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    FAQ/Walkthrough by FACE

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    Klonoa: Door To Phantomile FAQ/Walkthrough
    By Save Some FACE
    1. Introduction
    Hello. This is my fourth guide, and second full walkthrough to a game. The game 
    this time around is the Playstation game Klonoa: Door to Phantomile – a 
    wonderfully designed, beautifully told game about a young cat named Klonoa and 
    his friend Huepow. It’s got a fair length and therefore good replay value - 
    Hell, it’s one of the few games nowadays where you can replay each level, and 
    you’ll want to, to unlock all of the game’s secrets.
    So this Walkthrough will help you not only complete the game, but it’ll help 
    you get everything there is to get. Because this really is quite a special game,
    I’ve made sure this is actually a guide to nearly everything in the game; you 
    can even expect to find a Plot Summary among appendices for every other thing.
    I hope you enjoy it.
    2. Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Contents
    3. Legal Information
    4. Version History
    5. The Controls
    6. The Basics
    7. Walkthrough
    8. Dream Stone Walkthrough
    9. Character List
    10. Location List
    11. Enemy List
    12. Boss List
    13. Plot Summary
    14. Credits
    15. Outroduction
    3. Legal Information
    This guide is Copyright (C) 2006-7 Save Some FACE.
    You can use this guide for your own or others’ personal use, copy and paste it,
    and print it out, even use it on your own website, as long as you acknowledge 
    that I am indeed the author of this work.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademarks and copyright holders.
    Thank you.
    4. Version History
    7th November 2006 – Version 0.15 - Woah…forgot about this one, to be honest. It
    was actually started on the 14th October but I must have completely forgotten 
    about it after I did the skeleton of the guide…Well I’ve now done the 
    Introduction, Contents, Legal Information, Contact, and Credits, so there.
    10th November 2006 – Version 0.2 – I have done quite a lot today. I have 
    finished The Controls, listed all of The Basics, introduced the two 
    Walkthroughs, listed most of the characters and all of the bosses, and I’ve 
    done the introduction to and Prologue of the Plot Summary. Most of the guide is 
    set out now, I think that’s the most complicated/frustrating part done.
    11th November 2006 – Version 0.23 – Not much done today, just did about half of 
    The Basics and did another section of the Plot Summary.
    12th November 2006 – Version 0.25 – Finished The Basics. Whew ;>_>
    13th November 2006 – Version 0.28 - Time to start working on the Walkthrough 
    and Plot Summary…And, I completed the first level (twelve more to go) and did 
    the relevant part of the summary. I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve done today.
    14th November 2006 – Version 0.32 – Completed Vision 1-2 and relevant part of 
    Plot Summary. Good, steady progress.
    17th November 2006 – Version 0.34 – After a little break, Vision 2-1 is 
    complete, as is the relevant part of the Plot Summary.
    18th November 2006 – Version 0.38 – Completed Vision 2-2 and relevant part of 
    the Plot Summary. Now, over the next two weeks starting from the 20th, I have 
    Mock Examinations and if I’m not stupid then I will spend considerable time 
    revising for them. This means updates may be very light or non-existent, 
    perhaps starting from tomorrow, definitely from the 20th. Goodbye for now.
    18th November 2006 (Night) – Version 0.41 – Completed Vision 3-1 and relevant 
    part of the Plot Summary.
    19th November 2006 – Version 0.44 – Completed Vision 3-2 and relevant part of 
    Plot Summary.
    5. The Controls
    Fairly easy stuff if you didn’t know it already…
    Start – Pause and un-pause game, skip forward slightly in a cutscene by 
    pressing once, press twice to completely skip cutscene
    D-Pad Right – Move Klonoa right
    D-Pad Left – Move Klonoa left
    D-Pad Up – Face towards background, enter through a door
    D-Pad Down – Face towards foreground
    X – Jump, double jump if enemy has been grabbed; hold to float for a little 
    while after a jump or double jump, or after a hit by an enemy
    ALSO, confirms choice in main or pause menu, and skips speech text in a normal
    graphics cutscene, or advances onto the next speech message
    /\ – Jump, double jump if enemy has been grabbed; hold to float for a little 
    while after a jump or double jump, or after a hit by an enemy
    O – Fire Wind Bullet, throw enemy if enemy has been grabbed
    ALSO fast forwards through speech messages
    [] – Fire Wind Bullet, throw enemy if enemy has been grabbed
    Note that you can fire wind bullets, move forwards, backwards, and face 
    outwards and inwards while jumping or floating.
    6. The Basics
    6a. Visions, Enemies, and Bosses
    6b. Health and Lives
    6c. The Wind Bullet
    6d. The World Map
    6e. Dream Stones and The Mirror Spirit
    6f. Items
    6fa. Keys
    6fb. Hearts
    6fc. Extra Lives
    6fd. Memory Clocks
    6fe. Ngapako’s Eggs
    6g. Phantomilians
    6h. Conclusion
    ~~~~Visions, Enemies, and Bosses~~~~
    The basic idea of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile is that you play as a male (I 
    actually originally thought it was female, meh) cat named…Klonoa with a large 
    ring that acts as a home for a spirit named Huepow and also as a weapon – a 
    Wind Bullet.
    Klonoa must travel through thirteen levels to complete the game. These are 
    divided into seven visions; all but the last vision have two levels to them, 
    and at the end of that second level, you will always face a boss enemy, 
    stronger than your usual and often with relevance to the plot. You must hit 
    them somehow to reduce their life bar in the top left to zero, zilch, and zip-
    all, at which point they will be defeated.
    But to get to those bosses you of course have to travel through the levels, a 
    combination of basic platforming (jumping, double-jumping, you know the drill),
    puzzles of varying difficulty, and of course, enemies. For a full list of every 
    single enemy in the game, please refer to the enemy list section. Same with 
    ~~~~Health and Lives~~~~
    Now, every time a boss or enemy touches Klonoa, he will get hit and lose a bit 
    of health. At the bottom of your screen when you are playing the game, in the 
    middle there will be three large pink hearts. When you get hit, one of these 
    hearts shrinks to a small one, if you get hit again, that heart will completely 
    disappear. The process then repeats itself with the other two hearts. When you 
    lose all three hearts, then Klonoa will lose a life – therefore you can take 
    six hits from an enemy before you lose a life. You will also lose a life 
    instantly if you fall down an abyss, or other dark pit.
    However, you can regain pieces of life, as explained in the Items sub-section 
    of this Basics section (scroll down). Note that you cannot exceed three large 
    hearts, though. Your health and all three full hearts are restored at the end 
    of each level.
    Now, if you lose a life, then the counter in the bottom left corner of the 
    screen when you are playing the game will decrease by one. If that counter 
    reaches zero then it’s Game Over and you will have to Continue from where you 
    last saved, as opposed to a checkpoint in a level. You can get extra lives, but
    the counter will never exceed 99.
    ~~~~The Wind Bullet~~~~
    The Wind Bullet is Klonoa’s sole weapon in this game, and it harnesses Huepow’s
    power to inflate and grab enemies (though not all). When you are next to an 
    enemy and they are not protected in any way, use the Wind Bullet to inflate 
    and/or grab them. If they are now next to Klonoa, all bloated and rotating 
    around then you have grabbed one, and you can use it to either double jump, or 
    throw at other enemies to defeat them, or simply throw them at obstacles. In 
    most cases, the grabbed enemy will explode on impact.
    Generally, the only enemies you cannot grab are giant enemies (they’re fairly 
    obvious), and they can only be inflated. Throwing a grabbed enemy at them while 
    they are inflated will make them explode.
    The Wind Bullet is also capable of popping bubbles that house special items, 
    such the Memory Clock, and it also releases Phantomilians from their bubbles.
    ~~~~The World Map~~~~
    The World Map appears after you have completed a level, and will show you how 
    many Phantomilians you ultimately rescued from that level. Any rescued 
    Phantomilians, from the present or past levels, will join together to create a 
    musical piece for you, which increases in scale and size as you rescue more and 
    more. At the end of this musical piece, birds will appear and drop eggs to 
    create celebratory firework explosions. This does not end until you continue to 
    the Save Game screen.
    A true World Map entitled Clear Vision will be given to you at the end of the 
    game. In this World Map, you may see how many Dream Stones you have gotten for 
    each level, how many Phantomilians you have rescued, and you can play each 
    level and more again if you wish to.
