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    Manual Translation by thomas7g

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/10/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    GunnmTranslatedManual v. 1.2,    1/10/2000
    by thomas7g
    This FAQ is done by NEVERSPAM_thomas7g@hotmail.com. This is for 
    personal use only. This document is ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It is not to be sold, in 
    whole or in part, without my expressed permission.
    c JUMP COMICS                  c EA
    Greetings! Here is some linguistic help for American fans of Gally/Alita. This 
    is not a FAQ, or even a guide. It is meant as a translation of the manual 
    booklet accompanying the game. Though my Japanese is extremely rudimentary, the 
    translation is as faithful as possible to the original manual. But some of this 
    IS based on "experience" rather than translation. And I admit I could have 
    screwed the translation at times. If anyone could spot any errors, I would 
    appreciate hearing from you. (If you do note an error, please let me know WHERE 
    in this manual it is. This is fairly big.) But in the mean time...
    Here are some bracketing conventions I use in this FAQ:
    <...>              means press a button on the controller
    [...]              the translation of some label or choice written in 
                         Japanese on the screen. 
    ￾ ￾ ￾__￾ ￾ ￾       Guide (chapter) heading. Note: "￾" should appear as a 
                         "bullet" or dot. Some translators screw this up.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (cover)
    The big Kanji character in the upper left  of the cover is called "GUN"  
    (actually JU) which means "gun". The big Kanji on the right is "MU" meaning 
    "dream". GUN + MU =Gunnm (the last "u" is dropped) or simply "Gun Dreams." I 
    believe it means "dreams a gun has", rather than someone dreaming of guns.
    Between the two in red is "KASEI NO KIOKU" which means "Martian Memories." The 
    tiny red characters across the word "GUNNM" is just "gunmu" again spelled an 
    alternate way.
    Underneath in white letters - "explanation booklet"
    In the triangle -
    "Please keep in mind this game has violence and grotesque expressions."
    At the bottom left-
    c EA
    c BANPRESTO 1998
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg1)
    Guide 1       WORLD OF GUNNM                          2
    Guide 2       HOW TO START THE GAME                   4
    Guide 3       HOW TO USE THE CONTROLS                 6
    Guide 4       HOW TO ADVANCE IN THE GAME              8
    Guide 5       STATUS SCREEN                          10
    Guide 6       DECKMEN                                12
    Guide 7       BATTLE MODE                            16
    Guide 8       MOTORBALL                              20
    Guide 9       CHARACTERS APPEARING IN THE GAME       22
    Guide 10      ITEM LIST                              24
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg2)
    ￾ ￾ ￾ WORLD OF GUNNM ￾ ￾ ￾
    Separated above the earth by 3000 meters, constantly floating in the sky is an 
    utopian city (Zeram) and below, another city built on its expelled trash 
    (Scrapirontown). Within these two, the world of Gunnm takes place. Why, in the 
    middle of a junkyard, would anyone want to live in that world? Underneath Zeram 
    existence itself becomes formidable. This story begins in Scrapirontown.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg3)
    The winds blow the smell of oil and iron around an artificial creation, a 
    city(Scrapirontown) where people dwell between scrap and machine. In this town 
    human beings and cyborgs live mixed-in together. Within there lives a "mostly 
    cyborg, tuning and maintenance" cyberne doctor named Ido. 
    One day, he came out of the town and in a mountain of scrap found a cyborg girl 
    asleep for hundreds of years and brought her back to life. That cyborg girl who 
    lost her memory is the heroine of this story.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg4) 
    ￾ ￾ ￾ HOW TO START THE GAME ￾ ￾ ￾
    Press the open button on the Playstation. Put the CD in and turn on the power. 
    The Playstation logo appears, then the Banpresto, Ea, and finally the title 
    screen appears.
    At the title screen you should see a blinking message that says in Japanese:
    When you see this message press <start button>, two choices will appear in the 
    main menu: 
           [START GAME]
    Use the direction pad to select either, then press <circle>. 
           1) GAME START
           When you select [GAME START] you will go to the [LOAD] 
           screen. Please go to page 5 for further instructions.
