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    GunnmFAQ ver. 2.5
    Jan 10, 2000
    by Rick Banks (NEVERSPAM_amoxicillin@hotmail.com) 
    and NEVERSPAM_thomas7g@hotmail.com
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    GUNNM: KASEI NO KIOKU is a trademark of BANPRESTO
    c JUMP COMICS                  c EA
    This FAQ is cCopywrite 2/5/99 and 1/10/2000, Rick Banks & Thomas7g 
    This is for personal use only. All rights reserved. It is not to be sold, in 
    whole or in part, without our expressed permission.
    This is a basic FAQ for the game. There is also playing information in the 
    GunnmTranslatedManual.txt available at gamefaqs.com. There is also an incomplete
    walkthrough I did.  If you want it please contact:
    NEVERSPAM_thomas7g@hotmail.com  but remove the NEVERSPAM_part first.
    1.    INTRO
    V.    MOVES LIST
    X.    FIGHT MODE
    I.  INTRO:
    Well, this is not a FAQ first of all, but rather an Infoguide that will help you 
    learn how to play this game.  I'll be improving it until I feel it's complete.  
    After owning the game for several months, and not having a clue as to how to 
    play it (it's all in Japanese), I was playing it one day and took a wrong 
    turn...and presto!!!  I figured out how to play the game from there.  I even 
    finished it!  A while back I told someone I would not do a FAQ on this, but here 
    is a guide to tell you about the game, and how to play it.  -RB
    If you are going to play Gunnm, I would suggest you also download the 
    GunnmTranslatedManual. It translates each page of the manual and explains some 
    parts of the game more thoroughly. -T7G
    Japanese PSX game
    Single Player RPG (1 CD)
    1-3 memory blocks required
    Analog controller is not supported.
    This game is weird!!!  It's an Action RPG based on the anime of the same 
    name.  It took me about 25 - 30 hours to finish it.  The story (which actually spans about 20 years) is about Gally, the main character, who is 
    one day discovered in a heap of rubble.  The guy who finds her is a 
    specialist in making cyborgs, which is what Gally is.  I believe the point 
    of this game is for Gally to find out who she really is, and where she came 
    from...and let me tell you, this game goes off the deep end.  That is to 
    say, I believe the game has one heck of a story.  I say this because the 
    game goes on way after the original movie ends.  And I mean way after!!!  
    For example, if you were to take the movie (which was maybe 1hr 10min long), 
    and consider that to be a part of the overall story (as included in the game), 
    then the movie makes up only about 1/10th of the overall story!!!  When 
    playing this game, just when you think it's over then WHAM!!!...a different 
    twist pops up and off you go trying to solve yet another mystery.  You not 
    only play as Gally, but as a few other players as well.  They all figure into 
    the overall scheme of things.
    This game packs lots of variety.  As you progress in the game, Gally must 
    fight her way through roller derby contests (win or die), a death match 
    contest, and instances where she must prove herself.  Many of the bosses in 
    this game are tough as nails, and only certain attacks will kill them.  Also, 
    Gally goes through several changes throughout the game.  She starts off very 
    as weak, but you progress, she receives several modifications to her body that 
    make her all the more deadly.    
    The battle system in the game is 3D, and is not turn based.  You get to move 
    freely in your environment except with some restraints.  You get a decent 
    array of weapons to buy, items to equip, and modifications to your body that 
    you can purchase.  Gally fights like Taki of SoulEdge.  The moves are almost 
    You buy items in this game by killing cyborgs.  There are bounties for killing 
    certain cyborgs, and you get money for taking them out.  In all, the game is 
    fun to play.
    This game very closely follows the original comic book. Originally called 
    Gunnm(Gun Dream) this was released as a manga (Japanese comic). The story 
    followed a little cyborg girl named Gally. The manga was eventually translated 
    by Viz Graphics (www.viz.com) as Battle Angel Alita. (Alita became the 
    Americanized name for Gally.) Eventually All the comic books were compiled and 
    rereleased as a 9 book series. If you saw the animation, you saw the 
    equivalent of the first two books. This game actually continues past the last 
    book to fill about another book worth. I don't want to spoil the end, so I'll 
    leave it to the walkthrough. 
