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    Translation Guide by SAnsley

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    GUNNM Martian Memory
    An english translation for the final levels of the videogame. Adapted from the
    manga by Kishiro Yukito.
    GUNNM Martian Memory
    Copyright © 1998 Kishiro Yukito / Yukito Products Inc. / Shueisha / Young Jump
    Comics Publishing / Ea / Banpresto
    SLPS 01408
    1 Player
    Action Adventure
    1-3 Memory blocks required
    This translated script is intended for information purposes and no permission
    is given for publication of this document in whole or in part in any form, on
    other websites or in print.
    Document copyright © 2001 Chieko Kasahara and Susan Ansley.
    AUTHOR: Yukito Kishiro
    TRANSLATION: Chieko Kasahara and Susan Ansley
    ENGLISH REWRITE: Susan Ansley
    FORWARD: Martian Memory was published by Banpresto in 1998. An adaptation of
    the popular manga with a new script written by the author, Kishiro Yukito. The
    first 2/3 of the game is a fairly accurate telling of the events which are
    found in the nine volumes published by Viz Communications with the later part
    of the game being new material that explains beyond what is in the manga.
      For the many that have followed Kishiro's writings, in particular those that
    have played the game, this is a translation of the script for the cutscenes
    which occur in the final levels of Martian Memory.
    It is also recommended that players read the Martian Memory faq that can be
    found on this site.
    IMPORTANT: This story guide is a translation of game dialogue from the time
    Gally arrives on Jeru until the end of the final act, and contains information
    that is previously unpublished in English.
    TRANSLATION NOTES: These can now be found in a section at the end of the
    LEGEND: Text enclosed with [] is narrative and is provided to aid in following
    the story.
    Text within the script enclosed with () indicates character expression or
    [Previous level: Nova had arrived on Zalem and brought with him the remains of
    Gally. He has restored her to life and given her the Imaginos Body and the Nova
    Damascus Blade. Gally has saved the life of Lou Collins and destroyed the Super
    Dogma Computer. After more than 200 years, the Elevator is again functioning
    and the pair is able to travel to Jeru. Now the story:]
    [We are shown the city of Zalem, the Elevator that leads into space, and Jeru
    at the top. Gally and Nova are standing amidst the huge elevators that run
    between the two cities.]
    Gally: Have we arrived yet? So this is Jeru? It seems odd, coming a mile out
    into space.
    Nova: Zalem and this were made at the same time. It shouldn't have changed very
    [A fat man in a green suit approaches them.]
    Man: Hello, welcome to Jeru.
    [The fat man begins tapping on a palmcorder.]
    Man: Are you Professor Desty Nova? We have been waiting for you. I am the
    commander of the technology of Jeru. My name is Pochomkin!
    Pochomkin: Thank you for defeating Super Dogma, the satellite Elevator has been
      Professor, thank you very much with all my heart.
    [Pochomkin turns to Gally and taps his palmtop.]
    Pochomkin: Well, well. Who is this lady?
    Nova: This is my secretary.
    Gally: Hey! Who's your secretary!? My name is Gally.
    Nova: I asked her to come with me. As I see it, she is the strongest warrior on
    Earth. Good as a bodyguard, it's a shame that she isn't that useful.
    Pochomkin:(taps his palmtop) Gally...is the strongest warrior on Earth.
    Gally: What are you doing?
    Pochomkin: Oh, don't worry, I always put what I have into my electronic uncle.
    If I didn't do this I would forget it all. If I may say so, this doesn't put a
    burden on the brain, but I don't feel safe when I'm asleep.
    Gally: Oh well... What would you do if you lost your electronic palmtop?
    Pochomkin: Oh, don't say that...I might lose my memory.
    [Pochomkin puts away his palmtop.]
    Pochomkin: Ok, now let's meet the central electronic brain (Melchizedek).
    [Pochomkin walks away from Gally and Nova.]
    Nova: Please wait!
    Pochomkin: What's wrong?
    Nova: I'm not meeting with Melchizedek...I came to Jeru because I was commanded
    by the Supreme Ladder Society. But before the Ladder, we have to celebrate with
    burnt pudding.
    Pochomkin: ...? Do you know what the Ladder is?
    Nova: I don't know. I don't understand any of this. Oh, what am I supposed to
    Gally: Calm down. I thought that it was the Zalem system that does evil things.
    Pochomkin: It was my idea to bring Professor Nova here. It's nothing to do with
    the Ladder. Of course, I can not let the Ladder know why I invited you. When
    you meet with Melchizedek you will know everything.
    [Pochomkin walks a short distance, then turns back to the pair.]
    Pochomkin: This way please, I will guide you to Melchizedek.
    [Gally begins to follow after Pochomkin, then turns toward Nova.]
    Nova: So who am I?
    Gally: Stop that and come here!
    [Pochomkin leads them to the Melchizedek Core Room.]
    Pochomkin: This central electric brain is supposed to be the largest and
    longest living in history.
    [In front of the computer core, a holographic image of an old woman appears.]
    Old Woman: I am Melchizedek. My purpose is to rejuvenate the innovation of
    humankind, and to enlarge the activity of the area and protect it.
    [Gally steps forward and confronts Melchizedek.]
    Gally: Melchizedek! I have come here from Earth to destroy you!
    Pochomkin: What did you say!?
    Gally: I will destroy Zalem and the Factory! Here it comes!
    Pochomkin: What do you think Melchizedek is, a great evil computer? Please calm
    Gally: I just want to bring happiness to my friends on Earth and on Zalem, and
    I will kill whoever comes after me and gets in my way!
    Melchizedek: I am Melchizedek, my purpose is...the purpose
    [The image of Melchizedek shimmers, then vanishes.]
    Gally:!? Wh...what happened?
    Pochomkin: Ah...what a straightforward person. Don't you understand? This is
    not so simple. If you kill Melchizedek, you don't know what's going to happen
    after that.
    Gally: What do you mean? What is going to happen?
    Pochomkin: It's a disaster. You have to understand our situation. You have to
    understand fully about Melchizedek, Zalem, and Jeru. I want you to listen to my
    Nova: Oh, this is going to be an interesting story. Gally, please calm down
    first. Let's hear what he has to say.
    Gally: Ok, we'll listen to him.
    Pochomkin: The Melchizedek system had been made to protect humankind from
    geo-catastrophe, and it is to rejuvenate humankind and send them into space.
    And it was made to implement the solar system immigration.
    Gally: Solar system immigration?
    Pochomkin: Yes, to carry out the project effectively, the Elevator that links
    between the Earth and space had to be built. The space side of the Elevator had
    the middle data port, it is to send people to different planets through the
    Gally: I understand that this is the purpose of the Elevator.
    Pochomkin: The full ability of Melchizedek was dedicated toward the completion
    of the immigration project. To the Moon, to Mars, to Venus, to Jupiter;
    immigration had begun and the colonies had started to function. But at the end,
    suddenly each colony didn't need the support of Melchizedek.
      So Melchizedek planned the immigration project outside the solar system. The
    plan was implemented, and space shuttles that can travel between planets were
    made. At the same time as the space shuttles were constructed, the Elevator was
    also upgraded; we made floating cities on the Elevator.
      Melchizedek named the floating city that was close to the Earth, Jeru; and he
    named the city on the Elevator near the Earth, Zalem. So therefore, Jeru,
    Zalem, and the Elevator are one system.
      In order to use the space shuttles to complete the immigration plan,
    Melchizedek needed to modify the environment.
    Gally: Oh, I understand that.
    Nova: That's right...so this explains that the complete control of Zalem was
    initially in Melchizedek's plan.
    Pochomkin: That's correct. We made some space shuttles that were capable of
    traveling for many light years, and that was the complete plan for Zalem.
    Nova: Are you saying that the problem with Super Dogma in Zalem was caused by
    the incomplete simulation that Melchizedek had implemented?
    Pochomkin: That is incorrect.
    Nova: So what then?
    Pochomkin: Melchizedek had been directing the affairs of humankind for too
    long. Therefore, the core expanded more, and an extremely complicated system
    was born. The death of Zalem and Jeru is the result of a conflict between Super
    Dogma and the main system of Melchizedek.
    Gally: So this was all a simple mistake.
    Pochomkin: You could say that.
    Gally: Nova! Do you believe that you can trust what this man is saying?
    Nova: It is possible that this was the conflict. I've had suspicions about the
    Zalem system, it was made for some purpose, but it also had unusual faults. Why
    was this allowed to continue for two hundred years?
    Pochomkin: That's because we have done repair work (on Melchizedek) quite
    often. But the issue of sending technicians from Jeru to Zalem was going to
    cause political problems. So to remove Super Dogma from the inside of Zalem, I
    had developed a monitoring system of the Earth; and I invited you from Earth,
    Professor Nova. It has taken me 15 years to do this.
    Gally: ...
    Nova: So, I have been called to Jeru to fix this ill functioning computer.
    Pochomkin: Yes, that is so.
    Nova:(laughing) You have undermined me. Gally, go and beat him up.
    Pochomkin: Please stop...if you destroy Melchizedek now, another war will
    Gally: ? A war?
    Pochomkin: Yes, that's right. If you destroy Melchizedek now, the space war
    that occurred will happen again.
    Nova: What do you mean?
    Gally: Please explain?
    [Nova, Pochomkin, and Gally are now standing outside the Melchizedek Core Room.
    Nearby is a large computer with two viewing windows.]
    Pochomkin: Two hundred years ago, Jupiter and Venus were fighting over
    resources during terraforming, and this developed into a great war between the
    two planets.
    Gally: What's terraforming?
    Nova: Terraforming is the process of changing a planet into an environment
    similar to Earths. In order to do terraforming, a lot of resources are needed
    to change the environment of the entire planet. So it was unavoidable that the
    two planets fought over natural resources.
    Pochomkin: The scope of the war gradually grew larger, and then developed into
    a huge interplanetary war involving all of the space colonies.
    Nova: ...
    Pochomkin: Because of the great war, all of the space shuttles were totally
    destroyed, except for one. Melchizedek couldn't tolerate the situation any
    longer, so he called all the representatives from each planet and suggested a
    temporary peace deal. And this is called the Agreement of Ladder.
    Nova: ...
    Pochomkin: Even now, many problems are being discussed on a regular basis.
    Representatives from each colony come to Jeru and discuss modifications (to the
    Ladder Agreement). But the fact is, it is difficult to come to any agreement.
    Technically, the Terraforming War is not over. Even two hundred years after the
    end of the war the situation hasn't changed very much.
    Nova: Oh, I see. So this is the story of the space war that occurred. But what
    does this have to do with the disfunction of Melchizedek?
    Pochomkin: The fact is, three years ago, Melchizedek suggested to the Ladder
    Society an extraordinary plan which almost caused another space war.
    Melchizedek's speech was not fully explained because of his malfunction. So I
    conducted a recheck on Melchizedek's main system and discovered an
    unexplainable mechanical problem existed from even twenty years ago. We
    performed an extensive check of the main system of Melchizedek, and from this
    we discovered an extraordinary thing on the logic board of Melchizedek.
    Gally: Something extraordinary?
    Pochomkin: Please, look at this.
    [Through the windows of the machine console, we are shown blobs of living
    tissue, exploding outward.]
    Nova: So what is this cell?
    Pochomkin: At first we thought this was a complete virus, but when we checked
    the matrix, this mysterious cell makes different types of viruses continuously.
    Nova: This configuration looks like that of a Berserker cell.
    Pochomkin: You're smart professor, we had thought the same. We have estimated
    that this cell is a modification of the Berserker cell that was made on Venus
    during the great space war two hundred years ago. At this moment, there is no
    cure for this new type of Berserker cell; NBX 50015.
    Nova: What a complicated name. So let's name this new Berserker cell
    Pochomkin: Terrorizer. What do you think of this professor Nova?
    Gally: So, you are saying that someone put the Terrorizer into Melchizedek to
    cause him to malfunction?
    Pochomkin: It couldn't be anything else, this must be right. The next meeting
    of the Ladder Society will happen soon. Time is running out. We beg for Doctor
    Nova's expertise.
    Gally: Are you going to have Melchizedek attend another meeting, even though he
    isn't functioning properly?
    Pochomkin: It can't be helped. Without Melchizedek the meeting will not go
    anywhere. Not even I know what the result of the meeting will be. Since the
    offensive speech we have been postponing the Ladder committee meeting. But two
    months ago, we came to the conclusion that we must have another meeting. Before
    this happens, we have to fix Melchizedek and stop somebody's evil plan.
    Gally: Oh, I understand. All right, I will help you find the criminal, but only
    on one condition. After fixing Melchizedek you have to help us liberate Zalem,
    and we will accept no excuse such as system conflict.
    Pochomkin: Yes, I understand. Of course I understand.
    Nova: Where is my burnt pudding!?
    Pochomkin: So, you are saying that you are going to help us?
    Nova: I cannot help but to be interested in an advanced technology. We must
    learn about this.
    Pochomkin: I will ask Doctor Nova to continue analyzing the Terrorizer. And
    Gally, you please begin searching for the criminal. Doctor Nova will be in the
    Melchizedek Core Room behind this door, and I will be in the engineering room.
    If he needs me, I will be there. Please take care of the criminal search.
    [Gally sets off to explore Jeru in search of the criminal who infected
    Melchizedek, leaving Desty Nova in the Melchizedek Core Room to work on a
    solution to the Berserker cell.]
    Map: Jeru
    Locations: Jeru Garden, Melchizedek Core Room, Elevator
    [Gally arrives at the Jeru Garden. This is a large concourse used by Jeru
    citizens. At its center is a crystal sculpture, and to the left of this stands
    a Deckman. On the east side is an entrance that is blocked by a fence, but on
    the west side of the Jeru Garden is an open corridor through which Gally
      Gally finds herself in an items shop. There is a counter around the room and
    behind this stands a clerk. He is dressed in a green suit and hat, similar to
    that worn by Pochomkin.]
    Clerk: May I help you? Do you come from another planet? This place is named
    Jeru and many people come here from other worlds.
    [The menu opens and Gally is able to buy items. Close menu.]
    Clerk: I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
    [Gally leaves the items shop and the Jeru Garden.]
    Map: Jeru
    Locations: Jeru Garden, Colony Planet Area, Melchizedek Control Room, Elevator
    [Gally is in the Colony Planet Area, this is where the Ladder representatives
    reside. She is in a long corridor speaking to a guard in white armor.]
    Guard: People from other worlds are not allowed to come here. But Pochomkin has
    told me about you, your name is Gally. It is okay for you to go in. There are
    many doors and you can enter each section. At the entrance to each you will
    find a computer, press the button and you can get information about the
    planets. And be careful not to be impolite to the ambassadors from each world.
    [Gally sets off down the hallway, on her right are doors, which lead to the
    ambassador's quarters. Each of these rooms is considered an embassy of the
    planet represented.]
    Room 1
    [She enters the first door and finds herself in a small anteroom. A guard
    similar to the one she spoke with earlier stands by the entrance to the
    ambassador's quarters. On her left is a computer window, which Gally activates.
    An image of Earth is displayed (note: encircling the equator is a solid ring
    with anchoring points at opposite poles), information is provided:]
    Computer Display: The third planet from the sun is the place from which human
    beings originally came. Of course there are other planets and cultures, but
    after the geocatastrophe, Earth government doesn't exist on these planets.
    There is the Ladder Society, the Elevator, and Jeru. The observer of human
    beings is called Melchizedek.
    [Gally enters the quarters of the ambassadors from Earth. The ambassadors are
    fat and dressed in purple clothes. They have no legs and seem to float above
    the floor.]
    Earth Ambassador 1:(talking in her sleep) I have to save the dolphins.
    [She returns to the corridor and enters the next room.]
    Room 2
    [Gally activates the computer display and is shown a brown planet:]
    Computer Display: In orbit there is a space colony on the Moon and it had been
    the territory of Jeru for a very long time. But two hundred years ago the
    Ladder Agreement was made, after which the Moon became an independent colony.
    [She enters the Moon ambassador's quarters. The lunar representatives are tall
    and covered in silver space suits.]
    Moon Ambassador: Welcome to the Moon area. There are five colonies, of which
    the Moon is the oldest. In the colonies we made spacecraft and on the Moon we
    produced helium gas.
    [Gally returns to the hall and enters the next door.]
    Room 3
    [Gally activates the computer and is shown a green planet surrounded by a ring
    of satellites.]
    Computer Display: Venus is the second planet from the sun. It has a very
    high-pressure atmosphere so the process called terraforming has been done for
    centuries to make it able to sustain life.
    [She enters the Venus ambassador's quarters. The Venusians look just like
    Humpty Dumpty from Alice in Wonderland.]
    Venus Ambassador: This room is too small for us. At the next Ladder meeting we
    will insist on widening our area.
    [Gally returns to the hall and enters the fourth door.]
    Room 4
    [She activates the computer screen and is shown an orange planet with square
    plates covering some sections, it appears incomplete.]
    Computer Display: Jupiter is the largest planet and its atmosphere is composed
    of hydrogen. Originally there were sixteen colonies, one on each of it's Moons,
    but because of the planet shell project, which is to cover Jupiter with a layer
    of metal and make the planet livable, all of the Moon colonies have
    disappeared, except for the remaining colony on Ganymede.
    [Gally enters the Jupiter ambassador's quarters. In appearance, the colonists
    from Jupiter are shaped as boxes and have an eye-sensor.]
    Jupiter Ambassador: We Jupiterians are the most developed people.
    Gally: What...you are really human beings?
    Jupiter Ambassador: You are a cyborg, the same as us. Why do you look like a
    monkey? When we procreate we use a machine to match the DNA. By controlling the
    DNA we can make a complete cyborg body. It is the most developed form.
