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    FAQ/Walkthrough by threetimes

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/18/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     |                  _ _  ____      |
     |       .--.      |    \|         |         \          Developer: Sacnoth
     |   /  /    \     |     |___ |    |   /    / \         Publisher: SNK/Atari
     |  /  [      |    |     |    |    |  /    /   \        Release:   1999 JP
     |,/   \     /|    |     |    |    |,/    /_____\                  2000 US/EU
     |  \   \._./ |    |   ./|    |    |  \  /       \
     |   \        |    |_./  |____|____|_  \/         \
     |    \       |   /                |   /\          \
           \      |_./                       \
                  K O U D E L K A :  W A L K T H R O U G H / F A Q
                                     by threetimes
    Updated: November 18th 2011
    Fortify Luck tip added!
    NOTE: I wrote this FAQ while playing the PAL version of the game. Apparently
    the NTSC version names the TELIS as LISTEL. I don't know why they changed it,
    as it's hardly a significant thing, but there it is.
    Gothic horror RPGs are a rare breed, and Koudelka is one of the best, and one
    of the rarest! Fan-service aside, I thought that a FAQ for this game needed a
    slightly different approach from the "normal" RPG walkthrough. Though, ideally,
    you would play the game without using a FAQ at all. Then, as you stumble around
    a huge monastery fighting ghoulish creatures, encountering chilling sights, and
    puzzling over fiendish secrets, you would experience the thrills of being lost,
    confused, and disorientated.
    However, if you do need assistance with a particular puzzle, or guidance about
    where to go next, then you don't want the rest of the game to be spoiled. If
    you use this walkthrough, you won't find any spoilers for the story, and you
    can check out any particular area for help, without having to find out more
    than you need, or want, to know!
    Please go to the start of the walkthrough for more details about how to search
    for particular areas of the game.
    Table of Contents ................................................ Search Code
    Please use the search codes to find the location or section you want. Press
    Control + F and then type in the code in the box that appears, and then press
    Enter. If you are using a Mac, it is either Apple command button at the side of
    the space bar, + F, then type in the code in the "Find" box and select "Next".
    1. Introduction: using the guide .................................. *INTRO
    2. Game Basics .................................................... *BASIC
    3. Hints and Tips ................................................. *TIPS
    4. The Walkthrough ................................................ *WALK
       Disc One ....................................................... *DISC/1
       Disc Two ....................................................... *DISC/2
       Disc Three ..................................................... *DISC/3
       Disc Four ...................................................... *DISC/4
    5. Sidequest: The Gargoyle ........................................ *GARG
    6. Lists .......................................................... *LIST
       i. Puzzles and Key Items ....................................... *LIST1
      ii. Items and Scrolls ........................................... *LIST2
     iii. Weapons ..................................................... *LIST3
      iv. Equipment: Armour and Accessories ........................... *LIST4
       v. Secret Items ................................................ *LIST5
      vi. Save Locations .............................................. *LIST6
     vii. Enemies ..................................................... *LIST7
    viii. Arbour of Darkness Hints .................................... *LIST8
    7. F.A.Q.S. ....................................................... *FAQ
    8. Acknowledgements/Thanks ........................................ *ACK
    9. Legal Stuff/Contact ............................................ *CON
                              1.  I N T R O D U C T I O N....................*INTRO
    U S I N G  T H I S  G U I D E
    If you use this guide you will be able to:
    * Find all items.
    * Receive all 'secret' items.
    * Defeat the optional boss.
    * Choose whichever ending you wish.
    THERE ARE NO SPOILERS FOR THE STORY, but I have inserted some quotes from the
    scenes in the game. The reason for this is that sometimes particular words in
    the cut-scenes are difficult to catch, and there is no on-screen text. This
    gives you the option of checking out the details of the script, as you can use
    these phrases to reference my script FAQ for the game. (It is organised by
    Disc, and uses these short phrases or sentences as headings.)
    Although there is a game map, it is sometimes a little confusing, so I have
    added maps for each area which I hope will assist, both in finding your way
    around the monastery, and tracking down all the items.
    The Game Basics section contains details of how the game works, and you could
    just read this if you prefer to find your own way through the game, and don't
    require a step by step walkthrough.
    There are checklists for the Key Items you should have found by the end of
    each Disc, and for each room or area, in case you are missing something and
    don't know where to look for it. There is also a summary of the main puzzles
    and what you require to solve them, in the Lists section.
                              2.  G A M E  B A S I C S..................... *BASIC
       i. Controls
      ii. Menus
     iii. Saving and Loading the Game
      iv. Battle System
       v. Ability Points
      vi. Equipment and Weapons
     vii. Magic
    viii. Recovery Items
      ix. Characters
    i.  T H E  C O N T R O L S
    DualShock 2 analog controller configuration as shown in the game manual.
                         ____          |  |          ____
            L2 Button > /____/\        |  |        /\____\ < R2 Button
           L1 Button > /____/  \       |  |       /  \____\ < R1 Button
                      /         \______|__|______/      _  \
                     /  __                             /_\  \  Triangle Button
      Directional > |  _| |_    SELECT    START      __   _  |     Circle Button
       Buttons      | |_   _|                        |_| (_) | Square Button
                    |   |_|       ____ ANALOG ____           |      X Button
                    |            /    \      /    \    (X)   |
                    |           |      | __ |      |         |
                    |        /\  \____/ /  \ \____/ /\       |
                    \       /  \_______/    \______/  \      /
                     \_____/                           \____/
    Directional Buttons               - Moves cursor
    Triangle Button                   - Cancel commands
    O Button                          - Temporary Save
    Square Button                     - Not used
    X Button                          - Confirm commands
    START Button + SELECT Button      - Press together to reset the game
    START Button                      - Skip Movies
    Directional Buttons               - Moves cursor
    Triangle Button                   - Cancel commands
    O Button                          - Not used
    Square Button                     - Not used
    X Button                          - Confirm commands
    L1/R1                             - Change characters
    L2/R2                             - Ability Points Descriptions
    Directional Buttons               - Move characters
    Triangle Button                   - Cancel commands/Run
    O Button                          - Calls up the Menu window
    Square Button                     - Not used
    X Button                          - Search/Take items, Open doors, etc.
                                        Go up and down stairs/graded surfaces etc.
    Directional Buttons               - Moves cursor
    Triangle Button                   - Cancel commands
    O Button                          - Escape
    Square Button                     - Not used
    X Button                          - Confirm commands
    L1                                - Rotate Screen perspective left
    R1                                - Rotate Screen perspective right
    L2                                - Zoom-in
    R2                                - Zoom-out
    ii.  T H E  M E N U S
    Press O when in the field to call up the Menu Window. On this window, you can
    do various things.
    * HEAL
    Select a character that has a healing spell, and then select the character you
    want to heal. You must have sufficient MP to use the spell.
    * STATUS
    Check out the status of each character. You can use the L1 or R1 button to
    change to the next character. Use the directional buttons to scroll through the
    four status pages.
    - The ABILITY POINT page shows experience and all abilities.
    - The MAGIC page shows your attack and heal spells and their current level.
    - Another MAGIC screen page shows all the Fortify spells.
    - The WEAPON status page shows all weapon types and the current level.
     |     |                          |
     |CHAR | NAME: Koudelka           |
     |PICT |                Gun       | - Current equipment
     |     | Level          Ring      |
     |     |                          |
     |     | HP (Hit Points)          |
     |     | MP (Magic Points)        |
     |                                |
     | STR                INT         | - Shows current Ability Points. (This is
     | VIT                PIE         |   effected by equipment.)
     | DEX                MND         |
     | AGL                LUC         |
     |                                |
     | Exp. Points                    | - Shows current experience points and the
     |________________________________|   number needed to reach the next level.
    Use the Right or Left Directional buttons to change the subscreen and see the
    current status of the weapons and magic abilities. Press L2 or R2 to see the
    explanation of AP (Ability Points)
    Ability Points represent a character's physical and mental prowess. Some (rare)
    items raise AP when used, and there are also spells which, when used during
    combat, can temporarily raise a character's AP.
    [Combat]         [Magic]
    STR - Attack     INT - Power
    VIT - Defence    PIE - Resistance
    DEX - Accuracy   MND - Ability
          Speed            ???
    AGL - Movement   LUC - Fortune
    * EQUIP
    Select the EQUIP command to change or equip weapons, armour and accessories.
    Press L1 or R1 to change characters. You can also view the change to stats that
    the new equipment will make. Be aware that some equipment can DECREASE some
    stats, as well as increasing them. If you equip bare hands for a character,
    then you can check out the overall increases and decreases for each weapon
    against their default status.
    * ITEMS
    Select ITEMS to view your current item inventory. They are listed under four
    headings: Weapon
    You are only permitted to hold 50 in total. That's not a lot! It includes
    EVERYTHING: key items (which cannot be discarded), weapons, any equipment and
    all tools (usable things such as Pistol Rounds and healing items), although
    these are stored and counted in groups.
    You will be using this command a lot, if you intend to obtain the secret items
    in the game, since you must possess specific numbers of items. You can USE, and
    THROW AWAY items. If you use an item it will take effect immediately, and if
    you discard an item then it is gone forever! If you select the EXPLAIN command,
    you can also see more detailed descriptions for all items.
    * MAP
    Assuming you find the map to Nementon, you can view it using this command. Move
    the directional buttons up and down to change the floor. The red tick shows
    your current position. New areas will only appear on the map after you have
    accessed them, and then they will show a black tick. Doors that use coloured
    keys are also shown.
    Use this command to alter the position of your characters on the battle floor.
    Each one is represented by a chess piece, and you can place them forwards,
    closer to enemies, or on the back row, and further away. Take into account the
    weapons you are using, and the relative strengths of your team. Koudelka is
    usually on the back row in my game, since she has less HP, and uses long
    distance guns and magic. Edward will be further forwards, which allows him to
    protect Koudelka from physical attacks. You can change the setting at any time
    when in the field menu.
    Use X to select a chess piece, and the directional buttons to move them. The
    character whose portrait is displayed at the left of the screen will be the one
    whose piece is being moved. Don't place characters in a line beind each other,
    because this prevents a gun from being fired, as the forward person is in the
    * READ
    Letters and diaries that you obtain can be read using this command.
    You can alter the controller button setttings if you wish, and change the sound
    to stereo or mono, or add the DualShock function.
    iii.  S A V I N G  A N D  L O A D I N G
    The good news is that you can heal both HP and MP at the save points. The bad
    news is that there are very few Save Points, and nearly all of them require you
    to fight a boss BEFORE the Save Point is made available. To prevent disaster,
    make use of the Temporary Save Points: there are 30 of these, dotted around the
    place. You can have up to nine separate saves on one file, and you can use one
    of these as a temporary save.
    The game has this unique feature of Temporary Saves, as well as the normal
    permanent save locations. You can recognise these when you enter some rooms,
    and you see an "S" on screen. This will disappear if you move, but while
    it is on screen PRESS O (Circle), to make the save. Although you can only have
    ONE TEMPORARY SAVE, this will allow you to switch off the game and start again
    from that save. The save will remain on file, until you overwrite or delete it.
    Also be aware that the game comes on four discs, so this means changing discs
    three times, and there is not always a save at the point of the change. It's
    easy to forget, and press the wrong button by mistake. When you must change
    discs, a message will appear on the screen telling you to insert the next disc.
    Press the OPEN button on the console, inset the next disc, and close the lid
    (or disc tray if using a fat PS2). DO NOT PRESS THE RESET BUTTON OR POWER
    Just to let you know, that despite making many saves and reloading many times,
    I never had any glitches at all, despite the complications of having four
    discs. The game should run smoothly: at least, on the Playstation One.
    iv.  B A T T L E  S Y S T E M
    The battle system is turn-based with a strategic twist: and you can't speed it
    up, so be prepared for long, slow, battles.
    Select action and you will be shown a new Menu with four more options:
      - ATTACK
        Select the enemy you want to attack, using the cursor, and confirm using X
        to make a direct physical attack.
      - MAGIC
        Select the enemy you want to cast a spell on, using the cursor, and confirm
        using X to make a direct magic attack. If you want to use a status increase
        spell or healing spell, select your ally as the target. If you want to
        decrease the enemy's stats, then select the enmmy as the target for any
        Fortitude spell
      - ITEMS
        Select to use an item. Many items cannot be used during battle. If you are
        using a projectie weapon, and need to reload, then select the ammunition
        from the Item menu.
      - WEAPONS
        You can change weapons during a battle, but this uses up a turn. Use the
        cursor to select the weapon and the right directional button to check the
        attributes of the weapon. This is a very useful option if a weapon breaks
        or if you find you have the wrong elemental type for that particular enemy.
    2. MOVE
    This is where the strategy part kicks in, as you often have to move a character
    to get within striking distance of some enemies. When you choose this option
    the range of movement is shown on the battlefield, and you move the character
    using the directional buttons and cursor. Press X to confirm the move. You can
    move before, or after, making your attack or other action. You cannot move past
    the enemy, and the enemy cannot move past you.
    3. WAIT
    End of that character's turn. This can be a useful option, since the character
    that waits, will get another turn more quickly.
    4. STATUS
    Select to see current status of that character. This is useful if you want to
    check on how much MP is left, or their current HP, and equipment.
    5. ESCAPE
    Yes, you can escape from many battles, (not Bosses of course). Press CIRCLE
    (O), and then X to confirm the selection. Any character, no matter where they
    are positioned on the battlefield, can initiate the escape move for everyone.
    In fact this can be very useful, and indeed might be essential at some points
    of the game, and it has a high chance of success. If your first attempt fails,
    then try again with another character, and this will usually be successful.
    v.  A B I L I T Y  P O I N T S
    KOUDELKA is a little unusual in that you can decide how to "build" your three
    characters. When they level up, they each get 4 Bonus Ability Points, and it's
    up to you how you choose to distribute these. However, although in theory this
    means that you could make Koudelka your physical fighter, and Edward your magic
    user, in reality this would be a bad idea, since each person is already
    predisposed towards particular abilities.
    Increase strength for more power in physical combat. The higher this stat, the
    more damage your weapon or fists will do. If you don't intend to use weapons
    with someone, then don't raise this stat. Since Edward is likely to be your
    main attacker, this is one for him.
    This is crucial for everyone as Vitality raises HP. It also gives characters
    more resistance to physical attacks. Front row attackers need the highest
    vitality, but everyone needs as much HP as you can give them!
    This is the ability to land hits successfully, and is essential for physical
    attackers. Again, if someone isn't using weapons, then don't bother increasing
    this. However, anyone using direct attacks needs a balance between Strength and
    Dexterity, to ensure that their attacks don't miss the target, AND that they
    inflict as much damage as possible.
    Simple to understand, since agility effects speed in battle. (Given that
    battles are deathly slow you might hope that high agility would speed things up
    a bit. You'd be wrong!) High agility means that a character can attack more
    often during a battle. Raise agility for everyone as high as you can.
    This effects the power of all magic spells. Koudelka is potentially your most
    powerful mage, so this is an important stat to raise as high as possible for
    This is an odd one. Essentially piety is like vitality and raises MP, so this
    is important for your magic casters. However, it also has the effect of
    protecting the character (to some extent) from the effects of enemy magic. This
    resistance also applies to healing magic, so you will have trouble healing
    someone who has very high piety. Nonetheless, given the fact that a very high
    stat will prevent nearly all offensive magic damage, this might be a
    worthwhile trade-off. James has the highest piety to begin with.
    MND (MIND)
    This acts in the same way as dexterity, but for magic. High Mind will enable a
    spell caster to hit the target. Don't worry about this stat for Edward, unless
    you plan to use him to boost stats or heal, but ensure that Koudelka (and James
    too) have a balance between Intelligence and Mind.
    LUC (LUCK)
    Some players recommend not bothering with Luck at all, since it's hard to see
    what effects it has, and there are other more important stats to raise.
    However, I try to raise it if possible. The official Strategy Guide says that
    characters with higher luck are less likely to be targeted by enemy attacks
    and spells, and the Game Manual lists these benefits, and they should know!
    - "Influences the likelihood of encountering enemies, accuracy of attacks,
       effectiveness of defence, likelihood for escape, etc."
    I wonder too if it has an influence over enemy drops, especially the rare ones,
    and that "etc" is a little tantalising, but it's hard to confirm this, so don't
    take my word for it. However, this comment was seen on another site: Luck
    raises rare enemy drops by 0.4 and common enemy drops by 0.8% each time you
    add 1 point to it. (Thanks to Pyscho_Penguin, and NeoGaf forums)
    I can confirm that luck DOES influence obtaining rare items from enemy drops,
    thanks to madnessangel who emailed about this. To boost the chances of getting
    a rare drop, such as a Scroll from the Mars enemy, use the Fortify Luck spell
    on the character with the highest luck. Boost their luck about 6 times: that
    would take two rounds if every character used the Fortify Luck spell on that
    character. Then, kill the enemy with that character.
    vi.  E Q U I P M E N T  A N D  W E A P O N S
    All equipment has to be found, either in set locations, or from random enemy
    drops. There are no shops and this is the ONLY way to gain new equipment.
    Armour is VERY RARE, in fact I have beaten the game before, and only found one
    piece of armour, so it's not essential. You can find accessories more easily,
    and these are useful for boosting some stats, and protecting from some
    elemental magic attacks. You need to check the status screen to see the
    variable effects of the different equipment. There is one slot for Armour, and
    two for Accessories, for each character.
    The type of weapons you can find will vary for each game you play. Although
    this makes replaying more satisfying, it also means that I cannot predict
    exactly what you will get.
    However, it is not that simple, since weapons will break after a while, and the
    stronger the individual who uses them, the faster they break. Weapons have
    a nasty habit of breaking in the middle of a tough battle, but you can replace
    a weapon, even though it takes up one turn. One way to guard against this being
    a nuisance is to train Edward with bare fists, so he does not have to rely on
    equipped weapons. Actually this is not as much of a problem as you might think.
    Weapons are easy to find, and I usually find that I have too many, rather than
    too few. Guns and Crossbows do not break, but they need their ammunition to be
    When equipping a new weapon, check the type, as well as the properties, because
    you need to raise the proficiency level of weapons to make them more effective.
    At level one, a weapon will inflict just one hit on an enemy, at level two, two
    hits, and at level three (the maximum) it will hit three times. If a weapon
    breaks, the accumulated skill level is passed onto a weapon of the same type.
    In other words, it's the character's skill level with that weapon that
    increases, not the weapon itself. You can see the current level of skill, and
    the number of points needed to raise the level, on the status screen.
    The TEN basic types are:
    SHORT RANGE    | Must be close to the enemy to attack
    FIST           | Knuckles, Claws, and Cat's Eyes.
    CLUB           | Clubs, Pipes, Hammers, Mace, Rod and Daniel's Cross
    KNIFE          | Knives, Daggers and Dirks.
    SWORD          | Rapiers and Sabers
    DOUBLE SWORD   | B Sword, L Sword, Scimitar, Galahad (All two-handed)
    AXE            | Axe, B Axe, W Axe, Ogden's Axe (All two-handed)
    GLOVE          | Barbella, Patah
    MEDIUM RANGE   | Must be one square away to attack
    SPEAR          | Spear, Partisan Spear, Lance, Glaive, Evil Horn (All
                   | two-handed)
    LONG RANGE     | Can attack from a distance. Requires bullets or arrows.
    RIFLE          | Rifle, Shotgun, Crossbow (All two-handed)
    PISTOL         | Automatic Pistol, SA Pistol, DA Pistol
    Double handed weapons are more powerful, but less accurate, than single handed
    Some enemies require a particular type of element to target their weaknesses,
    and a number of weapons possess elemental strengths. Ensure you are using the
    correct one for the circumstances, or you may find that your attack is not
    effective. As well as the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire, weapons
    may have one of these properties:
    VITAL weapons:   will heal the bearer, so these are very useful to hang on to!
    MYSTIC weapons:  only attack MP and heal your own for the same amount.
    DARK weapons:    will heal Zombie enemies.
    LIGHT weapons:   will heal many enemies, but hurt Zombie ones.
    FIRE IRON AXE:   inflicts poison.
    NORMAL KNUCKLES: will inflict poison, even on bosses.
    CAT'S EYE:       knuckles that respond to the user's magic level. This is a
                     very effective weapon for Koudelka.
    Different weapons will also effect the character's overall status in different
    ways. Some will raise Strength, for example, or lower Intelligence. The same
    applies to armour and accessories, so choose the best ones for the way you use
    that character.
    vii.  M A G I C
    Everyone can use magic, but with higher Intelligence and Mind statistics, the
    magic is more effective. More spells become available when certain boss
    enemies have been defeated.
    The aim is to level up your spells as soon as possible, and for this you must
    USE the spells multiple times during battles. However, you can use the Heal
    spell from the menu screen, and you will gain the points for experience in that
    spell, which helps a little. The Heal spell and all the Fortify spells are
    default, but Revive and Reflect are learned after defeating a boss. All the
    Fortify spells will have the reverse effect, if used on an enemy. In other
    words, they will DECREASE that ability. These spells increase (or decrease) the
    ability by 3 points for level 1, 6 for level 2 and 9 for level 3.
    Each attack spell requires 1000 points to level it up to the next level: that
    means 25 uses! A level one spell targets one enemy. A level two spell targets
    enemies on the adjoining squares of the grid. A level three spell hits all
    enemies on all squares that are up to two away from the target. New attack
    spells are "found" after defeating a boss. This is the ONLY way to get these
    additional spells.
    HEAL/BOOST  | LV 1 | LV 2 | LV 3 | EFFECT             | LEVEL UP POINTS PER USE
    HEAL        |   6  |  12  |  24  | Restores HP        | 30 points
    REVIVE      |  18  |  36  |  72  | Restores life in   | 90 points
                |      |      |      | battle (+ some HP) |
    REFLECT     |  18  |  36  |  72  | Reflects magic     | 180 points
                |      |      |      | to caster          |
    FORTIFY STR |   8  |  16  |  32  | Boost Strength     | 80 points
    FORTIFY VIT |   8  |  16  |  32  | Boost Vitality     | 80 points
    FORTIFY DEX |   8  |  16  |  32  | Boost Dexterity    | 80 points
    FORTIFY AGL |   8  |  16  |  32  | Boost Agility      | 80 points
    FORTIFY PIE |   8  |  16  |  32  | Boost Piety        | 80 points
    FORTIFY MND |   8  |  16  |  32  | Boost Mind         | 80 points
    FORTIFY LUC |   8  |  16  |  32  | Boost Luck         | 80 points
    ATTACK      | LV 1 | LV 2 | LV 3 | EFFECT             | LEVEL UP POINTS PER USE
    FLARE       |   8  |  16  |  32  | Fire attack spell  | All 40 points
    GEYSER      |   8  |  16  |  32  | Water attack spell |
    TORNADO     |   8  |  16  |  32  | Wind attack spell  |
    MEGALITH    |   8  |  16  |  32  | Earth attack spell |
    viii.  R E C O V E R Y  I T E M S
    There are very few items, although you can find quite a number of some kinds,
    either in set locations or from enemy drops. Roman Nuts and Elixirs are the
    most valuable, and Whiskeys are very useful earlier in the game before you have
    a revive spell. Any bad status effects, such as poison, paralysis, or silence,
    will disappear at the end of a battle.
    NAME        | EFFECT
    Antidote    | Cures Poison
    Bread       | Heals 150 HP
    Cheese      | Heals 250 HP
    Dried Food  | Heal 350 HP
    Potion      | Heals 500 HP
    High Potion | Heals 1,500 HP
    Telis       | Restores 40 MP (Listel in the NTSC game)
    High Telis  | Restores 100 MP (High Listel in the NTSC game)
    Roman Nuts  | Restores all HP and MP and restores consciousness
    Elixir      | Restores All HP and MP
    Whiskey     | Heals 50 HP and restores consciousness
    Panacea     | Cures bad status effects
    ix.  T H E  C H A R A C T E R S
    I am reluctant to say too much about the characters, as I think this spoils the
    surprise of who you might find, and what you might learn about them. However, I
    will tell you that there are three party members: Koudelka and Edward, both of
    whom you meet within the first few minutes, and James is the third member of
    your team, who joins a little later. Obviously there are more characters in
    this story than just these three, but you can discover who they are as you play
    the game.
    All party members join at Level 1, and you only need 100 experience points to
    reach the next level. After this, the amount required increases level by level.
    | LEVEL 1      | KOUDELKA | EDWARD   | JAMES    |
    | DEFAULT HP   | 169      | 258      | 225      |
    | DEFAULT MP   |  22      |   8      |  40      |
    | STRENGTH     |  13      |  16      |  14      |
    | VITALITY     |  13      |  16      |  15      |
    | DEXTERITY    |  10      |  13      |  14      |
    | AGILITY      |   7      |  11      |   7      |
    | INTELLIGENCE |  16      |   8      |  14      |
    | PIETY        |  16      |   9      |  15      |
    | MIND         |  13      |   9      |  14      |
    | LUCK         |  11      |  15      |   7      |
    Although stats will increase as each new level is reached, you can build you
    characters as you wish, by allocating 4 Bonus Ability Points at each level. It
    makes sense to build on everyone's inherent strengths, and perhaps to
    compensate a little for any weakness.
    EDWARD: Increase his Agility from the start, and build up his Strength,
    Vitality and Dexterity. He needs some protection from magic, so also increase
    his Piety. He starts with high Luck, so keep adding some points to this.
    KOUDELKA: Increase her Agility from the start, and concentrate on her
    Intelligence, Mind and Piety. Vitality will help and Luck may be important for
    her too, so she can survive attacks, and so she is not always the main target
    for enemies. Her HP will rise slowly, so she is always going to be vulnerable
    to direct physical attacks. However, she will be your best magic attacker.
