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    FAQ/Move List by Aoi

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    		          T h e  A r e n a  F i g h t e r s
    			    S o n y  P l a y s t a t i o n
    		     O r i g i n a l  M o v e l i s t / G u i d e
    				 - V e r s i o n  2.0 -
    				    12:19 AM 11/17/97
    - First release version 1.0 on 10/7/97
    - Second revision 11/17/97
        ...Added codes for Master Ishii, Increasing energy
           and watching the ending.
        ...Changed ascii header
        ...Next revision will have moves, combos and more 
           in depth info on Master Ishii.
    There aren't any movelists or guides on this great game from THQ so I decided to write this up 
    using the instructions from the game as my guide.
    What is K-1?
    The "K" represents the four major martial arts disciplines - Kickboxing, Karate, Kempo, and 
    Kung-Fu - that are showcased in the tournament. The "1" refers to the quest to find out which 
    martial art, and which fighter, is number one in the world. The toughest champions of each 
    discipline come from all over the globe to compete in this explosive event.
    K-1 is an open tournament, without the restrictions of weight classes or divisions, often 
    pitting a seven foot, 400 pound super heavy weight against a lithe flyweight. Needless to 
    say, the matches are always exciting, and typically end in audience pleasing K.O.'s.
    K-1 events are held throughout the year, whittling the field down to the top eight fighters 
    in the world, who compete finally in the Grand Prix. The winner of the event earns a 
    considerable purse and is given the undisputed title of "world's strongest man"! This 
    prestigious title was held in 1994 and 1995 by Holland's Peter Aerts, and finally changed 
    hands last year with a dramatic victory by Switerland's Andy Hug.
    Note: to learn more about the K-1 organization, visit their web site at http://www.k-1.co.jp/.
    X                              Punch/Choose		
    O                              Kick/Cancel
    triangle		       Special/Signature move
    square                         Not used
    L1                             Dodge left
    L2     			       Not used
    R1			       Dodge right
    R2			       Not used
    Select			       Not Used
    Start			       Pause game/Start game
    Universal Moves (for all fighters)
    X			       Jab
    forward X		       Straight
    back X		 	       Upper
    down X                         Body Blow
    O			       High Kick
    back O			       Middle Kick
    down O                         Low Kick
    down, down then X              Ducking Hook
    down, down X                   Dashing Upper
    Up, back X		       Dash Punch
    X+O			       Hold move
    Combos aren't guaranteed in K-1 like other fighting games. The custom combos are just some 
    that I have found that work best for me. You can experiment on your own and find combinations. 
    You can initiate the hold move before some of the combos for maximum damage and/or 
    penetration into the opponents defense.
    The Combo system
    The combo system in K-1 is very different than other fighting games. There aren't any 
    juggles or any other good stuff. This is the real deal. Opponents guard and retaliate 
    just like humans and fall and react like a human would.
    The combinations aren't guaranteed but if you do them at the right time and in succession, 
    you have a better chance of landing one of the powerful blows.
    The Arena Fighters
    Andy Hug
    Birth Date:  September 7, 1964
    Birth Place: Switzerland
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 209 lbs
    Gym: Seido Kaikan
    Titles: UKF World Super Heavyweight Champion
            K-1 Grand Prix '96 Winner
            WMTC World Super Heavyweight Champion
    Andy Hug, with his superior karate technique, is one of the most famous martial artists in 
    the world. After several disappointing years in the K-1, Andy finally came through with a 
    dramatic victory in 1996.
    Favorite moves:
    Front Kick                   forward O
    Uppercut                     back X
    Hug Tornado                  down triangle
    Jumping Double Kick          back, forward triangle
    Hand Chop 		     forward triangle
    Signature Move:
    Heel Kick                    triangle
    Custom Combos:
    down triangle, down O, O, triangle
    down triangle, back X, forward triangle (back X buffers the jumping double kick, so after 
    doing the uppercut just slide to forward triangle for the kicks)
    down triangle, X, X, forward O
    Hug's best asset is the Hug Tornado. Many combinations can be done afterwards. The Hug Tornado 
    is a low spinning sweep which temporarily stuns your opponent if done as a counterattack. 
    Also use his signature heel kick sparingly. It's main weakness is the height it gets 
    which in turn can be dodged and countered. 