    ~~~~Dream Stones and The Mirror Spirit~~~~
    The single most common item in the game, the Dream Stones are floating gems 
    that Klonoa can collect. 
    There are two types of Dream Stone – the green one and the blue one. The green 
    one is just a basic gem that is worth one dream stone, while the blue one is 
    worth five dream stones.
    There are many Dream Stones in a level, all valuing up to exactly 150 (although 
    some people can actually get more through exceptional speed and whatnot). 
    Collecting 100 (on your first playthrough, Dream Stones will carry over from 
    level to level) will award Klonoa an Extra Life automatically.
    On your first playthrough, collecting all 150 for a level will reward you with 
    nothing (aside from the extra life you will pick up along the way). Do note 
    that the counter of your Dream Stones in the bottom right will only show up to 
    99, after which with the next stone you collect it will go to ‘0’ again – don’t 
    worry, the game still acknowledges that you have 100 and above dream stones, it 
    just can’t show it. Once you have completed the game, you can play each level 
    individually and collect all 150 Dream Stones to fully complete that level and 
    gain a little enemy icon for your troubles. Note that Dream Stones do not carry 
    over like in your first playthrough, as you are only playing individual levels.
    There are never so many Dream Stones in a level so that they all add up to 150.
    You will always have to, once in a level, activate The Mirror Spirit, a little 
    blue fairy in a bubble (pop it with your Wind Bullet). As soon as you pop the 
    bubble, the Dream Stones will start to flash, and the green ones are worth two 
    dream stones now, while the blue ones will transform into purple ones that are 
    worth ten dream stones. Don’t worry – there are always dream stones in the 
    vicinity of the spirit that you are capable of getting, and it’s only those, 
    it’s basically like saying ‘you must get all of these set dream stones before 
    the Mirror Spirit goes away’ – the game won’t expect you to get any more than 
    what is set out for you (hence why some people can get more than 150). As I 
    have mentioned, the Mirror Spirit will leave after a little while, so be quick 
    or you will be unable to get the full 150.
    Here’s some more background information on the Mirror Spirit, from the game’s 
    ‘Once upon a time, there was a Mirror Spirit who loved to play tricks. The 
    Spirit would take things and put them in front of the mirror. This confused 
    people since it made things look twice as large. Then, one day, the Mirror 
    Spirit made a reflection of the Sun that was twice as large and drove away 
    Night. People couldn’t sleep or dream because there was no more Night. The 
    Spirit had gone too far this time with its tricks; the other Spirits were so 
    angry that they imprisoned the Mirror Spirit.’
    What an interesting and useful fellow. And that’s all you need to know about 
    Dream Stones and The Mirror Spirit, maybe you learnt something you didn’t in 
    here…There are so many technicalities involving Dream Stones =/
    There are many items you can discover around each level, this section details 
    what you can expect to find.
    Keys are golden…key-shaped objects with a red circle on them – they’re fairly 
    easy to identify and are formally introduced within the game.
    You can only carry one key at a time, and you’ll only need to carry one key at 
    a time – in certain points of the game you will face a blocked door with a key 
    icon on it. Obviously you’ll need a key from somewhere to unlock it. More often 
    than not you’ll already have the key.
    From there you just walk into the door to unlock it – you’ll use up the key but 
    a new passageway has been opened, and that’s what matters. Nothing else to say 
    about Keys…Moving on…
    Often a Godsend, especially in the latter stages of the game. There are two 
    types of Hearts – the small heart, which is like a pink heart with wings, and a 
    gold heart, which is a large gold heart with wings.
    These Hearts which can be found multiple times in levels will restore Klonoa’s 
    health. The pink ones will restore one piece of his health (out of six pieces), 
    while the gold ones will restore three. You can never exceed the three full 
    hearts, remember.
    ~Extra Lives~
    Fairly obvious, no? It’s a golden coin with Klonoa’s head on it, and if you 
    collect it, a special sound will play and you’ll gain one Extra Life. You can 
    never exceed 99 lives.
    ~Memory Clocks~
    These are…uhh…alarm clocks inside floating bubbles. Simply pop the bubble and 
    the alarm will ring, confirming that you have activated this item’s purpose – 
    to provide a point for you to continue from if you ever lose a life.
    ~Ngapoko Eggs~
    These are little green and white eggs that, once broken with a grabbed enemy 
    (and only a grabbed enemy, these are immune to the Wind Bullet), will reveal an 
    item of any manner – sometimes a heart, or an extra life, or even a 
    They also appear in both the background and foreground of the level, unlike 
    many items. In this case, you will have to use good aiming to break the egg.
    Also, sometimes, these eggs are invisible. Now, I will tell you in the 
    Walkthrough where these eggs are, but otherwise you can tell where they are 
    because you can see a suspicious shadow in the ground below where they are. 
    Simply jump into the area above this shadow to make the egg appear, then smash 
    it like you normally would.
    Phantomilians are the inhabitants of Phantomile. In each level, you can find 
    six, always trapped in bubbles (with a symbol relating to that level) or eggs. 
    Their appearance differs within each region that you are in, but you’ll know 
    when you’ve found one – a sound plays and one of the six empty squares near the
    bottom right of the screen will be filled with part of a golden picture. 
    Collecting all six will fill the picture.
    You should really attempt to get all six for each level on your first 
    playthrough because, unlike the Dream Stones, they will be registered 
    indefinitely (and you won’t have to go through a whole level again looking for 
    just one), and if you do collect the total 72 from the whole game then you’ll 
    get a special surprise…
    I believe that is all you need to know about The Basics of the game. Some of it
    may seem complicated or long-winded, but you’ll get used to it as you play the 
    game…In fact, the best way to learn a game is to play it, which is what we’re 
    about to do. :D
    7. Walkthrough
    This Walkthrough will get you through the game while collecting all the 
    Phantomilians and even get you through the extra level, no questions asked. You
    need not worry about collecting all of the Dream Stones yet, I will hardly 
    mention them during this Walkthrough, there’s a very good reason, alright? 
    Trust me. If you don’t then just read the introduction to the Dream Stone 
    So shall we start? Alrighty!
    Vision 1-1
    Breezegale, The Wind Village
    ~~~~The Beginnings of Gale~~~~
    This is a nice and easy introductory level.
    After the cutscene, head to the right and grab the Moo, then use him to double 
    jump up to the blue dream stone, if you want. In any case, carry on right and 
    take on the Moo that jumps down from the castle – grab him then throw him to 
    the next Moo you encounter, moving forward. There will be yet another Moo after 
    this who you can use to break an Ngapoko Egg – just line yourself up, face the 
    background, and jump up a little, then throw him into the egg. There’s no rush, 
    but you don’t need to do this either – there’s only a blue dream stone inside.
    Head forward to the bridge and grab the Tepon if you wish to collect more 
    stones, then head across the remainder of the bridge and grab the Zippoe (be 
    careful, he may advance a little faster than what you’re used to with the 
    hapless Moos) and use him to pop the bubble you will see in front of you – 
    Congratulations! You’ve just freed your first Phantomilian. Seventy-one more to 
    Now continue to head along the path, and when it dips, wait a little away from 
    the wall (just before where the ground is lowest), then grab the rapidly 
    advancing Zippoe and use him to double jump up the wall. You may wish to take 
    the heart if the first Zippoe caught you out or something. When you’re up the 
    wall, another Zippoe may advance, just grab him and use him to activate the 
    Memory Clock. Head up the ledge to the left, grab the Moo and bash him into the 
    other Moo. Grab the Zippoe afterwards and then jump into the whirlwind. When 
    Klonoa reaches the highest point possible, use the Zippoe to double jump up to 
    the blue stone, but more importantly, move a little to the left in the middle 
    of your jump so that when you descend you can use the Wind Bullet to pop the 
    bubble containing the second Phantomilian. If you fail this, don’t worry, for 
    the Zippoe constantly respawns on the right of the whirlwind. Now head to the 
    very edge of the path, and jump and hold your jump button to float along to the 
    platform to the left – you may or may not catch all of the dream stones but 
    that doesn’t matter right now.
    Now jump off the platform and try and grab the Moo before he slides down, 
    otherwise he may hurt you when you follow him. Use the grabbed Moo against the 
    other Moo when you continue forward, then grab the Boin when it comes down from 
    its bounce, and throw it into the other one when it comes down from its bounce. 
