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    S.Story Dialog by Last Boss

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      ##@@  @@####                        ####      ##       JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (USA)
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            ##########          ##########@@    ##         Super Story Mode FAQ version: 0.2
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        ##@@  ##    ##        ##    ##  @@  ##                      By: Last Boss
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      This FAQ is a collection of the story dialogue found in the SP STORY mode
      of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (USA) for Sony Playstation. I have played both
      the japanese as well as this version, and have discovered serveral things 
      that have been altered from the original japanese. First off, most of the 
      villans in the JoJo universe share names with some popular musicians, or 
      albums. Because of this, Capcom of America deemed it neccesary to alter 
      their names, as they have done with names in the past (Mike Bison anyone?), 
      to avoid any possible legal reprocussions from the real people. For the 
      import players, here is a list of the name changes (japanese --> english).
      Devo --> D'Bo
      Steely Dan --> S-Terry Dan
      Rubber Soul --> Robber Soul
      Z.Z. --> Zi Zi
      Arabia Fats --> Alabia Fats
      Cameo --> Kameo
      Oingo & Boingo --> Oing & Voing
      Mariah --> Mahrahia
      Kenny G --> Ken-E-Gee
      Vanilla Ice --> Iced
      Besides the name changes, there has also been some censoring. I have tried
      to make notes where changes from the japanese original have taken place. 
      Thank you, and please have fun reading about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
      version 0.1 (05/09/2K) -- first release
      version 0.2 (05/19/2K) -- added dialogue for Episodes 1, 2, 23, 31, 32, 36, 37, 38, 39 
      Super Story Mode
    	Episode 1 -- Magican of Flames 
    	Episode 2 -- Who's going to judge this!? 
    	Episode 3 -- Attack of the bizarre insect!
    	Episode 4 -- Code of the knight
    	Episode 5 -- Trap of the sea road
    	Episode 6 -- Empty ship and a monkey
    	Episode 7 -- Release your hatred!
    	Episode 8 -- Temperance, the man-cater
    	Episode 9 -- Wandering Emperor
    	Episode 10 -- Biting the hand that feeds...
    	Episode 11 -- Deadly traffic
    	Episode 12 -- Manipulated Justic
    	Episode 13 -- Dreadful lover
    	Episode 14 -- The sun-scorched
    	Episode 15 -- Nightmare of Death 13
    	Episode 16 -- Lamp of Magic
    	Episode 17 -- Diamond's Tooth
    	Episode 18 -- Geb, the Earth God
    	Episode 19 -- True premonition
    	Episode 20 -- The Anubis Sword
    	Episode 21 -- Beware, the razor!
    	Episode 22 -- Anubis and Chariot
    	Episode 23 -- She's got the best legs! <Joseph/Avdol path>
    	Episode 24 -- Don't make me any younger! <Jotaro/Polnareff path>
    	Episode 25 -- To gamble your soul away...
    	Episode 26 -- The absolute prophecy
    	Episode 27 -- Bird of Ice
    	Episode 28 -- Impossible search <Polnareff/Avdol/Iggi path>
    	Episode 29 -- Locus in the darkness space <Polnareff/Avdol/Iggi path>
    	Episode 30 -- The video game of the soul (not finished) <Jotaro/Joseph/Kakyoin path>
    	Episode 31 -- The threat of "The World" <Joseph/Kakyoin path>
    	Episode 32 -- The Stand that rules the world! <Joseph/Kakyoin path>
    	Episode 33 -- stand that are two of a kind <Jotaro/Polnareff path>
    	Episode 34 -- The final blow! <Jotaro/Polnareff path>
    	Final Episode -- The everlasting journey. Goodbye, my friends!
      Bonus Episodes
    	Episode 36 -- The 21st Tarot card (after Episode 1)
    	Episode 37 -- Dio's spell (after Episode 2)
    	Episode 38 -- The man with the star-shaped macula (after Episode 4)
    	Episode 39 -- The end of Dio?! (after Episode 24)
    Episode 1 -- Magician of Flames
    Tokyo jail
    (VS GAME)
    	Kujo Jotaro locked himself in a jail,
    	claiming that he had been possessed.
    Jotaro:		I can feel something evil is inside of me. It must have happened recently...
    Holley:		Jotaro...
    	In an effort to save her son, Holley,
    	Jotaro's mother asks her father to
    	come to Japan.
    (Joseph arrives at Jotaro's cell)
    Joseph:		Jotaro, what are you doing?! Get out of there! You can come home with me.
    Jotaro:		(turns away)
    		No!! Leave me alone!! I don't need you!
    Joseph:		Fine... I see... Avdol, it's your turn to convince him.
    Avdol:		Mr.Joestar, I must apologize... However, you have forced me to handle this
    		in a physical manner...
    Joseph:		Whatever. Stop your talking and take some action! Get him out of there!
    (Avdol uses his Stand to break open the cell)
    Jotaro:		Why you...!
    SECRET FACTOR: Thanks to you, I'm a free man!
    Avdol:		Well, I got him out... My job is done...
    Jotaro:		Hrmph! So it would seem...
    Avdol:		Consider yourself lucky. I meant to send you to the hospital. However, you
    		are more powerful than I expected.
    Joseph:		Listen to me, Avdol has similar abilities to yours. You didn't need to lock
    		yourself up...
    	Joseph then told him about the coffin
    	which was salvaged 4 years ago. And 
    	about an imortal vampire named Dio.
    	Dio's presence is what causes the 
    	mysterious energy inside Jotaro to
    	control him.
    Episode 36 -- The 21st Tarot card
    (VS GAME)
    Avdol:		I'll tell you my story, JoJo. Abouut 4 months ago, I met Dio...
    		...in Cairo Egypt. That's when I became truly afraid of him.
    VS GAME: Jotaro vs Avdol
    SECRET FACTOR: I didn't really want to fight!
    Avdol:		I ran for my life. I never thought that I would fight him...
    		I thought that if I did, I would have ended up being controlled,
    		just like Kakyoin...... And my Stand would have been used to 
    		serve him...
    Episode 2 -- Who's going to judge this!? 
    Tokyo High School
    (VS GAME)
    Jotaro:		There is something strange and... wrong about you. And yet, you must be a
    		Stand master.
    Kakyoin:	Yes, I am. My Stand is Hierophant Green. I've pledged my loyalty to him.
    		Now, I'll kill you.
    Jotaro:		This is your Stand?! How disgusting! It's yucky green and lined... just like
    		a melon!
    Kakyoin:	Let me give you this warning. If you try to attack me, you'll be very, very
    		sorry, JoJo. Trust me...
    Jotaro:		I don't scare so easy. Now let me give you a warning... Tell me about Dio or
    		I'll destroy you and your Stand!
    VS GAME: Jotaro vs Kakyoin
    SECRET FACTOR: It is my Stand that judges you!
    Jotaro:		Kakyoin, don't move. I'll remove the evil implant now...
    		I'll try to remove the evil implant out without damaging your brain.
    		My Stand is as precise as a machine.
    (Jotaro removes the implant and crushes it)
    Kakyoin:	Why did you save me...? You could have been killed by the tentacle of 
    		that evil implant.
    Jotaro:		I... I don't know.
    	One fateful morning, Holley developed a 
    	"Stand".  As a result, she became very 
    Jotaro:		You must help me! Please, tell me! What can I do to save her?!
    Joseph:		You must kill Dio and release his curse! That is the only way!
    	As Joseph uses his power to visualize
    	Dio's image, they spot a fly that only
    	inhabits the area of Aswan, Egypt...
    Kakyoin:	I have also sensed his whereabouts... 
    		I, Noriaki Kakyoin will go with you.
    Joseph:		Holley, I'll save you. Just wait here... Now let's go!!
    	And so, Jotaro, Joseph, Avdol 
    	and Kakyoin travel to Egypt...
    Episode 37 -- Dio's spell
    (VS GAME)
    Kakyoin:	That mysterious man, Dio told me...
    Dio:		You have a very special ability. Yes. Normal people do not posses the abilities
    		you have. Now, don't you wish to use your ability to help serve me?
    Kakyoin:	It was at that time, that I became incredibly afraid of him...
    Dio:		You don't need to be afraid. Relax, Kakyoin. We are friends... But before we
    		rest, why don't you show me your ability? I must test you to see if you are
    		worthy! Now let's begin...
    VS GAME: Kakyoin VS Shadow Dio
    SECRET FACTOR: The evil bud made of Dio's cells...
    Dio:		You are a man who is worthy of my time and efforts. Yes. I want you to use
    		your power for me...
    Kakyoin:	What? Did you trick me?!
    Dio:		(does his "Charisma" move)
    		You will e my servent, and destroy Jotaro!
    Kakyoin:	Waaaaaaaaaaa!
    		Master Dio. I pledge my undying loyalty to you...
    Episode 3 -- Attack of the bizarre insect!
    Tokyo --> Hong Kong
    (VS GAME)
    Joseph:		Watch out! Another Stand wielder could be following us, 
    		and might be on this plane...
    (giant bug appears)
    Jotaro:		Huh? Is it a... stag beetle? What is a stag beetle doing on
    		a plane? I have a bad feeling about this!
    Joseph:		Avdol, is it a Stand? Is there another Stand wielder on board?
    Avdol:		It's possible... But I've never encountered a bug shaped Stand...
    Kakyoin:	Jotaro! It's flying to your left! It's huge!
    Jotaro:		Disgusting creature! Well, leave this to me...
    		Star Platinum!
    (Star Platinum attacks, but the bug dodges)
    Avdol:		It dodged his attack! Unbelievable! It moves faster than Star Platinum!
    Jotaro:		Hey! It's flying over there. What is it going to do?! Oh, no!
    Tower Of Gray:	Hee Hee Hee... Bingo! I cut off the tongues of all the passengers!
    		Now, to finish the job... 
    Jotaro:	This... This can't be happening!!
    (an old man appears--Gray Fly)
    Gray Fly:	Hmmmm... I'm so sleepy... What are you fussing about...?
    		What... is happening here...?
    		Huh? What is it? Is it... BLOOD?!
    Kakyoin:	You just sleep for a while!
    (Kakyoin knocks out Gray Fly)
    		I knew my Hierophant Green could handle a Stand wielder
    		of this type without a problem!
    VS GAME: Kakyoin VS Tower of Gray
    Tower of Gray: 	Gwaaaaah 
    Kakyoin:	Hmph! A disgusting Stand for a disgusting person...
    		Just as I expected.
    Avdol:		He was born to be nothing but an evil Stand wielder...
    		I guess he was blinded by the money.
    Joseph:		Strange... It seems that the plane is leaning... 
    		I wonder if...
    (in the cockpit)
    Joseph:		Oh, no! We're trapped!
    Jotaro:		That stag beetle scum already killed the pilot!
