Review by Aristov

Reviewed: 12/23/02 | Updated: 12/23/02

We're out to save the Muu's again!

Introduction : Flash is back in an all out adventure to once again, save those little muu's. If you have played the first one, and liked it, definitely pick this one up. It's got the same feel, and 3D environment to it, but it has a more involving storyline than the first.

Game Play : As far as first person interactive games go, I give this one an A. Controls are simple, and there is not a lot of time spent trying to figure out what to do next. You have to go save the muu's in each level to advance. This game is loaded with fun 3D levels, boss features, and a race against the clock in each level to see how fast you can find those muu's.

Sound/Graphics : Not too shabby. The colorful 3D environment really adds to the game play and spice up the details a bit. The music is alright, nothing to go too crazy over. The muu's get a little annoying after a while of hearing them though. But, that's the way the game goes.

Replay Ability : Now this is what I like. When you finish the game the first time around, it adds an extra mode to the game that allows you to do all kinds of neat stuff. If you've beaten the game and want to try something new, try going against the clock in the time battle feature. The time battle adds to the fun. You are in a race against time to see if you can beat the clock to find the muu's.

Story : Although not as involving as most other games, the story helps, as always, to let you figure out the story. While the story may not be at all involving, the game play more than makes up for that.

Overall : Overall, this game is well worth the money if you are into fast paced, 3D world, first person perspective games. You can go out and pick it up and help out the muu's from getting captured once again. The extra features and graphics can keep you playing this game over and over again. That and it's just fun to play. Because of all the features, you can spend hours on end playing this game. Fun, and jam packed with all kinds of the stuff gamers like. A downside to this game, is that you can't save your game. I found this feature to be a real pain for playing. You have to keep at it until it's finished, pause where you are and go back to it later, or, turn it off and start over from the beginning again.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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