    Chang Puek Kiatsongrit
    Birth Date:  October 23, 1966
    Birth Place: Thailand
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Gym: Kiatsongrit Gym
    Titles: IMF World Light Heavy Class Champion
    An unmatched expert in Muay-Thai (Thai Kick Boxing), he has excellent defensive techniques 
    and is difficult to put down. He often astonishes crowds by defeating much bigger and 
    stronger fighters.
    Favorite moves:
    Front Kick                   forward O
    Multiple Straights           forward X
    Jumping Knee Kick            forward triangle
    Spinning Elbow	             back triangle
    Signature Move:
    Mid Step-in                  triangle
    Custom Combos:
    triangle, down O, O, back triangle
    traingle, forward triangle
    forward O, back triangle
    down O, down O, down O, O
    down O, down O, back O, O
    Kiatsongrit's strength lies in his kicks, especially low shin kicks. He can wear down an 
    opponent in no time with low kicks. In Kiatsongrit's case, his signature move is good to 
    use often cause it sets you up for combos afterwards. 
    Ernesto Hoost
    Birth Date:  July 11, 1969
    Birth Place: Surinam
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 205 lbs
    Gym: Vos Gym
    Titles: WMTA World Light Heavy Class Champ
    	IKBF World Light Heavy Class Champ
    	ISKA World Light Heavy Class Champ
    	K-1 Grand Prix '93 Winner
            K-1 Grand Prix '96 3rd Place      
    Called the "technician" by his peers, Hoost uses his perfect execution to make up for what 
    he lacks in strength. Pity the man that falls prey to his fearful high kick.
    Favorite moves:
    Front Kick                   forward O
    Back Blow		     back triangle
    Jumping Knee Kick 	     forward triangle
    Elbow Strike	             back, forward X
    Left Uppercut		     down triangle
    Signature Move:
    High Step-in                 triangle
    Custom Combos:
    down O, O, back triangle, triangle
    forward triangle, down triangle, triangle
    forward O, down, down then X, back, forward X
    Hoost has great reach on alot of his moves. Use the high step-in kick to keep your distance. 
    It is a effective counter to high signature moves like Andy Hug's and punching signature 
    moves like Sam Greco's. 
    Jerome Le Banner
    Birth Date:  December 26, 1972
    Birth Place: France
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 253 lbs
    Gym: Siam Boxing Gym
    Titles:  K-1 Grand Prix '95 Runner-up
    	 French and European Super Heavy Class Champion
    	 ISKA World Heavy Weight Muay-Thai Champion
    A perfect combination of size and youth, Jerome is sometimes overly aggresive in the ring. He's 
    called the "Battle Cyborg" by his fans in France,
    and consistently lives up to the name.
    Favorite moves:
    Front Kick                  forward O
    Back Spin Kick		    back triangle
    Uppercut		    down triangle
    Signature Move:
    Knee Kick                   triangle
    Custom Combos:
    down triangle, forward O,  back triangle
    down O, keep holding down then press triangle, triangle, triangle
    down, down then X, keep holding down then press triangle, forward O
    Note: Keep holding down then triangle is another buffered move. After the ducking hook punch 
    instead of pressing down triangle for the uppercut, just do the ducking punch then press 
    triangle. Le Banner will do the hook then come up with the uppercut, it looks seamless. 
    Le Banner is a tough fighter. His best asset is his knees. They can be done in rapid 
    succession leaving a opponent frantically trying to get away if trapped in a corner. Use the 
    knees after a flurry of punches or during punch combos.
    Mike Bernardo
    Birth Date:  July 28, 1969
    Birth Place: South Africa
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 242 lbs
    Gym: Steve's Gym
    Titles: African Super Heavy Class Champ
    	K-1 Grand Prix '96 Runner-up
    Possessor of a fearful hammer punch, Bernardo KO'd two-time "Strongest Man" Peter Aerts in 
    the '96 Grand Prix.
    Favorite moves:
    Side Kick                   forward O
    Swing Straight		    forward triangle
    Back Blow		    back triangle
    Swing Uppercut		    down triangle
    Signature Move:
    Swing Hook                  triangle
    Custom Combos:
    X,X, down triangle
    X, forward X, triangle
    X,X, forward X, triangle
    down, down then X, X, forward X, triangle
    Bernardo is quite slow. What he lacks in speed, doubles in his power. The best thing to do 
    with him is to send out a flurry of punch combos followed up by the swing hook.
