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"Jumping Flash 2! ...what the heck is a muu??"

You may be wondering what a muu is too, but I couldn't tell you. All that I know is Jumping Flash 2 lifts up the sort of ''unknown name'' of the original Jumping Flash. If you can find either 1, or 2 somewhere, be sure to check it out.

Captain Kabuki has ripped the planet Little Muu to shreds, leaving the Muus (little white tripod-looking things with tiny palm trees on their heads) scattered all over Muu. You're master, Baron Aloha, a mastermind trying to take over the universe anyway, sends his favorite robot, robbit (a bunny-like robot) to rescue the Muus.

The few movie scenes are spectacular. The regular graphics are a bit ''squarish'' and aren't rounded too well, but it doesn't detract from the appearance too much (remember, this was back the mid-90's). The graphics are still good and are truly 3-D, compared to other graphics trying to immitate 3-D.

The sound in the movie scenes is a bit hard to hear, although it just may be the characters' voices that are hard to hear. The music and sound effects are funny and uplifting, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

This game does a great job in handling control in a 3-D world. Smooth jumping and shooting, along with realistic robot-walking (remember-you're a robot). The controls are just easy to handle.

The challenge level, however, is a bit lacking, and may have been meant for more of a kiddish audience. Finding and reaching the 4 muus and the exit isn't usually too hard, and the first few levels can be beaten in less than a minute. However, the time you have in each level is limited, which is the main challenge, meaning you don't have all day in each level. Usually you don't die from being hit with enough damage (except in the boss levels) in the regular levels. However, there are more than 20-30 levels, so it should up the difficulty a little.

This game is extremely fun and it will be for all ages. The uplifting the music and sound effects add to the fun. Blasting the baddies and launching your all-out arsenal of bombs and other secret weapons couldn't be more fun.

The graphics, sound, and fun factor add to the game, though it could've been a bit longer. The challenge factor does bring the game down a bit, and may not draw certain audiences in. If you're looking for a unique platform game, that you can play whenever, this is it. Also, the save feature lets you save your progress, so you don't have to play the game all the way through at once. There is also a time trial feature, which allows you to go back to any level you want, and try to get your quickest time. Be sure to check this game out if you can find it. You may be able to find it on Funcoland or Ebay, but it may be tough to find in stores.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/18/00, Updated 08/18/00

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