What do the different marks on your map mean?

  1. When you check your map from the menu screen, what do those different marks mean? I know that "S" means it's a save point and the colored doors mean that you need a key of the matching color, but what exactly do the check-marks and the x's mean? I thought the check-mark meant that you got every item in the room, and the x's meant that there were still items to be found, but I had several rooms marked with x on the map and I couldn't find anything else.

    User Info: Spike

    Spike - 6 years ago

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  1. If I remember correctly (it has been some time since I've played the game), X refers to important events that occur in a specific room, whereas check marks involve rooms that you've visited that are not particularly crucial. I could be wrong, though. Frankly, if you make sure to remember where certain items are (the room with the printing presses is one example), you won't really need the map or its upgraded version.

    Now, if you're really having trouble, threetimes' FAQ should suffice as that contributor offers mini maps for each section of the game/walkthrough. But part of the fun (or I guess irritation if you feel that way) of the game is running around looking for ways to proceed. Good luck!

    User Info: _Muarim_

    _Muarim_ - 5 years ago 2 0

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