    Then wait for the Moo to respawn and use it double jump to the bubble, then pop 
    it with your bullet to collect your third Phantomilian. Now head into the door 
    (press up when you are in front of it)…
    When you’re inside, just head through the tower until you are confronted by 
    Balue. After that small interlude, follow the path and exit the tower. When 
    you’re outside, jump up and activate the clock, then use the Moo to get the 
    dream stones, and as you descend, grab the Flying Moo and use him to jump up to 
    the bubble, then shoot it with your bullet – it’s the fourth Phantomilian. You 
    can easily grab the Flying Moo from when you’re on the ground too, it’s just 
    quicker that way. Wait for it to respawn, then double jump with it again and 
    float over to the raised area on the left. Follow the path until you come to 
    the Spiker – wait for it to go down to the bottom of the path, then rise up – 
    as soon as it does this, run left, then quickly jump right underneath it. Again,
    you don’t need to jump immediately after, you can take your time if you wish. 
    Carry on along the path and wait until the three separate Spikers are above the 
    ground, then run underneath them – there’s no need to rush and you’ll be 
    risking your health if you do. It’s also fairly difficult to jump over them.
    Now wait for the platform to come to your level and jump on it, then pop the 
    bubble for the fifth Phantomilian as you rise – when you’re at the top, grab 
    the golden heart and carry on along your path, running underneath the two 
    Spikers. When you reach the end, activate the memory clock and jump to take the 
    extra life, then just descend normally and avoid the Spiker before heading back 
    the way you came (to the Flying Moo).
    You’re nearly at the end now. This time, head along the bottom path and grab 
    the Moo. You’ll come across your first Mirror Spirit – feel free to pop it but 
    know that it makes no difference whether you collect all the stones or not at 
    the moment (we’ll discuss this section in more detail in the Dream Stone 
    Walkthrough). Along this path of stones you will come across another bubble 
    containing the sixth and final Phantomilian of this level, and at the end, you 
    should avoid the Flying Moo, then grab it, and throw it into the Moo underneath 
    the path. Carry on along this path, grab the Moo and jump up to the platform 
    and throw it into the Zippoe. Head into the cave and you’ve completed the level!
    Vision 1-1 Clear!
    Vision 1-2
    Gunston Mine
    ~~~~The Diva and the Dark Spirit~~~~
    A long level with lots of hidden paths where you may miss something vital, but 
    I’ll go through them all.
    Head right and grab the Moo if you wish, then drop down to the brown pillar, 
    and hop across each pillar in turn, making sure to only jump when the Spikers 
    are heading downwards. Otherwise you might face a nasty fall. Keep heading 
    left – you’ll come across the Mirror Spirit but there’s not much need to 
    activate it right now, but watch out for the Zippoes and Moos who will 
    alternately spawn further to the left. Keep heading left and let yourself be 
    taken up by the whirlwind (although you should watch for the Moo on the far 
    left), and head right once you land on the path to collect your first 
    Phantomilian of this level. Keep heading right again, grab the Moo and use him 
    to double jump over the gap this time.
    Head forward and jump behind the Shield Moo (your Wind Bullets will rebound off 
    his shield), then grab him and throw him into the pursuing Zippoe. Follow the 
    Moos up the various whirlwinds until you reach an area where two Shield Moos 
    will close in on you. Grab the right one from behind, throw him into the left’s 
    shield, then grab the left one and throw it at the Ngapoko Egg in the 
    foreground for your second Phantomilian. Head right, collect the heart as you 
    jump over the gap, then when you come to the trio of Boins, grab the first and 
    bash it into the second, then grab the third and use it to double jump to get 
    to the ledge with the heart. Then head inside the door.
    Activate the Memory Clock, then head onto the cart. This journey poses 
    absolutely no danger to you, its only purpose is to allow you to collect Dream 
    Stones, but we don’t need them right now, so just enjoy the ride. Even at the 
    end, as the cart begins to fall apart, don’t worry as it will soon come to a 
    crash and you will not be harmed at all. After that, activate the clock and 
    head outside.
    Head to the left using the whirlwind, grab the Moo and bash him into the other 
    one, then take the bottom path, making sure to jump over the small gap just 
    below the Ngapoko Egg. Grab the Moo lurking here and use him to smash the egg – 
    you will be rewarded with a heart. Dodge the Spiker (when it goes up, drop down 
    into the small crevice and jump to the left), then use the whirlwind and jump 
    up to the platform on the right to take the third Phantomilian. Head left and 
    dodge the Spiker, then drop down to the door you will soon see and enter it.
    Activate the Memory Clock, and then head right…Wow, a Giant Moo! Hit it with 
    your Wind Bullet to inflate it, then wait for the Shield Moo to spawn, get 
    behind it (skilled players may be able to grab the Shield Moo as soon as it 
    lands), and throw it into the Giant Moo to pop it and release some stones. You 
    don’t actually need to inflate the Giant Moo to allow it to be popped, but hey, 
    who cares. Keep heading right, watching out for the Shield Moos, then head up 
    the ledge to the right and grab the Flying Moo – use it to double jump then pop 
    the bubble at the top to get the fourth Phantomilian. There is a second Mirror 
    Spirit here, but there’s no need to use it. Now head back out of the cave, 
    watching for the Shield Moos on the way.
    Now ascend the different ledges, and head right along the long path, jump down 
    at the end. On this new brick path, head left, jump over the gap, and grab the 
    first Zippoe to throw it into the second. Now, before you jump over the second 
    gap, watch out for the Shield Moo. You may wish to wait for him to head back 
    left before you jump, or you might want to quickly jump and float over him, 
    then grab him from behind. Your choice. Jump over another gap and jump around 
    the area in between the stones, you will reveal a Ngapoko Egg. Use the Shield 
    Moo to smash this, but you will only be rewarded with a few stones, nothing 
    vital. Head inside the doorway once you’re done.
    Pop the memory clock’s bubble, then keep heading right, across the whirlwinds, 
    then wait for the Mewmew to emit his bouncing balls of death, jump over them, 
    and quickly run to him and grab him. Take your time if you’re new to this enemy,
    just watch his attack pattern. Again head over the whirlwind, and watch out for 
    the second Mewmew, just do what you did before to get close, then throw the 
    first Mewmew into him. Jump over the small gap to the right and take the bottom 
    path, there is yet another Mewmew here but he should prove no problem. Again 
    cross another whirlwind, grab the Mewmew (if you grabbed the first one just 
    throw it somewhere else), then head back to the left and position yourself in 
    front of the Ngapoko Egg in the background. Throw the Mewmew and break it for 
    your fifth Phantomilian (don’t worry if you failed to hit it, as Moos will now 
    spawn repeatedly to the right). Head right and cross another whirlwind, then 
    jump up to the platform for an Extra Life. Jump carefully to the brown path, 
    then head onwards right and jump up to the top path. Jump behind the Shield Moo 
    (the trio of cowardly Moos behind him will jump away at this point), grab it, 
    and throw it at the ‘X’ marked wall in front of you. Cross the new bridge, 
    activate the clock, use the first Zippoe on the second as you head right, then 
    use another advancing Zippoe to jump up to the bubble and pop it for the final 
    Phantomilian of the level. Zippoes will repeatedly spawn here, so you should 
    grab another one and jump around to the right of where the bubble was – you’ll 
    reveal a hidden Ngapoko Egg which you should break for an extra life. Head 
    right and use the Boins to get the three hearts (more will spawn to your left 
    if you need them), then head right and into the cave…
    ~~~~Boss Fight 1 – Rongo Lango~~~~
    After the long cutscene, you’ll be up against the boss monster Rongo Lango. 
    First, I’ll explain his attacks. He can straight up attack you if you are in 
    front of him, or if you are behind him and close to him, he may spin around and 
    hit you with his tail. Often if you are in front of him and running away, he 
    will repeatedly jump very high to catch you until he is in front of you. 
    Sometimes, he uses two special attacks – the first is where he will hit the 
    ground with his tail, sending a large rumble across the circular ‘arena’ – just 
    jump to avoid this, and the second is where he will spin around and send out 
    one or two rainbow shockwaves, but these are again easy to dodge with jumps.
    Now, Rongo Lango’s weakness is actually hinted by Joka in the cutscene – it’s 
    his behind, his back, his rear. Unfortunately, even his back is too armoured 
    too be harmed by the Wind Bullet, so you should use the convenient Moos by 
    grabbing them and throwing them at his back. You can put this to the test at 
    the very start of the battle – Rongo Lango won’t be facing you, so head to the 
    left and wait for a Moo, grab it, then quickly run near him and throw it at him.
