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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MindWanderer

    Version: 0.99 | Updated: 02/19/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu FAQ/Walkthrough
    by MindWanderer
    Version 0.99: February 19, 2001
    I. About this FAQ
    II. The basics
    III. About breeding
    IV. Tips and tactics
    V. Walkthrough (spoiler-free)
    VI. Boss tips (contains spoilers)
    VII. Spells and abilities
    VIII. Monster list (in progress)
    IX. Bosses of the Eternal Corridor
    X. Frequently Asked Questions (contains minor spoilers)
    XI. Copyright information
    New in version 0.99:
    Eternal Corridor Bosses list added
    Some minor changes
    Re-ordered Eternal Corridor minion list to match the in-game list
    Finished minion list (sort of)
    New in version 0.98:
    Minor updates and corrections
    Many minions added, thanks to Bryan Chen and Lisa Brunner
    FAQ section added
    Chest contents and other items added to walkthrough
    Added Hidden Monsters thanks to Brayze
    Solved the problem of minion abilities disappearing
    New in version 0.92:
    Patbaran, Mardreg abilities added
    A bunch of Eternal Corridor monsters added
    More info about merging
    Version 0.90: First release
    I. About this FAQ
    This was designed to be a guide to Jade Cocoon, North American 
    version.  It contains tips for playing the game, raising your minions
    and a brief, spoiler-free walkthrough.  It is not terribly detailed 
    but is guaranteed accurate.  If you can supply missing information,
    witnessed directly and absolutely by yourself, no rumors, please let 
    me know at MindWanderer@juno.com.
    Oh, and if you really want ASCII art in the title, look at the one by 
    Stinger at http://www.gamefaqs.com, which also contains a nice 
    section on GameShark codes.  Go there if that's what you want.  This
    game is easy enough that you shouldn't need codes, though, except to
    perfect your minions or buy the insanely expensive equipment in the
    Eternal Corridor.  BTW, if you did read that FAQ, he wasn't referring
    to me in section 10.
    II. The basics
    As Levant, a young cocoon master, you must capture monsters 
    (known as minions) in the forests, and raise them and merge them 
    together with one another to make them powerful enough to fight for
    you.  While Levant starts off reasonably strong, he becomes horribly 
    weak before long and must rely exclusively on his minions to do his 
    fighting for him.  Characters in the game will explain the process 
    more thorougly.
    Levant can improve his skills only by capturing minions.  He 
    does not gain experience by killing them.  He can purchase better 
    weapons and armor by selling minions which he has spun into silk.
    The higher the level of the minion, the more valuable the silk.  
    Check the shops after each event in the plot to see if there are new
    weapons, armor, or items to be bought.  Remember that you can only
    carry 20 of any one item at a time- silk spun beyond that will be
    Minions gain experience by killing other minions in combat or 
    by being merged.   The experience gained in either case is equal to
    one experience level if both minions are equal in level, half an 
    experience level if the minion is greater than the other by one level,
    a quarter of a level if they differ by two, and so on.  If your minion
    is lower in level than the other, your new experience level is equal to 
    what it would be if yours was the other minion and you killed or merged
    with your own.
    Minions also have three kinds of abilities, which are gained 
    (or lost) only by merging.  These types are Attacks, Attack Modifiers, 
    and Spells.  More on those in the next section.
    III. About breeding
    The primary way of improving your minions is by fighting.  This
    is pretty self-explanatory.  Try to make sure that your minions are 2-3
    levels above the wild minions in the area at any time.  Note that a
    minion gains more when leveling by fighting than leveling by merging.  So
    the strongest minions are those who you caught at a low level and which
    gained most of their levels by fighting.  This effect seems to taper off
    at high levels, so that if, say, you have a Marrdreg that you caught at
    level 3 and used the whole game, and then caught a Spiral toward the end,
    if you get them up to level 30 or so in the Eternal Corridor, they should
    end up being comparable.
    The less-frequent, but more important method of raising them is
    through Merging.  In a merge, the first monster has its stats modified
    based on how the second monster's stats are different from its own, 
    and also gains the abilities of the second.  Regarding stats, you will
    notice that there is some variability in minion stats of the same 
    species and equal level.  This does not effect how much the stats change
    when used as the second minion in the merge.  Similarly, if you fuse 
    a minion to another which is itself a composite of two minions, it 
    does not matter which of the other two is first or second (for 
    instance, if you fuse a Skwoot to a Skaeeb/Skawasp, the result is the
    same as a Skwoot mixed with a Skawasp/Skaeeb).
    The stats of the merged minion will be highly dependent upon the first
    minion in the mix.  So if the minion's base type is a Riggu (high attack
    and defense, low magic and speed), no matter how much you merge it and
    to what, it will always have a relatively low speed.
    When you fuse two monsters together of different elements, the 
    result will be a mix of both.  Many resulting proportions are possible
    through multiple mergings.  If an element has not been merged to the 
    minion within two generations, the element will be lost (for instance,
    if you merge a pataimel with a Skawasp, then merge the result with 
    another Skawasp and that result with a third, the result will be 
    entirely Air).
    As mentioned before, minions have three types of abilities: 
    Attacks, Attack Modifiers, and spells.  Spells each have an element,
    and will always be transferred upon a fusion, with no maximum limit, 
    as long as the minion contains the appropriate element.  The exception
    is the Deva spells, which can only be learned if there is no creature 
    of any other element anywhere in the minion's family tree.  The 
    effectiveness of spells is based on the creature's Magic Attack stat,
    as well as the amount of that element the minon contains.
