Epsxe trouble ??

  1. Hey i just started playing koudelka in epsxe
    but now when i have to change to disc 2 i don`t know what to do ?
    Can anybody please help me ?

    User Info: gamers1995

    gamers1995 - 4 years ago

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  1. When you will come up to the moment where game will ask for the disc to be changed, press "Esc" button on your keyboard, which will pause the game and bring you back to ePSXe's main window.
    Now press "File", then click on "Change Disc" option, then select either ".ISO" (if you're using a game image instead of a physical disc), or "CD-ROM" (if you're using an actual physical disc that is put into your CD/DVD drive).

    If you're using a game image, then a window will open where you will have to find and choose an image of the 2-nd (3-rd, 4-th, and etc) disc of the game, to change it.
    This basically means that you either must remember where you stored all of the images for this game's discs, or it will automatically remember the correct path the next time when you will be using this option.

    When you're using a physical disc however, all you need to do to change discs, is just to click "CD-ROM" at the needed time - then your CD/DVD drive's bay will open itself automatically for you, you'll just need to put another disc in it and close the tray, and everything will continue automatically from there.
    Be warned, though, that it heavily depends on the type of "CD-ROM Plugin" that you're using with your ePSXe. There are tons of them, and not all of them are good.
    Try to pick the one that you think is the most suitable for your needs.

    SPECIAL WARNING NOTE: you can't change disc images automatically with ePSXe's options if you're using ePSXe of older versions than "1.80". It just won't work.
    It works absolutely perfectly since the version 1.80 (which is the most latest version as I'm typing this), but on older versions of ePSXe (such as 1.70, 1.62, 1.52, and etc) it just doesn't work.
    You CAN change physical discs with older versions of ePSXe though, just not game images. So you'd better remember that for possible future references.
    This just means that to have best experience with game images it is better to use ePSXe 1.80 and no older than that. I hope that you already do use this exact version, otherwise - go and download it from the official site of ePSXe team. It's the best so far.

    It is also worth mentioning that as long as you own a personal licensed physical copy of the game and make an image of it and use that image - it is absolutely legal.
    Thus, it is actually better to use images than discs, because discs can be sometimes buggy/glitchy and cause slowdowns or freezes in the game simply because of some minor defects (like fingerprints, stains, scratches or dust).
    Using images is a lot easier and faster, so try to use them if you have an opportunity, just remember that it is legal only as long as you're using an image taken from your own licensed disc and you utilize that image only for your personal use.

    Well, that's basically that.
    I hope that this information helps you.
    I think it's about time that this question is closed, once and for all. Have a nice day/night and I wish you the best of results.

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