer."
                    "Nevertheless, I owe you a certain degree of thanks
                     for... incubating me."
    Zato:           "Am I going mad!? My shadow is speaking!"
    Shadow:         "Ha! You thought you could manipulate me forever!?"
                    "Gears weren't the only weapons developed by the
                     ancient military complex."
                    "We were also created... self-aware life-forms with
                     indeterminate shape."
    Zato:           "This cannot be! You're not alive! You're my shadow!"
                    "I used the forbidden arts to trade my sight for
                     control over you...!"
    Shadow:         "So easily fooled! Some humans know we exist,"
                    "though they regard us with derision. In fact, we're
                     the more evolved lifeform."
    Zato:           "... Ha, ha, ha... So... you fooled me completely..."
                    "Ha, ha, ha... How amusing... Heh... heh heh..."
                    "N... NO!! I don't want to die! Somebody... help me!!"
    Shadow:         "Heh, heh... Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you."
                    "We can't move on our own... We're parasites. We need
                     bodies that belong to"
                    "people with weak and fragile minds... criterial you
                     fit perfectly!"
    Zato:           "AAARRRGH...!"
    Shadow:         "Heh heh heh heh heh!!"
    *5. Secrets and spoiler info*
    The only secret that I know of is that to get secret characters, just beat
    them in the Arcade mode.  (Ex: To get Testament, beat him.)  To fight
    Baiken, you have to beat everyone (including Testament and Justice)
    without using an extra continue and using either Sol or Ky.  That sounds 
    hard but it didn't take me that long.  Just don't use destroyers unless 
    you are good at countering it because later opponents will use it if you
    used it(especially Chipp and Kliff).  Don't try on Testament or Justice 
    because they will just counter it (I've done it before few times on 
    Testament but only once on Justice).
    Another thing that is sorta a secret is that X O T ￾ chooses your costume
    colors.  O chooses your character's normal colors.  X chooses their main
    as normal and sub as alternate.  T chooses their main and sub alternate.
    ￾ chooses their main alternate and sub normal.
    Hidden character info:
    One of the prototype Gears.  He cannot be controlled by Justice.
    She is a Japanese child.  She is connected to the Crusades.
    He is a Gear that wants Justice's revival.  Despite what he looks like
    and what people say, he is not a girl or a hermaphrodite.  Kliff says
    Testament is his son. May also calls him mister. He is also adopted by
    Kliff during the Crusades.
    He is the first Gear to be fully self-aware.  He can control other Gears
    made after him.
    She is the person who created Gears. She is now trying to get rid of them.
    *6. Contributions*
    None yet :-(
    *7. Copyrights*
    Guilty Gear is copyrighted by Arc System Works Co., Ltd.  
    It is published by Atlus Co., Ltd.  Atlus is a registered trademark of 
    Atlus Co., Ltd.  Guilty Gear is for the Playstation game console and 
    licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment America.  Playstation is a 
    registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    This document is copyrighted by ChewBar.  It is protected by
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