    [The Ambassador spins once.]
    Jupiter Ambassador: I do not understand people who want two arms and a face and
    come from monkeys.
    [Gally leaves here and enters the next room.]
    Room 5
    [She activates the computer screen and we are shown a red planet.]
    Computer Display: The fourth planet is the second oldest colony, the Moon is
    the oldest. Compared to the other colonies the environment is better. Because
    of the Ladder agreement, Mars became its own government.
    [Gally enters the Mars ambassador's quarters. In appearance, the Martians are
    the most human of the colonists, their dress is similar to that of ancient
    Martian Ambassador 1: Mars has been ruled by a Queen (Master) from the time the
    Ladder agreement was made.
    Martian Ambassador 2: Our planet Mars is the second most historic colony. But
    we don't have the say to make opinions in Ladder, so we have to stay in such a
    dark room. This is frustrating for us.
    Martian Ambassador 3: A long time ago, Mars was called the planet of war, but
    now it is quite peaceful. The war ended two hundred years ago and I don't want
    to experience this anymore.
    [Gally leaves the room of the Martian ambassadors and continues down the long
    corridor. She comes to a huge door at its end. There is a guard standing near.]
    Gally: I can't open it.
    Guard: Beyond this door is an area of Saturn, and we have locked the door.
    Gally: Why?
    Guard: There is no air in this place. If you don't have the equipment for this
    we cannot allow you to enter. Generally, you need the clothes for space. Even
    if you are a cyborg you cannot live without oxygen. Can you?
    Gally: Where can I get the equipment for air?
    Guard: There is a shop in the Jeru Garden, you can get it there.
    [Gally returns to the items shop at the Jeru Garden.]
    Clerk: May I help you? What are you looking for?
    Gally: I would like the equipment for air.
    Clerk: You are quite strange, we seldom have such a customer.
    Gally: Don't you have it? I was told that I could get it here.
    Clerk: You are a cyborg, but you will need the right equipment. You will
    require the space clothes. The space garter, which has the oxygen pack is
    enough for you.
    [Gally receives her space clothes. An orange, sleeveless vest with a high
    collar and boots.]
    Clerk: It is just your size. With the space garter you can survive if there is
    no oxygen.
    Gally: But is it free? Are you sure?
    Clerk: It's ok, maybe no one will buy it. It's on sale, take it.
    Gally: Thank you very much.
    Clerk: It's ok, never mind.
    Gally: By the way, I want to ask you something.
    [We see a box on the counter.]
    Gally: Is this for sale?
    Clerk: That is not for sale. This kind of object is only for display. Some say
    that this object is part of the guardian that saved Jeru during the war, and I
    hope it will save this shop.
    Gally: Ah, the Guardian.
    [Gally returns to the Colony Planet Area and speaks to the guard next to the
    locked door.]
    Guard: Oh, and now that you are prepared I will open the door.
    [The guard unlocks the door.]
    Guard: On the other side of this door is an area of Saturn and its leaders are
    staying there. You might be surprised when you see them, but they are polite so
    be kind to them.
    [Gally activates the large door and steps through. On her right is the entrance
    to the Saturn ambassador's quarters. She activates the computer screen and we
    are shown the planet Saturn.]
    Computer Display: Saturn is similar to Jupiter and there are colonies on its
    rings. It is an independent planet. The helium plant is controlled by Jupiter,
    and in fact is a territory of Jupiter.
    [She enters the Saturn Ambassador's quarters. The inhabitants of Saturn are
    small with round bodies and thin arms.]
    Saturn Ambassador: Hello. We are human beings. We made the Jupiterian DNA.
    [Gally leaves the Saturn Ambassador's quarters and opens the final door in the
    corridor. She is now in a huge, open area of metal walls and floor. She
    continues to its edge and encounters a fat man with a white and green body, he
    is alone here.]
    Gally: Hello. What are you doing here?
    Mysterious Fat Man: It's very rare for someone to come here. I am always
    keeping an eye on things.
    Gally: What are you keeping an eye on?
    Fat Man: What? I cannot remember, but it is very important.
    Gally:(thinking) I believe he might be the guardian.
      My name is Gally. What's yours?
    Fat Man: I can't remember. I feel so lonely.
    Gally: I once lost all my memories so I can understand your feelings.
    Fat Man: You are very kind, but aren't you afraid of me? Whenever anyone sees
    me they scream and run away. I don't like to surprise people so I always come
    to this quiet place, but I feel so lonely here.
    Gally: If you don't mind, I can be your friend.
    Fat Man: Are you sure?
    Gally: I don't have any friends here either. I just arrived. You are missing a
    part of your head, that is why you lost your memories.
    [The fat man tilts his head forward so Gally can see this.]
    Gally: I have an idea about your memory. I will help you.
    [The fat man jumps happily.]
    Fat Man: Thank you!
    Gally:(thinking) He is missing a part of his head. I think the object that was
    displayed at the shop will fit him, the shape seems just right. It's a memory
    cartridge, I'm sure. So I will ask the clerk at the shop to give it to me.
    [Gally returns to the items shop at the Jeru Garden.]
    Clerk: May I help you? Oh, you've come here again. Thank you for coming. What
    would you like?
    Gally:(pointing) I want this object.
    Clerk: What?
    Gally: Can you give me this?
    Clerk: I'm sorry, forgive me. This kind of object is for protecting the shop,
    and it might be a part of the guardian. You are not my friend and acquaintance,
    you are just a customer so I cannot give it to you. Please don't ask anymore.
    Gally:( thinks) So how can I get it? I'm sure it is the memory cartridge for
    the fat man, but the clerk will not give it to someone from another planet. I
    will ask Pochomkin to persuade the clerk.
    [Gally leaves the items shop in search of Pochomkin, but he is nowhere to be
    found. Finally she returns to the colony planet area and enters the Venus
    ambassador's quarters. She sees Desty Nova conversing with the Venusians.]
    Venus Ambassador: It is excellent Doctor Nova that you repaired Melchizedek in
    only three seconds. We had been the reigning planet in nanotechnology for two
    hundred years, but now, to be honest, almost all of this technology is gone.
    Doctor Nova, could you lend your excellent brain to Venus?
    Gally: Nova! What are you doing!? Did you really fix Melchizedek?
    Nova: Oh Gally, don't speak so loudly. It's not so easy to understand the
    Terrorizer. It may take at least three months to destroy the machine cell.
    Gally: So why are you relaxing here?
    Nova: I cannot complete this in time.
    Gally: Think about the situation!
    Nova: Be calm. Don't you realize that this is a part of my strategy? According
    to my research, this Terrorizer is a new version. A different type is created
    every week.
    Gally: You mean the Terrorizer is still in Melchizedek?
    Nova: If the criminal thinks that Melchizedek has been cured he will try to
    confirm if this is true or not. I have already put a camera in the Melchizedek
    Core Room. If we obtain proof of this, then we can catch him.
    Gally: I'm not sure if this will work and am still following the criminal. Have
    you seen Mr Pochomkin?
    Nova: Mr Pochomkin has left for the Jeru Garden. He is a member of the
    committee for the space-fighting tournament.
    [Gally returns to the Jeru Garden and speaks with Pochomkin who is standing
    next to the crystal sculpture.]
    Pochomkin: Oh, Gally.
    Gally: Mr Pochomkin, I was looking for you.
    Pochomkin: Did you have any problems?
    Gally: It's not a big problem, but I need your help.
    [The cheering of a crowd can be heard.]
    Gally: By the way, this hall is getting noisy.
    Pochomkin: Yes, the fighting tournament is about to begin. Say, why don't you
    take part in the tournament?
    Gally: What? Me, compete?
    Pochomkin: I am a member of the committee so I can accept your entry right now.
    Gally: It sounds interesting, but how can I take part in the tournament and
    continue to search for the Terrorizer?
    Pochomkin: I organized the tournament to delay the meeting of Ladder. It's not
    a problem, and if you win you can get anything you want.
    Gally: I can get whatever I want?
    Pochomkin: You can get anything you like, but you have to compete.
    Gally:(thinks) If I win the tournament I can get the memory cartridge at the
    items shop.
      All right. I will enter the tournament.
    Pochomkin: If the strongest warrior on Earth enters the tournament it will be
    very exciting. I will enter your name. Okay, are you ready for the tournament?
    Gally: I am ready.
    Pochomkin: I will explain the rules. One fighter versus one fighter and there
    is no time limit. If you win the preliminary section you can go on to the
    tournament final match. There is a Deckman (second) near the ring. It is an
    exhibition match but you can use any equipment and weapons you want, and you
    are fighting for your life. You receive money each time you win so please tell
    the Deckman and you can buy items. Between fights you can do a backup (save
    game). Okay Gally, I am excited about your competing.
    Gally: Right! I will do my best!
    [We see the ring announcer on a balcony above the fight stage.]
    Announcer: Who is the strongest warrior in space!? To get the answer for this
    question, forty-eight fighters have gathered here today. And now, we will begin
    the tournament of space!
    [Gally walks to the ring.]
    Announcer: Now we will have the preliminary match. Are you ready?
    Gally: I'm ready.
    Announcer: And we will begin the fight. She is from Jeru and she is the
    strongest cyborg girl on Earth. Gally! And from the Moon colony, the most
    powerful (Yokozuna). His name is Kikanbouyama! (Mountain Badboy)
    [Kikanbouyama appears as a fat ninja in black clothing. Gally wins the match.]
    These are Gally's next opponents:
    Sentinel: bullet shaped, very fast
    Behemoth: fat, easily, defeated
    Forjourner: looks like a bishop, is able to phase in and out of dimension
    Ekonoraite: rock-like, very strong
    [Final Fight]
    Announcer: And now we are ready to start the last match. Are you prepared?
    Gally: I am ready.
    Announcer: And this is the final match of the space-fighting tournament. Who
    would have imagined that Gally would be in the final?
      (To her opponent) His name is Uoman (Warman) and he is the strongest
    candidate from Jupiter. But Uoman is not his personal name, it is the general
    term for army cyborgs. In the previous war, their power was equal to that of a
    spaceship, and Uoman is the newest version brought to this tournament. Is Uoman
    going to claim the prize, or will it be Gally? Can Gally prove she is the
    [Gally defeats Uoman.]
    Announcer: Gally is the winner!
    [The Announcer, Pochomkin, and the Deckman join Gally in the ring.]
    Announcer: I will introduce the winner again. She is the tournament champion
    from Earth, Gally! She was a dark horse, nobody could have guessed she would be
    the winner.
      This way of fighting, which disappeared two hundred years ago is alive again.
    And as was written, here is an example of the true combat used by the colonial
    armies, and that Gally won is proof of how powerful this is. I will now
    interview the winner, Gally!
    Gally: I was sure I would win the prize, but I'm not sure that I am so strong.
    Announcer: What do you mean?
    Gally: There was just no one in the tournament stronger than me.
    Announcer: And now she looks like a king!
    Gally: I would like the item in the shop.
    Announcer: Why would you want such a thing?
    Gally: You told me I could have whatever I want.
    Announcer: What do you think of this Sir Pochomkin?
    Pochomkin: It's okay, I will do it. I will ask the salesclerk and you can take
    it at any time.
    Announcer: Oh, as the leader of the committee you are a trusted person.
    (To the audience) Now please give your hand to the winner, Gally!
    [Crowd applause.]
    [Gally returns to the Items Shop in the Jeru Garden.]
    Clerk: Can I help you? Oh, I have been waiting for you. I am so surprised that
    you won the tournament. You were incredible in defeating fighters from so many
    Gally: Has Mr Pochomkin been here already?
    Clerk: Yes, the government technology person. You asked for this object as your
    prize. You are very strange, there are many good things here beside this
    object. What are you going to use this for?
    Gally:(thinking) I just want to try something with it.
    Clerk: It's okay, you can take it.
    Gally: I'm sorry I forced you to give the protector of the shop to me.
    Clerk: It's all right, never mind. As a favor to the strongest fighter in space
    I cannot say no.
    [Gally returns to the colony planet area and the Fat Man.]
    Gally: Fat Man. As promised, I brought you the memory cartridge.
    Fat Man: Thank you, now I can remember my mission.
    Gally: I can set it for you.
    [The fat man leans forward and Gally places the memory cartridge in his head.]
    Mysterious Fat Man: Now I remember. My name is Garuede. I was made in order to
    protect Jeru.
    Gally: So, just as I thought. You are the legendary guardian of Jeru.
    Garuede: I remember everything now. My mission is to protect Jeru from the
    Kikoujutsuka, and to eliminate the Kikoujutsuka from space.
    Gally: But the war is already over.
    Garuede: (aka Fat Man) Do not call me Fat Man.
    [Garuede transforms to a svelte body.]
    Garuede: My name is Garuede. And I will bring death to anyone who knows this
    fighting style.
    Gally: Garuede, I don't want to fight.
    Garuede: It does not matter.
    [Gally and Garuede fight. Gally is utterly defeated, and as she lies helpless,
    Garuede takes her Nova Damascus Blade and absorbs it into his own body.]
    Gally: How is this possible? My moves were ineffective.
    Garuede: The fighting ability of the Kikoujutsuka was analyzed, and I was
    programmed in such a way as to detect the evil of the Kikoujutsuka.
    Furthermore, inside my body is a circulatory system of high speed, high
    pressure, and liquid polymer. As a result this gives me a (hyper style
    movement) which enables me to neutralize any physical attacks.
    Gally:(smiling) This way of fighting is infinite. In winning the tournament I
    thought I was the best, that was foolish of me.
    Garuede: Why are you laughing? You have lost.
    Gally: I never thought that there would be someone as strong as you. I am the
    last of the kind that uses the Kikoujutsu style of fighting. So why don't you
    kill me?
    Garuede: Something is different about your way of using the Kikoujutsu method
    of combat. During the war, I fought against many of the Kikoujutsu fighters.
    You have something they lack.
    Gally: I had been sleeping for 200 years. During the war I may have fought with
    you Garuede. So why?
    Garuede: Humans have the ability to expand their absolute way of thinking
    through a variety of experiences. This is what I have heard, and that is
    something an android such as myself cannot do. So for the moment, I won't kill
    you. From now on I will be fighting along with you, and trying to further
    understand your way of the Kikoujutsu to combat against it.
    Gally: Ok, in that case I have one favor to ask of you. There is someone who
    has tampered with Melchizedek, and this person is trying to start another space
    Garuede: Is this true?
    Gally: Yes, I was asked to hunt down this person who is trying to start a space
    war. Can you help me?
    Garuede: Understood. I am to protect Jeru, and to prevent anyone from being
    harmed is within my orders. I will accept this favor and help you.
    Gally: Thank you.
    [Gally and Garuede visit Desty Nova in the Melchizedek Core Room.]
    Nova: Oh Gally. Where have you been!?
    Gally: What's wrong? Why are you in such a rush?
    Nova: I've been able to track him down, the person who tampered with
    Gally: Really? Is this true? And so who is this person?
    Nova: Pochomkin, I'm certain of this. When I was looking after the core room, I
    was able to get a clear view of this person.
    Gally: I can't believe this. So where is Mr Pochomkin anyway?
    Nova: It seems he realized that I was tracking him. Thirty minutes ago he left
    Jeru within a small spacecraft. However, the spacecraft Pochomkin took cannot
    enter the atmosphere. So it appears he is going to the L2 point behind the
    Gally: L2 point?
    Garuede: As I recall about L2 point, during the war, only one spacecraft was
    able to escape to that space dock. This is where the Leviathan 1 is located.
    Sister, we should go to the Leviathan 1.
    Gally: Yes we should.
    [Gally and Garuede are aboard a space shuttle (#99). On its way to the
    Leviathan 1 platform at L2 Point.]
    Gally: I still can't believe that Pochomkin is really the Terrorizer. The image
    of himself that he portrayed to me when I was threatening to destroy
    Melchizedek, that was all an act.
    Garuede: There are ways to control the human conscience without a person being
    aware of this. A while ago, I told you that there was something that humans can
    do that androids can't. This is the ability of humans, and you have been
    manipulated as if you were a toy doll.
    Gally: Lately, I've come to realize that these weak characteristics of humans
    is something that I admire.
    Garuede: This is a feeling I cannot understand.
    Gally: You have no sense of humor Garuede.
    Garuede: Anyhow sister, we will arrive at the Leviathan 1 shortly.
    Gally: According to Nova's calculations, the spacecraft that Pochomkin took is
    not heading to the Leviathan main body, but the platform that controls
      Deckman, take us there.
    Deckman: Roger.
    [The space shuttle arrives at the Leviathan 1 Platform.]
    Gally: So this is Leviathan. A starship that was forbidden to fly. What a
    pitiful sad ship.
    Deckman: We have reached your destination. This is one of the entrances that is
    used to enter the Leviathan 1.
    Gally: We have lost a lot of time, we should chase quickly after Pochomkin.
    [Gally leaves the space shuttle and is in a two-tier docking bay. She runs to
    the steps and sees the shuttle that Pochomkin arrived in.]
    Gally: This must be the spacecraft that Pochomkin used. So much time has
    passed, I should quickly go after Pochomkin. This is not a large area so it
    should be easy to find him. There must be a reason that Pochomkin came to this
    place. I have to watch my back.
    [She climbs the stairs to the second tier of the docking bay. At the top of the
    stairs Gally sees a strange sight. A horrible looking man and an animate tree
    are coming toward her.]
    Gally: This can't be a person. And beside it is a tree? This docking bay has no
    air, so how is it possible that they are here? Could these be enemies?
    [She defeats the Berserker Wood and Berserker Woodsman.]
    Gally: Whew. What were those?