    Attacks are located in one of the minion's body parts: either Horn, Fang,
    Claw, Tail, or Foot.  Each attack can be either elemental or
    non-elemental. Elemental attacks, like spells, disappear if the minion 
    ever does not contain the appropriate element.  Their effectiveness 
    is also modified by the proportion of the correct element that 
    creature has.  Both types of attacks are based on the minion's Attack
    Attack modifiers give bonuses to the Attack they are located on.  If they
    have no corresponding Attack, they will modify the minion's basic attack 
    instead.  They increase the mana cost of that attack by 10.
    When inheriting abilities, note the following: if the primary and 
    secondary minions each have an attack or modifier in the same body part,
    it only keeps one.  If both abilities are -non-elemental Attacks-, the 
    result will be whatever the primary one had.  If both are -elemental 
    attacks or modifiers-, it will be whatever the secondary monster had.  
    If one is an elemental attack and the other is a non-elemental attack, 
    the result is the elemental one.
    For cosmetic purposes, merged minions will have the body type and action 
    animations of the primary, and the skin patterns and stance of the 
    secondary.  The wings, jaw, and various other features come from the 
    minion's entire history of merging, and the color is based on the 
    minion's element(s), unless overridden by a particular skin (e.g. 
    Terbeker skins are albino).  In the Eternal Corridor, boss skins won
    in combat can be added to replace the normal one.  These skins will
    be the color of the boss they came from unless you use it on a multi-
    element minion, in which case they will be based on the minion's natural 
    IV. Tips and tactics
    Your chance of capturing is based on your level, your target's level, and
    how injured it is.  Sometimes you fail for no particular reason; try
    again before trying to weaken it so much you might kill it by mistake.
    The amount of damage an attack does does not vary randomly by much, 
    particularly at the beginning.  If you hit a pataimel (29 HP) for 13 
    points, go ahead and hit it again.  It won't die unless you crit.
    Minions get back HP and mana after every fight, regardless of whether 
    they participated.  So if you have one minion that's kind of beat up, 
    pick fights with something you don't need that one for until it recovers.
    Minions gain mana back when they defend, too.  And since defending 
    dramatically reduces damage you take, it is often wise to defend for a 
    few turns, then hit 'em back with a powerful (and expensive) attack.  
    You can also use this with Medina (the healing spell) to make sure you 
    end a fight in perfect shape.
    Minions gain experience if they deal the finishing blow to an enemy.  
    You can therefore raise levels quickly by using your most powerful 
    minion to weaken a foe, then finish it off with a weaker one.
    Elemental advantages make a tremendous difference.  So does the element 
    of the area (as affected by the Deva spells, etc.)  Pay attention for 
    easy wins.
    If an enemy attacks you from behind, they'll get a free attack, and if 
    they're reasonably fast, they'll get a second free attack after you 
    summon a minion.  In other words, don't let it happen.
    Each wild minion can be one of two different ones.  It will change from 
    one to the other every time you see the "loading" dragonfly appear in 
    the corner while the screen is black, which happens when you leave a 
    screen containing a plot point or save point.  Use this to plan your 
    Since you can only have three minions equipped, and a minion's powers
    are worse if they are mixed-element, try to use two minions of one 
    element each and one of two elements.  The last of these should have 
    two "adjacent" elements so it can benefit from the special defense as
    well as attack.
    Some minions occasionally do not have their special abilities.  This
    happens when you catch the minion, save, then turn the power off and
    reload without purifying first.  To avoid this, always use the "load"
    function rather than the reset or power buttons on the Playstation.
    You also may want to do this intentionally if you want a core creature
    with an unwanted ability.
    There are some other glitches about minion abilities.  I once caught an
    Asha (a Fire minion) with Horn- Water Attack and Vahlis.  It's possible
    that this has made some of my listings incorrect.  Notify me if you spot
    any such mistakes.
    Minions who use Poison, Flesh to Stone, or Sleep are highly resistant to
    those attacks.  This resistance can be conferred onto another by merging.
    I'm not sure how the mechanics of it work, though.  It seems the minion
    has to actually have the attack to be resistant.
    You can take advantage of the fact that elemental abilities are lost by
    breeding the element away.  For example, Mukshab has the powerful Water
    Attack+Critical ability on its tail.  Merge it with two, say, Fire 
    minions, then merge that with your favorite fire minion.  The result: 
    your fire minion now has +Critical on whatever it already has in its 
    tail slot.
    After you beat the game, you have the option of saving one last time.
    If you continue from that save, you will have the option of entering the
    Eternal Corridor.  Each hall of the Corridor has a couple of random
    minions, including many that do not actually appear in the game.  You
    cannot return to any of the areas in the actual game, though.  The shop 
    here sells some incredible (and incredibly expensive) stuff, all the 
    weapons, armor, and items in the game, in fact.  At the end of each 
    hall, you fight an easy mini-boss, and if you win, you may get its 
    skin.  Use the skin in a merge to change the skin coloration of your 
    own minion to that of the mini-boss.
    V. Walkthrough (spoiler-free)
    Sorry if this is kind of ambiguous.  I'm deliberately leaving plot 
    details out for people who hate to have the story spoiled.
    Note that "Items:" means only non-plot items which are found on the
    You first gain control of what's going on when you meet Koris.  Be sure
    to catch his Arpatron (it's a great minion, and the only one of its
    kind).  You can also get 20 Mugworts from him by asking about attack 
    and defense, then disobeying him.  From now on, make sure you have 
    lots of Mugwort- it's cheap and effective.
    Note that if you talk to the blacksmith twice, he already has some stuff 
    for sale that you might want.
    1) Beetle Forest
    New minions: Pataimel, Skawasp; Patalchu, Skaeeb; Mukhambu, Patash; 
    Skwoot, Nushab; Marrdreg, Terfrayd.
