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    Merging Guide by Goryus

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 08/05/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                LEGEND OF THE TAMAMAYU:
                                     MERGING GUIDE
      Welcome to the new Jade Cocoon Merging Guide, v2.5.  This time, I've included
    a large and complete section on the poweful GameShark.  Ever wanted to design
    your own minion, from scratch?  The Jade Cocoon Meging Guide tells you how.
      I've also made a massive update to the contributed minions section, and have
    finally completed the Minion List.
       Daniel S.  Congratulations!
    I) Merging
      A) Disclaimer
      B) Version History
      C) About this Guide
          i)   What is Merging?
          ii)  How do I use this Guide?
          iii) Ooops, I found an error...
      D) The Laws of Merging
          i)   An Overview
          ii)  Stats
          iii) Abilities
          iv)  Magic
          v)   Appearance
      E) Making the "Perfect" Minion
      F) Some Pre-Made Minions
          i)   My Minions
          ii)  Submitted Minions
          iii) Special Minions
    II) GameShark Codes
      A) An intro to Hex
      B) Editing Levant
          i) Codes
      C) Editing your Minions
          i) Preface
          ii) Codes
          iii) Example Minion - Jabberwocky
      D) Other Codes
          i) Codes
    III) Appendices
    IV) Credits
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    ---------------------------[A.    Disclaimer       ]---------------------------
         This document was created and maintained by Goryus, the author.  It is 
      the sole property of its author, who bears the copyright and reserves all 
      rights.  It is protected by the "United States Code:  Title 17 - Copyrights", 
      the "Berne Convention for the Protection of Literacy and Artistic Works 
      (Paris Text 1971)", any and all copyright and patent laws applicable and/or  
      International Treaties.  It may not be hosted, used, or displayed without the
      express consent of the Author.
         It may not be altered, edited, or formated, nor may any materials be added
      or removed from this document, without the express written consent of the
      author.  It may not be offered for money and/or compensation (even 
      if profit attempt fails) or offered as a bonus or gift for accessing a web 
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      It must always remain in the English Language.  It will not be translated 
      to any language for any reason whatsoever.  It will not appear in any 
      publication.  This document was in no way intended for commerical, 
      promotional and/or profitable uses.  This guide is limited to personal and 
      private use only.  Any other uses MUST be priorly approved by the author, 
      Goryus <goryus@hotmail.com>.
         If this copyright is trangressed, the violators will face immediate civil 
      and/or criminal penalties to the fullest extent possible.  Any breach of
      copyright (which includes acts of stealing, plagiarism, pirating, uses not
      private and personal, posting without permission, etc.) is considered a 
      felony, and will be punished accordingly.
         For the latest version of all of the Author's guides, check out
    ---------------------------[B.  Version History    ]---------------------------
         - Completed introductionary "About This Guide" section
         - Added "Laws of Merging" section
         - Added advice on constructing the perfect Minion
         - Added a handful a Minions of my own design
         - Began work on the full Minion List
         - Some other miscellaineous stuff
         - Corrected some typos
         - Granted persion to NeoSeeker.com to use this guide
         - Seriously improved "Eternal Corridor" section
         - Updated monster list
         - Added some new abilities I discovered
         - Minor corrections
         - Upadated minion list
         - Added "Submitted Minions" and "Special Minions" sections
         - Granted permission to PSXCodes.com to use this guide
         - Begun work on reverse-engineer of game mechanics
         - Found "Bird of Paradise" (see Sherick and Tweengo)
         - More minor corrections
         - Further aditions to minion list
         - A bunch more pre-made minions!
         - Completed the minion list
         - a bunch more pre-made minions
         - Added a huge section on game sharks
         - granted permission to Heimdal to host this guide
           on his site
    ---------------------------[C.  About this Guide   ]---------------------------
     What is Merging?
         Many people took one look at Jade Cocoon and passed it away as nothing
      more than "another Pokemon ripoff."  Those few of us who were enchanted
      enough by the stellar graphics and smooth gameplay (if a bit discouraged
      about the length and plot) to actually play the game for a couple hours,
      however, discovered just how much deeper than Pokemon this game can go.
         Merging is the process of taking two of your captured monsters, called
      "Minions," and fusing them into one being.  Not only does this affect their
      stats and abilities, but it also completely restructures their physical
      appearance (see section D-v for a more thorough explanation of how).  The
      change in appearance is completely based on which combination of the 171
      Minions are merged, and you can in fact merge five or six different ones
      together to form a Minion that looks the way you desire it to - virtually
      any way imaginable - has all the skills you want, the stat lay out you
      decide is most appropriate for it, and whatever name you want to give
      it.  The draw back?  Its extremely easy to make mistakes: to weaken
      monsters, or to make something so hideously ugly you can't stand to use
      it, for all its power.
         That's what this guide is for.
     How do I use this guide?
         The most important section of this guide, as far as merging goes,
      is the "Laws of Merging" section where I detail the actual mechanics
      behind merging.  While it's by no means necessary to understand them all,
      making an effort to do so can make the difference between a powerful,
      cool looking Minion and a weak lump of clay.
         Once you get a thorough understand of how merging works, you should
      probably experiment: either use one of the pre-made merges I have listed,
      or create one of your own.  Some monsters just tend to look good, no matter
      what you fuse them to, and some are either exceptional due to the layout
      of their stats or the abilities they have, or both.  I have compiled a list
      of Minions that share these characteristics, along with descriptions and
      opinions of each, to help you along (see "Making the Perfect Minion").  I
      highly reccomend using some of them to get yourself started.
         The last part of this guide consists of all the GS codes you'll need
      to build a minion up from scratch.  Read the introduction if you need
      some help understanding it, or email me.  I'm happy to be of service =)
     Oops, I found an error...
         Hey, we all make mistakes, and often me more than others.  If you note a
      typo or some incorrect information somewhere, or if you have some Minions to
      add to the "Pre-Made Merges" section, or just some critique - good or bad -
      please feel free to email me at goryus@hotmail.com.  Looking forward to
      hearing from you.
    ---------------------------[D. The Laws of Merging ]---------------------------
     An Overview
         Alright, down to the good stuff!  In this section, you will find the
      specifics on how merging works, so that you can go ahead and make your very
      own Minion that looks, feels, and plays the way you want it to.  A couple of
      important things of note:
              - The first Minion you select serves as the "base" for the fusion.
                Its behavioral patterns, posture, and method of attack (ramming,
                punching, etc) caries over no matter what it is fused to.
              - NEVER fuse a stronger Minion to a weaker base Minion.  The end
                result is a monster on the level of the stronger one, but with
                the average stats of the two (this is, fortunately, NOT true 
                the other way around).  An interesting quirk of the leveling
                system has it completely rework your HP and MP when you level
                up to where your stat growth says they should be, but sadly
                other stats do not benefit from this.
              - The tint of your Minion's skin is determined wholly by it's
                element, or combination thereof, with Fire being red, Water
                being blue, Earth being green, and Wind being yellow.  So, if
                you want a purple Minion, fuse one Fire Minion with a Water
              - The higher your percentage of a certain element, the more damage
                you do with spells of that element (i.e., monsters that are mostly
                wind do more damage with wind spells than monsters that are mostly
                fire).  If you have no alignment to a given element, spells of
                that element will always do 0.
              - Minions that use poision/sleep/stone attacks are resistant to
                them, and so is anything that is fused to one.  This does NOT
                work with instant death.
              - ALL Minions are equally good, when it comes down to sheer raw
                stats.  The real determining factor is how those stats fit with
                your chosen abilities, and how cool you can look doing so.
         Try and keep these points in mind while reading the rest of the guide.
      They're some of the most important, elemental truths to merging.  Now, to 
      the Laws!
         Merging minions has a rather cursory effect on your stats, but a huge
      one on your stat growth. If you look at your Minions, either from the menu
      screen or while performing Nagi magic, you should note a small grid with
      four labels on it (Attack, Defense*, Speed, Magic) and a large red dot.  It
      is your job to manipulate this dot.
         Stat growth in Jade Cocoon is completely linear, based entirely on the
      position of that red dot.  As you level up, that dot will dictate how much
      better you become, and in what way.  Note that it has little bearing on your
      actual stat, beyond the fact that minions with high attack growths tend to
      have high attack stats (and thus tend to raise the attack of any minion they
      are merged with).
         The behavior of this dot is a little strange.  First off, please note that
      you _cannot_ have both a high Speed growth and Defense growth, or a high 
      Attack growth and Magic growth, as they are on opposite sides of the grid; 
      and that only two of the remaining stat combinations can be 'high.'
      In otherwords, you can have a fast attacker or a defensive magic user, but
      not a fast defensive character or a powerful magic user (that is to say,
      without a GameShark, which can be used to set these growth rates directly).
         The location of this dot, strangely enough, also determines your HP and MP
      stats.  The closer it is to the top of the grid, the higher your HP; and the
      closer to the bottom, the higher your MP.  This corresponds to your Attack
      Magic stats, or seems too, although they are actually slightly different.
         As I said earlier, the behavior of the almighty dot is a little strange.
      Merging two minions averages all their growth rates, but since two parts
      effect each directional location of the dot, it rarely moves quite like
      you'd expect it to.  Be sure to take all the involved growth rates into
      account, or you could suddenly find your attack with tons of defense when
      what you wanted was speed.