    Garuede: Sister, those were Berserker beasts. Berserker beasts are plants or
    animals that have been infected and are controlled by a Berserker cell. Those
    were probably a plant, and someone who was working on the Leviathan 1 that was
    infected by the Berserker cell. They must have wandered into this platform.
    Gally: So you are saying that the Berserker cell is actually attracted by
    animals or vegetation.
    Garuede: During the great war, it was Venus that produced the Berserker
    warriors. But there was something wrong with the Berserker cell and these
    Berserkers were transformed. They changed rapidly and became uncontrollable. If
    a human is infected, the physical body is completely overtaken by the Berserker
    cell. The human becomes destructive and bloodthirsty, and once infected there
    is no cure.
    Gally: How could the people of Venus make such a terrible bioweapon?
    Garuede: Sister, during the great war, Venus was not the only planet guilty of
    war crimes. Anyone who participated in this terraforming war to destroy
    vegetation performed many terrible acts. What about the Jupiter federation that
    destroyed an entire world with the planet bomb, slaughtering thousands of
    people? And those, which use your Kikoujutsu style of fighting who committed
    terrorist acts.
    Gally: What?
    Garuede: The Kikoujutsu officers of Mars directed attacks at the Moon colony.
    According to these Martian officers, 6000 children protected within a shelter
    were killed in a second. So now that you know the truth of what happened, how
    can you say that Venus was the only guilty party in this great war?
    Gally: But I can't believe that the Kikoujutsu style was used in such a
    ruthless way.
    Garuede: Like water vaporizing at 100 Celsius and water freezing at 0 Celsius,
    violence can take many forms. Even before the attack on the Moon colonies, many
    acts of terrorism were committed. During these terrorist attacks, many children
    lost not only their parents, but also parts of their bodies. The estimated
    number of these is easily over a thousand. Eventually those maimed children
    became cyborg warriors. Driven by vengeance, these children went to the
    battlefield to destroy the Kikoujutsuka, and died one by one in battle. Within
    those cyborg children their experiences were monitored and stored as data. The
    collected data was then entered in the DNA brain. The estimated amount of this
    data could have filled a spaceship, and this data was compressed and installed
    in seven android bodies. The creation of the Orders is the result of the hatred
    of these dead children, who had lost their parents and took the path of
    revenge. (The fighting art of the Orders is called 'Mondo', the path of
      Even after the war was over, the hunt for the Kikoujutsuka was continued
    until all were eliminated. But eventually, with the passage of time, the seven
    androids began to disfunction one by one. As a result of this, the data of the
    seven androids was collected into one, and this is the Last Order. Myself,
    Gally: I don't understand the meaning of all this. Was my Kikoujutsu style of
    fighting wrong?
    Garuede: As I have said before, your way of the Kikoujutsu style is different
    from those who participated in the war. That is why after we fought in Jeru I
    didn't kill you. And now, I am working with you to hunt down the Terrorizer.
     Sister, we should split up and cover more ground.
    Gally: What?
    Garuede: I will search around this docking bay, you should look somewhere else.
    Gally: Ok, I understand. First of all, we should do something about
    [Gally leaves the docking bay of the Leviathan 1 platform and enters a dark
    corridor with rooms on either side. She enters the last room on the left side
    of the corridor.]
    Gally: Why is there a Deckman here too? There's no reaction. So let's see what
    happens if I kick it.
    Deckman: Stop that, don't do it.
    Gally: Oh, he's awake.
    Deckman: How could you decide to kick me when we haven't even met yet?
    Gally: There was no response so I thought you were dead.
    Deckman: I wasn't dead, I was in coma mode, so it took me a while to start my
    computer. So anyway, what do you need? Why are you bothering me?
    Gally: What are you doing here?
    Deckman: I had no choice. As a result of a Ladder decision, any mechanic who
    was on this platform was sent to Jeru. That is why I was left behind.
    Gally: So you have been here for two hundred years.
    Deckman: This is true.
    Gally: Your energy really does last long.
    Deckman: I was in coma mode so I used a minimum of energy to stay alive. So
    anyways baby, what do you need?
    [(Gally can save game and buy items) She leaves this room and continues to the
    end of the corridor, entering a large hall with carpeted stairs at the opposite
    end. Gally sees Pochomkin standing with his back toward her.]
    Pochomkin: No, I can't stand this anymore.
    Gally: Why did you tamper with Melchizedek?
    Pochomkin: Part of my mainframe was changed. My memory data was rebuilt. So
    tell me exactly, what did I do?
    Pochomkin: Look at this. My electronic hand control is destroyed. I can't do
    this, I'm not an officer of Jeru anymore, I'm not even Pochomkin. I can't prove
    my existence at all.
    Gally: You still have a brain and a body. You can't just depend on an
    electronic gadget.
    Pochomkin: Forget I ever existed.
    [Pochomkin gasps for air and transforms into a machine body.]
    Gally: What's this? A Berserker?
    [She defeats the Berserker.]
    Gally: Pochomkin was infected by a Berserker cell. Even Pochomkin was being
    controlled by the true criminal behind this.
    [She sees papers strewn about the stairs where Pochumkin's broken palmtop lies.
    The papers are marked, 'Supreme Confidence']
    Gally: What are these documents? This must be output from the Melchizedek
    memory component.
    [Gally reads the documents.]
    Gally: What? This can't be true. Melchizedek is attempting to regain control of
    the human race. The complete elimination of Earth in order to install the brain
    chip and perfect it. It's called the Earth Initiation Plan. What does this
    mean? Could this be the plan of the mastermind behind all this? But this can't
    be right. If this person's objective is to destroy Melchizedek, why would he be
    planning to eliminate Earth? Regardless, if this plan is not stopped something
    terrible will happen soon. I should also burn these documents before anyone
    else sees them and starts a panic. Now I must go back to the docking bay where
    Garuede is.
    [Gally returns to the docking bay and enters another section. Some distance
    from her, she sees Garuede, confronted by a powerful warrior with four arms and
    wearing blue armor.]
    Gally: What's this? Who is that man with Garuede? That looks like a Kikoujutsu
    fighting stance. There is a Kikoujutsu fighter other than myself.
    [She watches the two exchange blows.]
    Gally: That man is incredibly strong, as powerful as Garuede, he's not holding
    back. But Garuede is the Order, made to destroy Kikoujutsuka. Garuede's special
    technique neutralizes any physical attacks. It is impossible to destroy Garuede
    using any Kikoujutsu techniques.
    [The two continue to battle and Garuede is defeated. The strange warrior and
    Gally stare at each other for a moment, then the warrior leaves aboard a
    Gally: Impossible!
    [Gally runs to Garuede's side.]
    Gally: Garuede, are you all right?
    Garuede: Sister...
    Gally: Who was that Kikoujutsuka?
    Garuede: That man is the person responsible for infecting Melchizedek with the
    Terrorizer. He is the mastermind behind all of this, and is the one trying to
    destroy the human race.
    Gally: Is this true? So that is the man who was controlling Pochomkin.
    Garuede: Indeed. The real culprit is not Venus, but Mars. But regardless, that
    Kikoujutsuka is a very strong opponent and not one to be taken lightly. My
    energy can only absorb one or two attacks at a time. He used the suicide attack
    of the two-handed strike where neither hand can be used to defend. In the
    instant he struck, his shadow hands, the two hands behind him are what hit me.
    That is what is so dangerous about him, he can strike with his four arms at
      I have lost, so the only hope left is you sister. I will give the data of the
    Last Order to you.
    Gally: But I'm a Kikoujutsu user too.
    Garuede: I trust you sister, I know you can beat that opponent. And sister, you
    are also my first real friend. I am asking this of you, I want you to stop the
    [Garuede vanishes, leaving a gold version of the Damascus (Garuede Blade),
    which Gally picks up and holds in her outstretched arm.]
    Gally: This must be the Damascus blade that was inside of Garuede. Ok, I
    understand Garuede. I will hunt down the Terrorizer and stop this war.
    All right, let's go to Mars.
    [Gally is aboard the space shuttle, on its way to Mars.]
    Gally: On behalf of Garuede, and the data that he left to me, I have promised
    to prevent the war from happening again. Pochomkin was infected and turned into
    a Berserker, and as a result of this he died, leaving no clues to the
    Terrorizer. The only path left is to chase after the Kikoujutsuka who defeated
    Garuede, and I have left for Mars.
    [We are shown the planet Mars.]
    Gally: Mars, the red planet that founded the Kikoujutsu style, and is also my
    native land. I wonder what exactly is waiting for me there?
    [Nova is speaking to Gally by radio.]
    Nova: Oh Gally. How are you feeling? How is everything?
    Gally: It seems that I'm about to reach Mars, and then I will begin my search
    Nova: That's a good idea. The next meeting of the Ladder Society will start
    within a month, you don't have any time left to fool around. Within that time
    before the meeting begins, we have to find a way to neutralize the Terrorizer.
    And we have to heal Melchizedek and discover who has done this.
    Gally: Yeah, somehow we have to prevent the war from happening again.
    Nova: The Mars Federation has already been notified that you are the tournament
    champion, and has recognized you as such. And the other planets have been
    informed as well, so you shouldn't have any problems going to Mars. I'm
    depending on you Gally.
    Gally: I understand. By the way, have you found out anything after scanning
    through the information that I sent you?
    Nova: Oh, yes there is one thing I found. I have discovered information on
    Doctor Hersopaiso. The scientist, who two hundred years ago, was head of the
    Nanotech Scientific Organization, and is responsible for creating the Berserker
    Gally: The creator of the Berserker virus?
    Nova: About this scientist, Doctor Hersopaiso. A few years after the
    Terraforming War had ceased, he went missing, and no one has seen him since
    that time.
    Gally: Missing?
    Nova: Yes. As a result of a Ladder decision, Doctor Hersopaiso was ordered to
    go to Mars to further research the Berserker virus, and the only information
    reported is that he never left Mars and has been living there since.
    Gally: Really?
    Nova: In other words, this Berserker virus that is being spread is not only the
    fault of Doctor Hersopaiso, but of the people who worked with him too. After
    Doctor Hersopaiso went missing, so too the methods he used for producing the
    Berserker virus on Venus vanished as well. Someone on Mars is continuing to use
    his methods for producing the Berserker virus.
    Gally: So in other words, someone on Mars is continuing to use Doctor
    Hersopaiso's methods, and this person is also responsible for producing the
    Nova: We should approach this from the angle of trying to search for these
    missing people first, that is the reasonable course of action. These people on
    Mars are the ones responsible for producing the Berserker virus which is
    connected with the Terrorizer.
    Gally: So anyways Nova, have you found anything yet on Melchizedek?
    Nova: Are you talking about the documents that Sir Pochomkin left? The Earth
    Initiation Plan? I haven't been able to find out anything about this part yet.
    There's an access lock on a certain part of Melchizedek's memory.
      Are you concerned for those you left behind?
    Gally: How could I forget about them? I have to protect Lou and my friends on
    Nova:(laughing) It would be better if only geniuses such as myself were left
    behind to control the average person.
    Gally: How could you!?
    Nova: If you could only see it from Doctor Karmaka's point of view. This part
    of Melchizedek that is locked away is that which can control human desires, and
    without this Melchizedek has lost its ability to function. The computer can
    only be controlled by certain scientists and prominent figures who act as
    outposts to manipulate people. Only they are qualified to control Melchizedek.
    In this case, it includes the fear of being selected. Or in other words, the
    fears and hopes of human beings are being reflected as if done by a mirror.
      It is possible that with the Earth Initiation Plan, Melchizedek is planning
    to control a huge population by denying them their fears. This is the effect of
    such a project.
    Gally: So in other words, you're saying that humans want to be controlled by
    Nova: If you say it that way, then this is exactly true.
    Gally: I believe in the freewill of human beings.
    Nova: An infinite amount of freedom is, in itself a kind of fear. Melchizedek
    is trying to use this method to protect human beings from that fear, which is
    the infinite number of freedoms available to individual persons.
    Gally: But of course, human beings created Melchizedek. Humans are shaped by
    the things they have made, but if you are afraid of what you have created then
    you are bound by it.
    Nova: Exactly true, and that is why human beings are so amazing. This is the
    point of my research as well.
    Gally: Fine. So anyway, I will begin my search.
    Nova: Understood, if I find anything I will contact you right away. And also...
    Gally: What?
    Nova: I have sent a present for you. It should be arriving on Mars soon.
    Gally: What? A present?
    Nova: (laughs.)
    Gally: What could this be? It can't be anything too bad.
    [Gally leaves the ship and is in the Martian Spaceport of Olympus (Olympus
    Security Guard: Are you the Chief Justice? (Gally's rank for winning the
      Welcome to Mars, it must have been a long trip for you. The Queen of Mars
    (Mars Master) is waiting for you. Please come to the home city of the Mars
    Map: Mars
    Locations: Olympus Space Port, Jinmen City (Human Face City)
    [Gally is in the Martian capital of Jinmen City. She speaks to several people
    in the street.]
    Townsperson 1: This is the capital of Mars, Jinmen City. Obviously you can tell
    this from the huge, human faced rock at the center of the city. The Mars Castle
    is built within this rock face, and you can see it from here, across this
    promenade. You should know that Mars doesn't have any oxygen and the process of
    terraforming hasn't been advanced. As a result of this you can see that the
    city is covered by a dome. By the way, do you have business at the Mars Castle?
    In that case, you should go straight along this promenade and you will come to
    the castle gates.
    [Gally runs along the promenade, and then stops to speak with another citizen.]
    Townsperson 2: Recently, the Berserker virus has risen again, and this is a
    terrible tragedy.
    Gally: What do you mean by Berserker virus?
    Townsperson 2: It is a bioweapon created by Venus which has recently spread to
    humans and animals. They can release the virus on the high temperature or low
    temperature surface of Mars, and the infected persons can live without
    breathing in oxygen. There are no cases of them actually attacking humans and
    eating them, but there have been rumors that they have attacked the storage
    banks (safes), and human caravans as well. It is a grave problem among our
    society. Right now, to reduce the number of Berserkers the Mars Federation has
    been trying to organize a program to hire Berserker Hunters. Anyone who hunts
    down and kills these Berserkers will be rewarded, but there isn't much money to
    be gained in this.
    Townsperson 3: The Kikoujutsu style? Ancient Mars way? What's that? We haven't
    been taught anything about this in school. You don't look like one of those
      The Mars Castle was built after the Terraforming Wars. At the same time the
    royal family was founded, the castle was also constructed. Rumors say that they
    have spent a lot of money, but in reality it doesn't look like something you
    could be proud of. There also seems to be weird rumors within the castle as
    well. Oh, I shouldn't speak of this.
    [Gally arrives at the Mars Castle and speaks with a Security Guard.]
    Security Guard: You must be Lady Gally. The Mars Master is waiting for you.
    Please, go to the main hall.
    [Gally enters the Castle and continues through the long hallway. She encounters
    a soldier.]
    Soldier: Are you the Chief Justice, Lady Gally?
    Gally: Yes.
    Soldier: I have been notified of your arrival. The Queen is waiting for you.
    Please go to the reception area.
    [Gally is in the main hall throne room.]
    Attendant: Are you Lady Gally from Jeru?
    Gally: Yes.
    Attendant: The Mars Master will be arriving here shortly. Do not be
    disrespectful to her.
    [The Queen arrives and seats herself on the throne.]
    Gally:(thinks) That must be the Mars Master.
    [There is a flash of white light.]
    Attendant: Is there a problem?
    Gally: No, nothing really.
      (thinks)What was that feeling just now? It seemed as if something was trying
    to take hold of my mind.
    Attendant: Are you the one who won the Tournament for the Universe?
    Gally: Yes.
    Attendant: The Mars Master would like to see a demonstration of your fighting.
    Gally: Yes, if you would like. Who will be my opponent?
    [A huge, red bull is displayed in a cage.]
    Gally: Isn't this just a bull?
    Attendant: Don't underestimate it. This bull has been infected by the Berserker
    Virus and is a dangerous beast. This is a Martian Berserker Bull. Can you
    defeat this?
    Gally: All right, understood. If this is a Berserker Beast, then it will be a
    worthy opponent.
    [Gally defeats the Berserker Bull.]
    Attendant: Those were impressive moves. This is what the Mars Master is saying.
    Gally: That was nothing.
    Attendant: Now Lady Gally, down to business. After seeing a display of your
    strength, I have a favor to ask of you.
    Gally: A favor?
    Attendant: In the town, you may have heard of the Berserker virus from two
    hundred years ago that has infected the people of Mars. The citizens are now
    afraid of the vegetation that has been infected by this virus. Therefore, I
    will give you an A ranking of Berserker Hunter. For the duration of your stay
    on Mars, you are assured of being rewarded for every Berserker beast you
    Gally: I understand, and I will try to be helpful.
    Attendant: I am counting on you, and you are also welcome to use this Mars
    Castle to stay the night. Whenever you go into your room, stand against your
    bed and push the circle button and you will be able to recover any damages and
    life lost. While you are on Mars you can use this room anytime you want.
    Gally: I'm honored. But there's one thing I want to ask.
    Attendant: By all means.
    Gally: My Kikoujutsu style of fighting, it was founded on this planet Mars.
    Have you ever heard of anyone using this way of combat?
    Attendant: The Kikoujutsu style has been extinct for two hundred years, I
    haven't heard of anyone that is a user of this technique.
    Gally: Really?
    Attendant: And this will conclude the presence of the Mars Master. Today's
    demonstration has been well received. The Mars Master would like to invite you
    to tonight's dinner.
    Gally: That is gratefully appreciated.
    Gally:(narrative) That night, I attended a luxurious dinner with the Mars
    Master. I asked about the Kikoujutsuka with the four arms, and about Doctor
    Hersopaiso. But there was no reply from them.
