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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mysticcat

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    + This FAQ/Walkthrough is Copyright 2001 by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan
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    Game : KOUDELKA (English version)
           by Sacnoth/SNK 1999
    Platform : Sony Playstation
    FAQ author : Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat"
    Version : Final (2nd update)   
    Email : kthoa@hcm.vnn.vn
    *Properties :
    Created : June 29th, 2001
    End     : November 11th 2001 
       AUTHOR'S NOTE :
    1/ Maybe someone thinks that this walkthrough is not specific. But the
    reason why I make it is for everyone to know the basics, know where to
    go and what important to do. If it's too specific that spoil your game
    and you wouldn't be fond of it when all the puzzles have answers.
    Believe me, you don't need to follow this FAQs entirely because you
    enjoy your game when you beat it almost by yourself.
    2/ This FAQs contain boss strategy which I write followed my best
    experience. So don't be against or surprise if my tactics are different
    yours. But I also accept good ideas from all of you to update this
    FAQs nicer.
                G.E.N.E.R.A.L  C.O.N.T.E.N.T.S.  S.E.C.T.I.O.N
                 1. INTRODUTION
                 2. LEGAL STUFF
                 3. UPDATE/REVISION HISTORY
                 4. CONTROLS
                 5. STORYLINE
                 6. CHARACTERS
                 7. BASIC TERMS 
                      A. How to use status screen
                      B. Status
                      C. Magic
                      D. Weapons
                      E. Armors and Accessories
                      F. Status change list
                      G. Level up characters/magic/weapons
                      H. Save points
                 8. WALKTHROUGH
                      A. Disc 1
                      B. Disc 2
                      C. Disc 3
                      D. Disc 4
                 9. ITEM LIST
                10. FILES
                11. PATRICK'S CREATURE
                12. COMMON ITEMS
                13. SCROLL ITEMS
                14. GAME SHARK CODES
                16. MISCHELLANY
                    + Review 
                    + Contact Info/Last Words 
                17. CREDITS
    1.	I N T R O D U C T I O N 
     I have had this game for one year and beaten up already. This is a
    great game that I think it would be welcomed by many gamers. Why do I
    do this FAQs ? Because I feel it's necessary for new players of the
    game who haven't entirely understood it, such as my friend. So I decide 
    to make this FAQs. It contains storyline, characters general basis 
    systems and walkthrough. This is my first guide of a game so maybe it's 
    not perfect. All of your ideas are appreciate. I have been opening the 
    Frequently Asked Questions to answer your most common problems in the 
    game. Please contact me at kthoa@hcm.vnn.vn.
    2.	L E G A L  S T U F F
    MY RULES :
    - GameFAQs - Http://www.gamefaqs.com
      One of the best gaming sites in Internet, including game guides of 
    all kinds, cheats, codes, Dexdrive Saves contributed by the huge 
    community of gamers. This site absolutely has all what you need about
    - Neoseeker - Http://www.neoseeker.com
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    - Playpalace - Http://www.playpalace.co.uk 
      A British gaming site including general info about games. 
    - http://www.supercheats.com
      Another high-qualified gaming site, worth a visit. 
    -Version 1.0 : ( June 29th, 2001 )
      FAQs started. Yeah, I decided to make it because there are only a few 
    FAQs for this game and I want to contribute something to help the
    players with playing it.
    -Version 1.1 : ( June 29th, 2001 )
      Added Save points. Some players don't know how to save. I think this
    menu might be necessary, too.
    -Version 1.2 ( July 6th, 2001 )
       Change Credits and Legal Stuff. These parts are very important.
    -Version 2.0 ( July 16th, 2001)
       Repaired "Weapon". It must be more specific.
      Added "Files" and "Patrick's creature". Files are the information you 
    collect in the game. Patrick's creature is the guy who knows everything 
    about him so I think this part is necessary, too.
    -Version 2.1 ( July 16th, 2001)
      Added "Status Change" list. Oh no, someone still don't understand
    their effects. I decide it to added it, either.
    -Version 2.5 ( July 16th, 2001)
      Added "FAQs". I have a lot of friends who are always stuck in the
    game and ask me. So I open this menu for the people who have questions
    or be stuck in some situation. Hope it'll be useful.
      I also change "Legal Stuff", too.
    -Version 2.6 (July 16th 2001)
      Added "Item List". My friends complained that my walkthrough is long
    which is hard to find the parts they want, especially item location. I
    open this menu only for players who want to find items faster, not to
    have to read the entire walkthrough.
    -Version 3.0 (July 20th, 2001)
      Added "Scroll Items". Many people don't know what and where are these 
    special items. So I make another menu for them to know the way how to 
    find them.
      Added "Added Passage" in walkthrough menu. I have completed the boss
    strategy for Gargoyle and Elaine in this menu. Check them out.
    -Version 3.2 (July 21st, 2001)
      Added "Common Items". This is useful for new players.
      Change "FAQs".
    -Version 4.0 (July 28th, 2001)
      Added "Game Shark Codes".
      Added "Element tips" in Boss Strategy
      Repair mistakes.
    - Final version (November 11th 2001)
      This game has spent many times of repairing since June 2001. I decide 
    to stop updating anymore. 
      From an email of reader, I repair completely mistakes to complete this 
    final version. 
      On November 11st, 2001, I have decided to add more important things 
    that many readers have emailed me. Sorry for not having written all your 
    needs. I will add more notes about the Pendant and explanation for some 
    text parts.    
    - Final Version (March 26th 2002)
      This was the first of my guide. Until now, I have made several better 
    FAQs. I rechecked this one and saw I was too bad in designing the guide. 
    So now I have redone it and made the guide better-looking. Many people 
    need it, as I have received several emails asking about it. That's the 
    encourage for me to fix it.  
    - Final Version, 2nd update (July 11th 2002)
      After playing Shadow Hearts - the sequel of Koudelka, I decide to get
    back to this FAQ/Walkthrough. It was my first work, and it was still
    simple. At least, I need to change some formats of this guide, to make
    it look better and easier to read. 
    - Final Version, 3rd update (July 13th 2002)
      Change some guide formats.
      Remake the boss strategies. 
      Added extra sections. 
    4.	C O N T R O L S 
      Original control :
     -Triangle : Run/close
     -Circle   : Menu (status screen)
     -Cross    : Look/open
     -Square   : N/A
     -Left 2   : Zoom in
     -Right 2  : Zoom out
     -Left 1   : Pan left
     -Right 1  : Pan right
      You can change this configuration in Menu Screen. 
     5.	S T O R Y L I N E  
      In Scotland there was a big castle which used as a monastery and owned 
    by a rich man named Patrick Heyworth. Elaine Heyworth - his wife died of 
    a sea accident. Patrick found Elaine's corpse but he kept it for long 
    time to revive her. One day he found some ancient documents of Emperor 
    Alexander the Great about the Celt Indian's research of some magic about 
    "calling dead soul" which is preserved by Vatican. Patrick soon came to 
    Wales where he would make experiment, making a magical experiment to 
    bring back Elaine from the other world. But the sequel for his crazy 
    love turned into a terrible monster in the skin of Elaine and a lot of 
    cruel monsters in the castle. Finally Patrick chose the death for 
    himself to escape from this terrible world and to see his wife. But it's 
    not over yet...
    6.	C H A R A C T E R S 
       + Main characters :
      She is known as a powerful witch whose mystical power was given by 
    the God since she was born. Because of this power, the villager got
    rid of her. She has grown up by herself and become stronger with her
    supernatural magic power. 
      At this time, being a witch, she hears the calling of the dead souls
    in Nemeton Monastery. She follows the calling and gets all the way to
    the haunted mansion. 
      Edward Brancket is an American traveller who gets lost in Nemeton 
    Monastery. The reason why he gets lost here is still unknown. Koudelka
    meets him in the beginning of the game and he is saved. 
      The three secret books of the forbidden arts kepth the Vatican was 
    stolen, causing a big panic onto the Pope. James O'Flaherty is a Welsh 
    vicar who was sent to look for the secret books. By some hints, he 
    found out that Patrick Heyworth had own one of the books - Emigre 
    Document somehow. So James decided to explore this place himself. 
       + Other characters :
      They are the keepers of Nemeton Monastery. They were also the two
    helpers who had helped Patrick to do his evil experiment. Currently
    they are living in the mansion as keepers. 
      He is a thief who wanders in Nemeton Monastery and steals anything 
    he finds. His identity is still unknown. 
      She is the wandering ghost who goes after you during the game. Due 
    to the given information, she had ever lived and grown up in the 
    monastery for a long time, before Patrick came. But a miserable 
    accident in the sea has taken away her life. Now she exists in the 
    monastery as a wandering ghost, as if she had got an unclean death.
     7.	B A S I C  T E R M S 
     + Heal : fill your health
     + Status : see your stat
     + Equip : aimed weapons, armors, accessories
     + Items : Use, examine, discard or rename the items you collect
     + Map : see the monastery map (if you get it)
     + Formation : determine characters's positions.
                    - Koudelka is the queen
                    - Edward is the knight
                    - James is the bishop
     + Read : read the files you collect
     + Config : change controls and system
     1) STR : Strength
      This attribute determines how much damage a character does in
    contact. No matter how high a character's STR is, it doesn't mean
    anything unless the character can hit his/her opponent. While raising a 
    character's STR is important, remember to keep a balance between the
    character's STR and DEX.
     2) VIT : vitality
      This attribute determines a character's defense against physical
    attack, as well as that character's maximum HP. It's very important, as 
    it directly affects a character's longevity.
     3) DEX : dexterity
      This attribute determines a character's chances of hitting his/her
    opponent in physical combat. No matter how high a character's DEX is,
    it doesn't mean anything unless the character damages his/her opponent
    with a hit. Remember to keep a balance between the character's STR and
     4) AGL : agility
      This attribute determines a character's speed. A character with a
    high AGL will be able to perform multiple actions to an opponent's one. 
    It goes without saying that having a high speed can make the difference 
    life and death for a character.
     5) INT : intelligence
      This attribute determines how powerful a character's magics are. No
    matter how high a character's INT is, it doesn't anything unless the
    character can hit his/her opponent. While raising a character's INT is
    important, remember to keep a balance between INT and MND.