    JAMES: Increase his Agility from the start, and then it's your choice how to
    develop his skills. He can be an all-rounder, with both good magic and physical
    attack skills, or built as fighter (with good protection from magic), or as a
    magic caster (with good HP). I tend to use him as the healer and booster.
    In fact, you CAN build your characters in many different ways, and this is one
    way to have more fun with the game on a second or third playthrough. You can
    also increase different stats at different stages of the game. For example, at
    the start you might want to concentrate on just a couple. This time I went for
    agility, rather than any other stat. I also boosted PIE for Koudelka, so she
    had enough MP for longer battles, and VIT for Edward, so he would be a complete
    tank. This seemed to be a good choice. They often had two attacks to the
    enemies' one, and I reckon this compensated for the lower strength and magic. I
    also used the Pistol with Koudelka right from the start, so she quickly got two
    shots for each attack.
    Sometimes you might find that HP is too low to survive a boss attack. If this
    is so, you can fight a a couple of battles and add the points ONLY to VIT. You
    may want to boost sone stats if spells are missing the target, (MND is too
    low), or you want more MP for spells (boost PIE). Fortunately it is easy to
    increase levels fast, and so you can always compensate, if you think a
    particular stat is not high enough.
                            3.  H I N T S  A N D  T I P S  ................. *TIPS
    There are some useful hints in the manual, which I've added to this list.
    - When entering a new area keep a watch on Koudelka, as she will gaze at
      "suspicious" locations, which may hide items or weapons. Search the dark
    - There is a time lag between starting to chant a spell and activating it.
      Protect vulnerable magic casters by placing them on the back row of the
      battle formation. (In practice this means putting Koudelka on the back row.)
    - You can always restore HP and MP at already activated Save Points, but first
      you have to defeat a powerful boss (and you cannot heal at a temporary save
      point). Use these to save on precious healing items. You can use the Heal
      spell directly from the menu screen at any time, and this will count towards
      levelling it up.
    - If MP is low and there is a boss fight approaching, then fight some ordinary
      battles until that character levels up and gets a full heal, or make use of a
      Mystic weapon for a while, which will heal MP.
    - Fight lots of random battles to find the best equipment and most useful
      items. Enemy drops are rare, so keep trying if you want to find the good
      stuff, especially armour, rings, and elixirs. Boost luck with the Fortify
      spell to increase the chances of getting rare items.
    - Concentrate on raising the levels of a few weapons and spells. You do not
      have to use all weapons. Discard duplicates and any you don't want.
    - Read the information about your items from the Menu Screen for clues about
      what to do with them. This can help in solving some puzzles.
    - Guns (and other projectile weapons) require reloading, and this will take up
      a turn during a battle, so make sure to check up on ammunition when in the
    - Whenever you do get a new weapon it will be added to the bottom of your list
      of weapons, so it is easy enough to check it out. Generally, the weapons that
      enemies drop later in the game, will be better and stronger.
    - During a battle, you can see the Status for any character when it is their
      turn. This will show their current Ability Points' table. Press the down
      directional button and you can view their current equipment, maximum HP and
      MP, and the level of their equipped weapon type.
    - The closer a magic user is to the enemy, the more damage their attack will
      do. However, this also works the other way around. The further away, the less
      damage the enemy can do to you!
                 4.   T  H  E    W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H  .......... *WALK
    Each room or area is listed according to the numbering on the small map that
    precedes most sections. This makes it easier to find the precise room you
    might want help with, so you don't have to spoil everything, or waste time
    searching a load of text you don't need to read.
    You can search for and find a section, by using the number for the Disc and
    then the letter for the area. Then, look at the map to find the number for the
    room or part of the map you want. A list of all the mapped areas is given
    again, at the start of each Disc.
    DISC ONE   = 1
    A. Attics Area
    B. Caretakers' Quarters and Kitchen
    C. Jail Cells
    D. Priest's Quarters
    DISC TWO   = 2
    E. Dungeon to Shrine
    F. Underground Storage
    G. Holy Water Font and Hall (Ground Floor)
    H. Hall (Second Floor)
    I  Red Key Door
    J. Library and Print Room
    K. Route to Nave
    DISC THREE = 3
    L. Inner Grounds (Arbour)
    M. From Torture to Grave
    N. From Grave to Print Room
    O. Charlotte's Cell
    P. Patrick's Quarters
    Q. The Church
    DISC FOUR  = 4
    R. Preparation
    S. The Sanctuary
    T. The Tower
    D I S C  O N E........................................................ *DISC/1
    A. Attics Area
    B. Caretakers' Quarters and Kitchen
    C. Jail Cells
    D. Priest's Quarters
    The game begins with a short FMV. I suggest doing nothing when you are asked to
    press START, and you'll get to watch it again. Okay the graphics might not be
    the very best, but for an PS1 game this is lovely stuff, and the music is
    awesome. Soak in the atmosphere!
    After selecting START, you now have the option to adjust settings. You might as
    well select "Vibration On" for those extra shivers, and change the controls if
    you wish. Although, I stick with the default ones. Note that Triangle is RUN,
    Circle brings up the manu and is used for TEMPORARY SAVES, and X is LOOK (the
    generic "action" button.) Square is not used. Then, select NEW GAME to start
    your adventure!
    If you want to skip the scenes completely, then press START on your controller.
    T I M E  C H E C K  : If you want to get the first of the secret items, and
                          make a permanent save before you do, then you need to
                          reach The Courtyard Garden (B5) within an hour of
                          starting the game.
    1A.  A T T I C S  A R E A
    DX  = Locked Door
    D   = Door
    TSP = Temporary Save Point
                                  /   |
                                 /    |__
                                /___    |
                                   |    |
                                   |    |
                                   | 7  |
                                   |    |
                                   |TSP |
                                   |    |
     DX           |               |    \
     |  2         |  1  Attic     |  6  \
     |     TSP    D    (Start)    | Hen  \
     |__D_________|_______________| House |
     |      D  __________D        D ______|
     |  3   |4 |         |  5     |/
     |      |  | Stairs  |        |
    A1. Getting out of the Attic
    "Too early Angel. I'm not dead yet".
    Enemies: Bugs
    Items:   Gun
    Boss: Werewolf
    Our heroine arrives at her destination and enters via an attic window. However,
    she drops her pendant while on the roof. After another scene, the man in the
    room throws Koudelka a gun, and she must fight the Werewolf enemy alone. YAY,
    first battle!
    |  B O S S  -  W E R E W O L F    HP 300 ? |
    REWARDS: (variable) Pistol Rounds 20/Potion/High Telis (High Listel in the
             NTSC game) and FLARE SPELL LEARNED.
    All you need to do is shoot it on each turn until it dies.
    Here's some more detail if you want to familiarise yourself with the battle
    system. You'll see that Koudelka has the option of using magic or the gun, but
    she has no attack spells. Select Status and you can view all Koudelka's current
    stats. Press X on this screen and you are shown her current equipment: SA
    Select ACTION and you could change her weapon back to the knife she first used
    against the creature, or even choose bare fists. Not a good plan! Just use the
    Pistol and shoot. One shot will inflict anything between 59 and 110 HP damage.
    After her action is completed, you can then move. You will then see the range
    of movement on the battle floor. This flashes with a blue light. Move to one or
    other of the corners to avoid a direct attack from the enemy. You can also move
    at the start of your turn, and then attack.
    If he cannot reach her, he might do some magic and raise his AP by 10. His
    range is four squares and if he gets close he will wallop Koudelka for around
    25-30 HP damage. That's not too much of a problem, but beware of being pushed
    to the back of the battlefield. A direct shot on him from one square away will
    force him back one square, and this will enable Koudelka to move to the far
    side of the area. You may also find that you get two turns to his one which
    helps! It will take 3,4 or 5 shots from the Pistol to kill him. I don't bother
    to heal, as he cannot hurt you that much before you will have killed him.
    This battle is arranged to ensure that you can't really lose so long as you
    keep firing. After the battle, Koudelka will learn the Flare spell and obtain a
    couple of Potions or Pistol Rounds. Not all enemies are so generous, but many
    do drop useful stuff. However, this can be awkward later on as your inventory
    is restricted. You get 62 experience points and that means it's only another 38
    to the next level: every level requires just 100 points.
    Be careful not to go off exploring this room on your own, as there are more
    enemies in here! Though you could kill a couple of bugs and get a level raise
    for Koudelka, it's best play safe and just find Edward. Anyway, there is
    nothing to find in this room.
    Move to the left to find the man sheltering in the doorway and talk to him to
    trigger a scene, and complete this section of the game. You now have an ally,
    Edward, and you can leave this room through the door. Before proceeding change
    the formation to put Edward at the front of the battlefield and keep Koudelka
    at the back. Heal Koudelka, and equip Edward with the Knife, or have him use
    his bare hands.
    A2. Exploring the Attic
    Enemies: Bug (Bread), Suck (Panacea), Armoured
    Items:   Potion
    You are now in a small room, and the first thing to do is to make a Temporary
    Save. If you want to make a save again exit the room and re-enter to trigger
    the [S] message. These save points are crucial if you want to keep an eye on
    the game clock, so you can plan for the "secret" items. You will soon level up
    Koudelka after one or two battles, so make sure to distribute the Bonus Points
    intelligently! Press R2 for more details about each ability in case you forget.
    To add the point select one of the stats, and press X to add one point or more.
    When you are done, you are asked to confirm or cancel the choice, so you can
    rethink if you wish.
    If you use the Pistol as a weapon keep adding more bullets: select:
    Items/Tool/Pistol Rounds/Use/Target.
    Pick up the red shining item just to Koudelka's right, from where you entered
    the room: this is a POTION. You can see another door at the top left of the
    room, but this is locked. However there is also another door next to the lamp
    at the bottom of the screen, so enter this, and you will be in yet another
    storage type room. There is a door to the right, which leads to a large hallway
    and some stairs, but leave this for now.
    NOTE: You might even run into the Armoured enemy here. It can use a weak spell,
    but just keep Edward up close to it and he should withstand its sword attacks.
    It might drop a very useful piece of armour.
    A3. Ladder to Attic Room
    Enemies:  Bug (Bread), Suck (Panacea) Joker (Knife) Evil Tables and Evil
              Chairs, Inverse
    Items:    Pistol Rounds, Bread.
    Get the item, [PISTOL ROUNDS], on the ledge at the top of the small flight of
    steps, and then climb the ladder up to another larger attic room. You need to
    press X in order to climb the steps: just position Koudelka at the bottom of
    the steps and she will walk all the way up.
    In this new room, just to the left of the opening, there is a small barrel,
    with the key item [MONASTERY MAP]. The Map option will now appear on the main
    menu, and if you look at this it will show your current location with a glowing
    red tick. The map is essential to help you keep track of your location,
    although it will only show details for the rooms once you have explored them.
    Walk forwards up the step, and the screen will change. Walk to the far side of
    the large table and pick up some [BREAD]. That's all there is in here, so after
    collecting these two items return back down the ladder and through the door to
    the right. This takes you to the main corridor of the second floor.
    By this time both characters should have a level up and if you add to agility
    for Koudelka (even just one point) that will give her a good chance of making
    two attacks to the enemy's one. Boosting Edward's strength and vitality starts
    the process of making him an attacking tank!
    NOTE: In a recent game I met the powerful Inverse enemy in the ladder room. If
    that occurs you need to be very careful. He will always target Koudelka and
    each shot does anything up to 75 points of damage. Heal Koudelka on every round
    using her Heal spell. (Edward has a weak Heal capability and his spell will
    only heal her for around 25-30 points.) This enemy drops an Axe and you'll
    be very fortunate to obtain one early on. Equip it to Edward, at least, so long
    as it's not a Mystic Axe which just attacks an enemy's MP and recovers your
    own (although you can use the axe, or any other Mystic weapon for this purpose
    from time to time.)
    A4. The Second Floor - First Visit
    Enemies: Face Bird (in Corridor), Armour, Sham (Whiskey), Puppet, Shadow Wisp
    Items:   Dirk, Telis (Listel in the NTSC game) Pistol Rounds
    Walk down the corridor and click X on the first picture to get the [DIRK]. The
    type of weapon varies a bit, (could be Mystic - MP drain, or Air - Wind
    Element, or Light) but there is always something there. You could use the TSP
    to reload and find something better if you like.
    You can explore further, going through the door to rooms 5, 6 and 7 as marked
    on my map. Continue down this corridor and find a [TELIS] on the floor when you
    go through the door. Then enter the door to the outside room with chicken
    feathers on the ground. There are [PISTOL ROUNDS] if you click on the door to
    the shed. There is a door to the right of the shed that leads to a wide and
    long Corridor, and another TEMPORARY SAVE POINT. You can reach the far end of
    this corridor, and enter a small hallway, where a door to the right cannot be
    opened. (It's being held shut by some mysterious force.)
    Fight some enemies here if you want to raise levels and accumulate some dropped
    weapons. Then, head down the stairs and again, engage in a few battles as there
    is a useful enemy here, the dark blue ghost type creature (the Shadow Wisp),
    who may drop RAGS. This may not sound very useful, but in fact it is armour,
    and you may find that this is all you ever find, so it's worth while getting at
    least one if you can.
    1B.  C A R E T A K E R ' S  Q U A R T E R S  A N D  K I T C H E N
    SP1 = Save Point (and healing)
     |            |               D    \
     |  1         |  2            |  3  \
     | Caretakers |      Kitchen  |      \
     |   ______D__|___D__________D| Well  \
     |   |  |  __________|        |________\
     |___D  |  |         |  4     |
     |      |  | Stairs  | Workshp|
                       |    5 SP1 |
                       | Herb Gdn |
    B1. The Caretakers Room
    "Have you two been together long?"
    Enemies: None
    Items:   Pistol Rounds
    When you've had enough fighting, (I usually go back up to the TSP to make a
    quick save first), head down the stairs and then open the first door in the
    ground floor corridor, and you will meet Bessie and Ogden Hartman, the
    Now, you CAN in fact go ahead into the kitchen before meeting them, pick up
    better weapons for Edward, and explore all the rooms in this corner, including
    the Herb Garden, but to progress the story you must meet the Caretakers.
    After a scene, and the gift of some [PISTOL ROUNDS] you will be back in the
    corridor again, and the door to their quarters is now locked. (You cannot get
    access to the other room in here during this visit, and you will have to wait
    until later in the game, to find a key.) For now, continue up the corridor and
    through the door at the left at the far end, into the kitchen.
    B2. The Kitchen
    "If the soup wasn't poisoned then I would have had some"
    Enemies: Left Hand, Shadow Wisp, Evil Table and Evil Chairs
    Items:   Knife, Cheese
    There is another scene here, and after it is completed you are free to explore
    this area. There is a [KNIFE] on the table, so pick this up and then walk to
    the right, The screen will change again and you can pick up some [CHEESE] from
    the bench. Ignore the the door to the right, for now. (This leads to the
    workshop.) Instead, walk left from this door, there is another one leading to
    the well area. The camera angle is odd in the kitchen, and it can be confusing
    to find your bearings.
    B3. The Well
    Enemies: Left Hand, Shadow Wisp
    Items:   Panacea
    INFO : Well
    Walk down the steps and then forwards, to the large rock at the right. The item
    [PANACEA] can be found here. This item heals all status effects. Check out the
    well for some information about an underground room. That's it for this room.
    (I always find it awkward to leave this room...you have to press the down
    directional button when you are close to the door, in order to get in front of
    it, to open it.)
    B4. The Workshop
    Enemies: Left Hand, Shadow Wisp,
    Items:   Pipe, Telis, (Listel in the NTSC game) Hammer
    Now, return to the kitchen and find the other door that leads to this workshop.
    If you start from the entrance, and keep going to the right, you'll find the
    door. In here you can find some handy weapons for Edward.
    Go down the two steps, (you need to take each one in turn...yeah, don't moan,
    that's just the way it is.) Walk down the screen and pick up [TELIS] from the
    table. There is a handy [HAMMER] sitting on the bench at the bottom of the
    screen. Then, walk right where you will find a [PIPE] lying on the ground. With
    a bit of luck one of these weapons will be Earth element.
    B5. Herb Garden
    "It wasn't the kind of problem that faith alone could solve."
    Enemies:  Bugs
    Items:    None
    Boss:     Giant Plant
    After finding everything, you might want to retrace your steps back upstairs to
    the TSP and make a save, since there is still nowhere else to save as yet, and
    you wouldn't want to lose all this progress if things suddenly take a turn for
    the worse... I'd suggest that you should have Koudelka with her Flare spell at
    level 2 and both of them at level 4 for this fight, though you can win at
    level 3, relying on Edward's Hammer to inflict the most damage.
    Anyhow, when you are ready, making sure both allies are at full health and with
    the best equipment you have found so far, open the door at the far side of the
    workshop. This leads into the courtyard and an injured man. You can't do
    anything about him just yet, although it's not that obvious why, until you
    start to explore the room. Then there will be a battle with a previously
    invisible large plant.
    |  B O S S  -  G I A N T  P L A N T   1100 HP ? |
    Use fire against this monster and keep healing both if necessary. The Plant can
    inflict poison so be careful of your HP. It also uses a magic attack that will
    do around 60/70 HP damage to Edward. He should hit it with a Hammer or the Pipe
    that you found in the Workshop. The Hammer will do around 200 damage depending
    on levels and your use of Bonus Points.
    After winning the battle, walk back and talk to a grumpy and ungrateful James
    O'Flaherty. After some bickering he decides to join the party. You now have
    your three permanent party members who will be with you for the rest of the
    James revives the Water Font in the garden and this will heal everyone, and you
    can make your first permanent save. This is a good point at which to take
    stock, and make a few decisions about how you plan to use everyone. Since
    Koudelka is obviously strong on magic, and Edward strong on physical attacks,
    you will probably have already added points accordingly, but James can go
    either way, or indeed both. Note that he has high PIETY which means he is more
    resistant to magic attacks. It's completely up to you how you decide to "grow"
    your characters.
    Since there is a healing place nearby, this is a good time to fight a few
    battles and raise James' level, and maybe raise the levels of a couple of
    spells and weapon types before moving on. Don't bother fighting in the Herb
    Garden, if you are hoping for some useful equipment, because you will
    only find Bugs.
    1:11:11 - BESSY'S RING (accessory)
    10, 21, 32 or 43 ITEMS
    T I M E  C H E C K  : If you want to get the second of the secret items, and
                          make a permanent save before you do, then you need to
                          reach The Priest's Chapel (D2) within two hours of
                          starting the game.
    1C.  J A I L  C E L L S
      |  5    |              |
      |_______|              |
      |Ladder |______________|
      |  2      TSP          |
      |     |     |     |    |
      |  4  D Jail  3   |    |___
      |_____|_____|_____|___     |
                           \  1  |
                            | TSP|
                            |    |
    C1. Exploring Upstairs
    "Why don't you ask the bullets who is being ridiculous?"
    Enemies: Armours (drop armour if you're lucky), Shadow Wisp (Rags), Face Birds,
    Items:   Pistol Rounds
    Boss:    Jewel Eyes
    From the Herb Garden, walk all the back to the upstairs corridor - through the
    workshop to the kitchen, down the stairs and back past the caretakers' room
    (still locked) and up the stairs. Now you can carry on though the door and find
    yourself in a messy area with a locked gate and a hen house. Pick up the
    [PISTOL ROUNDS] from the hen house, (if you haven't explored here already) and
    then continue through the door.
    You can make another temporary save in this corridor, and then continue along
    the darkened passage for a few steps, until a major argument breaks out. (It
    always seemed strange to me, that the two men had both been close to death and
    are still trapped inside a huge and creepy monastery, and yet have the energy
    to argue about poetry and theology. If this kind of thing bothers you too,
    there's a lot more of it.} However, this time the row is cut short.
    After the scene carry on up the passage and into a small open hallway. Attempt
    to open the door to the right, and you will be attacked by three rather vicious
    |  B O S S  -  J E W E L  E Y E S    |
    Reward: Learned the TORNADO SPELL.
    POSSIBLE: Iron Axe, Rapier, J Ring
    LEVELS: level 4 and 3
    There are three of these (called Viewers in the Brady Guide) and each one is
    coloured according to its elemental strength. So BLUE is WATER, GREEN is WIND
    and RED is FIRE. This is the way to win, by targeting them one by one and using
    spells against their weaknesses. Start with blue one, since you are likely to
    have the Flare spell at a higher level than the others. Beware that they are
    may do the same and target one person - Koudelka, so make sure that James keeps
    her healed. Then go for the RED one with the Geyser water spell and finally the
    GREEN one. Use Earth based weapons against this one if you have any. OR start
    with green since it has less HP than the others.
    They all target Koudelka with their spells and can silence her, which is
    annoying. If one is badly damaged it might hide behind another, which is fine
    for spells, but not so good if your spell casters have been silenced. One spell
    from Red hurt Edward for over 120 HP. Blue can heal the others. Silence will
    wear off after a couple of rounds. Use James to heal if necessary.
    After the battle is over, open the door into a corridor, and walk through. If
    you want to make another Temporary Save, then return to the previous area.
    Koudelka at level 4, with 29 piety, took no damage from their spells. (She had
    Bessy's Ring, which helped.)
    C2. Jail Corridor and Jail Cell
    Enemies:  Zombie Dog, Left Hand, Skeletons, Zombies
    Items:    Telis (Listel in the NTSC game)
    You are now in a long and rough walled corridor. If you walk down the corridor
    there will be a scene. But you'll find that you cannot progress any further, so
    you'll just have to turn around and walk back. Instead, enter the next door to
    the left from where you entered, and you are now in a jail cell. Pick up the
    item on the floor: a [TELIS], and walk to the left to find a locked chest (with
    a 4-digit padlock). You can't open this yet, but will return here after the
    next Save Point.
    C3. Bedroom and Rope Ladder
    "Go to hell!"
    Enemies: -
    Items:   Rope Ladder
    Continue left and through the door into a furnished room for another FMV. When
    this ends check out the wardrobe, to the right of the door, for a boss battle.
    |  B O S S  -  M U M M Y  B R I D E  1500 HP ?  |
    Reward : You learn the MEGALITH SPELL.
    POSSIBLE: Ring.
    Okay, she falls out of the cupboard, and the effect is completely lost because
    of the message telling you that is what's happening. Anyway, fight her and
    after the battle you get the MEGALITH SPELL (Earth).
    She's dead, so you can utilise that old trick of using HEALING spells on her,
    or Light weapons if you have any, but DON'T use Dark weapons as they will heal
    her. Also, beware her silencing spells. In fact, everyone could use heal on
    her, and since I like to allow anyone to heal, this is a good tactic,
    especially if you've built up Heal to level 2. Alternatively, with Koudelka,
    you can use Tornado or Flare against her. Don't use guns for this battle. Her
    magic will only really damage Edward, but his HP should be high enough by this
    stage, to withstand these attacks, if you have boosted his Vitality a bit. A
    weapon such as the Fire Axe, that can inflict poison on an enemy, will also be
    effective on her. At level 4/5 this is an easy battle to win.
    Now, look inside the wardrobe again and you will find a [ROPE LADDER].
    C4. The Ghost
    "A Ghost?"
    Enemies: Zombies, Zombie Dogs
    Items:   None
    Leave the room by the only door, and walk back through the Jail Cell, to return
    to the main corridor. Make a save again here, and head left, for another scene.
    Now, walk forwards to the broken edge of the floor, and you will get a message
    prompting the use of the Rope Ladder. This allows you to climb down to the
    ground floor. (Don't worry about all these complicated routes, you will find an
    easier way later on.)
    1D.  P R I E S T ' S  Q U A R T E R S
    SP2 = Save Point (and healing)
      |       |Priest| Quart |
      |  1    | 2 SP2|  3    |
      |       |__D___|_______|
      |                      |
      |                      |
      |     |     |          |/
      |     |_____D          /
    D1. Ladder and Corridor
    Enemies: -
    Items:   Pistol Rounds
    Walk up past the ladder and then left. Now you are in a corridor, and you will
    see a blue lit door. First of all, walk past this, towards the end of the
    passage, and investigate the mess on the floor at the right, where you can find
    some [PISTOL ROUNDS].
    D2. Priest's Quarters
    "You better keep your mouth shut. If you want to live."
    Enemies:  Bugs
    Items:    None
    Enter the door and, of course, something's not right! Make sure everyone is at
    full health. After finding the key item [RED GLASS PART], lying on the floor to
    the left, check out the altar, and there will be a tough battle with three
    doppelgangers of the party.
    NOTE: if you are aiming to do the 21 items timed secret item, then you might
    want to check your total first, before using or picking up the red glass part,
    |  B O S S  -  T H R E E  C L O N E S  1220 HP each ?? |
    Reward: ICON"S EARRING (High Potion 1 or 2, Panacea x4/5)
            You learn the REVIVE SPELL.
    Three enemies face you, each of whom has the skills of your party. What this
    means is that clone Koudelka will cast attack spells, Edward can attack and
    James does anything he likes, though in fact he will only use spells. Don't let
    Edward Clone get close to Koudelka, as she is weak to his physical attacks.
    The James Clone will move to a corner where he will attack with spells. He uses
    Megalith mostly and these mostly miss or do very little damage. Ignore him to
    start with, and even though he can use healing spells, he tends only to do on
    himself. The Edward clone is no problem to the real Edward, since he is only
    using fists. But the clone Koudelka, who is the centre figure, is the greatest
    threat. Her spells will work well, and she can inflict a LOT of damage on
    Edward, and use higher level spells, so make sure to keep healing him.
