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    FAQ/Move List by EChiu

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    Gundam: The Battle Master FAQ Version 0.9
    This is my first attempt at writing a FAQ for a fighting game, so please bear
    with me on this one. This game is mainly targeted for Gundam anime fans, and
    many of them are not a huge fighting game fan, so I felt a FAQ is necessary for
    them. In this FAQ, I will list all of the moves on the instruction manual, 
    along with a description of what each move does, not to mention a brief 
    explanation of the basic controls. If you want hints on game play, you will 
    find some at my FAQ page for Gundam: The Battle Master, or BM for short, along
    with a brief review of the game (please skip to the end of this FAQ for 
    address of my site).
    Key for the FAQ:
    S   = square botton
    T   = triangle botton
    X   = X botton
    C   = circle botton
    F   = forward on the control pad
    B   = backward on the control pad
    U   = up on the control pad
    D   = down on the control pad
    QCF = a quarter circle motion on the control pad, starting from down to forward
    QCB = a quarter circle motion on the control pad, starting from down to 
    +   = the botton appeals after the + should be press right after the control 
    motion appeals before the +
    TWO = Pressed any two attack bottons(S, T, X, C) at the same time
    AO  = means the move is only usable when your robot is in the air
    GO  = means the move is only usable when your robot is on the ground
    K   = means the move will knock your opponent down if the move connects on your
    Note: unless I put AO or GO next to the move, the move can be used on the 
    ground or in the air.
    Basic moves: (moves for all robots)
    punch = S
    kick  = X
    short range weapon (beam saber, etc.) = O
    long range weapon (beam rifle, etc.) = T
    block (cannot block any long range weapon) = B or down B
    jump (not a very high jump, and you cannot jump over an opponent with this 
         jump) = U
    dash forward = F, F (double tap F)
    dash backward = B, B (double tap B)
    thrusters = R1 (or R2) + any direction on control pad
    avoid knockdown = use your thrusters when your robot is about to fall down
    barrier/side-step = TWO
    Basic knowledge:
    All the robots start with 4 levels of armor. As you hits your opponent, your
    opponent's temperature bar will increase. As the bar reaches maximum, one level
    of armor will be destroyed. The game is over when one of the robot's armors are
    completely destroyed or when time limit is 0 and one robot has more armor than
    its opponent. If both robots have the same level of armor, the current
    temperature will decide the winner. Any special move requires a little energy
    from the energy cap, and it's shown right below the temperature bar. The E.CAP
    bar will be refilled if the robot manage to hit its opponent (except for its
    long range weapons, including long range special moves). Dodging or barrier can
    only be used when the E.CAP bar is NOT red, not to mention avoiding a 
    knockdown.  When your opponent is on the ground, you can still attack your 
    opponent, although not all the moves will hit your opponent when he/she is on 
    the ground.
    All the attacks will only cost half the damage when your opponent is on the
    ground than when your opponent is not on the ground. Only special moves will 
    decrease your E.CAP bar. As time progresses, your temperature bar will 
    decrease if you manage to avoid getting hit by your opponent. If you use 
    thrusters to jump high in the air, there will be an arrow telling your where 
    your opponent is. There are two types of dodge/barrier. Bigger MS/MA uses 
    barrier, which can block all long range weapons (not short range attacks), 
    while smaller MS uses a side-step like dodge (like the dodge in King Of 
    Fighters '94 and '95), which can dodge all attacks, but it only last a short 
    while. Barrier will be on as long as you keep your hold on the bottons. 
    None beam long range weapons, like missiles and boozokas, can be cut using 
    short range weapons like beam saber. You can block in the air using regular 
    jumps, but not using your thrusters. You cannot block when you are dashing 
    either. You cannot do anything besides flying when you are using your 
    thrusters. You can aim your long range weapons upward or downward by holding 
    the T botton and press the direction you wish to shoot at on the control pad 
    (not backward, though). Your robots will try to aim your long range weapon
    special moves, but not all (like GP02A's upward boozoka shoots special move).
    Individual MS moves: (Since my katakana skill is not very good, I cannot
    translated all of the moves name, so I will use ???? in place of the Japanese
    that I cannot translate)
    Gundam  Mercury
    punch   D + S   AO      using its shield to attack in the air
    kick    U + X   AO K    an upward kick in the air that can knockdown an 
    kick    D + X   AO K    an downward step in the air that can knockdown an
    special moves: (moves that decrease E.CAP bar)
    ???? shield     QCF + X A rising knee kick, and if it connects, it will be
                    followed by two rifle shoots
    ???? shoot      QCF + T 5 continuous rifle shoots
    side-step/barrier: side-step
    comments: pretty quick, but most of its moves are very slow.
    Zaku II Nichols
    punch   U + S   AO      using its axe and punches upward
    punch   D + S   AO      punches downward
    kick    U + X   AO K    upward kicks that knockdown an opponent
    saber   D + C   AO      using its axe do a half circle slash from top and down
    special moves:
    Rapid vulcan    QCF + T a rapid stream of vulcan shoot
    Rising tackle   QCF + X a rising tackle (like a jumping uppercut)
    ???? ????       QCF + S launches three grenades
    side-step/barrier: side-step
    comments: little and quick, but cost very little damage.
    ZZ Gundam (actually, it's Full Armor ZZ Gundam) Honey B
    kick    D + X   AO K    a drop knee that knockdown an opponent
    special moves:
    ???? shoot      QCF + T 6 rapid rifle shoot
    ???? ???? ????  QCF + X a rising knee attack, and if the knee connects, it
    will be followed by three double-rifle shoot
    side-step/barrier: barrier
    comments: quick beam sabers, and its moves are pretty quick for a big MS. I 
              like its knee-rifle combo.