           2) OPTION
           If you choose [OPTIONS] you will get the following choices:
                           MESSAGE SPEED
                  SLOW [  ][  ][ ￾ ][  ][  ] FAST
                  [STEREO]         [MONO]
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg5)
    If you have a memory card you can save your game. Each game save data uses 1 
    memory card block. You can store a maximum of 3 game saves per memory card. If 
    your character dies during the game you can load in a previously saved game.
    When you enter the [LOAD] screen you should see the following choices:
           [MEMORY CARD 1]
           [MEMORY CARD 2]
    This allows you to start a game at the beginning. After you select it you will 
    get a message asking "Do you want to start a new game?" And the following 
    selections will appear:
           [YES]  or [NO]
    Select the left choice to start an new game.
    2) MEMORY CARD 1
    If you choose [MEMORY CARD 1] you will get a listing of the saved games on that 
           MEMORY CARD 1
               MEMORY CARD 1
           FILE1......[name of file]......[game time]       
           FILE2......[name of file]......[game time]
           FILE3......[name of file]......[game time]
    The name of the file list the place where you saved the game at. The game time 
    lists the total time you've been playing the game. Originally the file name says 
    [NO DATA PRESENT] until you actually save a game. Select an option and press 
    <circle>. After you select a file it will ask you to confirm:
           [YES]  or [NO]
    Select [YES] to load the game.
    3) MEMORY CARD 2
    Uses the same load screen as memory card 1.
    4) CANCEL
    Returns you to the title screen. You can also press <X> to cancel.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg6)
    ￾ ￾ ￾ HOW TO USE THE CONTROLS ￾ ￾ ￾
    The direction pad allows you move your character around.
    R1 is sometimes called the action shift key.
    Select button allows you to switch between normal and battle modes. 
    Start button allows access to the status screen.
           <direction pad>  Moves Gally around the world. In the status
                               window the dpad changes selection.
           <circle>         talk ￾ inquire ￾ choose selection ￾ message 
           <X>              Choose cancel in the status window.
           <R1>             Holding down <R1> while using the Dpad
                               makes Gally run. 
           <R2>             jump
           <start button>   enter status screen (to change equipment,
                               use items, etc.)
           <select button>  turns on battle mode (must register as a
                               hunter-warrior first)
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg7)
    Normal Attacks:
           <direction pad>    Moves Gally around. She will always face
                                 the enemy.
           <circle>           block
           <square>           punch
           <X>                kick
           <R1>               (with d-pad) quick step 
           <R2>               jump
           <R2+DPAD>          big jump 
           <DPAD>(twice)      Pressing twice in any direction changes
                                 Gally's direction.
    Special Attacks:
           <L1>               lock-on to a target
           <L1>               (with d-pad) to switch lock-on to a
                                 different enemy
           <circle, square,   fires missile when locked-on to an enemy.
                  or X>       
           <triangle>         plasma attack (-requires specific bodies only) 
           <start button>     enter status screen (to change equipment, use
                                items, etc.)
           <select button>    turns off battle mode
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg8)
    ￾ ￾ ￾ HOW TO ADVANCE IN THE GAME ￾ ￾ ￾
    This is the satellite view of the area. Places you can go to are represented by 
    red dots. As you play more places (and red dots) appear on the map. You can go 
    to a new place by moving the crosshairs with the direction pad onto the place 
    you want to go to. Press <circle>.
    This is your normal view. It is an overhead view of Gally and her surroundings. 
    In this view you roam around her world, interact with characters, and when 
    necessary fight. There are several readouts on the screen. They are:
    1) Energy Gauge - shows her current amount of health. It is generally in the 
    upper left of the screen. When Gally is attacked she loses energy and the bar 
    inside the gauge shrinks. When she is healthy the bar is green. When she down to 
    about 60% the bar turns yellow and the box around it takes on a yellow tinge. 