    Birth Date:  October 17, 1972
    Birth Place: Japan
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 196 lbs
    Gym: Seido Kaikan
    Titles: Karate World Cup '95 4th place
    	K-1 Grand Prix '96 3rd place
    Musashi began his career with a bang by impressively knocking out his opponent, Patrick Smith, in 
    the '95 K-1 Revenge II tournament. Ever since then, expectations for this exciting young fighter 
    have been very high.
    Favorite moves:
    Front Kick                  forward O
    High Punch Combination	    down triangle
    Style Change                back, forward triangle
    Low Shin Kicks	            hold down O,O
    Signature Move:
    Jumping Turn Back Kick      back triangle
    Custom Combos:
    I like to intiate some combos after dodging attacks. Musashi has some great looking 
    combinations after dodging a attack.
    dodge (L1 or R1), back triangle
    dodge (L1 or R1), down triangle, back triangle,  back, forward triangle <not necessary just 
    looks cool after the jumping turn back kick>
    X,X, down O, O
    Musashi is very quick. He has some very fast useful punch combinations which can be 
    followed up by kick combos.
    Peter Aerts
    Birth Date:  October 25, 1970
    Birth Place: Holland
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 229 lbs
    Gym: Chakuricki
    Titles: WMTA Muay-Thai World Heavy Class Champ
            KBF World Heavy Class Champ
    	WKA European Heavy Class Champ
    	K-1 Grand Prix '94, '95 Winner
    Bearer of the "World's Strongest Man" title for two years in a row, Aerts is highly 
    trained both in technique and in toughness. This man has no weaknesses.
    Favorite moves:
    Front Kick                   forward O
    Back Blow		     back triangle
    Back Kick Low		     down triangle
    Knee Kick		     triangle
    Elbow Strike		     back, forward X
    Signature Move:
    Back Kick High		     forward triangle
    Custom Combos:
    X,X, forward triangle
    X, forward X, back, forward X
    forward O, X, forward X, triangle
    Aerts is way powerful. Try getting in close with him and land knees and back kicks.
    Sam Greco
    Birth Date:  May 3, 1967
    Birth Place: Australia
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 233 lbs
    Gym: Seido Kaikan
    Titles: Karate World Cup '94 Winner
    	3 time Commonwealth Karate Tournament Champion
    In his international debut, Greco KO'd his first opponent, and gave Aerts an even fight. 
    His overall ability is still a question mark, but anyone who's been in the ring with him 
    knows that he has the strongest fists in the karate field.
    Favorite moves:
    Front Kick                   forward O
    Driving Punch		     forward triangle
    Low Driving Punch	     down triangle
    Right to the body	     back triangle
    Signature Move:
    Swing Blow 		     triangle
    Custom Combos:
    down O, O, down triangle, triangle
    down O, O, forward O, back triangle
    X, forward X, triangle
    forward O, keep holding forward triangle, back triangle
    Greco has fists like stone. If he connects with the swing blow consider yourself in danger. 
    Like most signature moves the execution and recovery time is slow. But if used in 
    combinations like Greco's they can pose a big threat.
    Master Ishii
    Master Ishii is the final man to beat in the 1 player mode. My friend has found that if 
    you can back him into the corner and land a flurry of punches and knees it wears him down 
    pretty good. He can take you out with low kicks so watch out for those and don't 
    underestimate his small size, he can open a can of whoopass in no time.
    These codes are from Segasages.com
    Master Ishii Code 
         Choose "Team Battle" from the main menu screen. When the character select screen 
         appears, press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, start. Master Ishii 
         will appear to the right of the other fighters. 
    Strength Adjustment  
         During a match press start to pause. Then press L2, R1, L1, R1, L2, R1. You will see 
         flashing numbers on the left and right side. Use the D-pad to move the numbers up or 
         down for each character so you can increase or decrease your chosen players strength 
         from 1 to 9. 
    View Ending  
         Turn on the PlayStation with the K1 disc inside. Hold L1+L2+Triangle+Circle+Left on 
         both controllers while the game loads. Continue to hold them until the demo begins. 
         Instead of the normal intro, you will see the ending cinema and game credits. 
       			   Copyright 1997 Aoi <William Knight> 
    			      E-mail aknight@frontiernet.net
    		      All combos are custom. Please contact me if
          		                you have any questions.               
             No part of this moves list/guide is to be altered without my consent.
                  You can post or distribute freely as long as the my name
                         	is included. Contact me if you wish to
                      include this in media, print, or any other form.  

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