    If you haven't gotten the books I would suggest it. The titles are(in order): 
       in Japan              translated in America
       GUNNM:Rusty Angel     Battle Angel Alita
       GUNNM:Iron Maiden     Tears of an Angel
       GUNNM:Killing Angel   Battle Angel Alita: Killing Angel
       GUNNM:Ars Magma       Battle Angel Alita: Angel of Victory
       GUNNM:Lost Sheep      Battle Angel Alita: Angel of Redemption
       GUNNM:Rain Maker      Battle Angel Alita: Angel of Death
       GUNNM:Panzer Bride    Battle Angel Alita: Angel of Chaos
       GUNNM:War Chronicle   Battle Angel Alita: Fallen Angel
       GUNNM:Conquest        Battle Angel Alita: Angel's Ascension
    CONTROLS (see move list for more detail)
           direction pad    moves character around
           R1               run
           R2               jump
           select           turns on/off battle mode
           start            status (inventory) screen
           (in battle mode)
           square           punch
           X                kick
           circle           block
           triangle         plasma attack
           L1               aim missile, (square,X,circle to fire)
    START SCREEN (beginning):
           --The top block is to load a game
           --The bottom block is to start a new game
           --The yellow bar is message speed. The next is stereo vs 
           --new game
           --memory card 1
           --memory card 2
           --return to main menu
           --Green bar:       health energy
           --Blue bar:        plasma gauge
           --Box:             missile item
    --I will make sense of this by describing what each section of the screen 
    deals with:
           LEFT SIDE:
           --From top to bottom, left side of screen:
                  PARTS (accessories)
                  OPTIONS (same as options screen)
                  LOAD (load game)
                  RETURN (back to game) 
           UPPER RIGHT
                  her cash, in chips
           MIDDLE BOX:
                  --cyborg model
                  --weapon equipped
                  --missile equipped
                  --part equipped
                  --reading across the top in list mode: 
                  [EQUIP ITEM/USE]       [DROP ITEM]        [EXIT]
           BOTTOM AREA:
                  --health energy             remaining/total
                  --plasma gauge              remaining/total
                  --attack power              defense strength
           --This is easy.  Use the circle button to select an item.  
           The yellow triangle shows you that the item is equipped.  
           When a section is highlighted in blue, this is showing what 
           part of Gally is affected if you use that item. Be careful 
           though--sometimes before you fight a boss, the game
           unequips you of everything.  So you'll have to re-equip
           everything.You'll notice this when it takes forever to beat
           a simple enemy.
    FACTORY-33:  As you move on in the game you will come to F33, the factory.  The 
    factory has six doors(cylinders) there:
           D1:  Save game
           D2:  Hunting result (collect bounty--money)
           D3:  Fighting result (number of kills)/Register
           D4:  Items Shop has non weapon items.
                  Written across top: [BUY]   [SELL]   [EXIT]
           D5:  Shop for weapons
           D6:  Cyberne.  Pay here to improve your attack, 
                  defense, or to replenish your health or energy.
    direction pad              Moves Gally around. Changes selection.
    circle                     talk  activate  choose selection
    X                          cancel
    R1+ direction key          Gally runs. 
    R2                         jump
    R2+ direction key          jump in a direction
    start button               enter status screen
    select button              turns on/off battle mode (must register as
                                 a hunter-warrior first)
    direction key            up, down, left or right
    circle                   guard
    R1 + direction key       step movement(forward, back, left or 
    R2                       jump
    R2 + direction key       flip (forward, back, left or right)
    direction key twice      change direction
    direction key twice      target change       
       (toward enemy)                     
    square                   punch
    X                        kick
    forward + square         Spin Elbow
    R1 + square              Hertze Haeon 
                                (circumference crush brunt fist)
    square + X at same time  Hinter Sense (German for back scythe)
    R1 + X                   Splash Kick
    triangle                 plasma attack
    square                   cut
    X                        kick
    forward + square         backspin cut
    forward + X              backspin diagonal kick
    R1 + square              Hertza Haeon
    square + X at same time  Hinter Sense
    R1 + X                   Splash Kick
    triangle                 plasma cut
    (combos are also longer. Must equip B-Damascus Blade)
    square                   double thrust
    X                        kick
    forward + square         Korean Bamboo Cut
    forward + X              backspin diagonal kick
    R1 + square              double cut
    square + X               Hinter Sense-2(wicked spin!)