    Tower of Gray:	Gah ha ha... Guh!
    		You will never get to master Dio!
    		I said you'll NEVER!! Aah gah gah... Ungh!
    Jotaro:		Well, the pilot's dead. All we have to do is...
    		Hey! Old man, take control of the plane and
    		make it land!
    Joseph:		But... It's only the third time I've done this.
    		I think. Who would crash as many as three times
    		in one life?
    Jotaro:		I'll tell you what! I'll never fly on the same
    		plane as you again... Ever!
    Episode 4 -- Code of the knight 
    (VS GAME)
    Avdol:		Where is this?
    Polnareff:	You there, I'll predict your future! Avdol...
    		Hmm... I foresee that you'll be destroyed by
    		your own Stand...
    Jotaro:		Avdol...
    Avdol:		Jotaro... I don't need your help. This place
    		is strong enough for me to use my maximum
    VS GAME: Avdol VS Polnareff
    Avdol:		You are so arrogant. You dared to challenge
    		me with your fortune telling. I am the master
    		of that art.
    Polnareff:	I was too careless. I thought that I couldn't
    		be defeated by such a childish flame...
    		Fu Fu... I foresee that I'll be burned to 
    		death... That's my destiny. I accept it.
    Avdol:		You have a strong spirit and I don't want to 
    		kill you. Please tell me, you must have a
    		reason for your attack?
    		JoJo, you must remove the evil plant inside 
    		of him.
    (Jotaro removes and destroys the implant)
    Joseph:		Now that the evil plant is removed, I guess
    		that he has become a good guy.
    Jotaro:		I guess so...
    	Now released Dio's control. Polnareff
    	told them that he is looking for the 
    	double-right-handed man.
    	Polnareff thinks that if he is with 
    	them, the Stand master may try to attack
    	them. And so, he joins their journey...
    Episode 38 -- The man with the star-shaped macula
    (VS GAME)
    Polnareff:	A year ago, I met Dio.
    Dio:		You are worried about something... You are suffering... I could remove the
    		memories from your mind, but only if you join me... I'll give you a hand...
    VS GAME: Polnareff VS Shadow Dio
    SECRET FACTOR: I was controlled by te evil bud...
    Polnareff:	...And so, he ordered me to kill you. I believed that he was the only truth.
    Episode 5 -- Trap of the sea road
    	With new company, Polnareff,
    	Jotaro and his comreades
    	head for Singapore by sea...
    sailor:		I found a stowaway! I'll hand her over to the police!
    girl:		Get your hands off of me! Let me go, you jerk!!
    Polnareff:	Hey, she jumped into the sea! What a reckless girl!
    sailor:		Uh oh! There are quite a few sharks living in this area.
    Joseph:		Hey, kid! You'll be attacked by sharks! Come back! It's dangerous!
    (Jotaro jumps in the water and grabs the girl)
    Jotaro:		Oh no... Stupid girl! She's causing a lot of trouble... Huh?
    Joseph:		Jotaro! Look beneath her! Something is approaching her from underwater!
    Kakyoin:	Leave that to me! My Stand can cover the distance. Hierophant Green!
    (Kakyoin's Stand pulls Jotaro and the girl out of the water)
    Polnareff:	It disappeared!
    Joseph:		That's not a shark... It's a Stand! That means... Where could the Stand 
    		wielder be?
    Captain Teneil:	Is she the one? The stowaway?
    girl:		!!
    Captain Teneil:	I'm going to arrest you, girl...
    Jotaro:		............
    Captain Teneil:	Hey, you! Smoking on deck is prohibited!
    Jotaro:		Now hold on a second! Who do you think you are?!
    Joseph:		Jotaro! Don't be rude to the captain!
    Jotaro:		Hmph! He is not the captain! I just figured that out! He is the one who 
    		controls the Stand!
    Captain Teneil:	Stand...?! What do you mean by that...?
    Jotaro:		I discovered a method of determining if someone is a Stand wielder or not...
    		When a Stand wielder inhales the smoke of a cigarette... A blood vein will appear 
    		on his nose!
    Kakyoin/Joseph/Avdol:	What?! (cover their noses)
    Captain Teneil:	...... (covers his nose)
    girl:		What... is going on?
    Polnareff: 	(while covering his nose)
    		Jotaro... That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! You've got to be kidding!
    Jotaro:		Actually, I am! But, we just found out who the stupid one really is!
    Captain Teneil:	Oh! I admire you for your cool attitude! Your guess was correct. I'm not the 
    		captain. I control the Dark Blue Moon Stand, which represents deception and 
    		(Dark Blue Moon grabs the girl)
    		Follow me! Go ahead and drown yourself! Are you that eager to die?
    (Dark Blue Moon jums off the boat)
    (Jotaro attacks with Star Platinum)
    Jotaro:		Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Oraaaa!!
    Captain Teneil:	I don't believe it! The speed of the attack is faster thant he speed of the 
    Jotaro:		Guh?!
    Joseph:		What's the matter, Jotaro?!
    Jotaro:		He's trying to pull me under the water! Moooo!...........Gwoooh?!
    Captain Teneil:	Welcome...! Hm hm hm... Welcome to my domain! Dark Blue Moon thrives within 
    		these depths!
    Jotaro:		Would you like me to make some sushi? Of course, you would be the main 
    		ingredient! I'll cook you and your Stand whichever way pleases you!
    Captain Teneil:	Hm hm hm... Just take a look around! Didn't you notice the whirlpool that
    		was being created by Dark Blue Moon? No more fish tales are to be spoken by you 
    		again... It's time for the sushi to be sliced and served!
    Jotaro:		I agree...!
    Jotaro:		Star Finger!!
    		That's right... You've just been dished out and given the deep six!
    Captain Teneil:	Gulp... gulp... gulp...
    SECRET FACTOR: You were the one who was sliced!
    Episode 6 -- Empty ship and a monkey
    	After escaping from the fake captain's
    	ship on a lifeboat, Jotaro and company
    	encounter a huge freighter.
    Polnareff:	What kind of ship is this?! No one
    		is on board.
    Joseph:		Be on your guard...
    		There could be another Stand wielder
    		hiding somewhere on the ship.
    (an ape appears)
    Jotaro:		This ape...
    		Something tells me that it's not just
    		an innocent animal. Could it be...?!
    SECRET FACTOR: I didn't want to make it hard...
    Jotaro:		I had no idea... It's hard to believe
    		that the entire ship was actually a
    		huge Stand!
    A girl:		Look! The ship seems to be distorted.
    		Am I dreaming? It looks like a picture
    		of Dali...
    Jotaro:		Hey... What are you waiting for?
    		The ship is sinking. Let's get on the 
    		boat we came here on and ditch this
    Episode 7 -- Release your hatred!
    (VS GAME)
    Polnareff:	Hey, you! I can sense the evil within
    		you! You must be my enemy!
    		Get out!
    (D'bo crawls out of the refridgerator)
    		In fact, I can sense your murderous
    		ambitions... They are quite deadly
    		and violently nasty...
    		Before you die... tell me your name!
    D'Bo:		I'm D'Bo, the cursed one. How did you
    		sense me?
    Polnareff:	What are you, stupid or something? 
    		The bad vibes that you give off are so
    		obvious, anyone would know!
    D'Bo:		Ebony Devil!
    Polnareff:	Silver Chariot!
    (Polnareff attacks with Silver Chariot)
    Polnareff:	You're so slow!
    D'Bo:		(gets up)
    		Geh hee hee hee! I'm impressed!
    		However... You will be cursed!
    VS GAME: Polnareff VS D'Bo
    Polnareff:	Hey D'Bo, I'm looking for a man with
    		two right hands. You must tell me 
    		where he is.
    Ebony Devil:	You idiot! Nobody reveals the secret 
    		of their Stand so easily.
    Polnareff:	You are so nasty. Tell me or I'll 
    		slash up your entire body!
    (Polnareff activates Silver Chariot)
    		Get ready!!
    (Silver Chariot attacks)
    Ebony Devil:	Gyyaaaaaaaaa!
    Episode 8 -- Temperance, the man-cater
    (VS GAME)
    Kakyoin:	Hey! Watch out, Jotaro!
    		(punches Jotaro in the face)
    		Ha ha ha! I was just kidding...
    		Stop glaring at me... It was a joke!
    		What's the matter? You don't have a 
    		sense of humor?
    Jotaro:		You scum... Something must be 
    		controlling or influencing you! I 
    		guess I'll have to wake you up the
    		hard way.
    		(punches Kakyoin in the face)
    (Kakyoin's jaw falls apart)
    		What... is this?! This is not
    Kakyoin:	Hee hee hee... It's not quite the same
    		as someone who is being controlled...
    		My Yellow Temperance is a Stand that
    		not only visible, but it can be felt
    		as well!
    (Kakyoin's head falls apart to reveal Rubber Soul)
    Rubber Soul:	Just remember how handsome I am!
    Jotaro:		You rotten punk!
    VS GAME: Jotaro VS Yellow Temperance
    SECRET FACTOR: Rero rero rero rero rero rero!
    Rubber Soul:	Aieeeee! Stop!!! I can't fight anymore!
    		I'm numbed. Please forgive me!
    Jotaro:		Now tell me everything about the Stand
    		wielders who are waiting for us!
    Rubber Soul:	That's the last thing I would tell you!
    		I wouldn't betray my comrades!
    (Jotaro gets ready to throw a punch)
    Jotaro:		Excellent. You are such a loyal guy!
    		I understand...
    Rubber Soul:	Um, I just remembered... There are four
    		Stand wielders, Death, Empress, Hanged
    		Man, and Emperor...
    		Among them is the man who killed
    		Polnareff's sister. I heard that his
    		ability is related to mirrors.
    Jotaro:		I have to tell Polnareff about this...
    		(turns around)
    Rubber Soul:	I'm so lucky that you took your eyes off
    		of your enemy... Die, Jotaro!!
    Jotaro:		(turns back around)
    		What a loser... You don't seem to 
    		understand that your luck has run out.
    		I have nothing more to say... You're just
    		too pathetic!
    		Orah Orah Orah Orah Orah Orah Orah Orah!
    (Dong! Bong! Bong! Bong! Dong! Dong!)
    Episode 9 -- Wandering Emperor
    (VS GAME)
    Hol Horse:	This gun is mightier than the sword... Remember those words of wisdom!
    Polnareff:	Hmph... Who are you...? Hey, cowboy! Do you know the man who has two 
    		right hands? The double-right-handed man?
    Hol Horse:	He is my partner. He is near.
    Polnareff:	What! Who is it?!
    Hol Horse:	You don't need to know that. That's because I'll finish you here.
    Polnareff:	If you want to be beaten up before telling me who he is, that's fine 
    		with me... Come on!