    When she reaches a critical level the bar turns red and the box takes on a red 
    tinge. When it reaches zero (all black) she dies. There is a numerical readout 
    to the right of the gauge which shows the exact amount of energy and her maximum 
    2) Plasma Gauge - shows how much plasma she has available. This blue gauge is 
    just below the health gauge. During the game at times Gally obtains a cyborg 
    body capable of "plasma energy" attacks. Performing a plasma attack uses up 
    plasma. The numerical gauge to the right shows her current amount next to her 
    maximum. When Gally is using a non-plasma type body this gauge is not available.
    3) Battle Mode indicator - When Gally is in "battle mode" in the upper right of 
    the screen the words "BATTLE MODE" appears. Gally can only fight when she is in 
    battle mode. However she cannot change weapon, missile or leave the area while 
    in battle mode. Note: she can still change her part(accessory) in battle mode, 
    when she gets them. Also a green triangle appears on the ground in front of 
    Gally indicating the direction she's attacking.
    4) Enemy Gauge - When an enemy is nearby and active, a gauge appears at the 
    bottom of the screen. It is similar to Gally's health gauge. If she is fighting 
    multiple enemies, multiple gauges appear along the screen's bottom. When she has 
    targeted an enemy, its corresponding gauge is highlighted in green and a red 
    circle appears around that enemy.
    5) Missile - In the center of the screen topmost edge appears a picture of the 
    optional missile weapon she has equipped. Below it is a readout showing how many 
    she is carrying.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg9)
    The game begins at Ido's home/clinic. From there you travel around town  talking 
    to people, fighting bad guys, and eventually defeating the boss to get to the 
    next level. 
           1) Ido's Complete Equipment Management and Maintenance - This 
                  is Ido's (and Gally's) home and cyborg clinic. This where 
                  you begin. Here you can rest and rejuvenate yourself when 
                  needed. You can also save your game here. 
           2) Conversation ￾ Information Gathering - Talk with various
                  people around town. Just move Gally near them and press 
           3) Factory 33 - This is wear you can register as a "hunter-
                  warrior," check the wanted list, cash in kills for money,
                  buy items and also save game. You can also enhance Gally's
                  cyborg body here for a fee.
           4) Battle - Enter battle mode and kill, kill, kill.
           5) Boss Battle - defeat your rival. 
           6) Next Development - Go to the next part of the story...
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg10)
    ￾ ￾ ￾ STATUS SCREEN ￾ ￾ ￾
    You access this screen when you hit pause during the game. It is subdivided into 
    several boxed in sections called windows. Going along the left side, at the top 
    there is a "character graphic" of Gally, below which is the "MENU SELECT" 
    window. (I'll explain how to use it in a second.) 
    Along the right side, on the top is Gally's money (in "chips"). Below that, in 
    the center is the big "EQUIPMENT" window. At the bottom of the screen is her 
    The EQUIPMENT window lists different things depending on what choice you make in 
    the menu select window. When you first enter the status screen it translates to 
    the following:
           BODY:              [the cyborg body her head is attached to]
           WEAPON:            [the weapon she is using]
           MISSILE:           [the secondary weapon she has equipped]
           PART:              [the accessory she has equipped]
    Here is the translation of what's in the menu select window:
    You can use the cursor to change selection in the menu select window. The 
    selections available are explained below in more detail:
    ￾ ITEMS - 
    when you select ITEM, this the equipment window lists Gally's inventory. She can 
    carry a maximum of 120 items. (However missile items only take up only one slot 
    each. e.g. 45 molotov cocktails only takes one slot.) She can carry an 
    assortment of health and plasma recharge packs, weapons, missiles, and parts. 
    You can use or equip items here. Use the direction pad and <circle> to select an 
    item. Once you select an item, the top of the equipment window changes to list 
    the following options:
           [USE]     [DISCARD]     [get INFO] 
           You can "use" items at any time even in battle. You can 
           recharge your health, or plasma. Parts can also be changed at any 
           time. But you can only change weapons or missiles when you are 
           not in battle mode. After you select this, you will be asked to 
           [YES] is on the left, [NO] is on the right.
           Be careful. This throws away an item permanently! 
           After you select this, you will be asked to confirm. 
           [YES] is on the left, [NO] is on the right.
