How do I beat The Divine Dragon Spirit in Mayfil?

  1. Hi i would like you to help me, cuz okei you know that in Death Capital Mayfil you fought agains every dragon spirit, so im fighting agains the divine dragon spirit its just that i whant you to tell me what kind of power, potion or something that could help me find his weakness...please help me

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    gonomi - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Who are you using, what are their equipments and how are your additions?

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    Cablevision2 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This one is the most all-out boss battle in disc 4 before the moon. Physical as well as dragoon magic will all what you need in here coz there's nolimit this time in the Divine Dragon's powers. You should try Dart, Albert, and Haschel. Dart using Final Burst, Albert with the tried and tested Rose Storm and Gaspless, while Haschel with Thunder God.

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Other Answers

  1. By the way, it doesn't have any weakness now....they say, dragon's have a low intelligence level in contrast with its offensive forces, so maybe it's safe to assume that they MIGHT be weak against magical attacks. With that allegation, you may go ahead and settle for dragoon magic or magic items against it.

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  2. Ok, Ok! You need characters that has a high Phys Atk, Mag Atk and Mag Def. It doesn't matter this time who your party will consist of, but at least include Albert. Although his Mag. Def isn't high enough, you may go ahead and purchase a 'Legend Casque' or a 'Phantom Shield' (if you don't have one just yet) to compensate it and equip it to Albert. That way, you can lengthen his stay during the fight w/o much worries. On top of that, do not forget to build up as much SP as possible on all characters in the party while doing strong PHYSICAL ATTACKS so that you can later on use DRAGOON MAGIC.

    *Possible characters you may use as a third character in the party:
    >Kongol -- with a Legend Casque equipped, as possible (w/o it, don't bother adding him up, plus my Kongol during this fight besides having a Legend Casque is equipped with a Physical Ring that's why he's reliable enough to be the person to use the ITEMS, the rest are doing the dirty work.

    >Haschel -- with or w/o the Legend Casque or Phantom Shield, he can be a sure asset. You can use other equipment that will impart better defense against magic.

    >>Equipments you may need: Legend Casque, Phantom Shield, Spiritual Ring and other accesories that cuts damage dealt by magic.

    >>Items you may need: Power Down, Power Up, Speed Up, Psyche Bomb X, Magic Shield.

    Dart>>uses strong addition...once SP is acquired, uses Dragoon Magic (Final Burst)
    Albert>>uses strong addition...once SP is acquired, uses Dragoon Magic (Gaspless and Rose Storm -- which is always useful, reduces damage from all attacks, I believe, or maybe all magic attacks.)
    Haschel>>uses strong addition...once SP is acquired, uses Dragoon Magic (Thunder God/ Thunder Kid)

    *Don't use attack items, this time their not really useful except for Psyche Bomb X compared to additions.

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