    Hol Horse:	I'll tell you one thing before we fight. My Stand is a gun!
    Polnareff:	Hmm... A gun? How cute... Wa ha ha ha haaaaa!
    Hol Horse:	Yee hee hee hee hee!
    		(draws his gun)
    		You'll be dead and buried. Today is the final day of your life. 
    		I guarantee it!
    Polnareff:	Does he really think I'm too slow to repel bullets like that? Wha... 
    (Hol Horse fires, Polnareff tries to repel the shot, but
    the bullet changes direction. Avdol pushes Polnareff out
    of the way in time.)
    Avdol:		Polnareff!
    Polnareff:	Avdol...
    Avdol:		You're being too reckless, fighting alone like that! They know too 
    		much about you!
    Hol Horse:	Oh, what a rude interruption to our fight...
    Avdol:		Move, Polnareff! The bullets are coming back! I'll burn them... 
    		Magician's Red!
    (something pops out of the ground)
    		There's another Stand... In the puddle...!
    		(now focusing on the puddle instead of the bullets)
    Polnareff:	No! Watch out for the bullets!
    (Avdol gets shot)
    Hol Horse:	Well, that's nice! Lucky me... I thought Avdol's flame would have 
    		been the greatest threat!
    Kakyoin:	Mr.Avdol! No!
    Polnareff:	Look at you, so pathetic... Who asked you to save me? Now you end 
    		up dying in vain...
    Kakyoin:	Wha... What? Polnareff! Don't you realize that he saved your life?!
    Polnareff:	I'm not happy about that! I hate watching a friend die...!
    Hol Horse:	Isn't it funny how life can end just as suddenly as it begins...?
    Kakyoin:	Polnareff! Don't listen to his taunts... We should retreat now!
    Hol Horse:	Don't give up! Let's go at it again!
    Polnareff:	How can I retreat after all that has happened! There is too much 
    		resentment within me!
    Hanged Man:	(comes out of a puddle -- blood?)
    		Don't be so sad... You'll see Avdol again soon... You two will 
    		burn together in the afterlife!
    Polnareff:	Son of a jackel! You must be J.Gail!! Your death will be most painful!
    VS GAME: Polnareff VS Hol Horse w/Hanged Man
    Polnareff:	I heard him scream from this direction... J.Gail... I'll kill you in 
    		the worst possible way!
    (Polnareff and Kakyoin find a man lying on the ground)
    		We meet at last. J.Gail! My name is J.P.Polnareff. Are you ready to die?!
    		Your Stand can jump from one mirror to another. The Stand of Light is 
    		tricky, but... If I know where you will jump to, I can cut you in half! 
    		Now, it's payback time!
    Kakyoin:	Wait, Polnareff! He has a left hand! He is not the double-right-handed man.
    		He is not J.Gail!
    Polnareff:	Wha... What?!
    (Hanged Man jumps to another person)
    J.Gail:		I did it! I tricked you... Idiot! I am J.Gail! 
    Kakyoin:	How dare you... Wha...? What are you planning to do now?
    J.Gail:		Hello, everyone! These gentlemen say they will give you money!
    (a mob appears)
    Polnareff:	His Stand is jumping from one man's eye to another... Don't look at me!
    J.Gail:		Hee hee hee... You sacrificed the prime of your life to kill me. But now, 
    		you'll die in vain...
    Polnareff:	Scoundrel!
    Kakyoin:	Those aren't the proper words to say when taking revenge! You should say 
    		this! My name is Noriaki Kakyoin!
    		(tosses a coin into the air)
    (everyone looks up)
    		For the sake of Polnareff's sister and Avdol, I'll make you pay for your 
    		sins in the pit of the underworld!
    Polnareff:	That's a good idea... Throwing a coin to attract everyone's attention!
    		He's in this man's eye now! Kick sand in his eye and attack the Stand when 
    		it jumps out of the eye!
    		(kicks sand--everyone leaves)
    		You'll be burning in the fiery pit of Hades soon. But before that happens... 
    (Silver Charoit attacks J.Gail)
    		Suffer, you scum! I'vw been waiting a long time for this moment!
    (J.Gail is thrown at a fence by the force of the attack)
    		Meet you destiny...
    Kakyoin:	He is a hanged man, literally... He was a true scoundrel...
    Episode 10 -- Biting the hand that feeds...
    	Jotaro and company deafeat
    	J.Gail, and head for the
    	next city, Varanasi.
    	On their way, Joseph
    	discovered a swelling on his
    	arm, and went to see a doctor.
    doctor:		Hmmm... This is bad... I have to cut it off.
    Joseph:		Wha?! Wait a second! What did you say?
    doctor:		It is caused by some kind of germ. If we don't cut it off, it will spread.
    Joseph:		Hey! Isn't there some kind of medicine or ointment that can get rid of it?!
    doctor:		Nope. I'm sure of it. Now, hold still.
    Joseph:		Gosh... What's happening to me?! I can't bear to watch!
    		............... (looks away)
    		Hey, are you finished yet?! Is it over?
    doctor:		Agrrrrroooooooo!
    (doctor gets killed)
    Joseph:		Wha... What?!
    germ:		Hey quack! You're a fool for trying to cut me off!
    		I'm the Empress! Choooomeeeeeeen!
    Empress:	You old scum! I'll butcher you for my amusement...
    		Honey, you know... We are one... Till death do us part!
    Joseph:		Where is the Stand wielder?! How did you come to haunt me?!
    Empress:	Don't ask, idiot!
    (nurse enters the room)
    nurse:		Kyaaaaaaaah! The doctor is dead!
    Joseph:		Don't get the wrong idea! I did...
    Empress:	I did kill him! I confess! I murdered him! I'm guilty!
    nurse:		You MURDERED him!
    Joseph:		Wait! You are making a mistake!
    (Joseph runs out of the building)
    Empress:	Now you are a wanted man, hunted by all the police in India!
    policeman:	Freeze! (fires a shot)
    Joseph:		Whoa! (dodges the bullet)
    		What the heck?! I have to take care of this Stand and correct this situation...
    Empress:	Chop chap gulp gulp gulp!
    Joseph:		Wha... What are you doing?!
    Empress:	Chop chap gulp gulp gulp!
    		Achooooohhhhhh! (Empress grows a body)
    		Now I'm able to kill you...
    		You should respect the rights of your daughter, you know...
    		(throws a punch)
    Joseph:		(blocks the punch)
    		Wooooo! Nooooooo!
    Empress:	You already know my power... Isn't that right?
    		(throws a punch)
    Jospeh:		(blocks the punch)
    		Wooooo! Nooooooo!
    Empress:	See? Now I can reach your neck!
    		(throws a punch)
    Joseph:		(blocks the punch)
    		Wooooo! Nooooooo! Aaagh! Y... you!
    		(falls down onto the sand)
    Empress:	You old scum! It's your destiny to be killed by me!
    Joseph:		Darn!
    		(gets up and starts running again)
    		Hunh, hunh, hunh!
    Empress:	Hey! Joseph Joestar! You're running away from the others...
    		Hoo hee hee hee hee!
    Joseph:		Do you think I'm running around without a destination in mind?
    		I was running so I could put you in this!
    		(drops his arm into a pot of coal tar)
    Empress:	Yo you really think you can suffocate me by putting me into this?! 
    		There is no way to deafeat the Empress!
    Joseph:		Hmm? You said no way? Are my ears going bad now?
    Empress:	It's coal tar! You dropped me not to suffocate me, but to trap
    		me... But... How did you know that there would be coal tar 
    		here?! Oh you used your Stand ability to envision... You
    		scattered the ashes on the road and followed the trace of the
    		coal tar!
    Joseph:		See? Now you understand the importance of having a wealth of
    		experiences... And a Stand can be removed with another Stand...
    		You'll ask me not to do this to you...
    Empress:	Don't Don't do that to me! Oh, no!
    		Gaawwwaaahh... Guh... Gyaaah!
    (Empress gets torn apart by the vines from Joseph's Stand)
    Joseph:		Now... Where can I find the Stand wielder?
    SECRET FACTOR: Stop your pathetic whining!
    Episode 11 -- Deadly traffic
    	Jotaro and company head
    	for the border of Pakistan
    	as they leave India...
    	With Polnareff driving, they
    	travel by way of car. As they
    	traverse a mountain road...
    Jotaro:		That's the car we just passed... He must be in a hurry.
    Polnareff:	He was driving so slowly before... Why is he in such a rush 
    Joseph:		Polnareff, move our car to one side and let him through.
    Polnareff:	Yeah...
    (car passes them)
    Polnareff:	Hey! What's he doing now?! He's driving slowly again!
    		Come on! Move! Move!
    Jotaro:		Did you see the driver?
    Polnareff:	Nope. That window is stained and I couldn't see through it.
    Jotaro: 	I think the window by the wheel was open...
    (other driver sticks his hand out the window signaling that they can pass)
    Polnareff:	Ha! He wants us to go ahead. Hmph! Whatever you say, punk!
    (as they attempt a pass, a truck is coming their way)
    Joseph:		Waaaaaaaaah! A truck! No way!
    Jotaro:		Star Platinum! 
    (Star Platinum punches the truck)
    Polnareff:	Who is that scoundrel?! I'll stop him and teach him some manners!
    driver:		......... (speeds up)
    Polnareff:	He's escaping! How can he move that quickly through the 
    		rough terrain of the mountain road?! No! It's a dead end!
    (car stops at the edge of a cliff)
    (the other car hits them from behind and tries to push them over)
    Joseph:		Watch out! He's behind us!
    Polnareff:	Amazing! How could he have gotten behind us?! I can't push
    		him back! It's like a tank! What incredible power!
    driver:		Hee hee hee......
    Polnareff:	We're done for!!
    (the car gets pushed over the edge)
    Kakyoin:	Hierophant Green!!
    (Hierophant Green's tentacle attachs itself to the enemy car)
    driver:		!!
    Joseph:		Oh! You used the wire-winch of the car!
    Jotaro:		Good job, Kakyoin! Oraaaaaah!
    (the two cars fall off the cliff)
    Polnareff:	The car fell off of the cliff. From a height like that, he's probably doomed...
    Kakyoin:	What... is this trembling...?
    ??:		Wheel of Fortune! That is my Stand!
    Kakyoin:	Watch out!
    (the car comes out of the ground)
    Joseph:		I don't believe it?! It came out of the ground!
    Kakyoin:	The wrecked car is being repaired... Look out! It'll attack us!
    ??:		There is nowhere for you to go...!
    Jotaro:		Hum! (pulls Kakyoin and Polnareff out of the way)
    ??:		That's gasoline! Now I'll burn you to ashes with my
    		electric spark!
    (Jotaro gets caught on fire)
    Jotaro:		Waaaaaaah!
    driver:		I won! This chapter has come to an end!