    Koudelka Clone will move forwards on the battlefield, so you can hit her with
    Edward, as well as using spells against her. However, sometimes she will be
    pushed back a square if attacked physically and then be protected by Edward
    Clone. Other strategies include using a weapon that poisons them, or a Mystic
    one which will deplete MP. Keep up the pressure on the clones to move then
    back whenever you can  When you have defeated the other two, move Edward to
    attack James.
    After the battle you'll get the ICON EARRINGS, a key item, and the Revive spell
    is finally unlocked. Walk forwards, and you can save your game at the Altar.
    Walk forwards again, and inspect the stained glass. You are invited to rub
    something red on the glass to make out the letters, and will automatically use
    the Red Glass Part you just got. This will reveal the four digit code for the
    locked chest back on the previous floor.(Code: 7038). You will also get a scene
    as you move towards the other door.
    After this battle everyone should be at around level 6, and you will probably
    have Flare at level 2, for Koudelka, and Edward should have a weapon at level
    2, as well.
    NOTE: I fought this battle a few times to check up on a rumour, that you won't
    get the Revive spell if you kill them in the wrong order. I got the spell every
    time, so I don't think the order matters. However, if your levels are less than
    level 6 for everyone, it seems that the HP of the enemies is less.
    The game nicely reminds you that this is the solution for the locked chest you
    saw on the previous floor. You need to backtrack to open the locked chest. This
    involves leaving the priest's room and climbing back up the ladder, and then
    entering the room off the long corridor, and walking left to find the chest.
    The locked chest gives up some secrets, as you will find the Guard's
    Diary. You can only see this if you use the READ command from the main menu.
    Finally, return to the Priest's Quarters and save again before going
    further. You are now close to the end of the First Disc.
    2.22.22. OGDEN'S SHIRT  (Rags type armour)
    10, 21, 32 or 43 ITEMS
    Likely to have around 21 items by this point.
    T I M E  C H E C K  : If you want to get the third of the secret items, and
                          make a permanent save before you do, you need to reach
                          The Shrine (E5) within three hours of starting the game.
    D3. Priest's Bedroom
    "Did you find anything"
    Enemies: None
    Items:   None
    After checking everything and saving, enter the door to the right of the Altar,
    and walk to the right for another scene. This leads directly to the next disc.
    E N D  O F  D I S C  O N E  R E V I E W
    RED GLASS - one of five glass pieces you need
    ICON'S NECKLACE - essential
    ICON EARRING - essential
    D I S C  T W O ........................................................ *DISC/2
    E. Dungeon to Shrine
    F. Underground Storage
    G. Holy Water Font and Hall (Ground Floor)
    H. Hall (First Floor)
    I  Red Key Door
    J. Library and Print Room
    K. Route to Nave
    This part of the game involves lots of walking around, fighting a few bosses
    and finding some important items. The main trouble is keeping enough inventory
    space free for these KEY ITEMS. However, by the end of the disc you will have
    been able to use some of them.
    2E.  D U N G E O N  T O  S H R I N E
    DX  = Door that never opens.
    GK  = Green Key Door
    SP3 = Save Point (and healing)
                       |       |      |       |
                       |       |      |  1    |
                       |       |      |       |
                       |       |      | Cell  |
                       |       |  GK  |__  ___|
                       |_______|___D__|  2    |
                       |       | 3    |Torture|/
                       |       | TSP  D Room  /
                                  | |
                                  | |
                         ______ /     \
                 ________|     |  4    \________
                 __|_____|    DX Acid  |Shrine 5|
                         |_____| Tank  |___SP3__|
                                  | |
                                  | |
    E1. Behind Bars
    "No-one ever loved me"
    Enemies: Inverse, Headless
    Items:   Pistol Rounds, Antidote, RIFLE (from boss)
    You begin this disc with Koudelka standing still, and you can see the bars of a
    jail cell behind her. Walk back a couple of steps and then to the left and you
    will find [PISTOL ROUNDS] in the heap of stuff in the left corner. The item is
    not visible, so search around until you find it. There should be an [ANTIDOTE]
    at around the same spot. Make sure you have seen the messages about the
    bodies... Then check out the bars of the room and this will trigger a scene
    with the ghostly girl you met before. Her name is Charlotte, and she is not
    sympathetic to your plight. After this there is a battle.
    | M I N I  -  B O S S  -  N O B L E M A N  1500 HP ? |
    Reward: RIFLE
    This is pretty straightforward and not really a boss at all. He uses a one
    person magic attack, that will only harm Edward. He can also use a status
    decrease attack, that you don't need to bother about. He is also fairly slow,
    especially if you have been building up your agility. With your usual
    strategy of hitting with Edward, using spells with Koudelka and whatever you
    like with James, it won't take long.
    After the battle the wall will break, and you can leave the dungeon. Although
    you cannot return upstairs for now, you will be able to revisit those areas
    again later in the game in case you missed anything.
    E2. Torture Chamber
    Enemies: Inverse, Explode
    Items:   Mace, Knuckles
    Things are even creepier in this next room, but don't be too squeamish, and
    make sure to check everything to find some useful weapons. You arrive at the
    top of the screen and you can see an item on the ground in the right bottom
    corner. First of all pick up the [MACE] to the left of the torture table, and
    then walk forward to get the [KNUCKLES]. Leave the room by walking up the steps
    to the left - you have to move to the front of the screen to reach them.
    Both these weapons are very useful. The Mace will raise magic stats, and I kept
    this equipped to James for a long time, and the Knuckles will inflict poison,
    as well as bossting Agility. Despite many uses in my game, neither of these
    weapons broke, although they might do if Edward was using them frequently.
    E3. Dungeon, Basement
    Enemies:  Headless
    Items:    Whiskey
    Key Item: GREEN KEY (cannot get it yet)
    BOSS: Vilna and Vigma. (They appear as one enemy)
    You can see two misshapen small bodies on the ground, next to a door. Check
    them out and these are two dead mummies with name tags: Valna and Vigna. They
    possess the key item [GREEN KEY], and you are given the option to take it. Try
    if you like, but they are far too powerful to fight, because all attacks and
    spells will miss them, so you stand no chance. They don't do anything much,
    though, so you could take the chance to level up spells and weapons for a
    while. They will use status lowering spells, and not very often, which hardly
    matters if all you are trying to do is to raise levels for spells and weapons.
    One time, it took nearly 15 minutes before they finally used a damaging spell,
    though even that only hit for around 300 HP on James, and 500 HP on Edward at
    level 11. (With Piety at around 20 for both.) Use Edward with bare knuckles if
    you want to save on weapon breakage.
    However, they will tell you that you need to find their dolls, and that you
    should run away while you can. When you've had enough of hitting on them select
    the escape command, Circle [O], and although it might not work the first time,
    it will eventually. You can revisit them if you want to practice again, and run
    away again. You cannot defeat them. Believe me, I've tried!
    Walk down the screen from the girls, and down the set of steps where you see an
    eerie green light. Enter the door and progress along the hall where you can
    find some [WHISKEY]. There is a large door at the end of the hall which is your
    next destination.
    E4. Acid Tank
    Enemies:  Left Hand, Skeleton, Scorpion, Bead
    Items:    Rifle Rounds
    Key Item: ACID
    Walk down the short green passage and through the door at the far end. You are
    now in a slightly a confusing area because of the camera angles, and it's easy
    to lose your bearings in this room. If you walk to the right it appears that
    you need some acid, but you don't yet possess anything to put it in, so you
    can't obtain any. Just to the left of the entrance is a red item on the ground.
    This is [RIFLE ROUNDS]. Walk up the room, with the red contraption to your
    right, and at the point where you arrive at the new screen, turn to your left.
    Here you will find a rather pretty pink and purple chapel with that now
    familiar message "...Something's not right..."
    (If you walk further up the Acid Tank room, there is no way through the door.)
    E5. Underground Shrine
    Boss: Mad Fly
    Key Item: ICON'S RING
    Check out health and equipment first, and then walk forwards to meet this boss.
    | B O S S  -  M A D  F L Y    3000  HP ? |
    Reward: ICON'S RING
    Not so simple! This enemy is weak to earth, so you can raise your prowess with
    Megalith during this long fight. Otherwise use physical attacks on him, and if
    you have an Earth weapon, then equip it to Edward. (I had a spear this
    time...it's an awkward weapon to use, but I used it.) However, you might just
    want to use the highest level weapons you have. Don't use Tornado (wind based
    spells or weapons) since he's effectively a flying enemy, and is resistant to
    Wind. (I put the Air Ring on Edward for this battle to help him resist the Air
    He can do three physical hits on one person at once, which is no joke at low
    levels, and he can also inflict poison and silence with his physical attack.
    Use a panacea to cure this. However, his range of movement is small, so you can
    make him run from side to side of the battlefield,
    My Megalith with K was only doing around 200 HP damage a go, so this was going
    to be a long battle! I moved her closer for it to have more effect. I used
    James as the healer, and with an axe or knuckles, you can gain a slight
    advantage by poisoning this sucker. After winning the battle and obtaining the
    Icon's Ring, you can now heal and save your game.
    2.22.22./3.33.33 OGDEN"S SHIRT/CAT FOODOD (not my typo!)
    10, 21, 32 or 43 ITEMS
    You may well have around 30 items by this point, at least I did!
    T I M E  C H E C K  : If you want to get the fourth of the secret items, and
                          make a permanent save before you do, you need to reach
                          The Holy Water Font (C2) within four and three quarters
                          hours of starting the game.
    E6 Underground Passage Again
    Enemies: Left Hand, Skeleton, Scorpion, Bead, Eyeball, Nobleman
    Items:   Pistol Rounds
    Return to the Acid Tank area and turn left to find the exit door is open.
    Follow the green tunnel, and pick up the invisible [PISTOL ROUNDS] roughly in
    the middle of the area and to the right, in front of the pillar. Enter the
    door at the end, and this leads to a room with another temporary save point.
    2F.  U N D E R G R O U N D  S T O R A G E
                     From Acid Tank
                          | |
       |       |   3   |       |  |
       |       |Red Key|  1    |  |
       |       | Room  RK UG   |  |
       |       |_______|Storage|  |
       |        |^     D  Room |  |
       |        |^ 2   |       |  |
       |        |Stairs|_______|  |
       |        |& Hall|          |
    F1. Underground Storage Room
    "This is...this is so unpleasant."
    Enemies: Face Birds, Joker.
    Items:   Crossbow, Bow Arrows, Pistol Rounds.
    As soon as you enter and move, there will be a scene. (This one amuses me, as
    James reserves his comment about things being unpleasant until now, rather than
    when faced with piled up corpses or dead children.) You can find [BOW ARROWS]
    on the table at the front. Walk to the back table to pick up a [CROSSBOW]. Take
    a step to the right and there is [PISTOL ROUNDS] hiding on the floor. By the
    way, the Crossbow is the same class of weapon as a Rifle or Shotgun. Train
    someone with this weapon type, as it will be very useful in the later stages
    stages of the game. Try to get as many arrows as you can!
    The door at the back of the room is locked, and requires the RED KEY, which you
    don't have yet, but the other door is open so go through here, into a hallway.
    F2  Stairs and Hallway
    Enemies: Joker, Sham, Armour, Headless
    Items:   High Telis (High Listel in the NTSC game)
    You are now in a wooden panelled hallway. Walk to the left of the door and
    there is a plaque in the middle of the end wall. Inspect it, and you will see
    that a statue has been plastered inside the wall. You can't do anything with
    it just now, but maybe if something caused the plaster to disintegrate? Walk
    up the stairs, and pick up the bright red bottle [HIGH TELIS] that you will see
    on a table to your left, at the top of the stairs.
    There are some clues that are easily missed in this area since they are on the
    walls. Look at the patch on the wall to the right of the door at the top of the
    stairs, and you will see 4 unusual marks lined up. This is a a CLUE for
    later, and all you need to do is to view them. Now, enter the door.
    2G.  H O L Y  W A T E R  F O N T  A N D  H A L L
    SP4 = Save Point (and healing)
       |            |         |_|_D - to Caretakers' Quarters
       |  1         |             |
       |   Storage  |           __|
       |__D______D__|   Hall   .__|
       |       |Str |          .__|
       |  2    |____|  3       .__| - Stairs to upper floor
       | Water Font |          .__|
       | SP4        D   . . . . __|
    G1 Thief's Storage
    Enemies:  Nobleman, Sham, Armoured, Explode
    Items:    None
    This is an ornately decorated large room with a number of Key Items. First,
    check out the back wall, and you will see a [STONE TABLET]. Pick this up. Walk
    down the room and pick up the Teddy Bear that is visible on the chest at the
    bottom right of the screen. There is an [OLD LETTER] inside it, so agree to
    take this. To the right of the bear is another item: the [LION STATUE]. Agree
    to take this, as well. From this position walk right and enter the door.
    (You can read the letter. I can't help but think an "Old Letter" should really
    look like an old letter, and have some fancy old hand-written script and not be
    printed in neat text...)
    G2. Shrine Room - Holy Water Font
    Enemies:  Bugs
    Items:    Evil Horn (from boss),
    Key Item: GOAT STATUE (back downstairs in the hallway)
    As soon as you enter the shrine room you will see the warning message that
    ...Something's not right... So, prepare for another boss battle. If you are in
    any doubt about winning, then head back downstairs to the nearest Temporary
    Save Point. To trigger the battle, walk forwards onto the shrine at the left of
    the room.
    | B O S S  -  D A R K  Y O U N G   3000 ?? HP  |
    Reward: EVIL HORN weapon
    This enemy is fast and big. It has four tentacle type arms above the main body,
    and is a sort of plant. It will use a level 3 magic that targets everyone, and
    may inflict silence. Its physical attacks are powerful and it can manage two at
    once. (My teams were at level 14 for this battle and they weren't very strong.)
    Don't use Megalith spells, as they will miss. Even Koudelka's Flare spell at
    level 3 only did around 120 damage. You can use weapons with Dark element,
    despite the name of this monster. Keep Edward on the front row, close up and
    facing the enemy, and this way he will take the brunt of its physical attacks.
    Use James to keep Edward healed. If you let Edward die then the others are
    vulnerable to the physical attacks from the enemy. When he's not healing, you
    could use James to boost Koudelka's magic power, or Edward's strength. It is
    weak to Air, so use the Tornado spell and Air based weapons if you have any.
    Needless to say, I didn't.
    One other strategy you could try, if you are having trouble with this battle,
    is to hit it once with Normal Knuckles (on anyone) and this should inflict
    poison. Then switch back to a stronger weapon, or spell attack, until the
    status effect wears off, and then do the same again.
    You get the [EVIL HORN] weapon after winning, and now the Shrine will come back
    to life and water starts to flow. Of course you can save and heal. However,
    remember that plaster plaque on the wall? Well then, return back through the
    previous room and down the stairs, to where you saw the plaster, on the
    ground floor by the door. The water from the Shrine has crumbled the plaster
    and you can pick up the GOAT STATUE. Finally, return upstairs to the Shrine
    room and leave by the far right door.
    3.33.33/4.44.44 CAT FOODOD/CHARLOTTE'S BOOK (Scroll item)
    10, 21, 32 or 43 ITEMS
    T I M E  C H E C K  : If you want to get the fifth of the secret items, and
                          make a permanent save before you do, you need to reach
                          The Library Archives (J7) within nearly six hours of
                          starting the game.
    G3 The Chandelier Hall
    "Are all men of the cloth like that?"
    Enemies:  Black Cat (drops Cat's Eye), Sham
    Items:    None
    Key Item: DANIEL'S ARM
    You will enter the main hallway of the building, and after a short FMV there
    will be a chandelier lying on the ground. Examine this to find another Key
    Item: [DANIEL'S ARM]. If you miss this you can return for it, but it is
    essential and the game cannot be completed without it.
    I don't know why this save point is called Storage Room, because it's obvious
    this is a fairly grand hallway, but it is. Make a save here, since you will
    soon be facing another challenging battle. You can see that Koudelka is
    standing at the doorway to the left of the screen, but when you walk forwards
    and to the right, the view will alter to a close up of the chandelier. Click X
    to find the arm. Then continue walking to the right and you will be at the
    bottom of the stairs.
    Just to your left you can see a door, set high in the wall. This is reached
    from the boxed steps. You can climb up these and open this door. (You need to
    approach the steps from the left.) Unbolt this door, and go through, and you
    will find yourself back at a familiar place. This is the Caretakers' Quarters,
    1st Floor, and the door is the one that you found right at the start of the
    Anyway, there is nothing to do here just yet, so first of all proceed up the
    main stairs to encounter whoever it was that nearly killed you all with that
    NOTE: Try and obtain a couple of Cat's Eye weapons while you are here. These
    are more useful than you might suspect! They boost magic stats and Agility, and
    will enable a magic user to inflict high damage even if Strength and Dexterity
    are low. I have not had one break either, so that makes them even more
    2H.  H A L L  -  F I R S T  F L O O R
       1ST FLOOR
       |            |  |      |_|_ D            |               |    \
       | Tile Floor D  |          ||  2         |     Attic     |     \
       |____________|  |        __||     TSP    D    (Start)    | Hen  \
       |            |  | Hall  |__||__D_________|_______________| House |
       |            |1 |       |__||      D  __________D        D ______|
       |            |  |       |__||  3   |4 |         |        |/
       |            |  |       |__||      |  | Stairs  |        |
       |            |  |_______|__||______|__|_________|________|
    H1. The Thief
    "I don't really care where you were born and I agree he is a bastard."
    Enemies:  Black Cat, Explode, Armoured
    Items:    Pistol Rounds, DA Pistol.
    When you reach the top of the stairs you will be attacked by the gunman, Elias,
    the Thief. This is an awkward battle, partly because there are boxes protecting
    the man, and you must attack the boxes to get close to him. Before this battle,
    try to get everyone's HP up to at least 600 or 700, or the enemy will kill them
    easily. With levels of around 12/14 you should be fine.
    | M I N I  -  B O S S  -  T H I E F  3000 ??? HP  |
            Possible: Roman Nuts or Antidote
    Not strictly a boss, but he can take a while to defeat. Target the boxes with
    magic (the higher level the better) and Edward's best weapon attacks. Use any
    weapon that is strong and is at level 2, for the most effect. I use James to
    keep everyone healed since the Thief's shots can inflict copious damage. In
    fact, he can easily kill Koudelka with his three shots attack if her HP is low.
    (You could fortify her vitality as an alternative mode of protection.) This was
    a useful battle for raising the power of my revive spell! I found that spells
    missed him and had to rely on Edward's power for this battle.
    After the battle, check the man, and there will be a scene. Finally, you can
    investigate the body for some [PISTOL ROUNDS], and again, for [DA PISTOL].
    Just a little note here. If you really want to, (or have played the game
    before), you could 'remember' the route for the Tiled Room next to the thief
    and unlock the door there now. This would give you access to the Library, 1st
    Floor, and much more powerful enemies.
    H2. Caretakers' Quarters Again
    Enemies:  Evil Tables, Evil Chairs, Joker, Black Cat
    Items:    Rifle Rounds
    NEED: Red Key
    Return to the main hall and climb up the boxes in the corner. You can unlock a
    door in the wall, and when you enter you will find yourself back in the storage
    area, near where you started the game. Leave this room and walk down the stairs
    back to Caretakers' Quarters. (Go through the rooms 2, 3, and 4, as shown on my
    Now you can open the door, using the RED KEY. Find the [DRAGON STATUE] on the
    table, and now you can explore this room further. Walk left, past the firepace
    and down the screen. There is [RIFLE ROUNDS] on the table to your left. Now,
    open the door into a study. From the door walk down the screen and you can find
    [VALNA'S DOLL] on the table. Take two steps to the right and you will find a
    [MASK] on the bench.
    When you have retrieved all the items take a closer look at the paintings, and
    there will be a scene, which explains part of the background story of the
    caretaker couple. After this, leave the area, and walk back to the chandelier
    By this point in the game your inventory will be getting full, and you may have
    to discard items to make space for the essential things. You cannot throw away
    KEY ITEMS. The Red Key is used for two doors, so it will only disappear after
    you have opened both doors.
    2I.  R E D  K E Y  D O O R
    RK  = Red Key Door
    UG  = Underground
       |            |         |_|_D - to Caretakers' Quarters
       |  c         |             |
       |   Storage  |           __|
       |__D______D__|   Hall   .__|
       |       Stair|          .__|
       |  b    |____|  a       .__| - Stairs to upper floor
       |            |          .__|
       | Water Font D   . . . . __|
       |       |   2   |       |  |
       |       |Red Key|  1    |  |
       |       | Room  RK UG   |  |
       |       |_______|Storage|  |
       |        |^     D  Room |  |
       |        |^ d   |  e    |  |
       |        |Stairs|_______|  |
       |        |& Hall|          |
    I1. Using the Red Key
    Enemies: As before
    Items:   None
    NEED: Red Key
    The next task is to find the other door that the Red Key will open. The key
    is for the door inside the room in the basement, that was full of treasure. To
    get there, return upstairs from the caretakers room and back through the open
    door that leads to the large hallway with the chandelier. Then, walk across the
    hall and back into the room with Water Font. From here, go through to the next
    room and leave by the second door. Then, walk back down the short stairs and
    into the storage room. After you use the key on this door, it will
    disappear from your inventory. (Follow the route on the two maps from a to e.)
    I2. Red Key Room
    Enemies:  Puppet, Sham, Shadow Wisp, Bug
    Items:    Roman Nuts, Pistol Rounds
    You enter the room at the bottom of the screen. This is a room with all kinds
    of stuff in it, but you can only pick up two things. There is a [ROMAN NUTS] on
    the floor to the left, and [PISTOL ROUNDS] on the table at the back of the
    room. The key item [MUSIC BOX] is in the gold and brown cupboard at the top
    left of the room. If you check the crates at the right there are eight symbols
    on one of them, with a red line through four of them. You could take a note of
    this as it helps you to solve the puzzle in the tiled floor room, or just do
    what I tell you to do when you get there!
    2J.  L I B R A R Y  A N D  P R I N T  R O O M
    DD  =  DOOR (connects Tile Room to 1st Floor of Library)
    SP5 = Save Point (and healing)
    TSP = Temporary Save Point
       GROUND FLOOR                 1ST FLOOR
       |            |             ||            |  |      |_|_ D
       |  4         D . . . . .   DD Tile Floor D  |          |
       | Print Room |     2    .  ||____________|  |        __|
       |            |_ Library .  ||            |  | Hall  |__|
       |_D_____ D___|_|        .  ||            |1 |       |__|
       |   |    6   |_|        .  ||            |  |       |__|
       | 5 |----D---'______    .  ||            |  |       |__|
       D   | Archive| |||||  . .  ||            |  |_______|__|
       |TSP|    7   |             ||____________|___|_|_|_|___|
    J1. Tile Floor Room
    Enemies: None
    Items:   Shotgun Shells
    This is the room at the top of the stairs where you encountered the Thief.
    More walking. Return back through the door you opened with the Red Key and back
    up the stairs. Then go through the ornate room and the Water Font room. Exit
    here, to find yourself back in the chandelier hall. Climb the stairs, and open
    the door just past the thief's body. This room has a floor with 16 symbols
    drawn onto tiles. Now, your task is to walk across the floor in the order of
    the symbols you saw in the Music Box room. If you mess up then just exit the
    room to reset the puzzle.
    You can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the table where you enter the room. Now that
    you have found the clue from the Red Key Room, you will know how to get across
    the tiles, and open the door at the far side. In fact, you will be shown the
    details again. Step on the symbols that are highlighted with the red line.
    Start on the triangle, and walk up one square and then right two more. After
    this, step on the symbols that you found in a line in the corner wall of the
    hallway on the way to the Red Key Door. As soon as you step on the first one of
    these, (5) you will be shown the rest of them.
      8 7 6 X
      X X 5 X
      X 2 3 4
      X 1 X X
    When you reach the far side of the tiles, the door will unlock. Return to this
    room, from the Libaray, to access another TSP.
    J2. Library, First Floor
    Enemies:  Mars (this enemy drops the rare Scroll item), Headless, Tamacoss
    Items:    None
    Go through the door, and you are now on the landing of an open hall lined with
    wood. Walk forwards and open the door. Inside this room you will find the Key
    Item, [OCHRE GLASS PART], on the table. Move down the screen past the table and
    you will find a locked chest. There is small puzzle, involving rearranging 5
    Greek Letters, that must be solved to open the chest, but you can't do anything
    with it yet. Leave the room and walk all the way around the landing, where you
    can inspect a bricked up wall. But there is no access here, so just go down the
    stairs to the ground floor.
    NOTE: If you want to farm for Scrolls, then this is the place. However, since
    the overall encounter rate is low, and the chance of meeting the Mars enemy
    even lower, this might take a long time. Even if you do manage to find the
    Mars, it might not drop a Scroll, which makes this feel like a fruitless task.
    You need the Mask in your inventory (so I believe) and high luck seems to help.
    If you decide to fight the Gargoyle, these scrolls are very useful, though you
    will return to this location a bit later in the game.
    J3. Clock
    Enemies: Chikon (this enemy drops Rosaries)
    Items:   Rifle Rounds, High Potion.
    You will have heard the clock chiming already, and now you can pick up [RIFLE
    ROUNDS] from the floor just in front of the clock. Then walk to the right to
    discover another door, which leads to a printing room. Before entering here,
    you can find a [HIGH POTION] if you walk to the right of the rug. It's just in
    front of the third pillar.
    J4. Printing Room
    "That woman was Elaine. She summoned me here."