    R1 + X                   Splash Kick
    triangle                 plasma double cut
    X, X, X, X
    square, square, square, square
    forward+square, forward+square
    triangle, triangle, triangle
    X, square, X, square, X
    R1+square, R1+square R1+square
    R1+square, R1+square, R1+X
    R1+X, R1+X
    **More combos can be created by combining two or more of the above combos. 
    (requires missile items in inventory)
    Hold L1 for lock-on, press square, X, or circle
    (requires plasma and a plasma-capable cyborg body)
    triangle                 plasma attack (uses 8 plasma units)
    R1 + triangle            plasma sting (uses 10 units)
    triangle + circle        magnetic barrier (uses 20 units)
    hold L1 for lock-on,     homing plasma attack, multi targets,
       press square,  X,     imaginos body only (uses 40 units)
       or circle                     
    (must stun first by apply block immediately before enemy attacks)
    stun + punch button     Wiruherun Haoen (devastating bruntfist)
    stun + kick button      Doraiforan Sense 
                               (continuous whirlpool scythe attack)
    stun + plasma button    Center Bolt
    stun+(triangle+circle)  Solenoid Quench Gun Punch*
    (*This attack comes LATE in the story and is her MOST powerful attack. It is 
    so powerful, if you cheat (raise your attack power with the Gameshark) this 
    attack can overflow its memory slot!! It can crash the game!! Or the screen 
    will mess-up. OR the damage will be so large it will cycle over and become 
    negative and heal the enemy PAST his maximum hit points!!!)
    square                  punch
    X                       kick
    forward + square        spin elbow
    R1 + square             hertze haeon
    square + X at same time charge attack
    R1 + X                  splash kick
    --Never rush into a scene.
    --Try not to fight more than one enemy at a time.
    --Learn how to move in and out of battle mode when in a fight.
    --You can save in Gally's room.  Go to her desk.  You can also 
    sleep in her bed to replenish her health for free.
    --Charging in for a hit is more powerful than a regular hit or kick.
    --Use a splash kick (R1+X) in tight situations.  For example, when 
    surrounded. Or a magnetic burst (triangle+circle).
    --After you knock the enemy down, go next to him. Do a double splash kick(R1+X 
    twice) as he gets up to knock him back down. Repeat until death. This doesn't 
    work on some bosses.
    --Plasma attacks do a increased amount of damage.  Press triangle by itself, or 
    hold R1 and press triangle for her "plasma sting"(a rushing attack). The most 
    powerful attack she can do is to block and stun just as they attack, then hit 
    triangle for her "Center Bolt" attack.
    --The best attack is achieved with what I'll call the "perfect block".  When 
    you achieve this, you'll stun the attacker.  When you do this, attack (punch 
    or kick Or better yet plasma!). You'll get one heck of a combo attack out of 
    --Don't fight up close if you can use a "missile" (projectile) item--kill from 
    a distance.
    --TUNED ammo cannot be blocked.
    --The magnetic burst (triangle + circle) makes for a powerful attack later in 
    the game. It attacks all around you, and makes you invulnerable during the 
    --When you get really powerful, try using an item with nothing in 
    your right hand.
    --Max out on all HP, attack points, and defense points before you battle the 
    main boss of the level.
    --You will need different techniques to defeat many of the bosses.  Sometimes 
    the kick/punch combination works, but in others you will need the plasma 
    attack or some other special attack to defeat the boss.
    --Makaku (first boss, first encounter):  just kick and punch him. Double 
    splash kick as he gets up.
    --Makaku (second encounter):  jumping over his razor fingers is the key. 
    Electric ball grenades are useful.
    --Megiru(Blue wolf): Double splash kick as he gets up.
    --Gray Plum (guy with the flat hat and sword, as in the end of the 
    movie):  plasma attacks work.
    --Motorball: Hold down the attack button to charge up your gage. Get too 
    charged up and it takes your health.  When the gage is purple, get close to an 
    enemy and release the attack button. The second guy (Ajakutty) is real tough, 
    but the rest are easy.  For the blue tank(Tiegel), hit all four wheels.  Your 
    main difficulty fighting the tank is time. (And the fact that he's so big you 
    can't see Gally or his far wheel!) Jashugan is the hardest.  Try and get the 
    "perfect block" against him.  Plasma attacks are somewhat effective.  Try 
    sidestepping and timing your attacks to hit him just before he hits you. Make 
    sure you save before taking him on. 
    --Dark Doctor King(Doctor boss):  he's too easy.
    --Berserker Zapan(octopus cyborg):  jump his attacks.
    --Den (Giant Centaur):  the cannon moves like a pilot joystick.  
    Lock on and fire. Anticipate and jump before he strikes you.
    --Super Dogma(Main computer): you must first destroy the towers surrounding 
    the center. Fire-MOVE-fire-MOVE!  Watch your meter, too--you have a special 
    attack when it's full(square+X).