         All the different stats are:
              HP:            Ability to take damage
              MP:            Ability to cast spells
              Attack:        Physical Attack Strength
              Defense:       Resistance to physical attacks
              Magic:         Magical attack strength
              Magic Defense: Resistance to magical attacks
              Speed:         How quickly your Minion moves, how well it dodges, and
                             how well it can hit its target.
         If you want to raise a Minion's speed, therefore, merge it with fast
      Minions until its dot is in the Speed quadrant.  After that, merging it to
      other fast Minions will speed it up much faster.  Bear in mind, though, that
      this increase is coming at a cost to your defense stat.
         One other major benefit, stat wise, comes from merging Minions: the base
      Minion recieves the same amount of EXP it would have had it defeated the one
      it absorbed in a battle.  This means that merging two Minions of the same
      level produces one higher, one Minion with one a level lower gets you half
      what you need to level up, 2 levels a fourth, and on with successive powers
      of 2.  This means that you can essentially get the experience for defeating
      a monster twice - once by capturing it, and then again when you merge it.  It
      also allows you to get up to some better silk versions (2 level 24 Minions,
      when spun, get you 2 first snow silks, for a total of 2300 yan.  Merging them
      into a level 25, however, for pearl silk is 3000!).
      *Defense takes into account Magic Defense as 1/4 the location of the dot.
       Defense is another 1/4, and speed is the other 1/2.
         Due to the linear nature of stat growth, all Minions are comparatively
      powerful with each other on the average.  What distinguishes them in power,
      then, is not their stats, but their abilities, of which some are distinctly
      more powerful than others.*
         Your abilities are 'attached' to a certain body part (for instance, a horn
      attack).  They can be either elemental or not, they can have special effects,
      they can have stat modifiers, and they all take up differing amounts of MP.  
      They also overwrite eachother during a merge, if two happen to be in the same
      location.  In this case, the one of the monster being fused to the base
      monster takes precendence.  
         The possible special stat modifiers each can have follows:
              +Critical:       This attack has roughly a 50% chance of criticaling.
              +Accuracy:       This attack cannot miss.*
              +Power:          This attack does about 25% more damage than normal.
      These modifiers latch on to the bodyparts they are associated with (Horn,
      Fang, Claw, Tail, or Foot) and, best of all, stick around unless overwritten
      by another of their kind!  This means that if one Minion has a "Earth Attack"
      on its tail, and you fuse it to one with a +Accuracy modifier on its tail
      (but no elemental, IMPORTANT) you wind up with an Earth Tail Attack with
      +Accuracy.  This is one of the few times it works the same in reverse.
         There is one remaining attribute to special attacks that can make them
      immensely powerful, much more useful than they could ever be otherwise: they
      can, very rarely, have some interesting special effects.  They are:
               Water:          Water Elemental Attack
               Fire:           Fire Elemental Attack
               Wind:           Wind Elemental Attack
               Earth:          Earth Elemental Attack
               Rend Wings:     Lowers the agility of winged Minions
               Break Legs:     Lowers the agility of walking Minions
               Attack All:     Attacks all Enemies
               Drain HP:       You gain life equal to the damage this attack does.
               Drain Mana:     You gain Mana equal to the damage this attack does.
               Destroy Mana:   You gain Mana equal to the damage this attack does.
               Critical:       Enemy is reduced to 1 HP.
               Poison:         Poisons enemy.
               Sleep:          Causes enemy to fall asleep.
               Flesh-to-Stone: Slowly petrifies enemy.
      Whenever you see one of these, grab it up!  Along with +Critical or +Power
      and an elemental bonus, they can quickly allow you to rip through most
      Minions in a single blow!  Please note that, when abilities come into
      conflict, the most recent one always takes precedence.  If something lowers
      your accuracy, the effects of +Accuracy disappear; likewise, if someone
      poisons you and you have the Nagi Belt equipped, you'll lose HP each
      round _and never gain any_.
         Ideally, you want your Minion to have abilities fitting each of the
      five body parts, a modifier on each - my favorite is +Power - and a special
      ability to boot.  This is _not_ easy to do, but well worth the rewards if
      you manage it.  If, in doing so, you've made a completely hideous beastie
      that you would never even consider bringing into battle, never fear.  Check
      out my sections on "Appearance" and "Creating the Perfect Minion."  Remember:
      just because you can't see a horn doesn't mean its not there.  As far as the
      game is concerned, if your third cousins great aunt (twice removed) had a
      horn, so do you.  Just be careful to keep the elemental ratio the way you 
      want it - a wind attack with no wind elemental ratio (or a very small one) is
      a complete waste of 15 MP - it does the same damage as a normal attack.
      * Note that effects never work together in this game.  Anything that lowers
        your accuracy will COMPLETELY negate the effects of +Accuracy for as long
        as it's in effect.
         Magic spells can either be extremely powerful or completely useless, 
      depending on your Magic stat.  Minions with a high Magic stat shouldn't have
      too much trouble tearing Minions of the opposite element apart in one blow,
      providing they have the right spell.
         Magic also has a 100% hit rate, a huge advantage, and MP can be recovered
      both after battles (25%) or during battle by defending (1/4 your level + 3).
      The only problem with heavy magic users is that their HP, of a necessity,
      suffers.  For this reason, I heavily reccomend Speed over Defense for them
      (it's much easier to dodge than to survive with half the HP of your friends).
         There are generally 5 magic spells of each element: one single enemy 
      (weak), one all-enemy (weak), one single enemy (powerful), one Deva spell 
      strengthens that element), and one Status spell.  The only exceptions to this
      are water, which has two healing spells, and Earth, which makes up for the
      lack with two status effect spells.
              Ulvi             (Earth)(Single)(Weak)
              Ulvis            (Earth)(Multi) (Weak)
              Ulvia            (Earth)(Single)(Strong)
              Deva Ulvi        (Earth)(All)   (Enhance)
              Ad Venon         (Earth)(Multi) (Poison)
              Ad Roqua         (Earth)(Multi) (Stone)
              Selahm Venon     (Earth)(Single)(Cure Poison)
              Agni             (Fire) (Single)(Weak)
              Agnis            (Fire) (Multi) (Weak)
              Agnia            (Fire) (Single)(Strong)
              Deva Agni        (Fire) (All)   (Enhance)
              Ad Mumuls        (Fire) (Multi) (Death)
              Malti            (Wind) (Single)(Weak)
              Maltis           (Wind) (Multi) (Weak)
              Maltia           (Wind) (Single)(Strong)
              Deva Malti       (Wind) (All)   (Enhance)
              Ad Slahm         (Wind) (Multi) (Sleep)
              Sel Selahm       (Wind) (Single)(Protect)
              Vahli            (Water)(Single)(Weak)
              Vahlis           (Water)(Multi) (Weak)
              Vahlia           (Water)(Single)(Strong)
              Deva Vahli       (Water)(All)   (Enhance)
              Medina           (Water)(Single)(Heal)
              Medinia          (Water)(Single)(Heal+)
              Selahm           (Water)(Single)(Cure)
      Later in the game, you'll want the Deva, Strong-Single, and all-enemy spells,
      as well as Medin(i)a and Selahm (if you have a water hybrid).
         Unlike abilities, magic isn't "attached" to anything, and you can have
      pretty much the entire spell list on any one minion, if you really want it.
      The Deva spells, which can be obtained from a number of sources, can really
      help, especially if your Minion is quick.  Casting a deva spell and then
      following up with an all enemy or strong magic spell can wipe out entire
      groups of enemies before they get a chance to move.
         Getting your Minions these spells is the easiest part of all mergings:
      merge one without the spell with one, and its got it, no questions asked.
      Watch out, however: like abilities, your alignment with one particular
      element effects the damage you do with these spells.  Vahlia on something
      that has been made pure fire is completely useless.
         One important note: your magic users should really be all one element, or
      they will NOT have the power to kill off enemies as efficiently as your other
      minions using specials will, as the damage the do is multiplied by your %
      alignment to your element (in otherwords, a half-fire user who casts Agni
      only does half damage!).
         Easily the most difficult part of merging is getting the finished product
      to look, not like an amorphous blob, but like something that deserves all the
      time and effort you've put into tuning it _exactly_ how you wanted.  And
      there's a very good reason I saved it for last: because it should be the last
      step in any merging you undertake.
         First off, lets go over exactly _how_ the merging process effects your
      Minion's appearance.  Your minion has 50 slots available for storing other
      minions in.  When you start out, all 50 are set to your minion (call it A).
      If you merge it to a second minion, B, 25 of those slots are changed to B.
      If you then merge in a minion C, 25 more slots are turned into Cs.  After
      three merges, you now have 1/4 of the slots A, 1/4 of the slots B, and the
      rest C.  You also have the posture of the original monster - that never
      changes - and the skin of the newest one, or C.  You can easily see how,
      after four or five mergings, the monster can quickly become completely
        To avoid this, its necessary to do some planning.  The Minion that you have
      merged all this way should be one whose basic form suits what you had in mind
      - that is, you like (more or less) the way it looks, and you want to add
      abilities to it, or you intend to use that form for a purely aesthetic merge.
         Now, once you've finished merging its stats the way you like it, merge the
      product with another of the original (unmodified).  This will restore it to
      almost exactly its previous self, since half the Merge Slots, the Skin, and
      the Posture are now reset to what it was originally.  What few differences
      there are tend to be miniscule, and almost always beneficial anyways.  Now,
      you're safe to merge it with others for appearance.  This may weaken it
      somewhat, but if you're careful it will either not be hurt by it or
      (ideally) actually strengthen it more.  If the base Minion you had started
      with has all its stats in the same area of the grid as the product you
      fought so long for, then merging the original in again will often further
      strengthen your Minion.