    He will be propelled forward by the force, and his back will flash white – this 
    means that you can’t hit him right now, just to be fair. Follow him and grab a 
    Moo that will probably come around, then wait for him to turn around and run 
    away from him – he will then jump repeatedly to catch you, so let him jump over 
    you then throw a Moo at his back. This is the strategy you should use for the 
    remainder of the battle – it doesn’t get too much different aside from the two 
    aforementioned special attacks. Four hits is all it takes to destroy him.
    Vision 1-2 Clear!
    Vision 2-1
    Forlock, The Tree Village
    ~~~~Deep in the Dying Forest~~~~
    This is a long and slightly annoying level with a lot of new enemies, hope 
    you’re prepared…
    Head to the right and you’ll be confronted by a new enemy, a Spikeshield Moo. 
    When this guy sees you, he will also charge at you pretty fast, so quickly jump 
    over him and grab him, then throw him anywhere you want. Carry on right, 
    jumping over the gap, then when you drop down into the little niche, another 
    new enemy, Shellie, will appear. This orange ball will go back and forth 
    between the walls pretty fast in an attempt to hit you – just keep dodging 
    until it jumps up to take a look and exposes itself, then you should grab it. 
    Again, throw it anywhere. Keep moving forward, avoiding the Bomber (a new, 
    often out-of-reach like in this case, enemy) and his spiked balls of death, 
    then wait for the Spikeshield Moo to charge you before you grab him. Throw him 
    at the Ngapoko Egg, but there are only dream stones inside. Head on right to be 
    encountered by yet another new enemy, Mousey. He will just swing from side to 
    side, you can grab him fairly easily. Throw him anywhere, then head right (go 
    under the Bomber), then grab him from the right once you’ve dodged his bombs. 
    Use him to double jump up the ledges, then a Tepon will allow you to collect 
    your first Phantomilian. Head back down and then forward and activate the 
    Memory Clock.
    Head forward, avoiding the Bomber and taking out the Moo, before using the 
    leaves to traverse your way to the next ledge. Admittedly these leaves do sway 
    about a little, just use caution and you’ll be okay. Carry on forward on the 
    bottom path, grab the Spikeshield Moo and use him to break the egg for your 
    second Phantomilian. If you somehow fail this, a Moo will continually respawn 
    for you to try again. Head back and use this Moo to double jump up to the top 
    path. Carry on forward, there’ll be a Giant Moo and a Mirror Spirit, but these 
    complications are best left to the Dream Stone Walkthrough. Just carry on like 
    you normally would and through the door (watch out for the Moo).
    Go right and jump up the ledge, and then jump again to the ledge on your left. 
    The Mousey and the Shellie shouldn’t pose too much of a problem, especially if 
    you take out Mousey from the safety of the ledge. Head on through the door, use 
    the Tepon to gain access to the Extra Life and Memory Clock. Head back down and 
    wait for him again, then use him to fly next to the Ngapoko Egg and throw him 
    at it for the third Phantomilian. Now head back, take out Mousey and Shellie 
    again, and this time head right from the first ledge where you started. Another 
    Shellie will confront you but you can use it double jump forward (ignore the 
    Mousey if you wish), then carry on forward until you get to the door. Head back 
    a little and a cutscene will start, at the end you will receive a key. Just 
    walk into the locked door and it will open now, so head through. Head on right 
    until you come to the Moo, use him to get to the heart. Now head left and 
    another Moo will appear, use him to get the Memory Clock. Go back right again 
    and take out the Spikeshield Moo before heading into the next door.
    Carry on right until you come to the spiral of Shellies, with two Ngapoko Eggs 
    in the middle. All you need to do is dodge them until they expose themselves, 
    then grab one and throw it at the eggs. The moving one yields your fourth 
    Phantomilian, the stationary one gives you a golden heart. Now just head down 
    the spiral, dodging the Shellies until you reach the Tepon, whom you should use 
    to ascend to the next ledge. Wait for the Mewmew to release his bombs before 
    using him to break the egg and get another key. Now use the leaf to ascend to 
    the door, open it and head on through.
    Activate the Memory Clock, then head right in the middle of where the Mousey is 
    swinging, then face the foreground or background (whichever way it is coming 
    from) before grabbing it and throwing it into the Spikeshield Moo on your right.
    Now head right, jumping a little to expose an egg, then get behind the 
    Spikeshield Moo and use him to smash it, though it only gives you some dream 
    stones. Now wait for the Spikeshield Moo on your left to reach you before you 
    grab him, but do not throw him. Just jump onto the leaf on your right, and face 
    left. Wait for it to be level with the egg (it’s better to be more below than 
    above), and throw to get your fifth Phantomilian of the level. Now jump across 
    to the next leaf (caution), and jump when you think it’s safe (there’s a 
    Spikeshield Moo on the next small ledge). You can either grab the enemy, or 
    just repeatedly wind bullet his shield to knock him off and into the abyss. Now 
    again head across the two leaves and onto the path. Jump onto the ledge with 
    the Spikeshield Moo and do whatever with him, but make sure to avoid the two 
    Bombers who will be raining hell on you. Well, not that much but they’re pretty 
    annoying. Carry on right and activate the Memory Clock below the mushroom.
    Now head on top of the mushroom and take out the Moo before heading down to get 
    the final Phantomilian of the level. The Bombers will continue to harass you 
    while you do this. Now head up the ledge and follow the path, jump over the 
    Spiker when it descends, and dodge the next Spiker and grab the heart on the 
    small ledge any way you can. Carry on, there’s another Mirror Spirit here, you 
    needn’t bother, but do follow the fleeing Bomber and dodge his bombs before 
    grabbing him. Throw him into the next Bomber (now those two who caused you all 
    that annoyance have destroyed eachother), jump over the gap, and follow the 
    path to view a cutscene and complete the level.
    Vision 2-1 Clear!
    Vision 2-2
    The Kingdom of Jugpot
    ~~~~Beyond the Backwards Waterfall~~~~
    Fairly short level this one, no real trials either…It’s a break from what 
    you’ve just gone through.
    Go right, take out the moo on the moving platform, then use the rising fountain 
    to ascend to the ledge on the left. Wait for the Dabby to use its bombs, then 
    jump up and grab it, throw it into the next Dabby when it has thrown its bombs. 
    Head up and across the fountain and there will be a short cutscene. After that, 
    head up the ledges to the right and wait for the Shield Moo to advance on you. 
    Drop back down a ledge, then when it turns around, grab it and activate the 
    Memory Clock. Head left and grab the Moo but stay on the moving platform. When 
    it goes right, near the dream stones, double jump up to where the bubble is and 
    pop it for the first Phantomilian of the level. Now head left and go to the 
    first ledge, don’t move though because there is a Dabby using its bombs. You 
    will be safe where you are, so when it has finished, jump to the next ledge, 
    jump over its bombs again if you need to, and grab the Flish and throw it into 
    the Dabby. The Flish constantly respawns, so grab it again and this time use it 
    to double jump directly above the Moo to destroy it. Head to where the Moo was 
    standing and descend the ledges to the second Phantomilian. Now head back up 
    and left, keep ascending the ledges then head inside the door.
    Activate the Memory Clock on your right, then head left, take out the Dabby and 
    grab the heart and then head down (make sure you have thrown the Dabby at this 
    point). Now grab the Moo on the moving platform and head up the top path on the 
    left, wait until the Spiker has gone left then emerge from the small area and 
    double jump up to the Extra Life and third Phantomilian. If you fail this, head 
    right from the moving platform and use the constantly respawning Flish. Once 
    you’re done, head down the bottom path to the left of the moving platform, jump 
    up the ledges and take out the Moos anyway you wish, grab the Memory Clock and 
    head out of the door.
    Head a little left and grab a Flish when it comes, then use the same double 
    jump trick as before on the waiting Moo. Head inside the door for the fourth 
    Phantomilian. Now head back up the ledges and to the right, jump over the 
    rising fountain and grab the Moo but do not throw it. Once you have the Moo, 
    wait on the rising fountain and jump across the two trees, then double jump 
    over to the path on the right. Take the Memory Clock, use the rising fountain 
    to navigate across the gap, then drop down and constantly avoid the giant 
    spiked balls by jumping (and floating sometimes) above them – keep heading 
    right. Now use the Flish to double jump upon the Moos like usual, and use the 
    rising fountain if you have to, in order to get up to the next path. Take out 
    the two Moos on the moving platforms and keep heading up, then use the Shield 
    Moo to double jump up to the next door.
