Review by odino

Reviewed: 04/25/05

The peak of button bashing gaming

This was the first Track & Field game I had ever played. I have seen people play similar button bashing games in the arcade before but never tried them myself. I wasn't even sure what to expect but the reviews at the time were favourable so I placed the disc into my PS and once it was in, it stayed there for the next few days (or at least until my arms hurt too much).

Gameplay: 10/10
The heart of this game is gameplay. The PS was already getting old and dated but games like this don't need to rely on graphics to deliver. Gameplay of IT&F2000 is spot on and never fails anywhere. Some events could have been altered, some maybe exchanged with better ones like the N64 one has but there are plenty to have fun with. The only downside of this is having to play all of them in Arcade mode, including the less fun ones. The controls are so simple and yet do so much, it's amazing.

Sound: 9/10
That event select beat will stay in your head for a while. I also like the accurate announcer, it's sufficient enough. There are lots of sound effects that are really fun, the seal sound when the weightlifters fail an attempt or the 100m runners make a false start. The sound never feels annoying or boring and all the grunts, athlete noises and announcers are spot on.

Graphics: 8/10
Ye good olde Playstation 1 graphics. They were great a few years ago but now obviously look dated. Yet the game boasts very decent animation and vivid colo(u)rs all around. A few improvements on the characters could be nice but not at the expense of frames per second or other loading times. The game loads very quickly at all times so one shouldn't complain too much.

Overall: 10/10
Don't be fooled by the not-so-perfect scores for sound and graphics, this game is all about gameplay and the pretty good sounds and animated characters add nicely to the overall game. This game is highly recommended as a multiplayer game, but even for single player it can be highly addictive. Too bad there isn't any true sequel yet and with today's games all looking into 3D-shooting to make a quick buck there probably never will be. I was quite disappointing with the PS2 outing of T&F. Perhaps the next-gen consoles will get an updated version with awesome gameplay.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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