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    FAQ/Walkthrough by etherstyle

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/20/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         LLLL  E    G      E     N N   N  D    D    OO   OO  FF      D D EE  MMM O O
        LLLL  EEEE G  GGG EEEE  N  N  N  D    D    OO   OO  FFFFFF   DDD EEE M M OOO
       LLLL  E    G    G E     N   N N  D    D    OO   OO  FF          
     LLLL                                                            FF  A A  Q Q
    LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL   DD  DD RR  RR A  A G    O  O O  O NN N                     Q
                      DD  DD RRRRRR AAAA G  G O  O O  O N NN  V.1.0 
     by tri-emplem    DDDDDD RR  RR A  A GGGG OOOO OOOO N  N  Date: May 20th, 2001
                                  C O M P L E T E           ACII made and Copyright
                                                            by/of ' tri-emplem '
    Update Log:
    Next update: Bestiary fixes.
    May 20th, 2001 - 
    Well, I start yet another FAQ.  Here goes nothing!
    Wait, I just had an epiphany, I should turn on CAPS!
    Ouch, huh?  Jeez ...
        TT        OO0 0OO     CCCCC
       TT ABLE   OO   00 F   CC    ONTENTS
      TT        OO0 000     CCCCC
     TT        OO00000     CCCCC
     -\/- -/\- -\/- -/\- -\/- -/\- -\/-
     i.     intro to the l.o.d demo
     ii.    controls
     iii.   navigation
     iv.    battle
     v.     characters
     vi.    story
     vii.   walkthrough
     viii.  demo script
     ix.    my summary (review) of the demo
     x.     rpg newbies and little kids seem to love this game
     xi.    should you buy the real deal ?
     xii.   differences between demo and final
     xiii.  contributions
     xiv.   credits
     xv.    you can find this faq at ...
     xvi  . copyright
     ?????. bloopers and tidbits
     -\/- -/\- -\/- -/\- -\/- -/\- -\/-
     i. introduction to the l.o.d demo
    Well, 'Legend of Dragoon', The' is is Sony's first attempt at a Role Playing
    Game.  Good idea or bad?  Well, that's up to you.  The game a unique battle 
    system and is a great breather from the 'Final Fantasy's, and it's clones. 
    Considering you should be starting the demo now, I'll let you go and get at
    it.  Have fun.
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     ii. controls
    The controls for Legend of Dragoon are nothing new from typical RPGs, so
    you shouldn't need this section too much.  But if you get lost in the
    middle of the demo, look back here.
    Directional Pad  -  Move Menu Cursor
                        Move Dart on Screen
    Circle Button    -  Cancels Menu Selections
                        Counter the Counter Strike
    Triangle Button  -  Displays Menu Screen
    Square Button    -  Not Used
    X Button         -  Select Menu Items
                        Addition Strike
                        Open Chest
    L1               -  Rotate Area Screen Left
                        Switch Icon Display
    R1               -  Rotate Area Screen Left
                        Switch Icon Display                    
    L2               -  Switch Screen
    R2-              -  Switch Screen
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     iii. navigation
    Alright, Legend of Dragoon is taking off where Final Fantasy left off.
    You have a little arrow floating above your head to show where you are,
    and more arrows to show where you can progress onto the next screen.
    But Sony thought of a clever innovation.  Due to the arrow, you can
    now tell when you are going to engage in the next battle.  The arrow
    degrades from green, to yellow, to red as the next battle grows near.
    A great feature, though the battles do seem a little too common and
    systematic.  You shouldn't have much trouble.  If you have to find
    something, try another arrow. 
    The menu system for Legend of Dragoon is not a difficult one.  There
    are a total of seven items on the list:
    Status   - The status of your characters.
    Item     - Use, toss, list, or view your items.
    Armed    - Equipd the weapons and armors you have picked up on the way.
    Addition - Select the addition you will use in battle.
    Replace  - Replace a party member with another.
    Config   - Game configuration.
