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  1. I am having trouble doing the following additions Moon Strike (Dart), Hex Hammer (Haschel), and Cat's Cradle (Meru). Could anybody give me advice on how to do them, as well as any hints on how to do the final addition for Dart, Haschel, and Meru. I have tried each about 1,000 times and I've done Moon Strike 40 times, Cat's Cradle 22 times, and Hex Hammer 12 times.

    User Info: Nexxnokk

    Nexxnokk - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. They're mostly right about the practice thing, it's the tried nad tested meaasure on everything. However, there are only a little I can share you with,hope you get something out of it.

    As you try out additions on each and every character, what makes them tickling hard to a point, brain-popping hard are 2 factors, namely:

    1.) Speed of the addition -- You would start at a rather slow, to medium, to exemplary quick succession of additions. It's a matter of where you get accustomed to. Try to adapt, this is where practice comes in, eventually you'll get the hang of the speed.

    2.) Time of Execution -- As you play through the game and focuses with the normal additions, you'll notice that the 'square' that hints you on when to click the 'X' button is sometimes delayed. The cue when you are to prepare on hitting the X button is when the square glows on a white,signaling you. That's the common error on most gamers on how they get messed up on most of the beats. Presence of mind comes in here. For you to understand this part better, try doing Rose's addition Hard Blade. There's a point there that she needs to DUCK before doing an upward hack of her blade. At that certain moment, you'll see there is a square in the middle, grayed out as the outside square closes in towards the center, keeping an eye on it, you'll notice it'll glow WHITE. That will be your cue to prepare to click the X button.

    *I said too much, I hope you're getting what I am saying...Peace out!

    User Info: lady0uroboros

    lady0uroboros - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. There's really nothing I can say that will make you better at additions. I don't exactly know what it is that you are having trouble with. Just about every addition in the game has given me trouble the first few times I used them, so the only thing I can say is PRACTICE. It all rides on you, my friend.

    User Info: Cablevision2

    Cablevision2 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. The key is to practice. A way I was able to perfect them was to work on the addition one step at a time. Start by just trying to hit the first attack, then the second, all the way to the last, don't bother with the whole addition till you can confidently nail the first few steps. Once you get the hang of the first few steps make your way to the later ones, until you can complete the addition. It also helps to practice with the counterattacks too, learn how quick you must time your hit to get the step after the counterattack. This is especially important on cats cradle, where after a counterattack you must press X quickly, due to the timing of meru's additions.

    To unlock EVERYONE's final additions (excluding archers) you must get ALL of that character's other additions to level 5. (This means that lavitz can unlock his final addition after learning gust of wind dance at level 11) The final additions all have a high damage percent and give a lot of sp.

    User Info: Azarias

    Azarias - 7 years ago 1 0

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