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Reviewed: 06/04/12

Juggernaut is an underrated gem thanks to a great story and fantastic music

The game begins with a young man arriving at a mansion where his girlfriend lives. He rushes into the mansion and runs into an exorcist that called him and told him to come over. The exorcist tells the man that his girlfriend has been possessed by a demon, and the man must go into the girl's soul to defeat the demon. Without hesitating the man agrees, and he is sent into the soul of his girlfriend.

Juggernaut is a point-and-click game similar to MYST that is three disks long, but in Juggernaut the controls have been streamlined. At the bottom of the screen is a compass with at least one arrow and it can have up to four arrows. Pressing forward will cause the character to walk forward while hitting left, right, or down will cause the character to turn and face that direction. The controls are very simplistic and easy to grasp. L1 opens the map, R1 opens items menu, and Circle, X, and square are used for talk, select, and cancel in that order.

All of the backgrounds are pre-rendered, and they look great however a few of them up close do not look so hot. The 3D models of the characters and items look fantastic.

The game takes place in a mansion and throughout the mansion are puzzles that must be solved to continue forward. Thankfully the puzzles are not that complicated and are easy to figure out with little thought.

In the mansion are numerous rooms, but some of the rooms can only be reached with one or two of three forms which are the juvenile for small doors, adult for large doors, and soul for holes. Thankfully the rooms are marked on the map for which form can access the room which are adult form can only use green doors, soul form can use red doors, and juvenile form can use yellow door, and the mansion begins with the player in the soul form. A few rooms in the mansion house a machine that can insert or extract the soul from a body however each of these rooms only has either an adult form or juvenile form.

Juggernaut is an excellent horror point-and-click game thanks in part to great story telling and music. The story is deep and complex, and the game allows players to control the boyfriend and girlfriend. There are also eight side stories in which players control eight different characters in a story arc that helps reveal the past of the demon.

The music is great and several of the tracks are eerie and really fit the moments. Most notable is the track that plays in the basement which sends chills down my spine every time I hear it.

Juggernaut does have a few minor issues. Two of the side stories take place in a cyberspace area, and the first cyber space area is boring and poorly designed. Best way to describe it is that the player walks around as they slowly stumble forward. Another issue is the door puzzles in which a record must be listened to then go through several doors in the correct order and each door represents a part of the record that was played. Thankfully there are only three of them, and they are all right at the beginning of the game. Another problem is that the game moves at a snail's pace, and while I had no problem with the pace, some people may not enjoy the slow pace of the game. Even though the game moves at a slow pace, there are very few load times which are only for swapping disks and loading a file.

The replay value is low however there are multiple ways to play through since most of the puzzles can be completed in any order.

Despite having a slow pace, Juggernaut is a solid game that makes up with a great story and music.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Juggernaut (US, 09/30/99)

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