    --Tournament: Technique is the key when in the rink. Remember that only 
    certain attacks work in each round!!
    --Berserker Martian Bear: Kill from a distance.
    --Zouo (Blue guy with four arms):  Beware of Zouo! His attacks are deadly! To 
    fight him, stock up massively on health and plasma packs. Keep your health up. 
    He does have an achilles heel. But I won't spoil it. Good luck!
    ENEMIES          reward(chips)  description
    Junkman                  3600  -chunky tin man with knife
    Mutant Woman             3600  -first enemy, big blond mane
    Makaku                100,000  -the first Boss, sucks brains
    Big Shoulder             6400  -yellow horned guy
    Army Cyberne             6400  -gray metal guy
    Sobatto Man            14,000  -yellow & leggy
    Izuchi                   6500  -blue guy throws knives
    Drumboiler Man           7400  -looks like an oil drum
    Megiru                 50,000  -blue werewolf
    Zapan                  10,000  -former hunter, major loser
    T-Head                 16,000  -name says it all
    Armed Cyberne          16,000  -electric fist cyberne
    Hypodermic Demon       14,000  -blue surgeon w/ big hypo
    Dark Doctor King      200,000  -blue surgeon boss, w/blackcross
    Black Dog              21,000  -uh,...a BLACK dog
    Zapan Berserker           ---  -Octopuss-ish Boss you shoot
    Circuit Soldier A        7000  -chunky gray soldier w/machinegun
    Commander                7500  -thin drab soldier w/pistol
    Moth Man               38,000  -looks completely stupid
    Tokage Man             32,000  -a Sleezak from "Land of the Lost"?
    Kaeru Man              32,000  -rriiibbit
    Ninja #1               28,000  -yellow ninja w/pole
    Ninja #2               28,000  -yellow ninja w/sword
    Ninja #3               28,000  -yellow ninja two picks
    Warrior Cyborg         51,000  -red samurai
    Wrestling Cyberne      37,000  -pale yellowskin, blue jeans,boots
    Bazarld               300,000  -obese henchman of Nove
    Eelai                 400,000  -slut henchwoman of Nove
    Desty Nove          1,000,000  -Flan eating madman       
    Den                   800,000  -BIG BIG centaur
    MIB Machine            45,000  -breasted robot in sky cities
    KikanbouMountain    1,000,000  -tournament, fat black ninja
    Sentinel            1,200,000  -tournament, thin white cyborg
    Behemouth           1,400,000  -tournament, fat naked naval gaser
    ForJourner          1,600,000  -tournament, squatty red bishop
    Ekonoraite          2,000,000  -tournament, rocky
    Uomen               2,500,000  -tournament, spaceshiplike
    Berserker Wood         65,000  -attacking tree in space
    Berserker Woodman      50,000  -lumberjack in space
    Bochomakin          3,000,000  -green tubby turned berserker
    Cosmic Cyberne         66,000  -another cyberne, now on mars
    Berserker Junkman      60,000  -still easy money, just gray now.
    BerserkerMarsBear     170,000  -Big cyborg Bahr on Mars
    Mokujin                70,000  -attacking dummies on Phobos
    Zouo                      ---  -Blue, Four armed Boss
        Double-edged blade, 20cm. 2000 chips, adds +2 to attack 
    Aseimi Knife            
        Single-edged blade, 18cm. Made from stainless steel made 
        10,000 chips, attack +10
    Kukuri Knife            
        Uniquely shaped single-edged blade. Long length, 30cm. 
        40,000 chips, attack +10
    Damascus Blade        
        Not for sale. Received latter in the story. Actually it is
        her final blade from her motorball days. She uses it after
        she quits motorball. 
        attack +24
    Esdoc Blade        
        Forged from Damascus Steel. Ed(Esdoc) has the blade made for 
        her. Her initial blade from motorball. 
        100,000 chips, attack +12
    B-Damascus Blade    
        Not for sale. Also received latter in the story. This is her
        "tuned" weapon. It uses her Damascus Blade but with a
        modified butterfly handle. Adds attacks to her combo. 
    Bowie Knife        
        Single-edged, 25cm. 100,000        
    Cyberball Knife    
        Sharp single-edged knife. 130,000    
    Combat Knife        
        Originally used by the military. A practical knife with a 
        single-edged design. 160,000 chips        
    N-Damascus Blade
        The Nova version of her Damascus Blade. Similar to the
        original version.
    Ceramic Knife     300,000 chips
    Faruta Blade      300,000 chips
        the Golden version of the Damascus Blade.