    Save     - Save
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     iv. battle
    Attack and Additions-
    Alright, this is where things get interesting.  It actually doesn't
    resemble anything like Final Fantasy's battle system.  It resembles
    Super Mario RPGs, another Squaresoft title.  Ah, heck.  Oh well,
    I have a question for you.  Do you have good timing?  If not, you're
    not going to like the battle system at all.  Each battle's victory
    or loss depends on it.
    These timing-strikes are called, 'Additions'.  In order to pull them
    off, you are required to press the 'X' button as the outer squares 
    moves over the center one.  A bit confusing?  Let me draw a diagram.
    ... I change my mind.  I can't possibly make a decent diagram out
    of ACII.  So, I'l just make point notes for you.
     - two squares, one big, one small.
     - big one getting smaller, small one sits in center
     - big one almost overlapping small one, finger is poised to jab
     - big one is right on top of the small one, the button better 
       have been pressed
    Now, the center-square will flash a different color according on how
    your timing was.  Gray, was too fast.  Blue, was too slow.  White, 
    means just right.  Finish a succession of them in a row, and you will
    complete the 'Addition'.  They DO cause more damage, so the tedious
    prodding at the controller is worth it.
    You can strike the enemy without timing, but keep a few things in mind.
     - the damage will be minute, always.
     - the damage will be really, really small.
     - there are no additions, so the damage will be puny.
    A tip for you when timing your strikes:
    Always watch the center square, not the outer one.  When the outer
    square is in a proximity of a few millimeters of the center, tap the
    X button.  You should pull it off, just don't let your eyes blur!
    Relax them, don't concentrate too hard or else you will mess it up.
    Tired of the same old Double Slash?  Gain a few levels, and you will
    learn new additions.  Just remember to equip them.  Also remember,
    when you use additions, you gain skill in them.  Use them enough,
    and they will become stronger.  Don't leap into a boss battle with
    an addition you have never tried though, you may find it too
    difficult, or it may not fit your taste.  Always practice with it
    first.  You don't eat a poop expecting it to taste like ice cream.
    So don't jump into battle with a new addition expecting it to be
    the best in the world.  Make sense?
                    -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Items - 
    Okay, well this is simple.  You can find items in chests, and you can
    buy them from stores.  Then with this command, you can use them in
    battle to aid you or hurt foes.  Matters on the item.
                    -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Enemy Counter-Strikes -
    This is a nice little feature that is hated, yet appreciated.  It adds
    depth to the battle, instead of the typical turn based attack, attack
    back, attack, attack back.  Now the foes can counter-strike while you
    are baraging them.  To avoid the retaliation, you need to use timing
    in a similar fasion as you did additions.
    When an enemy is about to counter-attack, the square will turn red.
    At that time, don't freak out and mash on the buttons.  Just shift
    your finger over to the Circle Button, and press that instead.
    Failure to do this will result in getting thrown back, ending your
    assault.  Success will deal additional damage to the enemy.
                    -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Defend -
    Okay, now this is a vital command.  Sorta.  Legend of Dragoon's
    defend system is what every player would have wanted in a Final
    Fantasy.  When you defend: you lower the damage you take, you
    defend yourself against all status ailments, and you recover a
    small ammount of HP!  Utilize this well, and you will succeed
    in battles that seemed impossible.
                    -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Retreat -
    Well this is simple, you run.  That's it.  You either fail, and
    the next person's turn is up, or you succeed, and you leave the
    battle field.
                    -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Dragoon - 
    Consider this Legend of Dragoon's 'Limit Break' system.  To
    perform this move, you require striking the enemy enough times
    so that you gain 'SP'.  When enough SP is aquired, you can morph
    into the fabled Dragoons.  From there, you have two options:
    D-Attack and Magic.  When you transform, you lose the ability
    to flee, use items, and defend.  Be careful.
