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"This is just like the first one, with power orbs."

Jumping Flash 2 is a 3D adventure/first person shooter game. This is the sequel of Jumping Flash. Let me break it down for you.

Game Play: The game play is very simple. You are a robotic bunny. These may sound corny (well it actually is...) but this game is fun. Any ways, you are in a 3D environment and the main theme of this game is...

Well JUMPING! You can triple jump. The first jump is just a normal little one. The next one will not only boost you up higher, but it will also make you look down so you can aim your landing. The third jump is the same as the last, but only higher. Don’t worry though, you can aim with your shadow really easily. There is actually a feature that will let you jump six times, but you can find that out on your own.

This is also a shooter game. So let’s go over that now... You have 7 ways of killing things.

Shooting your blue lasers: This is your basic attack. You shout out dual blue lasers that sound like gum drops. These are, of course, weak, as they are unlimited.

Jumping: This is your most strongest but hardest way to kill enemies. You just jump really high and land on your enemies. Never since Mario has jumping on things been so fun. This method also is beneficial, because you get lots of points for jumping on things in a row.

The next four are pick ups. Cherry Bombs (Nice big explosion), Rockets (All home), Twisters (Same as the rockets), Roman Candles (Nice think lasers, pretty cool), and Power Orbs (Which is what a lot of enemies use)

In each 3D level, you must seek out four Muu Muu’s (These are the little white things you see in the game. They have 5 limbs and palm trees going out of their heads and hold their respected sign with an E, X, I, or a T on it.) and then find the exit. For the majority, they are not that hard to find. Then after every two levels, you get to fight a boss. There are six levels in this game plus a lot of bonus stages.

There are just a couple problems in this section, which they still did not fix from the original. This game is a first person shooter, and there is no way to side step. This is very annoying. The only way to make up for this is to jump side ways, but you still can’t circle robotic enemies.

You also cannot move and aim at the same time... This makes you a sitting duck when trying to hit something.

You would think they would fix the game play, but it still remains Exactly the same. They could of made improvements, but they didn’t.

Challenge: This is still a let down in this place. This game is pretty easy. No doubt about it. The bosses are SOOO easy to kill, all you have to do is stock up on weapons or jump on them a couple times (The second last boss is actually cool and hard, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.) The hardest part in this whole game would be jumping on moving platforms. I think I died about three times from actually damage.

They did make the final boss on hard actually a challenge, but your biggest enemy in that fight is the time limit...

Control: The control is simple. You need the direction pad, an aim button, a shoot, a jump, and a special weapon button. This is ok, but there is no depth at all in the controls. They could have easily put in a way to sidestep, as I’m sure there is three free shoulder buttons.

There is also no way of running and shooting up or down at the same time. This eliminates any sort of skill barrier dealing with reaction speeds.

The control scheme is the SAME as the original, so don’t worry about getting rusty from switching versions.

Story: Ok, the story is a lot better than the original, but it still lacks a little bit. Ok, here goes...

You are Robbit again, a robotic bunny. Now there is another guy named Baron Aloha also from the first game. He is on his little planet and this other (big) guy, that acts and sounds like a girl, Captain Kabuki takes apart his planet and puts it in glass bottles.

Baron Aloha now called Robbit to help him get his planet back.

One part I HATE about this, is that the end boss is VERY similar to the end boss in the first one. You will see what I mean if you play both of them to the end.

Visuals: This game does sport nice and unique graphics. Jumping Flash 2 looks a little cartoonish. Nothing is really that flawed in this game. Every thing as detailed backgrounds and are very well done. You have to see for your self, it is kind of hard to explain the way levels are laid out.

Ah yes, the mouths actually move in the FMVs.

The graphics also look the same through this whole game and do not change from the original. (Hell they even reuse some enemies)

Audio: The music is fun to listed to, but it still presents a childish tone. The effects are great too, from shooting off tons of rockets to shoot little Kiwi birds.

There is also this little thing hanging from the top of the screen, called a support AI. I HATE THIS THING! Its suppose to make you feel better when you do something good. Like if you pick up a free life, it will say “Extra men!” I think it is corny and cheesy and actually makes the game less enjoyable and more annoying. They did add an option to change this AI, but that’s after you beat the game... There are three different support AI’s to pick from.

Some levels are greatly done in this game with background music, even more so than the original. I same this game has better music than then its predecessor.. The second last bosses music is especially well done.

Re playability: This game 6 worlds each with 3 stages, that’s 24 levels. Then there are two extra modes for a total of 72 levels. The extra modes aren’t really that much harder, but you can tell they are just by a tad.

This is also about the same as the original. They did add a little reward system at the bottom of the screen, but after over about four or five years of owning this game, I never once knew what they really did...

If you like the original, this one will float.
Great game to play off and on.

If you hate the original, this one will sink.
No sidestepping

I would rent this baby first, to see if this game is your type. If it is, buy it, well if you can find it.

I give this game a six out of ten, because it is still just like the first one, which just different levels and one new power up.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/22/03

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