    Jotaro:		So... Without me, who will lead the show?
    driver:		Wha?! They escaped beneath the ground! Jotaro used his
    		Star Platinum to dig a tunnel!!
    Jotaro:		Hmph! By the way... You said that there's nowhere... You are wrong... 
    		The path must be made by ourselves.
    		Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Oraaaaaaah!
    (the driver falls)
    		See? You're blown up and we've paved our path. Everything is cool now...
    driver:		Don't kill me! I was just a hired man! I'm just doing a job!
    heroes:		Wa ha ha ha ha!
    Episode 12 -- Manipulated Justice
    N-Yah:		Wha... What brings you here in such an urgent state, Jotaro?
    Jotaro:		I just came here to look for Polnareff, but... How did you know my name?
    N-Yah:		How? Are you accusing me of something? You just signed our guestbook...
    Jotaro:		I didn't. I didn't sign my name. Don't pretend to be ignorant!
    		I already know that you are one of the Stand wielders that we must face! 
    		Now, let me see your Stand!
    N-Yah:		So you knew... Are you ready to be surprised...? Behold my Stand... Justice!
    SECRET FACTOR: Ora ora ora ora oraah!
    Jotaro:		Whew... I'll destroy your Stand by the time you finish your next breath!
    N-Yah:		How dare you! On my next breath, you say? I'm finishing one alrea... Nguh! 
    		I can't bree...
    Jotaro:		So ir seems that your senile mind has become even more fogged-up. 
    		There are a lot of things I want to ask her... Especially about Dio...
    Episode 13 -- Dreadful lover
    Polnareff:	Hey, what are you trying to do?
    Kakyoin:	We have to go into Mr.Joestar's body to beat the enemy's Stand!
    Polnareff:	What?! What did you say, Kakyoin?
    Kakyoin:	The Stand is an image created by our energy. It can be minimized... 
    		Hurry... Activate your Stand, Polnareff! We have no time to waste! Come on!!
    S-Terry Dan:	Heeeeeh! Forgive me, sir.
    		If their Stands come back, I'll enter their brains through their ears!
    Jotaro:		Orah! (punches S-Terry Dan)
    S-Terry Dan:	Gynaaaaa! Hyeee! I'm numbed...! I can't move anymore!
    Jotaro:		If I ever see you again, you'll be punched thousands of times! Understand? 
    		Now, get lost!
    S-Terry Dan:	(draws a knife)
    		Ga ha haa! Idiot! You've turned your back to me... Wha?!
    		I can't move at all! Wha... Why?
    Jotaro:		Didn't you notice? Kakyoin tied the tentacle of his Stand to your Stand...
    S-Terry Dan:	I...I was given a down payment from Dio... You can have it... 
    		Please forgive me...
    Jotaro:		How pathetic. You are a true loser. You can't pay off your debt with money! 
    		Ora Ora Ora Oraaaaaah!
    (Bong Dong Gung!)
    		Oraaaaaaaaaaa Ora Oraaaaaaaah!!
    		Now you have become clean of debt...
    Episode 14 -- The sun-scorched desert
    Joseph:		Oh! I should have noticed... It's eight o'clock... But
    		it seems that the sun is still up!
    Polnareff:	Impossible! Is the Stand a sun?! How could we fight it?!
    Jotaro:		The easiest way is to beat the Stand wielder, I guess.
    Joseph:		Where is he? Where is the Stand wielder...? Let's find him!
    Polnareff:	He used a mirror to stay out of sight while he was following us.
    Joseph:		The Stand of the sun. It was too childish to stand a chance.
    Episode 15 -- Nightmare of Death 13
    (VS GAME)
    Joseph:		Why were we sleeping in an amusement park?! Hmm.. I can't find Kakyoin... 
    		I wonder where he went?
    Death 13:	Ralihooooo! You are experiencing the nightmare of the world of death!
    (Hierophant Green appears in front of Death 13)
    		Hmm?! Impossible! That's Hierophant Green! How could Kakyoin bring his 
    		Stand here?!
    Kakyoin:	I went to sleep with my Stand activated! Now, it's time I preached 
    		something to you...
    VS GAME: Kakyoin VS Death 13
    Kakyoin:	Your Stand ability made everyone forget that they were in your nightmare, 
    		but I remember... Never cross our paths again! If you do, I'll punish you...
    		Just like this!
    Mannish Boy:	Hey, that's my diaper. He put my... into my baby food!!
    (Kakyoin puts a spoon full of doo in the baby's food)
    Joseph:		So, you were preparing the baby food, Kakyoin... Here now,
    		I'll have you eat, son...
    Mannish Boy:	Nnnnnnn! Mnnnnnn! Bmmmmmm!
    Episode 16 -- Lamp of Magic
    Polnareff:	(holding a lamp)
    		It shines beautifully! It must have drifted here from a wrecked ship
    		or something... It looks like a lamp made of metal... And it looks very
    (a creature comes out of the lamp)
    		Wha... Whaaaaaaaat?! You must be another Stand wielder!
    Kameo:		My name is Kameo. I'll make your dreams come true! Give me your three wishes!
    Polnareff:	Ha! Three wishes?! That's a load of crap! If that's true, can you
    		resurrect my sister and Avdol?!
    Kameo:		Accepted...
    (a clay Avdol and Sherry appear)
    		I'll make your dreams come true! HAIL 2 U!
    Polnareff:	What? Wait... You! What are you doing?! Huh...? Sherry? 
    		Is that you over there? And is that you, Avdol?
    Sherry:		I haven't been fully created yet... If I eat your flesh, I'll soon be perfect!
    (Sherry starts biting Polnareff in the neck)
    Polnareff:	Arrrrrggghhhh! Sherry! Stoooooop! Kameo, lose her! Get her away from me, please!
    Kameo:		No way... That's a clay doll created by your wishes. Scream now, before
    		you die!
    (real Avdol walks into the scene)
    Polnareff:	I'm done for... What? Am I losing my eyesight already? I see 2 bodies of
    		Avdol over there. No! I'm not hallucinating... There IS another Avdol!
    Avdol:		Magician's Red!!
    (Avdol takes out the clay dolls wih his Stand)
    Polnareff:	I thought you were dead, Muhammad Avdol!
    Avdol:		You thought wrong!
    Polnareff: 	That son of a jackal! The scum ran away... The Stand wielder must be hiding
    		around here somewhere. Wait... This pipe is very suspicious... Is he hiding
    		underground, using this pipe as a vent?!
    Avdol:		What would happen if I cover the pipe with my finger? Ha ha ha... I think
    		he's having problems breathing.
    Polnareff:	Ha. I know, why don't we drop everything we can find in that pipe? Ha ha ha.
    		That's not enough! We need more stuff!
    (AUTHOR'S NOTE: This part was altered for America. Originally, the two peed in the pipe.)
    Kameo:		Ah Gwo Gwo Ghe Gheeeeee... Ghovaaaa! Eiiiyaaa! Forgive me!!!!!
    Avdol:		No way... My forth wish......is to ignore your wish! Magician's Red will
    		never forgive you...!
    (Kameo gets burned)
    Episode 17 -- Diamond's Tooth
    (VS GAME)
    Jotaro:		Hey, Kakyoin. Why did you prepare 6 cups? There are only 5 of us, you know.
    Kakyoin:	That's strange... Perhaps I'm being absent-minded? I thought I prepared
    		only 5 cups...
    (one of the extra cups Joseph is holding transforms)
    Joseph:		Wha... Whaaaat?!
    Jotaro:		Old man!
    Avdol:		Impossible! That's a Stand! That Stand was among us!!
    Polnareff:	It disappeared?! No... Since it can transform into a metallic object, it
    		must be hiding underground!
    Avdol:		We'll be at a disadvantage if we continue fighting here. Let's separate and
    		fight on our own!
    Jotaro:		You scum of a Stand... I'll defeat you myself!
    VS GAME: Jotaro VS Milder
    (while in the ground the Stand turns into a giant face and tries to bite Jotaro)
    Jotaro: 	Wha... What?!
    High Priestess:	I have teeth that are as strong as diamonds! You'll be crushed to death!
    Jotaro:		Ora Ora Ora Ora Oraaaaaaa!!
    (Bong bong bong bong bong baaa!)
    High Priestess:	Gyaaaaaah!
    Jotaro:		How pathetic... You do have strong teeth, like you said... But I crushed
    		them all!
    Episode 18 -- Geb, the Earth God
    	On their way to Egypt, the SPW
    	syndicate, which is owned by the Joestar
    	family, brought another Stand master.
    	The Stand wielder is Iggi. He is a dog
    	who has the power of the sand.
    (AUTHOR'S NOTE: SPW is short for Speed Wagon)
    Joseph: 	The helicopter that has just flown away has crashed here!? There are no signs
    		of weapon attacks. Meaning...
    (a clawed hand made of water appears in front of Kakyoin)
    Kakyoin:	Is this... Water? The Stand of Water?!
    (the water attacks Kakyoin in the face injuring his eyes)
    Polnareff:	Oh no! Kakyoin has been hit! Kakyoin! Waaaaaaaaaaa!
    Joseph:		It's another enemy with the power of the Stand. Polnareff, don't panic!
    (a puddle appears in fron of Polnareff)
    Jotaro:		Oh no! Polnareff is in danger!!
    (Jotaro runs away and the puddle chases)
    Joseph:		Jotaro! What are you doing?! If we can find the Stand master, I can beat them!
    Jotaro:		Iggi must have smelled where he is... Let's find them and then finish them!
    (from far away)
    N'Dool:		Ha ha ha! Idiots! They've finally realized that I can attack them from here
    		with my Stand!
    SECRET FACTOR: I never moved. I stood still.
    Jotaro:		Relax... I won't kill you... I want you to tell me about the Stand masters
    		that we are going to encounter.
    (N'Dool attacks his own head with Geb)
    		Oh no! I don't believe it. He shot himself in the head with his own Stand!
    N'Dool:		I won't tell you anything... Anything that would go against Master Dio...
    		Fu Fu Fu. But I'll tell you this. My name is N'Dool. My Stand is Geb, the
    		ground god. Hee hee hee!
    Jotaro:		Dio has total control over his people. What kind of man possesses such 
    Episode 19 -- True premonition
    	Jotaro and the others are
    	heading for the hospital where
    	Avdol and Kakyoin are staying.
    	Following them are two
    	mysterious men...
    	Oing: Our Stands are Thoth,
    	the god of books and Khnum,
    	the god of creation!!
    	The comic book of your Stand
    	tells us te future, and my
    	Stand disguises me. We're
    	invincible brothers!
    	Voing: Oh... Oh...! 
    	A new page is appearing...
    	Oing and Voing are brothers.
    	Their next adventure is 
    	about to begin...