    D-Attack is another addition system, but replacing the squares
    is a wheel gauge.  At the top of it is a shining emblem of some
    sort.  As soon as you press the 'X' button, or three seconds
    elapse, the spark will begin to circulate the wheel at a rapid
    pace.  You're going to need to tap the X button each time it
    arrives at the top in order to succeed in Dragoon Additions.
    Do it well enough, and you will be awarded with a "Perfect!!"
    and increase damage.
    Magic, works the same as it would in other RPGs.  You need MP
    to draw upon to use it, and the spells are there to aid you
    or damage your foes.  But in this case, you have to be a 
    Dragoon to perform it.  To gain more spells, gain more SP
    through the course of several battles.  After enough is
    gained, you will acheive a new spells.  Who knows what Sony
    is using to rival Squaresoft's flagship title.
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     v. characters
    Dart    - Well, the main character of the story.  Apparently he has lost
              his family to a beast called the 'Black Monster'.  He travels
              the world in search for it, and in search for vengeance.  He
              resembles 'Vahn' (of Legend of Lagaia) a great deal, by means
              of in-game stats, build, armor, and hair.
              Race  : Caucasian                         Hair  :  Brown
              Height: Average                           Eyes  :  Blue
              Build : Average                           Weapon:  Sword
              Age   : Young Adult
    Lavitz  - The captain of the Knights of the Duchy of Basil, the reason
              for his joining Dart is purely for survival means.  Although
              prideful and well-postured, a kind heart lies within his large
              exterior.  Resembles 'Gala' (of Legend of Lagaia) a great deal,
              by means of in-game stats, personality, appearance, and build.
              Race  : Caucasian                         Hair  :  Blonde
              Height: Tall                              Eyes  :  Brown
              Build : Large                             Weapon:  Pike
              Age   : Middle Aged
    Shana   - A childhood freind of Dart's who doesn't seem to have grown
              up as he has.  Naive, yet caring, she is a decent distance
              character in your group.  She resembles 'Noa' (of Legend of
              Lagaia) by means of personality, in-game stats, and build.
              Race  : Caucasian                         Hair  :  Brown
              Height: Average                           Eyes  :  Brow
              Build : Thin                              Weapon:  Bow
              Age   : Young Adult 
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     vi. story
    Dart, our story's main character sets out to avenge the death of his parents,
    who died at the hands of the "Black Monster".
    But with no further clues despite searching throughout the world for five 
    years, he returns home to Seles.
    Tragically, only more death and destruction awaited him in the village 
    Seles, the target of a surprise attack from the Sandora Empire.
    Before the shocking sight of his village in ruins can wear off, Dart learns
    of even more disturbing news.
    His longtime childhood friend, Shana has been kidnapped and taken to the 
    infamous Hellena Prison.
    In an attempt to rescue Shana, Dart single-handedly sneaks into Hellena 
    where he meets Lavitz, head of the knighthood of the Duchy of Basil.
    Dart and Lavitz soon recognize they are stronger as two, and fight together
    to escort Shana to saftey.
    Dart, Shana and Lavitz have succeeded in escaping from Hellena Prison. 
     VII. walkthrough
    Alright, you've got yourself some easy work.  After the dialogue, head down
    the path.  An arrow will strike Lavitz as you wander along, and a pair of
    Hellena Jail Wardens will chase you.  Clear the dialogue, and watch how
    a family of rats delude the guards.
    Once the dialogue is cleared, head down to the south-west path.  That will
    lead you to an abandoned cottage, and a horse with a mis-shaped head.  Head
    in to the shack, and anticipate barraging your PlayStation controller with
    many finger jabs.  There is a lot of dialogue coming your way.  
    After that is done, return to the four-way fork in the road.  Take the 
    north-west path.  Approach the river, and Dart will say to himself how he 
    can not leap across the river.  Head back to the cottage, and take the path 
    north of it.  You find a tree, and Dart figures he can make a bridge with it.