     6) PIE : piety
      This attribute determines a character's resistant to an opponent's
    magical attacks, resistance to an ally's healing magic, and that
    character's maximum MP. If PIE is raised too much, the character will
    resist even an ally's healing magic. Try to keep a balance between the
    character's INT and PIE.
     7) MND : mind
      This attribute determines a character's chances of successfully using 
    magic attack and healing magic. No matter how high a character's MND is, 
    it doesn't mean anything unless the magic is powerful enough to affect 
    the target. Try to keep a balance between the character's INT and MND.
     8) LUC : luck
      This attribute determines a character's good fortune. It affects a
    character in many unnoticeable ways. A character may not even be aware
    of his/her good fortune, but will always appreciate having it.
      C. MAGICS 
      1) Fortify magic :
      The characters' general magic used to increase stats in battle.
     - Fortify STR : increase strength
     - Fortify VIT : increase vitality
     - Fortify DEX : increase dexterity
     - Fortify AGL : increase agility
     - Fortify INT : increase intelligence
     - Fortify PIE : increase piety
     - Fortify MND : increase mind
     - Fortify LUC : increase luck
      2) Attack magic :
      The elemental magic which you collect from some bosses (except Heal).
     -Heal     : cast Light magic
                 fill your health in battle, attack Undead Monsters.
     -Flare    : cast Fire magic
                 learn from the first boss.
     -Geyser   : cast Water magic
                 learn from Evil Plant
     -Tornado  : cast Air magic
                 learn from the three bosses Red, Blue and Green
     -Megalith : cast Earth magic
                 learn from Mira
     -Revive   : revive allies
                 learn from fake Koudelka, Edward and James.
     -Reflect  : reflect enemies' magic
                 learn from the boss at Portrait Room.
      If you can remember well the effect of all elements, you can win the
    battle easily. I have added the element tips in boss strategy to help
    you to use right elemental spells with them :
    - Fire is the opposite of Water
    - Air is the opposite of Earth
    - Light is the opposite of Dark
    - Normal and Mystic has no opposites.
     * What is Undead Monster ?
      The monster who is revived from the death as the other forms. They can 
    be attacked by Heal magic which is Light elemental. The popular undead 
    monsters are Mira boss, Mummies and Skeletons. Mummies appears a lot in 
    the Graveyard and Inner Ground. Skeletons appears in Dungeon 2nd floor.
      I don't have a list of all weapons. But I give you some notes about
    using them :
      Weapons also have their elements, except normal weapons. The damage
    of each weapon depends on its element and the opponent's element. If
    the elements of a weapon and its target are the same, your hit will
    full the opponent's HP. But if the weapon's element is the opposite of
    opponent's element, your hit will make a big damage. Sometimes a few
    weapons can drain ehemie's HP for you. They can also make a status
    change effect on enemies depends on what weapon you are using.
    - Normal : non-elemental.
    - Fire : weapons with Fire element, big attack at water monsters.
    - Water : weapons with Water element, big attack at fire monsters.
    - Light : weapons with Light element, big attack at Undead monsters,
    fill other enemies's HP.
    - Dark : weapons with Dark Element, big attack at light monsters.
    - Air : weapons with Wind element, big attack at Earth monsters.
    - Earth : weapons with Earth element, big attack at Wind monsters.
    - Mystic : weapons make damage on MP and drain MP of enemies.
    - Short-range weapon : stand near the enemies to attack, damage are
    medium :
      + Knife
      + Dirk
      + Sword
      + Heavy sword
      + Knuckle
      + Mitten
      + Board
      + Club
      + Rapier
      + Dagger
      + Hammer
      + Tabar
      + Axe
      + Mace
    - Medium-range weapon : stand far 1 square away from enemies :
      + Spear
      + Horn
      + Lance
      + Trident
      + Scimitar
      + Glaive
    - Long-range weapon : stand at any distance :
      + Pistol
      + Bow gun
      + Rifle
      + Shotgun
      * Broken weapons :
      Sometimes your weapons are broken at some level in using. At that
    time, you can't use them anymore.
      Armors and Accessories are equipment which help you to defend from
    enemies' elemental magic and increase or reduce some of your stats.
     Armors also have their elements. Each type helps to be strong or weak
    against of some elements. There are :
    - RAGS
      Location : Random battles
      Cloth "armor". When stuffed under armor can help absorb blows, but
    offers a little protection in and of itself.
    - L MAIL
      Location : Random battles
      Cured leather armor strung together with metal links. A light armor
    that does not impede the wearer's freedom of movement.
    - P MAIL
      Location : Random battles
      Armor made of large metal plates attached to one another by leather
    straps. Although it offers the best protection of any type of armor, it 
    greatly hinders the user's freedom of action.
    - ROBE
      Location : Random battles
      Robe decorated with mystic runes to enhance magical prowess. The runes 
    are said to call upon the power of the earth spirit and thereby protect 
    the wearer of the robe.
     Accessories have the same function to support armors. These are the
    kinds :
    - RING
      Location : Random battles
      A simple silver ring. Engraved with a star to ward off evil spirits.
    - J RING
      Location : Random battles
      Gold ring embedded with a large diamond.
      Increases the magical power of whoever wears it.
    - BADGE
      Location : Keeper's Room, Random battles
      A gold and silver medal decorated with a gemstone. Offers protection
    of various kinds to whoever wears it.
      Location : from Charlotte
      Woman's accessory with a multi-faceted ruby centered in a gold setting
    ; meant to represent the sun.
      Location : from Charlotte 
      Woman's accessory with a golden statuette of the Holy Mother embedded 
    in a topaz ; the shape of the brooch in meant to suggest a star.
     - PENDANT
      Location : Inner Ground 
      Pendant with strong mystic power; given to Koudelka when she was young 
    by a gypsy.
      Okay, let me explain them here :
    - Silence : -can't use magic,
                -cured by Panacea, Elixir.
    - Poison : -gradually decrease HP
               -cured by Panacea, Antidote, Elixir.
    - Paralysis : -do nothing.
                  -cured by Panacea, Elixir.
    - Drain : drain HP or MP.
    - Reflect : Reflect magic
      Each character/magic/weapon can level up by collect enough the
    required EXP(experience)of each level. This is the list :
     * Level up characters :
               Level 2  _ 400
               Level 10 _ 10000
               Level 20 _ 40000
               Level 30 _ 90000
               Level 40 _ 160000
               Level 50 _ 250000
               Level 60 _ 360000
               Level 70 _ 490000
               Level 80 _ 640000
               Level 90 _ 810000
               Level 99 _ 980100
     * Level up magic/weapons
               Level 1 _ 0
               Level 2 _ 1000
               Level 3 _ 2000
     * Main save points : It's the holy water which appeared after you
    defeat the bosses in special locations. Besides, your HP and MP will 
    be fully restored there.
     * Temporary save points : When you go to rooms, sometimes there are
    notes at the bottom of your screen which said the names of the rooms
    and a "S" letter at the end. At that time, you press the "Circle"
    button to save (original control).
    - Caretaker's Quarters, 2nd floor
    - Corridor 2nd floor
    - Dungeon 2nd floor.
    - Dungeon, Underground
    - Underground Tunnel
    - Underground Storage Room
    - Storage Room
    - Storage Room 2nd floor
    - Library 2nd floor
    - Library 1st floor
    - Triangular Hallway
    - Church, Left Nave 1st floor
    - Church, Left Nave, Stained Glass Room
    - Inner Ground, Church Door Side
    - Inner Ground, Patrick's Quarters
    - Inner Ground, Arbor Side
    - Inner Ground, Main Gate
    - Underground Corridor
    - Graveyard
    - Charlotte's cell, 1st floor
    - Dungeon, 1st floor
    - Patrick's Quarters
    - Vestry 1st floor
    - Church, Left Nave, Underground.
    - Church 3rd Floor
    - Church 4th Floor
    - Church 5th Floor
    - Herb Garden
    - Priest's Quarters
    - Underground Shrine
    - Holy Water Font
    - Archives
    - Fountain
    - Portrait Room
    - Chapel
      8.  W A L K T H R O U G H 
      A. DISC 1 
      In the beginning of the game, Koudelka must fight the first boss of
    the monastery when she meets Edward. 
      BOSS STRATEGY : This boss is not hard. Stand at a safe distance and
    shoot it with the pistol Edward gave you. Just don't let it get close to
      After defeating it, talk to Edward. He will join you. Then go to the 
    next room.
      Get the Potion on the floor. There are two doors which one of them is 
    locked. Go to the other (the south one). First, climb the left ladder to 
    get some Pistol rounds and the Monastery map on the barrel. There's 
    nothing special in this room except some little stuffs. Then climb down 
    and go to the right door. In the next room, get a weapon (It'a dirk with 
    random element) behind the picture and go downstairs. 
      It's the first door you see in the corridor. Get in and have a talk 
    with the keepers of the monastery - Ogden and Bessy.
      After the scene, you'll see that the room is locked with Red Key. 
    Ignore it, continue to the next room in the end of the corridor - 
      Head to the table near the fireplace. You'll have a little talk with 
    Edward. Get the Normal Knife on the blooded table and some Cheese 
    around. There  are two doors here. One takes you to an area (get 
    Panacea) with a 
    lightened well. There's nothing special here. Get into the second door, 
    collect some stuffs and weapons here (a hammer and a pipe) and go to the 
      You see a man collapsed. But first, you must fight a boss who is 
    guarding the garden. Just head north, until... 
     HP : 1126
     MP : 28
     Difficulty : Easy
     Element tip : Water and Earth
     You can use "Flare" magic if you like. But I think the Normal Knife in 
    Edward's hand can defeat it quickly. Equip Koudelka with any good weapon 
    next to. This is not a tough boss. If you don't have the above weapons, 
    use anything you have. Plants are afraid of fire. Got it ? 
      You'll get Icon's Necklace after defeating the boss. Wake the man up. 
    Then he will join you as a new member : James O'Flatherty. Try to find 
    the light holy water on the bottom screen. It's your save point. 
      Make your way back to the corridor and go upstairs. Go to the other 
    door. There's a cage with some Pistol rounds here. Get them, then enter 
    the next door.  