           Displays what each item does. In Japanese of course. Or press <X> 
           to get info.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg11)
    ￾ WEAPONS -
    When selected the equipment menu lists just her inventory of weapons. Otherwise 
    it works similar to when you select ITEMS. This option is only available outside 
    of battle mode.
    ￾ MISSILES -
    When selected the equipment menu lists just her inventory of missiles. Otherwise 
    it works similar to when you select ITEMS. Missiles are Gally's secondary 
    weapon. It includes projectiles, guns, and throwable items. This option is only 
    available outside of battle mode. See the translation of page 18 for more info.
    ￾ PARTS -
    When selected the equipment menu lists just her inventory of accessories. 
    Otherwise it works similar to when you select ITEMS. Parts are accessories that 
    increase Gally's abilities. They can raise her maximum energy level, or increase 
    her attack damage. This option IS available in battle mode also.
    ￾ OPTION -
    Almost the same as the option screen at the beginning of the game. You can still 
    select message speed and change sound. However the options for sound are 
    switched [MONO] is now on the left, [STEREO] on the right. Also the next line I 
    couldn't translate. It says something like "maku of battle time 
    ￾ LOAD -
    Sends you to the LOAD screen. (see pg5)
    ￾ RETURN -
    Returns you to the game in progress...
    This window at the bottom of the status screen displays Gally's vital 
    statistics. It lists the following:
           HEALTH: [current level / max]
           PLASMA: [current level / max]
           ATTACK: [attack power]          DEFENSE: [defense strength]
    The window is interactive. As you select an item, weapon or part, the window 
    will show the change (in blue numbers) if you use or equip the item.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg12)
    ￾ ￾ ￾ DECKMEN ￾ ￾ ￾
    A typical deckman looks like a metal cylinder with fat cheeks and lips, and 
    bolts for eyes. Comes with one robot hand. When outdoors they come equipped with 
    a small base with feet. These perform the interface for the Factory and its 
    services. They can let you save, or sell you items, enhance your body or cash in 
    your bounties.
    The authority center of Scrapirontown. Inside there are 6 cylinders, each with a 
    deckman inside. #1 handles game saves, #2 handles hunting results, #3 gives you 
    fighting results, #4 is the items shop, #5 is the weapons shop, and #6 is the 
    cyberne. Cylinders 1, 2, and 3 are on the left side. Cylinders 4, 5, and 6 are 
    on the right. Just walk up to a cylinder and press <circle>. The first cylinder 
    you should go to is cylinder-3. There you can register as a "hunter-warrior." 
    Please see pages 13-15.
    Hunter-warriors are essentially bounty hunters. Check reward listing at FACTORY-
    33. Then go hunt down the criminals and terminate them. Return to Factory-33 to 
    receive cash (in chips) for each kill. There you can also spend your money on 
    weapons, items, or body enhancements.
    Once you register as a hunter-warrior, you can go to Factory-33 and talk to the 
    "netman," the robot in the center of FACTORY-33. It will show you the reward 
    list, a listing of all the criminals wanted by FACTORY-33. It displays their 
    name, height, weight, DNA code, and picture. It also lists the reward for each 
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg13)
    These following pages describe the functions of each FACTORY-33 cylinder.
    1) GAME SAVE
    When you come here you can save your game.  First you will be presented with a 
    window listing the following:
           [MEMORY CARD1]
           [MEMORY CARD2]
    After choosing a memory card, you will be presented with the save screen, which 
    works similar to the load screen. Choose a data slot to save your game. You will 
    see a message asking if you want to save.
           [YES]               [NO]
    After the game saves, press cancel or <X> repeatedly until you return to the 
    You come here to receive cash (in chips) for each enemy you kill. Each enemy 
    type will be listed as well as how many. The total cash will be added to your 
    account listed in the upper right corner. Press <circle> to exit. 
    This deckman will give you a running tally of all the enemies you killed in the 
    game. In order to access this menu, when you first talk to the deckman you have 
    to choose the second reply (the one with the question mark). You can use the 
    direction pad to scroll up and down the list. Press <circle> when done.