    [Gally is in her room.]
    Gally: The Mars Master seems to be a sick person. Her face is pale, and she
    presents no facial expressions. The attendant says that there is nothing wrong
    with her and that she is fine, but since I've been in this castle I have had
    this strange feeling. This is like nothing I've experienced before, it's as if
    someone is behind me right now, staring at me. There does seem to be something
    inside this castle.
    [It is night. Gally leaves her room and crosses the lower hall to the west
    wing. She enters a library. Gally looks at the shelves of books.]
    Book Title: The History of the Martian People.
    Book Title: The Labor Force of the Colony.
    Gally: These seem to be ordinary books.
    [She sees a book on the table.]
    Gally: What must this be?
    Book Title: The Waking Plains of Kikoujutsu.
    Gally: This seems interesting. Let's take a look at it.
    Text: The History of the Waking Plains of Kikoujutsu. The concepts of the
    Kikoujutsu were founded on Earth, before the geocatastrophe. And is based on
    the essences of the many martial arts from around the world, such as the Jeet
    Kune Do style of Bruce Lee, and the Philippine martial art of Kali. But even
    these ancient martial arts were surpassed as they were brought together in a
    new fighting style.
    Gally: I didn't know about this.
    Text: When humans moved out into the Sol System, at times it was necessary to
    fight in the zero gravity of space. For this purpose, Tai Do, which is the
    acrobatics of Karate were incorporated into this style. Under these conditions,
    any martial arts involving striking were considered to be minor combat styles.
    Gally: I understand that at this time, cyborgs had not been built yet.
    Text: After thirty years had passed, the first colony was built on Mars, and
    the techniques to produce cyborgs were developed. But against cyborgs, the
    moves of zero gravity jiujutsu, which involved the use of holds, were found to
    be ineffective. All martial art styles were deemed useless against them.
    Gally: So long ago, at that time, humans were actually fighting against
    cyborgs. It is hard to imagine this taking place.
    [We are shown a picture from the book of a powerful man.]
    Text: After the war on land, a great warrior arose on Mars, whose name was
    Teiga Zauiru. And in his presence, the most powerful of cyborgs were easily
    defeated by this man. But Zauiru himself did not name his techniques as Jeet
    Kune Do; and this is the story from three hundred years ago.
    Gally: Teiga Zauiru, this person seems to be the founder of Kikoujutsu.
    [We are shown a portrait of a group of men.]
    Text: Afterward, from the learnings of Teiga Zauiru, a student of his known as
    Mozer Schneider refined this art and named it the Panzer Kunst.
      Of the two, Schneider was the most famous. But in reality, Zauiru, the
    founder of this style was the stronger individual. For the purpose of training,
    Schneider created a temple in the valley, and during this period Zauiru and
    Schneider were together. But the following year, for some unknown reason Zauiru
    was banned from the temple. And there has been no record of him since then.
    Gally: In this book is a record of where the Kikoujutsu Temple was located.
    Since I've come this far I should visit there also.
    Text: Not all of the history that occurred after the land war is recorded, only
    that the Kikoujutsu fighters were known as guerrilla mountain warriors, and in
    some cases they served specifically as soldiers. They were rebellious, and
    appear several times in history, creating legends around them.
      The Venus Federation and Jupiter Federation began the terraforming war within
    the Sol System over two hundred years ago. And because Mars was situated
    between the two, they were forced into participating. Since Mars was a poor
    planet, they were unable to afford spaceships. The Jupiter Federation sold
    spacecraft and weapons to Mars, and several hundred Kikoujutsuka were sent
    against the Earth, Moon, and Venus, resulting in a vicious war.
    Gally: Deja vu. At that time I was in that war.
    Text: After the war ended, Jupiter used the ruthlessness of the Kikoujutsuka as
    a sympathetic gesture toward the Earth, Venus, and the Moon in securing a
    Ladder decision giving Jupiter the complete control of Mars. It was Jupiter
    that was responsible for the extinction of the Kikoujutsu, and it is a great
    pity that this important style of martial art was lost before it could be
    researched further.
    Gally: These memories that were buried within me seem to be digging their way
    out. How could I have withstood the truth once I found out who I was? I may
    have been a cursed Kikoujutsuka, destined to evil as Garuede said, but I have
    no regrets existing as Gally. And from now on, I can live with pride.
    [Gally returns to her room and is surprised to see a girl standing by her bed.]
    Gally: Who's that?
    Girl: Shh... My name is Rimeira.
    Gally: This sleeping chamber was prepared for me. Are you in the wrong room?
    Rimeira: No, not at all, I have something important to talk about. I am really
    a spy, sent here to uncover the mystery of the Mars Castle.
    Gally: A spy? A little kid like you?
    Rimeira: A little kid? How can you say that? I may look like a child, but
    already I've been through several missions and am qualified as a high-ranking
    agent. (laughs)
    Gally: Ok ok. If you're really a spy, then why did you just tell me you were a
    Rimeira: But Gally, you're a spy as well.
    Gally: How did you know?
    Rimeira: I found out right away. (laughter)
      If it's all right with you, can I accompany you? Since we're both spies, we
    can talk a bit.
    Gally:(thinking) This strange child, she can't possibly be a spy. What is she
    [Gally and Remeira leave the room and are in the lower hall. There is a guard
    standing next to the stairs leading to the throne room.]
    Rimeira: So let us proceed.
    Gally: But where are you going?
    Rimeria: What?
    Gally: That way is for the royal family only. It is forbidden to anyone else.
    Rimeira: Oh, don't worry about the security guards. They don't know that I'm a
    spy. They think that I'm a Princess here, the daughter of the Queen. (laughs)
    Gally: What? A Princess? In that case, I don't need to be worried.
    Rimeira: Lady Gally, if you speak in such a loud voice, people will find out
    that I'm a spy. Just act as if there's nothing to hide and follow behind me.
    Gally:(thinks) What? I don't believe that she's really spy at all. And I don't
    believe that she's really a Princess of this Castle. She seems a bit weird,
    this awkward Princess.
    [Gally and Remeira are in a sleeping chamber on the upper level of the Mars
    Castle, west wing.]
    Rimeira: Please, make yourself comfortable.
    Gally: Make myself comfortable? But how could I? Is it all right for me to be
    in a royal room?
    Rimeira: Don't worry, you don't have to be polite, I'm also a spy pretending to
    be Princess.
    Gally: Yes, that's true.
      (thinks)Ok, she's a really weird Princess.
      So what exactly did you want to talk about?
    Rimeira: Lady Gally, you have come from Earth, right? I saw the fight
    demonstration in the hall earlier, you must be very courageous, and are
    recognized on your planet as a great fighter. Can you tell me stories about
    when you were on Earth?
    Gally: That's no problem. I can tell you stories about my time on Earth.
    Rimeira: Yay, yay! I have been a member of the royal family of Mars for six
    years, which means that I haven't left Mars in twelve Earth years. The world
    outside has probably changed a lot.
    Gally: Is that so?
      (thinks)So this girl is just playing as a spy that came to Mars. Even though
    she's a Princess she's still just a little kid.
    Gally:(narrative) I talked about how I was adopted by Ido in the slums of Iron
    Town, and of being a Hunter Warrior in the streets of the city. And also about
    how I advanced through the circuits as a Motorballer. I also told her about the
    Tuned era, and of what happened at Zalem.
      Rimeira was really inspired by my stories, and sometimes she became very
    emotional. She would cry, and then she would laugh a lot. I told her about how
    I won the Universe Fighting Tournament at Jeru, and then I explained about the
    Sol System War and my real reason for coming to Mars. I also told her that I
    was searching for someone.
    Rimeria: I want to live freely, as you do Gally. I want to live by my own
    strength and go anywhere I like.
    Gally: But Rimeira, aren't you a spy too? Can't you live by yourself?
    Rimeira: As a spy, there are circumstances to consider as well.
    Gally: Really?
    Rimeria: Ok, I understand. Then I guess I'll have to prove to you that I really
    am a spy.
    Gally: Prove?
    [Rimeira pushes back a screen and shows Gally a blue dress on a mannequin.]
    Rimeira: Have you seen this before?
    Gally: What is this?
    Rimeria: This is a spy's most important item. It's a dress kit used to become
    the Queen of Mars. Gally, don't you think this is useful in becoming a spy?
    Gally: So, you want me to wear this?
    Rimeria: But our appearances are very similar.
    Gally: Do you really think so?
    Rimeira: Yes, of course. At night, you probably can't even tell the difference.
    When I first saw you, I thought you looked identical to this figure.
    [Rimeira and Gally look at a portrait of a woman, hanging on the wall.]
    Rimeira: This is the first Queen of Mars. This picture was taken before she
    became the Mars Master. Don't you think that you look just like this picture?
    Gally: No. It does look similar, but it's like looking at someone else.
    Rimeira: The Mars Master is a descendant of her.
    Gally: But Rimeira, you're not a Princess. Aren't you really a spy?
    Rimeira: Ah, but to become a Princess, I had to make a few changes.
    Gally:(thinks) So this is the first Mars Master. According to history, the
    Ladder created the Mars Federation two hundred years ago, and she existed at
    that time. There can't be a connection between a Princess such as her and a
    Kikoujutsuka like me.
    Rimeira: Just like you Gally, the first Mars Master also had cyborg body parts.
    This picture was taken before this had been done to her.
    Gally: Oh really? Is that so?
    Rimeria: Yes, this is the story that I have heard. When she was younger, the
    Mars Master was infected by some strange disease, and as a result she was
    forced to have cyborg parts put on her.
    Gally: A weird disease?
    Rimeira: If you're concerned about this, there are no pictures of the Queen
    after she became the Mars Master. Every year she became more strange, and this
    was the tragic ending for her.
    Gally: That doesn't seem very pleasant.
    Rimeira: Oh, I'm really sorry.
    Gally: That's all right.
    Rimeira: Ok, so to start over Lady Gally, let's go behind here and get changed
    into this dress.
    Gally: Am I really going to wear this dress?
    Rimeira: Yes.
    Gally:(thinks) Ok ok. At this rate, even if I say no she won't listen to me. I
    can't do anything about this so I might as well go along with her.
    [Gally changes into the dress.]
    Rimeria: Lady Gally, it fits you well, as I thought it would.
    Gally: Do you think so?
    Rimeria: Yes, you should wear that dress and take a walk around the Mars
    Castle. As a spy, my mission is to go in stealth.
    Gally: Now how could that work? We would be caught immediately. Even your
    height and my height are completely different.
    Rimeira: Don't worry, I guarantee it.
    Gally: I can't rely on your guarantee. But who cares? I was already caught in
    the first place as a spy. Even if I get some new information with this costume
    on it will be a plus.
      Ok, let's do it.
    Rimeira: Please go, and if you find anything interesting please let me know.
    Since we're both spies, we can trade information.
    Gally: Yeah, sure.
    [Gally leaves the room and heads west down the corridor. She sees a guard
    stationed outside a door.]
    Security Guard: Lady Rimeira, are you playing at being a spy again? You
    shouldn't be doing this all the time. Even if you are a spy I can't let you
    beyond this point and enter the basement.
    Gally:(thinks) This person doesn't like how I'm getting close to the entrance
    to the basement. He's being forced to play spy with Rimeira.
    Guard: What about today's secret password? Don't you have it?
    Gally:(thinks) A secret password? I didn't hear of this from Rimeira.
    Guard:(laughs) Too bad, too bad. If you had the secret password, then just for
    today I would let you go down to the basement. Lady Rimeira, why don't you just
    go back to your room and sleep?
    [Gally returns to Rimeira's room.]
    Gally: Rimeira, what is the secret password? What? Where is Rimeira? Where did
    she go? This is not good. If she leaves without my permission then people will
    see through my disguise.
    [Gally searches the Castle and finds Rimeria on the stairs leading to the
    Gally: Rimeira, what are you doing here?
    Rimeira: Gally, what seems to be the matter?
    Gally: What do you mean by what seems to be the matter? It's not a good idea
    for you to be running around when I'm doing the same. If someone sees us
    together what do you think will happen?
    Rimeira: This is true. All right then, I will go back to my room and stay
    Gally: Please, that would help. And by the way, the guard has asked me for the
    secret password. Do you know what this is Rimeira?
    Rimeira: The secret password? Of course, I will tell you what this is. The
    secret password is Hiyoko.
    Gally: What's that?
    Rimeria: By using this secret word you will be able to be confirmed as a spy.
    Gally:(thinks) I really don't understand what she's talking about, but oh well.
      Hiyoko right? Thanks a lot.
    [Gally returns to the guard stationed outside the door.]
    Guard: What's happened? What seems to be the matter Rimeira? What a determined
    face you seem to have.
    Gally: I remembered the secret password. The secret password is Hiyoko.
    Guard:(surprised) Oh, I can't deal with you. It's impossible for me to win
    against you so go on. But please keep it a secret between you and me that I let
    you enter the basement.
    [The guard steps aside and lets Gally through the entrance to the basement. She
    encounters a mysterious man on the top steps.]
    Mystery Man: Oh, you are Lady Rimeira. What business do you have in the
    basement at this time of night?
    [Gally assumes a combat stance.]
    Mystery Man: That fighting pose, you must be...
    Gally:(thinks) Oh no, dammit!
    Mystery Man: You must be the Chief Justice from Jeru. As I remember, your name
    is Gally, I believe. It seems that you've been playing with Rimeira. But even
    if you are a Princess, I cannot let you pass beyond this point. If you want to
    play you should go somewhere else.
    Gally:(thinks) This man, he's covering his body with a mantle and turban. But
    there's no mistaking this feeling. He is the Kikoujutsuka who defeated Garuede.
    Mystery Man: However, from the demonstration that you performed earlier today,
    I have been able to observe your Kikoujutsu technique, and I must say it's not
    too bad. My name is Zuou.
    Zuou: I am head of the town of Ofuia Shasuma. And like you, I am also a
    Kikoujutsuka that was thought to be extinct.
    Gally: What?
    Zuou: I would like to speak with you at length. If you ever choose to do so, I
    will be in the town of Ofuia Shasuma. You should visit me at my mansion, I will
    be waiting for you.
    Gally:(thinks) It's impossible for me to move. It's as if I were being stared
    down by a snake.
    [Gally returns to Rimeira's room.]
    Rimeira: Oh Gally, you have just returned.
    Gally: Yes.
    Rimeria: What happened? Your face seems to be pale.
    Gally: Nothing much, really. But there is something that I would like to ask
    you about.
    Rimeria: Of course! We're both spies, and we can trade information.
    [Gally has drawn a picture of Zuou and shows this to Rimeira.]
    Gally: Do you know anything about this man?
    Rimeria: Who is this supposed to be? This picture sucks. This can't be a
    picture that you drew, can it?
    Gally: You have a problem with this?
    Rimeira: Oh, I'm sorry, don't feel bad about this. Of course it's because you
    drew four arms on this person.
    Gally: No really, as you can see in this picture, this person has four arms.
    Rimeira: I've never seen anything like this before.
    [Gally shows Rimeira a second picture that she has drawn. This one is of Zuou
    wearing the robe and mantle.]
    Gally: Well then, how about this person?
    Rimeira: Ah, this person I know. He sometimes comes to the Mars Castle. As I
    remember, his name is Zuou, or something.
    Gally: Who exactly is this person?
    Rimeira: In the Mariners Valley (Valles Marineris), he is the town leader of
    Ofuia Shasuma. Really, he is a big, tall person who seems a bit weird. I
    haven't really talked to him that much.
      Did you meet Master Zuou in the Castle?
    Gally: Yes, I saw him in the basement.
    Rimeira: What? Lady Gally, did you really go into the basement?
    Gally: Yes, but I was thrown out by this Zuou.
    Rimeira: In that case I should have gone with you.
    Gally: Why Rimeira, are you forbidden from entering the basement?
    Rimeria: There are places in this Castle where I am not allowed to go. If I try
    to enter the basement, I am stopped by the security guards. And there are
    rumors of a dangerous monster lurking down there, I really want to go there
    Gally: A monster huh?
    Rimeira: Really, you have to believe me. There are rumors of weird noises from
    the monster in the middle night.
    Gally: Ok already, I agree with you.
      (thinks)Even if there isn't a monster, there does seem to be something in the
    basement of this Castle.
    [Gally changes back to her space clothes.]
    Rimeira: Well Gally, this evening was a lot of fun. Good night.
    Gally: Good night.
     (thinks) Zuou, rumors of the suspicious basement. There seems to be some kind
    of connection. Tomorrow I'll check somewhere else on Mars.
    [The next morning, Gally stops by the Deckman at the gates of the Castle.]
    Deckman: Hello Baby. What's wrong? Are you used to Mars yet? What's happening
    with the Berserker hunt? Is it all right?
      Ok, never mind baby. I'll listen to what you have to say.
    [Gally can save game and buy items. She exits the Mars Castle and runs along
    the promenade, leaving the city behind.]
    Map: Mars
    Locations: Olympus Space Port, Jinmen City, Valley of the Kikoujutsu, Mariners
    [Gally arrives at the remains of the temple city in the Kikoujutsu Valley.]
    Gally: So this is the Valley of the Kikoujutsu. What a pitiful sight. It is
    written in the book of Kikoujutsu at the library that after the great war, and
    the hunt for any remaining Kikoujutsuka that this entire area was destroyed.
    But even after two hundred years there are still the remains of a few pieces of
    architecture. Because of this heat and radiation, there seems to be some unseen
    evil here, but I must admit it is a comforting sight.
    [Gally enters the Kikoujutsu Valley and fights her way past two areas of
    Berserker Junkmen and Cosmic Cyberne. She continues on and goes left at a hill
    of rocks and enters a small ravine.