         As to what looks good, that's for you to decide.  Anything from the wasp 
      family works well with any non-humanoid (which work poorly with everything).
      Anything from the gore family - most notably the Tergore - have great
      skins, which look incredible on Minions of the appropriate element.  Those
      strange elongated Minions, the Turen, Rainster, Fintan, Bawni, and the like,
      are great for fusing - not only do they have the Deva spells, but they also
      have bodies that tend to slim and elongate whatever you're working with -
      perfect for most lizards, snakes, and insects you might try to make.  And
      if that fails...there is another option.
         You may have noticed that those strange, uncapturable Minions at the end
      of each of the Eternal Corridor's corridors will very rarely drop an item
      with their name attached.  This item is their skin, and it too is used in
         If you completely screw up your Minion, and end with a Minion whose stats
      you like but his appearance you do not, sometimes it can be fixed by a
      quick patching with these skins.  When you're merging two Minions together,
      it should prompt if you want to use one of these skins.  Doing so will
      overwrite the skin of your current Minion with the skin of the appropriate
      boss, once again tinted to match your element.
         Note: it is normally impossible to have something blue that is strong with
      Fire and the color blue.  The closest you can come is purple.  This is true of
      all the other colors, except the yellow-green, earth-wind combination.  Yellow
      doesn't effect the green much, so its quite possible to have something just a
      little Earth and mostly Wind still be a decent green color.  Lastly, these
      special Minion skins will _not_ be tinted, providing your Minion is a pure
         The full list of these skins is as follows:
                      This skin reminds me of a panda's, white and black striped
                  but with a distinct red belly.  It works well with four legged
                  beasties who walk on all fours, and is dropped by the Palooja
                  enemy (the first of those strange, quazi-boss Minions).
                      This skin is actually quite plain, green with brownish-black
                  legs.  It looks OK on Minions of pretty much any color, but
                  hardly phenomenal, and only really on humanoids.  Its dropped
                  by the second of those quazi-bosses, the Ticker.
                      This skin, in part because its made for such a small Minion,
                  doesn't tend to work well with much.  Its a blackish upper half
                  with a bright red underbelly, and that's about all there is to
                  it.  Dropped by the third friendly quazi-boss, the Jeechwo.
                      This skin is either really, really cool, or completely
                  horrible, depending on how garish you want your Minions to be.
                  Bright colors, and a nice leopard-spot kind of pattern.  This
                  one comes from quazi-boss #4, the Kolna.
                      This skin I just don't like, but maybe you'll find a use
                  for it.  Its solid blue with rings of red around the neck and
                  feet.  Timaios, number 5, drops it.
                      Without question my favorite of these skins, the Sicanjal
                  skin provides tiger-stripes for your Minion along with a white
                  underbelly.  Looks good on anything, except some of the most
                  garish humanoids or snakes, or anything that happens to be
                  purple.  Its dropped by the sixth corridor quazi-boss, the
                      Once again, a skin that can be really great or useless. Its
                  basically blue, but it segments your Minions skin into this
                  repeating, hexagonal checkerboard layout.  Good for snakes and
                  (sometimes) really large things, but tends to look silly on
                  most anything else. This is dropped by good ol' 7, the Yolga
                      This skin is good if you're into the undead.  Its light grey
                  with darker grey and black highlights, black eye sockets and a
                  simply _dead_ look.  It is dropped by the annoying Klarrgas quazi
                  boss, numero 8.
         In addition to your Minion's appearance changing based on merges, it
      also changes as you level up.  In general, this seems pretty straight forward
      - for most Minions, they just get bigger.  However, that's not exactly what
      happens, and this can lead to some slight problems on down the line.
         Specifically, the size of each "part" of the body grows at a certain,
      fixed rate, much like the various "parts" of the body are averaged in a
      merging.  This means that some Minion's horns grow really fast, or their
      legs do, or even their jaws or claws.  A Minion that looks really
      cool on level 2 can look exagerrated or distorted on level 20.  There are
      only a couple of ways to combat this.
         The first, and most obvious method of combatting this problem, is simply
      to merge the problem Minion with one with a small attribute.  Protruding jaw?
      No problem.  Merge it to something without a jaw, and BAM!  That protrusion
      has shrunk down to half its original size.  The real problem that arises
      from this is that it has the tendency to completely destroy your Minion's
      carefully crafted appearance.
        The second, and much more difficult, way of countering this phenomenon is
      based around planning.  When creating your Minions, make sure that no two
      attributes overlap too much - in other words, don't merge two things with
      huge horns, or jaws, or feet.  Instead, try to find some combinations that
      blunt the exagerrated charateristics of one another (try some of my pre-
      made Minions, if you want some decent examples).  The less exaggerated your
      Minion appears on its first appearance, the less exaggerated it will appear
      with age.
    ---------------------------[E. The Perfect Minion  ]---------------------------
        This section is a simple, straight forward set of guidelines for merging
      Minions, along with some miscellaineous stuff that did not fit above.  If
      you've read the above and know how merging works, then hopefully this will
      allow you to better apply it.
              - The ideal Minion has 5 abilities, 4 spells, and a stat layout that
                works with them.  If you want an attacker, you're going to want
                abilities with +Critical and +Power, some elemental and some not,
                and some of them specials (Like Drain and Attack-All).  If, 
                however, you want to be a magic user, you'll want at the least the
                third attack spell, the all-attack spell, and the appropriate deva
                spell for your element.  If you're water elemental, make _sure_
                that you have medina.  It is, hands down, the most useful spell in
                the game.
              - The best minions in the game, hands down, for merging are the sets
                found as second-to-last and last in the monster list.  The former
                are little, weird looking dog things with curly tails, and a FULL
                ability list (physical abilities).  The latter look like the Shee,
                Fal, Shulia, and Anash, but run away from you in the corridor.
                They also have a FULL ability list (with "magical" abilties).
              - Some good Minions for abilities are: the Rainster, Fintan, Bawni,
                and Turen, all of the goat family, the spiders, the three-headed
                flying dragon family (Surprise!), and (best of all) the small,
                barrel type enemies, the best of which are the Paras.  For the
                most part, these also make a minimal impact on your form - at the
                least, a minimal _negative_ impact.
              - Some monsters you might consider for stat boosting: the goat family
                (if you noticed them above, you're probably realizing just how good
                these tend to be), the Sag family (for magic), the Paras (Speed,
                Power, and killer abilities.  YOU WANT THESE!), or the Todon family
                (for defense).
              - Some Minions you might consider using for appearance: the Wasp
                family, the Alco family (birds), the Dreg or Frayd family (dogs),
                the Gore family (dragons), the elongated Rainster, Fintan, Bawni,
                and Turen, and the cute little Paras (again!).
              - The stat layout you pick for your Minion is extremely important.
                Make sure it compliments the _abilities_ you've also given them,
                or you'll find your Minion severely weakened.  Make sure you don't
                max something's attack and then try and use its Magic! =)
              - Far and away, the most important part of merging is the ability
                and magic sets of that Minion, appearance aside.  _These should
                be your first priority_.  Since, as I mentioned earlier, stat
                growth is completely linear, the _only_ thing that makes one
                Minion better than another is the abilities and spells that it
              - As a general rule, Minions look best when merged with those
                similar to them in appearance.  I realize that this sounds somewhat
                inane, but its important to remember: fusing flying things with
                walking things, or (worst of all) humanoids or barrel-types with
                most things creates a hideous monstrosity.
              - A monster that looks great red probably looks horrible blue.  If
                you have a Minion whose shape is fine, but you hate the skin, try
                the same combination with a different element.
              - In the merging screen, hit O to view the finished product after
                having selected both Minions.  DON'T FORGET THIS!  It'll save you
                countless resets.
              - Are you reading this guide somewhere other than GameFAQs.com,
                NeoSeeker.com, www.webspawner.com/users/cocoonworld, or
                PSXCodez.com?  If so, please email me and let me know where.
                The people hosting this guide are ripping me off.  I can be
                reached at goryus@hotmail.com.
    ---------------------------[E.Some Pre-Made Minions]---------------------------
     My Merges 
      Element: Earth
      Basic Merge: Terwasp + Turen + Tergore
      Stat type: Average or Power+Speed
      Description: No, nothing to do with the ridiculous looking "Manty"
                   enemies.  This really looks like a giant preying mantis,
                   and is easily one of my favorite merges.
      Abilities: Comes with Earth Tail Attack, Ulvis, and Deva Ulvi.
                 try merging the original Terwasp with some Terparas for
                 a great Earth Horn Attack +Critical (as well as upping its
                 attack/speed), or possibly something with stoning or
                 poisoning potential.  The Tuloon has an absolutely
                 _phenomenal_ non-elemental foot attack that hits all
                 enemies; consider using that, as well.
      Other types of merges: Try swapping the Terwasp or Turen with the
                 Skawasp or Fintan.  This creates a Minion that looks very
                 similar, but is half wind elemental.  Also, if you're a
                 little low on Minions, just Terwasp and Tergore will give
                 you a Minion that's just a bit stubbier, whose wings are
                 shorter and lacks Deva Ulvi.  Still looks cool, though.