    Enemies:  Chikon, Jewel Eye, Shadow Wisp, Eyeball, Bead, Prick Tail
    Items:    None
    Key Item: ORIGINAL MAP
    NEED: Stone Tablet
    Once inside, Koudelka will have a vision, and she discovers that there is a
    secret door above the clock. Before investigating further, check out the wall
    between the two printing presses for a hint, and then walk directly forwards
    from here to find a working printing press. Insert the "Stone Tablet" and this
    creates a vibration which shatters the wall. You also get the [ORIGINAL MAP] of
    the monastery. Now you can explore through the gap in the wall, and there is
    another door off this room as well. Check the map out, and you can see all
    floors and all rooms. You are on the ground floor.
    J5. Hidden Room
    Enemies:  Chikon, Mars
    Items:    Bow Arrows
    Key Item: DISK
    Inside the broken wall room there is [BOW ARROWS] on the floor, and the Key
    Items [DISC] on a box. (You can leave these for now, if you like.) If you
    attempt to enter the door here, you will find that it is being held shut by
    that agile mysterious force. Make a save here before progressing, since you've
    come a long way, and you don't want to mess up at this point.
    J6. Three Statues Door
    Enemies:  -
    Items:    Rifle Rounds
    NEED: Goat, Lion and Dragon Statues.
    Enter the other door in the Printing Room: the one next to the inoperable
    printing press. Pick up the [RIFLE ROUNDS] from the floor, and the Key Item,
    [BLUE GLASS PART], from the box. Then, take a closer look at the door that is
    opposite the one you entered by. There are holes in the door for the three
    statues you picked up on the way. Place these (Goat, Lion, and Dragon) in the
    correct holes and there will be a sound of a lock opening. Press X on this door
    and it will open, and you can enter the Archive room. If you forgot to make a
    save, then retreat for now.
    J7. The Library - Archives
    "You're smarter than you look."
    Enemies:  Bugs
    Items:    None
    Key Item: ICON'S CROWN
    Enter this room and you get the message that something's not right...cue a boss
    battle, as soon as you stand on the Altar. (You must do this or else nothing
    will happen.) My team was at level 19/20 for this battle, and I equipped
    Edward with the Water Club. (His strength was only 23 though.)
    | B O S S  -  C H I M E R A    4500 - 5000 HP ??  |
    Reward: ICON'S CROWN.
    This is pretty cool. The chimera has a bloody red human type body with three
    long necks and three heads. It is immune to Flare (fire), and weak to Geyser
    (water) spells and weapons. It will use fire magic which can inflict silence,
    (use a panacea to cure this), and its physical attack can do a fair amount of
    damage, even to Edward on the front line, 400 HP or more depending on levels
    and stats.
    You can use protective spells to help resist its magic attacks, or just use
    your accessories to boost Koudelka and James' magic stats and keep watering it
    to death. If you have high enough levels of Intelligence and Mind stats, you
    could defeat this in one round. (K did 2500 HP with one level one water spell
    which impressed me! E. did around 500 HP damage with a level 2 Water club, and
    with another Geyser spell from James, the poor thing didn't even get a hit.
    (She had 50 INT and MND, and James 45 for both: this is where accessories and
    the Cat's Eye come in handy for boosting stats.)
    However, assuming you don't have those kinds of levels, the battle will take
    you longer, but it's still an easy one. With her INT and MND stats at around 25
    or so, Koudelka should manage around 500 damage even with Geyser as a level one
    spell. Don't let the enemy push you to the back row or it can attack anyone,
    and it will certainly kill Koudelka in one turn. Its magic can effect everyone
    for around 100-150. Keep hitting it with Geyser spells and thrust it back with
    Edward's physical attacks. After the battle you'll receive the Key Item [ICON'S
    CROWN]. I didn't get anything else, despite fighting it more than once, so I
    think that's all you will get. After the battle you can heal and save at the
    Take a look at the odd plant growing in the far corner of the library, and
    this triggers a chatty scene, with James getting excited about the ancient
    tomes on the shelves. After calming him down, leave this room, and return to
    the Printing Room.
    CHECK: TIME 5.55.55 /TAMAKOS SOUP (Elixir Recovery Tool)
    10, 21, 32 or 43 ITEMS
    T I M E  C H E C K  : If you want to get the sixth of the secret items, and
                          make a permanent save before you do, the next Permanent
                          Save Point is at The Fountain (L1), but this next item
                          is found ten hours after starting the game.
    2K.  R O U T E  T O  N A V E
    DX  = Locked Door
    C   = Clock
    SP5 = Save Point (and healing)
    TSP = Temporary Save Point
                                GROUND FLOOR
                       8       |
                 TSP  Nave     D   Inner Grounds
           \        \        \
            \    6   \ Passage\ ____________________________
             \        \   3    \|            |             |
              \ Glass  D TSP  / |            D . . . . .   |
               \ Room   \    D  | Print Room |_         .  |
                \        \  / 2 |            |_|  Hall  .  |
                 \________\/ TSP|_D_____D____|C|        .  |
                           \    |   |        |_|        .  |
                           DX   | 1 |----D---'______    .  |
                             \  D   | Archive| |||||  . .  |
                              \-|TSP|  SP5   |             |
                                FLOOR 1
                                |  Office    |             |
                                |  7  _______D__________   D
                                |    /       |         |   |
                                |   |    4   |         |   |
                                |___| Music  D  Hall   |   |
                                |   | Room   |         |   |
                                | 5 |        |______   |   |
                                |    \____D__| |||||___|   |
                                | Coffin     | -----       |
    K1. Hidden Room Again
    Enemies:  Chikon, Mars
    Items:    Bowgun Arrows
    Key Item: DISC
    From the Print Room, enter the door in the broken wall, and go through to
    find some [BOWGUN ARROWS] and a [DISC]. (You can pick these up now, if you
    didn't get them before.) Now the door will open: the door is not immediately
    obvious, but it is opposite the box with the disc.
    K2. Triangular Hallway
    Enemies: Zombie Dog
    Items:   None
    Koudelka is at the top right of the screen, and the locked metal gates prevent
    access to the larger area of this hallway. For now, walk left and through
    another door to find yet another Temporary Save Point.
    K3. Church, Left Nave
    Enemies:  None
    This passage has a large door at the far end that you cannot open, and there is
    another door to the left. This is the Stained Glass Room: you will return here
    later, but if you like you can place the coloured glass parts in the window.
    Walk to the left corner of the room to find the mural. You can get rid of a
    number of pieces now, and free up some inventory space, although you still need
    another one to complete the picture.
    Back in the Nave, walk forwards, and there is a key item [PAINTING PIECE], just
    casually lying in the middle of the floor. Pick this up and return to the Print
    K4. The Music Box Room
    Enemies: None
    Items:   None
    NEED: Painting Piece, Music Box
    Starting from the Print Room once more, head back to the hall, and use the
    Painting Piece on the mural above the clock. You have to climb the right hand
    boxes starting from the right and heading left. After replacing the missing
    piece a door will open into a new room. However, it's not immediately obvious.
    You must press X again on the wall above the clock and you will step into a new
    room. The music box you are carrying will play a tune, and yes, this is one of
    THOSE puzzles, where you must replicate the tune you just heard.
    Walk forwards into the room and you will see that there are four coloured spots
    on the floor. Each of these plays a different note. This is surprisingly
    difficult to accomplish, despite the fact that there are very few choices to
    remember! I somehow always manage to double step on at least one of the spots.
    Anyway, the sequence is Blue (right), Orange (left) Red (up), Orange (down).
    After playing the notes in the correct order, you will see a message on screen,
    telling you that you followed the melody correctly. Yay! The Music Box is
    discarded now it has served its purpose, and you can open the door.
    K5 Coffin Room
    "Is that just a mummy? Cross your fingers."
    Enemies:  Tamacross
    Items:    None
    As soon as you enter this hidden room, there is a scene with someone who
    appears to be mostly dead, but is not a threat to anyone, and finally James
    reveals the true intentions behind his visit to Nementon. After these scenes
    are over, pick up the [GREEN GLASS PART] from the floor next to Koudelka. There
    is nothing else to find in here, so leave, and return to the Church Nave once
    more. (The exit door is obscured, but it is at the top of the room and to the
    K6. Church, Left Nave, Stained Glass Room
    Enemies:  Minotauros (this is a rare enemy and most often found here)
    Items:    None
    Key Item: GREEK LETTERS (Code to the locked chest)
    NEED: Red Glass Part, Brown Glass Part, Ochre Glass Part, Blue Glass Part,
          Green Glass Part
    At long last you can get rid of those bits of glass that have been clogging up
    your inventory and place the five glass pieces in the window. This unlocks the
    door to the next room, into the main church.
    You will also be shown the [GREEK LETTERS] that open the chest you found
    earlier, so, before entering the door to the church, walk back to the room in
    that had the chest to obtain Sophie's Letters.
    NOTE: If you don't want to bother with this then you can leave the letters
    where they are, although this means that you will have to fight another boss,
    and won't receive the useful Flare Brooch. (Instead you will get a different
    K7. The Office - Revisit
    Items:    None
    You can leave this until later, when you finally leave the Library Area (on
    Disc 3) or get the letters now. This is the room that contains the Locked Chest
    with the Greek Letters. Return here after completing the Stained Glass window.
    That entails going back through the Print Room, and into the Library Hall.
    Climb the stairs and run all the way around the landing to the door at the far
    side. When you find the chest, the puzzle will be solved and the chest unlocked
    for you. Inside there is a box with "Happy Birthday" written on it and some
    dried flowers that crumble to dust, and some letters, signed "Sophie D'Lota".
    Choose to take [SOPHIE'S LETTER] if you wish to avoid a later battle, and to
    receive the Flare Brooch.
    K8. The Church
    "Just the passing of another day"
    Enemies:  Jewel Eye, Chikon, Ghost. (Drops: Scimitar, L Sword, Roman Nuts,
              Rosaries, Rifle Rounds)
    Items:    Shotgun 2
    Key Item: None
    Before entering the church, make a Permanent Save at the altar in the Archives,
    and ensure that everyone is at full health. This is your last chance to gain
    levels for spells and weapons and farm for items and scrolls in the Library
    area, for quite some time. Make sure you have all the Key Items you need, and
    check up on the "Secret Items" time if you are attempting to get them all.
    Ensure that Koudelka has the BEST equipment you've got. When you are ready,
    take a deep breath and head for the church.
    Go through the large door and into the nave of the church. Before doing
    anything else, explore the lower section to find a weapon. Walk down the steps
    and then head down the screen to a new area. Where the view changes, stop and
    you will see scattered and broken pews to the left. Investigate the area at the
    right of the screen just at the edge of the aisle, and to the left of the
    yellow/green section of rubble. You'll find a hidden [SHOTGUN 2]. Note that
    this is the ONLY time when you can get this weapon. Once you trigger the next
    scene it's lost forever! You can continue to walk all the way down the nave,
    and get a good view of the whole church. When you reach the far end, there is
    no way out, just a message to say that there is something moving behind you.
    You can fight some battles in here if you like, although sometimes the battle
    screen is sideways on, which makes movement a bit awkward. You might get some
    useful drops from the enemies, including Roman Nuts, Large Swords, Scimitars,
    and Rosaries. Levels will rise very quickly if you are still low, at around
    level 20-22. If you want to play safe, you can fight for a while and farm some
    good stuff, leave, and save back in the Archives, before proceeding to the next
    In order to progress the story, walk up to the far end of the aisle. There is a
    strange blue light and a very large plant that blocks the way forward. After a
    short scene you can leave the church, if you want to make yet another save,
    but now, if you walk down the nave past the door, there will be another scene.
    Koudelka will end up facing a fearsome foe alone, but it is impossible for her
    to defeat it, so the only option is to escape. Press Circle to access the
    Escape command, and run. Once Koudelka passes through the door and reaches the
    inner grounds, you will be at the end of Disc Two. Though, you can make a
    Temporary Save first, providing you don't move, and press Circle.
    After escaping and leaving the church, you will not be permitted back inside
    until everyone is back together again.
    | B O S S  -  G A R G O Y L E  (unbeatable) HP ?  |
    You can't beat him now, (even if Koudelka has the Gargoyle Killer sword, or
    Roger's Staff, the attacks will miss) but he will be waiting here for whenever
    you are ready! I tried to fight him with Koudelka on her own, and in fact he
    did nothing at all, beyond moving forwards and spinning. I tried out scrolls
    and spells on him, and fought for nearly half an hour, but he did not attack
    once! What this means, is that you could use this chance to raise spell and
    weapon levels for Koudelka, without gaining levels or receiving any damage.
    However, you won't be able to hurt him at all. In fact, I am not even sure if
    the game allows you to fight him successfully at this point. I attempted this
    with the Gargoyle Killer Sword, and also with Roger's Staff, and Koudelka could
    do no damage at all. Perhaps this is partly dependent on levels and stats, but
    it would take a long time to raise Koudelka's levels high enough to make a dent
    in him, so I am almost certain that this is not a battle you are meant to
    fight. See the Sidequest section for details on how to beat him later on in the
    E N D  O F  D I S C  T W O  R E V I E W
    D I S C  T H R E E ....................................................*DISC/3
    L. Inner Grounds (Arbor)
    M. From Torture to Grave
    N. From Grave to Print Room
    O. Charlotte's Cell
    P. Patrick's Quarters
    Q. The Church
    TIP: Make sure to raise the level of Koudelka's TORNADO SPELL.
    For most of this Disc Koudelka is alone, and that presents a challenge, since
    you will be fighting groups of enemies with just one person. Of course, you
    should have raised some spells to level three by now, but the main risk is if
    she is attacked with status effects, especially paralysis. And what do you
    know? Many of the enemies will do just that, so be very careful and save often.
    In my game she was level 25 at the start of Disc 3.
    3L.  I N N E R  G R O U N D S
    F   = Fountain and Save Point 6
    S   = Statues
    TSP = Temporary Save Point
    SS  = Sacnoth Sword Statue
    XX  = Broken steps
    DX  = Door to Nave (no access with Koudelka alone)
             Patrick's Quarters (Locked Door)
            /            (S3)|           \
     ______/ (S2) TSP        |            \
           |      4      XXXXXXX           MG - Main Gate (Locked)
           |             ______             \
     Nave  | ___         |     |\        SS  \
          DX |_|TSP   TSP|  2  |F)  TSP     /
           |    1      2 |_____|/    3     /
           |             |||||            /
     ______|                 |           /
       \    (S1)             | (S4)     /
    L1. The Inner Grounds
    Enemies:  Explode, Brute, Giant, Zombie Woman, Zombie Dog
    Items:    High Telis (High Listel in the NTSC game)
    Key Item: PENDANT
    You start this disc in the doorway of the chapel and facing down the screen.
    Now, in reality, so far as the map of Nementon is concerned, you are at the
    West end of the garden. If you check the Map from your status screen, you will
    see the red tick. If you look more closely you can see four faintly drawn
    circles, roughly in the positions I've shown them on my map. These represent
    the statues that you must find.
    First things first. Find the save point! Although there is a faster way to deal
    with the next puzzle, given the location at the start of the disc, the safest
    way is to find the fountain where you can heal and save your game. I use this
    to orientate myself in this rather confusing area, as well as making sure that
    if things go badly wrong in a battle, I have a back up save to return to. Some
    of the enemies here will drop useful things, so, although running away from
    battles can help, you may prefer to slog it out and hope for the drops.
    I suggest running away from battles until you find the save point, although
    this is slightly more difficult to do, given that you only have one chance per
    turn. Fortunately, you should only have one or at the most, two encounters,
    before reaching the Save Point.
    From the start, walk left or right to skirt around a pond that blocks the
    direct route forwards. Then, walk DOWN the screen and you will be in a new
    area, with a Temporary Save Point. Koudelka is now positioned at the bottom
    left corner of your screen, facing a small bubbling waterfall and a building.
    Walk forwards and then to the right. This takes you to some steps. Climb the
    steps and turn right. (Koudelka is facing you now, at the top of the steps.)
    Walk a few steps and the screen will change again, showing you a fountain.
    Click X on the fountain and this is your save point. Save here, and now we can
    safely explore the rest of the grounds.
    Walk to the right of the fountain and you can find a [HIGH TELIS] on the
    ground, just in front of the right set of steps. These are broken, and cannot
    be used. If you walk directly down the screen, from the Fountain, this takes
    you to another Temporary Save Point and the Main Gate. Walk right and you will
    find the Main Gate. On the screen before the Main Gate there is a sort of urn
    to the left. Walk down the path in the centre of the screen and this leads to
    the Sacnoth Statue. You cannot take this sword now, but this is where to find
    it later! (Be careful around this area, because you will encounter the Giant
    enemy. It has has HP, but is slow to move, and weak to Megalith spells.)
    Now you're safe, start the trek around this area to find the various statues
    and donate your ICON key items to them. There are four of them and you need to
    place one ICON item on each statue. BUT be careful, since as soon as you place
    the last one, the fountain will dry up, and you cannot heal or make another
    permanent save for a while. Although these is a statue close by to the
    Fountain, I suggest leaving this one until the end, so you can make a final
    save, before the save point disappears.
    Return to the waterfall side of the central building, and walk back towards the
    church. When you reach the pool, turn left and you will see a large statue of
    two women in front of Koudelka. Walk up to it and you can place the Icon's
    Earrings. (These is a short path leading to the left of this statue, but there
    is nothing to find.)
    From the pool, walk to the right and the next screen is another Temporary Save
    Point, Patrick's Quarters. Koudelka will be standing facing another statue.
    Walk forwards and attach the Icon's Ring.
    From the second statue, look at the upper right of the screen, and you will see
    another statue. Walk towards this, and you will pass a small door in the wall.
    This is locked, from the other side. (Later, you will be able to open it and
    return to fight the Gargoyle, if you choose.) Place the Icon's Necklace on this
    This is the statue close to the Save Point. If you have done the others in
    order, then from statue three, walk right, and the path will take you to the
    Arbour Side TSP, and then go right, and up the steps, back to the Fountain, to
    make a final save. From the Fountain walk left, past the top of the steps and
    you will find the last statue of a robed woman. Place the Icon's Crown.
    After placing all four icon items, return to the Fountain, and you will find
    that it has dried up, and you cannot save or heal now. However, there is one
    more thing to do before you leave this area. Stand facing the middle of the
    Fountain crescent and click X, and you will pick up Koudelka's [PENDANT]. This
    is the one she lost when climbing on the roof at the start of the game. The
    Pendant will increase her luck by 15 points, so equip this immediately! But it
    is more important than just as a piece of kit. It is ESSENTIAL if you want to
    complete the game, and not trigger a rather impressive third (optional) ending.
    BE WARNED: although you can return for the pendant if you happen to have got
    past this point in the game, once you get to the Disc Four and use the Key
    Item, Daniel's Arm, you cannot return here.
    10:10:10 - Ogden's Axe
    10, 21, 32 or 43 ITEMS
    T I M E  C H E C K  : If you want to get the seventh of the secret items, you
                          need to reach Elaine's Portrait Room (P5) within eleven
                          hours of starting the game. (Actually you don't need to
                          reach this save point, as you will revisit others, so
                          this is just a reminder.)
    L2. The Centre Building
    "He can be so impatient you know?"
    Enemies:  Left Hand, Skeleton, Zombie, Zombie Woman
    Items:    Pistol Rounds, Rifle Rounds, Rifle RD
    After the water stops flowing, walk back down the steps, and you can enter the
    building. What follows reveals much about the story and is suitably harrowing.
    Walk up to the right of the large chair and there is [PISTOL ROUNDS] on the
    floor. Go left from this corner and you will find a ladder behind the large
    chair. Descend into the basement, and after this, events will proceed for some
    Eventually you will gain control of Koudelka once more, and you can find the
    [BLUE KEY] if you check 'the body'. Pick up the [RIFLE RD], which is lying at
    Koudelka's feet, and go back down to the basement. (This can be confusing, but
    Koudelka has been taken back up to the room where you first entered the
    building.) Walk to the right of the ladder and there is an altar at the head of
    the table, and you will find a [BOTTLE OF BLOOD]...
    Just to the right of the altar there is [RIFLE ROUNDS] on the floor. Now,
    investigate the double doors with the green light behind it. This prompts a
    scene. I can never quite make sense of Edward's directions, but apparently
    Koudelka can, as she agrees to meet up back in the library. You cannot open the
    doors, no matter how hard you try, so there is no option but to find another
    route. Fortunately there is another door, in the same room, and now these
    other double doors in the basement will open.
    3M.  F R O M  T O R T U R E  T O  G R A V E
    DX  = Locked Door (never opens)
    SP7 = Save Point (and healing)
           | _DX_
           | |SP7|        ______
     Nave  | | 1 |_______|     |
       G   | \___|_TSP___|     D - Blocked door to Acid Tank area
           |  /D/        |_____|   (Never opens)
             / /__
            / /__| - Arbour of Darkness
           | |
           | |- Bridge
           | |
           | |
         __| |
    M1. Underground Corridor and Sub Hall
    "Koudelka...don't get killed"
    Enemies: Face Bird, Explode, Bugs (in hall)
    Items:   Shotgun RD
    After chatting with Edward, enter the double doors from the Basement. Walk
    along the short corridor and through the next set of doors. You will reach a
    large open space with a bright light shining down, and the familiar message -
    "something's not right". As soon as you move forwards, the battle will start.
    | B O S S  -  G U G    6000 HP ? |
    Reward: SHOTGUN RD
    This monster has two legs, double arms and no head. It's a sort of huge insect.
    Use Tornado spells against this enemy and hope you win!
    He has can move a fair distance, despite his size, so beware of getting trapped
    in a corner. His spells are Megalith, and can inflict poison, but if you have
    been raising Koudelka's Piety and got a couple of accessories which boost piety
    as well, the damage should not be great. At level 26 with around 50 Piety he
    could only inflict around 80 HP damage. With decent Agility (at around 45) you
    should also be able to get two moves to his one. I suggest equipping Koudelka
    with the Cat's Eye weapon, which boosts both Agility and Piety by around 10
    points. (I tried this battle at level 21 and with decent Magic stats and level
    2 Tornado spells, it was just as easy.)
    Heal up and save your game after this battle. There are two doors and the only
    one you can open is the left one.
    M2. Underground Corridor
    Enemies: Inverse, Explode, Brute
    Items:   Roman Nuts, Pistol Rounds
    Beware of Mister Upsidedown in this area, as he can easily kill Koudelka if her
    HP is low. He is resistant to Flare if you decide to fight, but is weak to
    Geyser spells. I just run. As soon as you enter the left door, you will see an
    orange item on the ground. This is the useful [ROMAN NUTS} There is also a
    silver statue to the left of the corridor. Hmm, what to do with this? Now, this
    is optional, so don't worry if you missed it, but if you use the Bottle of
    Blood on the statue it will open up a secret area. (Clue: "When the goddess
    bleeds, then shall she fall" is fairly self explanatory.) This leads to the
    Altar of Darkness and a weird but helpful creature.
    You can keep chatting to this oracle thing (chat, leave the room, re-enter and
    chat again), and it will offer up a number of cryptic clues about what you
    should do and what you should have done. There are a total of 16 different
    hints and story related comments. Maybe the developers were getting worried
    that the puzzles were too hard, or that it was easy to forget about the
    Pendant. Anyway, after this revealing chat, carry on through the hall and
    another door, and then continue across a chain clanking bridge. At the corner
    pick up [PISTOL ROUNDS] and walk up some steps to emerge in a graveyard. If you
    check your map, you can see that this is at the bottom left corner of the
    Ground Floor, and just south of the Triangular Hallway. Not far to the Library!
    3N.  F R O M  G R A V E  T O  P R I N T  R O O M
    DX  = Permanently blocked door to Nave
    TSP = Temporary Save Point
    SP5 = Save Point (and healing)
           \        \        \
            \        \ Passage\ ____________________________
             \        \        \|            |             |
              \ Glass  D      / |   2        D . . . . .   |
               \ Room   \    D  | Print Room |          .  |
                \        \  /   |            |_   Hall  .  |
                 \________\/ TSP|_D_____D____|_|        .  |
                         | \    |   |        |_|        .  |
                         |  D   |   |----D---'______    .  |
                         |   \  D   | Archive| |||||  . .  |
                       __|_D__\_|   |  SP5   |             |
                      |  |TSP|  |___|________|_____________|
                      |--| 1 |
    N1. The Graveyard
    "You are a strange man.  That is, if you can be called a man."
    Enemies:  Zombie Woman, Zombie, Raven
    Items:    Daniel's Cross (Club weapon), Roman Nuts
    Key Item: VIGNA'S DOLL
    If you want to make a Temporary Save before exploring, then walk up the steps
    next to the wall, and you will be back in the Triangular Hallway. You cannot
    unlock the metal gates just yet, but there is a [ROMAN NUTS] to be found at the
    far side, near the wall with the ivy. Return to the Graveyard and there is now
    a TSP available here as well. Alternatively you can walk left, and then back to
    the steps area for the TSP.
    From the bottom of the steps, walk left, and there are some gates at the top of
    the screen. Go through, and you will be in a small graveyard with a number of
    gravestones. Continue up the path and you will find a gravestone on its own.
    This is Charlotte's Grave, and you should pray here. (I think it's a shame they
    didn't have "pray" as an attack or healing option, as in Sweet Home - by the
    way, if you enjoy Koudelka, this is another rare survival horror RPG.) Do this,
    IF you aim to avoid a later battle, want a chance to get the significant
    accessory Flare Brooch, which will be familiar to anyone who knows the Shadow
    Hearts games.