    Gally sees a safe box on the ground and hits the box until it opens.]
    Gally: What was this guy? At first sight it looks like one of those safety
    chests. But I wonder if it has been infected by the Berserker Virus?
    Hm? There is a gun right here.
    ?: Hey you. Thanks for helping me out.
    Gally: This gun talked?
    Gun: Don't be so surprised, and do not think of me as being the same as all of
    these low-class Berserkers.
    Gally: Are you a Berserker?
    Gun: Exactly. I am a gun that has been infected by the Berserker Virus, and as
    a result of this I am a Berserker Gun.
    Berserker Gun: I am the only intelligent gun in the entire universe. Are you
    Gally: This gun is too emotional, and it talks too much.
    Berserker Gun: It feels good to be out. Because I was trapped in that safety
    box I haven't been free in quite some time. In return for your assistance I
    will aid you in your battles. When you encounter any Berserkers, use me and I
    will prove helpful. And if you don't like it then too bad, I'm still coming
    with you.
    Gally: What a persuasive guy.
    [Gally takes the Berserker Gun and leaves the ravine. She continues on until
    she arrives at the hollowed stump of a dead tree.]
    Gally: Yes, now I'm slowly beginning to remember everything. I can recall some
    of the places within this valley. Of course, this must be the place where I
    spent time as a child.
      And this tree stump, it reminds me of when I was going through tough times, I
    would curl up inside this tree and cry a lot. Just to live and to win were
    everything, and when the war began my friends and I went to the war in space.
      I was a child without knowledge of anything. The only thing I could believe
    was that in anything that I did I was right. I tried very hard to put on a
    false image and to be accepted by everyone else.
      If I regained my memory I wondered if my personality would change. I was
    fearful that if this knowledge returned, it would change the way I think. But
    nothing has changed at all. The person I am now is in a higher state of mind
    than the one who fought in the war two hundred years ago. Ever since I was
    adopted I've been in a position to see things more clearly, and I will never
    make the same mistakes again.
      As far as I can recall, I have been a cyborg ever since childhood. My father
    and mother, I wonder what kind of people they were? I can't remember at all,
    just that I was adopted and that a man helped me. This is all I can accept.
    [Gally hears a cry for help.]
    Gally: What was that!?
    [She runs to the voice and sees an astronaut stranded on a high rock. A huge
    animal is pounding the ground in an attempt to get at him.]
    Man: Help me!
    Gally: This bear, it appears that it is also a Berserker.
    [Gally fights the Berserker Bear and kills it. The astronaut climbs down from
    the rocks and runs to her.]
    Man: What were those moves!? I can't believe it, you must have used the ancient
    armored shell art of Mars. Do you know it? What was up with those moves? Teach
    me, teach me!
    Gally: Ok, bye.
    Man: Wait, wait, wait! Please excuse me for being rude, I am Hejioa Hopper!
    Gally: Hejioa Hopper, I have heard that name somewhere. I'm Gally. What were
    you doing here Mr Hopper?
    Hopper: I'm glad you asked. I am in the business of selling valuable martial
    art items, and I'm also a researcher of various martial arts. For that reason,
    I came here to the valley of the Kikoujutsu, and well, look at what I found. I
    was able to witness the actual fighting art for myself.
    Gally: Oh, I remember now. You must be the person who wrote the book, 'The
    Waking Plains of Kikoujutsu'.
    Hopper: Oh, you have had the opportunity to read it?
    Gally: A researcher of the martial arts. So you must be quite familiar with the
    Hopper:(laughs) If I were to describe myself, there is no other in the entire
    solar system that is at my level of understanding in the martial arts.
    Gally: Ok, in that case can I ask you for a lesson?
    Hopper: Wait wait! Just hold on a second. I'm only a researcher of martial art
    techniques; my real specialty is sitting behind a desk and writing books. As
    for knowing any actual moves, I'm unfamiliar with those.
    Gally:(laughs) I'm just joking. I wanted to scare you.
    Hopper: That's not good for my heart.
    Gally: Anyway Mr Hopper, there is one thing that I want to ask you about.
    Hopper: Yes, go ahead. Anything that you want.
    Gally: I believed in my martial art, but recently I have found out about it's
    bloody past. Do you think the Kikoujutsu is wrong? What is your opinion of this
    Mr Hopper?
    Hopper: How can you say that? Of course this is not a wrongful path. In my
    opinion, this martial art has proven a useful part of history, and has even
    become a part of this culture.
    Gally: But these are techniques intended to kill people. How can you consider
    this to be part of a culture?
    Hopper: Of course it can. Any art which uses movements that are as beautiful as
    these can be considered part of a culture. If you believe that all violence is
    wrong, then every living organism would be considered evil as well. My violent
    heartbeat and rapid breathing would also be considered evil! Even eating and
    thinking would be considered evil, but still we live! The fact that you're
    alive means that you can't ignore these things! Within some people, this
    generates a dynamism that has created a physical art; and this is the martial
    arts. (breathes hard)
      Thank you for listening to me. Has this been helpful to you?
    Gally: Yeah, I feel a lot better now.
    Hopper: But more importantly Lady Gally, it seems that I have made the most
    significant historical discovery of the century. And this discovery is the
    location of the grave of Teiga Zauiru.
    Gally: Teiga Zauiru. Isn't he the founder of Kikoujutsu?
    Hopper: Yes, precisely. While I was researching through old textbooks, I was
    able to find the exact location of Zauiru's grave. It is on the first moon of
    Mars, Phobos.
      I was planning to go to the Phobos Moon, and it must be fate that we have met
    in the valley of the Kikoujutsu. Would you like to accompany me?
    Gally: The grave of the founder of Kikoujutsu. I do have an interest in this.
    Hopper: Yeah, yeah!
    Gally: Ok, then I'll go with you.
    Hopper: Yes, that is a wise choice. Let's get a fast charter aboard the next
    ship that goes to Phobos.
    Gally: All right, in that case we can use my ship at the spaceport.
    Hopper: Really? Thank you, arigatou, very much.
    Gally: Ok, so when should we leave?
    Hopper: I haven't really completed my fieldwork in this valley yet. So let's
    leave three days from now. Is that okay with you?
    Gally: All right. Within the next three days I should be able to meet with Zuou
    by then.
      Yes, let's do that.
    Hopper: Ok, three days from now we will meet at the spaceport. All right then,
    good-bye for now.
    [Hopper leaves and Gally goes to the Deckman standing nearby.]
    Gally: Deckman, can I count on you for backup?
    Deckman: Yes, that's an easy request. So anyways baby, are you a Kikoujutsuka?
    Gally: Yes.
    Deckman: It's been a long time. After the great war and the hunt for any
    remaining Kikoujutsuka, I believed they were extinct. But in this universe
    there are some people that are researching this and continuing the traditions
    of the Kikoujutsu.
    Gally: Have you been in this valley all this time, ever since the end of the
    great war?
    Deckman: Yes. Originally my purpose was to serve as an interface for the people
    living in the valley of the Kikoujutsu. I was bought by Mozer Schneider and
    came with him to Mars. And since that time I have remained here, guarding this
    Gally: Ok, in that case I want to ask you a question. Before the start of the
    Terraforming War, did you know of an orphan child who lived here?
    Deckman: Are you talking about Yoko? It seems that I do know a lot about her.
    When she came to the town in this valley, she couldn't walk properly. And
    because of this the other children picked on her. But out of all those children
    she was the one who had the most passion for the armored shell arts, and she
    worked harder than anyone else. Eventually, no one of the same age group could
    defeat her, and for this she was given the nickname, 'Lightning Orphan'.
      So baby, why are you asking me about Yoko?
    Gally: That orphan is me, I was that child.
    Deckman: What!? You can't be. Yoko was a member of the Kikoujutsu Special
    Forces and sent to the Terraforming Wars. She was reported missing. Yoko was
    alive two hundred years ago, and even if she had lived through the war her
    brain could not have survived all this time.
    Gally: But a miracle happened and my brain underwent a process of hibernation.
    Deckman: I cannot believe such a story.
    Gally: Ok, then I'll make you believe it.
      Once as a prank I threw a rock at you, and the place where the rock struck
    you was crucial to your functioning. Because of this, you couldn't reboot that
    one time.
    Deckman: (surprised)
    Gally: For what I did to you then, I'm sorry.
    Deckman: Yoko! that was a true story. So you were safe all this time. I'm happy
    that I could meet you again.
    Gally: I can't believe that you somehow survived as well. I'm happy for you
    Deckman: All right baby, besides this, I'll listen to your orders.
    [Gally can save game. After this she leaves the ruins of the Kikoujutsu
    Map: Mars
    Locations: Olympus Space Port, Jinmen City, Valley of the Kikoujutsu, Mariners
    [Gally has arrived in the Mariners Valley.]
    Gally: So this must be the village of Ofuia Shasuma in the Mariners Valley. And
    Zuou is the chief of this town.
    [She sees a small gathering of townspeople.]
    Gally: So what's going on with those people?
    [She runs to investigate this.]
    Gally: What's wrong? What has happened?
    Villager: It seems this person has been afflicted by the people of the Jinmen
    Seed (Human Face Seed).
    Gally: The Jinmen Seed?
    Villager: You don't know about this? Take a look.
    [The second villager shows Gally his bare arm. There are human faces pressing
    upward from beneath his flesh.]
    Gally: What is this?
    Villager: A Jinmen Seed is when the DNA of a living organism has programmed
    itself to begin growing. Within the central nerves and muscle, it starts to
    develop it's own brain and eyes. As this strange disease worsens, eventually
    the faces absorb nutrients from the host and the infected person dies.
    Gally: I've never heard of this condition. What is the cause of this disease?
    Villager: It seems to originate from beneath the surface of the soil and is
    found in vegetation and wild animals. It is a disease that is only found on
    Gally: So why did it happen to this person? Is there any kind of antibiotic for
    Villager: There is.
    Gally: So, this person can be saved. Right?
    Villager: Yes. This disease was made extinct on Mars one hundred years ago.
    Infected organisms were exhumed from beneath the ground and autopsies
    performed. It was found that these organisms contained abnormal DNA levels, and
    a way of correcting this condition was developed on Venus.
      In the past, anyone who was afflicted with this disease would be forced to
    have their entire body replaced with cyborg parts, with the exception of the
    brain and spine stem that remain unaffected. After a cure was found this was
    not necessary anymore, and this disease is not the tragedy it once was.
      I'm sorry if I have frightened you.
    Gally:(thinking) So, the nanotechnology of Venus was used to help people as
    well. But regardless, this Jinmen Seed seems a very weird disease.
    Villager: The Jinmen Seed is not a major concern to us. There is a much more
    serious problem. Occurring outside of this town, there have been numerous cases
    of kidnapping.
    Gally: What? You say that people have been kidnapped?
    Villager: Yes that is true. The children of the village have been disappearing.
    It seems to be the act of a hidden god.
    Within a two year period, a nearby village has lost over one hundred children.
    Who could be doing this, and for what reason?
    [Gally leaves the group of villagers and continues on to Zoou's mansion. At the
    entrance a servant meets her.]
    Servant: Are you Lady Gally? If you're looking for Lord Zuou, he hasn't
    returned to the mansion yet. Please come back some other time. Or would you
    prefer to wait?
    Gally: I will wait.
    Servant: In that case, Sir Zuou has been anxiously waiting for your arrival. I
    will lead the way for you. Please come in.
    [Gally is presented to Zuou in his mansion. Music can be heard playing in the
    Servant: Lord Zuou, Lady Gally is here to see you.
    Zuou: Thank you for coming. From my heart I am grateful to you.
    Gally: That music I just heard, where did you get it?
    Zuou: That is called Enka, it is a modernized version of music from Japan.
    Gally: That song reminds me of my past.
    Zuou: For the last two hundred years the traditions of our martial art style
    has been able to continue. You should at least be pleased about this, and that
    we have survived the tragedy that befell our martial arts.
    Gally: What tragedy?
    Zuou: As an ancient Martian Kikoujutsuka, you should know.
      Two hundred years ago, the Kikoujutsu warriors of the valley were
    exterminated by the Order androids of Jeru, but the reality is that one Meister
    survived this tragedy. To any Federation that looks down on Mars, and
    especially toward the users of Mondo, our archenemy the Orders of Jeru, he has
    promised vengeance.
      This Meister has transformed the Panzer Kunst into the Panzer Faust (Armored
    Fist). He has improved upon the Kikoujutsu.
    Gally: Panzer Faust.
    Zuou: And that other day, when I was finally able to destroy the last living
    member of Order. My only sad regret is that on that good day, I had no one to
    celebrate this with. But now you have come. Other than myself who uses the
    Panzer Faust, I was unaware of any other survivor that used the Panzer Kunst.
    Our styles are similar, and that we were separated and lived apart, but are now
    together means we are bound by fate. We should celebrate this reunion and our
    revenge on the Order.
    Gally: No!
    Zuou: What?
    Gally: The android you killed, Garuede of the Order, was my friend.
    Zuou: Preposterous! How can this be? How could a member of Order and a
    Kikoujutsuka be friends?
    Gally: For half of my life, two hundred years ago I had been fighting in the
    wars, and despite this Garuede was able to forgive me for who I am.
    Zuou: So what are you going to do now? Are you going to take revenge for your
    Gally: I cannot let you cause disruption within the Ladder and restart the
    Terraforming War. On behalf of my friends on Earth, I will not stand by and let
    you do this.
    Zuou: So do you wish to fight me? A person of your skill, do you think you
    would stand a chance of winning?
    Gally: I know that I cannot win against you, but I also know that I cannot lose
    this battle.
      (thinking)Ido, Yugo, Figure, give me the courage to fight. Jashugan, Garuede,
    give me the strength to win.
      Gally: If I win you must give me the antidote to cure Melchizedek of the
    Terrorizer Virus.
    Zuou: But if you lose, you will become my disciple.
    Gally: I won't lose! I must stop your evil plans.
    Zuou: My plans? My plans are easily mistaken as evil.
    Gally: What does that mean?
    Zuou: The tampering of Melchizedek and restarting of the war was not my plan.
    Gally: What? So there is someone else behind this as well?
    Zuou: I am just a pawn, used to insure that this plan succeeds.
    Gally: So who is this person?
    Zuou: There is no need to guess. You will know this eventually because you will
    lose against me and become my disciple. But enough talking, prepare yourself
    for my attack. And I warn you, I feel no sympathy for you and will not go easy.
    Gally: Come on then!
    [Gally and Zuou fight and Gally is defeated.]
    Zuou: Did you see that? This is my hidden move, which I've named the Dorahhe
    Shureegaa. If you cannot do anything against this move you have no chance of
    Gally: I can't win against this. The Dorahhe Shureegaa, there is no weakness in
    Zuou: I took it easy on you, and it wasn't even necessary to use my dragon
    technique which is part of the move that I used to defeat Garuede.
      I'm so childish. I always get everything I desire, and now you will become my
    disciple. With the damage done to you, you cannot move right now. But if you
    try to escape later I won't permit it. I am going to leave you in a cell for a
    time, but I think I should have you meet the true culprit who is behind all of
    this. And as my disciple, you will be bound to use your Kikoujutsu in the
    service of this person.
    Gally: This person?
    [Gally is lying on the floor in a darkened room. She stands and looks around.]
    Mysterious Figure: So now you have come here? The wandering child bound by
    fate, Gally.
    [A giant brain appears.]
    Gally: Who are you?
    Mysterious Figure: You don't know? I am the Brain Queen, the true ruler of
    Gally: The true ruler of Mars? But isn't Rimeira's mother the real Mars Master?
    Brain Queen: The one sitting on the throne in the Mars Castle? That is just a
    living decoy. There is an artificial brain installed within that doll and I am
    controlling it.
    Gally: What?
    Brain Queen: I am the very first Mars Master. The last two hundred years has
    been a living nightmare for me, and I have existed only in thoughts.
    Gally:(thinks) The very first Mars Master? The one known to have died from some
    strange disease two hundred years ago?
    Brain Queen: I haven't died at all. I live on in the lower levels of the Mars
    Gally:(thinking) This monster is the very first Mars Master? And she lives
    beneath the Mars Castle? This must be the monster that lives in the basement.
    Brain Queen: So this is what you think of me? You see me as a monster?
    Gally: So, you can read my mind?
    Brain Queen: I have lived for over two hundred years, but now I will show you
    the reality.
    [There is a flash, and a woman; the same as in the portrait that Gally saw
    earlier is standing before her.]
    Gally: What was that bright light? And who is this person?
    Brain Queen: This is exactly whom you think it is. That is myself, the very
    first Mars Master when I was young. But at that time I was unaware of the hell
    that would be spawned on Mars. I became infected with the Jinmen Seed disease
    and my happy life was destroyed. The cells within my body began to rapidly
    grow, and these weird faces began to emerge. Eventually this disease would
    spread to my heart and vital organs and I would die.
      The only way I could live was to have my entire body, with the exception of
    my brain and spine, replaced with cyborg parts. The elite doctors of Mars were
    gathered and I underwent the necessary surgery. My body was frozen and replaced
    with cyborg parts.
      My beautiful body became something not worth seeing, and the love and trust
    that I had for this world was destroyed. Eventually I was made head of the Mars
    Federation, and it was then that I began to hear strange rumors. It seems the
    surgeon, Doctor Goto, who had performed the cyborg surgery on me was spreading
    rumors that I had been infected by the Jinmen disease.
      As one who had lost everything to this disease, this was something that I
    could not tolerate. I quickly apprehended Doctor Goto and forced him to talk.
    Eventually, after the Terraforming War had ended and as a final decision from
    the Ladder and from Jupiter, I was made the first Mars Master.