      Head to the end of the corridor 2nd floor to the right door. But 
    before getting into it, you should accept some challenge :
    * Red   - HP : 1225
              MP : 96
              Element tip : Fire
    * Blue  - HP : 1225
              MP : 67
              Element tip : Water
    * Green - HP : 1225
              MP : 67
              Element tip : Air
      Difficulty : Medium
      These bosses are not tough but annoying. They attack continually
    after one another, sometimes causing Status changes. So try to do your 
    best to make a lot of damage before they can beat you. At this time, I 
    think using physical attacks against these bosses is a better idea than 
    casting magic. So be careful.
      Enter the door. 
      Turn left to see a FMV about Charlotte ghost. Go to the only door 
    There are a lot of corpses and skeletons. You may find a locked chest 
    here but you don't know the code to open. Just leave it. Go to the next 
    room, open the wardrobe on the right and fight a female mummy :
      HP : 1225
      MP : 62
      Element tip : Undead monster
      Difficulty : Easy/Medium
      This boss is rather slow. Just use your powerful magic to beat it. As
    I said, it's an undead monster. So if you like, cast Heal magic on it 
    and give it a gentle death. 
      After the fight, you open that wardrobe and grab the Rope. Then return 
    to the end of the dungeon where you meet Charlotte, use the Rope to 
    climb down. There's also a door here. At this time, I remind you to 
    encounter some random battles here, cuz your next bosses would be very 
    tough if your
    magic weren't strong enough to deal with them. At least you have to 
    reach Level 6-7 in order to defeat the next bosses. There's some Dried 
    Food in the corpse in the end of the dungeon way. After preparing, enter 
    the door. 
      Enter this room. "Something's not right...". Don't forget to grab the 
    Red Glass Part on the floor. You can see a colourful mirror in the room. 
    It's also a Save Point. Step on it and...
     *Fake Koudelka - HP : 784
                      MP : 44
     *Fake Edward   - HP : 961
                      MP : 14
     *Fake James    - HP : 841
                      MP : 40
      Element tip of all : Dark
      Difficulty : Medium/Hard
      These bosses are a bit annoying. Use your powerful weapons and magic. 
    Megalith is good now. The fake Edward will attack you continually in 
    close distance. Fake Koudelka often stands in one position to use magic, 
    sometimes she also attacks directly. Fake James is rather wise : 
    standing in a far corner to use magic. I have told you to level up 
    before encountering this battle. Fake Koudelka and Fake James can kill
    you instantly with just two of their magic. So you need to be stronger 
    to deal with them. Your magic now must be able to damage at least 500 HP 
    of them. Don't forget that James can heal himself when you deal too much
    damage on him. Kill Fake Koudelka and Fake Edward by your magic first. 
    Then all attempt to take Fake James. Koudelka is strong at magic, so I
    think it's good to have her take the attacker's role. Have Edward and 
    James support her. 
      Put the Red Glass Part on the colourful mirror, you will know the 
    number of the safe to get "Guard's diary". Go to the next door in 
    Priest's Quarters : another dark room. But then you will know that you 
    are dropping to the under floor by someone...
     B. DISC 2 
      Now you are trapped to a cell. Get some items here (Pistol Rounds). 
    Then go around the cell for a while. Press the enter button until there 
    appear some words "You see a pile of corpse". Then head to the door of 
    the jail. You again meet Charlotte. But now it's not an ordinary talk. 
    You will fight another boss sent by her. 
     HP : 1225
     MP : 44
     Element tip : None
     Difficulty : Easy/Medium
     This boss is easy to beat. Some magic can make him death. If you had
    defeated the Fake characters easily, this boss would be nothing but a 
    piece of cake.
      After that, there's a hole broken on the wall. You have no more 
    choice, so go into it. You will see a terrible corpse of a woman. Get 
    some weapons (Mace and Knuckles) and next to the left.
      You'll see a door which is locked with Green Key. Valna and Vigna - 
    mummies in front of the door keep the key. DO NOT get it or you would
    fight a crazy battle :
      HP : ????
      MP : ????
      Element tip : None
      Difficulty : Very Hard
      Your attacks (Magical or physical) now are useless. Don't make them 
    angry or you will fight forever. If you have encountered them, just 
    escape at the beginning... 
      Find another door in the end of the dungeon way and get in it. This is 
    a large circular hallway. Remember the acid tank on the right. You'll 
    need it later in the game. 
      Turn left and find this room which have some fountain...with a boss :
      HP : 3025
      MP : 168
      Element tip : Unknown
      Difficulty : Medium/Hard
      This boss begins to be hard. But you still beat it easily with your
    powerful equipment. You can let Koudelka use magic, Edward fight
    directly and James heal them. Have Edward stand in front of the others 
    to protect them. Have Koudelka and James stand at lower row : Koudelka
    casts attack magic, and James casts Fortifying spells to increase the 
    attackers' status (I recommend Int) or heal them.  
      Grab Icon's Ring from the boss. Get out of the shrine and go to the 
    farther left room.
      Remember to take the Bow Gun. It'll be a very important weapon for the 
    next fight. There are two doors, one of which is locked by Red Key. Go 
    the other one. There is a staircase on the left. But remember a white 
    space on the wall beside, later it'll be an important item. Go upstairs 
    and pay 
    attention to FOUR SYMBOLS in the left corner. It's some kind of puzzle 
    and you need them to solve. Get into the door and take "Stone Table", 
    "Old Letter", "Lion Statue" and continue the next door.
      No need to say. Step on the font and wait for what will happen next. 
       HP : 2916
       MP : 250
       Element tip : Water
       Difficulty : Medium
      It looks like a tree, so it's easy to find that it's afraid of fire. 
    This boss is not tough but tremedous. You can use Tornado, Flare or 
    Megalith to defeat it. But be careful. It can make you Silent anytime 
    (can't use magic). With physical attacks, use any Fire-elemental weapons
    against the boss. 
      Collect Icon's Earring from this boss. Go to the right door. 
      A thief is running that make the chandelier drop. Remember to get 
    "Daniel's Arm" in the mess of the chandelier, then chase after him 
    and... fight ?!?
     Alias   - HP : 2116
               MP : 84
     Bargage - HP : 1296
               MP : (none)
     Element tip : None
     Difficulty : Hard
      This thief likes to use gun. He is rather dangerous. You can't use
    magics to beat him because he can avoid easily. Now magic is only
    effective with the annoying bargage. It's time for you to use bow gun.
    Choose Koudelka to use it. The others will heal. This bow gun increases
    a lot of STR but it's also very annoying as you must prepare an arrow
    after each beating time.
      At first, use Megalith or anything spell to get rid of the Bargage - 
    the best protectors of the thief. Once Alias loses his protector, he 
    will show himself. Have Koudelka use the Bow Gun to shoot. The reason I
    think you should select her is that she has high agility. Have James 
    and Edward heal or cast Fortifying STR/AGL. One attack of Alias can 
    instantly kill you. So be extremely careful and heal the victim as soon
    as possible. 
      Get Brown Glass part and Red Key from Alias. Return to the white space 
    on the wall which I noticed you before, to grab the "Goat Statue". 
      Use Red Key to open the door in the Storage Room, get the Music Box. 
    Remember to pay attention to the RED SYMBOLS written on the wooden box. 
      Return to this place. Try to find a door on the wall with a lot of 
    boxes below. Climb the boxes to get into that door. 
      You have returned to Caretaker's Quarter 2nd floor. Head to the room 
    where you saw the keepers Odgen and Bessy, using Red Key. 
      Search the room and grab Dragon Statue. Then you can find Valna's Doll 
    and a Mask in the next room. Try a look at the picture on the wall. It 
    tells Koudelka about the horrible sea accident. Then she sees Charlotte 
    in her mind... Maybe this was why Charlotte died and became a wandering 
    ghost. Besides, you can find a Badge in the desk next to the entrance 
    door. After finishing up, return to Storeroom again. 
      Go to the door in the end of the corridor (next to Alias's body). 
      You will see 16 symbols which some of them you meet formerly. First, 
    find and step on the SYMBOLS WITH RED LINE you see on the wooden box. 
    Then step follow the WHITE SYMBOLS you saw at the corner. Remember not 
    to step on unecessary tiles, even if they block your way to the next 
    right ones. If so, try to step diagonally until you reach the right 
    ones, but don't touch the wrong tiles. The whole code will be spoiled 
    once you get a wrong tile. So be careful. The door will open. Why not go 
    there ???
      First, go to the way in front of you to get Ochre Glass part. Beside 
    there is a chest locked by Greek code (You don't need to open it now). 
    downstairs. You'll see a clock. Grab the ammo and turn right to a room 
    which have some old printers. There's a scene that Koudelka sees the 
    window above the clock open. But reality, it only opens when you have 
    "Relief Piece". Go to the next door. 
      Get Blue Glass Part, then put Lion Statue, Goat Statue and Dragon 
    Statue on the door. Get into it and fight a boss :
      HP : 4225
      MP : 211
      Element tip : Unknown
      Difficulty : Hard
      This boss is rather hard. You should have at least one character for
    healing. Try to use your magic. Don't let it cause status change to
    you or there will be a lot of troubles. Just repeat the same strategy as 
    you fought Mad Friar. But this one is a little more difficult. 
      Get Icon's Crown from this boss. Come to the plant and have a talk. 
      Return to the previous room which has printers. Put the "Stone table" 
    on the left printer. A new path appears. 
      Continue to the end to get disk. Next to Triangle Hallway. 
      Go straight to Church Left Nave 1st floor. 
      Find and take "Relief piece". So you know what to do. Make your way 
    back to the Library area with the clock. 
      Put it on the clock to find a new way. Come in and hear a melody. This 
    melody is from the music box. Hear it and remember. Step 4 buttons on 
    the floor :
                                   2     1
      Go inside the unlocked room. 
      Take the Green Glass Part on the floor. Return to the Church Left Nave 
    1st floor to the left door, put all the Glass Parts on the mirror. A 
    in the main hall will be open. Go to that door and toward the light...
       HP : 8836
       MP : 774
       Element tip : Air
       Difficulty : Very Hard
      This boss is indeed invincible. Now you only have Koudelka. Even you
    have 3 characters, you can't finish it easily. Run away !!! This boss is
    a sidequest. You can meet him later whenever you want. But now save 
    your own life and flee. 