    Breeder's notes: Marrdreg and Terfrayd are very powerful, and will serve 
    you well for the rest of the game if merged well.  Mukhambu has the 
    Medina spell, and Patash has Agnis, both very useful.  Skwoot and Nushab
    have the Poison attack, which means they (or anything you merge them 
    with) have resistance to Poison.
    Items: Shab Liquor, Skeleton Key, Knowledge 1, Knowledge 2, Knowledge 3,
    Beetle Warp, Aquazor
    Chest: 4 Meta-Mugwort, 4 Shab Liquor, Iron Headband
    There is one treasure chest here, but it only contains items you can buy 
    anyway.   You may want to skip the first chest, to avoid having to double
    back in some areas.  The first chest contains only purchasable items 
    anyway.  You can also find the Aquazor, a spear with the element of 
    Water built in.  Build a team of minions from these starting ones, make 
    sure they're at least level five, and hurry on.
    Skwoots can leave Great Walnuts when beaten, which increase your maximum
    HP by two each, and raise your current HP to the new maximum.  You might 
    want to collect a few.  Mukhambu can (rarely) drop Bletilla Oil, which
    increases magic attack.  You may want some if you like using magic.
    2) Dragonfly Forest
    New minions: Hiralco, Teralco; Ohma, Riggu; Terbeker, Maskhira; 
    Ojiae, Frey.
    Breeder's notes: Hiralco has Maltis, a good spell; Maskhira has Ad Slahm,
    Ojiae has Vahlis, and Frey has Agnis.  Terbeker and Maskhira also have
    Sleep, so merge them to add resistance to that.  None of these are very 
    strong- that's probably why Marrdreg and Terfrayd reappear, the only 
    time in the game when a minion appears in more than one forest.
    Items: Skeleton Key x2, Kickleberry, Knowledge 4, Magic Usage 2,
    Magic Usage 1, Sleep Spores, Dragonfly Warp
    Chest in cellar: Chestnut Oil, Bletilla Oil, Tendai Uyaku
    Other chest: Agni's Seal 1 x5, Agni's Seal 2 x3, Silver Crown
    This one's a bit more challenging.  Take the left fork to get the key 
    to open the door on the right fork.  Ohma and Riggu are tough customers,
    and appear two at a time, so make sure you can handle them.  Ohma can 
    drop Kukumira Oil, which increases defense, very nice, and Teralco 
    can drop Shishiudo Oil, which increases speed, even better.
    Make sure to return to the blacksmith- he now sells the Sword of 
    Speed, a must-have.  He'll also ask you to give a message to Kelmar.
    Talk to Kelmar at the Watchtower several times, then return to the
    smith for a reward.
    After you complete the area, you can return and use the Ocarina where 
    you finished the level.  Do this enough times and you'll get an item.
    I don't know how to get and keep the Secret of Killing tablet.  If you've
    done it, tell me.
    3) Spider Forest
    New minions: Rugdogle, Radgore; Radmole, Radoimel; Doglchu, Patakuga;
    Doghambu, Tergrip; Rashab, Skwmoaj; Maryen, Embla
    Breeder's notes: Rugdogle, Radgore, Doghambu, and Doglchu have good
    spells.  Radmole and Raoinel have the decent Flesh to Stone attack, 
    which means merging them with your favorites will give them resistance
    to those attacks.  Doglchu and Patakuga have the Critical attack, 
    which almost never works, but when it does is devastating.  Most 
    important, Maryen and Embla have their respective Deva spells- get 
    these at all costs.  Rashab and Skwmoaj have +Power, which can be 
    useful- but be warned, you can never remove the ability, you can 
    only replace it, and it increases the cost of whatever it's on.  At
    this point you can also make the hidden minion Sherick; see the 
    "hidden minions" section for instructions.
    Items: White Horn, Skeleton Key x2, Ikari Powder, Excellent Liquor,
    Knowledge 5, Merging 2, Divine Tablet, Spider Warp, Minion Fang, 
    Merging 1
    Chest by Yami: Stone Choker, Malty's Seal 2 x3, Malti's Seal 1 x5
    Chest past barrier: Yellow Bead, Kukumira Oil, Ichishi Oil
    Take the time to level up slowly.  This area is large and rushing 
    through it will get you killed in a hurry.  Each of the people you 
    meet here will only talk to you if you give them gifts (note- one of
    these gifts was back in the Dragonfly Forest), but it makes no 
    difference whether or not you do, except for the one you're looking for.
    You'll complete a plot point, then return to finish the area.
    Note that after finishing the area, you will have one chance to heal, 
    play with minions, and buy equipment, and then you will be unable to do 
    so until completing the Moth Forest.  Also, the minions will change 
    after you finish the area, so be sure you collect all you want first.
    You may want to buy the Little Bird- it has poor attack strength but
    increases your speed dramatically.
    4) Spider Forest 2
    New minions: Yoalk, Nevan
    Breeder's notes: Yoalk has Ad Mumuls, an instant death spell that 
    targets all enemies.  Read the note to the next section.
    Nothing here but the spider minions.  This is your only chance to get
    5) Moth Forest
    New minions: Asha, Shulia; Raddlchu, Radtodon; Mardreg, Patbaran
    Breeder's notes: AARGH!  Both the Raddlchu and the Yoalk (see above) 
    have spells that no other creature in the regular game has.  
    Unfortunately, you cannot get new empty cocoons until you finish the 
    area, at which point you can -never return- to any of the 4 forests.
    That means you have very little room for error in your choices of what to
    catch.  Asha and Shulia have the powerful Agnia and Maltia spells.  If 
    you want to create the hidden minion Tweengo, make sure you catch one of
    the spiders and have the other necessary minions ahead of time.  Tweengo
    is an excellent minion with the +Critical ability, and should be made if
    at all possible.