    When Gally first comes to FACTORY-33 she must register as a hunter-warrior. Come 
    to Cylinder-3 to register. The deckman will give her a brain bar code and then 
    she can go hunting!
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg14)
    4) ITEM SHOP
    At the item shop you can buy non-weapon items. Basically it sells repair kits 
    which heal Gally, Plasma Supplies which replenish her Plasma levels, or (latter 
    in the game) parts which she can equip to increase her ability in battle.
    The weapon shop offers weapons to increase the damage she can deliver in battle. 
    There are two types of weapons: blades and missiles. Although she can fight very 
    well bare handed, she increases her attack power if she carries some sort of 
    blade or knife. The second type, missiles, includes any throwable item, missile 
    or ammo (guns). Missiles items are one-use only items (except guns which use up 
    ammo). However you can buy as many as you have funds for.
    When using the shop, there are three selections to choose from:
           [BUY]       [SELL]       [EXIT]
           Select "buy" and the store lists what it has to sell and the cost
           of each item. Use the direction pad to scroll down the list.
           Press <circle> to select an item to buy. If the item is a
           missile-type item, then a message will ask you how many do you
           wish to buy.Move the cursor to add or subtract from the quantity. 
           They deckman will then list the price and ask if you wish to 
           purchase the item. 
                         [YES]              [NO]
           Select yes and the item will be placed in your inventory. If it
           is equipable, another message will ask if you want to equip it.
           Select [YES] or [NO] again. Press <X> to exit the buy screen.
           Select "sell" and a list of YOUR items appear. Operating the 
           "Selling" menu is similar to the "buying" menu. Items will sell
           for half the its original cost. Also certain items are not
           Select [YES] or [NO] to confirm sale.
           Select "exit" and press <circle> to leave the menu. You can also 
           press <X>.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg15)
    6) CYBERNE
    The Cyberne can replenish Gally's health and plasma or give her a tune-up. A 
    tune-up increases one of her parameters, either Maximum Health Energy, Attack 
    Power, or Defense Strength. You can see her current stats at the bottom of the 
    HEALTH: [current health]              MAXIMUM HEALTH: [max. health]
    PLASMA: [current plasma level]
    ATTACK: [attack power]                DEFENSE: [defense strength]
    When you first enter the Cyberne, move the direction pad then press <circle> to 
    select one of 3 options:
           [BODY RECOVERY]              [TUNE-UP]              [EXIT]
           BODY RECOVERY 
           This allows Gally to replenish her health or plasma. There are
           two choices:
                  HEALTH ENERGY 
                  Selecting this will restore Gally's health to her maximum. 
                  PLASMA LEVEL 
                  Selecting this will replenish her plasma energy to 
           This will permanently increase the abilities of her 
           current cyborg body. You can have multiple upgrades to each 
           attribute, but the cost of each successive upgrade increases 
           There are three choices:
                  HEALTH TUNE-UP 
                  This increases her maximum amount of health energy. It
                  also replenishes her health to the new maximum and also
                  replenishes her plasma to full too.
                  ATTACK TUNE-UP 
                  Increases the damage she can inflict with her attacks.
                  DEFENSE TUNE-UP 
                  Decreases the damage done by each attack the enemies make.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg16)
    ￾ ￾ ￾ BATTLE MODE ￾ ￾ ￾
           Whether in the local map or in a building, you can change into
           battle mode at any time. But when you switch from normal mode
           into battle mode the controls for movement are different.  Here
           are the explanations for basic movement to combinations.
           ABOUT THE PANZER KUNST (armored arts)
           The Panzer Kunst, an ancient Martian martial art, is achieved by
           only the most advanced of human cyborgs. It is said it is the
           most powerful of fighting techniques.
           R2 + forward             forward flip
           R2 + backward            back flip
           R1 + direction key       step movement
           square                   punch
           X                        kick
           circle                   guard
           R2 button                jump
           direction key twice      change direction
           direction key twice      target change
                  (toward enemy)
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg17)
    Combat is done by mostly two buttons and the direction key.  You can modify her 
    actions by using the <R1> button.