    ... ...
      DISC 3
      Now you are out of the church. About the boss, just wait until you
    are stronger. But remember, the stronger you are, the stronger Gargoyle 
    is. In disc 3 and 4, his HP can be more 30000.
      Now there are three ways. But so far they are all around this 
    Try to find all four huge statues in the courtyard and put Icon's
    necklace, Icon's ring, Icon's Earring and Icon's Crown. They are all 
    around in the ground. After that, go to find this below place.
      You can see a door which is behind the flowing waterfall before you 
    put the jewelries (now it doesn't flow anymore). But before getting in, 
    check the stairs in the upper right to go to Inner Ground Main Gate. 
      At first, you can find the Pendant on the fountain. This is a very 
    important item and you MUSTN'T miss it anyway. After that, go straight 
    right. You can find the holy sword Sacnoth held by a statue near the 
    gate. But you can't get it until you defeat Gargoyle. Gargoyle's power 
    has sealed it. Sacnoth is one of the strongest weapon of the game. 
      Then return to the warefall door and get through it. You're going to a 
    terrible place (Punitive Room). There might be some events happenning. I 
    won't spoil it, enjoy yourself. First is the guillotine covered by 
    blood. Climb down the ladder and...
      You will meet Edward and James in the other side but now you can't 
    join them. In this room, the important thing is Blue Key next to Bessy's 
    corpse. If you like, you can get a Shotgun and a Pocket of Blood in the 
    bloody room. After that, get through the only door you can go. 
      Reach here and continue. 
      Straight to Underground Corridor Central, a boss is waiting for you...
      HP : 5329
      MP : 384
      Element tip : Earth
      Difficulty : Easy/Medium 
      Although you only have Koudelka, you can beat this boss easily. Use 
    your powerful magic or weapons if you can. This boss like to use 
    attack than magic and it often stands close you. So heal your health
    frequently. It's very stupid. Just attack and move at the same time. It 
    is an Earth monster so it's afraid of Air Magic. Do your best with
      Go to the left path. If you see a statue of woman who is stuck on the 
    wall, use the pocket of blood to drop on it. The statue will collapse 
    with a secret room behind. There is a monster inside. But don't worry. 
    It doesn't beat you. It said it's a monster which was caught by Patrick. 
    This monster is not an important character. But if you talk to it each 
    time you go in, it will give you new information about the monastery. It 
    also explains to you about the mysterious power of "Daniel's Arm" and a 
    lot of miracles. Go out and pass the bridge. It takes you to a 
      Grab Vigna's Doll near St.Daniel's grave. You can pray here if you 
    like. Sometimes you will meet Roger Bacon around here. Around here, you 
    can find Charlotte's tombstone either. Go up the stairs in the left to 
    return to Triangular Hallway. 
      A door is opened for you to reach Edward and James who are waiting for 
    you in the printing room. Try to find them. Here you have two decisions 
    : One is beating the boss (have a talk). Or if you don't want to fight 
    the boss, you can do this 2nd decision (a FMV scene will appear) by 
    returning to the Greek-code-chest-to-get-"Sophia's letters". Koudelka 
    has already known the code because of the order of the glass parts. If 
    you don't want to beat Charlotte boss, go to check the Greek chest to 
    get Sophia's Letter.
      Now return here to meet Valna and Vigna, giving them the dolls and get 
    Green Key. Go into the room beside them. 
      After some steps, the tables and chairs will fly and beat you.
      Now the items you get depends on your previous decision. If you see a 
    FMV that Koudelka gives the letters to Charlotte, you'll receive Flare 
    Brooch. If you have a talk, you will receive Star Brooch. Let me explain 
    about this complex episode :
      Charlotte could give you the Flare Brooch or Star Brooch depending on 
    if you give her the "Sophia's Letters" or not. If you give her "Sophia's 
    Letter", you'll be attacked by the furnitures (regular enemies). After 
    that, Charlotte will disappear remaining the Flare Brooch. If you don't 
    have the letters to give her, after being attacked by the furnitures, 
    you must fight another boss. That boss is Charlotte herself.
      HP : ~3200 
      MP : Unknown
      Element tip : Fire
      Difficulty : Medium/Hard
      Use physical attacks to fight her (Bow gun or Mace). Magic is not very 
    effective. If you don't have powerful weapons, Geyser is the best magic. 
    Charlotte has the only attack which is to cast blood making a mediocre 
    damage but annoying because she is very fast and attack you
    continuously. Sometimes she makes you Silence and Poison.
      When she dies, she remains Star Brooch.
      Continue on your way, use Blue Key and try to reach Patrick's Quarter 
    1st floor. 
      There are a lot of doors here. One of them (the south one) takes you 
    to the old courtyard. So don't go there. Now pay attention to the 
    others. First, go to the right door by climbing the box. The room inside 
    is dark. Move the light statue and put a switch to turn on the light, 
    try to find the secret library and search for a while. Then go out and 
    go to the left door of the stair, put the disk in some machine and get 
    Research Notes. 
      Forward here to fight a boss who comes from the Save Point. 
     ???? - HP : ????
            MP : ????
            Element tip : Water
            Difficulty : Medium/Hard
      Fight this boss as usual. But don't let it stand close you. Use Flare 
    or Megalith to defeat it.
      You will have a talk about Elaine's portrait, then return to Patrick's 
    Quarter 1st floor. 
      Then go to the left door on the stair. Rememer to pay attention to the 
    row of books on the shelf. Then you head to Patrick's office. Try to 
    find the Empty Bottle and some other items, like Roman Nuts and a paper 
    written with Patrick's weight. You should return to the acid tank I said 
    in disc 2 to fill into this bottle. 
      Come to the fireplace and open the trap to climb down (if you don't 
    pay attention to the books, you can't open it). You will see a white 
    scale, try to find Patrick's weight (between 20-30kg). Go to next room 
    to get Tindex Box on the corpse.. There's an unlock door. Koudelka says 
    she won't go until finding out more about Elaine. So return to the 
    secret library area and try to find Roger. Until Roger provides you more 
    info about Elaine, you can go through that door. 
      There are four dolls on the altar. Rotate the first and the fourth 
    to open the left door. You can find the solution for these dolls by 
    talking to Patrick's creature. Then reach another Vestry. First go to 
    the right way to reach another room. Run north, you see something on the 
    wall. Lighting up the Tindex Box and get the sword Lifedrinker (this is 
    wonderful weapon). Now return to the Vestry and go to the front door.
      A boss is waiting for you here. Prepare carefully before stepping on 
    the platform :
    ???? - HP :????
           MP :????
           Element tip : Air
           Difficulty : Hard 
      This boss is very hard to fight. 
     # Physical Attack Tactic : You can use the Lifedrinker or Sacnoth and 
    all your patience. Lifedrinker or Bow Gun are heavy weapons that reduce 
    your speed very much. But anothing is that not all your hits are 
    correct. The boss is freak and wise. Using physical weapon will take you 
    a long time and big patience to defeat this boss. 
     # Magical Attack tactic : Magics are rather useless if you don't choose 
    the right time to cast . Try to have at least a character for healing 
    and using fortify magic for the attacking character. If you have many 
    scroll Items, the fight will be easier because each scroll can make a 
    lot of damage followed its element. But if you still want to use Magic, 
    don't cast when the boss is moving desperately. It will absorb every 
    magic. Just use when it's in ordinary state. This boss often acts 
    desperately suddenly that you can't guess. So it's best to have a high 
    Agility, but not very high .
      After defeating it, return to the Acid tank and get some Acid into the 
    Empty Bottle. Then return to the room where you see the row of
    books. Koudelka and Edward talk to Roger again. James makes a bomb by 
    the acid you get.
      DISC 4
      The bomb makes an explosion on the thick door in the left. Pay
    attention to a corpse in the center of the room. Then find the organ on 
    the top of the church and press People, Secret, Pain, Light (this info 
    is in the old letter). Return to the corpse, there's a new way. 
      Go down and use "Daniel's Arm" and see some FMVs...
      After the burn, try to go upstair. A lot of roots will attack you on
    your way. These roots are very annoying. The best magic are Flare and
    Tornado. But be careful with the roots catching a corpse. This root
    can't be killed by Magic. Try to use your best weapons such as 
    Lifedrinker, Crossbow or Gargoyle Claw, even the Sacnoth. Now you only 
    have one choice : going to the higher floor to meet Elaine. Elaine will 
    chase after you. Here you must have the Pendant to continue, or then 
    you'll meet Troubles. You'll fight Elaine when she catches you : 
     Elaine 1 - HP : 11881
                MP : 435
                Element tip : None
                Difficulty : Medium
      In this battle, physical attack is useless. Try to use magic,
    especially Tornado. You can have a character to heal and fortify.
      Run ! Run until you can't run anymore...
     Elaine 2 - HP : 22801
                MP : 1020
                Element tip : None
                Difficulty : Medium
      In this battle, magic are useless. Try to use Lifedrinker, Sacnoth or 
    any of your best weapons. Frequently heal and fortify your main
    character in the battle.
      Run again ! Run to the dead end, to the highest floor of the
    monastery. Elaine turns into a fierce monster and...
      Elaine 3 - HP : ????
                 MP : ????
                 Element tip : None
                 Difficulty : Hard 
    - Use Scroll Items if you have
    - Store Panaceas to cure when necessary
    - Level up your character as high as you can
    - Use Magic to beat her
    - Use your most powerful weapons such as Gargoyle Claw or Sacnoth.
    - Your HP at least are more than 4500
      It's hard to have a good tactic. But I think the best way is trying
    to level up your characters as high as you can. It's really a tough
    boss...and...finally, discover different endings yourself... or you can 
    see my additional passage I have just added.
    ------------------------ADDITIONAL PASSAGE--------------------------
    - Use Scroll Items if you have except Air Scroll. 
    - Fight him before 11 hours 11 minutes 11 seconds
    - Disc 3 is the best time to fight when you have all Koudelka, Edward 
    amd James. 
    - Level up your characters as high as you can, at least Level 45 and 
    least HP is 4500. The higher your HP and stats are, the more percentage 
    you can win. 