    Items: Whistler, Great Walnut, Skeleton Key x2
    Chest in small room: Bitter Mugwort x2, Special Liquor x2, Tendai Uyaku
    Chest by Dogs: Shishiudo Oil, Bletilla Oil, Ichishi Oil
    Chest in ditch: Urvy's Blessing x3, Sparrow Ruff, Great Walnut
    The only way to heal until you beat the Moth Forest is through items 
    (which you can't buy for now) and winning fights.  If you get badly 
    beat up, you can exit, go to the Beetle Forest, and beat up weaklings
    until you recover.  If Levant is hurt, you can fight Skwoots until 
    they leave a Great Walnut.
    Fill up your cocoons and move on.  You can't afford to linger here 
    for long.  Get the key for the door on the left fork from the path 
    to the right.  Make sure you snag the Sparrow Ruff from the chest to
    the left of the locked gate, it's an accessory that increases speed
    by a lot.
    6) Beetle Forest 2
    New minions: Srikarta, Swav; Skwimel, Patmanty; Patdreg, Hackaroo
    Breeder's notes: Patdreg and Hackaroo, like their cousins Terfrayd
    and Marrdreg, are great.  They also have the remaining Deva spells.
    Srikarta and Swav have Vahlia and Agnia.
    Item: Skeleton Key
    Chest: Vary's Blessing x3, Malty's Blessing x3, Hawk Ruff
    This shouldn't take you long at all.  Even the chest is in the same 
    place as before, as is the end.  Make sure you level up, though.
    7) Dragonfly Forest 2
    New minions: Hirasag, Amasag; Dogle, Skarunga; Zulmoo, Mugoo; Geenwee,
    Breeder's notes: Hirasag and Amasag have Vahlia and Ulvia, and Zulmoo 
    has Ad Roqua.  Everything here has either lousy attack or lousy speed.
    Get the spells and leave the rest (although Mugoo/Zulmoo can turn 
    anything into a cyclops when merged with it, which is pretty cool).
    Items: Thunderbolt, Skeleton Key
    Chest: Bletilla Oil, Chestnut Oil, Sleep Spores x3
    Again, the end is in the same place, so you can finish this really 
    quickly if you want.  Four minions only appear on the left fork, though.
    8) Spider Forest 3
    New minions: Berbansa, Tragaron; Uglam, Turen; Robun, Noobwee; 
    Carmine, Mukshab; Terhambu, Dogpara; Spiral, Jirahl
    Breeder's notes: Spiral and Jirahl are simply awesome, and only have 
    one ability that doesn't really matter much- they make great 
    stat-boosters, or even core creatures.  Berbansa and Tragaron have 
    Maltia and Ulvia if you haven't gotten them yet.  Most importantly, 
    Carmine, Mukshab, Noobwee, Robun, Terhambu, and Dogpara all have the 
    powerful +Critical ability, in various body parts.  Make sure each 
    of your minions has a +Critical on at least one elemental attack.
    Items: Skeleton Key
    Chest near Barrier: Bitter Mugwort x3, Special Liquor x3, Great Walnut x2
    Chest in circular area: Urvy's Blessing x3, Agni's Blessing x3, Tendai
    Again, take this Spider Forest slowly.  Level up thoroughly before
    wading into unknown territory.  Spirals, Jirahls, Carmines, Mukshabs,
    Terhambus, and Dogparas will all kick your butt in a hurry, and the 
    last four of those six usually appear in groups of two.
    Robun can drop Divine Garb 2, an incredible piece of armor.  Get this
    rather than buying the Forest Garb, if you haven't already.
    I haven't found a second key in this area.  If you know where it is, let
    me know.
    And that's the end of the game.  If you can't beat the bosses of
    any of the areas, check the next section.
    VI. Boss tips
    1) Masked Boy
    Err... right.  Losing to this guy would be tough.  If you have problems,
    just make sure your minions are about level 3 or so.  You can actually
    skip him entirely by going left at the fork, but you'll miss the Aquazor
    and a Great Walnut.
    2) The Poacher
    You fight him three times, although you can skip him in the Spider 
    Forest- all he has is a Skeleton Key.  The first time, he uses a fire 
    creature, the second, an air creature, and the third, an earth creature.
    Summon a minion of the appropriate element and you'll be fine.  
    You may need to go to the Beetle Forest to heal after beating him in 
    the Moth Forest.
    3) Kikinak
    A fire minion with Fire Attack and a high attack power and speed will 
    do him in pretty easily.  Just make sure your level is up to par- good 
    enough to deal with Ohmas and Riggus is good enough for Kikinak.  If 
    your minion runs out of mana, either have it defend a few turns or 
    switch to Levant and use a Shab Liquor.
    4) Fire Boss
    Okay, now this guy is a pain.  You'll probably want two water minions for
    this, and a fire minion as well.  Note that the Deva Agni spell is 
    permanently in effect (and your Deva spells won't work).  That means 
    that your own Fire minion is in a position to deal worlds of hurt to 
    the Boss.  Note also that the Boss himself is not Fire type, only his 
    minion, so he's not vulnerable to water.  If you need to switch to Levant
    to use an Excellent liquor on a minion, go ahead.  You shouldn't need to 
    use Tendai Uyakus, but there aren't many better times to use one, if you 
    have it.
    5) Wind Boss
    Pretty similar to Fire Boss.  Just rotate your strategy 90 degrees.  You
    may find Sel Selahm useful to prevent the sleep attack.
    6) Earth Boss (optional)
    You don't have to, but you can fight the Earth Boss where you met Yami,
    Yamu, and Kakayamu.  He'll just attack, without summoning a minion.  Use 
    Deva Malti and Wind Attack for an easy victory and some good EXP.