    Unfortunately, his blade will be dulled if he hacks the tree with it. So,
    find an axe in the cottage.  It may be a bit hard to see, but it will
    sparkle amongst the dull background.
    Now, return to the tree and chop it down.  Dart should have considered the
    fact that gravity exists before chopping from the direction he did, so the
    tree falls off the cliff.  Another task, bah.  Return to the river, and 
    watch the log drift down to make a stepping stone for you.  Now cross
    the river, and find yourself a nice little "Angel's Prayer" for your work.
    Continue down the new path to find a woe-stricken family, read through some
    of the dialogue, and continue on your way.  Now, you're on the very-
    linear world map.  Yech, at any rate, continue until you are at the
    Limestone Cave.  ... enter.
    Starting about now, save your SP for Dart and Lavitz so the boss of the
    cave will be even simpler.  Shana regains her SP fast enough that it
    won't matter squat if you expend it at whatever rate you choose.
    Okay, before you head in, make sure you pick up the 'Detonate Rock' to the
    left.  Go ahead and delve into the depths of the cave.  There is something
    of a mini-slide as soon as you enter.  Take the path that looks as if it
    is a minute river, and Dart will skid about on his butt to land right
    in front of a chest that holds '20 Gold'.  Now, scale the path once more
    and ride down the slide once more.  But this time, hold up on the D-Pad
    so that you take another path, and down on the next fork.  You want to
    plop down in front of another treasure chest that contains a 'Bastard
    Sword'.  A very important item in this demo, anything that hit's hard is
    a good thing, sort of.
    Before you, lay a series of stepping stones that give you access to land
    across another river.  After a warning from Dart, hop across.  Don't
    forget to pick up the 'Total Vanishing' and the 'Body Purifier'.  Now
    for a little bit of fun.  Don't like Shana?  Jump onto a rock she's on
    and the two go wobbling all over the place.  No real purpose, it's just
    there.  So, hop onto the opposite land mass of your starting ground, 
    and Lavitz will go and stumble.  Saved by Dart, Lavitzexpresses his 
    appreciation profusely.  Continue on.
    Another fork, joy.  Take the upper road to find a squeaky rat, and a
    couple of treasure chests.  One that contains '100 Gold', is accessible
    but the other where the rat stands is not, so go get it later.  Head
    back to the main fork.
    Ah, see that swarm of lights?  Approach it, and 'talk' to it.  You
    will hear an explanation that they are rock fireflies, and that
    they heal you.  After that, you have two treasures to snatch up for
    your collection.  An 'Angel's Prayer', and a 'Burn Out'.  To access
    the 'Burn Out', you need to hop on the rocks north of the 'Angel's
    Prayer'.  Go to the next cavern now.
    Right away, you will find a 'Charm Potion' on the platform above you.
    Just climb up the stairs and you will be able to get it.  Before you
    go east, head all the way north.  You will be able to get the
    treasure chest the squeaky rat is guarding, it's a 'Spark Net'.
    Catch the rat, and he will drop a treasure chest, it's a 'Poison
    Guard'.  Good, now you have all the treasures, head back to the
    previous cavern.
    Okay, this is it.  The boss' chamber, a giant snake.  Okay, make
    sure you don't miss the treasure chests.  They hold a 'Body
    Purifier' and a 'Bandana', you don't need the latter.  Okay, walk
    to the arrow on the furthest platform.  You're about to face a
    Name   : Urobolus                            HP   : Above 450 for sure ... 
    Level  : ??                                  EXP  : 500
    Attacks: Bite, Poison Breath, Hole Hide      GOLD : 200
    Okay, he's got two main attacks, physical and a poison attack.  Not bad
    either of them, but the poison attack can drain you over time.  Therefor,
    you have three options.  One, wear the 'Poison Guard' you found earlier,
    and two, bring lots of Body Purifiers.  Three is just kill him fast.  I
    tend to like mixing one and three, nice and quick.