      When the valley of the Kikoujutsu was bombed and destroyed, and it was made
    known throughout the colony that every member of the Kikoujutsu had been
    exterminated, it was then that Doctor Goto killed himself in his cell. As for
    the reason that Doctor Goto committed suicide, you should find out why with
    your own eyes.
    [The Queen vanishes and Gally is standing before a desk, on which is a book.]
    Gally:( thinking) This place is the world of the Brain Queen's memory.
    [Doctor Goto's Diary]
    Gally: So this must be the cell that Doctor Goto was imprisoned in. What is the
    Brain Queen trying to make me see? Doctor Goto's letter. Let's read it.
    Doctor Goto's Diary: Everything that I record in this letter will be the truth,
    and by the time anyone reads this I will be dead. Ten years ago, I had
    performed an operation on a girl who is a member of the royal family. This girl
    had been infected by the Jinmen disease, and as a result of this it was
    necessary that I perform cyborg replacement surgery. But after the surgery I
    was quite shocked to discover that one of the faces of the Jinmen had not fully
    completed it's cell reproduction, and this had resulted in an unbalanced shape.
    This face, while still in its child stage had not yet developed a brain, and it
    was my decision to take this with me. Because of these anomalies, I decided not
    to kill this face, as is the usual practice, but to add a cyborg body and raise
    it. And I have given this cyborg child a name; Orphan.
      This Orphan has been able to develop a brain and has been growing as if it
    were a normal child, with the exception of its physical reactions, which were
    slower than usual. This may have been the result of my adding a cyborg body at
    a later stage in its development.
      After much research I came to the conclusion that there was little difference
    in the gradual development of this Jinmen child and that of a normal human
    being, so I made a report to the Mars Federation, proposing that the usual
    practice of killing a Jinmen be considered an act of murder, and that in such
    cases, the Jinmen must be augmented by cyborg parts and allowed to live. My
    proposal was overwhelmingly rejected by those who make these decisions,
    especially by the Mars Master, who, as someone who had been infected by the
    Jinmen Seed would not approve of any of this.
      To protect this child from being harmed, I have decided to surrender it to
    the care of the people in the Kikoujutsu Valley.
    Gally: This must be the truth.
    Doctor Goto's Diary: But I now know that I had made a mistake in doing this. I
    should never have left her to the care of the Kikoujutsu Warriors. While I have
    been imprisoned, I have come to realize that my feeling toward this Jinmen that
    I had raised is more than that of a relationship between doctor and patient. In
    giving her to the Kikoujutsuka I felt as if I had lost a child. I doubted if
    this child would even recognize me, yet I kept my faith that someday I might be
    able to meet her again.
      But one day, I heard terrible news. The Kikoujutsuka were exterminated by
    order of the Jupiter Federation, and as a result the entire valley was
    destroyed. I am sure that this Orphan is no longer alive, and I have no other
    reason to continue my life. I will end this letter and make this cell my grave.
    Signed, Doctor Goto.
    Gally: So I am a child of the Jinmen Seed? And the Brain Queen is my sister?
    How can this be?
    [The book closes and the Brain Queen reappears.]
    Brain Queen: You were supposed to have died along with the other Kikoujutsuka,
    and I fail to understand how two hundred years later, you have reappeared in
    front of me.
    Gally: I... I...
    Brain Queen: And furthermore, you are trying to go against my plans and protect
    this world from a war. Because of the Jinmen Seed disease I lost my beauty, my
    happiness and every hope I possessed. The only wish I had left was to be able
    to live forever.
      When a Doctor Hersopaiso arrived on Mars, I apprehended him and forced the
    doctor to conduct research into preserving my brain. And for all of this second
    century, my only dream has been to see the people of Earth burned to their
    bones. Not even you can stop this plan. No matter how hard you try, you will
    not be able to prevent any of this from happening. You have no chance in
    stopping this war.
    Gally: So you are the real culprit behind everyone that is trying to start the
    Terrorizer War.
    Brain Queen: I hate you! How is it that an infection that came from my body is
    able to stand before me as a human being? I cannot forgive this!
    [Gally is seized by pain.]
    Gally: Stop that!
    [She awakens in a room.]
    Servant: So, have you regained consciousness yet?
    Gally: Where is this place?
    Servant: This is my room.
    Gally: But aren't you a servant of Zuou? What does this mean? What is going on?
    Servant: Have I done anything I should not have? You were unconscious so I
    brought you from the mansion to my room.
    Gally: But aren't you taking a chance in helping me?
    Servant: Yes, of course. Zuou has ordered his people to look for you. And
    before you are discovered, you should leave this town immediately.
    Gally: Thank you. But being a servant of Zuou, why did you go against him in
    saving me?
    Servant: For the purpose of revenge.
    Gally: Revenge?
    Servant: Among the villages in this area, over the last twenty years, someone
    has kidnapped more than one hundred children.
    Gally: Yes, I have heard of this. Is there any relationship between these
    occurrences and Zuou?
    Servant: These kidnappings started happening twenty years ago, at the same time
    that Zuou was made the leader of this village. All of these abductions have
    occurred since Zuou stepped upon this land.
    Gally: So you're saying that Zuou must have been the kidnapper.
    Servant: At least this is what I suspected, and to find out for sure I had
    become a servant of Zuou and sought employment in his mansion.
    Gally: And did you find anything?
    Servant: As I suspected, the kidnapper was indeed Zuou. While I have been a
    servant, I have witnessed many children being brought to this village.
    Gally: But what is Zuou stealing these children for?
    Servant: Do you remember Zoou's Panzer Faust martial art?
    Gally: Panzer Faust? What does this have to do with the Panzer Faust?
    Servant: Zuou has no apprentice to take over his Panzer Faust art after he
    dies. That is why he has been kidnapping these children.
    Gally: So what has happened to all of these abducted children?
    Servant: No one could withstand Zoou's brutal training methods, and all of
    these children have died.
    Gally: What? For the sake of the survival of his martial art, he has killed all
    of the children he had abducted?
    Servant: Numerous children were subjected to harsh training that resulted in
    their deaths. The ones that survived this training were purposely infected with
    the Berserker Virus to see if they could control the virus by force of will.
    But all of these children succumbed to the virus and became Berserkers, and
    Zuou has killed them with his bare hands.
    Gally: Attempts at controlling the Berserker Virus? That's crazy.
    Servant: And the main reason I became Zoou's servant was when my son was
    kidnapped. Most likely my child has suffered the same fate as these other
    Gally: I cannot forgive him for this!
    Servant: My feelings are the same as yours, but as you well know, it is
    impossible for you to win against him. That weird body he has is the result of
    Zuou injecting the Berserker Virus into himself, and he is able to control the
    virus by force of will. He possesses the body of a Berserker, yet he maintains
    his own conscience.
      Any poisonous vegetation or firearms are ineffective against him. I had
    considered using an explosive device to kill him, but this would result in the
    deaths of many and is not a viable solution.
    As a result, I serve the revenge I see in front of me but I am unable to act
    upon it, and because of this I live in shame. But when I saw you fight against
    Zuou I was able to gain hope from this. Eventually one day you will be able to
    triumph over Zuou, and that is why I placed myself in danger by helping you to
    escape from him.
      Please defeat this man, and take revenge for these lost children.
    Gally:(thinking) I hate to admit it but this is impossible. If I were to fight
    him again the result would be the same. Right now there is no chance that I
    could defeat Zuou.
    Servant: The first thing you should do is to recover from the damage you
    received in fighting Zuou. You should hurry and leave this village. If you are
    caught by Zuou there is no hope for both of us.
    Gally: All right, but I have one more question. How long have I been
    unconscious for?
    Servant: From the time you fought against Zuou, it has been three days.
    Gally: I've been unconscious for three days? Oh, I have forgotten. Today is the
    day I am supposed to go to the Phobos Moon with Hopper.
    Servant: It is time for me to return to the mansion. So if you will excuse me I
    must be on my way, and please be careful.
    Gally: Thank you.
    [Gally leaves the town of Ofuia Shasuma in the Mariners Valley.]
    Map: Mars
    Locations: Olympus Spaceport, Jinmen City, Valley of the Kikoujutsu, Mariners
    [Gally arrives at the Olympus Spaceport.]
    Security Guard: Oh, Lady Gally. I have been waiting for you.
    Gally: Why?
    Security Guard: I have been holding this package from Jeru.
    [The guard gives the package to Gally.]
    Gally: What is this? Let's open it.
    Nova:(letter) Gally, are you finding Karma? Work on my fine pudding machine has
    been progressing slowly, and it has gradually improved to the point where it
    can produce delicious pudding. Now, no matter where in the universe I go I can
    have tasty pudding. Anyway, within this mail cylinder is a type of trigger.
      When I gave you the Imaginos Body, I told you that within that body there
    were no triggers, but that was a lie. You have a Berserker Body, and this is
    something that I made myself. Your Imaginos Body has a self-automated release
    that will unlock for the purpose of installing a nano-machine soft driver. This
    means that for one time only, you will be able to undergo a transmutation.
    However, if you use this device and perform the transmutation, be aware that
    you will never be able to return to your normal self. Furthermore, with this
    transformation you may not have the ability of self-control. Similar to when
    Zapan was changed into a Berserker, there is the possibility that you might
    become a monster.
      The use of this transmutation device is something I leave up to you. But as I
    mentioned, there is great risk in doing this. If you do use it, be prepared for
    the worst and use it only if you have to. I wanted to take more time and
    research this transmutation device at the Karma research lab before I told you
    about it, but with the fate of the world at stake there is simply no time for
    this and I leave it up to you. This is all I can do for you right now.
      With Love, Desty Nova.
    Gally: What an untrustworthy person. That Nova, there is no way he would have
    done anything for free. But there is little time remaining before the next
    meeting of Ladder. And within this time I must do something about the
    Terrorizer or the Terraforming Wars will begin again, and in using this device
    I may have the power to win against Zuou.
    Security Guard: Lady Gally, your companion is already waiting for you aboard
    the ship.
    Gally: Hopper is already here?
    [Gally enters the space shuttle and speaks to Hopper.]
    Hopper: Gally, I was thinking that you were not going to come.
    Gally: I'm sorry, I had some problems.
    Hopper: Okay, because of this Deckman we are prepared to launch at anytime.
    However once we leave, we won't be able to return to Mars for some time. Is
    that ok? Is there anything left that you want to do on Mars before we depart?
    Gally: Let's go.
    Hopper: Ok, so we're off to Phobos.
    [Gally and Hopper are on the space shuttle. We see the Phobos Moon come into
    Deckman: We will be reaching the surface of Phobos soon.
    Gally: So this is Phobos? It looks like a potato.
    Hopper: As the first moon of Mars, with a diameter of only twenty-five
    kilometers, it is a small moon indeed.
    Gally: To choose to live in a harsh environment such as this, the founder of
    Kikoujutsu must be a weird guy.
    Deckman: Ok, we will be reaching the surface shortly.
    [The shuttle lands and Gally and Hopper are on the surface of Phobos. Before
    them is the entrance to a subterranean tomb.]
    Hopper: And we finally made it.
    Gally: So this is Phobos.
    Hopper: This is the entrance to Zauiru's grave. How wonderful! And according to
    those ancient texts, there must be a lot of treasures hidden inside.
    Gally:(thinking) Treasures huh? The reason why I came to Zauiru's grave was in
    hope of finding any ancient manuals that describe movements, which would help
    me in fighting against Zuou. Being anxious is not the usual way for me, but for
    now there is nothing else I can do.
    Hopper: Ok Gally, from this point on you should go ahead of me.
    Gally: What?
    Hopper: According to the texts, within the tomb are many traps to protect
    against grave thieves, and there is also said to be the Mokujin, the tree
    people that protect the grave. You must be at least a Meister Class of the
    Kikoujutsu to be able to enter this tomb. Of course there is nothing I can do
    to help here.
    Gally: So that is the real reason why you asked me to come with you?
    Hopper: But Gally, aren't you a black belt?
    Gally: I haven't renewed my license in two hundred years, but right now the
    only person I can't defeat is Zuou.
    Hopper: Zuou? Who's that?
    Gally: All right, never mind. Let's go.
    [Gally enters the tomb of Teiga Zauiru. She fights her way past the Mokujin
    guardians in the halls and rooms, to arrive at Zauiru's resting place.]
    Gally: What is this place?
    Hopper: How wonderful! We've finally made it Lady Gally. This is the grave of
    the great founder of Kikoujutsu, Teiga Zauiru. But where are the treasures?
    There's nothing here.
    Gally: Not even the training manuals?
    Hopper: It does seem that way. The only thing here is the frozen body within
    this coffin. Now if I were to think calmly, and carefully, and try to remember
    all the information that I researched, I don't recall anything telling where
    the treasures of Zauiru are hidden. There is no instruction manual for finding
    it. It seems that what was said in the books was just metaphor, a play on human
    Gally: Hm...wait a moment. If you look carefully, there are some words on the
    top of this coffin.
    *To those wanderers who seek this grave, if thou were to fight and gain greed,
    then you are no better than your enemy. Just look within yourself.*
    Gally: What does this mean?
    Hopper: I have no idea, but it is a pity. I might as well take some pictures
    before I go home. So Gally, do you want to go back now?
    Gally: Yeah, sure. Just give me a few more minutes to think some things over.
    Hopper: Ok, then I'll look around here and do some research. Just a moment ago
    I was so excited that I wasn't even thinking that I should take some pictures.
    Gally: To those wanderers who seek this grave, if thou were to fight and gain
    greed, then you are no better than your enemy. Just look within yourself.
      If a martial artist were unsure of himself, then he would be no different
    from his enemy. There is probably some psychological or deep meaning behind
    this. If you only think of defeating your opponent, then you would be
    concentrating too much on the art of your enemy.
      Oh, is this possible? What is the enemy? Does this refer to the enemy within
    oneself, such as fear? If that is the case, then the phrase  'look within
    yourself' is understandable.
      Look into your heart, look within yourself. Does this mean to confront your
    fears? But to face my own fear; how can I accomplish this?
      The combined memories of Yoko and Gally have made me almost a complete
    person, and on Mars, fate confronted me with two enemies. One of these is Zuou,
    a man who carries on his shoulders the weight of what had befallen the
    Kikoujutsu. The other is the Brain Queen, who hates every aspect of this world.
    And I am her sister, a creation born as one of her Jinmen Seed. The truth is
    that I am very afraid. In the past I have fought many strong opponents, but
    never have I faced such terrifying fears as these.
      Oh, great founder of the Kikoujutsu, the martial artist of all martial
    artists. What should I do now?
      There is no reply. Why should I expect one from a person that has been dead
    for two hundred and seventy years?
      Wait, I understand now. Look within yourself, this must mean that the answers
    are inside of me.
    Hopper: Lady Gally, let's go back now.
    Gally: Mr Hopper, I have a favor to ask of you.
    Hopper: What is it?
    Gally: If I don't come out of here within one day, then lock this place up, and
    tell Professor Nova at Jeru that I have failed my mission and I am dead.
    Hopper: What are you trying to say? All right, I understand. I am also a person
    who has studied the martial arts and I comprehend what you're saying. You are
    going to undergo a life-challenging test. I wish you luck.
    [Hopper leaves.]
    Gally: I'm going to place the genetic modification device in this Imaginos Body
    and undergo the transmutation, and this will determine my fate; and from this I
    will discover the person that I do not know myself. If my heart has fear within
    it, then I will become an ugly monster. But if this is true, then from
    everything I have learned to this point I should be able to use my martial art
    to control the transmutation. I have to trust in myself.
    [Gally places the transmutation device in her chest. She awakens, lying on the
    floor of the tomb, next to the coffin of Teiga Zauiru.]
    Gally: Nothing has changed. No, something is different. Inside my body
    something has changed.
    [Hopper returns.]
    Gally: Hopper.
    Hopper: Lady Gally, are you okay?
    Gally: Mr Hopper, didn't you return to the spaceship?
    Hopper: I was going to, but I was kind of worried.
    Gally: Okay, I understand. But is there anything different about me?
    Hopper: What? What do you mean?
    Gally: Oh, never mind. I have been able to overcome my fears, and I will be
    able to fight now.
    Hopper: Lady Gally, have you found what you were looking for inside this grave?
    Gally: Yes, I discovered that I should look within myself.
    Hopper: ? I have no idea what you're talking about, but this is probably
    something that a person such as myself can't understand.
    Gally: I have been able to create a new move; it is called the Solenoid Quench
    Gun Punch.
    Hopper: Oh, that's wonderful!
    Gally: From the components of the Solenoid Quench Gun Punch, I have been able
    to gain a hint on how to use it. From my feet to my fists, I create enough
    power by using more than one hundred units of energy. Then, using all the parts
    of my machine body I increase the acceleration of this energy until it is
    moving faster than the speed of sound, and then I release it all at once.
      If I were to use the full power of this Imaginos Body all at one time, I
    would probably be able to break the Phobos Moon in two.
    Hopper: So so. This move, how do you release it? Teach me.
    Gally: This technique, the Solenoid Quench Gun Punch is considered a reverse
    move (counter attack). Once you have blocked an opponent's attack, then push
    the circle button and triangle buttons at the same time to produce it.
    Hopper: This sounds like a complicated technique. To be in the company of the
    founder of a new martial art move, and as a researcher of the martial arts, I
    feel especially honored to be a part of this.
    Gally: Ok, let's return to Mars.
    [Gally goes to a Deckman that is hidden behind one of the columns in the tomb.]
    Gally:(surprised) I didn't expect to find a Deckman within Zauiru's grave.
    Deckman: Who is this that awakens me?
    Gally: This Deckman says dachi instead of the usual dachu. Don't you usually
    say dachu? Come to think about it, the structure of the face is different from
    other Deckmen.