    Take the Memory Clock from the foreground, and grab the Shield Moo. Head left 
    and jump around to reveal a Ngapoko Egg, smash it to get a heart. Now head 
    right along the below path and drop down the two ledges leading left and get on 
    the moving platform. When it jumps near the left, jump up the ledge for your 
    fifth Phantomilian and then head back to the two ledges, head right and then 
    drop down to the bottom path. Head left across this, using the rising fountain 
    to ascend to the next path, and continue heading left until you go through a 
    Grab the Memory Clock here, then just let yourself slide – there’s no danger 
    here, the Flying Moos will quickly flee when they see you coming. When the 
    water stream flattens out a little, be ready to jump over the Spikers, but the 
    flow slows considerably so it shouldn’t be too hard. You’ll then drop again and 
    will have to dodge a few more Spikers, but again they’re easy to avoid. At the 
    end of this ride you can take another Memory Clock. Now grab the Shield Moo and 
    use it on the Giantshield Moo when its back is turned. Head up the small ledge 
    to the left and dodge the Shield Moo until the Giantshield Moo comes back and 
    has its back turned again. Now just inflate it with the Wind Bullet, grab the 
    Shield Moo and get on top of the giant one, then double jump up to the ledge, 
    head left and take out the Shield Moo before grabbing the golden heart and the 
    final Phantomilian of the level. Wait for the Shield Moo to respawn before 
    using it double jump back up the ledge, then go to the Giantshield Moo and head 
    left again. Take out the Shield Moo on the far left this time, head left under 
    the path and wait for this Shield Moo to respawn – grab it and double jump up 
    to the high path on the left.
    Use the rising fountain to go even higher and then take the Memory Clock before 
    heading across the water stream – the Spikers are a joke to avoid here. Once 
    the small ride ends, ascend the ledges and dodge the Spikers as they come 
    around to you – when you’re on the third, jump right for an Extra Life, then 
    carry on right and through the door. Outside, head left a little and a short 
    cutscene will begin, at the end go left and press the switch in the background. 
    Another longer cutscene will begin and you’ll find yourself in a boss fight 
    once it’s done…
    ~~~~Boss Fight 2 – Pamela and Seadoph~~~~
    This is actually a fairly tough boss battle, especially for this stage in the 
    game. Follow this strategy and you should be okay, though. The arena is almost 
    circular, but the top of it is off limits – this is where giant spiked balls 
    emerge from which you will have to constantly jump over during the course of 
    the battle. Pamela and Seadoph are in the middle and will jump at you in an 
    attempt to hurt you when you stay still. You can either dodge this easily, or 
    dodge a little and grab Seadoph when he goes by (although this is hard to do), 
    then line yourself up and throw him at Pamela when she emerges in the middle of 
    the water. Otherwise, once the attack is over, Seadoph will jump off of Pamela 
    and ride on one of the balls. Pamela will attack you, but you should already be 
    moving towards Seadoph and grab him as he comes by. Then move into the lowest 
    part of whatever path you are on and throw him at Pamela. Part of the 
    difficulty of the battle is actually hitting Pamela with Seadoph, but if you 
    stay in the lowest part and your aim is true you should hit her.
    That’s the basic battle, just repeat what you did and after a long battle you 
    will take them out. Pamela does have two more attacks though – the first is 
    just like her basic attack but she will spin around this time, giving her a 
    wider attack range and making it harder for you to grab Seadoph – just avoid 
    this one completely. The second one occurs very often when Seadoph jumps off of 
    her – she will blow many bubbles up into the air that will descend and hurt 
    Klonoa if they touch him. You should both dodge these and pop them with your 
    Wind Bullet.
    Overall it’s a pretty tough battle that may take you more than a few tries. 
    Just persevere though and you’ll gradually get the hang of it, no matter how 
    unpredictable it seems. If you don’t take any risks, the spiked balls and 
    Pamela’s attacks are easy to dodge, the only difficulties being the bubbles and 
    actually hitting Pamela with Seadoph. You should probably do this the first 
    time you fight them as you may find it very difficult otherwise. It takes four 
    hits before the spell is finally broken and the battle ends.
    Vision 2-2 Clear!
    Vision 3-1
    Forlock, The Tree Village
    ~~~~Rebirth of the Forest~~~~
    Hmm…This isn’t one of my favourite levels if I’m going to be honest…Well anyway,
    be prepared for a long trek.
    Having left the Ferry Tree, go right and jump across the gap, then get on the 
    spring and jump as soon as Klonoa touches the spring from his bounce. Bounce up 
    to the right, touch the gondola, at which point a Moo and an Armoured Moo will 
    come from behind the fence. Use the Moo on the Armoured Moo, then grab the 
    Armoured Moo and jump around near the gondola to reveal an Ngapoko Egg for a 
    few dream stones. Wait for them to respawn, then grab the Moo and head left, 
    double jump on the ‘X’ marked box if you wish for a blue dream stone, then grab 
    the other Moo that will appear and throw it left at the other box. Follow the 
    path around until the cutscene. Once that’s done, head back around and take out 
    the Dabby, head right, run under the Spring Moo when it jumps and grab it, then 
    get on the gondola and wait to be taken up, then activate the Memory Clock.
    Grab the Flying Moo that appears and take it across the next gondola. Use it on 
    one of the Armoured Moos that comes around, then use that de-armoured one on 
    the other Armoured. Take this one out any way you can, then advance around the 
    ring and grab the Moo – double jump up to the left of the house and take the 
    heart, then use the Moo that spawns to go right and pop the Ngapoko Egg for a 
    key. Now head back to the second gondola and head right once you’re back on the 
    main path to grab a Flying Moo, then head left and break the armour on the next 
    Moo, then use him to double jump up to the high ledge, where you should take 
    out a Spring Moo and collect the first (yes, only first) Phantomilian. Then 
    drop down and go through the door on the left.
    Pop the Memory Clock bubble, get on the gondola, head right and avoid the 
    Spiker, then grab the Dibby once it flies in and use it to double jump on the 
    ‘X’ box. Get the second Phantomilian and use the spring to head right, then 
    grab the Dibby and move up the gondola. Activate the Memory Clock on your right 
    before continuing in that direction. Take out the first Spring Moo any way you 
    want to, but only grab the second one, then go right and use it on an Armoured 
    Moo, then break each one’s armour with eachother before you get down to the 
    last one – grab this guy, collect the golden heart, and throw it at the box in 
    the background. Now head all the way back left past the gondola (there will be 
    new Spring Moos also), drop down to take out the Dabby and collect your third 
    Phantomilian, then use the spawning Moo to break the box on the upper-left for 
    another key. Head left, use it on the door, and advance through…
    Activate the Memory Clock, get on the gondola and head left after the short 
    ride, then drop down to where the two Shellies are, and keep dodging them, and 
    grabbing them to throw them at the flower in the background. Once you’ve hit it,
    it will open up to reveal an egg, so grab another Shellie and break that for 
    the fourth Phantomilian of the level. Now use yet another one to double jump up 
    left. Get on the first spring and use the Flying Moo to double jump up to the 
    second, then grab the respawning Flying Moo again but don’t use it, just jump 
    left. Now double jump on top of the bridge sign and collect a heart, then wait 
    for the Flying Moo to come near to you, grab it and use it on the Giarmoured 
    Moo, then inflate this guy, jump on top of him, wait for the Flying Moo to come 
    back, and use it on the inflated Giarmoured Moo to destroy him. Head left and 
    get the Memory Clock.
    Now head left and down the ledges, avoiding the Armoured Moos for now. Once 
    you’re at the bottom with three springs, get up to the top on and face the 
    background, then jump up high and grab the Moo as it appears in the tree trunk.
    Use this Moo on the Armoured Moo to the right, then grab him and use him to 
    break the box. Drop down, and use two of the respawning Moos to open the flower 
    and break the egg for an extra life. Then get a third one, and jump up to the 
    ledge on your left using the spring, but don’t use your grabbed Moo just yet. 
