Can Anyone List All Of The Dragoon Spirits, And Where To Get Them?

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    blueeyeddragoon - 8 years ago

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  1. All of the dragoon spirits are collected over the course of the game, but if you wanted a little more detail, then these are them:

    Red Eyed Dragoon Spirit - Already in your inventory at the start of the game, though Dart is actually taught how to use it after the battle with Kongol at Hoax.
    Jade Dragoon Spirit - Obtained after defeating Greham and Feybrand in the Dragon's Nest.
    White/Silver Dragoon Spirit - Shirley gives it to you after you defeat her three trials at Shirley's Shrine. Upon returning to Lohan, Shana can use it.
    Dark Dragoon Spirit - This is already activated as soon as Rose joins you, after the battle at Hoax.
    Violet Dragoon Spirit - Collected after the battle with Emperor Doel at the Black Castle in Kazas.
    Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit - Obtained after defeating Lenus and Regole at the Isle of the Jailed Dragon in Elisa/Illisa Bay.
    Golden Dragoon Spirit - Can be either bought at Lohan for 1000 gold after getting Kongol as a party member in disc 2, or collected after Kongol's trial against Indora on the Moon.
    Divine Dragoon Spirit - Given to Dart after Lloyd is slain by Melbu Frahma at the core of the Moon.

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  1. Well, all the Dragoon Spirits are all pretty much default, all except the Divine Dragoon Spirit, but Lloyd gives you that when he gets killed by Melbu Frahma near the end of the game. not sure if thats what you wanted but maybe it'll help.

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