    	When they arrive at the city
    	of Aswan... Hey! I found them!
    	Five enemies are over there!
    	They are talking to each other...
    Polnareff:	Avdol's wound isn't very serious, but I'm worried about Kakyoin's eyes...
    Joseph:		The doctor said that he has to stay in the hospital for awhile.
    Jotaro:		We have to leave Kakyoin in this city...
    Polnareff:	Hey! There's a cafe here. Let's take a break.
    Oing is waiting for them, disguised as a waiter at the cafe...
    Just as the comic book advised him, Oing put poison into the tea of his enemies...
    As they worry about Kakyoin, the enemies unknowingly drink the poisoned tea...
    But their dog interfered with them before they swallow... That was too close!
    Darn Dog! Shoot! We've failed! The brothers were discouraged.
    After quickly regaining their spirits, the brothers began to follow their enemies...
    On their way, they approach a man with a ver disgusting appearance.
    The brothers are very offended by the face of the man!
    The brothers punch the man without reason or provocation! Bong!
    The disgusting man panics and runs away, dropping a wallet that contains a lot of money.
    Yahoo! We're rich! The brothers are so lucky! Hee hee hee!
    Joestar and company travel by car to the hospital that Avdol and Kakyoin are staying in.
    The brothers follw them, preparing to attack.
    Oing anticipated them and set an orange-shaped bomb on their car.
    Boooom! But... It was Oing, who was disguised as Jotaro that was blown up by the bomb.
    There's more bad news for them...
    The disgusting man who dropped his purse returned, with his gangs. He shows no mercy.
    Voing is in danger! He can't avenge his brother in this situation!
    But don't give up, Voing! Things like this happen in life!
    The brothers have retired from the story...
    The battle ended before Jotaro and the others even realized that there was a threat!
    SECRET FACTOR: Brothers retired, hand in hand.
    Episode 20 -- The Anubis Sword
    (VS GAME)
    Polnareff:	You must be a good and decent person... Evil Stand masters usually hide 
    		themselves and then only attack with their Stand... Stae your name!
    Chaca:		My name is Chaca. The Stand master of Anubis. I came here to kill you.
    Polnareff:	You are trying to be so bold and tough. I like that. Come on! Let's see
    		how tough you really are!!!
    VS GAME: Polnareff VS Chaca
    Polnareff:	He is not dead... But he won't be fighting again...
    Episode 21 -- Beware, the razor!
    (VS GAME)
    Polnareff:	After the battle with Chaca, I've been feeling dirty. I think I'll visit
    		a barber shop to refresh myself. Hey, barber! Can you do me a favor and
    		put this sword over there somewhere?
    Kan:		Woooooooh...!
    Polnareff:	?!... What happened?
    (Kan unsheathed the Anubis sword, and gets a glowing look in his eye)
    Kan:		Don't you recognize me? I'm Anubis... The Anubis Sword!
    Polnareff:	Wha? What?! Are you saying that you are being controlled by the sword?
    Jotaro:		Polnareff! What the...?
    Kan:		DIE!
    VS GAME: Jotaro VS Kan
    Kan:		I see... Star Platinum is strong not only because of its quickness ans 
    		accuracy... But also because of Jotaro's decisiveness! I won't forget that!
    (Kan falls to the ground)
    Jotaro:		Is he dead...?
    Polnareff:	No. He's just unconscious. Jotaro! Never touch that sword, ever!
    Episode 22 -- Anubis and Chariot
    (VS GAME)
    Polnareff:	I have to sheathe the sword without touching it... Ooops!
    (he touched it)
    Jotaro:		No! Polnareff! Polnareff seems to be enchanted by the Sword...
    Polnareff:	No one can beat me!
    VS GAME: Jotaro VS Black Polnareff
    SECRET FACTOR: I've memorized your attack!
    Polnareff:	Oh... What happened to me...? Am I being controlled by the evil sword?
    Jotaro:		You were, but it's over now. Let's join the others and take care of your
    		wounds... This Stand was too strong... I've never been this exhausted before!
    (on the other side...)
    A Boy:		(holding Anubis)
    		I can haunt a kid this time! Die, Jotaro! Whaaaaaat?!
    (Iggi interferes ans the sword is thrown)
    Anubis Sword:	Ayeeeee! I've fallen into a river! If I don't do something I'll end up
    			covered with rust! Help me! I'm so lonely!
    	Jotaro and company defeat Anubis. That
    	night, they stay in a hotel in Luxor...
    	The next morning...
    Polnareff:	Wake him up! I thought that old people usually wake up early.
    Joseph:		He speaks just like a typical Frenchman. Tell him that I'm coming...
    (SELECT YOUR PATH -- Joseph/Avdol <Episode > or Jotaro/Polnareff <Episode >)
    Episode 23 -- She's got the best legs! <Joseph/Avdol path>
    (VS GAME)
    Joseph:		What? Metallic things are sticking to me... Did my body become a magnet?
    Mahrahia:	Hm hm hm... Once you are trapped in the magnetic field of my Bast Goddess,
    		you'll never escape...!
    Joseph:		You are the Stand wielder!
    Avdol:		(walks in)
    		What happened, Mr.Joestar?
    Joseph:		It's another Stand Wielder! I've been affected by the magic of a new enemy. My
    		body has become a magnet... Avdol! Don't touch any plug sockets! That's how 
    		she traps us!
    Avdol:		Too late! I touched one, Mr.Joestar...
    Joseph:		What?! If that's the case, let's separate and act on our own...
    VS GAME: Joseph VS Mahrahia
    Avdol:		You're cornered! There's no escape!
    Mahrahia:	Ohhh ho ho! Am I cornered? You don't understand that my Stand power is extreme!
    (very big metallic objects, like cars, attatch to Avdol and Joseph)
    Avdol:		I'll be crushed...!
    Joseph:		Gwooooh! I can't endure this! Please remove the magnetism from me!
    Mahrahia:	No way... Since you aren't as charming as Master Dio, you'll have to die here...
    Joseph:		If that's the case... You lose, young lady!
    (Joseph and Avdol get drawn to each other, with Mahrahia stuck in between)
    		Two magnets will attract each other... Your luck ends when you come between
    		Avdol and I...
    Avdol:		She can't hear you, Mr.Joestar. She lost consciousness...
    Episode 24 -- Don't make me any younger! <Jotaro/Polnareff path>
    (VS GAME)
    Polnareff: 	What is he doing? He's slower than a girl making herself up!
    		We can't wait. Let's go without him...
    (a man is following Polnareff down the street)
    Polnareff:	Hey, you! Why are you following me? I can feel your insidious presence!
    Alessy:		What are you talking about? Insidious presence...?
    Polnareff:	Fine. Let us see what kind of person you are!
    (Alessy activates his Stand, a shadow, and places it under Polnareff)
    		Ha! Just like I thought! You are a Stand Wielder!
    (Polnareff turns into a boy)
    		Wha... What! I have turned into a small boy... No!
    (Polnareff turns back to normal)
    		Oh! I'm back! Is it because I've been affected by his ability for a short
    Alessy:	(pulls out an axe)
    		Hee Hee Hee/ I like bullying a small boy so much! I makes me feel like I's
    		king of the world!
    VS GAME: Polnareff VS Alessy
    Alessy:		(running away)
    		WhoGyaaaaaa! I ain't great! I'm not great at all.
    (Polnareff catches up and Jotaro approaches from the other side)
    Polnareff:	You stupid loser! Hey! Jotaro! Watch out for his shadow!
    (Alessy activates his Stand and touches Jotaro with the shadow)
    (Jotaro turns into a kid)
    Alessy:		(pulls out an axe)
    		I did it. He touched my shadow! Jotaro, I heard that your Stand is not active
    		when tou're a boy... Now die!
    Jotaro:		Whew... Don't underestimate me just because I'm a young boy!
    		Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!!
    		(turns back to normal)
    Alessy:		Jotaro was a boy who was savage and reckless... He is too strong...!
    Polnareff:	I'm not finished yet! Now it's time for you to die!!
    Jotaro:		Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!!
    Polnareff:	Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    (both Jotaro and Polnareff beat the stuffing out of Alessy)
    Episode 39 -- The end of Dio?!
    (VS GAME)
    Hol Horse:	Darn, it's too dark. I can't see anything. Where is the scoundrel...?
    (Hol Horse sees a body on the ground)
    		Wha...? What...?! I guess it's one of Dio's regular victims!
    (Dio suddenly appears)
    Dio:		What made you come here?
    Hol Horse:	Dio...! Sir...! I... I came here to report.
    Dio:		I don't want your report! By the way, when will you work for me?! You failed
    		me twice and ran away like a chicken. If you fail me again...
    		... I'll kill you myself!
    Hol Horse:	Darn Dio! Is he? Is he trying to threaten me?! Grrr! With my gun, I'll see
    		if he is really strong or not!
    VS GAME: Hol Horse VS Shadow Dio
    SECRET FACTOR: How did you get me?
    (Hol Horse is pointing his gun at Dio)
    Dio:		Are you really aiming at me?
    (Dio vanishes)
    Hol Horse:	Wha?! Where is he?!
    (Dio reappears behind Hol Horse)
    Dio:		I like you... You are very calm, even when you try to kill someone. You 
    		weren't even nervous! You are indeed calm... Impressive, Hol Horse.
    (Dio walks away)
    Hol Horse:	I couldn't see his movement... How...?! How did he get behind me?! That's
    		impossible... Is this his Stand? Is this "The World?!" I finally understand,
    		Master Dio. I'll pledge my loyalty......Forever... You are my master, forever
    		and ever!
    Episode 25 -- To gamble your soul away...
    LUXOR --> GIZA 
    D'Arby:		Gambling is my favorite thing of all in life! How about a betting challenge?
    		Say... Which food will the cat eat first?
    (There are two pieces of meat on the ground and a cat in the distance)
    		It seems trifle, but it could become thrilling when a bet is involved!
    		Right or Left! Which will you bet on?
    Polnareff:	You are so annoying...! Okay! I'm in!
    D'Arby:		GOOD! It's getting more and more interesting!
    Polnareff:	If I were a cat......
    (CHOOSE LEFT OR RIGHT -- it doesn't matter which because Darby cheats)
    Polnareff:	If I were the cat... I'd choose this one!
    D'Arby:		Then I bet on this one!
    Polnareff:	Anyway, how much should I pay, if I lose?
    D'Arby:		Well, I don't need money. Why don't you bet your soul on this? Hee hee!
    Polnareff:	Hmph! How annoying! Does he think he's cool or something?
    (the cat grabs Darby's piece first then Polnareff's)
    		Arrrrgh! Woooooo...!
    D'Arby:		I won. Now give me your soul!
    Polnareff:	What! Waaaaaaaaa... What?!