    Return to the main area, and walk left again. Here you will find the Key Item
    [VIGNA'S DOLL] lying on the ground to the left of a grave. Walk around to the
    back of the grave (from the right) and you will find the rare weapon: [DANIEL"S
    CROSS]. It is at the back of the actual cross, but you need to be at the left,
    to pick it up. (At least, that's how it worked for me.) After that, walk back
    to the front of the grave and pray.
    At last, you'll find some company after that lonely trek. Events take over
    again for a while, and after this the metal gates in the Triangular Hallway at
    the top of the steps, will be opened for you. Walk up the steps (keeping close
    to the wall) and you will be back in a familiar area. These gates are the ones
    you couldn't open before, in the small hallway that led to the Church Nave from
    the Print Room. Pick up the item next to the far wall, if you didn't get it
    before, and then head to the right, through the door into the small cupboard
    room, and you will be back in the Print Room.
    NOTE: I have heard that the unique weapon, Daniel's Cross, may not appear. I am
    not sure, but it might be dependent on having a high level for LUCK. With
    Koudelka's Luck at 35 I found it without any problems, despite trying various
    combinations of actions, in case this makes any difference. (Finding it both
    before and after the scene, and before and after visiting Charlotte's grave.)
    So, if you don't find it, then I am pretty sure it is not dependent on the
    order of actions in the Graveyard. Either you didn't check the back of the
    grave, or your luck may not be high enough.
    There may an alternative explanation in that the game has already set the
    chances for getting this item and your stats make no difference at all. Sorry,
    but it seems that I cannot give a definitive answer to this.
    N2. The Printing Room Again
    "There's a bigger secret we have yet to uncover."
    Enemies: As before
    TIP: Start training Edward (or anyone) with two-handed swords, if you haven't
    already done so. You may have obtained a weak 2 handed sword called the
    Galahad, from the Zombie Dog in the Inner Grounds, or elsewhere, and this is a
    useful training sword.
    After so long alone even James is a welcome sight, as Koudelka joins the two
    men, and you catch up on the story again. In fact, James now reveals a bit more
    about himself. After the reunion it's time to find a way in to Patrick's
    Quarters. Make a Permanent Save in the Archives room, before heading out. You
    will find that the two men have not increased in levels since Koudelka parted
    from them at the start of Disc 3.
    Now you must backtrack, all the way to the two girls: remember, you have both
    their dolls now, and they have the Green Key. This always frustrates me so
    I'll give you precise directions for getting back here.
    N3. From the Printing Room to the Dungeon, Basement
    Enemies: As before
    From the Print Room exit though the door into the Library Hall, and back up the
    stairs to the second floor. From here, go through the open door at the right
    (the one that appears to be blue) and through the tile room. Then, descend the
    grand stairs into the Chandelier Hall, and cross the hall to the door in the
    far corner that leads to the Water Font room. From here, go through the storage
    room and then down the next set of stairs. Enter the door in this hallway which
    leads to the Underground Storage Room. Head to the right, across this room and
    then through the door to the green Underground Tunnel. Follow the tunnel
    through to the Acid Tank area, and keep going past the Shrine Save Point room,
    to the second green Underground Tunnel. Nearly there!. Finally you will open
    the door to the Dungeon, Basement, where the two mummy girls have been
    patiently waiting for their dolls.
    If you need better directions then just check back at the previous maps for
    these areas, OR use your in-game map!
    3O.  C H A R L O T T E ' S  C E L L
    GK  = Green Key Door
    TSP = Temporary Save Point
       |       |      |       |
       |       |      |       |
       |       |   1  |       |
       |       |      | Cell  |
       |       |  GK  |__  ___|
       |_______|___D__|       |
       |       |      |Torture|/
       |       | TSP  D Room  /
                  | |
       |       |Priest| Quart |
       |       |      |       |
       |       |__D___|_______|
       |                      |
       |                      |
       | TSP |  |||| Charlotte|/
       |  3  |_____D  2       /
    O1. The Green Key Door and Stairs
    Enemies: Inverse, Zombie Dog
    Items:   Potion x2
    Key Item: GREEN KEY
    Attempt to take the green key from the girls, and you have a choice to give
    them their dolls, or (if you say no) fight them again. The only purpose to
    fighting them, is if you want to raise weapon and spell levels, without raising
    experience levels, as no attacks will work on them. (Actually that is not
    strictly true, since you can poison them by attacking with Normal Knuckles.)
    Give the dolls to the girls and you get the [GREEN KEY]. Open the door next to
    them, (the Green Key disappears) and enter this small room. You might recognise
    it. You are now on the far side of the jail cell where you encountered the
    ghost of Charlotte. Pick up the red item, a measly [POTION], if you want, and
    walk up the stairs. There is another (purple) [POTION] on the landing. Finally
    go though the door (at the top left corner of the screen) into Charlotte's
    O2. Charlotte's Room
    "How does it feel to know you are loved?"
    OR "When every thing's dead and gone then you will be the same."
    Enemies:  Evil Furniture! - Evil Chair and Evil Shelf
    Items:    None
    You enter the room from the right, and are standing on a table. There is
    another door to Koudelka's right, at the top right of the room. (All this is a
    little confusing, since the map shows the doors at the west side of the room.)
    Jump down to the floor, and you will find that the door is being held shut by
    that familiar mysterious force. Investigate the far side of the table and you
    will be attacked by possessed evil furniture. Yes, really: green bookshelves
    and bright red chairs.
    | M I N I  -  B O S S  -  E V I L  F U R N I T U R E  5000 ?? HP |
    They have a fair amount of HP, more than 5000 each it seems, but a couple of
    high level magic spells from Koudelka and James will soon put paid to them.
    Geyser seems to work best on the chairs, and Megalith on the bookshelf. The
    shelf can inflict poison, but this is not going to matter much. The reward for
    this battle was Antidote 3 and Roman Nuts 1, although that might vary a little.
    (Bread, and Dried Food another time.) After this battle you will meet Charlotte
    once more.
    If you prayed at her grave and found Sophia's letters, then there is a scene
    and no battle, and you will find the [FLARE BROOCH] on the floor. If you didn't
    do this or missed the letters, then you must fight her and the scene is
    | B O S S  -  C H A R L O T T E  (Optional) 6000 ?? HP |
    Reward: STAR BROOCH.
    This is Charlotte! Well..! After the initial shock, Charlotte will use spells
    that mostly target one person at a time, but simply do the same back! They
    might poison you as well, but only Edward, if he has low piety, will be hurt
    for more then 500 HP. She stays at the far side of the battlefield, and doesn't
    seem to be interested in moving forwards. Geyser (water) spells and Water
    weapons will work well against her, but Flare (fire) will miss. After the
    battle you will get the [STAR BROOCH]. If you fought this battle at level
    21/23, which I did (on  re-run) then everyone should gain a couple of levels.
    O3. Using the Blue Key
    Enemies: Headless, Explode
    Items:   Telis, (Listel in the NTSC game) Pistol Rounds
    The door is now open, so leave Charlotte's room to enter a very creepy
    passageway. Climb up the squelchy pile to the right, and pick up a {TELIS] and
    [PISTOL ROUNDS]. You will use the BLUE KEY on the door, and then discard it,
    after which you can step inside Patrick's Quarters, for the first time. It's a
    very posh place. ^_^
    3P.  P A T R I C K ' S  Q U A R T E R S
    FLOOR 1
     |      D   Hall    D  2    |
     | Study|___________|Bedroom|
     |  6   |   |       |_D     |
     |__D___|   | Stairs|  |_D__|
     |      |   | Down  |  |    |
     | Lab  |   |_______|  | Lib|
     |  7   |              | 3  |
    PR  = Portrait Room
    SP8 = Save Point (and healing)
    TSP = Temporary Save Point
     ___________________________|      |      D       |
     |      | Gramophone 4 D    |      |      |       |
     |____  |_D____________|    |      |_D____|_______|
     |   |  |   |       |__| PR |                     |
     D   |  |   | Stairs|__| 5  |                     |
     | 8 |  |   | Up    |  | SP8|_____________________|
     |   |  |   |_______|  |____|   | St  |           |
     |   |  |  1        TSP     |TSP|_____D Charlotte |
                Inner Garden - unlock this door
    P1. Patrick's Quarters
    Enemies: Headless, Inverse
    Items:   Shotgun Shells
    Walk s couple of steps down the middle of the hallway, and you can unbolt the
    door you found earlier, when Koudelka was exploring the Inner Grounds. This
    means that you can also return to the Church Nave, to fight the Gargoyle, when
    you're ready. In fact, you can re-visit the Nave and NOT fight the Gargoyle, if
    you just want to fight the enemies. However the route through the left door,
    back to the Triangular Hallway and Printing Room, is now blocked.
    Head past the stairs to the left and pick up the red item [SHOTGUN SHELLS], if
    you want these. There is a metal looking door at the end of this short passage,
    but let's go visit an old (VERY old) friend, first.
    P2. Roger's Bedroom
    Enemies: Face Birds
    Items:   None
    From the main hall, walk to the right of the stairs, and there is a set of
    three large steps. Climb up and you can reach a door at the top. This takes you
    into the top right room on the 1st Floor. Turn to your right and you can unbolt
    a metal door. This leads directly to the right of the 1st floor landing, at the
    top of the stairs. For now, the door at the far side is held shut by our old
    friend, Mister Mysterious Force. Return to the bedroom and check out the statue
    that is opposite the bed, in the bottom left corner of the room. This is the
    light switch, and when you move this statue, it will turn off the lights, and
    let you access Roger's secret library through the left door.
    P3. Roger's Secret Library
    "My name is Roger Bacon, and I'm just like any normal old man."
    Enemies: Black Cat
    Items:   None
    Here you will find Roger in his secret library hideaway. There is a long
    scene, where Roger explains who he is and what can be done to save Elaine's
    soul. To exit this room, walk down the screen where you see the edge of a red
    rug. (I got stuck here one time, so I'm just saying...)
    P4. Gramophone Room
    Enemies:  Headless
    Items:    None
    NEED: Disc
    In here, walk down the room and inspect the grey plaque on the left wall. This
    is a gramophone and you can use the disc you found ages ago. When the machine
    plays, a drawer will open, and you find RESEARCH NOTES. Now enter the door at
    the far end of this room.
    P5. Portrait Room
    "Death is at the heart of God's reason."
    Enemies:  Bugs
    Items:    Automatic Pistol
    SPELL:    Reflect
    This is a "Something's not right..." room, so you know what to expect. Directly
    opposite the entrance is a statue of Elaine, which you can check out, if you
    like. But the real action is further down the room. Move on, and the screen
    changes. Stand on the fireplace at the far end, and this prompts a battle.
    | B O S S  - S C A P E G O A T  10,000 ??   |
    Reward: AUTOMATIC PISTOL. You learn the spell REFLECT
    This is a fancy critter, with four oddly angled legs supporting a kind of
    spidery looking top half. Don't use Water weapons on it, or they will miss.
    Any spell except for Geyser (water) will be effective. Be careful though,
    because its magic attack can thrust Edward back, as well as doing a fair degree
    of damage, and then it will move forwards. You can put someone else behind him,
    if you like, and this will prevent him from being pushed back. I found that
    Edward wasn't of much use in this battle, except to block the attacks from the
    other two. It can also inflict poison from a physical attack. Keep Edward
    healed, whatever you do.
    My team was at level 30/28/28 after this battle in one game, and 27/25/25 in
    another. You can save and heal at the Altar and take stock of your new
    equipment and spell. The spell "Reflect" is an essential one for the later
    stages of the game, and you might want to have someone (James) practice casting
    it in battle a few times, and level it up.
    This is a good point to obtain the Gargoyle Killer Sword, and try and take that
    sucker down!
    10:10:10 - Ogden's Axe
    11:11:11 - Gargoyle Killer - BREAKS AFTER THREE HITS!
    10, 21, 32 or 43 ITEMS
    T I M E  C H E C K  : If you want to get the final one (eighth) of the secret
                          items, you need to take your time now, and make a save at
                          twenty-two hours after starting the game (22:22:22) - for
                          Roger's Staff.
    As soon as you try to leave the room, Elaine will appear and have a long chat
    with James. After that's all done and dusted, return to the main hall, through
    the gramophone room. Now the door to the left room upstairs can be opened.
    P6. Patrick's Study
    Enemies: Joker, Sham, Bugs, Suck
    Items:   Shotgun Shells
    Head back to the stairs in Patrick's Quarters and go up the next floor. Enter
    the door to the left room, and investigate the bookshelves for a clue. There
    are some books with a picture of a dragon and above them is the word ESTIA,
    written in Gothic lettering. You are highly intelligent, of course, so you
    already know that this mean "Hearth" in Greek. There is a fire burning in this
    room, but that doesn't seem to reveal anything. Walk down the room from the
    fireplace and the room opens out. There is a red item on the floor, more
    [SHOTGUN SHELLS] if you need them. Go through the door into Patrick's
    P7. Patrick's Laboratory
    Enemies:  Inverse
    Items:    Roman Nuts, Rifle Rounds.
    Inside the laboratory, you will find an [EMPTY BOTTLE] on the cupboard near the
    door. There is a green "weigh yourself" machine to the right and you should use
    this. You'll find out that Koudelka's weight is 45 KG. Walk further into the
    room and obtain [PATRICK'S MEMO] from the large desk. You can also pick up a
    [ROMAN NUTS] and [RIFLE ROUNDS] from the table. Aha! A fireplace without a
    fire. Check it out and you will discover an opening and a ladder going down.
    Climb down the ladder and you are a long narrow room on the ground floor.
    NOTE: You can only access the ladder after getting the clue from the study
    P8. Patrick's Secret Room
    Enemies: Inverse, Jewel Eye, Black Cat, Nobleman, Sham
    Items:   Panacea.
    There is a {PANACEA] on the floor, in front of the weighing machine, and a
    door that requires a trick to open it. Stand on the scales and turn left for
    some instructions. Even without having read Patrick's Memo, you will be told
    what to do, so it's not exactly difficult to work out. You must adjust the
    counterweight to the precise weight of 70 KG. You then have to select two
    numbers in turn. The idea is to make Koudelka's weight correct. (This is
    assuming that it's only she who is standing on the scales.) It's no use just
    guessing her weight. So, you need to add 25 KG to make it up to 70KG. That
    means selecting the number [2] and then the number [5]. There will be a click
    and a confirmation message. (Sorry if this is obvious, I had trouble with this
    the first time I played...dunno why, cos it's REALLY simple.)
    Now, the door is open and you will be outside in an area with a wind blowing
    and a stone flagged floor. (It's very atmospheric.)
    P9. Revisit Roger
    "It is not...absolutely impossible."
    After your visit with Elaine, and finding Patrick's Research Notes, head back
    to the Secret Library to chat with Roger. After this scene, return to Patrick's
    Secret Room under the fireplace, and you can progress through the door in the
    Ruins and into the Vestry.
    TSP = Temporary Save Point
    SP  = Save Point (and healing)
                                                   PATRICK'S QUARTERS
                                                   |      | Gramophone   D    |
                 __________________________________|____  |_D____________|    |
                /        |   3    |                |   |  |   |       |__| PR |
               (    5    |  TSP   D  Ruins   2     D   |  |   | Stairs|__|SP8 |
           _____\_____D__|________|________________|   |  |   | Up    |  |    |
          /   SP9  |     |  TSP   |                |   |  |   |_______|  |____|
         (  Chapel D  4  D Vestry |                |   |  |           TSP     |
                               |                      |
                    Church     |        Nave   1      |
                               |  TSP  (Gargoyle)     D     Inner Grounds
    Start of this stage - levels K 32/30/29
    Q1. The Church Nave - Optional
    Enemies:  Jewel Eye, Chikon, Shadow Wisp. (Drops: Scimitar, L Sword, Roman
              Nuts, Rosaries)
    Items:    None
    Key Item: None
    Boss: Gargoyle (See Sidequest Section)
    Q2. Ruins Corridor to Vestry
    Enemies:  Headless, Inverse, Raven, Zombie
    Items:    Shotgun 6, Shotgun Shells
    Key Item: TINDERBOX
    Turn up the screen from the door, and there are a couple of easy to miss
    invisible items. You must click on the body lying face down on the stone, and
    each time you get something, click again. You will find [TINDERBOX], [SHOTGUN
    6] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS].
    Walk left and over a narrow wooden bridge. When you reach the door, you won't
    be allowed to enter unless you have found a way to dispose of Elaine's body.
    Of course, Roger would know!
    Q3. Vestry Passage
    Enemies: Inverse, Minorauruos, Jewel Eye, Bead, Pricktail
    Items:   Roman Nuts, Pistol Rounds
    In case you are wondering about the layout of the monastery, the Vestry is
    where priests go to change their their clothes and put on their special
    "vestments' for a service. It's sort of like a priest's dressing room. Anyway,
    this is a very posh vestry.
    Walk to the far end and pick up [ROMAN NUTS] from the candlelit table at the
    left, and yet more [PISTOL ROUNDS] from the table to the right. The middle
    table has six dolls on it, and four of these can be moved. If you look at two
    upper dolls, the left one has red and is facing right, and the right one has
    some green showing and is facing left. Fiddle with the four until both the left
    two are showing red and facing right, and the right two are showing green and
    facing left. If you don't get it right first time, it doesn't matter. Just
    click on the table once more, and the dolls will be in the position where you
    left them. You can chose to move or not move each doll in turn. When they are
    all lined up, the door in the next room will open.
    Quick solution: move the first and the fourth. (Credit to Mysticcat's FAQ, and
    the clues are found from talking to the strange thing in the hole in the wall.)
    Now, go through the left door to the next room. Here you can take the red item
    [SHOTGUN SHELLS], and then walk up the room to find another 'trick' door.
    Obviously, this must be related to the dolls in the previous room.
    Q4. Vestry
    Enemies: Headless, Mars, Shadow Wisp, Eyeball, Chikon, Jewel Eye
    Items:   None
    Enter this new room, and you are facing up the screen. You can walk left or
    right to see the edges of this grand hall. There is nothing to be found to the
    left, but there is another door just past the portrait on the right wall. If
    you head straight on, the door leads to the Chapel and a "boss". For now, open
    the door to the right.
    NOTE: You will find a door at the left of this hall, but only after you have
    defeated the "boss" in the Chapel.
    If you want to find the Mars enemy, for scrolls, they seem to appear most
    easily if you walk up and down the area to the right of the this hall. I found
    three in a row, and they often appear with one Jewel Eye enemy.
    Q5. Candle Chapel
    Enemies: Headless, Tamacross, Chikon, Jewel Eye, Shadow Wisp
    Items:   Lifedrinker Sword
    NEED: Tinderbox
    NOTE: The enemies in here will drop Elixirs.
    Walk up this room crossing a step, and you will find yourself in a circular
    chapel. Head for the place between two large white candles, and Koudelka will
    climb up. However, although there is something to be found, you cannot see it.
    Light the candles!
    To do this, you have to use the Tinderbox you found from the body in the
    Corridor to the Vestry. (You must face forwards to get the trigger message that
    allows you to use the Tinderbox.) After this, the Tinderbox will be discarded,
    but this does not matter. Why doesn't it matter? Because now you will see the
    handle of what looks like, and really is, a truly kick-ass sword: The
    This is a two handed sword, which is why you've been diligently building up
    Edward's skill with this weapon type. Right? ^_^ There is still time to do
    this, but don't practice with this sword, as it can break, just like any other
    weapon. Save it for when you really need it, and you'll find that this sword is
    literally a life saver, since it heals the user, while inflicting massive
    damage on the enemy.
    Q6. Chapel
    Enemies: Bug
    Items:   Iron Crossbow
    Enter the chapel, and walk forward to the the alcove where the battle will
    Koudelka, Edward and James were at level 32/30/29 for this battle and their
    levels increased by three after it, so I think these levels may be a little
    low. However, the battle is not dependent so much on levels as technique!
    | B O S S  -  A P O S T L E   9000 HP ? |
    Rewarded with IRON CROSSBOW
    TIP: DON'T use magic. Only use physical attacks.
    This is a gorgeous looking monster, with what appear to be jewel encrusted
    wings, though it's hanging upside down, with a circling red halo and bulbous
    blue body. Don't be fooled by his good looks! This is a tricky battle because
    he will absorb both magic and weapon attacks. Although there are times when
    your attacks will work, he can also negate the effects of weapons: in effect
    they miss. His magic doesn't do much damage, and if you have someone on the
    back row of the battlefield it will miss altogether. He starts the battle at
    the far side, and will stay there, so you don't have to worry about placement,
    and can move around freely.
    Now, the general advice for this battle is to watch his movements. Some of the
    time the camera does a close up, and his body starts to wobble and his wings
    move around a lot. It's a bit as if he's having a fit, and while he's in this
    state all your attacks will heal him. After a while he stops moving and this is
    when you can attack him. That might sound easy enough, but it is not always
    clear when he's going to change mode, and while you are casting a spell he may
    change, and you end up healing him more often than not!
    One way to prevent this, is to use the "WAIT" command if he's moving around.
    You will get another turn very quickly, and can check up on him again. Physical
    attacks are easier to do this with, since the time taken to hit him is short,
    whereas magic takes longer. In fact, you can defeat quickly if you don't use
    magic at all. (With a level 2 or 3 weapon, this fight can be over in minutes!)
    Now, I discovered something VERY interesting during this battle. I've checked
    it again and again, and it works every time. Both Koudelka and James can use
    the weapon Cat's Eye with this enemy. (You get this weapon from the Black Cat
    enemy.) In my game, Koudelka had level 1 for fists, Strength and Dexterity at
    around 10 - 13 points, and she hit the Apostle for around 1000 HP damage. James
    did the same, but for a bit less. I gave this weapon to Edward and he did
    around 30 HP damage with it. My guess is that this somehow relates to their
    high magic stats, (Edward was at around 10 - 13 for that). If you want to try
    this out, then move Koudelka up to within two squares of the enemy, and wait
    until the right time to hit. Then move up alongside him to attack, and after
    this move back again. Sometimes you can get in two hits and sometimes the enemy
    might kill Koudelka with a physical attack. If so, then revive her with magic,
    or a Whiskey item. (Magic hardly harms her, although it may silence or
    paralyse. If so, use a Panacea.)  Let Edward do his usual thing of facing the
    enemy head on to take the main attacks, although everyone can just stay back if
    you prefer. Use anyone to heal and boost strength, while you are waiting, and
    then everyone can attack when the creature stops moving around.
    If you use normal knuckles, or an axe with Edward, you can poison the enemy,
    which is always satisfying. By the way, ths crossbow you get from this battle
    is an excellent weapon with high attack power. Save your arrows for the final
    battles! Another advantage to using fists type weapons, is that they increase
    agility, which helps a lot in this battle.
    WARNING! After this battle, if you go left towards the Sanctuary door, there
    will be a scene that prompts the end of Disc 3. If you don't want to start this
    disc yet, then walk straight forwards through the Vestry, Ground Floor. I would
    suggest that you fight the Apostle BEFORE fighting the Gargoyle as you will be
    able to use this battle to raise some Fortify levels, and gain some additional
    experience, as well as the reward of the Iron Crossbow.
    Q6. Door to Sanctuary
    "You could put a bullet through and it wouldn't budge!"
    Enemies: As before
    Items:   None
    After this battle, walk back into the Vestry and go left to find the door to
    the Sanctuary. However, it is inaccessible. Following another argumentative
    scene, James has an idea for how to break down the door. This is the end of
    Disc 3.
    E N D  O F  D I S C  T H R E E  R E V I E W
    SACNOTH (must beat Gargoyle to obtain it)
    Make sure to use the Reflect spell often, to raise the level.
    D I S C  F O U R ...................................................... *DISC/4
    R. Preparation
    S. The Sanctuary
    T. The Tower
    R.  P R E P A R A T I O N
    R1. Backtracking!
    Enemies:  As before
    Items:    None
    Key Item: BOTTLE OF ACID
    NEED: Empty Bottle (from Patrick's Lab)
    This disc begins with the party still at the large door in the Vestry,
    following the previous scene. Return to Patrick's Quarters, and now you must
    walk back to the Acid Tank to fill the bottle with acid.
    If you remember, the large door in the basement of the building in the Inner
    Grounds, cannot be opened, so there is no short cut! Instead, go through the
    right hand door from the Ground Floor of the mansion, and this passage takes
    you back to Charlotte's Cell. Climb onto the table next to the door, and enter
    the secret door here. Then follow the stairs down to the dungeon area, and
    enter the door to the right, just at the bottom of the stairs. You are now in
    the Dungeon Basement with the two mummy girls. (Check them, for a nice line in
    dark humour.)
    Now, walk to the right and through the double doors into the green passage, and
    thence to the Acid Tank area. The Acid Tank is at the right, and you will be
    asked if you want to take some acid. Of course you do! You'll get a [BOTTLE OF
    Finally, walk all the way back to Patrick's Quarters, and go to Patrick's Lab.
    You will see a message telling you that James will make the explosive.
    R2. The Fireplace Scene
    "An enigmatic mysterious glint in your eyes."
    Enemies: None
    Items:   None
    This interlude follows on immediately, and there is a long scene with Edward
    and Koudelka where both reveal the truth about themselves. Awww. (My favourite
    scene, in case you wanted to know.)  The scene ends when James returns with
    the nitroglycerine. It's time to head for the door!
    S.  T H E  S A N C T U A R Y
    S1. Enter the Sanctuary
    Enemies: As before
    Items:   None
    NEED: Nitro-Glycerine
    From the Study, enter the Laboratory and climb down into the fireplace. Walk
    back to the Vestry, and return to the large locked door. Here, Edward will use
    the explosive to destroy the door, giving you access into the main church. You
    can save at the Chapel before going inside.
