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    FAQ by JEncarnacion

    Updated: 01/05/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Faq About:  Kensei 
    Version:  Japanese
    From:  Konami
    Platform:  Playstation
    Date:Jan 5, 1999
    Author:  Jay Anthony M. Encarnacion
    e-mail:  knight
    	Kensei is one of those games which comes along not so often, but
    carries some of the best elements in a game (a fighting game in
    here).  Kensei puts a lot of emphasis on REAL LIFE martial arts. 
    Each character has his own style which makes the game more
    I.  Title Screen
    II. The Basic Moves
    III. Getting The Sub Characters, Bosses, Hidden Characters
    IV. Extra Mode
    V. Questions
    I.  Title Screen
        Normal Mode - Beat everone.
        VS Mode - Beat a friend.
        Time Attack Mode - See how fast you can beat everyone.
        Survival Mode - See how you fare against all the enemies.  Your
    life bar gets partly                    replenished after each round. 
        Training Mode - Practice your combos in here with a friend or the
        Watch Mode - Pick two computer fighters and see how they beat
    each other.
        Option Mode - Choose how you want to play the game.
        Extra Mode - More on this later.....
    II.  The Basic Moves
        Punch - Square button
        Kick - Triangle
        Block - X button
        Catch - O button
        Counter - Hold back then hit Catch (O button) before the punch or
    kick hits you.  Some moves     cannot be countered.
        Side Stepping - Double tap Up or Down
        Run - Double tap Forward
        Fast Step Back - Double tap Back
        Running Flying Kick - Double tap Forward then hit the Square
        Running Slide Kick - Double tap Forward then hit the Triangle
        *The moves for each character can be learned by pressing Start
    then choosing the Commands option while fighting or while in Training
    III.  Getting The Sub Characters, Bosses, Hidden Characters
         The Sub Characters are the opponents you face on your 9th round
    when playing the game in Normal Mode.  After you beat the game with
    your character, his Sub Character will become playable.  Here is the
    way to get ALL OF THE SUB CHARACTERS.  I also suggest that you first
    put the game on VERY EASY, 20 seconds, 1 round against the computer,
    to have them all faster.
    Note:  The Sub Characters, Bosses, and Hidden Characters have similar
    moves to their counterparts.
    Beat The Game With                         Get
    Yugo                                                 Akira
    Yuli                                                   Quintao
    Douglas                                            Cindy
    Allen                                                 Steve
    Ann                                                  Arthur
    Heinz                                                Kornelia
    Hyoma                                              Sessue
    David                                                Mark
    Saya                                                 Genya
    *  After you get the Sub Characters from Yugi to Saya, go to Normal
    Mode Again then finish the game with these characters.
    *Yugo                                               Zhou
    *Akira                                               Kaiya
    Hidden Characters
    *Zhou                                               Kazane (Has moves
    like Hyoma and Sessue's)
    *Kaiya                                              Jelly/Billy
    (Billy is his alternate costume)
    IV.  Extra Mode
        After getting all of the Sub Characters, Bosses, and Hidden
    Characters, you will notice that there will be a new mode in the
    title screen, the Extra Mode.  After you choose that, a new screen
    will appear.
        The new mode is actually a New Game!  It's called Running Bugi. 
    It's like a time lap race where you use your characters to run around
    a track.  Cute game.
    V.  Questions
      1.  Why is it that THERE ARE NO ENDINGS IN THE GAME?  I have the
    JAPANESE version, even though, why are there NO ENDINGS FOR THE
    CHARACTERS?  Is there a way to see one?
      2.  Are there other extra games in this game?
    	Enjoy the game anyway........heheheh...
    		             Copyright To Jay Anthony M. Encarnacion, 1999

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