    7) Earth Boss (by Divine Tree)
    Umm... you should have the idea by now.  Go ahead and blow lots
    of Liquors, since this is just about the end.  Remember, you'll have to
    use the same party for this as for the next fight, but this guy is by
    far the easiest of the Elemental Bosses.  He can turn you to stone,
    so have Ikari Powder on hand or use Sel Selahm ,and if he dances in 
    place, you might want to defend.  Use Earth Attack+Critical on the Earth
    boss himself and you might even be able to take him out in one hit- 
    possibly even before he summons his minion.
    8) Chosen One of Darkness
    First, make sure that when the level up screen comes up after beating
    Earth Boss, go to the menu straight from there and use healing items,
    if you need them (which you should, for mana at least).
    His minion changes element constantly, so just switch minions when
    he does.  Alternately, since it casts a Deva spell every time it
    switches, you can attack it with its own element for a good amount 
    of damage.  The Chosen One himself can't take much punishment.  Go
    along with the last Deva used for extra oomph.
    VII. Spells and abilities
    1) Spells
    Agni, Malti, Vahli, Ulvi- Cost: 10 mana
    The basic attack spell for Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, respectively.
    Generally not as effective as the elemental Attacks.
    Agnis, Maltis, Vahlis, Ulvis- Cost: 15 mana
    Same strength as the above, but hits all enemies.
    Agnia, Maltia, Vahlia, Ulvia- Cost: 25 mana
    A stronger version of the attack spell.  One target only.  Not too bad.
    Deva Agni, Deva Malti, Deva Vali [sic], Deva Ulvi- Cost: 5 mana
    Changes the dominant element of the area.  Strengthens the element
    of the spell and weakens whetever that element is strong against.
    Very effective for fights that are a bit challenging.  Cheap, too.
    Medina- Cost: 15 mana- Element: Water
    Minion heals itself.  All your water minions should have this.
    Selahm- Cost: 10 mana- Element: Water
    Minion cures itself of any status ailments.  Again, you want this.
    Sel Selahm- Cost: 5 mana- Element: Air
    The next three moves on you that might cause Sleep, Stone, Poison,
    or instant death do not.  Doesn't matter whether or not the atatck 
    would have succeeded- an attack with Poison takes off one use even 
    if it misses.
    Ad Slahm- Cost: 10 mana- Element: Air
    All enemies fall asleep.
    Selahm Venon- Cost: 5 mana- Element: Earth
    Minion cures itself of poison.  No reason not to have this.
    Ad Venon- Cost: 10 mana- Element: Earth
    All enemies are poisoned.
    Ad Roqua- Cost: 10 mana- Element: Earth
    All enemies are petrified.
    Ad Mumuls- Cost: 30 mana- Element: Fire
    All enemies die.  Low success rate.  At least, when I use it.
    Enemy minions pull this off pretty darn often.  Success rate may
    be based on the minion's magic attack stat.  Same for the other Ad 
    2) Attacks
    Water Attack, Fire Attack, Wind Attack, Earth attack- cost: 10 mana
    Strike one enemy, hard, with an elemental bias.  Slightly lower
    hit rate that a basic attack.  Like elemental spells, the amount of
    that element that the minion has determines how effective the attack 
    is, to a minimum of being equivalent to a regular attack.
    Critical- cost: 35 mana
    Target falls to one hit point.  Low hit rate, but if you hit at all,
    it works.  Not to be confused with the modifier, +Critical.  Does not
    appear to be affected by +Accuracy.
    Break Legs- cost: 5 mana
    Bipedal target loses speed and accuracy and takes damage.  Other
    creatures just take damage.
    Rend Wings- cost: 5 mana
    Flying target loses speed and accuracy and takes damage.  Other creatures
    just take damage.
    Poison- cost: 10 mana
    Target is poisoned and takes damage.  Lower success rate than Ad Venon.
    Sleep- cost: 10 mana
    Target falls asleep and takes damage.  Lower success rate than Ad Slahm.
    Flesh to Stone- cost: 10 mana
    Target is petrified and takes damage.  Lower success rate than Ad Roqua.
    Absorb Hit Points- cost: 10 mana
    Damage dealt is added to user's HP.  Deals less damage than a basic
    Absorb Mana- cost: 0 mana
    Takes target's mana and adds it to own.  Deals no HP damage.
    Destroy Mana- cost: 5 mana
    Target loses mana.  More effective than Absorb Mana.
    All Enemies- cost: 15 mana
    Hits all enemies, for a good amount of damage.  The only foot move 
    in the game, so give it to everyone.
    3) Attack Modifiers
    +Accuracy- cost: +10 mana
    Modified attack is much more likely to hit.  Can still miss, rarely.
    +Power- cost: +10 mana
    Modified attack deals more damage by about 50%.
    +Critical- cost: +10 mana
    Modified attack is much more likely to be critical.
    VIII. Monster list (in progress)
    Minions are listed in pairs as per their specific locations.
    Abilities are listed after.  Element is specified (E/A/W/F) if you can't
    tell by name or abilities (Pat-=Fire, Muk-=Water, Sk-=Air, Ter-=Earth).
    Note: All minions, to my knowledge, can also be found in the Eternal 
    Corridor.  Minions that have an identical form in the Corridor will not 
    appear in their original forms.  For instance, Mukhambu, Doghambu, and
    Terhambu are of the same general type but of different sub-species.  So
    what you'll find in the Corridor are variants of their counterparts-
    Patash, Tergrip, and Dogpara.  So you'll find Skagrip but not Doghambu,
    but they look the same, and have similar abilities and identical stats.
    The same goes for all the other general species- you won't find -chus,
    -aimels, -shabs, or -dregs, either, but you'll find very similar 
    Please let me know of any errors I have made, including missing
    abilities or names.