    Okay, so if you listened to me, Dart and Lavitz should have a fairly
    high SP, allowing them to morph.  That's something you want to do, but
    not necessarily right away.  See, he has this 'attack' where he poises
    himself through a hole so that unless you are a Dragoon or Shana, you
    can't hit it.  So it would be suggestible, if not advisable, to wait
    for him to do so.  Then, you can deal the most damage, in the least
    amount of turns.  He will get down eventually, so in that time, just
    defend and heal yourself.  Patience will do you good.
    Other than that, keep healed up.  Make sure the poison doesn't stay
    on you too long, it does drain quite a bit over time, and that could
    be your downfall.  I don't care how easy this guy is, you still have
    to be careful.  Keep up the pace, and you'll do fine.
    Dart will end the battle with a leaping slash to his face, you don't
    command it.
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     ??????. bloopers and tidbits
    "Typos.  Need I say more?"
    Sony did a horrid job at transilating this game, heck.  I don't
    even need to give you examples, you'll see it right away.
                   -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+-
    "Heh-heh, you hear what he said?"
    "Fart!", wails Lavitz whenever he defends against a strike. (grins)
                   -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+-
    "Hrmm .. that should preee-eety familiar."
    Doesn't Shana's voice actor sound alot like Rena from Star Ocean 2?
                   -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+-
    "Is it Lavitz or Lavits?"
    During battle, Lavitz is 'Lavits'.  During any other situation, he
    is just 'Lavitz'.  More typos, bleh.
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     viii. script
    A warning to you before you read this, I have never seen such a pooked-up
    transalation as the one for Legend of Dragoon.  There are many instances
    where the characters will say things in wrong contexts, and so forth. So,
    if you see something wrong, it's probably a transalation error.  But
    please don't hessitate to tell me of it.
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Dart, Shana and Lavitz dash onto the screen, apparently worn out by their mad
    sprint from the Hellena Prison.
    Dart  : "Lavitz, can you keep going?"
    Lavitz: "Yeah!"
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    The trio follow along a path, until they realize they are still being 
    persued.  Struck by an arrow, Lavitz falls.
    Lavitz: "Aaah!"
    Dart  : "Does it hurt?"
    Lavitz: "It's just a scratch."
    Shana : "But you gotta cover the wound."
    Lavitz: "It can be treated later.  We gotta run first."
    Dart  : "I will carry Lavitz.  Shana, go first."
    Shana : "Don't treat me like a child.  I will go with you guys."
    Lavitz: "I can walk by myself."
    Shana : "Here they come!"
    Dart  : "Lets go!"
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    A pair of Hellena guards persue the party through some over-grown
    Dart: "!!"
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    The guards gaze down the path for the runaways, but do not see them.  Then,
    the tall grass before them begins to rustle.
    Hellena Warden A:  "There they are!"
    Hellena Warden B:  "Women first!!  Then we might spare those people in 
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    A family of rats trot out from behind the weeds.
    Hellena Warden B:  "Is this the fugitive?"
    Hellena Warden A:  "Don't be silly!!  Go look over there!!"
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    The sentries run down a path, continuing their search.
    Dart : "That was close."
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    The party then continues their venture to find a suitable place to rest.
    They find an abandoned cottage, and decide it is adequate for their needs.
    Lavitz: "Tut, such a trifle wound."
    Shana : "Does it still hurt?"
    Lavitz: "A little bit."
    Shana : "I learned first aid.  I thought it would be useful, particularly 
            in times like these."
    Dart  : "Shana?  Learning?  That's something new!"
    Shana : "Mr. so-and-so might come back injured at any moment."
    Dart  : "...  Let's use that shack over there."
    Lavitz: "All right."
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    The group finds the shack suitable, and Lavitz gets the medical attention 
    he required.
    Shana :  "Here you go."
    Lavitz:  "Thanks, it's much better now."
    Dart  :  "It seems we completely lost those fools from Helllena."
    Shana :  "Dart?  tell me, about these last five years."
    Shana :  "It's okay, nevermind!  we don't have time for this now."