    - Use every magic except Air Magic.
    - Choose a protective character in the front
    - Cast Reflect on your front characters.
      Beating Gargoyle is harder than beating Elaine very much because he is 
    very fast and strong. His HP are more than 30000. So be careful and
    always patient ! Or if you are the most patient, try to find al least 5 
    Scroll Items to beat Gargoyle except Air Scrolls (Gargoyle is a flying 
    monster). Remember, Air magic is not effective with him.
       9.  I T E M  L I S T 
    - Monastery map                    - 3rd floor
    - Icon's Necklace                  - from Evil Plant boss
    - Icon's Ring                      - from Mad Friar boss
    - Icon's Earring                   - from Dark Yang boss
    - Icon's Crown                     - from Kimaira boss
    - Red Glass Part                   - Priest's Quarter
    - Brown Glass Part                 - from Alias, the thief
    - Ochre Glass Part                 - Library 2nd floor.
    - Blue Glass Part                  - where you put 3 statues
    - Green Glass Part                 - the clock in library
    - Green Key                        - Dungeon, 1st floor
    - Red Key                          - from Alias, the thief
    - Blue Key                         - from Bessy's corpse
    - Lion Statue                      - where you get the Old Letter
    - Dragon Statue                    - the keeper's room
    - Goat Statue                      - the strange white space
    - Valna's doll                     - the keeper's room
    - Vigna's doll                     - Graveyard
    - Rope                             - from Mira boss
    - Stone Table                      - where you get Old Letter
    - Daniel's arm                     - Storage room
    - Music Box                        - Storage Room, Underground
    - Relief Piece                     - Church Left Nave 1st floor
    - Pendant                          - Inner Ground Main Gate, Fountain
    - Bottle of Blood                  - under Punitive Room
    - Disk                             - Library 1st floor
    - Empty Bottle                     - Patrick's laboratory
    - Tindex Box                       - the dark room under Patrick's lab
    - Mask                             - the Keeper's room
      10.  F I L E S 
      1st June 1716
      It's been two month since I left Canterbury, owing to my stay at St.
    Claire's. Lord Webster had said that the weather would be warm at this
    time of the year, but it's still brisk in the fishing village lining
    the coast.
      After days of being knocked about in a carriage, I have finally
    arrived at Nemeton Prison - an evil-looking place, leering down on a
    barrel plain from atop a cliff battered by the chill sea breezes.
      Lord Webster told me to keep the strictest confidence. I cannot say
    what lies within this old, lonely building ; only that while I'm yet
    young, I have been a guard many years, but I have never seen nor heard
    of a gaol built in a place such as this.
      While Lord Webster didn't tell me much about the prison's history, it
    is easy to imagine the part this foreboding place played in quieting
    conspiracies and political struggles...Although I do not look forward to
    spending my days here,
      I have no choice.
      My family depends on it.
      2nd June 1716
      Nemeton Prison... A hell on earth. While conditions here are no worse 
    than Newgate, they are no better. I had imagined it would be so, but 
    imagining a thing and actually experiencing it are different.
      I shudder to think of the countless souls imprisoned here over the
      There are people from all walks of life here-from members of the Pale 
    removed from contention for an inheritance to simple barbers locked away 
    to prevent them from repeating what they innocently heard while 
    performing their jobs.
      Locked away... and tortured, and killed. My research into the prison's 
    records show the only a select few of those sent here were ever 
    convicted of a crime.
      This is not the simple prison it claims to be. It is rather simply a
    dungeon, where those in power seal away those without it who stood in
    their way.
      How ironic that this place, built as a house of God, should become a
    house of horrors, forsaken by Him !
      3rd June 1716
      I have discovered something nearly impossible to believe - because I
    do not wish to. According to the prison's records, from 1632 last year, 
    over 8200 people have met their maker withing the walls.
      And these are only those for whom they are records... How many more
    hapless souls have died locked away here, with no one ever caring ?
      4th June 1716
      Today, I was ordered by the warden to watch over the prisoners in the 
    west wing. Although this is my first assignment since arriving, I do not 
    look forward to it. This is different from punishment some simple 
    beggars. What sort of man could take pleasure in beating women and 
    children ?
      Received a letter from Mum in Southampton today. She complains that I 
    wasn't able to attend my sister's wedding. Apparently, she married a
    Gibbs boy-one of the wealthier land-owning families in the area. I'm
    sure she'll be happy; she's been brought up well and should have no
    problem fitting into even a gentry family.
      It seems like just yesterday she was a baby, following me around
    clutching her favourite little doll. I'm fiercely proud of her, though,
    even though I worry she may have been pampered a bit too much.
      I wish her the best of luck as she now starts her own family.
      5th June 1716
      We began the "questioning" of Prisoner 27 today. The warden tells us
    he was instructed to do so by one of the nobles currently in favour
    with the Crown. He looks to have been a man of good learning and some
      He broke down and cried like a baby after the iron was pressed into
    his chest. Knowing he will never be released, we need not take care to
    leave him whole.
      I am used to using water or a rack - something that would not leave a 
    mark - for such things, but there is no purpose, no design to convert a 
    heathen or bring about repentance.
      Here, the punishment is only meant to cause as much pain as possible
    until death.
      A job is a job, and while I have no intention of taking it up with
    the warden, I still have reservations what we do here - after all, we
    are still nominally employees of the Crown. Getting paid to inflict
    pain on others - are we no different than common ruffians ?
      6th June 1716
      Torturing people has become a daily routine. And there is no shortage 
    of tools here - whips, chains, Iron Maidens, Spanish Boots, cages, 
    spiders... Even some I had never seen or heard before coming here.
      I must admit I am impressed at the ingenuity of the human mind, and
    the way that it can create such a myriad of ways to inflict pain upon
    another living being. But which is worse - those who think of such
    devices, or those who use them ?
      All those we torture beg us to kill them, but we instead keep them
    alive that they may suffere more. There is no rest for them - not now,
    not ever.
      14th August 1716
      Received a letter from Mum today. She says my brother is wanting to
    go to some fanct school in the east and needs money. Why he would want
    to go to such a place is beyond me. Imagine - a university graduate in
    our family !
      I wonder what Pa would think...
      I know she gets some money from my sister's family, but I'm sure she
    doesn't want to always be asking for handouts from her daughter.
      I want to help ; I want to do as much as I can for my family.
      31st August
      The mad woman in solitary confinement has died. If there is such as
    thing as fate, she must have been born under an unlucky star. Shewas a
    merchant's daughter whose hand had been promised to the heir of a
    wealthy family, but he had a change of heart and abandoned her.
      He eventually married a nobleman's daughter, and was adopted into the 
    family, which had no heir.
      She was brought here to keep her out of the public eye. She kept the
    wedding dress she never got to wear until the day she died. I wonder -
    who is more insane, her or us ?
      26th September 1716
      A strange rumour is making its sounds amongst the prisoners. The
    number of people who say they have seen a sign from God in the night
    sky is growing.
      None of the other guards believe there is such a thing, but such
    rumours are often a sign of trouble. I hope nothing happens...
      3rd October 1716
      Torture, pain and death. These fill the days of all who live here. I
    have come to envy those who quit living. Dear God, have mercy on my
    soul. I did not come here to become an executioner.
      I have pleaded with the warden to have pity at least on those
    suffering from illness, but he turned a deaf ear upon my please. In the 
    end, there are only two things people care about : Power and Money. They 
    who have it use it, they who do not only suffer.
      13th October 1716
      I feel as if I'm losing my mind. I can no longer bear to hear the
    screams of those trapped here. Could I help them would, but since I
    cannot, I do not wish to share their confinement a moment longer.
      Were it my choice, I would quit this place at once, but my family
    looks to me for support. I cannot let Lord Webster, who found me this
    job, down - I must repay his confidence in me.
      The other guards say that I will grow used to it soon enough, that I
    should not let myself be affected by trivialities.
      Trivialities !
      Can they not hear the screams ! I understand now... They are as mad as 
    any of the prisoners... That, then, is my fate - I, too, shall end up 
    mad, just like them.
      29th October 1716
      Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord !
      To what end is it for you ? The day of the Lord is darkness, and not
    like. As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him, or went
    into the house, and leaned his hard on the wall, and serpent bit him.
      Shall not the day of Lord be darkness, and not light ? Even very
    dark, and no brightness in it.
     ( Book of Amos, Chapter 5 )
      1st November 1716
      I am writing this after having awakened by gunshots in the middle of
    the night.
      There are screams of joy and anger throughout the building ; we are
    being attacked by an armed band.
      Apparently, the "sign of God" the prisoners had been discussing was
    actually a signal from people outside the prison plotting to aid their
    incarcerated friends.
      The freed prisoners are going mad, killing the guards and other
    staff. Their positions reserved, thei flee for their lives but are
    hunted down, beaten, killed, even burned alive.
      I fins a strange satisfaction in watching them, they who were so
    drunk on power and wealth, dying like insects at the hand of those they 
    brought they were masters of.
      The mob is sure to make its way here in time. The time of our-my-
    judgement is upon us.
      Do not grieve for me, dear sister. I will welcome them with open
    arms, as a fellow suffer and sinner. Even now, I gear footsteps. They
    are just outside my door...they...
      PLOT EXPLANATION : This is a diary of a guard who has worked in this 
    monastery some centuries ago. He reported what he saw and what he 
    thought about the events in the "cursed place". The monastery has ever 
    been a prison covered by tragedies and pains as he wrote that even this 
    guard didn't want to live suck like this.  
      "He performed the SECRET experiment to forget the PAIN of love. May
    all PEOPLE be saved by God's divine LIGHTS."
      PLOT EXPLANATION: This weird letter in reality shows you the way to 
    solve the Pipe Organ puzzle. But it looks like a curse. 
      My dearest Daughter Charlotte
      As I sit in silence struggling to write this letter to you in
    English, I sense the arrival of winter is near at Arden Castle.
      I feel it makes me a bad mother since I am unable to make you happy.
      I cannot lament enough how my selfish affair has entangled so many
    people, including you, my dear, who were sent to Wales to encounter
    many sorrowful experiences.
      I probably will never see you, nor your brother nor your sister
      But one thing that will not change is that you are my beloved
      You are the daughter of the man whom I loved from the bottom of my
    heart, Phillip Christopher.