    (D'Arby's Stand, Osiris, turns Polnareff's soul into a gambling token)
    D'Arby:		My Stand can remove the soul of a person. Polnareff lost the gamble...
    		So, his soul belongs to me! By the way... This is my cat...
    Joseph:		The rules are simple. Take turns dropping coins into the glass...
    		If the water spills, the one who deopped the coins that turn, loses.
    		I'll bet my soul on this game!
    D'Arby:		GOOD!
    (You can't win--Darby cheats again)
    (Joseph's soul is turned into a token)
    D'Arby:		I've got two souls. Now let's continue with another game.
    Jotaro:		Come on, D'Arby! Prepare the cards... I'll finish you with Poker!
    D'Arby:		I feel bad for you! Poker is my favorite game, and the game that I'm the 
    		best at! So! Jotaro! Before we start, let me listen to the phrase you
    		have to recite!
    Jotaro:		Good...... I'll bet my soul on this game.
    D'Arby:		GOOD!
    (use the "bluff" command once it appears on your menu)
    Jotaro:		I like my cards the way they are...
    D'Arby:		You didn't even see the cards. How can you be so sure?!
    Jotaro:		And... I'll also bet Avdol's soul on this game!
    D'Arby:		Good. I'll bet Polnareff's and Joseph's! Do you have any more tips? I'm
    		sure that you do. You have another soul. I'm talking about Kakyoin's soul!
    Jotaro:		Good! I'll also bet Kakyoin's soul. Have I gone too far this time...?
    D'Arby:		What's that? You... I saw something...! You changed cards with your 
    		Star Platinum! You are cheating!
    Jotaro:		(suddenly now drinking a juice)
    D'Arby:		How did he get a glass of juice! How, and when?! You! You are cheating!
    		But... you can't win!
    		Call! My hand is...!
    Jotaro:		Wait... I didn't raise yet... I'll raise and bet my mother's soul on this!
    		And what you have to bet... is information on Dio's Stand!
    D'Arby:		Huh huh huh huh huh! Hah hah hah hah hah!
    Jotaro:		Now! Are you going to bet or not?! Say it aloud! 
    D'Arby:		Wooo wooo woo woooooooo! Huh huh huh huh huh!
    		I'll challenge him! I'll call!
    (D'Arby admits defeat within)
    (Osiris releases the captured souls)
    Jotaro:		I usually succeed with a bluff, but I didn't realize that my cards were
    		this bad... Whew! If I had known, I would have cracked under the stress!
    SECRET FACTOR: I would have been afraid...
    Episode 26 -- The absolute prophecy
    GIZA --> CAIRO 
    (VS GAME)
    Hol Horse:	Where is Polnareff?! Polnareff is gone...
    (Polnareff suddenly appears behind Hol Horse)
    Polnareff:	Don't move, or you'll be stabbed! Haven't you learned your lesson? You
    		can't beat me! Are you acting alone this time? No... I assume that your
    		friend is somewhere near!
    		(turns around and sees a box)
    		Hmph? What is that box...? Someone must be hiding inside!
    Hol Horse:	Now is my big chance! He looked away from me!
    		(jumps in front of the box)
    Polnareff:	What! You escaped?! I knew it! Someone is inside of the box...
    VS GAME: Polnareff VS Hol Horse w/Voing
    SECRET FACTOR: I missed! what is going on?!
    Polnareff:	I defeated Hol Horse, but whoever was hiding under the box got away...
    		Oh well...
    		(walks away)
    Voing:		I've learned so much from this match... I'm starting to believe that
    		revenge is not a worthy cause...
    		(kicks the box)
    		I don't want to live under a little box, always being afraid of someone...
    (the box lands on Iggi)
    		Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't mean it... Hm?? I know this dog... Oh no!
    (iggi comes after Voing)
    	One can't change their way
    	of life so easily...
    	Voing remains the same way he has always
    	been, and is sent to the hospital 
    	along with Hol Horse.
    Episode 27 -- Bird of Ice
    (VS GAME)
    Informant:	The mansion they want me to check out must be around here... Nothing can
    		be hidden from my sight! 
    (iggi jumps onto the scene)
    		Huh? Waaaaaaaaaaaah!
    (the informant is crushed by a huge block of ice)
    (a bird lands in front of Iggi)
    Iggi:		This bird seems to be a Stand wielder, just as I am. It dropped an icicle!
    		Oh no...! The bird attacks anyone who approaches the mansion... It will
    		attack me next!
    VS GAME: Iggi VS Pet Shop
    SECRET FACTOR: I'll be hiding here for a while.
    Iggi:		I did it! I defeated the bird... It serves you right, you winged scum! 
    		But... I wanted to live a happy life without any troubles... Darn! I'll
    		tell the others about Dio's mansion. That will be my revenge!
    	Jotaro and company are reunited with 
    	Kakyoin. As they continue their search 
    	for Dio's mansion, Iggi returns to them.
    Polnareff:	What... What's so urgent, Iggi? Where are you trying to lead us?!
    Joseph:		I know... I know this feeling...! This evil atmosphere seems so familiar
    		to me!
    Avdol:		This mansion! It's the same mansion we saw in the picture!
    Polnareff:	Iggi, I never thought that you would find this mansion!
    Joseph:		I can't sense him. He is in this mansion... now!
    Avdol:		Our long journey......has come to an end, I suppose.
    	Inside of Dio's mansion, Jotaro and 
    	company approach the hall of illusions.
    	A man suddenly appears in front of them!
    T D'Arby: 	Don't you want to fight me? What are you waiting for?!
    Jotaro:		We have no time to fight you or bet our souls. Lead us to Dio! Orah!
    T D'Arby:	All right... Then I'll bring you to my favorite place. This way...
    	T D'Arby dodged Jotaro's attack. A hole
    	was made, sucking Jotaro into it!
    Kakyoin:	Hierophant Green!
    Joseph:		Jotaro is falling! Pull him out!
    Polnareff:	Mr. Joestar! Kakyoin!
    (SELECT YOUR PATH-- Polnareff/Avdol/Iggi <Episode 28> or Jotaro/Kakyoin/Joseph <Episode 30>
    Episode 28 -- Impossible search
    Joseph:		Avdol! Can you hear me? If you don't hear from me in 10 minutes, just 
    		burn the mansion! Do you understand? Avdol!!!!
    Avdol/Polnareff/Iggi:	........................
    	The 10 minutes in which they waited for 
    	the others to return, have passed...
    Polnareff:	Shoot! We haven't heard from them... Let's move in! Avdol! Iggi!
    SECRET FACTOR: That was too fast!
    Avdol:		Hey! Look around, Polnareff!
    Polnareff:	Wha?! The labyrinth of the mansion is... gone!
    Avdol:		The hallucination was created by a Stand wielder... Iggi defeated him
    		so quickly!
    Episode 29 -- Locus in the darkness space
    (VS GAME)
    Avdol:		The flame is stable. Iggi doesn't smell anything...
    (a creature appears)
    		What on earth is this? How could this happen without it being detected
    		by my flame radar or by Iggi's nose?! Polnareff! Iggi! Watch out!
    (the creature attacks Polnareff and Iggi, but Avdol pushes them out of the way)
    (all that's left of Avdol are his hands)
    Polnareff:	Gaaaahh!... Hey, Avdol... Where are you? What happened...? Wha...? 
    		What?! Whose arm is this?! Avdol! Where are you?! Avdooooool!
    (the creature appears again)
    		What is this? Where did it come from? Why couldn't Avdol's flame radar 
    		detect him?!
    (the creature picks up Avdol's hands and puts them in his mouth)
    Iced:		Avdol is dead... He's been chopped up into little pieces... I don't
    		truly understand where my power leads to, but I know it must be a 
    		dark world filled with death! You are next... Your problem is that
    		you believe that you can defeat master Dio! You all have that 
    		problem... Now I'll solve it... One by one, your comrades will fall
    		dead! I'll scatter your bones within my dark world!
    Polnareff:	That's not true... You're lying that you killed Avdol! That's
    VS GAME: Polnareff VS Iced
    SECRET FACTOR: Hey, are you awake or what?
    Polnareff:	You've been beaten! You'll be dead, if you try to move anymore! Don't
    		try to be a hero, stupid! You don't want to sacrifice your life for my
    		sake, do you?! His vindictiveness couldn't be overcome... Good bye, Iggi...
    (Iced dashes at Polnareff, but Polnareff disappeared)
    		Iggi, I told you never to use your Stand... You can't always be a hero,
    		you know!
    Iggi:		Grin
    (Polnareff was held on the ceiling by Iggi's sand)
    (Polnareff falls to the ground as Iggi dies)
    Polnareff:	Darn! I was supposed to save them...! Instead, they saved me... And
    		now I'm the only one who survived.
    Iced:		Gwaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    Polnareff:	(attacks with Silver Chariot)
    (Iced falls to the ground, but gets right back up)
    		I knew it! You're invincible because Dio made you that way! You are 
    		undead because of him! Bask in the sun, ash bowl!
    (Silver Chariot breaks a hole in the wall and the sunlight shines on Iced)
    Iced:		Wha... What?! What is this?!
    (Iced's arm turns to dust)
    Polnareff:	I guess you didn't even notice, did you? Haven't you been given Dio's
    		blood? You've been turned into a vampire, and I know what that means!
    		Come on! Get over here and fight!
    Iced:		Gwoooooaaaahhhhh!
    		How could I be beaten by youuuuuuuu?!!!
    		(turns to ash and blows away)
    Polnareff:	Prepare to experience oblivion!
    (Avdol and Iggi's ghosts are visible in the sunlight)
    		Avdol...! Iggi...! Am I dreaming... or...
    		In any case, I've got to go upstairs, to Dio's hiding place... I have
    		no time to grieve over the death of my friends!
    	Avdol DECEASED
    	Iggi DECEASED
    Joseph:		These stairs must lead to Dio's room...
    Polnareff:	Mr. Joestar!
    Jotaro:		Polnareff! Where are Avdol and Iggi?
    Polnareff:	They couln't... make it... They saved me and...
    Joseph:		I see...... Anyway, the only thing I know about Dio is that he is 
    		vunerable to sunlight...
    (kakyoin kicks a little guy into the scene)
    Kakyoin:	Hey, Nukesaku! It would be a waste of time to chitchat with you...
    		Show us to Dio's room, now!
    	Nukesaku, one of Dio's henchmen, guides
    	them to a room on the top floor...
    Jotaro:		Is Dio in the coffin?
    Joseph:		Jotaro, you stand on the right side! Polnareff, stand on the left side!
    		And Nukesaku, you open the coffin!
    Nukesaku:	Ohhh... Master Dio!!! Please don't fail to kill them...
    (the coffin lid opens, but Nukesaku is in the coffin beaten and bloodied)
    		Hmm? What am I in the coffin? I was about to open the coffin,
    		but now I'm in the coffin!