    Dart  :  "It was a journey for revenge.  It was a journey to find the guy
              who deprived me of something precious, and kill him.  I couldn't
              tell you Shana, that's why I left by myself."
    Shana :  "The Black Monster?"
    Shana :  "I only know the name.  Nobody would tell me more about it because
              they said I was still too young."
    Lavitz:  "What is the Black Monster?  What are you talking about?"
    Dart  :  "I have two homes.  One is Seles where I spend time with Shana."
    Dart  :  "And the other is where I spent time with my parents, my first home,
              which was taken from me by the monster eighteen years ago.  Neet."
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    You are taken back to one of Dart's memories.
    Dart's Home -- 18 Years Ago
    Dart: "It was when I was five years old.  Neet was assaulted by the Black
    Dart:  "We were lucky."
    Dart:  "Only three of us could get out from the village."
    Dart:  "But, my father returned to the village."
    Dart:  "And my mother followed my father to the village to help 
            everybody, but that's where the Black Monster was waiting."
    Dart:  "I was left alone, shivering and waited for dawn."
    Dart:  "The sun revealed a foreign landscape."
    Dart:  "It was a completely transformed Neet."
    Dart:  "And I found this."
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    You are returned to the abandoned shack.
    Dart:    "What I found on the ground was only this.  It's a momento, the
            only thing my father carried around all the time."
    Shana :  "Dart, it's okay.  I understand."
    Dart  :  "Shana, I'm sorry I didn't tell you."
    Shana : "It's okay, I knew you would tell me someday.  Don't say anymore."
    Lavitz:  "So, you just came back from a journey to bring closure to the past."
    Dart  :  "I'm still not there yet."
    Lavitz:  "You said Neet, it doesn't seem to be a village in this country."
    Dart  :  "It was located farther north from here.  I guess nobody even
    remembers it's name anymore."
    Dart  :  "Lavitz, tell me.  What is going on in this country?"
    Lavitz:  "Currently, our Duchy of Basil is at war with the Imperial
              Sandora.  The war has spread all over Serdio."
    Dart  :  "Why was the truce broken?"
    Lavitz:  "Because of the dragon.  The legendary monster added weight to
              Sandora and broke the balance of power.  Then Emperor Doel started to
              be more aggressive."
    Dart  :  "Dragon?  No, no way!  Such a thing can be used in war?"
    Lavitz:  "Do you know something about it!?"
    Dart  :  "I was swooped down on by a Dragon before I entered Seles.  I was
              overwhelemed.  There was no way to escape from it.  I was saved by a
              passing warrior.  That's why I am still alive."
    Lavitz:  "The Dragon is advancing faster than I thought.  We must do
              something or it'll be too late."
    Dart  :  "You mean more casualties?"
    Lavitz:  "Yeah.  It's a "war"."
    Lavitz:  "Anyway, I have to go back to Indels Castle in Bale.  There are 
              so many things I have to report to King Albert."
    Lavitz:  "You know what, Dart?  You guys should come along with me.
              Minister Noish might know something about the Black Monster."
    Dart:  "I see.  They're a royalty with a long history.  I might be able
            to find out something new."
    Lavitz:  "It's a done deal."
    Shana :  "Lavitz, don't take chances.  You are not completely well."
    Lavitz:  "You'll make good wife." (it's their typo, not mine)
    Shana : "Thanks!"
    Dart  :  "Let's go."
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    The trio leaves the shack, and finds their way along the path once
    more.  This time, they are headed to 'Indels Castle' in Bale.  They
    approach a river.
    Dart  :  "It seems too far to jump over."
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Trying to find another way, they head back to the cottage.  Finding
    another path to the north, they venture that way.  They find a rotting
    Dart  :  "Almost falling."
    Dart  :  "Wait.  If we carry this to the river, it can be a bridge, can't
    Dart  :  "The blade won't last with this."
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Searching for some sort of tool, Dart ransacks the shack.