      I am sure you must resemble him greatly. You were blessed when you
    were born, and that you are still alive is testament to that fact.
      I often wonder what the color of your eyes is, and how it would feel
    to run my hands through your hair.
      I can't help but to dream about the day I meet you, although deep
    down inside I know that day will never come.
      We might be far away from distance, but we are always together in my
      Please take good care of yourself.
                                       Your mother
                                      Sophia D'Lota
      My dearest Daughter Charlotte
      Five summers have already passed since you entered this world. I
    think I must have written over 20 letters now. Despite my poor
    penmanship, how happy it makes me to know that my feelings are being
    conveyed to you.
      I wonder what I should tell you today. I think I will talk about your 
    father. Your father, Phillip Christopher, is a son of Count Von
    Koenismark, Sweden's Artillery Inspector General. Your father was a
    childhood friend of mine, and I am the daughter of a Duke.
      Unfortunately, Phillip and I eventually had to part. Due to the
    inevitable circumstances of our country, an arrangement was made so
    that I was to marry and be queen to Count Hannover and spend days
    filled with hardship. It was your father who came into my life again
    and saved me.
      Your father and I spent many years loving each other. It's a fact
    that I fell in love with somebody, although I was already married. Some 
    would that a secretive affair, but our love is genuine and pure,
    especially when compared with the marriage arrangement with Count
    Hannover which was stained with politics and power.
      Please forgive your foolish mother.
                                       Your mother
                                      Sophia D'Lota
      My dearest Daughter Charlotte
      Please allow me to celebrate your 12th birthday with you. May God's
    blessings and grace be with you.
      What would you like for your birthday ?
      Would you like a raspberry cake ?
      I should like to get you a beautiful dress along with a golden hair
    ornament and brooch. I want to braid happiness into each loop of your
      Then you could dance in the Court like a precious jewel.
      My dear Charlotte, are you well ?
      I hope you haven't become sick.
      I only wish to make you happy even if I have to sacrifice my own
      Is that a wish that cannot be granted ?
      I would like very much to get to know you. Even if it's only a
    glance, I want to see how you've grown up.
      There isn't a day that goes by that I do not pray for your well-being
      I try not to lament, but...
      I love you from the bottom of my heart.
                                       Your mother
                                      Sophia D'Lota
      PLOT EXPLANATION : Sophia D'Lota might be a person in the monastery 
    who had died in the same accident that Elaine died with her daughter 
    Charlotte. Koudelka has seen this when she looks at the old picture in 
    the Keeper's Room. She doesn't live with her daughter and she misses her 
    very much. Patrick's creature says that these letters were never 
      September 10th, 1895
      With the monastery renovation completed, I have finally moved in with 
    Ogden and Bessy.
      It's been a long road since I first procured the Emigre File.
      Even after referencing literature of all ages, the rendering of the
    text still remains a difficult task. Though it has been four years
    since I first laid eyes on it, never once has its enigma left the
    recesses of my mind.
      Contained in it are countless descriptions of the source of the
    energy that is the secret to life's existence-the Druids's cryptic
    experiment taken from the ancient Celts and recorded by Alexander the
    Great hundreds of years before Christ.
      Branded a forbidden enterprise, it was kept hidden by the Vatican's
    cardinals in the depths of the Pope's quarters for a very long time.
    And now, I have it in my hands. I have reached Wales, the land referred 
    to in the text.
      I will fulfill my wife Elaine's resurrection at this monastery, built 
    by Saint Daniel Scotus. Of course, I am aware that my act could prove 
    insolent in the eyes of the Lord. And however people may censure my 
    actions, the love I have for my wife will never cease. I ask for you 
    Lord, to turn your eyes away for a short while.
      November 16th 1895
      The more I learn about this monstery, the more eerie the structure
    appears to me.
      Ogden mentioned that the hospice had been full of coprses at one time 
    a few hundred years ago, and I have become aware of an oppressing sense 
    of mortal sin as I walk through the underground passageways.
      I can feel haunting spirits everywhere. But according to the Emigre
    File, the power of such resentful spirits are considered the driving
    force behind reviving the Druid's cryptic experiment. I plan to fill
    this place with the all-consuming ire of three spirits.
      Even though I may burn in hell for these sins, If Elaine can be
    brought back to life, I shall have no regrets.
      December 5th 1895
      I found out what the cauldron hidden in the basement held the key to
    the secret. Even though the book had mentioned it, the well-positioned
    trick door kept us from locating its whereabouts.
      The cauldron looks as if it is made of gold, but upon closer
    examination, the surface is so old that one cannot determine how long
    it has been in existence. I would guess that it is a prehistoric
    artifact made a few thousand, or maybe even tens of thousands of years
    ago and left to sit. We must quickly set up an altar and begin
    preparation for our ceremony.
      December 16th 1895
      I ordered Ogden to acquire some livestock. 320 chickens and 43 pigs
    were purchased through a supplier in town.
      I arranged for ground transportation but the fog did not help expedit 
    the undertaking.
      I expect to be busy as soon as the delivery arrives. Animal offerings 
    are an integral part of the Druid's experiment. The cauldron must be 
    filled with the freshest blood and fresh. This is where it begins.
      February 24th, 1896
      The third experiment. Still no response. Even though I follow
    directions and offer thee proper prayers, there are no signs of the
    spirits gaining any strength. I must return to the book and reread some 
    part since I cannot proceed if there has been more misunderstanding of
    the text.
      Is there a problem with the way I conducted the experiment or are the 
    offerings insufficient ? Regardless, I need to think this over. Even 
    though I may arrive at a terrifying realization, it is too late to fear 
    anything now. I have come to far to be impeded by fear. I am sure Ogden 
    will understand.
      March 19th, 1896
      Return from London.
      The specially - ordered carriage seems to be working very well.
      I have three women in the baskets in the back.
      I lured some victims out of an alley in the east end, had them sniff
    some chemicals and pull them into the carriage. But, since I was not
    used to my new role as an abductor, it took me more time than I had
      I could not have done this without Ogden's help. I'm deeply grateful
    to him.
      March 25th 1896
      I am still at a loss. I can't make up my mind.
      Even if I can bring Elaine back to life, are my actions forgivable ?
      I balk when presented with this dilemma.
      Bessy has been taking care of the women I've kidnapped; it's better
    than them freezing in some corner of London.
      I hope this small gesture of kindness will be considered as a priori
    act of repentance. I wonder if my small kindness will have any
    significance when help up to the horrendous act I am about to commit.
      March 31st 1896
      I must my mind up. I must.
      April 3rd  1896
      Dear Lord, I have without a doubt committed a crime no human should
    have committed. I conducted the Druid experiment using the flesh and
    blood of the victims.
      I sensed the incredible energy of the spirits culminate into one when 
    I poured the women's remains into the cauldron.
      As I had thought before, this is human flesh that needs to be offered 
    up to fully release the effects of the procedures.
      What a frightening, arcane process this is.
      The sounds of fury in the women's death screams have not left my
      But I must go on.
      There is no turning back now.
      April 12th 1896
      Once again, I perform the procedures. I once again round up four
    victims from London. Even though they are all old with barely a thing
    to live for, when I contemplate taking their lives, it leaves me sick
    to my stomach. It may be due to my doubts that the spirits did not rise 
    to such a powerful strength as before.
      I may have to use a younger, more vibrate source of energy. The book
    says to fill the cauldron with energy of haunted spirits. I wonder how
    many victims the cauldron must swallow to be satisfied.
      June 15th 1896
      I do not have enough victims. The saintly presence of Daniel Scotus
    inhibits us from claiming authoritative power.
      I have concluded that it will be necessary for us to offer many more
    lives before we are finished here.
      I have since found 35 more victims for seven separate experiments,
    but the spirits have not responded with much strength. For me to
    accomplish the resurrection, I am in dire need of the culminated
    strength of the spirits.
      I must come up with a way.
      I must come up with a more efficient way to procuce my victims.
      July 15th 1896
      I finally received the first shipment of my victims. Ogden was right
    when he suggested that we should offer the lord of the slave trade an
    enormous amount of money for this matter.
      He has no compassion for human life.
      The victims are not given much information  and arrive at the
    monastery expecting a routine night's work.
      It is not necessary for us to go hunting for prey in town. With a few 
    sugar-coated lies, there are plenty of people that climb right into the 
    carriage. There is no one that will dark speak of what is to become of 
      September 9th 1896
      Poured the remains into the cauldron. The energy levels in the
    cauldron have clearly increased which makes me happy since it proves
    that I am heading in the right direction.
      It seems that lately I have become more efficient at performing the
    tasks required for the procedures.
      However, Ogden and I cannot expect to become much more productive as
    it is impossible for us to hire help since we must keep this matter
    purely clandestine.
      I have decided to place an order for a laboratory table from an
    equipment manufacturer in Manchester.
      It will take about a month to make but once we receive this, we will
    be able to manage many more experiments.
      October 3rd 1896
      Butchered three bodies since morning. After lunch, we made repairs to 
    the bell tower of the main church. After dinner with Bessy and Ogden, I 
    butchered three more bodies. The lab table has proven its worth.
      The spirits have certainly increased in strength. At this rate, I may 
    finish preparing for Elaine's resurrection before All Saint Day.
      October 14th 1896
      Six bodies butchered in the morning. Five in the afternoon.
      One after dinner.
      November 1st 1896
      How I have been awaiting this day. The day to conduct Elaine's
    resurrection ceremony has finally arrived.
      The cauldron is brimming with the remains of my victims.
      This monastery is now consumed by the energies of the preternatural
    spirits. Even a saint could not hold his ground against the powerful
    energy of these hexed spirits. I took Elaine's body, which had been
    preserved in chemicals for this very day, and placed it on the altar.
      I then began reciting the ceremonial chant.
      Elaine, you are still as beautiful as ever. I love you so much.
    Please forgive me for calling back from the land of the dead.
      November 7th 1896
      What is going on ?
      I have lost all hope,
      All my efforts and dreams have been only an illusion.
      The tree of life that grew upwards out of the corpse, as if wrapping
    Elaine's body, was certainly the manifestation of the Druid's cryptic
    experiment that I had been seeking.