           BARE HANDED
           These are her attacks when bare handed.
           square                     punch
           X                          kick
           forward + square           Spin Elbow
           R1 + square                Hertze Haeon
                                       (circumference crush brunt fist)
           square + X at same time    Hinter Sense (back scythe)
           R1 + X                     Splash Kick
           triangle                     plasma attack
           These are her attacks when equipped with a normal blade.
           square                     cut
           X                          kick
           forward + square           backspin cut
           forward + X                backspin diagonal kick
           R1 + square                Hertza Haeon
           square + X at same time    Hinter Sense (back scythe)
           R1 + X                     Splash Kick
           triangle                   plasma cut
           When using the variation handle of a long blade in hand, it
           allows baton attacks. (Butterfly Damascus Blade)
           square                     double thrust
           X                          kick
           forward + square           Korean Bamboo Cut
           forward + X                backspin diagonal kick
           R1 + square                double cut
           square + X at same time    Hinter Sense (back scythe)
           R1 + X                     Splash Kick
           triangle                   plasma double cut
    When Gally is attacked from behind, rather than turning around and then 
    attacking, she can instead attack backwards. Press the direction key toward the 
    enemy and press <X>. Gally will do a kick attack backwards, then turn around to 
    face the opponent.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg18)
    Use the <L1 button> to launch a missile attack. Hold <L1> to achieve a "lock-
    on". Maintain hold on <L>. Use the direction key to switch the lockon to a 
    different enemy if needed. Press <circle, square or X> to throw a missile. This 
    uses up the missile item. You will need more than one if you plan to attack 
    Some of Gally's cyborg bodies are capable of using plasma attacks. These are 
    powerful attacks that consume plasma energy each time they are used. You must 
    have plasma to do a plasma attack. Use the <triangle button> to make a plasma 
    This releases a burst of energy around Gally. All enemies next to her will be 
    heavily damaged. Press <triangle+ circle> to do a magnetic barrier. This moves 
    consumes Plasma.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg19)
    By timing well and continually pressing the <X> and <square> buttons you can put 
    out a combination. You can also add the <R1> and the direction key to make a 
    colorful combination.
           left punch <square> +
           right punch < square > +
           middle kick <X> +
           backspin diagonal kick <forward+X>
    If Gally blocks immediately before the enemy makes an attack, she can initiate a 
    powerful counter attack. Press <circle> just before the enemy makes an attack. 
    The block will not only stop the attack, it will stun the enemy. As he staggers, 
    quickly press an attack button to initiate her most powerful attack.
           punch button       Wiruherun Haoen 
                                (devastating brunt fist)
           kick button        Doraiforan Sense 
                                (continual whirlpool attack scythe)
           plasma button      Center Bolt
    When attacking and also when moving, using the action button, <R1> will enhance 
    the action. It can add power to an attack or give you a quick movement. While 
    holding <R1> press one of the following buttons:
           movement button    step movement
           punch button       Hertza Haeon
           kick button        Splash Kick
           plasma button      Plasma Sting
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg20)       
    ￾ ￾ ￾ MOTORBALL ￾ ￾ ￾
    It's described as a cross between baseball and motorsports (actually its cyborg 
    professional wrestling with roller derby), it is the entertainment for the 
    inhabitants of Scrapirontown. Players fight their way up through stages to 
    become champion.
    Inside the motorball circuit building there is a gray cylinder with a deckman 
    inside. Go up to him and press <circle>. From there you can enter a game. Or 
    save your data.
    When you begin each Motorball match, you select any stage you have access to. At 
    first you go to stage one. As you clear each stage, you will be given access to 
    the next higher stage. You can also repeat any stage.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg21)
    >From the start of the match you have 180 seconds to eliminate the other players. 
    If you can victory is yours.
           1) In the upper left corner is a energy gauge measuring Gally's 
           health. When it reaches 0 you lose the match.
           2) In the center top is the timer. When it reaches 0 you lose the 
           3) Upper right is the speed indicator.
           4) Enemy Motorballer. Red ring indicates Gally's current target.