      Element: Water
      Basic Merge: Fal + Amasag
      Stat type: High Magic/Speed
      Description: Looks like...well, like a Kraken.  Big blue head with
                   eight long tentacles hanging down.  Attacks with front
                   two tentacles, and casts powerful magic.
      Abilities: Comes with a water-attack, a Fang Attack +Accuracy, and
                 the Ulvia spell.  Consider merging it with a mukhambu or
                 the Kamra Minion, the former for Magic and Medina and the
                 latter for Selahm.  Rainsters can supply Deva Vahli.
      Other types of merges: Try swapping the two Minions with their
                 equivalents in color, or two that are complementary to
                 each other.  Fire and wind, and wind and earth, both work
                 well.  If you don't like the end result, just merge one
                 more Fal into it.  You also might want to try the Yolga,
                 Kolna, and Sicanjal skins, although I prefer it as it is.
      Element: Wind
      Basic Merge: Hackaroo + Hiralco/Skalco
      Stat type: High Attack/Speed
      Description: Little dog looking thing with wings, a beak, and the
                   absolute perfect Griffon skin.  Has a nice high Attack
                   and speed, and is yellow-brown in color.
      Abilities: Comes with a Wind Tail Attack, and the Ulvi, Ulvis, and
                 Deva Ulvi spells.  Consider throwing in a Skapara for more
                 speed/attack and a great Wind Tail Attack +Critical.
      Other types of merges: Try the Dreg and Frayd families with the
                 Skalco, and pretty much anything else on four legs.  You
                 may want to fuse in one of the Barrel-trype Minions for
                 a more puffy, Griffon-like chest.
      Element: Water
      Basic Merge: Arpatron + Radgore + Sicanjal Skin
      Stat type: Average
      Description: Looks similar to the Arpatron but sits up further.  Has
                   tiger stripes coming down in exactly the same pattern the 
                   Sicanjal does, and is just plain cool besides.
      Abilities: Comes with a Water Horn Attack, a Water Claw Attack, and the
                 Vahli and Vahlis spells.  Try merging in a Kamra for Selahm
                 and Medina, and a Dogpara for +Critical to that horn attack.
                 Also, the water version of the Oo family (Ankoo, Mulgoo, etc)
                 has a phenomenal foot attack.  The Rainster Minion offers
                 Deva Vahli.
      Other types of merges: Try merging a Kamra right after the Arpatron but
                 before the Radgore to make it sit up further.  Also try it
                 without the Sicanjal Skin - still doesn't look half bad,
                 does it?
      Element: All
      Basic Merge: (Yorlk + Ohzay) + (Aiona + Yates)
      Stat type: Average
      Description: Looks like a regular spider with a different color.
                   Also attacks the same. (Don't worry, read on)
      Abilities: Comes with Ad Mumuls, ad Roqua, ad Venon, and ad Slahm.
                 Resistant to poison, stone, and sleep, and able to kill off
                 entire enemy groups with instant death.
      Other types of merges: Try merging something with big, thick legs
                 into the equation to thicken the legs and maybe make it
                 bigger, more tarantula like.  I found I liked the Ticker
                 skin on it, as well.
      Element: Fire
      Basic Merge: Patadon + Patdreg
      Stat type: High Attack/Defense
      Description: Looks like a large, armor-plated humanoid w/horn.
                   Attacks by swinging fist violently.
      Abilities: Comes with a Fire Horn Attack and a Fire Claw Attack
                 +Power, as well as the basic Agni spell.  Consider merging
                 in a Patapara to add +Critical to that Horn attack, and a
                 Jitamble for Deva Agni.  A Yorlk will give it instant
                 death capability, as well.
      Other types of merges: Try adding one of the seven special skins to
                 get rid of that armor on the back, or merging it with a
                 Jitamble after the Patdreg (although this makes it look
                 a little less Ogre-ish).  This works in any element, but
                 looks best as red and green.  You also might want to try
                 the Patlchu ot Pateeb enemies, which look much the same
                 but less bulky.
     Submitted Merges 
      Element: Fire
      Basic Merge: Jirahl + Spiral + Klarrgas Skin
      Stat type: High Attack/Speed
      Description: A taller, more slender version of the goat-men.  Very evil
                   because he appears to be a skeleton with horns.  Attacks by
                   spinning around and kicking his enemy.
      Abilities: At least two of the "special" attacks and Ad Mumuls and Ad Slahm
                 (if you merged this with spiders earlier).  Put them to sleep,
                 instant death, rinse, repeat.
      Other types of merges: Try getting a creature with the spells Sel Selahm,
                 Selahm, and Medina into the mixture.  That way you can put them
                 to sleep, heal, recover MP, and then go back at it.
      Element: Fire
      Basic Merge: (Patbaran + Yoalk) + (Patdred + Swav) + ((Patdreg + Swav) +
                   Patbaran) + Spiral
      Stat Type: Attack/Speed
      Description: A distorted, reddish Goat-man with a distinctly demonish
      Abilities: Comes with Agnia, Ad Mumuls, Deva Agni, a Fire Horn attack,
                 a Fire Fang Attack +Power, and a Rend Wings Tail Attack.
      Other types of merges: try merging with a Bauback and a Uglam, and then
                 once more with a spiral, to enhance the ability list
      Hell Hound
      Element: Fire
      Basic Merge: Patbaran + Any of the lizard-types
      Stat Type: Speed
      Description: a sleek looking dog minion that resembles a demonic mutt.
                   Purely aesthetic.
      Abilities: Agnis, varying with the lizard type you choose.
      Other Types: if you have a four legged minion, consider using this
                   combo to re-work its appearance once you've achieved
                   the balance you've been looking for.
      Death Angel
      Element: Air
      Basic Merge: Marrdreg + (Doghambu + (Maskhira + Hiralco) + Maskhira)
      Stat Type: Defense/Attack
      Description: Dog-type minion with wings.  Consider heavily using one
                   of the special skins, though...
      Abilities: Malti, Maltis, Maltia, Deva Malti, Sel Selahm, Ad Selahm
                 Wind Horn Attack +Accuracy, Wind Fang Attack, and a Wind
                 Tail Attack
      Other types of merges: try merging in an Uglam for both sorcerous
                 potential and appearance.
      Element: Earth
      Basic Merge: Terfrayed + Riggu + Teralco + Rugdogle + Tergrip
      Stat Type: Defense
      Description: horribly distorted, green, four legged critter with
                   wings and a whole host of abilities.  Aesthetic appeal
                   varies with taste.
      Abilities: ?
      Other types of merges: Suggested that you use Berbansa, Bauback,
                   Spiral, and Turen, to further distort the appearance
                   and enhance the abilities.
      Neon Demon
      Element: Earth
      Basic Merge: Radgore + ((Tergore + Terfrayd) + (Patawasp + Patalchu))
      Stat Type: Average
      Description: dark blue, with bright yellow wings, claws, teeth, and
                   pupils. His yellow pupils have a bright red ring around
                   it and a white pattern on its back where it's wings would
                   be if the were held tight against it.
      Abilities: ?
      Other Types of Merges: None given; try different elemental combinations.
                   Any of them should work.
      Element: Fire 
      Merge: (Patawasp + Yates) + (Wardon + Karn) 
      Stat Type: Attack/Magic/Speed 
      Description: Looks like a Patawasp with long slender arms and a neck that
                 barely visible. Has forest green skin patterned with neon red,
                 a violet underside and violet wings. 
      Abilities: Horn and Fang Fire Attack, Tail Critical, and Foot.
               Magic includes Agni, Agnis, Ad Mumuls, and Deva Agni. 
      Other types of merges: Use any elemental equivalents. The looks on this
               guy are just awesome. 
      Byre Belly
    Element: Fire 
      Merges: (Bauback + Frigg) + Critter(see above) 
      Stat Type: Attack/Magic/Mana 
      Description: Looks like a Bauback with Karn's skin. Cool and cute at the same
      Abilities: What I love about Bauback and its relatives is that it's stats are
               full from the get-go. Byre Belly comes equipped with a plain Fire
               attack as well as one with Power, Accuracy, and Critical. Also has
               a foot attack and all the fire spells. 
      Other types of merges: Same as Critter's. Stick with the same minions.
      Element: Wind 
      Merges: (Shulia + Tagosag) + (Nevan + Skash) 
      Stat Type: Magic/Mana/Speed 
      Description: Very tall Shulia with Skash skin but STILL NO HORN! 
      Abilities: Absorb Mana and two plain Wind Attacks. All the wind attack spells
               and Ad Slahm. 
      Other types of merges: Try adding another Tagosag or two for a less round and
               more curvy minion. 
      Element: Wind 
      Merges: (Arvalzak + Ankoo) + (Skagrip + Telma) 
      Stat Type: Speed/Attack 
      Description: Very FAT goat man with violet skin patterned with neon yellow.
                   His horn resembles a party favor hat. For a good laugh at his
                   obesity, use a normal attack ^_- 
      Abilities: Rend Wings + Accuracy, a Tail Wind Attack, and a powerful Foot
                 Attack. Also has Malti, Sel Selahm, and Deva Malti. 
      Other types of merges: You can try slimming him down with more Telma's or
                 beef him up even more with more Skagrip + Telma mixes. 
      Element: Earth 
      Merges: Karro + (Karro + Sgaj) 
      Stat Type: Average 
      Description: Looks like a Shee with dark blue eyes and red trim. 
