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  1. I'm right before entering hellena prison when you save albert. i want to master all of lavitz's additions before getting albert but i'm having trouble so i want to get the ultimate wargod. what's the quickest way to make a lot of gold for where i am in the game?

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    Ickelmay - 7 years ago

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  1. Good luck with getting Gold at this point. You'll need to fight everything you can and sell a ton of their Item drops to break the next thousand in a few hours.

    I started a new game only yesterday and just got to where Dart gets his ass handed to him by Lloyd in the Hero Competition with only ~2400 Gold to my name. It's mostly from grinding against the Fire Spirits in Volcano Villude for a Spirit Cloak (I did that pre-Fire Bird and still don't have one) and buying as little items as possible (most of my Healing Potions were dropped by enemies). Prior to the Hero Competition I bought 5 Spinning Gale and 3 more Healing Potions because I knew from previous files how many I would actually use (and I used all 8 of those Items).

    Just find a monster with a great item drop (like the Fire Spirit foes in Volcano Villude or the Strong Man enemies in Shirley's Shrine) that you can easily and quickly kill (use Shana to pump up her Dragoon Level as much as possible, too) and sell their spoils. Don't sell any of the items that have "(repeat)" in the description.

    Also, save your Sachets when you get them. They help against the monsters that take 1 damage from additions. Your first Sachet will be found prior to a boss that drops one as well.

    I only buy Attack Items when I know what I'll need after the area. I bought Spark Nets and Spear Frosts ASAP for Urobulos and Firebird, respectively, and Dancing Rays prior to Shirley's Shrine for Drake (saved them for when his bombs were out). Only use them with Rose and Shana at this point because the guys have crap M-Attack.

    Finally, I've found several additions easier to perform as Albert for some odd reason. It may be due to how agile he acts compared to Lavitz (it's the same addition speed, Albert just moves faster when attacking). You may actually **want** to wait until later for an Ultimate Wargod.

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  1. www.gamefaqs.com/ps/197765-the-legend-of-dragoon/faqs/9182

    This guide contains information on Special Monsters. Most of them drop a hefty sum of EXP or Gold (A couple drop both)
    At this point I believe you'll only be able to encounter three or four of them.

    The two I know you should encounter are described in this guide (All respects and credit to the writer, ' Ultimategamer00 ')

    >00 Parts: It is located on the long road near the commercial city
    of Lohan. When you start off the battle, do 1 or 2 hp of damage to it, and
    then let the other character use the magic signet stone. After that, just
    keep attacking it until it dies. If you managed to defeat it, you will
    receive 600 gold. It has 4 hp.

    >Yellow Bird: It is located on the road to the Indles Castle
    capital Bale. When you start the battle with it, do 1 hp of damage to it,
    and then, with the next player use the magic signet stone. After that,
    just keep attacking it until it is dead. If you managed to defeat it, you
    will receive 300 gold and sometimes it drops an Elude Cloak. It has 4 hp.

    Each monster takes 1hp of damage from ALL sources. Even if you're level 30+ with your final addition completely mastered, they will take 1 damage. Final Dragoon Magic with all magic enhancing equipment? Still 1 damage. The trick is to either use the Magic Sig Stone to negate 3 of their turns and use that window to damage them. A Sachet should also be able to eliminate them in a single turn as well. Though, as there are so few of those in the game, you may want to try other strategies.

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  2. One huge flaw with your strategy there, Iceberg116. Special Monsters are hard to get an attack on before they run away, if at all because of their high evasion.

    00Parts does give the most Gold at this point, however, and I have killed 3 without using the Magic Sig Stone, so it isn't impossible. The flaw is the high chance of it running away. All Special Monsters have a high flee chance, but 00Parts adds insult to injury by killing an ally before it runs (on the same turn).

    The "Piggy" enemies in Home of Gigantos (Disc 2) will drop Sachets with a low % rate, so they are indeed unlimited (if you can be arsed to grind for them). You are kind-of-far-away from that area at this point though, Ickelmay.

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