    Joseph:		What? How could Nukesaku be inside of the coffin? I never looked away
    		from him! Not even for a second!
    Jotaro:		I have a bad feeling about this! I feel something extremely evil...!
    		We'd better run!!
    Joseph:		I felt a tremendous energy! If we stayed there any longer, we would
    		have been killed, one after another!
    Kakyoin:	Our sitation is critical! The sun has almost set... His time is very
    Dio:		(on the roof)
    Polnareff:	You mean we retreat until daybreak tomorrow?! I'm not about to run away
    		like a chicken!
    Joseph:	We feel the same way as you do... But the situation has changed! Dio will
    		surely try to attack us before daybreak. We'll be able to find the secret
    		of his Stand by then. We should wait for the right opportunity.
    Polnareff:	I can't leave now! I respect you, but I can't agree with that plan!
    Kakyoin:	Jotaro! What's your opinion?!
    Jotaro:		Polnareff and I will attack Dio.
    		...Kakyoin and Old man escape.
    (SELECT YOUR PATH -- Kakyoin/Joseph <Episode 31> or Jotaro/Polnareff <Episode 33>)
    		Dio will have to choose.
    Episode 30 -- The video game of the soul <Jotaro/Joseph/Kakyoin path> 
    Joesph:		We seem to be trapped. Is this illusion a Stand?
    T.D'Arby:	You don't need to know.
    Joseph:		You mean... We can't proceed unless we defeat you.
    T.D'Arby:	Exactly.
    		Let me hear my favorite phrase. "I'll bet my soul on this game..."
    Kakyoin:	Okay. I'll play... I'll bet my soul on this game!
    T.D'Arby:	GOOD!
    	How to play F-MEGA: Leave the
    	course, and your car explodes!
    	Fastest after 4 laps will win!
    	There a 6 curves after the 
    	start. Use the acceleration
    	tunnel and rush to the goal!
    T.D'Arby:	Are you ready?
    Kakyoin:	What are you waiting for... Why don't we start now?!
    	On you mark! 5 seconds to
    	start... 4... 3... 2... 1...
    Joseph:		They are at the same speed, running side by side! They both enter the first
    Kakyoin:	They entered the corner at full throttle!
    Joseph:		Here comes the second corner! Once again, they enter the curve at the same time!
    Kakyoin:	You will learn that...
    Joseph:		Here comes the third corner!
    Kakyoin:	I won't make any mistakes...
    Joseph:		Here comes the fourth corner!
    Kakyoin:	in this game...
    Joseph:		Here comes the fifth corner!
    Kakyoin:	that caused by my perturbation!
    Joseph:		Here comes the sixth corner! Again, at the same time!
    Kakyoin:	I can clear the corner at this speed!
    T.D'Arby:	After the sixth corner, we'll see the acceleration tunnel!
    Kakyoin:	But the tunnel is only wide enough for one car to go through!
    Joseph:		You'll crash! Let him go first! You should follow D'Arby!
    Kakyoin:	No way! If he goes first, I'll lose my chance to win!
    Joseph:		Oh! You turned the car on it's side!
    T.D'Arby:	Hmm! And the car is riding the wall of the tunnel!
    Kakyoin:	They are in the same position, even now... It's a race of high tension!
    Joseph:		As soon as the tunnel is cleared, the first one out can block the other!
    		That means... The winner will be decided at the exit of the tunnel!
    		They are coming out of the tunnel! Oh! D'Arby's car is ahead!
    T.D'Arby:	The speed will be multiplied! I won!
    Kakyoin:	No! You lose, D'Arby! I'll use the energy of the spinning car to blow you off
    		the course!
    Joseph:		Kakyoin pushed D'Arby's car out of the course! D'Arby's car is done for...
    		Kakyoin's car regains control! He did it!
    T.D'Arby:	Not yet... You can't see it? I expected you to push my car out of the course...
    		You'll see. Look where my car has been thrown to!
    Joseph:		Arrrrrgh! It landed on the course area ahead!
    Kakyoin:	Incredible! It jumped ahead on the course!
    T.D'Arby:	Well! Shall we continue the race, Kakyoin...?
    Jotaro:		Don't accept your defeat, Kakyoin!
    Kakyoin:	Gwaaaaaaaaaaah!
    T,D'Arby:	I've got it now! I gripped his soul! He accepted his defeat... Hee hee hee!
    Joseph:		Gwwoooooooooooh!!
    T.D'Arby:	Hey... Don't lose your temper... You shouldn't attack me! If I die, Kakyoin's
    		soul will never return...
    Joseph:		Hey, Jotaro! What are you doing! I have the next turn!
    Jotaro:		Get lost, Old man... It's not a card game, it's a computer game! The next game
    		is baseball. I'll challenge you... I'll bet my soul on this game.
    T.D'Arby:	GOOOOD!
    	"Oh! That's Baseball" is
    	a head-to-head baseball game!
    	The one who scores better
    	in 9 innings wins.
    	Now... Play ball!
    Joseph:		Hey, Jotaro! Why do you swing so often? And the timing of your swing seems to
    		be off! Wha... What?! Seeing how you play... I'd assume that you've never
    		played that video game!
    Jotaro:		No... But I know the rules of baseball... I'll learn as I go along!
    Joseph:		Are you kidding, Jotaro?! You've bet your soul on th game! You can't fold
    T.D'Arby:	You may be a novice, but I'll never be caught off-guard!
    Jotaro:		That's enough. I've learned how to bat...
    T.D'Arby:	Jotaro, if you try to confuse me by pretending to be a novice, you won't 
    		What did you say?! You said you have learned how to bat?
    Jotaro:		Good. It's an interesting game...
    T.D'Arby:	Answer me, Jotaro! This guy... He's a novice, but after eight pitches...
    Jotaro:		I don't need to say it twice.
    T.D'Arby:	Hm hm hm... Interesting... You'll be a good rival for me...
    Joseph:		You did it! It's another home run!
    T.D'Arby:	My brother, who was a great cheater, didn't dare to challenge me. Do you know
    		why? You seem to be in good shape now, but the fact is, you're very worried...
    		My abilities trouble you. You think I've hidden something from you, right,
    		Jotaro? I'll tell you what the next ball will be! I'll pitch a fork ball to
    		the center.
    Jotaro:		D'Arby, pitch it now.
    Joseph:		Here it comes! It's going to the center of the strike zone! Will it drop? Or
    		will it not?
    		The ball will not drop! It's a straight, Jotaro! Do not believe what he said!
    Jotaro:		No... He already knew that I'd swing at the fork ball...
    Joseph:		No way! You mean... He's reading your mind?!
    T.D'Arby:	It's the lower half of the first inning. It's my turn to bat! I'll hit a 
    		home run!
    Jotaro:		The course I'll swing at is... Here...!
    T.D'Arby:	Hmm hm... I scored 1 point.
    Joseph:		He read Jotaro's mind! How can we beat someone who can read minds?! What should 
    		we do?!
    T.D'Arby:	4 to 3... Hm hm hm... Soon I'll come from behind...!
    Jotaro:		This will be my next pitch! The next ball will be straight on the outside
    T.D'Arby:	Hmph! Are you crazy...?!
    Jotaro:		I'll pitch!
    T.D'Arby:	Whaaat?! It changed direction!
    Jotaro:		Another straight on the outside corner, okay?
    T.D'Arby:	I know your cheating... But how..?!
    Jotaro:		Your brother said that it's not cheating unless you are caught...
    T.D'Arby:	I don't get it... I don't understand how he is cheating... How....?!
    		Noooooo! I loosened the grip on their souls...!
    Joseph:		Kakyoin's soul is back! Kakyoin regained consciousness!
    T.D'Arby:	No... Nooo! I didn't accept my defeat! I didn't lose yet!
    (you see that Joseph was holding the controller with his vines)
    		Huh?! Joseph's Stand binds the controller... You are cheating!
    		In this stupid way?! It is you who actually played the game, Joseph Joestar!
    Joseph:		Well! Time to finish him...
    T.D'Arby:	Forgive me! I returned Kakyoin's soul. Let me go... Please...!
    Jotaro:		If you want to know whether we forgive you or not, just read my mind...
    T.D'Arby:	No! No! No! No! No! You're thinking of your blazing fists... Ora Ora?!
    Joseph:		Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my goodness!
    Jotaro:		Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Orah!
    Joseph:		These stairs must lead to Dio's room...
    Polnareff:	Mr. Joestar!
    Jotaro:		Polnareff! Where are Avdol and Iggi?
    Polnareff:	They couln't... make it... They saved me and...
    Joseph:		I see...... Anyway, the only thing I know about Dio is that he is 
    		vunerable to sunlight...
    (kakyoin kicks a little guy into the scene)
    Kakyoin:	Hey, Nukesaku! It would be a waste of time to chitchat with you...
    		Show us to Dio's room, now!
    	Nukesaku, one of Dio's henchmen, guides
    	them to a room on the top floor...
    Jotaro:		Is Dio in the coffin?
    Joseph:		Jotaro, you stand on the right side! Polnareff, stand on the left side!
    		And Nukesaku, you open the coffin!
    Nukesaku:	Ohhh... Master Dio!!! Please don't fail to kill them...
    (the coffin lid opens, but Nukesaku is in the coffin beaten and bloodied)
    		Hmm? What am I in the coffin? I was about to open the coffin,
    		but now I'm in the coffin!
    Joseph:		What? How could Nukesaku be inside of the coffin? I never looked away
    		from him! Not even for a second!
    Jotaro:		I have a bad feeling about this! I feel something extremely evil...!
    		We'd better run!!
    Joseph:		I felt a tremendous energy! If we stayed there any longer, we would
    		have been killed, one after another!
    Kakyoin:	Our sitation is critical! The sun has almost set... His time is very
    Dio:		(on the roof)
    Polnareff:	You mean we retreat until daybreak tomorrow?! I'm not about to run away
    		like a chicken!
    Joseph:	We feel the same way as you do... But the situation has changed! Dio will
    		surely try to attack us before daybreak. We'll be able to find the secret
    		of his Stand by then. We should wait for the right opportunity.
    Polnareff:	I can't leave now! I respect you, but I can't agree with that plan!
    Kakyoin:	Jotaro! What's your opinion?!
    Jotaro:		Polnareff and I will attack Dio.
    		...Kakyoin and Old man escape.
    (SELECT YOUR PATH -- Kakyoin/Joseph <Episode 31> or Jotaro/Polnareff <Episode 33>)
    		Dio will have to choose.
    Episode 31 -- The threat of "The World" <Joseph/Kakyoin path> 
    (VS GAME)
    (Dio enters a web made from Kakyoin's Stand)
    Dio:		Kakyoin and Joseph are ahead of me, and Jotaro and Polnareff are following
    		me from behind... You are wise. You are trying to corner me from two sides...