    The O   Rachel
    special moves:
    ???? shoot      QCF + T 5 rapid rifle shoot
    mantis ???? attack      QCF + X a dashing tackle that hits for 3-4 times
    ???? ????       QCF + C a rapid thrusters (or is it beam sabers) from its
    "skirt" that hits for 5 to 9 times.
    side-step/barrier: barrier
    comments: not very quick, but its dashing combo and rapid sabers works great.
    Q Mantha        Synapse
    punch   D + S   AO      body drop (takes a while to recover if it misses)
    punch   U + S   AO      an uppercut in the air
    kick    U + X   AO K    an upward kick in the air that knockdown an opponent
    punch   F + S   GO K    a two-handed punch that knockdown an opponent
    special moves:
    ???? shoot      QCF + T six rapid shoots
    ???? ???? shoot QCB + T jumps up in the air and fire three six-spread beam
    side-step/barrier: barrier
    comments: pretty slow, but quick rifle shoots.
    Hygog   Carol
    special moves:
    rapid vulcan    QCF + T 6 rapid vulcan shoot
    ???? ???? attack        QCF + X a rising tackle
    ???? ???? ????  QCB + T launches three missles
    side-step/barrer: side-step
    comments: quick, but cause very little damage. Its missile attack will stun 
              your opponent (means your opponent will stop for a second if the 
              missile hits, so he/she cannot attack you).
    Nu(Greek letter that looks like a V) Gundam     Date (the Japanese last name)
    punch   D + S   AO      downward shield swipe
    kick    U + X   AO K    upward kick in the air that knockdown an opponent
    special moves:
    ???? ???? shoot QCF + T 5 rapid rifle shoots
    ???? ????       QCF + X a rising knee attack
    ???? funnel     QCB + T launches four funnels, and each fires 3 times at a
    particular angle(doesn't aim)
    side-step/barrier: side-step
    comments: moves pretty quick, but almost all of its attack are pretty slow and
    its attack don't cause too much damage.
    Sazabi  Smith
    special moves:
    ???? shoot      QCF + T 5 spread rifle shoots
    ???? ????       QCF + X K       a summersault kick that knockdown an opponent
    ???? dance      QCF + O 4 rapid axe slashes
    ???? funnel     QCB + T launches 3 funnels, each fires 3 times (doesn't aim)
    side-step/barrier: side-step
    comments: move pretty slow for a small MS, but its combo cause good damage. Its
    move are pretty slow, but its jumping kick can hit a couple of times.
    GP02A   Largo
    punch   D + S   AO      a downward shield swipe
    special moves:
    atomic shoot    QCF + T three rapid boozoka shoots
    ???? ????       QCF + X a rising shield attack that can hit a couple of times
    atomic launcher QCB + T GO      shoots into the air, and four boozoka shoots
    will shoot down from the air.
    side-step/barrier: side-step
    comments: slow, but cause good damage. Its boozoka will stun an opponent (which
    means it will stop your opponent for a second, stopping him/her from attacking
    Ziong   Noise
    punch   D + S   AO      arm extended and does a downward swipe
    punch   U + S   AO      arm extended and does a uppercut
    kick    U + X   AO K    a downward thruster kicks that knockdown your opponent
    punch   F + S   GO      arm extended and punches downward
    special moves:
    finger mega shoot       QCF + T shoots from its finger 3 times
    ???? ????       QCF + S a uppercut that hits for 4 times (if it misses, it will
    only do one uppercut). Only good at very close range
    side-step/barrier: barrier
    comments: great range, cause good damage, and can attack multiple times in the
    air. It will float in the air (fall down very slowily after you jump).
    After you defeat five opponents in story mode, you will fight Byg Zam. Byg Zam
    has a kick attack, and missile attack if you can behind him, and a beam attack
    that will wipe a level of armor off you. After you defeat 5 more (counting Byg
    Zam), you will fight Neue Ziel. It has a beam saber, beam shoot, missles and
    charging attack. After that, you will fight Psycho Gundam MKIII, and it has 
    beam saber, kick, red and blue beam shoots. All of the bosses occupy more than
    full screen.
    Misc. info:
    You can let the computer control your opponent in two players mode by pressing
    select on the control you wish the computer to control. It's possible to let
    computer controls both sides. After beating the game, it will show a picture of
    your pilot of what he/she/it is doing after the big fight.
    Closing Comments:
    I hope you like my first attempt at a fighting game FAQ, and if you have
    information on any extra attacks and hidden characters, please sent them to me
    and I will add it to my FAQ. You can sent any comments and suggestions to:
    while you can visit my FAQ page for this game, along with a few other games'
    hints and review, at:
    Written By:
    Edmund Chiu (edf91@worldnet.att.net)
    c. 1997 by Edmund Chiu.  No part of this FAQ may be rewritten in any 
    shape or form without the express written permission from the author.  
    You can do what you want with it, but give credit where credit is due.  
    If you want to distribute it, fine, but do it in its entirety.  This FAQ 
    is free of charge ($0).  Any profit, I get 40%.  This is NOT intended for 
    commerical use.  Don't stick your name claiming that this FAQ is yours.  
    I spent a lot of time doing this.  If anyone abuse it, you will be 
    prosecuted to the full extent of the law (in this case, I can tell 
    everyone that you're a lamer).
    Happy Gaming!

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