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    Performance Medal FAQ by hibana

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                         PERFORMANCE MEDAL FAQ
    Created by Hibana (Andrew Yarbrough)
    Copyright © GameFAQs 2008
    Version 0.95
    Last Updated: 05-03-2008
    |          TABLE OF CONTENTS          |
    |                                     |
    | I.   Introduction                   |
    | II.  Game Modes                     |
    | III. Performance Medals             |
    |         1.  Door Prize              |
    |         2.  Flower Child            |
    |         3.  Bunny of Steel          |
    |         4.  Systematic Salvation    |
    |         5.  El Dorado               |
    |         6.  Penny Pincher           |
    |         7.  Super Stomper           |
    |         8.  Frugal Fireworks        |
    |         9.  Kodos                   |
    |         10. Bonus Bonanza           |
    |         11. Big Trouble? No Sweat   |
    |         12. Hasta La Vista, Baron!  |
    | IV.  Enemy Checklist                |
    | V.   Legal Information              |
    I've been a fan of the Jumping Flash! series ever since I was a kid during the 
    heyday of PlayStation 1 popularity. Only in recent years had I discovered that 
    Jumping Flash! 2, my favorite of the two games released in North America, has a 
    special mode that can be unlocked through certain achievements while playing 
    the game: Hyper Mode. I couldn't figure how I unlocked it. Seeing as how there 
    was little to no information about it in the game's instruction manual or 
    online, I decided to figure it out myself. This guide was written to explain in
    brief detail how to do so.
    Jumping Flash! 2 has four main gameplay modes.
    1.) Normal Mode - Also called World Mode, this is the game's default mode.
    2.) Extra Mode - Unlocked as soon as the game's Normal Mode is completed and 
        consists of rearranged and more challenging stages.
    3.) Super Mode - Also unlocked when Normal Mode is beaten; basically a rehash 
        of Normal Mode, but with a few changes:
       - Levels are redesigned and the Muu Muus are in different locations
       - Robbit has the ability to jump up to six times instead of just three
       - Robbit can move very fast if you hold down the L1 button
       - Robbit can descend very fast if you press the triangle button
    4.) Hyper Mode - A rehash of Extra Mode; also changes the Muu Muus' locations, 
        gives you the Rachel support A.I., and also gives Robbit the same abilities 
        as in Super Mode. In order to unlock Hyper Mode, you have win all the 
        game's Performance Medals.
    So, what are Performance Medals? Performance Medals are awarded to the player 
    when certain conditions are met while playing each of the game's stages. Some 
    also apparently add to the player's Extra Bonus at the end of each stage, and 
    multiple medals can be earned in a single level.
    There are a total of 12 medals to collect within the game. The medals appear on 
    the bottom left side of the screen where you advance to the next stage. They 
    also show up on the gameover screen along with your high score, but, even 
    though your score resets if you get a gameover, you get to keep the medals 
    you've won for that saving. Just don't forget to save!
    You can check to see how many medals you've earned in the Options menu under 
    Note: You cannot collect Performance Medals in Super Mode or Hyper Mode.
     1. Door Prize
       Requirement: None
       You automatically have this medal by starting a new game. It will show up on 
       that saving once you either beat World 1-1, get a gameover, or exit the 
     2. Flower Child
       Requirement: Beat any level without shooting any bullets
       To obtain this medal, you have to beat a level without using Robbit's 
       bullets This is very easy to do, and you can still attack enemies and bosses
       with fireworks and by jumping on them.
     3. Bunny of Steel
       Requirement: Beat any level without taking any damage
       To earn this medal, you have to beat a level without getting hit by enemies 
       or losing health being damaged by obstacles. This one is also fairly easy to
       get as well.
     4. Systematic Salvation
       Requirement: Collect "E-X-I-T" in order on any level
       This one requires you to save the Muu Muus in order. Simply collect "E," 
       "X," "I," then "T" in that order and complete the level. This is easiest to 
       do on the enclosed stages like World 2-2 or World 4-2.
     5. El Dorado
       Requirement: Hold three of the same type of fireworks at one time
       This medal requires you to have three of the same kind of fireworks (ex: 
       three Roman Candles) at the same time. You do not have to complete the level
       with them, just as long as you get them at some point during the level. The 
       easiest place to do this is at the far end of World 3-1, where three sets of
       Power Orbs sit neatly in a row. (Thanks to Essenoan and Kikya for this
     6. Penny Pincher
       Requirement: Collect all enemy money on any level
       To earn this medal, you have to pick up every coin that is dropped when you 
       destroy enemies within a level. The easiest way to do it is to kill just one
       enemy, pick up all its money, then beat the level without killing anymore. 
       Bonus stage money does not count.
     7. Super Stomper
       Requirement: Jump on 7 or more enemies without touching the ground
       To get this one, you will have to kill 7 or more enemies in a row by 
       performing a jumping chain. At 7 enemies, you'll earn 10,000 bonus points. I
       find this easiest to do on World 2-1 at the far end of the level, below the 
       EXIT pad, using the origami birds, frogs, and cloud enemies.
     8. Frugal Fireworks
       Requirement: Use fireworks in some special way
       I have yet to determine the exact way to win this medal. It obviously has 
       something to do with picking up and/or using fireworks. If you spend a good
       ten minutes killing enemies with fireworks, you should get the medal. I can 
       almost always get it on World 2-2 if I run through it as fast as I can, 
       killing every enemy in sight with multiple fireworks.