    		Hmph! But you are not wise enough...! Hmph! This is Kakyoin's Hierophant
    		Green! Hierophant's tentacle!
    Kakyoin:	As soon as you touch a tentacle of my Hierophant, it will attack you. And then
    		I will know exactly where you are and what you are doing! Chew on this, Dio!
    		60 foot radius Emerald Splash!!!
    Dio:		Idiot! You don't know the power of my Stand, "The World"... My World does
    		conquer the world, literally...
    VS GAME: Kakyoin VS Dio
    Dio:		The World!
    (time stops for everyone but Dio)
    		This is... "The World"... But time is not ticking for you, now... You can't
    		see anything, nor feel anything! It's time for you to die, Kakyoin!
    (Dio's Stand puches a hole through Kakyoin)
    		I can see that you haven't even noticed that you are already dead...
    (time resumes, and Kakyoin is sent fying off screen)
    Joseph:		Wha? What's this?! It's impossible! I've ben blown up already!
    Dio:		Joseph... It's your turn...
    Joseph:		DIO!
    Dio:		I promise you to suck your blood out until you die!
    (from off screen, Kakyoin shoots at a clock with his Stand)
    Kakyoin:	This is my final Emerald Splash... This is a message for you, Mr.Joestar...
    		Please understand it.
    	Noriaki Kakyoin DECEASED
    Dio:		What? He shot his Stand's projectile at nowhere... He must have been knocking on
    		death's door. I suppose that one last spark before he died made him happy...
    Joseph:		A shot at nowhere in particular? No... He's not the kind of person who does
    		meaningless things... He must have wanted to tell me something...!
    Episode 32 -- The Stand that rules the world! <Joseph/Kakyoin path>
    (VS GAME)
    Joseph:		Kakyion! Did you solve the mystery...! Destroying a clock... Stopping a clock...
    		You mean... The ability of The World is...... to stop time!
    		Thank you, Kakyoin! You sacrificed your life to give me that message! You did
    		not die in vain! I understood your message!
    (Dio appears and tries to punch Joseph in the head, but stops before connecting)
    		What are you waiting for? Don't you want to play rough, Dio? Didn't you say
    		you wanted to suck my blood?
    Dio:		You stay on guard with your Hamon Energy... You're a wise old man...
    (Joseph shows that his vines were protecting his neck)
    Joseph:		You're a wise old man, too... You didn't try to touch me carelessly! I do know
    		one thing about your Stand! You can stop time... But only for a few seconds...
    		If you had the ability to stop time longer... We would have been destroyed in
    		the mansion, and you wouldn't have to follow us outside!
    Dio:		So, you know it! You understand the ability of The World. I assure you, you're
    		most definately wise and clever!
    Joseph:		It was Kakyoin who found out! He did not die a worthless death!
    Dio:		So? You know my ability... What does that matter?!
    VS GAME: Joseph VS Dio
    SECRET FACTOR: "Hamon" energy... It's from the sun.
    Jotaro:		Old man...
    Joseph:		Jotaro! Stay back! Don't get any closer to me!
    Dio:		Jotaro... He showed up at a very good time, but he is out of the range of my
    		Stand... I'll kill Joseph first...
    Joseph:		The secret of "The World" is time! The Stand is what can stop time...
    (Dio stops time)
    Dio:		First, I noticed I could stop time for just a blink. Later, I was able to stop
    		time for 2 seconds, 3 seconds... Now I can stop time for at least 5 seconds...
    		Someday I'll be capable of stopping time for 10 minutes...!
    (Dio throws a knife at Joseph's neck)
    (the knife is stuck in the air about to hit Joseph)
    		I couldn't defeat the Hamon Energy one hundred years ago... But, it is no
    		longer a match for my Stand! YOU... ARE... WORTHLESS...!!
    		Joseph, grandson of Jonathan... This is where and whn you will die!
    		3, 2, 1, 0!
    (time resumes)
    (the knife resumes it's flight into Joseph's neck, killing him)
    Joseph:		Arrrrghhhhhhh!!!
    Dio:		Jotaro! I've already killed Kakyoin... Now, it's your turn!
    Jotaro:		Scoundrel...!
    Episode 33 -- stand that are two of a kind <Jotaro/Polnareff path>
    (VS GAME)
    Dio:		Impressive. You dare to fight me. You don't run for your life, but instead
    		you apraoch me...
    Jotaro:		I can't teach you a hard lesson, unless I aproach you.
    Dio:		Hah! Anything you say...
    (they approach each other)
    Jotaro:		Orah!
    (before Star Platinum can attack, Dio's The World strikes first)
    Dio:		Too slow... Even without stopping time, I possess greater speed and power 
    		than you! I wanted to try out my Stand on you to see how badly it would
    		overwhelm you, but... You are not worthwhile!
    Jotaro:		What do you mean by 'try out'? Do you mean you want to try and tickle me?
    Dio:		Why are you Joestars always so stubborn? Hmph! Anyway, your provocation
    		will not go unanswered!
    VS GAME: Jotaro VS Dio
    (Jotaro is now lying on the ground, impaled with several knives, playing dead)
    Dio:		I'd better make sure that I kill him... After all, his family has been 
    		blessed with unbelivable luck... He might be trying to trick me, by
    		playing dead...
    (Dio picks up a street sign planning to use it like an axe)
    		I'll make sure that I seal his fate now...
    		...By cutting his head off with this edge... It's the end of the road
    		for you, Jotaro!
    Episode 34 -- The final blow! <Jotaro/Polnareff path>
    (VS GAME)
    Polnareff:	It's time for you to die, Dio!
    (Polnareff's Silver Chariot stabs Dio in the back of the head)
    (Dio drops the sign and stops time)
    (Polnareff is now frozen in the air)
    Dio:		The World!
    		Now, time has stopped... Just as I thought... It's you Polnareff...
    (Dio turns himself around and punches Polnareff)
    		Now it starts ticking...
    (time resumes and Polnareff hits the ground)
    		That was close, Polnareff... I was expecting you to sneak up on me
    		from behind... But you can't assassinate me...
    Polnareff:	Darn... It's... impossible...
    VS GAME: Polnareff VS Dio
    SECRET FACTOR: You're finished, Dio!
    (Polnareff is lying on the ground)
    Dio:		The journey of Joestar and the others will come to an end here, then
    		I'll kill you. Later, Polnareff!
    Final Episode -- The everlasting journey. Goodbye, my friends!
    (VS GAME)
    (Jotaro and Polnareff lay on the ground)
    Dio:		The journey of Joestar and the others will come to an end here, then
    		I'll kill you. Later, Polnareff! 
    		(turns to face Jotaro)
    		Jotaro... Are you alive...? Or... have you revived...? I thought I
    		heard something come from where Jotaro is... Am I imagining things...?
    		What about his heatbeat...? It's stopped. So, he's dead. Could it be my
    		imagination? I'd better make sure to kill you by cutting your head off,
    (Star Platinum appears as Dio walks closer to Jotaro and punches Dio in the head)
    Jotaro:		Orah!
    		I had a hard time pretending to be dead! Even if you try to stop time,
    		I'll blow your head off! Dio!!
    Dio:		What?! It's impossible!
    Jotaro:		I could beat him at last! But it was too close... I've never thought that
    		I would have to stop my own heartbeat with my Stand! Ugh... guh! But...
    		Dio has lived for more than a hundred years. I don't think I inflicted
    		enough damage on him to kill.
    Dio:		What?! What's happening to me?! It's impossible. I'm losing my power...
    		I can't stand on my feet! I'm having a headache. I also feel like I'm
    		going to puke! Gwoooooh! How could I be feeling sick?!
    		(stands up)
    		Gwooooooh...! I want to... I need to... Go to the place... Hmm...
    Jotaro:		Orah! Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Oraaah!
    (Dio is sent fying off the scene)
    Dio:		Gwaaaaaah! You made a mistake, Jotaro! You've taken me to the place
    		where I wanted to go...
    Jotaro:		What? What do you mean? You mean...
    Dio:		I needed to go to where Joseph was... To suck his blood!
    (Jotaro catches up to where Dio and Joseph are)
    Jotaro:		I... I don't believe it...
    (Dio has his fingers stuck into Joseph's torso, and is sucking the blood out of him)
    Dio:		(powers-up)
    		Yes... Just as I expected... Joseph's blood suits my body perfectly. And
    		now, I have regained my power! I love his blood! It's perfect for me!
    		Ha ha ha! Take this lifeless thing! I'm finished with it now! Ha ha ha!
    Jotaro:		No!!... How dare you?! You will pay for this! I swear that you will!!!
    Dio:		Hee Hee Hee! It's time we ended this little game Jotaro! Hs hs hs!
    VS GAME: Jotaro VS Dio
    SECRET FACTOR: I stopped time!
    (Dio stands up, but is hurting)
    Dio:		Ha ha...! Die, Jotaro!
    (Star Platinum and The World attack each other)
    (after a delay, Star Platinum's hand cracks followed by The World's leg cracking)
    (The World continues cracking apart until it's destroyed)
    (Dio dies)
    Dio:		No... It can't be! How could I lose? Dio cannot be beaten!!
    Jotaro:		There was a reason you lost... You pissed me off...
    	By transfusing the blood of Dio, 
    	Joseph has been revived...
    Jotaro:		Now, my debt to Dio has been paid!
    	Jotaro places Dio's body under the light
    	of the sun. Dio is reduced to ashes...
    Jotaro:		Now, it's over...
    Joseph:		We survived, thanks to our friends... Kakyoin, Iggi, Avdol... It's over...
    	At the airport, Jotaro and Joseph 
    	prepare to return to Japan.
    Joseph:		I'll miss you. Really... I will.
    Polnareff:	Call me anytime if you need me. I'm here for ya!
    Joseph:		Even after all of the problems... I feel I enjoyed this experience...
    Polnareff:	Take care, you old timer and his cheap grandson! Don't everforget about me!
    Joseph:		See you later! That is, if you don't hate me... You weird-haired freak!
    Jotaro:		Your "wonderful" personality will keep me from forgetting you! Good luck!
    (Polnareff leaves--Jotaro and Jospeh leave together)
    Holley:		(now healed and awake)
    		!?... They are returning!! Yes!! Dad and Jotaro! They are coming back!
    Episode 36 -- The Stand that rules the world!
    SECRET FACTOR: "Hamon" energy... It's from the sun!
    Episode 37 -- Dio's spell
    SECRET FACTOR: The evil bud made of Dio's cells...
    Episode 38 -- The man with the star-shaped macula
    SECRET FACTOR: I was controlled by the evil bud...
    Episode 39 -- The end of Dio?!
    SECRET FACTOR: How did you get me?!
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