    Arpatron: Horn- Water Attack
    Beetle Forest --
    Skawasp: Malti; Pataimel: Agni
    Patalchu: Horn- Fire Attack; Skaeeb: Fang- Wind Attack
    Mukhambu: Medina; Patash: Fang- Fire Attack, Agnis
    Skwoot: Claw- Poison; Nushab: Fang- Poison
    Terfrayd: Fang- Earth Attack; Marrdreg: Horn- Wind Attack
    Dragonfly Forest --
    Terfrayd: Fang- Earth Attack; Marrdreg: Horn- Wind Attack
    Hiralco: Horn +Accuracy, Maltis; Teralco: Ulvi, Fang +Accuracy
    Riggu: (E) Foot- All Enemies; Ohma: (W) Foot- All Enemies
    Terbeker: Claw- Sleep; Maskhira: Fang- Sleep, Ad Slahm
    Ojiae: Fang +Accuracy, Vahlis; Frey: Claw +Accuracy, Agnis
    Spider Forest --
    Rugdogle: Tail- Earth Attack, Ulvis; Radgore: Horn- Water Attack, Vahlis
    Radmole: (W) Claw- Flesh to Stone; Radoimel: (E) Fang- Flesh to Stone
    Doglchu: Claw- Critical, Selahm; Patakuga: Tail- Critical
    Doghambu: Tail- Wind Attack, Sel Selahm; Tergrip: Horn- Earth Attack
    Rashab: Tail- Fire Attack+Power; Skwmoaj: Horn- Wind Attack+Power
    Maryen: Ulvi, Deva Ulvi; Embla: Vahli, Deva Vali
    Spider Forest 2 --
    Yoalk: Horn- Fire Attack, Ad Mumuls; Nevan: Fang- Wind Attack, Ad Slahm
    Moth Forest --
    Asha: Fang +Accuracy, Agnia; Shulia: Claw +Accuracy, Maltia
    Raddlchu: Claw +Accuracy, Selahm Venon, Ad Venon; 
          Radtodon: (W) Tail +Accuracy
    Patbaran: Fang- Fire Attack+Power; Mardreg: Horn- Water Attack+Power
    Beetle Forest 2 --
    Srikarta: Claw- Break Legs+Accuracy, Vahlia; Swav: Tail- Break Legs,
    Skwimel: (W) Fang- Absorb Hit Points; Patmanty: Claw- Absorb Hit Points
    Patdreg: Horn- Fire Attack, Deva Agni; 
          Hackaroo- Fang- Wind Attack, Deva Malti
    Dragonfly Forest 2 --
    Hirasag: Fang- Absorb Mana, Ulvia; Amasag: Claw- Absorb Mana, Vahlia
    Dogle: Claw +Power, Agnis; Skarunga: Horn +Power, Maltis 
    Zulmoo: (W) Foot- All Enemies; Mugoo: Foot- All Enemies, Ad Roqua
    Geenwee: Claw- Destroy Mana, Deva Vali; Karn: Tail- Destroy Mana, Deva
    Spider Forest 3 --
    Berbansa: Claw +Accuracy, Maltia; Tragaron: Tail +Accuracy, Ulvia
    Uglam: Tail- Wind Attack+Accuracy, Deva Malti; 
          Turen: Horn- Earth Attack, Deva Ulvi
    Robun: Fang- Water Attack+Critical, Vahlis; 
          Noobwee: Horn- Earth Attack, Fang +Critical
    Carmine: Horn- Fire Attack+Critical; Mukshab: Tail- Water Attack+Critical
    Terhambu: Horn- Earth Attack+Critical; 
          Dogpara; Fang- Water Attack+Critical
    Spiral: (F) Tail- Rend Wings; Jirahl: (W) Claw- Rend Wings
    Total minions to this point: 65/171
          (67/171 if you made the hidden minions)
    Eternal Corridor --
    Mafrayd: Horn- Wind Attack
    Skbaran: Claw- Wind Attack+Power
    Hackaroo- Fang- Wind Attack, Deva Malti
    Skgore: Claw- Wind Attack, Maltis
    Skarunga: Horn +Power, Maltis 
    Skagaron: Claw +Accuracy, Maltia
    Skash: Claw- Wind Attack, Maltis
    Skagrip: Tail- Wind Attack
    Skapara: Tail- Wind Attack+Critical
    $+Skalco: Horn +Accuracy, Malti
    Skbeker: Fang- Sleep, Ad Slahm
    $+Tagosag: Horn- Absorb Mana, Maltia
    Skawasp: Malti
    Skamanty: Tail- Absorb HP
    Skumole: Horn- Flesh to Stone
    Skaeeb: Fang- Wind Attack
    $+Skatodon: Fang +Accuracy
    Skwooga: Horn- Critical
    Skwoot: Claw- Poison
    Skwmoaj: Horn- Wind Attack+Power
    Skwmaine: Fang- Wind Attack+Critical
    Shulia: Claw +Accuracy, Maltia
    $+Telma: Horn- Destroy Mana, Deva Malti
    Oajin: Malti, Deva Malti
    $+Tuloon: Foot- All Enemies
    $+Showven: Tail- Wind Attack+Critical, Maltis
    Sowl: Tail +Accuracy, Deva Malti
    Ankoo: Foot- All Enemies+Power
    $+Carlidge: Horn- Break Legs, Maltia
    Fintan: Tail- Wind Attack, Deva Malti
    Nevan: Fang- Wind Attack, Ad Slahm
    Arvalzak: Horn- Rend Wings, Sel Selahm
    Armijar: {Unknown- Probably same as Greydon but Air}
    {Name unknown- related to Nupandra}
    Terfrayd: Fang- Earth Attack
    Terbaran: Tail- Earth Attack+Power
    Clayble: Claw- Earth Attack, Deva Ulvi
    Tergore: Tail- Earth Attack, Ulvis