     9. Kodos
       Requirement: Defeat one of every type of enemy in the game
       You must kill at least one of every type of enemy in the game to get this 
       medal. See the enemy checklist below.
     10. Bonus Bonanza
       Requirement: Play all bonus levels on Normal Mode and Extra Mode
       You earn this medal by entering the game's twelve bonus stages. Each bonus 
       stage can be found on the first level of each world (1-1, 2-1, 3-1, etc.).
       You do not have to get "Perfect" any of the stages to get the medal.
     11. Big Trouble? No Sweat
       Requirement: Beat all levels on Normal Mode
       This medal requires you to play through and beat the first half of the game,
       "Big Trouble in Little Muu" (Normal Mode).
     12. Hasta La Vista, Baron!
       Requirement: Beat all levels on Extra Mode
       Playing through and beating the second half of the game, "Two Faces of Baron 
       Aloha" (Extra Mode), awards you this medal.
    Congratulations! You've just earned all 12 Performance Medals! There won't be 
    any confirmation that you've unlocked Hyper Mode. Once you get all 12 medals, 
    simply go to the main title screen and push the right directional button at 
    Extra 6 to highlight Hyper Mode. Have fun!
    The following is a checklist of the 37 enemies found in Jumping Flash! 2. You 
    must kill at least one of each of these to get the Kodos medal. Most of them are
    very easy to find, and playing through the entire game is usually enough to get 
    the medal. However, just in case you have trouble, descriptions and the enemies'
    locations are provided.
    Note: Under location, "W" denotes World while "E" denotes Extra
    ENEMY NAME             DESCRIPTION                      LOCATION
    Kiwi                   Small, round, green kiwi         W1-1, E1-1
    Yadokari-san           Red and white hermit crab        W1-1, W1-2, E1-1, E1-2
    Hachidori-kun          Blue and white bird              W1-1, E1-1
    Paradise-flower        Yellow flower with red eyes      W1-1, W5-2, E1-1, E5-2
    Beetle                 Flat, blue beetle                W1-1, W1-2, W2-1, W4-1, 
                                                            W4-2, E1-1, W1-2, E2-1,
                                                            E4-1, E4-2
    Paraglider-kiwi        Kiwi with hang glider            W1-2, E1-2
    Burger-san             Walking hamburger                W1-2, E1-2
    Hippo-bazooka          Red hippo that shoots rockets    W1-2, W3-1, W5-1, E1-2,
                                                            E3-1, E5-1
    Orizuru-machine        Trio of flying origami birds     W2-1, E2-1
    Kaeru-san              Green frog with top hat          W2-1, E2-1
    Cloud-kun              Pink/grey cloud with one eye     W2-1, W3-1, E2-1, E3-1
    Kumo-kun               Black and yellow spider          W2-1, W2-2, E2-1, E2-2
    Balloonfish No.1       Blue and white pufferfish        W2-2, E2-2
    Slime-kun No.1         Purple, cone-shaped enemy        W2-2, E2-2
    Tengu-robo             Red robot with big nose          W2-2, E2-2
    Moth-machine           Colorful moth                    W3-1, W5-2, E3-1, E5-2
    Sekizo-robo            Pale-colored humanoid robot      W3-1, W4-2, E3-1, E4-2
    Imomushi-machine       Blue caterpillar                 W3-1, W5-1, E3-1, E5-1
    Kaeru-no-prince        Orange frog with crown           W3-2, E3-2
    Slime-kun No.2         Red cone-shaped enemy            W3-2, E3-2
    Lafressia              Green flower with red petals     W3-2, E3-2
    Kamo-samba             Maracas that fly in threes       W3-2, E3-2
    Ka-propeller           Large mosquito with big eyes     W4-1, E4-1
    Tekkyu-beetle          Grey beetle with crane           W4-1, W5-2, E4-1, E5-2
    Kaeru-no-uncle         Red frog with safety hat         W4-1, E4-1
    Balloonfish No.2       Yellow and white puffer fish     W4-1, E4-1
    Piranha                Green and yellow piranha         W4-2, E4-2
    Parabola-bat           Blue electronic bat              W4-2, W6-1, E4-2, E6-1
    Dynamite-funkorogashi  Purple bug with yellow mark      W4-2, E4-2
    Chusha-bee             Tiny, purple bee                 W5-1, W5-2, E5-1, E5-2
    Balloon-kiwi           Kiwi with balloon                W5-1, E5-1
    Yadokari-bomber        Large, blue hermit crab          W5-1, E5-1
    Penguin                Penguin with babies              W5-2, E5-2
    10t-nomi               Small, hopping bug               W5-2, E5-2
    Manbow-san             Blue, flat sunfish               W6-1, E6-1
    Monster-flower         Tiger-colored flower             W6-1, E6-1
    Red-kiwi               Small, round, red kiwi           E1-1
    "Jumping Flash! 2" is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEA - 1996)
    This document is protected by U.S. copyright laws for Andrew Yarbrough (2008)
    Compiled by Hibana (hibana@bellsouth.net) for the use by www.gamefaqs.com. This
    document may not be used or reproduced without the consent of said author or

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