      Abilities: Destroy Mana, Absorb Mana, Critical, Absorb HP, and Foot. Also has
                 Ulvi and Ad Roqua. This guy is an ass-kicker's dream come true. 
      Other types of merges: Try adding some Shee/Karro + Morisag mixes for more
               curves and higher Magic Attack. 
    Valkyrie Dreg
    Element: Fire
    Merges: ((Teralco + Terfrayd) + Swav) + Patdreg
    Stat Type: Average 
    Description: Looks like a Shee with dark blue eyes and red trim. 
    Abilities: Destroy Mana, Absorb Mana, Critical, Absorb HP, and Foot. Also has
               Ulvi and Ad Roqua. This guy is an ass-kicker's dream come true. 
    Other types of merges: Try adding some Shee/Karro + Morisag mixes for more
               curves and higher Magic Attack. 
     Special Merges
      Element: Fire
      Basic Merge: (Tereeb + Termole) + ((Tergore + Tergrip) + Teralco)
      Stat type: High Magic/MP
      Description: Oddly colored, giant bird with a large beak.  Looks absolutely
                   hideous (and not in the good sense).  Decent magic user.
      Abilities: Comes with Rend Wings and Fang Attack +Accuracy for abilities.
                 Also has Agnia and Ad Mumuls.  Consider heavily merging it to
                 add in Deva Agni and Agnis to the mix.
      Other types of merges: Any element of any of the above will produce this
                 special minion, as long as the belong to the same families.
      Element: Water
      Basic Merge: ((Nevan + Oajin) + Skumole) + (Skaeeb + Mafrayd)
      Stat type: High Power/HP
      Description: Brightly colored crab.  Unlike the Mole family, it has six
                   legs and pinsirs.  Looks a lot better with a different skin,
                   and has a shape that works well with most merges.
      Abilities: Comes with NO spells, but a number of abilities: Horn Water
                 Attack, Fang Attack +Critical, Claw Attack +Power, Tail Attack
                 +Accuracy, Foot Attack-All Enemies.  Consider a Dogpara to add
                 +Critical to that horn attack, or use this thing to turn any
                 physical attackers into powerhouses.
      Other types of merges: Any element of any of the above will produce this
                 special minion, as long as the belong to the same families.
        ___________  ___________
       /____  ____/ /____  ____/
           / /          / /
          / /          / /
     ____/ /____  ____/ /____  __
    /__________/ /__________/ /_/
    ---------------------------[A.  An Intro to Hex    ]---------------------------
         If you want to use a GameShark (or a similar tool) and make good use of
      these codes, you're going to have to know something about Hex.  Hex (short
      for Hexadecimal) is basically another way of counting.
         You probably learned, way back when, that 24 means 2 tens + 4 ones.  124
      is 1 hundred + 2 tens + 4 ones.  Looked at another way, that's (1 * 10^2) +
      (2 * 10^1) + (4 * 10^0).  That's why we call it "base ten" or "the decimal
      system" - each new digit you add is bigger by a factor of 10.
         Hex is base 16.  124 in hex does NOT mean the same thing it does
      "normally."  124 in hex is (1 * 16^2) + (2 * 16^1) + (4 * 16^0), or 292 in
      base 10!
         Now, start counting normally, starting with 0, and stopping just before
      you hit 10.  That number set, 0-9, are the ten digits you have access to in
      base 10.  So what happens when you change to base 16?  You have to add new
      numbers!  Prepare to learn and entirely new way of counting.  After you hit
      9, instead of going to 10 (one-zero), you switch to letters.  So, counting
      in hex, you'd go like so: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F.
      A is 10, B is 11, C is 12, etc.  After F comes 10 all the way to 1F, then
      20 all the way to 2F, etc.
         I realize that, if you're new to this, all this probably seems awfully
      confusing.  I suggest you go back and read that over again a couple more
      times if you didn't fully understand it, and test yourself with these
          B0 = ?
         1FF = ?
         What comes after DE?
         And what comes after that?
      Now, for the easy way.  Click Start->Program Files->Accessories->Calculator,
      and set it on scientific mode.  Click the radio button for decimal, and type
      the number you want converted to hex.  Click the radio button for hex, and
      voila!  Easy hex-to-decimal-and-back-again conversions.
          Now, onto memory locations.  Computers use what are called "variables"
      to keep track of important information.  These "variables," or "values that
      can vary," are stored in your computer's memory.  What a GameShark does is
      to change those stored values, replacing them with whatever you tell it to.
      The first part you enter of a GS code specfies WHERE you're looking at.  The
      second part says what you want to put there.  When the game goes and checks
      what that value was again, it sees whatever you put there - instead of what
      it should have been.
          As an example, say you have a 10 HP.  That's stored in a variable.  If
      you level up and gain 5 HP, it changes what it stored to 15.  Now, you with
      your GameShark come along, and replace that 15 with a 999.  It gets into
      battle, checks your HP, and finds...999, which it then displays on screen.
          Lastly: why use hex at all?  Wouldn't it be easier just to do it in
      base 10?  Yes, it would, but there are a number of good reasons for doing
      this in hex.  The first is that programmers don't WANT you messing with
      their games, and your average lay-person doesn't know anything at all
      about hex.  Complexitity is, sometimes, a programmer's friend.  The other
      major reason is that computers operate in base 2, or the "binary" system.
      Since 16 is 2^4, it's very, very easy to convert back and forth between
      the two, which makes it run very fast.
    ------------------------------[B. Editing Levant ]-----------------------------
    These two codes have the effect both of determining Levant's current status,
    and of physically changing his graphic around.  Even outside of battle, the
    poisoned flag turns him green and the stoned flag turns him gray.
      8008BD38 000n     isPoisoned
      8008BD39 000n     isStoned
    These codes will set his HP.  Replace the "nnn"s with hex numbers.  Max is
    3E7 (999).
      8008BD40 0nnn     Current HP
      8008BD41 0nnn     Max HP
      8008BD42 0nnn     Max HP
      8008BD43 0nnn     Max HP
    These codes allow you to change Levants name.  Use the "Character Digits"
    section of the appendix, and replace the "nn"s with the number for the letter
    you want.
      8008BD47 nn00     Hero's Name 1st Char
      3008BD48 00nn     Hero's Name 1st Char
      3008BD49 00nn     Hero's Name 2nd Char
      3008BD4A 00nn     Hero's Name 3rd Char
      3008BD4B 00nn     Hero's Name 4th Char
      3008BD4C 00nn     Hero's Name 5th Char
      3008BD4D 00nn     Hero's Name 6th Char
      3008BD4E 00nn     Hero's Name 7th Char
      3008BD4F 00nn     Hero's Name 8th Char
      3008BD50 00nn     Hero's Name 9th Char
      3008BD51 00nn     Hero's Name 10th Char
    Here you'll find the codes for messing around with Levant's equipment.  Check
    out the appendix for the appropriate replacements for all the different pieces.
      8008BD53 nn00     Weapon modifier
      3008BD54 00nn     Weapon modifier
      3008BD55 00nn     Armor modifier
      3008BD56 00nn     Accessory modifier
      8008BD56 00nn     Accessory modifier
    And last but not least, we have levant's stat modifiers.  Replace the "nn"s
    with hex numbers to set them.  Max is 63 (99), except for level, which can
    reach all the way to FF (255, Developer).
      8008BD63 nn00     Attack modifier
      3008BD64 00nn     Attack modifier
      3008BD65 00nn     Defense modifier
      3008BD66 00nn     Magic Attack modifier
      3008BD67 00nn     Magic Defense modifier
      8008BD68 00nn     Speed modifier
      3008BD68 00nn     Speed modifier
      8008BD7B nn00     Level modifier
      3008BD7C 00nn     Level modifier
    -------------------------[C. Editing Your Minions ]----------------------------
         Yes!  Straight to you from Goryus: how to build your own minion, from
      scratch.  Below you will find the codes for specifying your minion's
      appearance, behaviour patterns, stats, growth rates, abilities, name,
      and even its history.  Any questions?  Mail them to goryus@hotmail.com.
    Messing with these will purge (delete) your minion.
      3008BEF8 nnnn     Minion purge
      3008BEF9 nnnn     Minion purge
    Both of these codes use the minion list at the bottom.  The first sets the
    posture of your minion - how it sits, casts spells, and attacks.  The second
    changes the skin that's rapped around it.
      3008BEFA 00nn     Posture modifier
      3008BEFB 00nn     Minion skin modifier
    These codes edit the names of the minions in your family tree.  You'll
    need to use the "Character Digits" section at the bottom to specify which
    letters you want in each position.