    Deckman: I am Deckman #0, and I am the prototype of all Deckmen.
    Gally: The prototype for all Deckmen?
    Deckman: Yes, exactly. Three hundred years ago, Melchizedek made one prototype
    before deciding on the Deckman architecture. And this prototype is I, Deckman
    0. Melchizedek used my body as the basic model, and from this they modified the
    shape. Right now, every Deckman existing within this Solar System was created
    after me. They are the mass production model of Deckmen, and I consider all of
    these my children.
    Gally: Really?
    Deckman: So anyways baby, what do you want?
    [Gally can save game, then leaves the tomb of Teiga Zauiru.]
    Hopper:(breathing hard) We finally made it out Lady Gally. Too bad there were
    no treasures, but you were able to create a new technique. This has been a
    satisfying field research.
    Gally: Yes.
    Hopper: So anyway, do you want to go back to Mars?
    Gally: Yes. There is not much time remaining until the next meeting of Ladder.
    We have to defeat Zuou and stop the evil will of the Brain Queen.
    Hopper: So let's go.
    [Gally and Hopper are aboard the space shuttle on their way back to Mars.]
    Gally: How long does it take to get to Mars?
    Hopper: We should be landing soon. By my estimate, it should take about 2 ½
    Gally: I can see Mars and the other planets. No matter where in the Universe I
    live I'm not afraid anymore. I was born in the stars, and when the time comes I
    will return to the stars.
    Hopper: Isn't it too quiet in here? It's kind of boring, so I'll just put on
    the radio.
    Radio Broadcast: We are broadcasting from Jinmen City about the Mars Master
    Gally: What?
    Radio Broadcast: This is about the funeral of the Mars Master.
    Gally: What? Rimeira's mother just died?
    Radio Broadcast: The Mars Federation has performed an autopsy on the Mars
    Master, and the cause of death has been determined as brain hemorrhaging. More
    information will be made available within a week, after the brain has been
    removed for study. The operation to have Princess Rimeira installed as the new
    Mars Master will be performed tonight.
    Gally: Rimeira is going to be the new Mars Master? This it terrible! Rimeira is
    going to have a brain transplant performed on her and be changed into a doll,
    just like her mother. We must help her!
      Deckman, hurry or we will be too late!
    Hopper: Lady Gally, what's the big deal? What is happening?
    Gally: I'll explain later. Of course this is just a trap my sister has set to
    draw me in, and probably Zuou is there as well, but right now I have nothing to
    [The ship has returned to the Olympus Spaceport, and Gally speaks with the
    Security Guard.]
    Security Guard: Lady Gally, have you heard the news that the 15th Mars Master
    has died.
    Gally: I've heard this on the radio.
    Security Guard: The ceremony is to be performed within one week. Will you be
    attending as the Chief Justice, or as an A Class Berserker Hunter?
    Gally: I have no time to talk about this nonsense! I have to help Rimeira!
    [Gally leaves the Spaceport and returns to Jinmen City. She enters the Mars
    Castle and runs all the way to the throne room. Zuou is waiting for her here.]
    Gally: Zuou!
    Zuou: Even knowing that this was a trap, you still came my disciple. It saddens
    me to say this, but I have been instructed to kill you by order of the Brain
    Queen; and no one can disobey the wishes of the Brain Queen. Are you ready?
    Gally: I am not the same person who lost to you before, I'm prepared to fight!
    [Gally and Zuou battle and Gally is victorious. Zuou lies helpless on the
    Zuou: I have not lost yet. If you don't kill me, then you haven't won.
    [Gally leaves Zuou and runs to the basement where she sees Rimeira restrained
    on a table. Three surgeons are standing around her.]
    Rimeira: Lady Gally!
    Gally: Rimeira! I made it in time, it's not too late.
    Surgeon: What is this? What has become of Lord Zuou?
    Gally: I have beaten Zuou.
    Surgeon: What!? Lord Zuou has been defeated?
    Gally: Leave quickly, or else!
    Surgeon: Help me!
    [Gally kills the surgeons, and then releases Rimeira from the table.]
    Gally: Rimeira, are you all right?
    Rimeira: Everything is fine now that you're here. Lady Gally, are you now going
    to defeat that monster in the basement? I'll go with you Gally.
    Gally: Rimeira, we're not playing spy anymore.
    Rimeira: I know, and I'll be right behind you. I won't be in your way.
    Gally: But don't you understand? This is dangerous.
    Rimeira: Now that my mother is dead, I am the Mars Master, and I have a right
    to witness everything.
    Gally: All right, you're a strong kid.
    [Gally enters through a pair of large doors at the back of the laboratory. She
    and Rimiera confront the Brain Queen.]
    Rimeira: Gally, what is that?
    Gally: This is the culprit who was controlling the Mars Master before you. And
    its real identity is the very first Mars Master, and she is also my sister.
    Brain Queen: Why you... Gally!
    [There is a flash of white light.]
    Gally: Your brain waves have no affect on me, and I won't let Rimeira be
    touched by your evil. Your powers are useless.
    ?: Ah! Help me!
    Gally: What was that?
    [A chamber opens and a second, smaller brain appears.]
    ?: I am Doctor Hersopaiso!
    Hersopaiso: Oh saviors, if you are not my illusion then save me from this
    psychological dungeon!
    Gally: Doctor Hersopaiso, are you still alive?
    Brain Queen:(screams) How pitiful!
    Gally: I am the only one who can save you now, and my only reason for living
    these two hundred years was to be able to help my sister. I will have to
    combine my brain waves with hers, and by doing this it will be possible for me
    to enter my sister's mind to save her from this pitiful state.
    [There is a flash of white light and Gally is in a maze of chambers and
    tunnels. An opening in the floor is directly in front of her.]
    Gally: This is the inside of my sister's mind. A maze of pain and hatred
    created over two hundred years ago. But I have faith that her humanity is still
    within her.
    [Gally continues through the mind maze and the voice of the Brain Queen speaks
    to her.]
    Brain Queen: You are always getting in my way, and you are interfering in my
    final hope. I will use any means to prevent you from escaping from this maze,
    and I will trap all your memories within my mind.
    [Another Gally appears in front of her.]
    Gally: This is myself?
    Brain Queen: You were first of all, a Jinmen Seed within my body, and merely a
    shadow to me, but you are a shadow that has lived a bright life. Why is it that
    I have had to live in the darkness instead of you?
      What you see before you is just a shadow I have created. By all means, if you
    still want to destroy my dreams, then fight yourself here and you will be able
    to return to your world.
    Gally: Listen to me! I can understand what you went through. But if everyone in
    the world were to burn in the fires of war, your pain and suffering would not
    end. The pain you feel will not disappear by killing everyone. You must realize
    Brain Queen: Be silent! Gally, my sister, I won't let you go! For you to exist
    I lost my beauty, my happiness, and all of my hopes.
    [Gally fights her shadow double and defeats it. The sound of a baby crying is
    Gally: What is this? It's the crying of a baby.
    [A set of large doors open and Gally enters through. She sees a crying child on
    a dais.]
    Gally: This baby, this is my sister's mind and is a pure white. Tear down the
    walls of hatred and suffering and this is what is left.
    [Gally smiles.]
    Gally: I have been able to save my sister.
    [The child rises from the table and vanishes, and Gally has returned to
    standing next to Rimeira. The Brain Queen is no more.]
    Rimeira: Gally, the Brain Queen just melted away and disappeared. What just
    Gally: My sister. In the end she forgave the world, and she gave us hope for
    the future.
      Good-bye sister.
    Gally:(narrative) I took Doctor Hersopaiso's brain with me and returned to
    Jeru, and through the combined efforts of Doctor Hersopaiso and Nova, a
    component called the Collapser was created and used to destroy the Terrorizer.
    Melchizedek was restored to his normal functioning state and the Ladder
    conference was held; the outcome of this was that the war was prevented. But
    there was still something that I had to learn for myself, and after the Ladder
    meeting had ended, I went to see Melchizedek: to hear the truth about the Earth
    Initiation Plan, and to confirm my suspicions.
    [Gally is in the Core Room, speaking with Melchizedek.]
    Melchizedek: You have performed your task well Gally, and I am very grateful
    for this.
    Gally: Don't worry about it. I haven't done any of this for you. I did it for
    myself, and as a demonstration that I am worthy of being accepted as the Last
    Order. And for doing this I should be permitted to access the memory component
    of Melchizedek.
    Melchizedek: I approve the access.
    Gally: I have just one question. All this time you have been controlling the
    Earth, and even now, you are continuing to put brain chips into people as part
    of the Earth Initiation Plan. Has all of this been done by your orders?
    Melchizedek: This is true.
    Gally: I am against any of this.
    Melchizedek: In that case, do you wish to oppose me?
    Gally: It would be easy for me to destroy you right now. But for my friend,
    Garuede, I have made two promises. The first was to prevent the war, and the
    other was to stop the Brain Initiation. About this last problem, I want to make
    a proposal.
    Melchizedek: By all means.
    Gally: The spaceship, Leviathan 1. I wish to restart construction on it.
    Melchizedek: As the main computer of this ship, we would make the planets our
    destination. But to begin construction of the Leviathan 1 has to be a decision
    of Ladder; and if I were to leave the Solar System, there is a possibility that
    the Terraforming War could resume.
    Gally: I understand, but the Ladder Federation was created two hundred years
    ago. There has always existed the possibility that the war might begin again,
    and it is time for the planets to look past this.
    Melchizedek: Calculating possibilities.
    Gally: By now you should realize that the societies of the Solar System no
    longer depend on you.
    Melchizedek: Calculating possibilities.
    Gally: But for the purpose of discovering new planets, we need your
    calculations and your data.
    Melchizedek: Calculating possibilities. Possibility is at 36%. If I leave Jeru,
    the chance of the Terraforming War restarting is 62%; the budget is plus minus
    Gally: I don't care about the budget! Do you want to do this or not?
    Melchizedek: You do realize that there is much risk in this. Let us confirm
    this through the Ladder Federation.
    Gally:(narrative) The Ladder Federation approved of the reconstruction of
    Leviathan 1, and five years later, the ship was ordered to go on a journey of
    discovery to other planets. It was apparent that every planet wanted
    Melchizedek to leave the Solar System. Why is it that in two hundred years, no
    one had come up with this idea? This is something that I do not understand.
    [We are shown the Leviathan 1]
    Gally:(narrative)By the combined efforts of Professor Nova and Doctor
    Hersopaiso, they have been able to amputate the logic board of Melchizedek, and
    the work of repairing Leviathan's core has gone well. And this is the day of
    the memorable Leviathan 1 departure party.
    [Gally is in the long corridor of the Leviathan 1 that she visited previously.]
    Gally: I have to greet everyone, and ask all the guests that I invited to the
    party room.
    [She sets off down the corridor; starting from the right side she will visit
    all of the rooms.]
    Room 1
    Gally: Soon the departure party for the Leviathan 1 will begin. Can the
    Ambassadors of Earth please go to the banquet hall?
    Earth Ambassador: That Kaos, how dare he build a tower that connects Zalem and
    the Earth. Because of that young man our popularity has diminished, and now he
    is trying to make the castles of the Earth into Iron towns. I don't approve of
    any of this.
    Room 2
    Gally: Lou, and Kaos.
    Lou: It's Gally; it's been a long time.
    Kaos: Yes, it has been a long time. It appears that you are fine.
    Gally: Soon it will be time for the departure of the Leviathan. Can you please
    go to the banquet hall?
      Lou it was good of you to come.
    Lou: It was no problem. I am very grateful that you invited me for this
    memorable day.
    Gally: Has it been difficult on Zalem since the Super Dogma was destroyed?
    Lou: Yes. There were many people that committed suicide after learning the
    secret of Zalem, but we have been able to depend on the next generation. Even
    within Leviathan 1 there are many children from Zalem that have been recruited
    aboard ship, and I have high expectations for them.
    Gally: The people of Zalem were born in space, so for them it is like being a
    fish in water.
      Hello Kaos.
    Kaos: Gally, thank you for inviting me.
    Gally: It appears that you have changed quite a bit; you're an important man
    Kaos: Kind of. I am now the main person in charge of all the transactions
    between the Iron Town and Zalem.
    Gally: And you were finally able to complete the tower that connects Zalem and
    the Earth.
    Kaos: You mean the Zalem Tower?
    Gally: I didn't expect you to build it this quickly. Congratulations.
    Kaos: Thank you. But the reason we were able to create the tower within such a
    short period of time is because of the cooperation of both Earth and Zalem. A
    bond was created by the two cities, and right now people can move freely
    between Zalem and Earth.
      This is all because Lou created the plan for the Zalem Tower, I just helped
    Gally: You're quite the husband, aren't you?
    Kaos:(embarrassed) Yeah.
    Room 3
    Gally: The Leviathan 1 departure party is about to begin. Would the Ambassadors
    of the Moon please go to the main hall?
    Moon Ambassador: After two hundred years, the Leviathan 1 that was hidden
    behind the Moon will soon be departing. Isn't this wonderful? I hope that
    eventually a second and third Leviathan will be able to launch as well.
    Room 4
    Gally: Koyomi, and Figure!
    Koyomi: Hi Gally.
    [Koyomi takes a picture of Gally.]
    Figure: ...
    Gally: The party is about to begin, would you go to the main hall?
      It's been a while Koyomi. Are you working hard as photographer?
    Koyomi: Yeah, but it's been a long time since we last met at the Barjack.
    Gally: You look as if you have matured, I almost didn't recognize you. But
    there is one thing I want to ask you about?
    Koyomi: Yes, what is it?
    Gally: What ever happened to Fury?
    Koyomi: What happened to Fury? The imitation Gally, when she attacked the
    Barjack base, Fury was killed while protecting me from her.
    Gally: So that's what happened.
    Koyomi: Fury was always daydreaming and sleeping, and she was like a part of my
    Gally: Koyomi.
    Koyomi: But you know what? My Fury, when she defeated Zalem's robot I was able
    to take a picture of her. And Gally, you have to see this picture; it's been
    published in magazines worldwide.
    [Gally speaks to Figure.]
    Gally: Figure? Figure?
    Figure: When will the party start? There must be a lot of good food waiting for
    me; I can't wait. But there might be more food than I can finish, and in that
    case what would happen to the left over food? Would I be able to take it home?
    I'm too impatient.
    Gally: Hey Figure!
    Figure: Oh, it's you Gally. How long have you been standing there?
    Gally: Wipe the drool from your face.
    Figure: Oh oh, this is not good.
    Gally: How shameless of you.
    Figure: I think too much.
    Gally: So anyways Figure, didn't you have any better clothes to wear?
    Figure: What are you saying? This is perfect for me.
    Gally: This is a party, so why don't you at least dress properly for it.
    Figure: What are you saying? The only clothing I need is just enough that I
    won't catch a cold, and the only reason I came here was to eat a lot of food.
    If I wear a lot of clothing it will just get in the way of me getting a full
    Gally:(thinks) How shameless. At the party, I don't know him.
    Room 5
    Gally: The Leviathan 1 departure party is going to begin soon. Would the Venus
    Ambassadors please go to the main hall.
    Venus Ambassador: We thank you for bringing back Doctor Hersopaiso from Mars.
    From now on, Venus will be the foremost nation in nanotech.
    Room 6
    Gally: Ido, and Keina.
    Keina: Gally, it's been a while.
    Ido: The Leviathan 1 should be departing soon, correct?
    Gally: Yes. Can you please go to the main hall?
    Keina: We thank you for inviting us to this party.
    Gally: You like fine Keina. Do you remember when we kicked around at Farm 21?
    Keina: Anyway, where is Professor Nova? I haven't seen him anywhere.
    Gally: Nova is working overtime on Jeru. It seems he's the type that whenever
    people are playing, he's at work.
    Keina: I'm glad. There are people who were able to escape from Professor Nova's
    lab, and I don't know what would happen if they were to meet him.
    Gally: It seems that a lot of people want payback for what he did.
    Hello Ido.
    Ido: It has been a while. I didn't expect you to invite us to this party behind
    the Moon. I took a break from the villagers, but I'm kind of worried about
    Gally:(thinking) Ido's memory will probably never return. But that's all right,
    as long as I can see Ido laughing from a distance.
    Ido: What is that you say?
    Gally: Oh, it was nothing. Enjoy the party.
    Room 7
    Gally: The Leviathan 1 departure party will soon begin. Would the Ambassadors
    from Jupiter please go to the main hall?
    Jupiter Ambassador: It was the Ladder's decision to restore the Leviathan 1.
    Two hundred years ago, I thought I should have destroyed the Leviathan engines,
    but now this is fine. If you are going to travel with Melchizedek, this is
    Room 8
    Gally: Mr Hopper, could you please go to the main hall.
    Hopper: Oh, Lady Gally! Thank you for inviting me personally to the main hall,
    and for asking a person like myself to such an occasion, I am very, very,
    Gally: You're always high, aren't you Mr Hopper? And I hear that you have
    written a new book.
    Hopper: It's all about the time we both went to Phobos and visited Zauiru's
    Gally: I will have to read this book one day.
    Hopper: And my next ambition is to write a book about the living legend, 'Lady
    Gally, the Last Kikoujutsuka'. It will be about the last half of her life.
    Gally: You never told me about this.
    Hopper: Well in that case, can you please assist me in writing this book?
    Gally: This guy never gives up.
    Room 9
    Rimeira: Oh Gally, it has been a while since we last met.
    Gally: Rimeira, instead of sending an Ambassador, you came as the
    representative of Mars. But how rude of me, you are now the 16th Mars Master.
      The Leviathan 1 departure party is about to begin. Would you please, proceed
    to the main hall?