    Repair Kit          Restores 200 health. 4000 chips
    Hi-Repair Kit       Restores 1000 health. 20,000 chips
    Full Repair Kit     Restores maximum health. 40,000 chips
    Plasma Supply       Restores 100 plasma energy. 4000 chips
    Plasma Half         Restores 200 plasma energy. 20,000 chips
    Plasma Maximum      Restores maximum plasma energy. 40,000 chips
    Canned Food         Replenishes 300 health points. 4000 chips
    Android Chi         Restores health and plasma to max. 7000 chips
    Molotov Cocktail       
        Burns enemies. More effective against living-type enemies.
        1500 chips
    Electromagnetic Needle    
        Discharges three needles per use. Electrifies enemies. More
        effective against cyberne -type enemies. 1500 chips
    Ereki Teru
        (Electric Light?) Creates a big explosion at a distance. 
        Electrifies enemies. More effective against cyberne-type 
        enemies. 4000 chips    
        Makes possible multiple lock-ons. 3000 chips
    Enkera (Firefly)
        Creates a big explosion at a distance. 6000 chips
    Tuned Gun
        Once you have a lock-on, you can fire 3 times in 
    Tuned Gun Bullets
        The Tuned Gun needs these to fire. 2000 chips
        Discharges three shuriken per use. 8000 chips
    Can Shock Gem
        Discharges three shuriken per use. Creates a big explosion
        at a distance. 20,000 chips
    Berserker Gun Ammo
        20,000 chips (I never did find the gun myself)
    Berserker Gun
        I heard it's near the 1st Berseker Bear fight.  (See Walkthrough)
    Commando Parts
        Striking power up. 100,000 chips
    Shock Absorber    
        Defense strength up. 100,000 chips
    Generator Unit    
        Maximum Restoration Up. 200,000 chips
    Plasma Sub Unit
        Reduces plasma consumption. 300,000 chips
    Shield Generator    
        Reduces damage while blocking. 200,000 chips
    Energy Detuner
        Megiru's custom part. Raises attack damage (+120), but
        drains health and plasma in battle mode. Received for 
        killing Megiru.
    Clear Sight    
        Raises missile striking power. 200,000 chips
        When equiped it raises luck appreciably. Or so it says.
        200,000 chips
    Laser Sight
        Speeds lock-on, raises missile striking power. 400,000 chips
    Plasma Unit    
        Largely reduces plasma consumption. 600,000 chips
    Restorer Unit
        Slowly raises her energy (health). 400,000 chips
    Boost Unit
        Somehow increases attack. But drains Plasma in battle mode. 
        400,000 chips
    Plasma Charger
        Slowly raises plasma level. 400,000 chips
    --This game has some awkward angles. The perspective is in the 3rd person, but 
    you never get to see what she sees, like in Tomb Raider.  It's more like you sit 
    still while Gally moves back and forth, towards you and then away from you.  
    (The camera is too far from Gally-t7g)
    --The music sounds if it's coming through only one speaker...like it's in mono 
    or something.  The no real base or depth to it.  It just sounds weak at times.
    --I think this game has more text than MGS!!!  But that's actually sort of a 
    plus for an RPG.  My concern is that during most of the dialog there is no 
    background music or sound.  So you sit there in silence as you button mash your 
    way through the text.
    --The graphics are not superb, but for some odd reason, the graphics get really 
    detailed in certain situations, or during up close shots of main characters.  I 
    get the impression that Bandai rushed this game. (Ditto-T7g)
    There is a special mode that allows you to battle after you finish the game.  To get it you must:
    "first defeat all the big bosses then enter the main menu and choose the first option........then u'll go to the load 
    menu screen....choose the card in which is saved ......now instead of loading the game press x and return back 
    to the load menu screen.......now u'll have a new option(2nd last) this will take u to a new screen where the 
    background is that thing that sells stuff to u......the 1st option is the race...then to fight the octupus.....then the 
    giant horse...then the mainframe computer" (Thanks scottvirus for finding it!)
    --This is a pretty good game.  I recommend it, especially if you 
    like Gally. -RB
    --I'd recommend it MOSTLY for fans of Gally/Alita. But I did like it!-T7g
    **Need help?  reach me at NEVERSPAM_amoxicillin@hotmail.com**  
    (I won't answer senseless questions due to you laziness).
    -or ask NEVERSPAM_thomas7g@hotmail.com (I have a some more info 
    on the game) 
    (please remove"NEVERSPAM_" from our addresses to email us)

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