    $+Terunga: Fang- Earth Attack+Power, Ulvis
    Tragaron: Tail +Accuracy, Ulvia
    Terash: Tail- Earth Attack, Ulvis
    Tergrip: Horn- Earth Attack
    Terpara: Horn- Earth Attack+Critical
    Teralco: Ulvi, Fang +Accuracy
    Terbeker: Claw- Sleep
    Morisag: Fang- Absorb Mana, Ulvia
    Terwasp: Ulvi
    Termanty: Horn- Absorb HP
    Termole: Fang- Flesh to Stone, Selahm Venon
    Tereeb: Claw- Earth Attack, Ad Venon
    Tertodon: Claw +Accuracy, Ad Venon
    Terkooga: Fang- Critical, Ad Venon
    Teraoot: Tail- Poison
    Teramoaj: Fang- Earth Attack+Power
    Teramine: Claw- Earth Attack+Critical
    Shee: Tail +Accuracy, Ulvia
    Scul: Fang- Destroy Mana, Deva Ulvi
    Eavun: Ulvi, Deva Ulvi
    Pedingo: Foot- All Enemies, Ad Roqua
    Elu: Horn- Earth Attack+Critical, Ulvis
    Sgaj: Horn +Accuracy, Ulvi
    Galia: Foot- All Enemies+Critical
    Fugger: Fang- Break Legs, Ulvia
    Turen: Horn- Earth Attack, Deva Ulvi
    Aiona: Claw- Earth Attack, Ad Roqua
    Fedelco: Fang- Rend Wings
    Greydon: Horn- Earth Attack+Power, Fang- Earth Attack+Accuracy,
          Claw- Earth Attack+Critical, Tail- Earth Attack, Foot- All Enemies,
          Ulvi, Ulvis, Ulvia, Deva Ulvi
    {Name unknown- related to Nupandra}
    Ragifrayd: Claw- Water Attack
    Ladbaran: Horn- Water Attack+Power
    Geible: Tail- Water Attack, Deva Vali
    Radgore: Horn- Water Attack, Vahlis
    Radunga: Claw- Water Attack+Power, Vahlis
    Doggaron: Horn +Accuracy, Vahlia
    Radrash: Horn- Water Attack, Medina, Vahlis
    Doggrip: Fang- Water Attack
    Dogpara; Fang- Water Attack+Critical
    Raddlco: Claw +Accuracy, Vahli
    Radbeker: Tail- Sleep
    Amasag: Claw- Absorb Mana, Vahlia
    Radwasp: Vahli
    $+Radmanty: Fang- Absorb HP
    Radmole: (W) Claw- Flesh to Stone
    Radeeb: Tail- Water Attack, Medina
    Radtodon: (W) Tail +Accuracy
    Radkooga: Claw- Critical, Medina
    Radoot: Horn- Poison
    Radmoaj: Claw- Water Attack+Power
    Radmine: Tail- Water Attack+Critical
    $+Fal: Horn +Accuracy, Vahlia
    Uld: Claw- Destroy Mana
    Embla: Vahli, Deva Vali
    Zulmoo: (W) Foot- All Enemies
    Robun: Fang- Water Attack+Critical, Vahlis
    Tiootz: Fang+Accuracy, Vahli
    Ohma: (W) Foot- All Enemies
    Id: Claw- Break Legs, Vahlia
    $+Rainster: Fang- Water Attack, Deva Vali
    Ohzay: Tail- Water Attack
    $+Kamra: Claw- Rend Wings, Selahm
    Agghai: Horn- Water Attack+Power, Fang- Water Attack+Accuracy,
          Claw- Water Attack+Critical, Tail- Water Attack, Foot- All Enemies,
          Agnis, Agnia, Vahli, Vahlis, Deva Vali {probably a glitch}
    {Name unknown- related to Nupandra}
    Pataraid: Tail- Fire Attack
    Patbaran: Fang- Fire Attack+Power
    Jitamble: Horn- Fire Attack, Deva Agni
    Patagore: Fang- Fire Attack, Agnis
    Drunga: Tail- Fire Attack+Power, Agnis
    Patgaron: Fang +Accuracy, Agnia
    Patash: Fang- Fire Attack, Agnis
    Patagrip: Claw- Fire Attack
    Patapara: Claw- Fire Attack+Critical
    Patalco: Tail +Accuracy, Agni
    Patbecker: Horn- Sleep
    Hikisag: Tail- Absorb Mana, Agnia
    Patawasp: Agni
    Patmanty: Claw- Absorb Hit Points
    Patamole: Tail- Flesh to Stone
    Pateeb: Horn- Fire Attack
    Patodon: Horn +Accuracy
    Patakuga: Tail- Critical
    Pataoot: Fang- Poison
    Patamoaj: Tail- Fire Attack+Power
    Carmine: Horn- Fire Attack+Critical
    Anash: Fang +Accuracy, Agnia
    Karn: Tail- Destroy Mana, Deva Agni
    Usk: Agni, Deva Agni
    Gabee: Foot- All Enemies
    Frigg: Claw- Fire Attack+Critical, Agnis
    Frey: Claw +Accuracy, Agnis
    Wardon: Foot- All Enemies+Accuracy
    Swav: Tail- Break Legs, Agnia
    Bawni: Tail- Fire Attack, Deva Agni
    Yates: Horn- Fire Attack, Ad Mumuls
    Spiral: (F) Tail- Rend Wings
    #Bauback: Horn- Fire Attack, Fang- Fire Attack+Critical
          {this is probably incorrect- should be like Greydon}
    Nupandra: Horn- Critical, Fang- Absorb HP, Claw- Destroy Mana,
          Tail- Absorb Mana, Foot- All Enemies, Ad Mumuls
          {Looks exactly like Asha/Anash}
    Hidden Minions: (thanks to Brayze!)
