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"It's easy and somewhat childish, but still fun!"

Over the years that I have played the Playstation, I can find nothing that compares to the joy that you can get out of Jumping Flash! 2.

Well, maybe Jumping Flash! 1, but I never played that.

Still, Jumping Flash! 2, is a very fun game. Even to this day, where the PS2 reigns supreme, this old game still is fun to play.

Why, you ask? Why, a number of reasons!

The story and characters are extremely goofy. Your rival from the original, Baron Aloha, travels to a world called Little Muu to plot out his next evil scheme. But a gigantic Spandex-wearing creature named Captain Kabuki begins to tear up the planet and put parts of them in bottles. It's up you Robbit, a robotic space bunny, to blast off and save the planet from the big menace.

The gameplay is simple. You must travel through the worlds, rescuing four of these three-legged creatures named MuuMuus, and then finding the Exit pad to finish your rescue rounds. As you do this, you will undoubtedly face enemies that might get in your way. To take care of them, you can either continuously jump on them to hopefully smash them into pieces, or you can shoot the bejeezus out of them with an assortment of weapons that you can pick up, along with your standard guns. There are plenty of surfaces to stand on and jump off of, so just exploring the worlds can keep you both busy and entertaining. You will also discover the occasional Bonus Stages, where you must destroy all the balloons in a set time limit for an extra man. And every so often, you will face a boss that you must destroy. This whole experience is done in the first-person view, so you really get a good look at the environments.

As you may have noticed from the title, I called this game pretty easy. And it is, too. You're likely to finish off the main game in under 10 hours. In the rescue stages, you don't have to worry as much about the enemies in the stage as you do about falling out of it. The only times that you'll need those hardcore weapons are either in the Bonus Stages or the Boss Stages.

But the whole game seems enjoyable to play every now and then. It's a concept that's still unique in my eyes. And there are things that you can unlock during your expeditions, including different arrangements of the stages. Your big accomplishments are shown in a collection of badges you earn through the main mode.

My main complaints are that, yes, it's easy, and that the game really doesn't seem to last that long. Also, the game could've used a two-player mode to make things a bit more interesting.

But it's still fun. Considering that it's one of the older games for the Playstation, it may be tough to find. But get it if you can. It's a true classic, and it's still one of the most fulfilling games out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/07/03

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