    Instead head right and use him on the next Armoured Moo, then use him to double 
    jump up left to the high path. Use the Moo to dodge the Spiker and double jump 
    left, then drop down again, and use the Moo to break the Armoured Moo and then 
    use him to break the box for a heart, all the while dodging the Dabby’s spiked 
    balls of doom. Then head left, take out the Dabby and grab the Key and head 
    back right, using the respawning Moo to open the flower in the background, and 
    do the same again on the egg to reveal the fifth Phantomilian. Use it once more 
    to get up the ledge to the right, then go all the way to where the three 
    springs were, and go left from there. Use the key on the door and go through.
    You’ll be on a cart ride similar to the one in Gunston Mine, and like before 
    the main goal of this section is to challenge you to collect dream stones. 
    However we’re not bothering with that right now, so you’ll just have to 
    concentrate on avoiding the multiple Spikers around here. The ride will 
    probably move too fast for you to follow the walkthrough, but because I’m 
    generous, I will tell you exactly what to do to dodge each wave of Spikers in a 
    nice comma-filled list. Here we go: Activate the Memory Clock :p, jump, jump, 
    jump and float, dodge, dodge, dodge (go to the far ends of the cart for best 
    results), small jump, small jump, dodge far right, dodge far left, dodge 
    right/left, activate Memory Clock, head outside door.
    Go right again, and jump over the gap. Head to the far right, and grab the 
    Spring Moo when it appears. Use it to double jump upon the box, then grab 
    another one and go back on the new spring – jump high using the spring and 
    double jump at the peak of that jump and go left while doing this and you 
    should be on the high ledge. Follow this path left and get on the gondola, once 
    the ride is done jump right and grab the Dibby as it comes, use it to break the 
    Giarmoured Moo, then do it again on the de-armoured Giant Moo to destroy it, 
    and use the Dibby once more on the switch. You’ll see that you’ve triggered the 
    first gondola. So, take out the Dibby that will probably assail you once more 
    before dropping down right and getting on the gondola (the Spring Moo should 
    miss you).
    Once the gondola’s done, head a little right and use the respawning Flying Moo 
    to open the flower and break the Ngapoko Egg for the final Phantomilian. You’re 
    near the end now, finally…Use the Flying Moo again to double jump over to the 
    box, then use the next Flying Moo on the right to first break the box for a 
    dream stone, and then again to get up to the pillar on the right. Jump right 
    again and just follow the path until the cutscene starts. Once it’s finished, 
    you will have completed this tedious level…
    Vision 3-2
    The Tree Mansion of Machinery
    ~~~~The Stopped Gear~~~~
    Not as long a level as the previous one, fairly easy-going if you know what 
    you’re doing, too.
    Head right from the start and wait for the Boomie to spawn. Throw him in the 
    little hole in the background just above the switch and wait for him to explode 
    (you should note that Boomie explosions harm Klonoa so watch out for when the 
    noise clicks and the Boomie starts to go white). This results in the mansion 
    being able to work now. So go right and jump on the platform, wait for the 
    hammer to hit you, then go to through the blue door on the right once you’ve 
    stopped. Run along this path and jump up through the purple door, cross the 
    bridge, follow the path and jump across the machinery until you get the Key. 
    Now head back to where you entered the blue door and get on the platform. Head 
    left across the red path once the hammer has hit your ride, dodge the Boomies 
    and go through the door.
    Activate the Memory Clock on the right before going left, take out the Dabby 
    any way you want to. Then jump on the lowest ledge on the left, and grab the 
    Moo when you can. Jump up the ledges until you’re on the path (make sure not to 
    use the Moo) then avoid the first Spiker, double jump up and collect the first 
    Phantomilian. Avoid the second Spiker, take out the Mousey any way you wish, go 
    left again and avoid the Flying Moo/Spiker, grab the Dibby when it appears, and 
    use the spring to ascend the ledge. Go left from here and as you drop down 
    throw the Dibby at the switch. Now head right and dodge the Dibby or take it 
    out, whatever, drop down the small gap, and head left. Ignore the red door, 
    activate the memory clock, and use the spring to ascend the ledge. Head left 
    and grab one of the Boomies, use it to double jump and grab the dream stone – 
    on the way down you’ll reveal an Ngapoko Egg, so grab another Boomie, go to the 
    end of the path, jump a little, and throw and you’ll break the egg for an extra 
    life. Now go left, take another Boomie and head through the purple door, ignore 
    the egg for now – go a little right, then throw the Boomie back at the egg for 
    the second Phantomilian. This way you won’t get hurt from the explosion. Go 
    right through the door.
    After the cutscene, go left and avoid the Boomies, avoid the Shellie too (the 
    egg only holds a dream stone), and carry on left. Use the approaching Boomie to 
    pop the bubble in the foreground for your third Phantomilian. Take out the two 
    Jesters (there is an invisible Ngapoko Egg to the left of the door, but it only 
    holds dream stones), and go through the blue door. Activate the Memory Clock, 
    grab the Boomie and go left, drop down and go a little left again, and throw at 
    the egg for a heart. Now jump up the ledge to the left and go left, grab the 
    Boomie when it comes. Jump left across the gap and drop down a little, then 
    throw it left against the wall so it lands near the switch. Now run right, drop 
    down and go left and get to the door as fast as you can, as the explosion will 
    trigger a switch that opens the door for a few seconds. Go through it once it’s 
    open, watch the short cutscene, and go right, use the two Flying Moos to 
    double-double-jump up to get the fourth Phantomilian, then use them both again 
    to get to where Joka is waiting. After the cutscene, take the key and head back 
    out of this area and the next, so you’re at where Joka was locking the door 
    earlier. Use the key on this small door and go inside, run right to get the 
    Memory Clock before, then hit the switches in the background in this order – 
    left, right, middle. You’ll see that the mansion works again, so go back 
    outside, right along the path and through the yellow door, across the bridge, 
    right along the path, drop down, and head inside the red door. Jump across and 
    go through the green door, follow the path and go through the purple door.
    Cross the bridge and follow the path – jump onto the platform where the key was 
    when it is at its lowest, wait for it to reach the end of its journey and 
    collect the fifth Phantomilian before you jump to the conveyer belt. Get the 
    memory clock, then go left and jump to the next conveyer belt, do the same 
    again but this time avoid the Spiker, then just head left and go through the 
    door. Drop down the conveyer belt, but at the end jump high and get the final 
    Phantomilian of the level, then cross to the lift, wait for it to head up and 
    go through the green door. Activate the memory clock here and keep going right,
    jumping over the spiked balls of doom. When you see the extra life and golden 
    heart, get to where the path is highest before jumping to try to reach them. 
    Carry on right after this and go through the door, jump on the lift, watch the 
    cutscene, and prepare for the boss fight…
    ~~~~Boss Fight 3 – Gelg Bolm~~~~
    Alright, the basic principle of this battle is that you need to use the springs 
    to jump high while you have a grabbed Moo, then wait for the right moment to 
    double jump above Gelg Bolm’s middle – his weak spot which you can only attack 
    from above. This battle actually goes in stages and is more linear/varied than 
    the first two, so I’ll explain each one.
    At first, Gelg Bolm will go left while you should head right and wait for a Moo.
    Once you’ve got one, jump on one of the middle springs and wait for Gelg Bolm 
    to approach – time your jump right and you should be directly above him – 
    double jump and hopefully the Moo will hit him. If not, don’t worry, this easy 
    stage will repeat until you do. I should also tell you that if you don’t have a 
    Moo to use on Gelg Bolm and he’s approaching fast, you’ll have to use a spring 
    to just jump over and avoid him. Repeat what you just did once again (so you 
    will have hit him twice) and Gelg Bolm will move onto the second phase of 
    He’ll summon a large fruit that rolls towards you at a fairly fast rate. Just 
    get near a spring and jump high and float while this fruit passes under you. 
    That’s all you need to do here.
    Now Gelg Bolm will jump into the air. Wait in a place near the one of the two 
    middle springs (right of the right one, left of the left one), but don’t get 
    too close to them. Gelg Bolm will land on you – run away as soon as you hear 
    him start to do this, then grab a Moo if you don’t already have one, and use 
    the spring to jump right or left above him, then double jump. This is quite 
    difficult because you have to gauge where Gelg Bolm will land, but it’s always 
    best to do this further from the springs than closer to them – if he lands too 
    close you won’t be able to jump, let alone attempt to hit him.
