Koudelka in ePSXe; The buttons, they do nothing!?

  1. Booted up Koudelka in ePSXe for the first time in a long time. Let it be noted that I have played and beaten this game in ePSXe before without any problems (that I remember, anyway).

    This time, however, none of the controls work! At the main menu I can select New Game, Continue, or Settings; after that all button function ceases. If I select New Game, I can hit Start to skip the cutscene and then I can move the cursor up and down to select battle commands, but as soon as I choose one, like Move, all button function ceases.

    It's not just the directional buttons, it's every single button on the keyboard, so I'm guessing it's not an issue with Analog/Digital shenanigans.

    Any help here would be hot.


    User Info: SePhIrOtH66

    SePhIrOtH66 - 5 years ago


  1. This is probably a case of game's image file getting corrupted.
    Try taking a new, clear, "from-the-scratch" image out of your own personal copy of the game (I highly suggest using ONLY "Alcohol 120%" software for that, it's absolutely legal as long as you're taking image from your own personal licensed copy of the game and you don't spread/sell that image to other people), or you can try looking for it on some sites that usually host archives of images for old video games that became public domain (I'm not 100% sure, but I think that Koudelka became public domain quite a while ago).
    I won't provide you with links to such sites, so you'll have to look for the images yourself.
    I highly suggest that you take an image only from your own personal licensed physical copy of the game.

    Also, always make sure that images for PSOne's games that you are using were taken in either a ".ccd+.img+.sub" format (this is the best one for PSOne's games, it works flawlessly on both Emulators and the consoles themselves alike) or AT LEAST in the ".bin+.cue" format.
    These two fromats are the most reliable and trusted types of PSOne video game image taking, because errors in them may happen only if file was corrupted because of an unsuccessful download, while other formats tend to make errors even if the default image is absolutely full and clean.

    That's why you should NEVER download/take any PSOne's video game images that are present in ".iso" format or others - these are for PS 2's games or other consoles, but not for PSOne - on PSOne they will work incorrectly the absolute majority of the time.
    So if you find any images of the Koudelka that are in the ".ccd+.img+.sub" or ".bin+.cue" formats, you can pretty much download them just fine.
    Usually if a PSOne's game image is present ".ccd+.img+.sub" format it is a clear indicator of an absolutely clean and 100% working image that was taken from original licensed disc, a 1x1 copy, so you should download these without any hesitations.
    Of course there are always some exceptions, but it happens very rarely for a ".ccd+.img+.sub" image to turn out to be bad.

    Problems that you have described are somewhat a common thing for people who use altered (for example - undubs that were done poorly or incorrectly) or corrupted images of the games, not only for PSOne, but for any emulated platform in general
    So the best solution for this problem would be to either use a 100% clean and full image that you've taken from your own personal licensed physical copy of the game, or if you download a 100% full clean 1x1 image from some game images hosting site.

    Also, I highly suggest that you use the latest ePSXe (at the current time it the "1.8" release), it works absolutely flawlessly.

    I hope that this information helps you. Have a nice day/night and I wish you the best results.

    User Info: Master_Faust

    Master_Faust - 4 years ago 0 1

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