    S2. The Pipe Organ
    "It's amazing"
    Enemies: Puppet, Sham
    Items:   None
    NEED: Old Letter
    After another scene, walk forwards and turn to your right. There is a screen
    change and you will be at the bottom of some steps. Climb up, and you will end
    up at the organ. There are runes carved into the keys, just to make things more
    confusing. However, this hides a clue to the underground rooms of the church -
    the crypt. It's clear that you must play a tune, and you are informed that the
    runes on the keys read: People, Secret, Pain, and Light. Anyway, you might
    remember that OLD LETTER you found ages ago that didn't seem to be of any use.
    Well, it contains the clues. Each of the words in capitals represents a key:
    SECRET, PAIN, PEOPLE, LIGHT. So press the notes in this order. Simple really,
    if only it wasn't so obscure. After the horrible sound, descend the stairs.
    S3. The Crypt
    "None of you need die with me here."
    Enemies: None
    Items:   None
    Return to the main body of the church and walk left. Then, edge around the
    rubble and plant life, to find the stairs that the organ opened. Walk down
    here, and there are more scenes, after which you can access the temporary save
    point. If you want to leave then walk back up the steps. If not, then continue
    to the next event.
                       ***** P O I N T  O F  N O  R E T U R N *****
    S4 St Daniel's Arm
    "Now. Created and born out of dust"
    Enemies: None
    Items:   None
    NEED: Daniel's Arm
    Now, at long last you can get rid of the mouldy old arm you've been carrying
    around all this time. You will have the option to choose whether or not to use
    the arm, and be sure you want to, because after this you cannot get back to any
    other part of Nementon. After using the arm, there is a spectacular scene, and
    at the end of it, the party is outside the church, having escaped through a
    4T.  T H E  T O W E R
    T1. Climbing the Tower
    Enemies: Giant, Bead, Headless, Zombie Dog, Viewer, Tamacoss
    Items:   Shotgun Shells
    NOTE: The Giant enemies will drop Idols. These can be used to boost the named
    stats. Just use them from the Tools menu, and each one raises the ability
    permanently, by 3 points. Zombie Dogs make an appearance in the area close to
    the burning window and these enemies drop the Girdle Sword. It's only thanks to
    pantibonico I knew that they did as I usually leave that area quickly!
    There are some tough battles to fight on the way up the tower, and as usual,
    the orientation can be a little awkward, at least to begin with. Follow the
    stairs to the left, and at the next landing walk right, and you will be at an
    area in front of another window. Here you will encounter the first boss,
    | B O S S  -  T E N T A C L E S  (A)  HP ?? |
    These enemies are spaced out to begin with and cannot be targeted all at once,
    However they will soon move in closer. Keep Edward at the front to block their
    physical attacks, and make sure to heal him when necessary. You can move him
    all the way to one side to avoid attacks from all three at once! They can
    inflict poison, but their magic attacks won't hurt much. Use fire attacks on
    them all. My team reached level 37 after this battle.
    Now, enter the opening to the right and you will emerge on a walkway facing
    right. This is 2F. Climb up the steps, and you emerge at a new path heading to
    the left. As soon as you step onto it, there will be another battle with
    tentacles. This one is harder than the last.
    | B O S S  -  T E N T A C L E S  (B)  HP ??  |
    Reward: DEX IDOL, AGL IDOL
    These appear in a row with two tentacles behind each other, and at the back is
    a strange looking one. This is entwined with Patrick... Serves him right for
    taking Elaine from James. Again, use Flare spells. If you want to protect
    Edward from the magic, use Reflect on him, or just use the Lifedrinker sword,
    which will keep him healed. Patrick's tentacle will take a while to defeat
    compared to the other ones, (depending on your ability levels) but it doesn't
    do much damage. When he is getting weak, he will probably move to the back of
    the battlefield, so just keep up the pressure.
    After the battle, continue walking left, along the path, and the view will pan
    out. You are now in the middle of the screen, so carry on a few steps until the
    pink stone at the left of the screen. You can jump down here, and find [SHOTGUN
    SHELLS]. Take a few moments to use all those IDOL items which boost stats
    permanently for three points. If you want more of them, then fight more battles
    with the Giant, which appears frequently at the Tower. He has high HP but is
    weak to Megalith spells.
    Return to the path, and up some steps to Floor 3. Walk a few steps to the outer
    edge and turn to face right so you can walk up some shallow steps to a wooden
    platform. (This is where you can access the hidden Save Point.)  Take a couple
    of steps to the right and climb up to reach the higher steps. There is another
    screen change, and you reach the top floor. Walk past the first window, and you
    can enter the second one. This takes you back inside the Church Tower, and to
    another Temporary Save.
    There is a hidden permanent save point before you climb up to Floor 4. Turn to
    face the church building with Koudelka standing just to the right of the lower
    flame filled window and BEFORE you climb up to reach the higher steps that take
    you up to the next floor. Press X, and you'll climb up and face the church to
    find that familiar (and welcome) message about something shining with a sacred
    light. Koudelka's head will show in the middle of the right set of windows when
    you're in the correct position.
                       ***** F I N A L  S A V E  P O I N T *****
    Save here if you want to see all endings! You can reload for the alternative
    endings, and it doesn't very long to play through again. AND you get to hear
    all the awesome music again.
    T2. Meeting Elaine
    Enemies: Black Cat, Explode, Jewel Eye, Inverse
    Items:   None
    Climb through the window, and you will be at this final TSP. You will also see
    a large blue flower just ahead. Walk to the right, and there will be a message
    which triggers movement in the plant. I won't tell you what happens, except to
    say that the following scene changes depending on whether or not you have the
    pendant, and it MUST be equipped to be effective. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE
    EQUIPPED TO KOUDELKA! She will respond as if it is, so long as someone has it.
    One of the scenes is the alternative ending of the game. (Guess which one!)
    NOTE: I have been informed that there is an alternative way to get the pendant,
    if you happened to have missed it. You can fight Black Cats in this area,
    before triggering the scene, and one might drop a pendant. Actually these cats
    give good experience and are very easy to defeat, so this is a way to raise
    levels, and boost various stats with Ability Points, if you think yours are
    still too low. You can also encounter other enemies here, and collect some more
    items and weapons if you need them. I tested this out, and despite fighting
    many cats, and getting many Cat's Eyes from them, I didn't find a pendant.
    However, this might be because I had found the Pendant, and dropped it, in
    order to test this out. It could be the case that the game only allows you to
    get a Pendant from the Black Cat if you never found it at all. (Credit to
    Pycho_Penguin for this idea.)
    After the scene, there is another TSP, and Koudelka is facing some stairs.
    (Okay, this is another save point, but it is after the first meeting with
    Elaine, so you would miss the third ending if you reloaded from here.) If you
    turn around, you will find that the way is blocked. It's one way - UP! Assuming
    you had the pendant, now you must run (you can walk if you like) up the stairs
    with Elaine chasing, and never far behind. There are two battles, neither of
    which will defeat her, but each time you recover to continue running up the
    stairs. Each battle is like a boss battle. My levels were 40/38/38 at this
    point, and I did not use any of the secret items, although I had the
    Lifedrinker Sword.
    Be aware that you DO NOT GET ANY EXPERIENCE FOR THESE BATTLES! That's because
    you do not actually beat her. This means that you need to make sure to heal,
    using items, after each bout. This is where those High Telis (High Listel in
    the NTSC game) MP healing items will come in handy.
    | B O S S  -  E L A I N E  (A)  HP ??  |
    Elaine is immune to Earth and Water for this battle, so don't use Megalith or
    Geyser spells or elemental weapons. To spell it out, use FLARE AND TORNADO
    spells. The trick to this battle is to use reflect on everyone so Elaine's
    spells hurt her and not your party. In practice, anyone with high enough Piety
    won't be troubled by her spells, so I just cast Reflect on Edward. The Evil
    Horn weapon will hurt her, if you have high enough stats, but not much else
    besides that. (Not even the Iron Crossbow!) Use Edward to raise AGL and INT for
    Koudelka and James if his attacks are not effective on Elaine. And, of course,
    he can also cast Reflect, but it might not take effect. Her spells will target
    everyone and can inflict poison, so heal that with a Panacea or Antidote. She
    tends to stay back and does not use any physical attacks, and when her HP is
    getting low, she will retreat into a corner.
    Another advantage of using Reflect, is that you will probably poison her. I
    managed this with Elaine in both battles, and I guess as a result of reflecting
    her attacks. Nice to have a boss with this vulnerability.
    After the battle ends, continue up the stairs until she catches up again.
    | B O S S  -  E L A I N E  (B)  HP ??  |
    This is exactly the same as the previous battle except for one thing. Elaine
    has changed her immunity to Fire and Wind, so DON'T use Flare or Tornado
    spells. This time use MEGALITH and GEYSER, as well as Reflect spells again.
    The Iron Crossbow is a very effective weapon in Edward's hands, assuming he has
    decent stats for Strength and Dexterity. Of course, you have to stop and load
    it after every turn. Alternatively, you could use a Shotgun.
    After this battle HEAL everyone, (not forgetting MP for Koudelka and James) and
    equip Edward (assuming he is your strongest attacker) with the Lifedrinker
    Sword if you still have it unbroken, or the Sacnoth if you defeated the
    Gargoyle. Have someone with the Crossbow as well. Change formation so everyone
    is close to each other. I had all three on the row in front of the back row.
    When Elaine moves forward, I then moved Koudelka to the back row, and kept the
    two men in front of her.
    T3. The Final Battle
    Once you reach the top of the tower, there is another splendid scene, and
    eventually the final battle with Elaine will begin.
    | B O S S  -  E L A I N E  (C)  T H E  F I N A L  F O R M   HP ??  |
    Now, this is clever. This is a very hard battle to win... I am tempted to let
    you figure this one out on your own, and just say that if you are the kind of
    player who gets dispirited by having to fight a very hard final boss, then
    this will be a gift to you. However, it's worth while lasting as long as you
    can, just for the music!
    Well then, if you are determined to beat her, here's how.
    Cast Reflect on Edward first, and then everyone else. The only drawback to this
    strategy, is that you cannot heal someone who has been reflected, except by
    using items, and you risk a damaging physical attack from Elaine. She can
    inflict over 4000 damage on someone without good defence, and even Edward (who
    had the most in my game) took 1000 HP damage. If she kills someone on the front
    line, then she will move past them and you cannot revive them, therefore, DON'T
    send anyone out in front and keep everyone close to each other. This will help
    in healing everyone as well, and she may stay back and just use magic for quite
    some time. When she moves forwards, move Koudelka to the back row and keep the
    two men in front of her. Then I used Edward to move from left to right and this
    seemed to confuse Elaine. Keep doing this, and although she might follow, she
    seemed to use her magic more when I did this, which was the plan! (Or maybe,
    just luck!)  Anyhow she seemed to get slower as the battle progressed, and to
    use magic more often than physical attacks.
    She will use two forms of magic, one which targets one person and the other
    hits everyone. But the magic is not the problem, even though it is powerful,
    it's her physical strength. This is why you MUST stay out of her way if at all
    possible. Her physical attack may also inflict Poison. Keep replenishing the
    Reflect status when it wears off. If she moves forwards, change weapons to the
    Sacnoth or Lifedrinker. But it is the effects of the reflected magic that will
    kill her. (Although if you have higher levels, and the special weapons, then
    you probably won't need to use this strategy.)
    Ideally you need high Vitality and Agility, as well as healing and attack
    spells at level 2 or 3. Use your Roman Nuts to revive anyone who is killed, and
    this will restore all HP and MP. You can also use the Idol items to boost
    stats if you forgot to use them before the battle. Don't forget to cast Reflect
    again on anyone who has been revived.
    Her initial magic attack might hit everyone and damage Edward especially badly.
    (For over 2500 HP in this game, with very low Piety). At my low levels, his
    Lifedrinker sword was only doing around 100 HP damage. Hence, this sneaky
    strategy. ^_^
    T4 The End
    "Let's go home"  (ending)
    OR "Dead people don't speak" (ending)
    Ok, so there are two endings, and they are very different. The "good" ending is
    really the bad one and the "bad" ending the good.
    The best ending (in my view) is the one where you lose to Elaine.
                 5.  S I D E Q U E S T : T H E  G A R G O Y L E ............*GARG
    G A R G O Y L E :  O P T I O N A L  B O S S
    | B O S S  -  G A R G O Y L E  (optional)  30,800 HP |
    Reward: IDOL item (random stat boost item)
            SACNOTH SWORD - can be taken from the statue near the Main Gate.
    There is really only one sidequest in this game, and it's a beauty. You have
    the choice to try and defeat the Gargoyle, and this boss is MUCH harder than
    the final boss of the game, who is no pushover. Anyway, that's just to hint at
    the nature of this challenge. As with many tough bosses, you can simply
    overwhelm him with your very high levels and maxed out HP, OR you can attempt
    to win at low levels with a half decent strategy. Anyhow, that is the challenge
    that interested me most. So, I tested out ways of winning at the lowest
    possible levels. Some worked, some didn't.
    You don't have to fight the Gargoyle at all, and this will not make any
    difference to the outcome of the game, except that you won't be able to obtain
    the Sacnoth sword. Also, you don't have to fight it on Disc 3. You can wait
    until Disc 4, but it must be before the events inside the Crypt. Now, another
    myth about the game, is that the Gargoyle's HP increases if you wait until
    Disc 4. This does not appear to be true. I fought the Gargoyle at the start of
    Disc 4, with the same levels as I had when I fought him on Disc 3, and his HP
    was the same. The only other possibility, is that an increase in his HP is
    dependent on the levels of the party. Anyway,  I am leaving that for someone
    else to find out, if they want to get insanely high levels.
    W H Y  B O T H E R ?
    Because it's there! And you get a reward of an Idol stat boost item, as well as
    the Sacnoth sword. You do NOT gain any experience from this battle, and all you
    get for being defeated is total humiliation. Oops.
    W H E R E   T O  F I N D  I T ?
    You first encounter the Gargoyle in the Church Nave, just before the end of
    Disc 2, when Koudelka is left alone, facing this fearsome enemy. She cannot
    make even a dent in it, although it will not attack her. You must escape into
    the Inner Grounds, and, after reuniting with the two men, you can return to the
    church to fight him.
    As soon as you have unlocked the door back into the Inner Grounds, from
    Patrick's Quarters, you have access to the Church Nave again, and could tackle
    the Gargoyle. Also, if you haven't found the pendant, this is your last chance!
    When you are ready, go to the Church Entrance and you will be asked if you are
    sure you want to enter. Once inside, you can make a Temporary Save if you wish.
    Then walk forwards all the way up to the blue light at the far end to trigger
    the battle. By the way, you can run away from this battle and so use it just to
    boost weapon and magic levels. You can also fight the enemies in the church
    without triggering the Gargoyle battle, and they give some very useful drops.
    G E N E R A L  S T R A T E G Y
    - Preparation
    Success against the Gargoyle is really dependent on two things: your Ability
    Point levels (which includes any boosts from equipment), and having obtained
    the Gargoyle Killer (GK) sword. You could raise levels high enough to withstand
    his onslaught, and manage without the sword, but the easier way is to have the
    GK. You can also use Scrolls on the Gargoyle, and Level 3 Magic, but do not use
    Tornado (Air) spells. Make sure you have Whiskey items for quick revival, and
    Roman Nuts for complete HP and MP recovery and resurrection. You will also need
    High Telis (High Listel in the NTSC game) to replenish MP, if the fight turns
    into a long one, especially if you don't have any scrolls. The Gargoyle's
    attacks can poison, so you also need Antidotes and Panaceas. You should have
    plenty of these by this stage of the game.
    - Using the Gargoyle Killer Sword
    You can ONLY get this secret item at the precise time of 11.11.11, and with a
    set number of items: 10, 21, 32 or 43. Now, the thing about the Gargoyle Killer
    sword, is that it boosts HP to the maximum, which is in fact MORE than 9999. It
    also raises Agility, Strength and Dexterity by 99 points each, (although it
    decreases all magic stats). This means that whoever equips the sword is either
    nearly invulnerable to the Gargoyle's physical attacks, or, is completely
    invulnerable (dependent on their stats). They are also very fast, getting many
    more turns than anyone else.
    The downside is that, although the GK can inflict up to 9999 damage per strike,
    (depending on current levels) it will also break after three hits. To get
    around this problem, equip the sword to one person, and keep them on the front
    row, to guard the others, but DO NOT ATTACK. What this means is that you can
    use magic attacks with the others until you have whittled down its HP by a lot.
    You can equip the sword wielder with accessories to give them some magic power,
    and use them to cast fortify spells to boost magic for the other two, and to
    heal with items if required. If you wanted to keep the sword for the rest of
    the game, then simply continue to use it defensively.
    - Using Scrolls
    Scrolls are found as enemy drops from one monster, called Mars. You can find
    the Mars enemy fairly easily, when you reach the Vestry on Disc 3. It will
    appear at the right side of the Vestry Ground Floor room, and it also in the
    1st Floor, Library. (First available on Disc 2). Fortify Luck to boost the
    chances of the Mars dropping a scroll. Another Scroll can be obtained as a
    secret item, although you only get one. Make a save at the precise time of
    04:44:44, with set number of items: 10, 21, 32 or 43, and you will receive
    Charlotte's Book (Fire Scroll).
    If you want to return to the Library location, you cannot get back via the
    Church Nave door, as that way is now blocked with rubble after the Gargoyle's
    first appearance. So, if you want more, you would need to make the long trek
    back through the Acid Tank area to the Chandelier Hall and through the Tile
    Room, OR go via the centre building in the Inner Grounds, following the route
    to the Graveyard that Koudelka took on her own. That is a bit faster, I think.
    Scrolls will do the most damage when used by someone with high magic stats.
    - Using Reflect
    At lower levels, a reflect spell can send back a fair amount of damage to the
    Gargoyle, if he targets the person with his magic. Even if no damage is
    reflected, the reflect spell will poison the Gargoyle. This status won't last
    forever, but it does last for quite a while and the Gargoyle will lose between
    25 to 280 HP each turn. (Those are the lowest and highest amounts I observed.)
    This is why it's a good plan to wait until you have this spell. You get it
    AFTER beating the boss in the Portrait Room inside Patrick's Quarters. The
    drawback with this spell is that you cannot boost stats whilst reflect is
    operational, or heal for that matter, unless you cast on someone intending to
    reflect it back. (Although you can still use items for healing.)
    - Using Ordinary Weapons
    Weapon effectiveness is dependent on ability levels, and you will need high STR
    and DEX to dent the Gargoyle. The best weapon, aside from the GK, is the Iron
    Crossbow, which you get when you defeat the boss inside the Chapel, just before
    the end of Disc 3. The drawback with the crossbow, is that it can only equip
    one arrow, so you have to reload after one turn. You could use a less powerful
    projectile weapon, such as the Shotgun. The Lifedrinker sword will heal the
    bearer, but since it doesn't do much damage, that hardly benefits you!
    G A R G O Y L E ' S  A T T A C K S
    The Gargoyle only uses single person attacks, though both magic and physical
    attacks. He will start to spin just before he uses his magic attack, and you
    can't tell where he will direct it. This will usually result in poisoning
    whomever it hits. Other than this, his one strike physical attack is very
    powerful, and you will need around 5000 HP to survive. This is why the GK swrod
    is so helpful, because the wielder won't receive much, if any, damage. However,
    even though this won't hurt the person with the GK, it WILL push them back a
    row, and the Gargoyle will immediately move forwards.
    W I N N I N G  S T R A T E G Y  -  R E C O M M E N D E D !
    At levels 39/38/38. With the Iron Crossbow, Gargoyle Killer Sword, and Scrolls.
    Equipment: Koudelka: Daniel's Cross, Earth C Mail, Star Brooch, Pendant
               Edward: Iron Crossbow, Fire C Mail, Fire Badge, Air J Ring
               James: Gargoyle Killer, Ogden's Shirt (Rags), Fire Rosasy, Air Badge
    STR =  +20  INT = +77
    VIT =  +43  PIE = +54
    DEX =  +20  MND = +60
    AGL =  +61  LUC = +41
    With these stats, a level 3 Flare spell did around 750 - 850 damage to the G.
    One scroll inflicted around 7,300 HP damage.
    STR = +115  INT = +29
    VIT =  +54  PIE = +42
    DEX =  +60  MND = +26
    AGL =  +37  LUC = +45
    With these stats, the Iron Crossbow did around 900 damage to the Gargoyle.
    Lifedrinker inflicted around 250, although at least it also healed him.
    STR = +121  INT = +48
    VIT = +131  PIE = +32
    DEX = +121  MND = +30
    AGL = +135  LUC =  +1
    With these stats, James took about 200 HP damage from one hit by the Gargoyle.
    I equipped James with the GK sword and had him in front, with K directly
    behind. Edward was at the side of Koudelka, with the Iron Crossbow. James had
    the first turn, and I used him to Fortify Edward's STR and K's INT. Then, I
    cast Reflect on James. Although this did no damage to the G, when his magic was
    reflected, it poisoned him. With three scrolls and a few ordinary Level 3 Flare
    spells and some Crossbow shots, as well as poisoning him, it didn't take long
    for the BIG G to go down! (An even faster way is to use three scrolls and a
    couple hits with the GK, especially if you equip it to Edward.)
    O T H E R  A T T E M P T S
    This is just for fun really, since the main strategy will work. But these are
    other things I tried, and you might find some extra tips here.
    LEVELS: 35/33 - too low!
    The Gargoyle's first attack on Edward killed him outright. I revived him and
    found that Lifedrinker did no damage at all. Gargoyle then spun around and
    killed Edward again, and moved past him, making Edward unrevivable! Megalith at
    level 3 with Koudelka did only 150 HP damage. He then killed her with his
    magic, and lastly James. Well, that was quick. :(
    For this attempt my levels were 23/24, which is very low for this stage of the
    game. Charlotte's Book (Fire Scroll secret item), did 4500 damage when used by
    K. I kept Edward and his sword out front, blocking the G's attacks. I didn't
    yet have the reflect spell, so couldn't use that. K's level 3 Flare spell only
    did 3 HP damage, so that wasn't going to be very effective! By keeping someone
    directly behind the person with the sword, this prevents them from being shoved
    backwards by the G's physical attacks. The GK sword only did 2500 damage with
    Edward at this low level. The only way to win would be with more scrolls, or
    the reflect spell. (Magic did over 5000 damage to Edward!, but his HP was still
    showing at 9999, cos that's the maximum the game records.) You can spend a few
    turns boosting his strength, but even that would not be sufficient to kill the
    Gargoyle without some additional assistance.
    Levels 27/25/25 (Should work at slightly higher levels)
    Equipment: Edward: GK, Ogden's Shirt (Rags), Fire Badge, Air J Ring
               James: Cat's Eye, Fire C Mail, Water Ring, Air Badge
               Koudelka: Daniel's Cross, Earth C Mail, Star Brooch, Pendant
    Place Edward at the front and put K or J directly behind him to stop the
    Gargoyle from pushing him back. With the GK sword Edward is faster than
    anyone else, so I made the best use of his extra turns by casting fortitude
    spells. I had him boost K.'s INT and MND. But first of all cast Reflect on
    everyone. Keep on eye on everyone's status and cast reflect again if the effect
    wears off. Sometimes reflect does not 'take", so try again until it does.
    When the Gargoyle spins, he will use a magic attack. You really want this to
    target Edward who has the lowest Piety, and this will cause the most damage to
    the Gargoyle. However, even if this doesn't happen, there is good chance that
    the reflected spell will poison him. Keep fortifying K's magic until you are
    ready to try a spell. It's not worth trying to cast a decrease stat spell on
    the Gargoyle, since this is likely to miss. When poisoned, he will lose around
    250 - 25 HP per turn, which isn't a lot, but every little really does help.
    When he spins, make sure to have Edward directly facing him with the reflect
    status. Of course, there is still no guarantee he will target him. If anyone
    manages to die, then use Edward to revive them with an item. After boosting K's
    magic use a Scroll or Charlotte's book for greater effect. The more scrolls
    you have the faster you can win!
    After having removed about two third's of the Gargoyle's HP, start to boost
    Edward's strength. By the way, if the battle takes too long, then the Gargoyle
    will run out of MP and the strategy will fail, and in fact, when I tried this,
    I ran out of High Telis MP healing items, so it really is essential either to
    have scrolls, OR have higher levels than this. Anyway, I thought it would be
    fun to try!
    LEVELS: 30/28/28
    Summary: Play for 22 hours  Get the best weapon in the game. Beat it to a pulp.
    Get reward of weapon that is no longer the best weapon in the game.
    For this battle I had the "secret item" Roger's Staff. This weapon adds 99
    points to Intelligence and Mind, but it ALSO does not appear to break, and will
    deliver massive damage. When used against an ordinary boss or enemy, it will do
    9999 HP damage, even when wielded by a character with low Strength. Koudelka
    had 13 Strength and did 7500 to the Gargoyle, which was pretty impressive for a
    girl. (!). But a spell did the full 9999.
    Keep your formation with two forwards on the same line, and one behind them, so
    you can revive someone if they die, and Gargoyle cannot pass the line. With
    less then 3000 HP for everyone, no-one could withstand a direct hit, so I
    didn't bother using Roman Nuts to revive them, or the revive spell, and just
    used whiskeys. Eventually the two men were dead, and that was tough, but K
    could stand behind them and use her magic for 9999. Not a surefire strategy,
    and one that is dependent on you having gained the secret item with 22 hours on
    the game clock, by which time everyone could be at astronomical levels. (Unless
    you do as I did and let the game run for a few hours...)