    Gelg Bolm will now go all red and berserk, and he will advance on you very fast,
    faster than before. Now repeat what you did in the first phase (dodge him if 
    you don’t have a Moo), but you will have to be considerably more accurate with 
    Hit him once while he’s like this and he will summon another fruit, of massive 
    size. It is possible to dodge this thing without a Moo, but you’ll have to time 
    it exactly right and float for a while. Otherwise prepare to lose a little 
    health from it.
    Gelg Bolm will then charge you one last time, do what you did before the giant 
    fruit and you’ll finally destroy him. Patience and timing are virtues in this 
    battle, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it isn’t too hard at all.
    Vision 3-2 Clear!
    Vision 4-1
    Vision 4-2
    Vision 5-1
    Vision 5-2
    Vision 6-1
    Vision 6-2
    Final Vision
    8. Dream Stone Walkthrough
    Now you may notice on this new World Map that you have grey Dream Stones with 
    ‘0’ next to them appear. This means that you have not collected any stones for 
    that level. You may be confused, thinking ‘Hey I collected a few on my first 
    play through!’ well, actually, these stones are discounted and forgotten about. 
    Hence why I told you not to bother with them in the initial Walkthrough.
    Now, in order to get the perfect game, you will have to collect all 150 dream 
    stones from each and every level. This Walkthrough will tell you how to do that,
    but it will also assume you are familiar with the levels (i.e. I won’t tell you 
    how to get past obstacles unless absolutely necessary), so this ‘challenge’ of 
    sorts is only for experienced players. If you’re ready and willing, let’s 
    embark on a long journey to try and do this!
    9. Character List
    IMPORTANT NOTICE – This section contains Spoilers!
    ~~~~The Queen~~~~
    ~~~~Jugpot Soldier~~~~
    ~~~~Forlock Door Guard~~~~
    ~~~~Forlock Gondola Guard~~~~
    ~~~~Forlock Platform Guard~~~~
    10. Location List
    IMPORTANT NOTICE – This section contains Spoilers!
    10a. Breezegale
    10b. Gunston Mine
    10c. Bell Hill
    10d. Forlock
    10e. Jugpot
    10f. Granny’s House
    10g. grey path
    10h. blue path
    10i. Grandpa’s House
    10j. Temple of the Sun
    10k. Light and Darkness
    10l. Moon Kingdom
    10m. Limbo
    11. Enemy List
    IMPORTANT NOTICE – This section contains Spoilers!
    12. Boss List
    IMPORTANT NOTICE – This section contains Spoilers!
    A comprehensive list of all of the bosses, and how to defeat them.
    12a. Rongo Lango
    12b. Pamela and Seadoph
    12c. Gelg Bolm
    12d. Baladium
    12e. Joka
    12f. Ghadius
    12g. Nahatomb
    12h. Spirit of Nahatomb
    12i. Ultimate Nahatomb
    ~~~~Rongo Lango~~~~
    ~~~~Pamela and Seadoph~~~~
    ~~~~Gelg Bolm~~~~
    ~~~~Spirit of Nahatomb~~~~
    ~~~~Ultimate Nahatomb~~~~
    13. Plot Summary
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: The quoted text and the Prologue are taken from the game’s 
    booklet; I take no credit for their literary work. They are included to set the 
    scene for the game and provide a complete and full overview of the story.
    It should be also obvious that this section contains every single Spoiler 
    imaginable, so read with caution.
    Now, let us begin…
    ‘It’s strange…
    Sometimes I can’t remember my dreams,
    Though I’m sure I saw them.
    Where do these dreams go?
    But I remember this one dream,
    As clearly as if it were reflected in a mirror…’
    Once upon a time, four spirits held sway over Phantomile – the Wind Spirit, the 
    Tree Spirit, the Water Spirit, and the Moon Spirit. The Moon Spirit gathered 
    the energy from people’s dreams, and used this energy to give shape to the 
    world. The other Spirits maintained peace in the world by sharing the special 
    powers of the wind, trees, and water that were entrusted to each of them.
    And then one day, a Dark Spirit started a rebellion. He was jealous of the 
    omnipotent power of the Moon Spirit to create anything in the universe. The 
    Spirits combined their strength and battled the Dark Spirit. Although the Dark 
    Spirit’s awesome might overwhelmed the other spirits at first, he was 
    eventually overcome and hunted down by the forces of light. The war raged on 
    for one hundred days and the Dark Spirit was imprisoned at the end of the war.
    After the war, the Moon Spirit decided to disappear so that a war like this 
    would never happen again in the future. Now, the Moon Spirit will not appear 
    unless the Wind Spirit, the Tree Spirit, and the Water Spirit all will the 
    Spirit to come forth. Thus, the power of dreams is forever hidden, far away in 
    the land of dreams…
    A cat named Klonoa is playing in the forest, when he hears the sound of a 
    falling object and an explosion as it hits the ground. He heads to the source 
    of the sound and discovers a ring, and after much examination and attempting to 
    pull it out of the ground, he finally releases it and a blue and green floating 
    ball emerges – Huepow.
    The two very quickly become best friends, and spend much of their time running 
    around, playing games and enjoying life. However, one day, a large object 
    crashes down onto Bell Hill, and the blue sky becomes shrouded in darkness. As 
    the darkness starts to take over the world, it heads towards Klonoa and Huepow, 
    and just as it begins to surround them…
    Klonoa wakes up. He sees Huepow safe and sound and realizes it was all just a 
    bad dream. And yet later that day an object crashes into Bell Hill, just like 
    in the dream. Klonoa and Huepow decide to investigate.
     Foreign Entities
    As Klonoa and Huepow travel through their native village of Breezegale (on the 
    way beating off some creatures seemingly not happy with Klonoa), they come 
    across a tower, still in construction. As they head through it, they are 
    confronted by a grumpy old man. He appears to be the sole person constructing 
    the tower, and quickly jumps off his high position to berate Klonoa about not 
    saying hello and sneaking around in unfamiliar places. Klonoa apologises, but 
    the old man doesn’t seem to bothered and introduces himself as Balue, the 
    village mason.
    Balue asks whether Klonoa and Huepow have seen his ‘beautiful statue’ of 
    Lephise outside. Klonoa and his friend are clueless as to who Lephise is, but 
    Balue states that she is a legendary diva who sings the ‘Song of Rebirth’. He 
    then claims that he is building the tower so that he can reach the Moon Kingdom,
    apparently the residence of Lephise. When Huepow questions whether this is 
    possible, Balue shouts at them, seemingly intent on his plan working. Klonoa 
    and Huepow decide to leave, and each party wishes eachother luck on their 
    journeys before Balue continues working, and Klonoa and Huepow continue their 
    journey to Bell Hill.
    Their trek through Breezegale takes them through Gunston Mine, where they face 
    many hostile creatures. After a long, tough journey, they finally ascend to 
    Bell Hill where they immediately hear voices upon entering the area. The pair 
    hide, and hear a deep voice congratulating a ‘Joka’ for capturing Lephise. The 
    high-voiced Joka is honored by his Master’s words, while Klonoa and Huepow 
    realize that Lephise is the fabled diva Balue talked about. Joka’s master, 
    revealed to be called Ghadius, boasts about not allowing Lephise to save the 
    world with her ‘silly ‘Song of Rebirth’’. He claims that there is no need for 
    rebirth, as he will imprison the unconscious Lephise in darkness and proceed to 
    destroy the world. The two laugh before Ghadius asks Joka about a pendant. Joka 
    searches Lephise’ body, but cannot find the pendant. Klonoa and Huepow discuss 
    the events, but Ghadius hears and notices them. He does not seem too perturbed 
    by this predicament, and instead takes his leave, seemingly satisfied that he 
    has captured Lephise. He orders Joka to ‘take care of things’, then takes 
    Lephise inside his cape, warps himself into an incredibly thin shape, and zooms 
    into the sky.
    Joka orders Klonoa and Huepow to come out from their hiding place, and they 
    respond to his demand. Joka comments on how ‘puny’ the two are (referring to 
    them as mice), then patronizes them on having no manners when Klonoa queries 
    who he is. He decides to punish them, with a giant monster called Rongo Lango. 
    Klonoa and Huepow prove too clever for the thick-witted monster, and soon 
    destroy it. Joka expresses anger and annoyance, maybe a little fear before 
    using the bell to jump away and out of sight. His jump on the bell causes 
    something to fall – it’s the moon-shaped pendant that Ghadius wanted. The two, 
    confused by these developments, decide to ask old and wise Grandpa.