      If God is capable of creating beings out of nothingness, then this
    indeed is a man-made example of His work.
      But to my horror, the image of my resurrected wife displayed in a
    flower petal looked just as she did before, yet it lacked a human soul.
      It was a monster.
      Dear God, is this the punishment you have chosen for me ?
      What have I accomplished by victimizing nearly two hundred innocent
    people ?
      My only hope in life lay in believing that resurrection was possible
    and dreaming of the day when my wife Elaine would join me here on earth
    once again.
      Now I have nothing but a cauldron full of blood and hexed spirits,
    and a soulless monster.
      Is this the end that has been awaiting me ?
      Dear Lord, have you no mercy ?
      I only have one path left to follow.
      I have lost too much.
      I cannot even find words to apologize to Ogden who has lent me his
    strength along the way.
      Now I only long to sleep in peace with my wife.
      PLOT EXPLANATION : Here Patrick has reported most of the process to 
    revive Elaine, involved with Odgen and Bessy - whom you met in the 
    Punitive Room. That is a terrible work couldn'e be forgived. He touches 
    in blood of many people just to revive his crazy love. It's worth for 
    him getting a miserable ending. 
     * Other files :
     PATRICK'S MEMO : It shows Patrick's weight which is in his laboratory.
      11.  P A T R I C K ' S  C R E A T U R E 
      Maybe you know that Patrick had a strange creature locked in a secret 
    room. This creature knows everything about Patrick and his family. 
    Sometimes if you are stuck in the game, it will help you if you ask it. 
    These are the creature's guide I copied from the game. Most of them are 
    very confusing. Just read to understand :
    - "The grave... St Daniel's grave... grave of the girl..."
      The creature wants to notice you the Graveyard where Saint Daniel and 
    Charlotte's grave are located. SOMETIMES you can find a secret weapon 
    (Daniel's Cross) behind the Daniel's grave.
    - "If you have the research diary... The Emigre File... Roger..."
      The creature notices you about the Research Note and the Emigre File 
    Roger is possessing. I don't know if we could have this file. 
    - "If you go... fourth floor... hidden sacred..."
      The creature is mentioning Elaine. 
    - "Vigna and Valna... just want their dolls..."
      The creature notices you to give the dolls to Valna and Vigna if you 
    want to get the Green Key. 
    - "If you want acid... get empty bottle... Patrick's laboratory..."
      The creature notices you about the Empty Bottle in Patrick's Lab. 
    - "Daniel's arm... holy strength... "
      The creature notices you about the holy power of Daniel's arm with the 
    Cauldron of Life. 
    - "Patrick... how could you do this to me ?"
      I don't know what happened to the creature. It says Patrick has locked 
    it here. 
    - "That woman...wrote many letters for children... but never
      The "woman" here is Sophia D'Lota who wrote a lot of letters to 
    Charlotte but they have never come to the reciepient. 
    - "Pipe organ... Move... Go below..."
      The creature notices about the Pipe Organ puzzle. 
    - "They can be seen only in the dark... hidden doors... hidden books..."
      The creature notices you about the corridor of secret library that you 
    can go there in Disc 3. You can't find the door to secret library 
    without turning off the light. 
    - "Soon...you will meet them soon..."
      I don't understand. 
    - "Must stop... that Star Charlotte leaves behind... or the Flare..."
      The creature notices if Charlotte could leave the Star Brooch or the 
    Flare Brooch. You refer this in Walkthrough.  
    - "Where is the pendant you dropped ?"
      The Pendant is a very important thing of Koudelka which contains 
    magical power (See the Accessories List in Basics) that makes the 
    creature surprised.   
    - "If you sound the disk... the last of Patrick's experiment..."
      If you sound the Disc, you can get Research's Note. 
    - "The pair of dolls... the woman turns her back to him..."
      The creature notices you about the doll puzzle in Vestry. 
      I have given this Secret Creature in my Shadow Hearts/Koudelka Plot 
    Guide (located in www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/10477.html) in
    order to analyze about him : Who is he really ? And why is he here ?
    But I myself couldn't find an answer or any theory about him. So why
    don't you read it to give up your own theories ? I'm glad if you let 
    me know and all your contributions are appreciate.
      12.  C O M M O N  I T E M S 
      This is the list of the common items you often use in battle. You must 
    know their functions before using, or it will confuse you.
    - Breads : heal 150 HP
    - Cheese : heal 250 HP
    - Dried Food : heal 350 HP
    - Potion : heal 500 HP
    - High Potion : heal 1500 HP
    - Whiskey : revive unconscious allies with a little HP
    - Roman Nuts : revive unconscious with full HP and MP
    - Listel : heal 40 MP
    - High Listel : heal 100 MP
    - Elixir : heal full HP and MP
    - Antidote : cure Poison
    - Panacea : cure Poison, Silence, Paralysis
      13.   S C R O L L  I T E M S 
      Scroll items are ancient parchments said to contain the power of Gods 
    which make a very big damage on using in combat. Each Scroll Item has 
    its element following the power of its God. These items are the best to 
    fight the last boss or Gargoyle. Let me list them :
     Ancient parchment said to contain the power of the Efreet (someone
    calls Ifrit).
     When used in combat, allow the reader to use Fire Magic.
     Ancient parchment said to contain the power of Marid.
     When used in combat, allow the reader to use Water Magic.
     Ancient parchment said to contain the power of Djinn.
     When used in combat, allow reader to use Air Magic.
     Ancient parchment said to contain the power of Dao.
     When used in combat, allow reader to use Earth Magic.
      I think the places where you can get Scroll Items in Vestry 1st
    floor and Library 2nd floor. The big-head monsters and some others keep 
    them. You get them from battle.
      You must be very patient because Scroll Items are very rare. Not all
    monsters have it. Even you fight the monster having it, I'm not sure you 
    always get them after defeating it frequently. I estimate you have 5-
    10%percent to get Scroll Items in a combat. 
      Although I really don't know what the Mask is used for, it's the item 
    you MUST always keep in your inventory if you want to increase your 
    levels and find Scroll Items more easily. My last experience was that I 
    don't find any Scroll Items without the Mask.  
      14.  G A M E  S H A R K  C O D E S 
      * NOTES :
    - These codes are got from other sources. The author of this guide never 
    uses Game Sharks in playing games, I only write what I found. Don't 
    complain me if they don't work well.
    - Quick Level gain Koudelka               8017D504 FFFF
    - Max HP Koudelka                         801D13C8 1770
                                              801D13CA 1770
    - Max MP Koudelka                         801D13D8 1770
                                              801D13DA 1770
    - Quick Level gain Edward                 801CF9D0 1770
                                              801CF9D2 1770
    - Max HP Edward                           801CF9D0 1770
                                              801CF9D2 1770
    - Max MP Edward                           801CF9E0 1770
                                              801CF9E2 1770
      15. F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S 
      I didn't intend to open this menu. But my friends who are playing
    this game ask me too much about it. So I decide to make this part for
    everyone who have questions about the game. Maybe I'm not a
    "specialist" of Koudelka but I will try all efforts to answer your
    questions. In this menu, I display all the questions which I have had
    the answers.
     Q : How can I level up my magic ?
     A : Try to use it many times to get EXP. See my "Magic" menu. If you
    want to see how EXP you have, see "Status" menu of the menu screen.
     Q : Are the light weapons really useless ?
     A : Almost. But they are very effective with Undead monsters. See the 
    "Magic" menu to find what Undead Monster usually is. 
     Q : I can't beat this game because they don't have enough save points.
     A : See my "Save Point" part. You can use Temporary Save Point by
    going to the rooms which have notes and the "S" letter in the bottom.
    There are some new players who don't pay attention to this.
     Q : How can I beat the last boss ?
     A : This is really a tough boss. The best way is trying to level up
    your characters as far as you can. See my added part to know my tactics.
     Q : How can I beat the last boss in Disc 2 ?
     A : the same tactics as the last boss. Its name is Gagoyle which is
    really invincible.
     Q : I'm stuck in the beginning of Disc 2 in the cell. Where do I go ?
     A : Just go around for a while, collect ammo and press the enter
    button until there are the notes "You see a pile of corpse." Then around 
    there, finally you go to the shut. Charlotte will appear to talk to you. 
     Q : What's the combination to open the safe in the prison ?
     A : Go to the Priest's Quarter, grab the Red Glass Part on the floor,
    the put it on the colourful mirror where you fight the three fake
    Koudelka, Edward and James.
     Q : I can't beat Valna and Vigna to get the Green Key. What do I do ?
     A : It's not time to fight them because you never finish them. Just
    find another way.
     Q : Why do I have to collect all Icon's Earring, Necklace, Crown and
    Ring ?
     A : Because you need them to open a secret door. Just collect all of 
    them and play to Disc 3.
     Q : Where is the Goat Statue ?
     A : It's the white wall beside the Storage room underground. You can
    only get it after beating the next boss in the Holy Water font.
     Q : What is the order of the symbols on the floor of the Library ?
     A : Do you remember the room where you get the Stone Table, Old Letter 
    and Lion Statue ? Get out of the room to the place where you see a bar 
    of symbols on the wall corner. Use Red Key to open the room in the 
    mechanic room (Storeroom), you'll see some red and blue symbols drawn on 
    the box. First, step on the symbols on the box, then try to continue 
    with the symbols on the bar without stepping on others. Don't worry if 
    you forget, the game will remind you.
     Q : What is Scroll Item and where do I find it ?
     A : See my "Scroll Items" menu.
     Q: How many endings are there ?
     A : Three.
     Q: How to get them all ?
     A : There are 3 ways to make different endings :
    - Defeat Elaine 3
    - Lose Elaine 3
    - Discard the pendant before beating Elaine 1. 
      Notes : The third ending is unreal. Because once you discard your 
    pendant. you can't finish the game. 
     Q : What does the Mask do ?
     A : Hm...I don't know really. Refer to "Scroll Items" section to know 
    my experience about this thing. You can try it by yourself to check if 
    I'm wrong.  
     Q : When does Charlotte drop Flare Brooch or Star Brooch ?