    "Tweengo (water speed/attack type)== 
    Combine -eeb, spider, -mole, and turtle types. Combine so that 
    you get a merge between the -eeb and the spider, and the -mole
    and turtle. Then merge these two merges. 
    Sherrick (fire speed/magic type)== 
    Combine -eeb, -gore, -grip, and -alco types. 
    Follow same process as above. 
    Note that these are the base monster types, actual element is 
    irrelevant (for example, -eeb means skaeeb, pateeb, radeeb or 
    tereeb; it doesn't matter which one). "
    Author's note: I've seen different instructions, it seems like
    the exact order doesn't matter as long as the result's grandparents
    are the required types.
    Tweengo: Horn- Water Attack, Fang +Critical, Claw +Power, 
          Tail +Accuracy, Foot- All Enemies
    Sherick: Horn +Accuracy, Fang- Break Legs+Critical, Claw +Power,
          Tail- Rend Wings+Critical, Agina, Ad Mumuls
    #: Submitted by Bryan Chen.
    $: Submitted by Lisa Brunner.
    +: Ones I've caught and verified since they were submitted.
    IX. Bosses of the Eternal Corridor
    1) Palooja
    Description: Dogle body with skin like a panda.  Element Fire.
    Uses basic attacks, sometimes with +'s.  Shouldn't present a problem.
    Can use Critical, which can be a problem if you're unlucky.
    2) Ticker
    Description: Patakuga body with green skin and eyes like Kermit the 
    Frog.  Element Earth.  Uses Ulvi and Ulvia.  Horrible defense.  Again,
    this shouldn't be a problem.
    3) Jeechwo
    Description: Hirasag body with one eye and orange-and-black skin, with
    a blue mouth.  Element Water.  Uses basic attacks with some modifiers.  
    4) Kolna
    Description: Rugdogle body with cheetah spotted skin.  Element Air.
    Casts Ad Mumuls.  Basically you have three choices: hope you get lucky,
    kill it in one hit (probably with Fire Attack+Critical or +Power) 
    before it can take a turn, or keep a Sel Selahm running at all times.
    When they appear two or three at a time, option one is only feasible
    with use of Deva Agni and Agnis, recommended by Heimdal.  Goryus
    suggests using three Agnias in a row if your minion has a high
    enough speed and magic attack to take them out in one hit- if you
    can do this to all of them from left to right, they shouldn't even
    get a turn.
    5) Sicanjal
    Description: Raddreg body, tiger stripes with a white underbelly.
    Element Air.  Mostly just attacks, sometimes with +'s.  Not hard.
    6) Timaios
    Description: Patdreg body, blue with patches of red scales, sort of
    like a cross between a Jirahl and a poodle.  Element Water.  Uses
    Absorb HP and Absorb Mana, but it's not too tough to keep ahead of it.
    7) Yolga
    Description: Riggu body, sickly blue skin with black spiderwebbing.
    Element Water.  Good attack and defense, but generally just attacks.
    Likes to defend a lot, tool.  Just don't waste your mana while it 
    defends, and you ought to be fine.
    8) Klarrgas
    Description: Body of Srikarta, skin of a skeleton.  Element Fire.
    Uses attacks that stone, sleep, and poison you.  I'm still 
    experimenting, but it seems like the only attacks that hurt it at
    all are Poison, Absorb HP, Sleep, and Flesh to Stone.  Your best bet
    is probably Flesh to Stone or Poison and just try to survive with 
    Sel Selahm.  Absorb HP works nicely as well.
    9) And so on... at Corridor 9 you fight 2 Palooja, then two of all
    the others, then three.  And it just repeats from then on.  Every
    four bosses you beat, the level of enemies (bosses included) goes
    up by one, to a maximum of 26.  Congratulations, for all intents 
    and purposes, you've finished the Eternal Corridor!
    X. Frequently Asked Questions (contains minor spoilers)
    Q: How do I get the Minion Fang?
    A: First of all, you don't need it.  If you delivered the Kickleberry
    and the Divine Tablet, you have an idea what the Minion Fang does for
    you.  But if you insist on finding it, it's in a bag two screens right
    of Totoyamu.
    Q: What's that big black wall in the Spider Forest?
    A: You have to find Totoyamu before you can enter here.  Trade with him
    he'll open the seal.
    Q: Where do I go to save Mother Garai?
    A: The Chief's Estate.  From the courtyard just inside the entrance, go
    down and speak to the guard.
    Q: How come Mahbu won't let me leave the Divine Magic screen?
    A: You have too many minions in storage.  There needs to be twelve 
    empty slots before you can leave, so that if you catch twelve more 
    there's a place to put them.
    Q: Where/how do I find <name of minion here>?
    They're all in the above lists.  Stuff in the Eternal Corridor is
    totally random, so I can't help you find those.  Sorry.
    Q: Can I use your FAQ on my site?
    A: Sure, no problem.  Just make sure you take the entire thing and post
    it as a complete file, no windowing or anything.  Take special care
    to keep the copyright info intact.
    XI. Copyright Information
    All proper names on this document are copyrighted by Crave and Genki.
    The contents of this FAQ are copyrighted by me.  You may not distribute
    this for money or as an incentive for another transaction.  You may
    distribute it otherwise as long as it is entirely intact, including this
    The most recent version of this FAQ will be at http://www.gamefaqs.com.
    Any questions, problems, mistakes, or helpful additions can be directed
    to MindWanderer@juno.com.

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