    Grandpa expresses surprise at Klonoa finding the pendant – ‘you’ve really done 
    it this time’ – before revealing that it is actually a crest of the Moon 
    Kingdom. Klonoa asks what this is, and Grandpa says that it is a mystical 
    kingdom only spoken of in legends. Huepow remembers Balue’s musings about the 
    Moon Kingdom, and Klonoa asks Grandpa if it is real. Grandpa is unsure, and 
    changes the subject, saying he is worried about Ghadius kidnapping Lephise. He 
    tells Klonoa to inform Forlock Forest’s Granny about the events, and Klonoa and 
    Huepow head off to do this.
    Grandpa muses to himself about the Moon Kingdom…Does he know something?
     Chaos in the Water Kingdom
    Klonoa and Huepow travel through Forlock Village, noting that the trees and 
    bushes are all dead and decaying, very unlike the colourful Forlock of old. As 
    they carry on through, beating off many of Ghadius’ minions, they come to a 
    locked door, which they are unable to get past. Suddenly, a Forlock Guard comes 
    around and calls the pair intruders, but Klonoa and Huepow explain their goal 
    and situation and the Guard apologises – he has to be extra vigilant due to 
    strangers wandering around recently. Klonoa inquires, but the Guard ignores him 
    and gives him the Key to the locked door, before making a quick exit. Klonoa 
    and Huepow advance forward.
    Once the two reach the end of Forlock Village and towards Granny’s House, they 
    are confronted by a Soldier from Jugpot the Water Kingdom – he asks Klonoa and 
    Huepow if they are thinking of heading through Forlock Forest. Klonoa replies 
    with the affirmative, but the Soldier tells them that The Ferry Tree has 
    withered, so they cannot go any further. Huepow asks what the Soldier is doing; 
    he says that he was sent on an official mission to see Forlock’s Granny. He is 
    also stuck. Huepow asks if something happened in Jugpot to cause all this 
    withering, the Soldier tells them that it is a State Secret. And yet he muses 
    to himself (almost deliberately), saying that he thought Granny could save 
    Jugpot’s King. Klonoa and Huepow overhear, and almost sensing their plans, the 
    Soldier half-heartedly attempts to tell them to go home. Huepow ponders if it 
    has something to do with Ghadius, and so the two decide to go and see what is 
    wrong in Jugpot. The Soldier doesn’t resist…
    As the pair travel through Jugpot, they notice that its famous waterfall is 
    flowing backwards. That’s why Forlock Village is all brown and withered – it 
    has no water supply. Huepow and Klonoa wonder why the waterfall is like this 
    and decide to head to Jugpot Castle to speak to the King and ask him what has 
    happened. As they reach the castle, they hear some cries – a high voice asks 
    them to press a nearby switch. Klonoa does so and the fish to which the high 
    voice belonged to is freed from the cage next to it. The fish thanks Klonoa and 
    Huepow, and explains that ‘weirdos’ came to the castle and messed everything 
    up – Ghadius’ work, obviously. The fish offers to take Klonoa and Huepow to the 
    castle, and asks them to save her ‘mommy’ when they get there – it turns out 
    she’s under an evil spell. Klonoa and Huepow get on the fish’s back, as she 
    introduces herself as Karal. The trio then head to the castle to see what’s up.
    As soon as they arrive, a deep voice belonging to a sinister flying man asks 
    who the intruders are. He introduces himself as Seadoph, the King of Jugpot. He 
    realizes that Klonoa is the ‘brat’ who ‘mighty Ghadius’ spoke of – this 
    confirms Klonoa’s and Huepow’s suspicions of who did this. Seadoph then summons 
    Pamela, Karal’s mother, and they attack Klonoa and Huepow. After a long battle, 
    Klonoa eventually makes the two hit eachother enough so that the spell on them 
    is broken. As Klonoa helps the restored King Seadoph to his feet, Joka appears 
    and verbally attacks Seadoph for not being able to beat the ‘brat’. As he 
    continues to whine, Klonoa hits him with the Wind Bullet and he falls into the 
    water, as he claims he will soon return.
    Seadoph recovers soon after, and as Klonoa explains what happened, he realizes 
    what Ghadius may be attempting – something against the Moon Kingdom. He tells 
    Klonoa that Granny may be in great danger, as she knows much of ancient legends 
    such as this. Klonoa and Huepow deduce that this is the reason why Jugpot’s 
    water was made to flow backwards – to kill off Forlock Forest. The two decide 
    to head back to Forlock and Granny, while Seadoph restores the water to normal. 
    He also calls an elated Karal (Pamela is back to normal) to take the two to 
    Forlock. Back in Forlock, Klonoa and Huepow bid farewell to Karal before 
    hopping on the Ferry Tree and up to Forlock Forest… 
     Forlock Alive
    Soon within their journey to Granny, Klonoa and Huepow discover another Guard 
    of Forlock tied up. They soon release him and as thanks, the guard makes a 
    nearby gondola work so Klonoa and Huepow can advance further into the forest. 
    Meanwhile, Joka has taken notice of these events and orders a squadron of 
    Flying Moos to hide a key safely. Klonoa and Huepow, unaware, carry on their 
    journey and find the Key soon after – the Flying Moo squadron have already 
    abandoned their posts – before moving on towards Granny.
    After a very long journey through Forlock Forest, the two finally reach 
    Granny’s house, but a large gap blocks their path. However, a friendly Guard 
    pops up on the other side (with an interesting Forlock greeting of ‘Yippie’, 
    although he quickly turns hostile once Klonoa states that he wants to get to 
    Granny’s house. The Guard asks them if they are after Granny too, and Klonoa 
    and Huepow vehemently deny this. The Guard tells the two that Granny’s house 
    has been taken over and he and the other guards have been kicked out. The Guard 
    assumes the two still want to go, and thus summons a somewhat unstable platform.
    Klonoa and Huepow get on, and the Guard suddenly transports them into Granny’s 
    After a fairly painful entrance, Klonoa and Huepow head inside the giant 
    mansion to search for Granny. Deep inside the mansion, Joka is locking an 
    important door that leads to the control system for the mansion. However he 
    hears Klonoa and Huepow come around, but tells them that they are too late and 
    runs off. The two soon catch up to him and steal the key from him while he 
    falls into an abyss, once again claiming that he will be back.
    Klonoa and Huepow activate the mansion’s gears and quickly ascend to the top, 
    where Granny has been tied up. Joka is interrogating and threatening her, but 
    Granny remains stubborn. Joka gets really angry and is about to do something 
    very dangerous, but Klonoa and Huepow arrive at that moment and confront him. 
    Joka is very mad at this point and summons the monster Gelg Bolm. He leaves as 
    Klonoa and Huepow fight a tough battle against this formidable enemy, but they 
    eventually prevail after outwitting it and the two free Granny.
    Granny thanks the two, before she explains that the Dark Spirit has returned, 
    also mentioning the Moon Pendant, Diva Lephise, and ‘the dream that creates 
    this world’ – all of these things are according to legend. She tells the two 
    that the Moon Pendant is the key to the Moon Kingdom – they must place their 
    offering on the Temple of the Sun’s pedestals, and then a path will open. 
    Huepow tells Klonoa that this is a floating temple in the sky. Granny asks 
    where the Moon Pendant is, Klonoa tells her that Grandpa has it – but Granny 
    tells them that ‘evil doers’ are looking for it and that they must hid it well.
    However at this point Joka appears once again and reveals that he has been 
    listening in on the conversation, he then informs the three that he will go to 
    Grandpa’s house right now and take the Moon Pendant. He leaves cheekily while 
    Klonoa and Huepow immediately decide to get to Grandpa. Granny informs them of 
    a Wind Ruins path that is a shortcut to his house, and the two quickly make 
    their way there.
    14. Credits
    Myself – I don’t know who this guy is, but apparently he wrote this guide. 
    Suppose I’d better put him in here…
    My Laptop – I don’t know what I’d do without it. Not many things would be 
    possible without this thing…
    CJayC, Sailor Bacon, and GameFAQs – Two people who run the best gaming help 
    site on the internet. And it’s where this guide is hosted at!
    Green Day/The Killers/The Offspring – My three favourite bands. They help keep 
    me alive I think, sometimes.
    You – Thank _you_ for reading and/or using this guide.
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