      Family Name 1
      3008BEFC 00nn     First Family tree name, 1st char
      3008BEFD 00nn     First Family tree name, 2nd char
      3008BEFE 00nn     First Family tree name, 3rd char
      3008BEFF 00nn     First Family tree name, 4th char
      3008BF00 00nn     First Family tree name, 5th char
      3008BF01 00nn     First Family tree name, 6th char
      3008BF02 00nn     First Family tree name, 7th char
      3008BF03 00nn     First Family tree name, 8th char
      3008BF04 00nn     First Family tree name, 9th char
      3008BF05 00nn     First Family tree name, 10th char
      Family Name 2
      3008BF08 00nn     Second Family tree name, 1st char
      3008BF09 00nn     Second Family tree name, 2nd char
      3008BF0A 00nn     Second Family tree name, 3rd char
      3008BF0B 00nn     Second Family tree name, 4th char
      3008BF0C 00nn     Second Family tree name, 5th char
      3008BF0D 00nn     Second Family tree name, 6th char
      3008BF0E 00nn     Second Family tree name, 7th char
      3008BF0F 00nn     Second Family tree name, 8th char
      3008BF10 00nn     Second Family tree name, 9th char
      3008BF11 00nn     Second Family tree name, 10th char
      Family Name 3
      3008BF14 00nn     Third Family tree name, 1st char
      3008BF15 00nn     Third Family tree name, 2nd char
      3008BF16 00nn     Third Family tree name, 3rd char
      3008BF17 00nn     Third Family tree name, 4th char
      3008BF18 00nn     Third Family tree name, 5th char
      3008BF19 00nn     Third Family tree name, 6th char
      3008BF1A 00nn     Third Family tree name, 7th char
      3008BF1B 00nn     Third Family tree name, 8th char
      3008BF1C 00nn     Third Family tree name, 9th char
      3008BF1D 00nn     Third Family tree name, 10th char
      Family Name 4
      3008BF20 00nn     Fourth Family tree name, 1st char
      3008BF21 00nn     Fourth Family tree name, 2nd char
      3008BF22 00nn     Fourth Family tree name, 3rd char
      3008BF23 00nn     Fourth Family tree name, 4th char
      3008BF24 00nn     Fourth Family tree name, 5th char
      3008BF25 00nn     Fourth Family tree name, 6th char
      3008BF26 00nn     Fourth Family tree name, 7th char
      3008BF27 00nn     Fourth Family tree name, 8th char
      3008BF28 00nn     Fourth Family tree name, 9th char
      3008BF29 00nn     Fourth Family tree name, 10th char
      Family Name 5
      3008BF2C 00nn     Fifth Family tree name, 1st char
      3008BF2D 00nn     Fifth Family tree name, 2nd char
      3008BF2E 00nn     Fifth Family tree name, 3rd char
      3008BF2F 00nn     Fifth Family tree name, 4th char
      3008BF30 00nn     Fifth Family tree name, 5th char
      3008BF31 00nn     Fifth Family tree name, 6th char
      3008BF32 00nn     Fifth Family tree name, 7th char
      3008BF33 00nn     Fifth Family tree name, 8th char
      3008BF34 00nn     Fifth Family tree name, 9th char
      3008BF35 00nn     Fifth Family tree name, 10th char
      Family Name 6
      3008BF38 00nn     Sixth Family tree name, 1st char
      3008BF39 00nn     Sixth Family tree name, 2nd char
      3008BF3A 00nn     Sixth Family tree name, 3rd char
      3008BF3B 00nn     Sixth Family tree name, 4th char
      3008BF3C 00nn     Sixth Family tree name, 5th char
      3008BF3D 00nn     Sixth Family tree name, 6th char
      3008BF3E 00nn     Sixth Family tree name, 7th char
      3008BF3F 00nn     Sixth Family tree name, 8th char
      3008BF40 00nn     Sixth Family tree name, 9th char
      3008BF41 00nn     Sixth Family tree name, 10th char
    These positions determine the current appearance of your minion.  Use the digits
    from the Minion list at the bottom to specify which one you want in each slot.
    The more slots are set to any given minion, the closer its appearance will come
    to that one.
      3008BF42 00nn     Merging Slot 1
      3008BF43 00nn     Merging Slot 2
      3008BF44 00nn     Merging Slot 3
      3008BF45 00nn     Merging Slot 4
      3008BF46 00nn     Merging Slot 5
      3008BF47 00nn     Merging Slot 6
      3008BF48 00nn     Merging Slot 7
      3008BF49 00nn     Merging Slot 8
      3008BF4A 00nn     Merging Slot 9
      3008BF4B 00nn     Merging Slot 10
      3008BF4C 00nn     Merging Slot 11
      3008BF4D 00nn     Merging Slot 12
      3008BF4E 00nn     Merging Slot 13
      3008BF4F 00nn     Merging Slot 14
      3008BF50 00nn     Merging Slot 15
      3008BF51 00nn     Merging Slot 16
      3008BF52 00nn     Merging Slot 17
      3008BF53 00nn     Merging Slot 18
      3008BF54 00nn     Merging Slot 19
      3008BF55 00nn     Merging Slot 20
      3008BF56 00nn     Merging Slot 21
      3008BF57 00nn     Merging Slot 22
      3008BF58 00nn     Merging Slot 23
      3008BF59 00nn     Merging Slot 24
      3008BF5A 00nn     Merging Slot 25
      3008BF5B 00nn     Merging Slot 26
      3008BF5C 00nn     Merging Slot 27
      3008BF5D 00nn     Merging Slot 28
      3008BF5E 00nn     Merging Slot 29
      3008BF5F 00nn     Merging Slot 30
      3008BF60 00nn     Merging Slot 31
      3008BF61 00nn     Merging Slot 32
      3008BF62 00nn     Merging Slot 33
      3008BF63 00nn     Merging Slot 34
      3008BF64 00nn     Merging Slot 35
      3008BF65 00nn     Merging Slot 36
      3008BF66 00nn     Merging Slot 37
      3008BF67 00nn     Merging Slot 38
      3008BF68 00nn     Merging Slot 39
      3008BF69 00nn     Merging Slot 40
      3008BF6A 00nn     Merging Slot 41
      3008BF6B 00nn     Merging Slot 42
      3008BF6C 00nn     Merging Slot 43
      3008BF6D 00nn     Merging Slot 44
      3008BF6E 00nn     Merging Slot 45
      3008BF6F 00nn     Merging Slot 46
      3008BF70 00nn     Merging Slot 47
      3008BF71 00nn     Merging Slot 48
      3008BF72 00nn     Merging Slot 49
      3008BF73 00nn     Merging Slot 50
    These codes will change the element of the monsters listed in the family tree.
    00 = none; 01 = fire; 02 = air; 04 = earth; 08 = water.  To get multiple
    elements, add them together (For instance, 01 + 02 = 03, fire & air).
      3008BF74 nnnn     Elemental modifier, first Family tree
      3008BF75 nnnn     Elemental modifier, second Family tree
      3008BF76 nnnn     Elemental modifier, third Family tree
      3008BF77 nnnn     Elemental modifier, fourth Family tree
      3008BF78 nnnn     Elemental modifier, fifth Family tree
      3008BF79 nnnn     Elemental modifier, sixth Family tree
    These codes edit some basic stats.  Replace the "n"s with hex numbers to set
    them.  In the case of duplicates, the lower ones have the greatest impact, while
    the higher up ones have the least.
      8008BF82 nnnn     Experience modifier
      8008BF83 nnnn     Current HP
      8008BF84 nnnn     Current HP
      8008BF85 nnnn     Current HP
      8008BF86 nnnn     Max HP
      8008BF87 nnnn     Max HP
      8008BF88 nnnn     Current Mana
      8008BF89 nnnn     Current Mana
      8008BF8A nnnn     Max Mana
      8008BF8B nnnn     Max Mana
    These codes will set your Minion's name.  Use the "Character Digits" section to
    specify which letters you want in each position.
      3008BF8C nnnn     Minion name, 1st char
      3008BF8D nnnn     Minion name, 2nd char
      3008BF8E nnnn     Minion name, 3rd char
      3008BF8F nnnn     Minion name, 4th char
      3008BF90 nnnn     Minion name, 5th char
      3008BF91 nnnn     Minion name, 6th char
      3008BF92 nnnn     Minion name, 7th char  
      3008BF93 nnnn     Minion name, 8th char
      3008BF94 nnnn     Minion name, 9th char
      3008BF95 nnnn     Minion name, 10th char
    These codes will directly edit your minions stats.  Replace the "nn"s with hex
    numbers.  Note that the limit for all of them is 99.
      8008BFA7 nn00     Attack Modifier
      3008BFA8 00nn     Attack modifier
      3008BFA9 00nn     Defense modifier
      3008BFAA 00nn     Magic Attack modifier
      3008BFAB 00nn     Magic Defense modifier
      3008BFAC 00nn     Speed Modifier
    These codes will edit your growth rates.  Replace the "nn"s with hex numbers.
    Note that FF (255) is the highest they can go.
      3008BFAE 00nn     Attack stat growth rate
      3008BFAF 00nn     Defense stat growth rate
      3008BFB0 00nn     Magic Attack stat growth rate
      3008BFB1 00nn     Magic Defense stat growth rate
      3008BFB2 00nn     Speed stat growth rate
    These codes will mess with your element.  The first for determine how much of
    that element you have, and ranges from 0 to 20 (0 to 32).  The last sets all of
    them at once: 00 = none; 01 = fire; 02 = air; 04 = earth; 08 = water.  To get
    multiple elements, add them together (For instance, 01 + 02 = 03, fire & air).
      3008BFBA 00nn     Fire elemental
      3008BFBB 00nn     Air elemental
      3008BFBC 00nn     Earth elemental
      3008BFBD 00nn     Wind elemental
      3008BFBE 00nn     All Elements
    These codes set your minion's level.  Replace the "nn"s with hex numbers.  The
    highest possible level is 255.  Note that setting the level this way will NOT
    change the minion's stats.