    Now leave the church and collect your REAL reward - the legendary Sacnoth
    Sword. Of course, if you have Roger's staff, you don't really need the
    Get both the GK sword AND Roger's Staff. With these two weapons, you can have
    one person in front, protecting the others, and then use magic on the Gargoyle.
    This takes three magic attacks (at up to and even over 9999 damage each,
    depending on ability stat), and finally one strike with the sword, just for
    show. ^_^
    There are other ways to deal with the Gargoyle, and Asaya's Secret Items FAQ
    contains more details, for example, using only scroll magic and having levels
    of higher than 40, and high HP (at least 5000) for this fight.
                       6.   T  H  E    L  I  S  T  S ........................*LIST
       i. Puzzles and Key Items
      ii. Items and Scrolls
     iii. Weapons
      iv. Equipment: Armour and Accessories
       v. Secret Items
      vi. Save Locations
     vii. Enemies
    viii. In-Game Hints
    i.  P U Z Z L E S  A N D  K E Y  I T E M S  ............................*LIST1
    This section lists the Puzzles and Key Items, how they are used, and where you
    can find them.
    Icon's Necklace    | from Giant Plant boss   | Place on 4 statues in the
    Icon's Ring        | from Mad Friar boss     | Inner Grounds
    Icon's Earring     | from Three Clones boss  |
    Icon's Crown       | from Chimera boss       |
    Red Glass Part     | Priest's Quarters       | Place in the Stained Glass Room
    Brown Glass Part   | From the thief          |
    Ochre Glass Part   | Library 2nd floor.      |
    Blue Glass Part    | Room off Printing room  |
    Green Glass Part   | Coffin Room in library  |
    Lion Statue        | Storage Room            | Look at the door and all the
    Dragon Statue      | Caretakers' room        | Statues will be placed for you.
    Goat Statue        | Patch of Plaster in Hall|
    Green Key          | Dungeon, 1st floor      | Opens door to Charlotte's Cell
    Red Key            | Defeat the thief        | Opens Caretaker's Quarters AND
                       |                         | Thief's Hideaway
    Blue Key           | From Bessy's corpse     | Opens door to Patrick's Quarters
    Valna's doll       | The Caretakers' Study   | Give to Valna and Vigna in
    Vigna's doll       | Graveyard               | Dungeon, 1st Floor
    Climb Ladder       | Attic, 3rd floor        | Select "MAP" from the Menu
    Use Primting Press | Printing Room           | Shows the whole map.
    with Stone Tablet  | (Thief's Storage wall)  |
    Rope Ladder        | In Mummy Bride closet   | Use on broken floor
    Old Letter         | Inside Teddy Bear       | To play the organ
                       | (Thief's Storage)       |
    Daniel's Arm       | Chandelier on the floor | Throw into Cauldron
    Music Box          | Storage Room,Underground| Automatic, in Clock Room
    Painting Piece     | Church, Left Nave       | In the wall above the clock
    Pendant            | Dry Fountain, Inner Grds| Equip to anyone.
    Bottle Of Blood    | Altar in Torture Room   | On the silver statue
    Disk               | Library, Cupboard       | Gramophone Room, Patrick's Qurts
    Empty Bottle       | Patrick's laboratory    | Collect Acid from Acid Tank
    Mask               | Caretaker's Inner room  | Keep it in your inventory
    Tinder Box         | Body, corridor to Vestry| Use to light Candles in Chapel
    Defeat Gargoyle    | Church, Nave            | Keep it for the final boss
    ii.  I T E M S  ........................................................*LIST2
    There are very few items, although you can find quite a lot of some kinds,
    especially those that enemies drop. Many of the key items will disappear from
    your inventory when used, so I have not listed those here. You can carry a
    maximum of 99 recovery items and ammunition, and a total of 50 items
    altogether, although this includes weapons and equipment.
    Antidote         | Cures poisoning
    Bread            | Heals 150 HP
    Cheese           | Heals 250 HP
    Dried Food       | Heal 350 HP
    Potion           | Heals 500 HP
    High Potion      | Heals 1,500 HP
    Telis            | Restores 40 MP (called LISTEL in the NTSC game)
    High Telis       | Restores 100 MP (called HIGH TELIS in the NTSC game)
    Roman Nuts       | Restores all (max 9999) HP and MP and restores consciousness
    Elixir           | Restores All HP and MP
    Whiskey          | Heals 50 HP and restores consciousness
    Panacea          | Cures all abnormal status effects
    Cat Foodod       | Restores some HP. (The third "secret item")
    Tamakos Soup     | "Elixir" Restores all HP and MP (The fifth "secret item")
    AMMUNITION       |
    Pistol Rounds    | Use with a pistol. 1 box holds 20 rounds
    Rifle Rounds     | Use with a rifle. 1 box holds 20 rounds
    Shotgun Shells   | Use with a shotgun. 1 box holds 10 rounds
    Bow Arrows       | Arrows. One quiver holds 10 arrows. Use with Crossbow
    Mask             | Depicts a native god and is said to protect from weak
                     | spirits
    PIE Idol         | Raises Piety permanently (by 3 points)
    INT Idol         | Raises Intelligence permanently (by 3 points)
    MIND Idol        | Raises Mind permanently (by 3 points)
    STR Idol         | Raises Strength permanently (by 3 points)
    DEX Idol         | Raises Dexerity permanently (by 3 points)
    AGI Idol         | Raises Agility permanently (by 3 points)
    LUC Idol         | Raises Luck permanently (by 3 points)
    "READ" ITEMS     |
    Guard's Diary    | 18th century history of Nemeton Prison.
    Old Letter       | Code to organ keys which open the chapel secret room.
    Sophia's Letter  | Letter to her daughter, Charlotte
    Research Notes   | Patrick's notes about the Emigre File and his time in Wales
    Patrick's Memo   | A note of Patrick's weight.
    ATTACK ITEMS     |
    Charlotte's Book | Fire Scroll. Allows the reader to use fire magic.
    SCROLL           | (The fourth "secret item")
    Air Scroll       | Allows the reader to use air magic. (Drop: Mars)
    Earth Scroll     | Allows the reader to use earth magic. (Drop: Mars)
    Fire Scroll      | Allows the reader to use fire magic. (Drop: Mars)
    Water Scroll     | Allows the reader to use water magic. (Drop: Mars)
    Mysticcat writes:
    "...the Mask [is] the item you MUST always keep in your inventory if you want
    to increase your levels and find Scroll Items more easily. My last experience
    was that I don't find any Scroll Items without the Mask."
    My experience was that I didn't find any scroll items at all in one game, even
    with the Mask in my inventory, so I can confirm that these scrolls are very
    hard to find. However, with higher LUCK stats I found them much more easily.
    They are used to defeat the Gargoyle, but the easier strategy is to obtain the
    "secret item" Gargoyle Killer. However, in a previous game I managed to defeat
    the Gargoyle without scrolls and without that weapon, so it IS possible. (But
    The "Mars" enemy will drop scrolls, and these can be found in the Library,
    First Floor (Disc 2), and Vestry (Disc 3). I think that having high LUCK helps,
    since it aids rare drops.
    iii.  W E A P O N S  ...................................................*LIST3
    Weapons can be equipped by anyone, but it is advisable to concentrate on just a
    few types for each character so they can raise their weapon proficiency to the
    maximum. Each use of a weapon will gain 40 points towards levelling it up.
    You need 1000 points to reach the next level: that is a total of 25 uses of
    that weapon. There are three levels for most weapon types, and at level three
    you will be have three hits for the weapon. (This is not guaranteed for every
    attack, but that's the maximum you can expect.)
    The stat increases and decreases are based off bare-handed stats. I've recorded
    all the stats for weapons I found (over two games), but these are not
    necessarily exactly the same, even for a weapon with exactly the same name.
    However, this gives an overview of the kinds of increases and decreases you can
    expect. The points will be in a range of 2-3 either plus [+] or minus [-] those
    listed here. Best I can manage in the circumstances, so I hope you find it
    The final column gives an indication of when you can first find that weapon,
    by Disc, at least, when I have a record of it.
    A X E S          | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  | DISC
    AXE              |
    Fire Iron Axe    |  +27 |  +10 |   -2 |   -3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  1
    Mystic Axe       |  +16 |   +5 |   +0 |   -1 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  1
    Dark Axe         |  +16 |   +5 |   +0 |   -1 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  2
    Vital Axe        |  +15 |   +5 |   +0 |   -1 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  2
    B AXE            |
    Normal B AXE     |  +22 |  +10 |   -1 |   -5 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Mystic B AXE     |  +30 |  +10 |   -1 |   -5 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Air B AXE        |+30/32|+11/12| -1/2 |   -4 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  2
    W AXE            |
    Water W AXE      |  +36 |  +12 |   -2 |   -6 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  +0  |  4
    Fire W AXE       |  +36 |  +11 |   -6 |   -6 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  +0  |  4
    Dark W AXE       |  +33 |  +11 |   -2 |   -5 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  +0  |  3
    TABAR            |
    F I S T S        | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  | DISC
    BARE HANDS       |   -  |   -  |   -  |   -  |   -  |   -  |   -  |   -  | Any
    CAT'S EYE        |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | +9/10| +5/6 | +9/10| +5/6 |   +0 | 2
    CLAWS            |
    Air Claws        |  +10 |   +0 |   +7 |  +16 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    Fire Claws       |  +10 |   +0 |   +7 |  +17 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Mystic Claws     |  +11 |   +0 |   +6 |  +18 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Normal Claws     |   +9 |   +0 |   +7 |  +17 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    KNUCKLES         |
    Mystic Knuckles  |  +10 |   +0 |   +5 |  +12 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Normal Knuckles  |   +7 |   +0 |   +6 |  +13 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    Water Knuckles   |   +7 |   +0 |   +6 |  +12 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    C L U B S        | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  | DISC
    BOARD            |
    CLUB             |
    Water Club       |  +13 |   +3 |   +4 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1/2
    HAMMER           |
    Normal Hammer    |  +15 |   +4 |   +7 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Dark Hammer      |  +20 |   +5 |   +6 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    MACE             |   +0 |   +4 |   +0 |   +0 |   +6 | +3/4 | +4/5 |   +0 | 2
    PICKAXE          |
    PIPE             |
    Earth Pipe       |  +17 |   +5 |   +7 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Mystic Pipe      |  +20 |   +4 |   +7 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Vital Pipe       |  +20 |   +5 |   +6 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    ROD              |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +9 |   +9 |   +9 |   +0 | 4
    G L O V E S      | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  | DISC
    BARBALLA         |
    Earth Barbella   |  +17 |  +13 |   +0 |  +12 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 3
    Vital Barballa   |  +16 |  +13 |   +0 |  +13 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Air Barballa     |  +15 |  +13 |   +0 |  +15 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 4
    MITTENS          |
    S PATAH          |
    Vital S Patah    |  +12 |   +9 |   +0 |   +9 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Mystic S Patah   |  +10 |   +9 |   +0 |   +9 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    W PARAH          |
    K N I V E S      | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  |
    C KNIFE          |
    DAGGER           |
    Normal Dagger    |   +8 |   +0 |   +9 |   +6 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Earth Dagger     |   +9 |   +0 |   +9 |   +7 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    DIRK             |
    Normal Dirk      |   +8 |   +0 |   +9 |   +7 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Dark Dirk        |  +11 |   +0 |   +9 |   +6 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Fire Dirk        |  +12 |   +0 |   +8 |   +6 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Light Dirk       |  +11 |   +0 |   +7 |   +7 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Air Dirk         |  +12 |   +0 |   +8 |   +7 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Mystic Dirk      |+10/11|   +0 |   +8 |   +7 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    KNIFE            |
    Normal Knife     | +4/6 |   +0 | +4/5 | +3/4 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Air Knife        |  + 7 |   +0 |   +4 |   +3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Dark Knife       |  + 6 |   +0 |   +4 |   +4 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    S W O R D S      | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  | DISC
    Normal B SWORD   |  +22 |   +0 |  +12 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 3
    Water B Sword    |  +27 |   +0 |  +11 |   -3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    L SWORD          |
    Air L Sword      |  +27 |   +0 |+11/10|   -2 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    Light L Sword    |  +25 |   +0 |  +10 |   -2 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Vital L Sword    | +26/7|   +0 |+11/10|   -3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    SCIMITAR         |
    Mystic Scimitar  |  +20 |   +0 |   +8 |   -2 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Water Scimitar   |  +21 |   +0 |   +9 |   -2 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    W SWORD          |
    GALAHAD SWORD    | +8/9 |   +0 | +7/8 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  +0  | 3
    These are two-handed swords
    S A B E R S      | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  | DISC
    RAPIER           |
    Dark Rapier      |  +15 |   +0 |   +4 |   +3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Mystic Rapier    |  +13 |   +0 |   +4 |   +4 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Vital Rapier     |  +12 |   +0 |   +4 |   +4 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Water Rapier     |  +15 |   +0 |   +4 |   +3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    S SWORD          |
    SABER            |
    Mystic Saber     |  +15 |   +0 |   +3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +5 | 3
    Dark Saber       |  +13 |   +0 |   +3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +5 | 3
    Light Saber      |  +12 |   +0 |   +3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +5 | 3
    TULWAR           |
    Water Tulwar     |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
    The bearer must stand one square away from an enemy.
    S P E A R S      | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  | DISC
    Normal Spear     |  +12 |   +4 |   +3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    Fire Spear       |+13/15| +3/4 |   +3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Earth Spear      |  +15 |   +3 |   +3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Air P Spear      |+20/21|   +5 | +4/5 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    Light P Spear    |  +20 |   +5 |   +4 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Vital P Spear    |  +20 |   +5 |   +5 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Mystic P Spear   |  +20 |   +5 |   +5 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Dark P Spear     |  +20 |   +4 |   +4 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    LANCE            |
    Mystic Lance     |  +23 |   +6 |   +6 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Earth Lance      |  +25 |   +5 |   +5 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Vital Lance      |  +25 |   +4 |   +5 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    Water Lance      |  +25 |   +5 |   +5 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    GLAIVE           |
    Earth Glaive     |  +28 |   +6 |   +7 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 3
    These do not break, but you must find ammunition or arrows.
    P I S T O L S    | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  | DISC
    AUTOMATIC PISTOL |+9/10 |   -5 |+10/11|  +10 |   +0 | +4/5 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    DA PISTOL        |   +8 |   -4 |   +7 |   +6 |   +0 |   -4 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    SA PISTOL        |   +5 |   -1 | +6/8 |   +6 |   +0 |   +0 |   -1 |   +0 |
    R I F L E S      | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  | DISC
    Bowgun           |  +39 |   +0 |  +10 |   +4 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    CROSSBOW         |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
    Crossbow         |  +40 |   +0 |  +10 |   +5 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    Iron Crossbow    |  +59 |   +0 |  +20 |   +6 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |
    RIFLE RD         |+14/15| -5/6 |  +20 |   +5 |   +0 |   -5 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    RIFLE            |   +6 |   -3 |  +11 | +3/4 |   +0 | -1/3 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    SHOTGUN 2        |  +14 |  - 4 |   +9 |   +5 |   +0 |   -3 |   +0 |   +0 | 2
    SHOTGUN 6        |  +22 | -6/7 |+14/15| +7/9 |   +0 |   -6 |   +0 |   +0 | 3
    SHOTGUN RD       |  +24 |   -5 |  +18 |   +9 |   +0 |   -7 |   +0 |   +0 | 1
    These are found as a result of fulfilling various conditions, and are
    'once-only' finds.
    S P E C I A L    | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  | DISC
    EVIL HORN        |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | +3/4 |   +7 | +6/7 |   +0 | 2
    GARGOYLE KILLER  |  +99 |  +99 |  +99 |  +99 |  -20 |  -20 |  -20 |  -20 | TIME
    GIRDLE SWORD     |  +18 |   +0 |  +17 |   -2 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  +17 | 4
    LIFEDRINKER      |  +35 |   +4 |+35/36| +2/3 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +6 | 3
    OGDEN'S AXE      |  +40 |  -10 |   +0 |   +0 |  -10 |  -10 |  -10 |  -10 | TIME
    ROGER'S STAFF    |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  +99 |   +0 |  +99 |   +0 | TIME
    SACNOTH          |  +72 |   +0 |  +33 |   +9 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | 3
    DANIEL'S CROSS   |   +0 |   +7 |   +0 |   +0 |   +8 |  +14 |   +6 |   +0 | 3
    Evil Horn:       A Spear, and obtained by defeating the boss at the Holy Water
    Daniels' Cross:  A Club weapon found behind St. Daniel's grave.
    Sacnoth:         a two-handed Sword found at a statue in the Inner Grounds
                     after beating the Gargoyle
    Lifedrinker:     A two-handed Sword found in the round chapel in the Vestry,
                     after lighting the candles. These stats are for Edward
                     equipping it. If K did, the VIT and AGL and LUC stats would be
                     minus the amounts listed, and not plus.
    Gargoyle Killer: A two-handed Sword, and obtained by saving at 11.11.11. with
                     the correct number of items. Equip this to anyone and it
                     rasies their HP to 9999. They will also be virtually
                     invincible and very fast!
    Roger's Staff:   A Club weapon obtained by saving at 22.22.22. with the
                     correct number of items. This weapon will inflict 9999 damage.
    NOTE: Apparently even "unbreakable" weapons such as Roger's Staff and the
    Sacnoth will break - after 255 hits or thereabouts. I don't know if it depends
    on the power of the person using the weapon how long they will last. Credit to
    pantibonico for testing the Staff to destruction.
    iv.  E Q U I P M E N T  ................................................*LIST4
    There is very little armour to be found, and in fact one time I played through
    the whole game, and only found one rags, so it is not essential to have any,
    though it will help boost vitality. Armour is ONLY found from enemy drops, and
    even then, these are rare. The accessories are much more plentiful and, as with
    the weapons, they can be equipped to anyone. You can equip one piece of armour
    and two accessories.
    A R M O U R      | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  |
    L MAIL           |
    Earth L MAIL     |   +0 |   +6 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +2 |
    C MAIL           |
    Fire C Mail      |   +0 |  +15 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +5 |
    P MAIL           |   +0 |  +17 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +7 |
    RAGS             |
    Fire Rags        |    - |   -  |    - |   -  |   -  |   +7 |   -  |  +3  |
    Water Rags       |    - |   -  |    - |   -  |   -  |   +7 |   -  |  +2  |
    FROCK            |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
    Fire Frock       |    - |   -  |    - |   -  |   -  |  +10 |   -  |  +4  |
    ROBE             |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
    Earth Robe       |    - |   -  |    - |   -  |   -  |  +16 |   -  |  +5  |
    A C C E S S O R I E S  | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC |
    RING                   |
    Air Ring               |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +3 |   +6 |   +4 | +0  |
    Earth Ring             |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +3 |   +7 |   +4 | +0  |
    Fire Ring              |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +3 |   +7 |   +5 | +0  |
    Water Ring             |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +4 |   +7 |   +5 | +0  |
    J RING                 |
    Fire J Ring            |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 | +7/8 |+14/15|+10/11|  +0 |
    Earth J Ring           |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +8 |  +14 |  +13 |  +0 |
    Air J Ring             |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +7 |  +15 |  +11 |  +0 |
    BADGE                  |
    Air Badge              |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |+12/13| +7/6 | +4/5 | +0  |
    Fire Badge             |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |+13/15| +6/7 |   +5 | +0  |
    Water Badge            |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |+12/13|   +7 | +4/5 | +0  |
    ROSARIO                |
    Air Rosary             |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +8 |   +6 |  +11 | +0  |
    Fire Rosary            |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +8 |   +6 |+10/11| +0  |
    Earth Rosary           |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +7 |   +5 |  +13 | +0  |
    Water Rosary           |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +8 |   +5 |  +11 | +0  |
    STAR BROOCH            |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  +20 |   +9 |   +8 |   +5 |  +0 |
    FLARE BROOCH           |   +0 |   +9 |   +0 |   +0 |   +8 |   +8 |   +4 |  +0 |
    JEWEL                  |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |     |
    Earth Jewel            |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |  +10 |   +7 |  +13 | +0  |
    FLARE BROOCH/ STAR BROOCH: You can only have one or the other. Received after
    events with Charlotte.
    S P E C I A L      | STR  | VIT  | DEX  | AGL  | INT  | PIE  | MND  | LUC  |
    PENDANT            |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +8 |   +7 |  +13 |  +16 |
    BESSY'S RING       |   +0 |   +0 |  + 0 |   +0 |   +3 |   +7 |   +5 |   +0 |
    OGDEN'S SHIRT      |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +0 |   +6 |   +0 |   +3 |
    Pendant:      An accessory. Koudelka's Pendant is found in the fountain in the
                  Garden AFTER it has been drained. This item is essential to beat
                  the game, although there may an alternative way to obtain it
                  towards the end (allegedly!)
    Bessy's Ring: An accessory obtained by saving at 01.11.11. with the correct
                  number of items.
    Ogden's Shirt:Armour obtained by saving at 02.22.22. with the correct number of
    Mask:         Found in the Caretakers inner room. This item may be necessary to
                  keep in your inventory, in order to find scrolls.
    v.  S E C R E T  I T E M S  ............................................*LIST5
    You receive free items if you fulfil certain conditions. You have to save at
    precise times and, when you reload that save, the item appears in your
    inventory. BUT you've got to have a precise number of items as well. Well,
    that's it in a nutshell, and here's the slightly more complicated explanation
    of exactly how to manage this.
    1. Check the time from the menu Screen by pressing O, (it's at the bottom left
       corner) and make a save at a PERMANENT SAVE POINT, allowing about 10 minutes
       to spare before the required time. (The time is also shown at the bottom
       right of the save screen, under the location name.)
    2. Count ALL items, including Weapons, Armour, Accessories, each of which
       count as ONE. Also count your Tools: that's the recovery items, Pistol
       Rounds, etc, each group of which counts as one. (You don't have to
       add up every single Pistol Round, or Panacea, separately.) Key Items are
       listed with Tools and they must be counted as well. And the lists will
       include anything that is equipped.
    3. Make sure the total number is: 10 or 21 or 32 or 43.
    4. Now, you can either try and make the save here, or go to the nearest
       temporary save point and make it there. It's a little easier to make at the
       TSP, but either save will work. (You could make another ave after counting
       the items, leaving about 5 minutes on the clock)
    5. Eat a sandwich, play with your cat, do both, whatever you like, if you need
       to wait for the correct time. DON'T fight any more battles or you  might get
       more items, which you don't want just now.
    6. Make another save, using a new save slot (just in case you have made an
       error) at the precise time as shown on the game clock. It must be one of
       these times: 01:11:11, 02:22:22, 03:33:33, 04:44:44, 05:55:55, 10:10:10,
       11:11:11, 22:22:22.
    7. Reload your game from the timed save! This is the final and essential step.
       If you don't do this, the item will not appear.
    8. These times will give you one of these items. You can only get one of each.
       01:11:11 - Bessy's Ring (Accessory)
       02:22:22 - Odgen's Shirt (Armour)
       03:33:33 - Cat Foodod (x5) (Recovery Tool)
       04:44:44 - Charlotte's Book (Fire Scroll)
       05:55:55 - Tamakos Soup (x2) (Recovery Tool)
       10:10:10 - Ogden's Axe (Weapon)
       11:11:11 - Gargoyle Killer (Use this if you want to beat the Gargoyle)
       22:22:22 - Roger's Cane (Weapon - use this if you want to beat everything!)
    It is eaieer to use any Temporary Save Point to make the timed save. The only
    slight drawback is that you cannot make a backup save, which is why I suggest
    creating a permanent save first. (Once you make the actual save it overwrites
    the other temporary save...not a problem though, providing you counted your
    items correctly.) Enter the TSP area and press Circle to see the save screen
    and check the time. Then press Triangle to cancel that screen, once you know
    the time. Simply keep alternating those two buttons, until you reach the target
    time. The only thing to note is that it takes precisely one second for the
    change of button so long as you press it quickly.
    (Credit due to Asaya's "Secret Items FAQ for this idea.)
    If you use the a permanent save slot for the timed save, then you cannot to the
    quick button toggle, and have to move away from the save point and then back
    again, while checking the precise time. I found that the best way was to make a
    save at about a couple of minutes before the actual time, and then use a clock
    to count down the time. I'd check again just to see how much longer was left,
    but without making a save. Then, go for broke, and make the timed save, so if I
    missed the exact point, I could just reload and try again. Be careful of
    reloading from a save made too close to the time though. I found that the
    reload itself takes over 10 seconds, so don't be tempted to make a save with
    say, just 6 seconds to spare. (Oops)
    I suppose if you want to, you could get ALL the items at one time, if you just
    left the game running for a few hours! Actually, that's not a bad idea. ;)
    vi. S A V E  L O C A T I O N S  ........................................*LIST6
    QUOTE: MIKO: "circle "S" will save your life!"