           5) Gally, the player's character.
           6) Lower right is the attack level gauge.
    The direction pad moves you around. <X> and <R2> is jump. <square> is attack, 
    <R1> changes target selection. Maneuver Gally near the enemy. Hold the attack 
    button down to build power. Release to attack. Holding too long damages Gally. 
    Defeat all the enemies before the timer runs out to win.
    After the match, you will be returned to your trailer. There you can ask 
    Umba(fat guy in babysling) for a tune up. His services are the same as the 
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg22)
    (Japanese can be translated to in various ways to english. The following names 
    are not misspelled.)
    The Story's heroine. Except for her brain, her cyborg body is completely 
    comprised of machine. Suffering from amnesia, with Ido she starts a new life in 
    Scrapirontown. She uses the Panzer Kunst.
    A cyberne doctor who opens a clinic in Scrapirontown. There, in a neglected 
    scrap storehouse, he succeeded in reviving Gally.
    Comes from Alhambra, a fishing village on the western coast. A master against 
    the cyberne frame, this flesh and blood human is equaled in fighting ability 
    against battle cyborgs.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg23)
    Absolutely the most powerful and therefore called "Emperor,"  he is the Grand 
    Champion of Motorball. Uses the most advanced on earth fighting skill (machine 
    The bounty that no hunter warriors can bring in. In reality he is the "head" 
    only, the body was stolen from someone else.
    The huge cyborg that aspires to burn Zeram to the ground. This being actually 
    resides as part of Nova's son's (Kaos') body. His huge armor self is actually a 
    puppet he manipulates.
    Self styled "professor." This mysterious former citizen exiled from Zeram. He 
    performs experiments on living humans in order tame an individual's "conquest of 
    Karma." This insane genius scientist has created a generation of numerous 
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (pg24) 
    ￾ ￾ ￾ ITEM LIST ￾ ￾ ￾
    Dagger               Double-edged blade, 20cm. 
    Aseimi Knife         Single-edged blade, 18cm. Made from stainless
                         steel made light.
    Kukuri Knife         Uniquely shaped single-edged blade. Long length,
    Damascus Blade       Not for sale. Received latter in the story.
    Esdoc Blade          Forged from Damascus Steel. Esdoc has the blade
                         made for her.
    B-Damascus Blade     Not for sale. Also received latter in the story.
    Bowie Knife          Single-edged, 25cm.
    Cyberball Knife      Sharp single-edged knife.
    Combat Knife         Originally used by the military. A practical knife
                         with a single-edged design.
    Repair Kit           Restores 200 health.
    Hi-Repair Kit        Restores 1000 health.
    Plasma Supply        Restores 100 plasma energy.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------- (p25)
    Molotov Cocktail    Burns enemies. More effective against living-type 
    Electromag.Needle   Discharges three needles per use. Electrifies enemies. 
                        More effective against cyberne -type enemies.
    Ereki Teru             (Electric Light?) Creates a big explosion at a 
                        distance. Electrifies enemies. More effective against 
                        cyberne-type enemies.
    Missile-Bee         Makes possible multiple lock-ons.
    Enkera(Firefly)     Creates a big explosion at a distance.
    Tuned Gun           Once you have a lock-on, you can fire 3 times in 
    Tuned Gun Bullets   The Tuned Gun needs these to fire.
    Commando Parts      Striking power up.
    Shock Absorber      Defense strength up.
    Generator Unit      Maximum Restoration Up.
    Plasma Sub Unit     Reduces plasma consumption.
    Plasma Unit         Largely reduces plasma consumption.
    Clear Sight         Raises missile striking power
    Laser Sight         Speeds lock-on raises missile striking power, 
    That's all the translation. If you want more info, the GunnmFAQ will have more 
    information including a moves list, a complete item list (including items not in 
    the manual), and how to fight the Bosses. I'm also working on a walkthrough that 
    translates alot of the story. If you want either, contact me at 
    NEVERSPAM_thomas7g@hotmail.com. (remove "NEVERSPAM_")
    I would also appreciate any comments or corrections. THANKS

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