      8008BFBF nn00     Level modifier     
      3008BFC0 00nn     Level modifier
    These codes set what abilities the minion has access to, and what they do.  The
    first determines whether or not they can use that attack; the second sets the
    type of attack; the third sets the supplemental ability for it; and the last
    controls how accurate it is.  For a list of the different attack/ability types,
    refer to the appendix.
      Horn Attacks
      3008BFD6 0n01     hasHorn
      3008BFD7 000n     Horn Attack Type
      3008BFD8 000n     Horn Ability Type
      3008BFD9 000n     Horn Accuracy
      Fang Attacks
      3008BFDA 0n01     hasFang
      3008BFDB 000n     Fang Attack Type
      3008BFDC 000n     Fang Ability Type
      3008BFDD 000n     Fang Accuracy
      Claw Attacks
      3008BFDE 0n01     hasClaw
      3008BFDF 000n     Claw Attack Type
      3008BFE0 000n     Claw Ability Type
      3008BFE1 000n     Claw Accuracy
      Tail Attacks
      3008BFE2 0n01     hasTail
      3008BFE3 000n     Tail Attack Type
      3008BFE4 000n     Tail Ability Type
      3008BFE5 000n     Tail Accuracy
      Foot Attacks
      3008BFE6 0n01     hasFoot
      3008BFE7 000n     Foot Attack Type
      3008BFE8 000n     Foot Ability Type
      3008BFE9 000n     Foot Accuracy
    These codes control what spells your minion has access to.  For a list of all
    the spells and their appropriate replacements, check the appendix.  To get
    multiple spells, add the values together (01 + 02 = 03, Agnis & Agnis).
      8008BFEC nnnn     Magic Spells modifier
      8008BFED 0nnn     Magic Spells modifier
     A Sample Minion
         Here's a sample minion I created for a Mr. Palacio - the Jabberwocky
      from Alice in Wonderland.  Enter all these codes, and you'll have yourselves
      one to play with of your very own.
    Stats/Abilities   Appearance
      8008BF82 0000       3008BEFB FF25
      3008BF96 0089       3008BEFA FF49
      3008BF95 007B       3008BF42 0024
      3008BF94 0073       3008BE43 0024
      3008BF93 007F       3008BE44 0024
      3008BF92 0087       3008BE45 0024
      3008BF91 0082       3008BE46 0024
      3008BF90 0075       3008BE47 0024
      3008BF8F 0072       3008BE48 0024
      3008BF8E 0072       3008BE49 0024
      3008BF8D 0071       3008BE4A 0024
      3008BF8C 0039       3008BE4B 0024
      3008BFC0 0001       3008BE4C 00AA
      3008BFBA 0020       3008BE4D 00AA
      3008BFBB 0000       3008BE4E 00AA
      3008BFBC 0000       3008BE4F 00AA
      3008BFBD 0000       3008BE50 00AA
      3008BFD6 0000       3008BE51 007B
      3008BFDA 0000       3008BE52 007B
      3008BFDE 0101       3008BE53 007B
      3008BFE2 0101       3008BE54 007B
      3008BFE6 0101       3008BE55 007B
      3008BFDF 000F       3008BE56 007B
      3008BFE0 0001       3008BE57 007B
      3008BFE1 0003       3008BE58 007B
      3008BFE3 000C       3008BE59 0089
      3008BFE4 0001       3008BE5A 0089
      3008BFE5 0007       3008BE5B 0089
      3008BFE7 000E       3008BE5C 0089
      3008BFE8 0001       3008BE5D 0089
      3008BFE9 0003       3008BE5E 0089
      3008BFEC 0001       3008BE5F 0089
      3008BFAE 00DD       3008BE60 0089
      3008BFAF 007F       3008BE61 00AA
      3008BFB0 0022       3008BE62 00AA
      3008BFB1 007F       3008BE63 00AA
      3008BFB2 007F       3008BE64 00AA
      3008BFA8 001A       3008BE65 00AA
      3008BFA9 0014       3008BE66 0057
      3008BFAA 0019       3008BE67 0057
      3008BFAB 0019       3008BE68 0057
      3008BFAC 0014       3008BE69 00AA
      3008BF84 001D       3008BE6A 00AA
      3008BF86 001D       3008BE6B 00AA
                          3008BE6C 00AA
                          3008BE6D 00AA
                          3008BE6E 0024
                          3008BE6F 0024
                          3008BE70 0049
                          3008BE71 007B
                          3008BE72 0099
                          3008BE73 0099
    -----------------------------[D. Everything Else ]-----------------------------
    Change your number of empty cocoons.  Max is 63 (99).
      8008B818 nnnn     Empty cocoons modifier
    Want more money?  Set it!
      8008B594 nnnn     Money modifier
      8008B595 nnnn     Money modifier
      8008B596 nnnn     Money modifier
    These codes will give you the minion skin you specify in your minion
    skinventory, so you don't actually have to kill the mini-bosses.
      8008B798 0300     hasPaloojaSkin
      8008B79A 0301     hasTickerSkin
      8008B79C 0302     hasJeechwoSkin
      8008B79E 0303     hasKolnaSkin
      8008B7A0 0304     hasTimaiosSkin
      8008B7A2 0305     hasSicanjalSkin
      8008B7A4 0306     hasYolgaSkin
      8008B7A6 0307     hasKlarrgasSkin
    These codes will set your enemy's HP.  Max is 3E7 (999).  
      800B1313 nn00     Enemy 1 Cur HP modifier
      800B1314 00nn     Enemy 1 Cur HP modifier
      800B1315 nn00     Enemy 1 Max HP modifier
      800B1316 00nn     Enemy 1 Max HP modifier
      800B1317 00nn     Enemy 1 Max HP modifier
      800B1318 00nn     Enemy 1 Cur MP modifier
      800B1319 nn00     Enemy 1 Cur MP modifier
      800B131A 00nn     Enemy 1 Max MP modifier
    These codes will change your enemy's name.  Refer to the "Character Digits"
    section for the appropriate replacements for the letts you want.
      800B131B nn00     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 1
      300B131C 00nn     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 1
      300B131D 00nn     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 2
      300B131E 00nn     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 3
      300B131F 00nn     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 4
      300B1320 00nn     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 5
      300B1321 00nn     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 6
      300B1322 00nn     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 7
      300B1323 00nn     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 8
      300B1324 00nn     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 9
      300B1325 00nn     Enemy 1 Name modifier, char 10
    Change your enemy's level around.
      800B1350 00nn     Enemy 1 Level Modifier
      800B13D8 00nn     Enemy 2 Level Modifier
      800B1460 00nn     Enemy 3 Level Modifier
        ___________  ___________  ___________
       /____  ____/ /____  ____/ /____  ____/
           / /          / /          / /
          / /          / /          / /
     ____/ /____  ____/ /____  ____/ /____  __
    /__________/ /__________/ /__________/ /_/
    --------------------------------[E. Appendices ]-------------------------------
     Minion List
         Total Minions: 171/171
        00 Marrdreg       01 Raddreg        02 Patdreg        03 Rudogle
        04 Dogle          05 Berbansa       06 Mukhambu       07 Doghambu
        08 Terhambu       09 Hiralco        0A Maskhira       0B Hirasag
        0C Pataimel       0D Skwimel        0E Radoimel       0F Patalchu
        10 Raddlchu       11 Doglchu        12 Nushab         13 Rashab
        14 Mukshab        15 Asha           16 Geenwee        17 Marven
        18 Mugoo          19 Noobwee        1A Ojire          1B Riggu
        1C Srikarta       1D Uglam          1E Yorlk          1F Jirahl
        22 Tweengo        23 Sherick        24 Arpatron       39 Pataraid
        3A Mafrayd        3B Terfrayd       3C Ragifrayd      3D Patbaran
        3E Skbaran        3F Terbaran       40 Ladbaran       41 Jitamble
        42 Hackaroo       43 Clayble        44 Geible         45 Patagore
        46 Skgore         47 Tergore        48 Radgore        49 Drunga
        4A Skarunga       4B Terunga        4C Radunga        4D Patgaron
        4E Skgaron        4F Tragaron       50 Doggaron       51 Patash
        52 Skash          53 Terash         54 Radash         55 Patagrip
        56 Skagrip        57 Tergrip        58 Doggrip        59 Patapara
        5A Skpara         5B Terpara        5C Dogpara        5D Patalco
        5E Skalco         5F Teralco        60 Raddlco        61 Patbecker
        62 Skbecker       63 Terbecker      64 Radbecker      65 Hikisag
        66 Tagosag        67 Morisag        68 Amasag         69 Patawasp
        6A Skawasp        6B Terwasp        6C Radwasp        6D Patmanty
        6E Skmanty        6F Termanty       70 Radmanty       71 Patamole
        72 Skumole        73 Termole        74 Radmole        75 Pateeb
        76 Skaeeb         77 Tereeb         78 Radeeb         79 Patodon
        7A Skatodon       7B Tertodon       7C Radtodon       7D Patakuga
        7E Skwooga        7F Terkooga       80 Radkooga       81 Pataoot
        82 Skwoot         83 Teraoot        84 Radoot         85 Patamorj
        86 Skwmorj        87 Termorj        88 Radmorj        89 Carmine
        8A Skwmaine       8B Termaine       8C Radmine        8D Anash
        8E Shulia         8F Shee           90 Fal            91 Karn
        92 Telma          93 Scul           94 Uld            95 Usk
        96 Oajin          97 Eavun          98 Embla          99 Gabee
        9A Tuloon         9B Pedingo        9C Zulmoo         9D Frigg
        9E Shoven         9F Elu            A0 Roben          A1 Tiootz
        A2 Sowl           A3 Sgaj           A4 Frey           A5 Wardon
        A6 Ankoo          A7 Galia          A8 Ohma           A9 Swav
        AA Carlidge       AB Fugger         AC Id             AD Bawni
        AE Fintan         AF Turen          B0 Rainster       B1 Yates
        B2 Nevan          B3 Aiona          B4 Ohzay          B5 Spiral
        B6 Arvalzak       B7 Fedelco        B8 Kamra          B9 Bauback
        BA Armijar        BB Greydon        BC Agghai         BD Nupandra
        BE Saramoon       BF Karro          C0 Narade
     Hidden Skins
        25 Fire Special
        26 Wind Special
        27 Earth Special
        28 Water Special
        29 Dream Man*
        2A Dark Arpatron*
        2B Poacher*
        2C Kikinak*
        2D ??? - Muscle*
        2E ??? - Machine*
        2F ??? - Blue Plated*
        30 ??? - Death*
        31 ??? - Pyschodelic
        32 ??? - Masked Boy*
        33 ??? - Krazy*
        34 Fire Goat
        35 Wind Goat
        36 Earth Goat
        37 Water Goat
        38 Final Minion
        C1 Fire Tweengo
        C2 Wind Tweengo
        C3 Earth Tweengo
        C4 Water Tweengo
        C5 Fire Sherick
        C6 Wind Sherick
        C7 Earth Sherick
        C8 Water Sherick
        C9 Palooja
        CA Ticker
        CB Jeechwo
        CC Kolna
        CD Timaios
        CE Sicanjal
        CF Yolga
        D0 Klarrgas
        D1 All Statuses
        D5-FF: Duplicate skinsets for Mafrayd through Hikisag
        * These minions will crash the game if you use them as
          a posture, and will cause glitches if assigned to a
          Merge Slot.  The Skins work fine, although most look
          bizarre.  The "Death" skin is actually really neat.