     1. Caretaker's Quarters, 1st floor
     2. Corridor 1st floor
     3. Dungeon, 1st Floor
     4. Dungoen, Basement
     5. Underground Tunnel [A]
     6. Underground Tunnel [B]
     7. Underground Storage Room
     8. Storage Room
     9. Storage Room, 1st Floor
    10. Library, First Floor
    11. Library, Ground Floor
    12. Triangular Hallway
    13. Church, Left Nave, Ground Floor
    14. Church, Nave, Ground Floor
    15. Inner Grounds, Church Door Side.
    16. Inner Grounds, Arbour Side
    17. Inner Grounds, Main Gate
    18. Inner Grounds, Patrick's Quarters
    19. Underground Corridor [A]
    20. Underground Corridor [B]
    21  Graveyard
    22  Charlotte's Cell, Ground Floor
    23  Dungeon, Ground Floor
    24  Patrick's Quarters, Ground Floor
    25  Vestry, Ground Floor [A]
    26  Vestry, Ground Floor [B]
    27. Church, Sanctuary, Ground Floor
    28. Church, Cauldron Of Life, Basement
    29. Church, 3rd Floor.
    30  Church, 4th Floor.
     1. Herb Garden
     2. Priest's Quarters
     3. Shrine
     4. Holy Water Font
     5. Library Archives
     6. Arbor Fountain
     7. Sub Hall
     8. Portrait Room
     9. Chapel
    10  Outer Wall
    vii.  E N E M I E S  ...................................................*LIST7
    Although enemies are not given names they can be identified fairly easily..
    Many will appear in groups, usually of two or three, but some are alone.
    Fortunately, the Brady Guide DOES give names to the enemies, and so I have used
    these names, and written out descriptions of them all to help in identifying
    them. UPDATE: Added links to images for most enemies in case my descriptions
    aren't enough! Thanks to Saikyo Mog for them all.
    Some enemies will only drop one thing: for example, the Shadow Wisp only ever
    drops Rags, but others drop a relatively large range of items. For example, the
    Bug drops: Bread, Dried Food, High Telis, Antidote, Panacea, and Whiskey.
    (Though, only one or two things are dropped at once.) You usually receive more
    than one of these kinds of items, for example: I got 10 Panaceas from one
    battle with a couple of Bugs.
    The most important thing to know, is that enemies will level up as the game
    progresses. For example, a Headless encountered at the start of Disc 2, will
    have two attacks instead of one. HP is higher, and the drops are also better.
    You can observe the difference, because most enemies will change their colour
    when they upgrade.
    I have given the first location where I found the enemy, but you can find many
    of them in many places. Some drops have a question mark, because I got a drop
    from a group of enemies, and have not been able to find out which of them
    dropped the item. Drops also change, depending on which disc you fight the
    enemy. For example, I never got a 2-handed sword until Disc 3.
    ARMOURED  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=38
    These enemies are dressed in armour with a sword and shield. They defend
    against physical attacks but are susceptible to magic. They can do a magic
    sword slash that may inflict paralysis, though it doesn't do much damage to
    Status Effect: Paralysis
    Drops: L Mail, Earth L Mail, Spear, C Mail, P.Mail
    Location: 1st Floor Corridor (Disc 1), Storage Room (Disc 2), Patrick's Lab
    (Disc 3)
    BEAD (Gyroscope)
    These enemies look like gyroscopes with a central ball and circling rings. They
    attack with air spells and can be attacked using either physical attacks or
    Status Effect: Silence
    Drops: Pipe, Rod?
    Location: Acid Tank (Disc 2) Outside church (Disc 4)
    Literally a black cat!
    These enemies usually appear on their own. They are most vulnerable to direct
    physical attacks.
    Drops: Cat's Eye
    Location: Main Hall (Disc 2), Roger's Library (Disc 3), Tower, Floor 3 (Disc
    BRUTE  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=83
    This looks like a bat only it appears on the ground. They move slowly and are
    weak to Geyser (water) spells, but resist Flare (fire).
    Status Effect: Paralysis
    Drops: Roman Nuts, High Telis
    Location: Underground Tunnel, Graveyard (Disc 2/3)
    These are found in many locations and crawl along the ground. They most often
    appear in the attic at the start of the game, and look a bit like a cockroach.
    Status: Poison
    Drops: Bread, Dried Food, High Telis, Antidote, Panacea, Whiskey, Pistol
    Rounds, Telis, Roman Nuts (Patrick's Study version!)
    Location: 1st Floor Attic area. (Disc 1) All "boss" rooms only have Bugs.
    Patrick's Study on Disc 3 bugs resist Megalith (earth).
    CHIKON  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=134
    This is a small baby looking thing with a large head and one eye. It uses
    spells to attack and can easily be defeated, even though it had over 700 HP.
    However, weapons with Darkness strength won't effect them.
    Status Effect: Paralysis
    Drops: Rosary, Antidote? Elixir?
    Location: Underground Tunnel, Library - Ground Floor (Disc 2), Library,
              Church Nave, Vestry (Disc 3)
    EVIL CHAIR  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=47
    Yes, there are many of these, and they usually appear in groups of three
    chairs. They are resistant to Flare (fire).
    Status Effect: Paralysis
    Drops: Telis, Roman Nuts (Disc 3)
    Location: Attic (Disc 1), Caretakers' Quarters (Disc 2), Charlotte's Cell (Disc
    This is a sort of cupboard with floating books close to it. They are weak to
    all spells, though physical attacks are less effective.
    Status Effect: Poison
    Drops: Antidote
    Location: Charlotte's Cell (Disc 3)
    EVIL TABLE  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=46
    These usually appear with other furniture and you can use Flare spells on them.
    Status: Paralysis, Silence
    Drops: Telis, Pistol Rounds
    Location: Attic (Disc 1) Caretaker's Quarters (Disc 2)
    EXPLODE  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=40
    They lack a head or arms, and have a raggedy edged torso making them appear to
    be female. Sometimes they hit with their upper body, and they also use spells,
    but are vulnerable to magic as well. They have high HP when you encounter them
    on Disc 2.
    Drops: Badge, J Ring, Jewel
    Location: Torture Room (Disc 2), many locations (Disc 3), Tower, Floor 3 (Disc
    EYE BALL  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=88
    These appear on the ground and consist of a large soft body with two asymmetric
    eyes and antennae. They move slowly and have high HP, but they can be attacked
    with any magic.
    Drops: Robe and Frock (I think...)
    Location: Acid Tank (Disc 2), Print Room (Disc 2), Vestry (Disc 3)
    FACE BIRD  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=34
    Weird bat-like birds with a human face. They attack with Wind spells, and any
    attacks will be effective. They have low HP: less than 200, on Disc 1, but over
    700 on Disc 2. Use Megalith for the best effect.
    Status Effect: Silence
    Drops: High Potion, Telis, Shotgun Shells, High Telis, Bow Arrows.
    Location: 1st Floor Corridor (Disc 1), Underground Storage (Disc 2), Patrick's
    Quarters, (Disc 3)
    GHOST  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=45
    This is a pale blue transparent ball that floats and has long arms. It uses
    spells and is most often found alone, which is just as well as the spells are
    powerful ones. One slash of Edward's Hammer can destroy it. On Disc 2 it is
    easily found inside the Church Nave and has around 1500 HP.
    Drops: Shotgun Shells, Rifle Rounds, Scimitar, L Sword
    Location: Workshop (Disc 1), Printing Room, Nave (Disc 2), Vestry (Disc 3)
    GIANT  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=157 These huge
    monsters with only one leg are found on Disc 4, and they have high HP, less
    then 7500 though. They have a short range of movement. They are vulnerable to
    Megalith (Earth) magic but resist Geyser and Tornado. (One level 3 Megalith
    spell from Koudelka at level 44, will at take care of them.). On Disc 3, they
    are weaker, with about 4000 HP.
    Drops: Rod ? (may be from the Bead though), Idol
    Location: Main Gate, Inner Grounds (Disc 3), Sanctuary and outside the
    Church.(Disc 4)
    HEADLESS  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=39
    The most gruesome monster, a bit like the Explode type only with long shards of
    glass protruding from the upper (headless!) torso. They attack by running
    forwards and thrusting the glass. Spells work well on these, especially Flare
    (fire) and Megalith (earth). Their physical attack can do around 50 HP damage
    when your team are at low levels at the start of the game.
    Drops: Spear, P Spear, Lance, J Ring, Glaive
    Location: Corridor 1st Floor.(Disc 1), Library (Disc 2), Patrick's Quarters,
    Vestry, Graveyard (Disc 3), Tower (Disc 4)
    INVERSE  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=33
    These enemies will be familiar if you have played the Shadow Hearts games and
    they are just as dangerous here. They appear hanging upside down and fire a
    gun, usually targeting Koudelka. Use spells against them, especially Geyser
    (water), but not Flare, and physical attacks.
    Drops: Axe, Mystic Axe (Disc 1), B Axe, W Axe (Disc 3/4)
    Location: Attic, Caretaker's Quarters (Disc 1), Dungeon (Disc 2), Ruins (Disc
    3), Tower Floor 4 (Disc 4)
    JOKER  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=92
    This is a harlequin that hops on one leg and wields two knives. However, they
    mainly use spells to boost their stats, or decrease yours, (especially LUCK)
    and are easy enough to defeat with any kind of attack: except Tornado spells.
    Drops: Knife, Dirk
    Location: Attic (Disc 1), Underground Storage Room (Disc 2), Patrick's Quarters
    (Disc 3).
    LEFT HAND  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=46
    A disembodied arm that crawls along the ground. It often appears in groups. Hit
    it with a weapon, or spell. Two shots from a pistol will kill one, making their
    HP less than 250 HP on Disc 1.
    Status Effect: Poison
    Drops: Dried Food, Whiskey, Telis, Pistol Rounds
    Location: Well (Disc 1), Underground Tunnel (Disc 2)
    This is a single enemy with rope-like legs, a very large head and no body. It
    will retreat to a corner for safety and use spells. Hit with a weapon.
    Status Effect: Paralysis
    Drops: Scroll (You need the Mask to help get scrolls, and high luck might
    help as well.)
    Location: Library, First Floor, Library - Ground Floor (Disc 2), Vestry,
              Ground Floor (Disc 3)
    This has a human body and a small bull type head with horns. It is a rare and
    powerful enemy. It usually appears alone and has high HP. It resists water and
    drags itself along the ground with one hand, and also looks a little like a
    scorpion, with a long tail. Don't use Tornado spells, or Air based weapons on
    this one.
    Status Effect: Poison
    Drops: High Potion, Small Telis, Rifle Rounds
    Location: Stained Glass Room (Disc 2), Vestry (Disc 3)
    NOBLEMAN  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=80
    The nobleman wears a hat and has glowing eyes in a black face. He attacks with
    a rapier or spells.
    Drops: Rifle (set drop from boss)
    Location: "Boss" in Dungeon Jail, Underground Storage (Disc 2) - upgraded
    version, Patrick's Quarters, (Disc 3).
    This is basically a miss-shapen scorpion, which often appears with "beads".
    It's found in many areas, but it easy to defeat with any attack.
    Status Effect: Poison, Silence
    Drops: Claws
    Location: Acid Tank (Disc 2), Vestry (Disc 3)
    PUPPET  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=36
    This looks like a wooden toy, except is has a green thing wrapped around it's
    upper body, although fire magic doesn't work against it. It has less than 170
    HP in Disc 1.
    Drops: Mace, Pickaxe
    Location: Corridor/Stairs to Caretakers (Disc 1), Red key Room (Disc 2),
    Sanctuary, (Disc 4)
    This is just a bird and not hard to defeat. It is found in the Graveyard,
    although you may first encounter it in the Acid Tank area. It usually appears
    with other enemies. Any spell except Tornado (wind) will work, but it is
    especially weak to Megalith.
    Status Effect: Poison
    Drops: Bread, Cheese, Bow Arrows? Pistol Rounds? (or from Zombie Woman)
    Location: Acid Tank area (Disc 2), Inner Grounds, Graveyard (Disc 3)
    SHADOW WISP  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=37
    A wraith type miss-shaped creature with a large eye. It uses spells but has low
    HP: around 250. It is round and blue in colour on Disc 1, and green on Disc 2,
    with higher HP.
    Drops: Rags (Armour)
    Location: Corridor, Caretaker's Quarters, Hen House (Disc 1)  Red Key Room, and
    Stairs (Disc 2)
    SHAM  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=29
    A human-like, pale purple, floating creature with no features and no legs. Its
    head is resting on one hand. It only uses spells and has high HP. It resists
    Flare magic but pistol shots are effective. Light weapons will heal it. (It has
    around 250 HP on Disc 1, but double that on Disc2.) By Disc 3 is has turned
    yellow. Don't use Megalith on this version
    Status Effect: Silence
    Drops: Whiskey, Elixir?
    Location: Well (Disc 1), Storage Room Stairs (Disc 2). Patrick's Quarters (Disc
    SKELETON  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=62
    Creepy one-armed skeletons that can attack with a head butt. There are
    different types and Skeleton A and B are vulnerable to Fire, but it will resist
    Water.They are DARK element so a dark weapon will heal them, and Light weapons
    or healing spells will damage them  More than 500 HP
    Status Effect: Poison
    Drops: Rapier, High Telis, Saber, Panacea
    Location: Dungeon, 1st Floor chest room (Disc 1), Inner Grounds, Building,
    (Disc 3)
    SUCK   http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=29
    A bit like the bugs but faster and with six long spindly legs. They have low HP
    and often appear with Bugs in the Attic at the start of the game
    Drops: Panacea, Potion
    Location: Attic (Disc 1), Patrick's Study (Disc 3) resists Megalith (earth).
    TAMACOSS  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=117
    Another familiar shape to players of the other games. This is the thing with a
    baby type head, too many limbs to be normal and a large round body. They resist
    spells, but you can still use them if magic stats are high. It is usually
    alone, and not so powerful in this game! They use magic that targets everyone.
    In Disc 3 it is a bilious yellowy green colour. It also resists Megalith magic
    and Earth weapons.
    Status: Paralysis
    Drops: Barballa (rare), S Patah
    Location: Underground Tunnel, Library (Disc 2), Vestry (Disc 3) Outside Church
    (Disc 4).
    VIEWER  (Jewel Eye)
    A pretty monster that is a large diamond with a central eye and two side
    diamonds. They can appear anywhere, and use spells that target everyone. Best
    to attack with physical attacks and be careful, as they usually have allies.
    They are coloured red, green or blue. Use Flare against blue, Geyser against
    Red, and Megalith (I think) against green.
    Drops: Cheese, Shotgun Shells, Scimitar, High Potion, L Sword? B Sword?
    Location: Red Key Room (Disc 2), Print Room, Nave, (Disc 2/3) Outside Church
              (Disc 4)
    ZOMBIE  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=72
    A proper zombie, bandaged and slow to move. Use Flare (fire) spells and Light
    weapons. Don't use Dark elemental weapons as these will heal them. You can also
    use Healing spells to damage them.
    Status Effect: Poison
    Drops: High Telis, Panacea, Cheese?, Bow Arrows?
    Location: Dungeon, 2nd Floor (Disc 1)
    ZOMBIE DOG  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=73
    This dog moves faster than the other zombies and has high HP. It did around 100
    HP damage to Edward at level 4. Spells are quite effective against it, and
    Healing spells will damage it. The upgraded version appears on Disc 3 and a red
    Zombie Dog can be found in the final area of the game.
    Drops: Whiskey, Galahad Sword, Girdle Sword
    Location: Dungeon Corridor (Disc 1), Charlotte's Cell area, Inner Grounds
    (Disc 3), Church roof (Disc 4)
    ZOMBIE WOMAN  http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/image/197752.html?gf=66
    A one armed creature in a raggedly dress. Also slow and weak to Flare (fire),
    and Light element weapons. Can use Heal spells on her to good effect.
    Drops: Telis, Pistol Rounds? (might be from Raven)
    Location: Corridor by Priest's Quarters (Disc 1), Centre Building - Inner
    Grounds, Graveyard (Disc 3)
    B O S S E S
    The details of how to beat each boss are given in the main text. HP values are
    not given in the game, and I have made a rough estimate for those. This is just
    a summary of where they are, and what you get for beating them.
    NAME                | REWARD/SPELL              | LOCATION              | DISC
    01. WEREWOLF        | Flare Spell               | Attic                 | 1
    02. GIANT PLANT     | Icon's Necklace, Geyser   | Herb Garden           | 1
    03. JEWEL EYES      | Tornado Spell             | Jail Corridor         | 1
    04. MUMMY BRIDE     | Megalith Spell            | Jail Bedroom          | 1
    05. THREE CLONES    | Icon's Earrings, Revive   | Priest's Quarters     | 1
    06. MAD FLY         | Icon's Ring               | Acid Tank Shrine      | 2
    07. DARK YOUNG      | Evil Horn                 | Holy Water Font       | 2
    08. CHIMERA         | Icon's Crown              | Library Archives      | 2
    09. GUG             | Shotgun RD                | Underground Hall      | 3
    10. CHARLOTTE (Opt) | Star Brooch               | Charlotte's Cell      | 3
    11. SCAPEGOAT       | Automatic Pistol, Reflect | Portrait Room         | 3
    12. APOSTLE         | Iron Crossbow             | Chapel                | 3
    13. GARGOYLE (Opt)  | IDOL (varies), Sacnoth    | Church Nave           | 3
    14. TENTACLES       | Stat Icons                | Outside Church        | 4
    15. ELAINE 1 AND 2  | Nothing                   | Church Tower          | 4
    16. PERFECT ELAINE  | Nothing                   | Church Roof           | 4
    NOTE: The Gargoyle first appears on Disc 2 but you cannot defeat him at that
    point in the game.
    viii.  A R B O U R  O F  D A R K N E S  -  H I N T S  ..................*LIST8
    This is the secret room behind the silver statue in the Basement passage. Use
    the bottle of blood on the statue, to reveal the room. Inside you will find a
    "Creature", who will give these hints, though only one at a time. It will go
    through them all, if you keep re-entering the room, but it does start to repeat
    them after a while.
    "I just worked here...Patrick...hired...me..."
    "If you have the research diary... The Emigre File... Roger... "
    "Vigna and Valna... Just want their dolls..."
    "Soon... You will meet them soon... "
    "That woman... Wrote many letters for children... But never delivered..."
    "Patrick... How could you do this to me?"
    "Daniel's arm... Holy strength..."
    "Must stop...The star that Charlotte leaves behind... Or the flare... "
    "If you sound the disk... The last of Patrick's experiments... "
    "If you go...fourth floor... hidden...sacred..."
    "They can be seen only in the dark... Hidden doors... Hidden books..."
    "Where is the pendant you dropped?"
    "If you want acid... Get empty bottle... Patrick's laboratory... "
    "Pipe organ... Move... Go below... "
    "The graveyard... St.Daniel's grave... And the grave of the girl..."
    "The pair of dolls... The woman turns her back to him..."
                             6.   F .  A .  Q.   S.  .........................*FAQ
    Despite the fact that this is an old PS1 game, there are still questions posed
    about it on the Koudelka board. These are a few I have selected, and thanks to
    all who asked them, and to MikoNoNyte who answered most of them. Some answers
    contain SPOILERS for the other SH games.
    Q. Why are the battles so slow? Can I speed things up?
    A. No, you can't, except by increasing Agility, Strength and Intelligence, so
       your characters get more turns, and make more powerful attacks. Actually,
       Hiroto Kikuta, the game's creator, wanted to make battles active and faster,
       but his team resisted this, and wanted a more traditional RPG turn-based
       style. Their loss, and ours too, since this was the thing that turned many
       of people off the game, and led to his departure from the company.
    Q. How can you determine a monster's name or HP?
    A. You can't. For some reason monsters are not named, and their HP is not
       listed. However, I have given them names based mostly on the published
       strategy guide, and made an estimate of HP where possible.
    Q. Where can I find some armour?
    A. It's tough to find ANY, but the only way is through monster drops. It might
       help if you increase the LUCK stat, which should increase the rate and
       quality of enemy drops. Or, just fight lots of battles! So far, I have found
       armour drops from the Shadow Wisp and Armoured enemies.
    Q. How do I save the game?
    A. There are two ways to save: at temporary save points that show an "S" when
       you enter a room, and permanent saves can be made at various altars, but
       only after defeating a boss.
    Q. How long is this game?
    A. On average, around 12 hours, but possible to complete in less than that, and
       to double that time if you spend a while exploring and fighting lots of
    Q. How is this game related to Shadow Hearts? SPOILERS!
    A. This is the first game of the series known as Shadow Hearts. Koudelka was
       conceived, written and directed by Hiroto Kikuta, and made by his company
       Sacnoth. He left, after many disagreements, and the company went on (with
       many of the same team) to produce Shadow Hearts, where Koudelka appears, as
       does Roger Bacon and the grave of James. Nementon and the Emigre Manuscript
       also feature in both SH and SH Covenant. Roger is in all the SH games.
    Q. Should I play this before playing Shadow Hearts?
    A. Ideally, yes. Though many people only hear about Koudelka after playing the
       other SH games, and it can be just as rewarding to play and appreciate it in
       hindsight, so to speak. I first played it after playing the other games,
       and there were still shivers, though maybe different ones, but the
       recognition of certain things/characters made it sweet. The main thing is
       that people appreciate what a great game this really is, sadly, not
       something that many did when it was first released.
    Q. How do I beat Elaine?
    A. If you really want to beat her, then this is explained in the FAQ, but you
       do not have to win this final battle.
    Q. Which is the "canon" ending and which is the best ending? SPOILERS!
    A. The canon ending is the one where you lose to Elaine. This is (in my view)
       the best ending.
    Q. How many endings are there to the game? How do I get them all? SPOILERS!
    A. There are three possible endings, though one of those means that everyone
       dies (not just a normal Game Over if you lost a battle) so it's not exactly
       the ending you might want! You get this ending if you don't have the Pendant
       equipped to someone when you climb the Tower. The other two endings are
       dependent on whether or not you beat the final form of Elaine. If you want
       to get them all then reload from the final save and replay from that point.
    Q. What's all this about weapons breaking?
    A. All (except for guns and crossbows) weapons will break after a time. You
       cannot know in advance when this might be, and it can be frustrating to find
       that a weapon breaks in the middle of a hard fight. This is why it's a good
       plan to train Edward in bare knuckle fighting, and to save the best weapons
       for particular boss battles. However, weapons are readily available,
       especially at the start of the game, so I just use them until they break.
    Q. What's the maximum level you can reach?
    A. 99, but it's really not worthwhile getting that high. Anyone equipped with
       the Gargoyle Killer sword will have their HP boosted to the maximum of 9999.
    Q. What's all the fuss about the Pendant? Is it REALLY that important?
    A> Yes, it is! You must have the Pendant to complete the game. If you don't,
       you will get a "Game Over" at a particular point on Disc 4. When you find
       it, don't throw is away by mistake. Keep it equipped to any member of the
       team, and you will be fine. (And yes, that's right. ANY member of the team.)
                                P O S T S C R I P T
    "Mature, dark, and full bodied. A game to be enjoyed to the very last drop."
    This is one of those games that is vastly underrated. I've played it three
    times, and for more hours than I care to admit, but it seems to improve each
    time. And, even though I should know this game pretty well by now, in reality,
    the more I play it, the more new things I keep finding out, and I realise there
    is still a great deal more to discover. (Only after all this time, did I
    realise that having fire armour and a fire accessory equipped, could make a
    monster's fire spell HEAL someone!) It really IS like a wine that develops
    more complex flavours with age. See my review!
                7.  C R E D I T S  A N D  A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S .....*ACK
    Thank you to Hiroti Kikuta for creating this brilliant game, the ethereal
    music, and for inpiring Shadow Hearts, my favourite series of games.
    The Brady Strategy Guide is a good one, IF you can find a copy. (And more
    importantly, if you could ever afford to buy it. I think this must be one
    of the most expensive guidebooks out there!) I have used the guide's names for
    enemies, and obtained some weapon and armour names from here.
    Thanks to Asaya's Secret Items FAQ, which described how to obtain the timed
    items, and has excellent advice on the Gargoyle.
    Many thanks to Mysticaat, whose walkthrough has lots of useful information,
    including details of all the letters, and advice about finding the scrolls.
    Thanks to all the other writers of FAQs for this game. Everyone has a different
    approach, and this inspired me to try something different myself.
    Many thanks to kenshee1111 for giving me the stats on an additional 10
    MikoNoNyte knows a great deal about the game, and I have gleaned additional
    insights from her detailed advice and generous sharing of maps, pictures, and
    the Brady guide. Thank you very much indeed Miko.
    Grateful thanks go to pantibonico who relentlessly pursued the missing weapons
    and armour. Locations and stats for the Shotugn 2, P.Mail, Jewel, Frock, and
    Robe, are all credit to pantibonico, as well as finding out that Roger's Cane
    will break and which enemy drops the Girdle Sword!
    Thanks to madnessangel for the tip about fortifying luck to get scrolls.
    Thanks to the guys at the Koudelka board. Still going strong.
    Thanks to Psycho_Penguin for continuous comma correction, and positively
    productive perusal. Hope you can find the Icon statues more easily now!
    Thank you to Saikyo Mog, who is waiting for me to say that it's all thanks to
    him. And it is! He's been telling me to include everything ever since my first
    FAQ, and that's what I still attempt to do. As per usual, he made me test out
    everything he could think of. I only hope that Gargoyle strategy is good enough
    for you, fuse. :p
    Also thanks for pointing out that the NTSC game uses the name LISTEL for TELIS,
    adding a couple more weapon details, and most importantly, taking screenshots
    of the game so the enemies are now more recognisable!
    Many thanks to those who donated to the Saikyo Mog cancer fund and sent their
    good wishes. I'm glad to say that Saikyo is making an excellent recovery and no
    longer needs donations after a charity paid for most of his medical expenses.
                    8.  L E G A L  B I T  A N D  C O N T A C T ..............*LEGAL
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    First Version
    November 25th 2008
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    Updated: October 13th 2010
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    Version 1.2
    Updated: February 11th 2011
    Added yet more information about weapons and armour thanks to the efforts of
    Updated: February 15th 2011
    Version 1.3
    Update: Found the 10th Save Point and the Girdle Sword!
    Updated May 18th 2011
    Donations news!
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