    Rimeira: I understand. (laughs)
    Gally: Rimeira, you have become very beautiful. You look fit for a Queen.
    Rimeira: Lady Gally, I am very grateful to you for the time that I was under
    your care. Would you like to ditch the party later and play spy again? (laughs)
    Gally: Hold on, I can't play around in this place.
    [Gally goes to the back of Rimeira's room and sees a portrait on a desk.]
    Gally: Hey, what's this? This is a picture of Jashugan, and it bears Rimeira's
    Did you draw this Rimeira?
    Rimeira: Yes, I did.
    Gally: Rimeira, how do you know Jashugan's face?
    Rimeira: Five years ago, didn't you tell me about your heroic adventures on
    Earth? At that time, I imagined what this person must have looked like. Is
    there a great similarity?
    Gally: It looks too similar.
    Rimeira: Jashugan, so he is really as handsome as I imagined. Just once I would
    like to meet him.
    Gally: Rimeira, you are quite a talent. Remember the time I drew a picture of
    Zuou for you? If you can draw this well, then I don't blame you for telling me
    that my picture sucked.
    Rimeira: Lady Gally, do you still remember that? Are you the type to hold a
    grudge against people? You will have to excuse me for my insult, but that
    picture you drew really did suck. (laughs)
    Gally: Hey Rimeira! What a thing to say. But Jashugan was a memorable person,
    and if it were possible I would like to fight him again.
      (thinking)The Motorball racing circuit, the battles. Jashugan was the
    Room 10
    Gally: Doctor Hersopaiso, the departure party for the Leviathan 1 will begin
    Hersopaiso: Yes, I understand. I will be heading to the main hall.
    Gally: No matter how often I see you, I can't get used to you being a giant
    Hersopaiso: But isn't this great? After the death of the Brain Queen, I now
    have the biggest brain in the universe, correct? Furthermore, by using
    nanotechnology my brain is able to absorb energy from solar power lights and I
    can run for eternity. Aren't you jealous?
    Gally: I guess all geniuses are weird.
    Hersopaiso: How rude of you! Nova is what you would call a weird person.
    Gally: Anyhow, why aren't you helping Doctor Nova with his work?
    Hersopaiso: What? What do you mean, work? I have already finished all of my
    important tasks.
    Room 11
    Gally: The Leviathan 1 departure party is about to begin. Would the Saturn
    Ambassadors please go to the main hall?
    Saturn Ambassador: The Leviathan is going to fly. Congratulations.
    Room 12
    This room contains several Deckmen.
    Gally: Hey? What is this?
    Deckman: Please, would you let me explain? All of the Deckmen that you see are
    ones that you have met before baby. Just for the experience, I invited every
    one of them here.
    Gally: Which one are you?
    Deckman: Baby, I'm always with you. I'm the Deckman who piloted your spaceship.
    Gally: Really? I can't tell the difference between any of you, but when it
    comes to Deckmen, I've learned not to underestimate them. Anyhow, the Leviathan
    1 will be departing soon, would you please go to the main hall?
    Deckman: Baby, you've done a good job. Come to think about it, since I met you
    at the Jeru Garden, and on the Leviathan 1 platform and on Mars, we have been
    together many times.
    Gally: Yeah, this is true. You have taken care of me.
    Deckman: It's because of you that I have been able to experience a variety of
    things. I won't forget about you baby; but baby, don't you forget about me
    Gally: Don't worry, I'll never forget about you.
    (thinking)I can't tell the difference between one Deckman and another.
    Deckman: Ok, so I'll let you perform the last back up.
    [Gally has finished visiting all of the rooms and goes to the large hall with
    the carpeted stairs to speak with Melchizedek.]
    Melchizedek: Gally, it's been a while.
    Gally: Melchizedek, Leviathan 1 will be departing soon.
    Melchizedek: This is going to be a long journey.
    Gally: You will be controlling Leviathan 1, so be careful. I'm relying on you.
    Melchizedek: Please do not worry about anything. From the combined efforts of
    Professor Nova and Doctor Hersopaiso, my logic board has been replaced. And
    because of this there will not be any problems with my system during our
    Gally: I understand.
    Melchizedek: I do want to show my gratitude toward you Gally. It is all thanks
    to you that I have been able to recover, and I would also like to thank you for
    giving me my new objective.
    [There is a crash, and Zuou breaks through a wall.]
    Gally: What!? Zuou!
    Zuou: It's been five years, Kikoujutsuka Gally.
    Gally: Zuou. So you have reappeared in front of me.
    Zuou: Since the time we fought on Mars I have been living in shame, and I have
    come to fight you again. Let's decide the winner here!
    Gally: If you are still going to use your four arms against me, then you will
    keep losing over and over.
    Zuou: Be silent! I am not the same Zuou you faced five years ago. Through
    training, I have learned to counter your strongest move, the Solenoid Quench
    Gun Punch.
      Do not think that it will work.
    Gally: I understand, and I will fight you again. Let's go!
    [The two fight and Gally defeats Zuou.]
    Zuou: How gracious, I now admit my defeat. And I have come to realize that
    during our battles I have been dwelling too much on our styles and their
    differences. The more I think of it, your Solenoid Quench Gun Punch and my
    special move with the four arms are not techniques within the Panzer Kunst or
    the Panzer Faust. These are things that we, as practitioners made for
    ourselves. They were created by fate, and though I have been defeated I have no
    Gally: If I had not beaten you then I wouldn't be in the same state of mind
    that I am right now. For this I thank you.
    Zuou: In ruining your departure party I don't expect much from you. But can I
    ask a favor?
    Gally: What is it?
    Zuou: If it is within your power to do so, could you make me one the crew
    members of Leviathan 1? I think my strength will be of use in the future, and
    also I want to train myself on different planets.
    [Rimeira appears.]
    Rimeira: Lady Gally! You do not have to listen to such a selfish request! This
    man from Ofuia Shasuma is responsible for the abduction of several hundred
    children, and he has subjected these children to harsh training that resulted
    in their deaths. The punishment for this is something that I, as the Mars
    Master will have to decide!
    Gally: Rimeira, I understand that he has committed many murders, but give him
    the chance to redeem himself.
    Rimeira: Lady Gally, you are too soft on criminals, but as punishment for the
    crimes he has committed against hundreds of children, he must protect the lives
    of ten thousand children in return.
    Zuou, can you do this?
    Zuou: On my honor, I give my word that I will defend the lives of the children
    on this ship.
    Rimeira: As you are going to be on parole, I will permit you to board the ship.
    Zuou: I am deeply grateful to you.
    Gally:(narrative) With the main mother computer Melchizedek, and with Zuou as
    its defender, the Leviathan 1 has departed on its journey. It carries a crew of
    twenty thousand, and included on board are thirty thousand DNA samples. And as
    I see through their eyes, a new generation will appear. From now on, we humans
    have to create our own future with our own hands.
    [The Leviathan 1 fires its engines and prepares to leave the Sol System.
    Everyone is gathered in the observation deck of Leviathan.]
    Gally: We have left.
    Lou: It feels as if something is missing.
    Crewman: Something is wrong!
    Gally: What's the matter?
    Engineer: Something is wrong with Jeru. Look at it!
    [All turn to watch as Jeru is transformed into a likeness of Nova.]
    Nova: (laughs) This space city of Jeru has been placed under my control! Now
    that Melchizedek is gone, the Earth will become my experimental wonderland!
    Gally: That Nova, I knew he was being quiet for a reason.
    Kaos: It seems there is just one person who can prevent this; and Gally, you
    are the only one we can depend upon.
    Gally: Leave it to me!
    [Gally turns away from the gathering and sets off to confront to Nova.]
    End of game.
    The production credits follow, accompanied by images of characters from the
    Wonderful Persons:
    Yukito Kishiro: For creating an incredible world that we have been allowed to
    share in.
    Yukito Products Inc. / Shueisha / Young Jump Comics Publishing / Ea /
    Banpresto: For making Martian Memory one of the most unique games ever for
    Thanks to gamefaqs for hosting this document, and to you dear readers for your
    patience and curiosity.
    A Jinmen Production.
    Baby, I'm always with you.
    Jeru-Written in the kana as Ieeru. Kishiro uses both terms so either is
    acceptable. Since the target language is english, Jeru was chosen. The possible
    origin of Ieeru may be 'Uru-Salim', an old hebrew word for Salem.
    Melchizedek-Kana (Merukizedeku). The english spelling of this is Melchizedek.
    From the hebrew meaning, 'Righteous King'. Melchizedek was the king of
    Uoman (Warman)-Gally's final opponent in the space fighting tournament of Jeru.
    Based upon the character from Kishiro's unpublished work 'Warmen'. This can be
    found at yukitopia.com.
    Rimeira-This was suggested to the author by a female fan.
    Pochomkin-Based upon Kishiro's editor, Tomita.
    Kikoujutsu-Armored Shell Art.
    Panzer Kunst-German, meaning 'Armored Art'.
    Panzer Faust-German, meaning  'Armored Fist'.
    Mokujin-'Wooden person(s)'. The tree people that guard the tomb of Teiga
    Meister-German, meaning 'Master'. A rank of achievement within the Panzer
    Olympus Mons, Mariners Valley, Human Face-Geographic locations of Mars that
    have been discovered by astronomers.
    Jinmen-Human Face. Probably inspired by the human face formation of Mars. A
    Jinmen is genetically human and never evolves beyond a head and brain stem.
    As they are known in the english manga.
    Below are some tips that will help in playing the game and getting the most out
    of it.
    A Quick Exit to the Map: On level one, have Gally choose the Street as her next
    destination. Go down the stairs and left under the large pipes. Continue on
    until she comes to a two-tier courtyard. Here, Gally will face the Mutant Women
    (this area is also available on level four, but the opponents will be Zubato
    After Gally has taken care of business on the lower level of the courtyard,
    have her climb the small stairs on the left wall. Now that she is on the upper
    tier, have Gally go all the way to screen right and she will disappear into a
    corner between two buildings and the map will open. This saves a lot of time
    instead of retracing her path to the main square.
    The Bounty Limit: 99 Is Gally's favorite number, and it's also the limit of
    bounties that can be claimed in a session. If you take a break from playing
    through the story and have Gally on a hunting spree, keep in mind that Gally
    can only kill a maximum of 99 of any type of opponent and have this counted. If
    she kills any more than this, the excess will not be included in the total. So
    if you have been hunting for a long period of time, have Gally visit her
    neighborhood Deckman occasionally to record her kills and reset to 0.
    Where Did My Weapon Go?: After some important cut scenes you will find that
    Gally has been unequipped. Her weapons and items are still part of her onboard
    inventory, but you will have to pause the game and re-equip them. I don't know
    why this happens, but maybe the game designers thought it would be fun to have
    Gally go into her next fight unprepared. A sure way to tell is if you have
    armed Gally with a weapon, such as the Damascus Blade or Kukuri Knife. If you
    don't see her carrying this on her back, then pause game and set up.
    Motorball Made Easy: Begin the Motorball story (level 3) with at least 1
    million chips in Gally's inventory. After Esdoc has finished giving Gally a run
    down on the Motorball regs, turn to Umba and ask for a little maintenance.
    Usually a Deckman will perform this, but Umba is Gally's mechanic and he'll do
    the work. From the Menu choose Body. The second category at the top is Tune-up
    and the choices beneath this are Health, Attack, and Defense. Tune-up Gally's
    health from the default 400 to the maximum 600, and do the same with her other
    stats. Next, equip either the Commando Parts or the Shock Absorber. If you
    don't have these yet they can be bought from the Deckman at the entrance to the
    Motorball Track. With this setup, Gally is a terror on the track and she should
    win every race easily, as long as she doesn't fall off the track or run out of
    The Death Spiral: This is Gally's secondary attack in Motorball and is much
    more powerful than her usual method of spinning into opponents. To execute
    this, hold SQUARE to power up. When the meter reads full blue, then press X and
    release SQUARE. (You can substitute R2 for X but the first way is easier).
    Gally will leap into the air and spin down on her competitors with a loud
    crash. This technique has to be a direct hit to work, so timing is important.
    Where Did My Chips Go?: Any bounty chips earned during the game are kept when
    finishing one level and entering the next, except in one instance. At the end
    of the Motorball story, any chips Gally has above 100,000 will be lost. There's
    nothing you can do to prevent this, so make use of the extra cash. Before the
    final challenge race against Jashugan, have Gally purchase high health (chips:
    20,000) or anything else you want; and take her chip total down to 100,000. Now
    Gally may have lost all that money, but she will have enough health onboard to
    keep going for a long time.
    Finders Keepers: Any weapons or items bought during the game can be dropped
    from inventory at any time (Gally can carry a maximum of 120 items in her
    onboard inventory). However, weapons received in the story cannot be discarded.
    These are the Damascus Blade, Butterfly Damascus, Nova Damascus, Garuede Blade
    (variations of the same weapon) and Berserker Gun.
    The Spinning Arm: This happens only rarely. During the fight between Gally and
    Garuede, Garuede will counter attack by holding Gally at the collar, then
    spinning his other arm at the elbow and punching her.
    All Shook Up: Have Gally execute the plasma sting (TRIANGLE). If you look
    closely, Gally will shake her head afterward.
    Free Health Restoration: When Gally arrives on Jeru, she will receive her space
    clothes. This will restore her health to full.
    Challenges: As Figure, see how many times you can knock down Gally during their
    As Gally, try to knock down Garuede in their encounter.
    In the first fight between Gally and Zuou, see if you can put Zuou on his back.
    In their main fight, defeat Zuou in under 3 minutes.
    After the game is completed and the last save has been recorded aboard
    Leviathan 1, you can replay some of the boss rounds and the Motorball races.
    One of these is a challenge race against Jashugan, and he's tough. Win this
    Finding the Berserker Gun: This is located in the Kikoujutsu Valley. When you
    find the gun, then Gally will face a second Martian Berserker Bear when she
    leaves the valley. If you don't recover the gun the bear won't be there. If you
    miss this the first time you can always come back and look for it.
    In the final part when Gally greets the dignitaries during the Leviathan 1
    launch, She must visit all the rooms as a condition of completing the game.
    Deckmen: These are Gally's lifeline in the game. Not only do they serve as save
    points, but they also provide her with information, and allow her to cash in
    her chips in exchange for weapons, items, and upgrades. Note that not all
    Deckmen will allow Gally to do these things, and some are limited in what they
    will offer. Most Deckmen are in obvious locations and it's hard not to run into
    them. Others are hidden but not that difficult to find. The more Deckmen you
    find will determine how many will greet her in the last room on Leviathan 1.
    Here are the locations of all the Deckmen in the game, numbered in the order
    they are most likely to be found:
    Deckman 1: Level 1, Factory 33 West Wing.
    Deckman 2: Level 1, Factory 33 West Wing.
    Deckman 3: Level 1, Factory 33 West Wing.
    Deckman 4: Level 1, Factory 33 East Wing.
    Deckman 5: Level 1, Factory 33 East Wing.
    Deckman 6: Level 1, Factory 33 East Wing.
    Deckman 7: Level 1 part 2, subterranean tunnel, junction 1.
    Deckman 8: Level 2, on the roof of Factory 33 near the tube.
    Deckman 9: Level 3, behind the column at the entrance to the Motorball track.
    Deckman 10: Level 4, after returning from Nova's Lab, armed with the collapser,
    Gally runs to see what has happened to New Kansas. On her left, just after
    leaving the jeep is a Deckman.
    Deckman 11: Level 4, a Deckman and two Netmen take Gally into custody for
    possession of a firearm.
    Deckman 12: Level 5, there is a Deckman aboard the freight train.
    Deckman 13: Just after the train crashes, there is a Deckman that Figure can
    use to save game.
    Deckman 14: After Figure has defeated the Barjack Commanders and Knucklehead,
    he will find a Deckman.
    Deckman 15: After arriving at the Barjack stronghold (ruined city), have Figure
    walk a little to screen left, then turn and go toward camera. Now, have Figure
    go all the way to screen right and he will find a Deckman.
    Deckman 16: There is a Deckman hidden by the smoke billowing from one of the
    burning vehicles in the Barjack convoy.
    Deckman 17: Level 6, Have Gally enter Farm 22, go all the way to the water
    reservoir and then left down the path. There is a Deckman stationed here.
    Deckman 18: Gally enters Farm 21 and goes all the way to the reservoir, then
    down the left path. The Deckman is missing from his station, but continue on
    all the way around the building. Hidden in the debris near the back of the
    facility is a Deckman.
    Deckman 19: A Deckman is located at the entrance to Granite Inn.
    Deckman 20: There is a Deckman on the ground floor of Granite Inn, on the left
    side corridor.
    Deckman 21: At Granite Inn, after Gally exits the elevator, there is a Deckman
    in the left corridor.
    Deckman 22: Level 7, there is a Deckman in the kiosk at Zalem.
    Deckman 23: There is a dancing Deckman in the waste disposal room on Zalem.
    Deckman 24: A Deckman is located just to the left of the door leading to the
    Super Dogma core room.
    Deckman 25: Level 8, a Deckman is to the left of the sculpture at the Jeru
    Deckman 26: A Deckman will assist Gally in the Space Fighting Tournament.
    Deckman 27: The Deckman piloting space shuttle #99.
    Deckman 28: In the last room on the left side corridor on Leviathan 1.
    Deckman 29: Level 9, inside the gates of the Martian Castle.
    Deckman 30: In the Kikoujutsu Valley, where Gally fights the Berserker Bear.
    Deckman 31: In the tomb of Teiga Zauiru, hidden behind one of the columns.
    Deckman 32: At the laboratory in the basement of the Martian Castle.
    Deckman 33: Several Deckmen greet Gally in the last room on the left side
    corridor on Leviathan 1.

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