        00 Knife
        01 Dagger
        02 Aguazor
        03 Bronze Sword
        04 Sword of Speed
        05 Iron Sword
        06 Iron Axe
        07 Life Stealer
        08 White Horn
        09 Little Bird
        0A Whistler
        0B Nightglow
        0C Blue Phantom
        0D Thunderbolt
        0E Tsunami
        0F Spring Blossom
        10 Dragon Crest
        11 Cloudcover
        12 Palemoon
        13 Reaper
        14 Drainer
        15 Autumn Moon
        16 Icicle
      00 Hunter Vest
      01 Leather Vest
      02 Chain Mail Vest
      03 Wire Vest
      04 Plate Mail Vest
      05 Reflecting Vest
      06 Silver Vest
      07 Divine Vest
      08 Riketz' Garb
      09 Nagi Garb
      0A Bloody Garb
      0B Navy Blue Garb
      0C Forest Garb
      0D Divine Garb 1
      0E Divine Garb 2
      00 Leather Headband
      01 Iron Headband
      02 Silver Headband
      03 Blue Bead
      04 Green Bead
      05 Yellow Bead
      06 Red Bead
      07 Sparrow Ruff
      08 Iron Bracelet
      09 Silver Crown
      0A Holly Ruff
      0B Hawk Ruff
      0C Poison Choker
      0D Sleep Choker
      0E Stone Choker
      0F Super Choker
      10 Nagi Belt
      00 Mugwort
      01 Meta-Mugwort
      02 Bitter Mugwort
      03 Great Walnut
      04 Chestnut Oil
      05 Shishiudo Oil
      06 Kukumira Oil
      07 Bletilla Oil
      08 Ichishi Oil
      09 Shab Liquor
      0A Fine Liquor
      0B Excellent Liquor
      0C Special Liquor
      0D Tendai Uyaku
      0E Valerian Powder
      0F Ikari Powder
      10 Ring of Venom
      11 Ring of Sleep
      12 Ring of Stoning
      13 Ring of Death
      14 Mirror of Deva
      15 Urvy's Blessing
      16 Vary's Blessing
      17 Agni's Blessing
      18 Malty's Blessing
      19 Urvy's Seal 1
      1A Urvy's Seal 2
      1B Vary's Seal 1
      1C Vary's Seal 2
      1D Agni's Seal 1
      1E Agni's Seal 2
      1F Malty's Seal 1
      20 Malty's Seal 2
      21 Cloud Silk
      22 Thunder Silk
      23 Lily Silk
      24 Pearl Silk
      25 First Snow Silk
      26 Angelwing Silk
      27 Moonlight Silk
      28 Key
      29 Sleep Spores
      2A Attract Spores
      0000 None
      0001 Agni
      0002 Agnis
      0004 Agnia
      0008 Vahli
      0010 Vahlis
      0020 Vahlia
      0040 Ulvi
      0080 Ulvis
      0100 Ulvia
      0200 Malti
      0400 Maltis
      0800 Maltia
      1000 Selahm Venon
      2000 Medina
      4000 Medinia  
      8000 Selahm
       000 None
       001 Sel Selahm
       002 Ad Venon
       004 Ad Slahm
       008 Ad Roqua
       010 Ad Mumuls
       020 Deva Agni
       040 Deva Vali
       080 Deva Ulvi
       100 Deva Malti
     Attack Abilities
      00 Nothing
      01 Nothing
      02 +Power
      03 +Accuracy
      04 +Critical
     Attack Types
      00 Nothing
      01 Nothing
      02 Earth
      03 Water
      04 Fire
      05 Wind
      06 Poison
      07 Sleep
      08 Flesh-to-Stone
      09 Destroy Mana
      0A Absorb HP
      0B Absorb Mana
      0C All Enemies
      0D Critical
      0E Break Legs
      0F Rend Wings
     Character Digits
      00 Erase Name
      01 !  02 ·  03 .  04 1  10 '  11 ,  21 I  22 {  23 }  5A ?  5B -
      5C ~  90 ·  91 .  92 '  93 :  94 ;
      31 A  32 B  33 C  34 D  35 E  36 F  37 G  38 H  39 J  3A K  3B L
      3C M  3D 0  3E P  3F Q  40 R  41 S  42 U  43 V  44 Z
      71 a  72 b  73 c  74 d  75 e  76 f  77 g  78 h  79 i  7A j  7B k
      7C l  7D m  7E n  7F o  80 p  81 q  82 r  83 s  84 t  85 u  86 v
      87 w  88 x  89 y  8A z
      51 0  52 2  53 3  54 4  55 5  56 6  57 7  58 8  59 9
      67 Heart
     Hex Numbers
      Some common, useful hex->decimal conversions.
      3E7   999
      FF    255
      64    100
      32     50
      1       1
    ---------------------------[E.      Credits        ]---------------------------
         Atom Edge <lazysilverwolf@about.com>
             Big thanks go to Atom Edge, who's brilliant grasp of legal issues
           and talent at writing disclaimers provided the bulk of mine, as well
           as the great sectioning art used above.
         Crave Entertainment (www.cravegames.com)
             The creators of Jade Cocoon.  Thanks for creating this game, without
           which this FAQ could never have existed.  Thanks for the great gameplay
           and stellar graphics, and the phenomenal voice acting.  All it needs
           now is a plot. =)
         GameFAQs (www.GameFAQs.com)
             Thanks go out also to CJayC, operator of www.GameFAQs.com, for
           providing the inspiration to get this FAQ off the ground and offering
           an easy means to make it public.
         cmgsccc (www.cmgsccc.com)
             Thanks for providing a place to start, saving me hours of work.
           All codes in this guide have been tested by me, but it couldn't
           have happened without you.
         Peter Judson <ptlj@neoseeker.com>
             Representative of NeoSeeker who politely asked my permission to
           use this Guide.  Thanks both for being polite and for making it
           available to a larger audience.
         Christian Worth <webmaster@psxcodez.com>
             Webmaster of www.PSXCodez.com who politely asked my permission to
           use this Guide.  Thanks both for being polite and for making it
           available to a still larger audience.
         Thom Lancaster <merlyng@hotmail.com>
         Thom's Unamed Friend <maxhavoc@hotmail.com>
             Thanks go out to these two for giving me the proper directions for
           creating the Sherick and Tweengo hidden minions, the former of which
           I believe to be the "Bird of Paradise."  Keep up the good work!
             Thom has also provided the key to finding the last four minions on
           the monster list.  Thanks again!
         Rabid Neon Monkey <masterroshi07@yahoo.com>
             A great deal of help, RMM added considerably to my Minion List,
           submitted the first outside merge for my guide, telling me how to
           kill the Klarrgas, and various other (minor) corrections.
         Mindwanderer <mindwanderer@juno.com>
             Thanks for pointing out some mistakes and helping me to a greater
           understanding of the function of the dot, as well as having submitted
           a minion.
         Dharkist MvUnit #0 <sigmareprise@hotmail.com>
             Sent in three seperate minion merges, fairly complete and with a
           lot of detail.  Thanks for the hard work!
         Ruby Weapon <RubyWeapon9488@aol.com>
             Submitted a minion for the pre-made merges list.  Thanks, man!  Any
           more, let me know.
         Daniel S <psxlegend@hotmail.com>
         Daniel <firewave@tampabay.rr.com>
             Submitted a whole bunch of minions for "the list."  Thanks!  Keep
           up the good work.
    copyright 2001 Goryus

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