     A : If you want her to drop Flare Brooch, get Sophia's Letters and give  
    them to her. If you want her to drop Star Brooch, don't get Sophia's 
    Letter. You'll fight her. Refer to Walkthrough. 
     Q : Where is the Sacnoth holy sword ?
     A : It's in the Inner Ground-Main Gate, near the main gate of the
    monastery. You must check the place very carefully to find it. A statue 
    of a man holds it and you never get it until defeating Gargoyle.
     Q : Where is the Pendant ? 
     A : There are tons of people asking me about this. So I have added it 
    in Walkthrough and here I repeat again :
    - In the beginning of Disc 3, put all the Icon Jewels on the four huge 
    statues in Inner Ground. 
    - Then go to in front of the Punitive Room, go down the upper right 
    - Find the Pendant on the fountain just after the Punitive Room. 
      16.   M I S C H E L L A N Y 
      After playing the sequel of Koudelka - Shadow Hearts, I decide to 
    change this review. I gradually enter game community, and my opinions 
    about games have also changed with time. I bought Shadow Hearts all 
    because of Koudelka's advantages. But after playing it, I have found 
    that Koudelka was not as bad as I expected, and it really had something 
    ''bad''. It seems that I have given a too bad score to Koudelka when it 
    is still one of my favourite games. So I think I should make a change : 
    7/10 - my fixed rating for Koudelka now.  
    Gameplay 9/10  
    The game is very good, better than I expected. I have had an entirely 
    different sense while playing it. Being a RPG, but Koudelka is mixed 
    with survival horror around the haunted monastery mansion. Having no 
    background music to increase the horror level, it still makes you 
    somehow fear in the first time playing through. I can't explain what I 
    truly feel about it. Although Koudelka's horror is not as perfect as 
    Silent Hill's, not as tough as Resident Evil's, I still feel that it's 
    the most interesting horror ever. The battle system in Koudelka is still 
    simple, but at least it gives you some interest that you can increase 
    the characters' stats yourself. The mansion's design in Koudelka is no 
    doubt incredible and truly ancient, that I want to enter it soon. 
    Another thing of the game that may attract you is that you'll face 
    events along your way. Some of them are just random, but they give you 
    more curiosity and interest to continue the game, like the accident 
    picture in Keeper's room, or the ghost of the dead girl who seems to 
    have no relation with the main story. I think that's so enough for 
    Koudelka to have a good gameplay. It's so good for the first masterpiece 
    of Sacnoth.  
    Story 9/10  
    A good storyline ! The tragedy about the owner of the monastery and his 
    crazy love. He loves his wife too much that he wants to be with her 
    forever, even she has died. And then, the sequel of that love is the 
    most terrible event. Finally, they both die which remains the monastery 
    full of demon. A perfect tragedy with magic and mystery ! I like this 
    kind of story. Maybe I'm odd, but my favourite storyline kind must be 
    mysterious, interesting and simple. I see that many people like the 
    stories with a bunch of confusing plots. It's better to have plots. But 
    for me, it's more important at the quality of the story. A story which 
    has many plots but low quality does no good. Koudelka's storyline has a 
    high quality of interests and mysteries, which are my standard.  
    Characters 9/10  
    Honestly, the characters in Koudelka look better than the ones in Shadow 
    Hearts. While the characters in Shadow Hearts seem to be completely 
    Japanese comic style, the ones in Koudelka prove their realistic 
    characteristics and their design is NOT Japanese style. Moreover, they 
    look like real people in FMVs, in a PSX game. Most of the games are 
    often affected by the beautiful art of Japanese style. But after 
    Resident Evil, Koudelka is one of the only games which is not in that 
    list. If you have played Dead or Alice or some other games, you'll see 
    that the Western characters are drawn NOT differently from Japanese 
    ones. Maybe they have blonde hair, blue eyes, etc, but they can't hide 
    the Japanese-styled faces. But the characters in Koudelka are not like 
    that. Edward is truly American with his figure, and James is truly a 
    British as he is. And we can see that by their designs.  
    Enemies 10/10  
    I have added this enemy critic in Shadow Hearts, and now I must do the 
    same with Koudelka, because Sacnoth's creations are so admirable. I 
    can't believe that their imaginations are various and big enough to 
    create a lot of monsters, with unique, outlandish, disgusting and 
    frustrating figures. This is made even better than Shadow Hearts. I 
    think the monsters' design of Sacnoth may be the most perfect design I 
    have ever seen, and no other games can reach that.  
    Graphic 7/10  
    I must agree with a player that the graphic in Koudelka is pretty bad. 
    The colours of interactive objects (including the characters) are not 
    real. If you carefully observe, you can see clearly that each character 
    is combined from many art pieces, creating a hard moving object. Real 
    and good graphic is the graphic which can hide the disadvantages of the 
    revealing art pieces, and make you see that the character/object is 
    completely smooth. But Koudelka didn't succeed at that. The dark 
    background in battle fields somehow proves the disadvantage of graphic. 
    Maybe the creators of Koudelka were not able to make impressive graphic, 
    so then the dark background is their solution to reduce the number of 
    objects in battle. Also because the characters and objects are combined 
    from so many pieces, that reduces the speed of the game. The speed in 
    battle is extremely slow. In ordinary state, it takes a moment to change 
    screen. Generally, the graphic of this game is still so weak. But at 
    least, I confirm that the FMV scenes are very lively and realistic, 
    somewhat better than Shadow Hearts. Although the FMVs in Shadow Hearts 
    are also high-qualified, they are still interactive, colourful than 
    normal and blurless. But the FMVs of Koudelka is better-moderated and 
    more realistic, especially the opening film, when Koudelka rides the 
    horse to the monastery and enters the mansion.  
    Sounds 7/10  
    Last time I did criticize this part so strictly. So now I correct that 
    the sound of this game is not bad. Although the background music is 
    missing, at least the sounds of footsteps and impacting objects are 
    lively and realistic enough. But they need to be more various. But the 
    battle music of Koudelka may be the best, with the impressive melody.  
    Battle system 7/10  
    The characters' status is changeable by our decisions is the advantage 
    of Koudelka's battle system. Each time you level up, your privilege is 
    to select what attributes should be built up. Besides, Koudelka has a 
    huge collection of weapons, along with many elements brought. You can 
    find them in certain locations or random battles. Some weapons are 
    unique. But I confirm that the characters' actions are so poor and slow. 
    The casting-spell action is taken so long and repeated like crazy 
    people. Then, another trouble is that your weapon is easily broken and 
    then you lose all extra points which you have decided for each character 
    with that weapon. Another thing troubles me is the status calculation. 
    Sometimes they are not as correct as themselves, especially the Vit 
    (Vitality). ''Vitality'', in common RPGs, is the attribute showing the 
    characters' longevity against physical attacks. Vit and HP (Hit Points) 
    are separated. But in Koudelka, Vit decides the HP, so that you can't 
    determine how strong the character can suffer the physical attacks. It 
    may increase the HP, but how do you know the damage he/she takes from 
    the hits ? Also the same thing with Piety which decides your MP.  
    Speed 3/10  
    Very slow. When there are so many characters, the game spends time to 
    remember each target. Some monsters cause status changes as Paralysis 
    that makes the slower because of the continually hits of enemies. It's 
    all because the objects are combined from so many pieces (as I said in 
    ''Graphic'' part) which it takes so long to read all of them each time 
    the screen changes.  
    Replayability 5/10  
    I don't feel to be fond of it very much when replaying the game. 
    Although I have played many times, I never play completely each time. 
    Koudelka doesn't as many as secrets and sidequests as it must do. If the 
    game has more secrets and better speed, I may not feel hesitating to 
    play it again and again.  
    To buy or to rent ?  
    The answer is free. To rent, it's only enough for you to know what this 
    game is. But if you aren't appreciate to it, you will bore easily. To 
    buy, you can enjoy it every time you can. I have bought it but I'm still 
    happy of its great storyline. I think that this game is anyway better 
    than Shadow Hearts. It shows Sacnoth's unique style of RPGs which the 
    other experienced companies have not got yet. Shadow Hearts seems to 
    have lost most of the unique characteristics to become a common RPG 
    which is not very different from other RPGs. When telling about Shadow 
    Hearts' battle system, people is reminded of The Legend of Dragoon 
    created by Sony Computer Entertainment. But if I say Koudelka, whom will 
    you be reminded of ? Of course, only them - Sacnoth.  
    Gameplay : 9/10  
    Story : 9/10  
    Characters : 9/10  
    Enemies : 10/10  
    Graphic : 7/10  
    Sound : 7/10  
    Battle System : 7/10  
    Speed : 3/10  
    Replay Value : 5/10  
    Overall : 7/10 
      Okay, I have finished my work. I hope you would be happy with this
    game...like me. This game has a lot of interesting episodes that maybe I 
    haven't found yet. I only tell you the basics. The rest is for you. I 
    assure you will find your fun when you could discover the miracles of 
    the game by yourself. I can make FAQs for traditional RPG and survival 
    horrors. You can see my others at Gamefaqs, too.
      But remember, don't do plagiarism.
      You can refer to some related works of mine : 
    - Shadow Hearts FAQ/Walkthrough
      A full FAQ/Walkthrough for the great sequel of Koudelka - Shadow 
    - Shadow Hearts/Koudelka Plot Guide
      A Plot FAQ includes events and timeline of the stories happening in 
    Koudelka and Shadow Hearts, along with the author's analysis and 
      Good luck !
                                         MYSTIC CAT
      I'd like to thank all the people who help me about this guide :
    + The owner of MIMI 100 Pasteur machine shop - thank you for giving me
    the basic episode of the Walkthrough.
    + Jeff "CjayC" Veasay - the creator of GameFAQs who let me log in the
    site as a member of message board and let me submit this first FAQs of
    + Http://www.videogames.com - for game shark codes
    + Peter Judson from http://www.neoseeker.com - for displaying this
    guide on his Website.
    + Http://www.psxcodez.com - for displaying this guide on their Website
    + Sacnoth/SNK - for creating a great game
    + The game "Koudelka"- you are one of my favourite games !
    + All of the members in "Koudelka" message board - for helping me at
    unknown thing.
    + Thanks for all players who have read my FAQ and had questions to me. 
      Thanks everyone !!!
    And again, this FAQ is owned by :
     Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan
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