    Dart  :  "A worn down axe ..."
    Dart  :  "I get it.  We can chop down the tree with this axe."
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Returning to the rotted tree ...
    Dart  :  "If we put this tree across the river ...."
    Lavitz:  "Hmm.... it may work as a bridge.  It could be worth trying."
    Dart  :  "Whoa!!"
    Lavitz:  "Shoot!"
    Dart  :  "Have to think about another way."
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Returning to the river ... oh look, there's the log.
    Dart  :  "What's that!?"
    Dart  :  "We can cross with this!!"
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    The group crosses the river, to find a sobbing family.
    Lavitz:  "You look like a civilian.  What is the matter?"
    Father:  "What do you mean "What's the matter!?"  It's your knight's fault!!"
    Lavitz:  "Hold on.  I am a Knight of Basil.  We should be allies."
    Father:  "I'm your enemy!  We escaped from Sandora!"
    Mother:  "Honey!  Don't say that or we're gonna be arrested!"
    Father:  "B, But, these knights destroyed our lives!"
    Mother:  "We couldn't stand living in Kazas and ran away from there.  Please
              excuse us."
    Lavitz:  "You don't need to excuse yourself.  King Albert always lends a
              helping hand to sufferers, even those from an enemy country."
    Mother:  "What?"
    Lavitz:  "Son, are you hungry?"
    Child :     "Yes."
    Lavitz:  "Then have this."
    Child :  "Th, Thank you."
    Father:  "You ...."
    Lavitz:  "If you go through here, you'll find Bale.  You can go there if
              you like."
    Father:  "B, But we don't know anybody."
    Lavitz:  "Why don't you go to my house.  It's too big for my mother and
              myself anyway."
    Father:  "You are?"
    Lavitz:  "My name is Lavitz.  I am a knight in the service of King Albert."
    Mother:  "Th, Thank you very much!!"
    Father:  "How kind of you.  Sir Lavitz!" (shouldn't that be a comma?)"
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    They head off through the path to the world map, and find their way to a
    deep cavern.  Spanning across a body of water are a series of stepping
    Dart  :  "Stepping Stones."
    Dart  :  "Shana, be careful not to slip."
    Shana : "Okay."
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    Lavitz should have taken Dart's advice as well ...
    Dart  :  "Lavitz!"
    Shana :  "Dart!! Lavitz!"
    Lavitz:  "Whoa!!"
    Dart  :  "Huff huff huff!"
    Lavitz:  "This is the second time you saved my life."
    Dart  :  "Huff, huff, I was just around."
    Lavitz:  "Even though that was the case, I was lucky you were around
    Lavitz:  "It'll be a long relationship we will have."
    Dart  :  "Yup.  That's right."
    Shana :  "Excuse me, you guys!"
    Shana :  "Don't leave me like that!"
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    That swarm of lights .. rock fireflies?
    Dart  :  "These are ... rock fireflies."
    Shana :  "Oh, you know a lot."
    Dart  :  "Well, I used to be saved by these a lot."
    Lavitz:  "Me too.  In particular, the ones close to a battlefield were
    Shana :  "Excuse me.  Don't just chat amongst yourself and leave me out.
             Tell me what they are."
    Shana : "Oh!!"
    Shana : "Oh boy."
    Lavitz:  "The light from a Rock Firefly has a healing power." (now it's
              capitalized .. ?)
    Dart  :  "Well, Shana learned at least one thing."
    Shana :  "Well well.  I know something you don't know too, Dart."
    Dart  :  "Wh, what is that?"
    Shana :  "I'm not telling."
    Lavitz:  "Well, you have been away from each other for five years.  It's
              natural to not know about each other."
    Lavitz:  "Wait, my mom and I aren't like that.  Every time I go back to
              Bale, she welcomes me with the same smile."
    Lavitz:   "Wh, What?  Did I say something wrong?"
    Dart  :     "Let's get going.  Your mother is waiting for you in Bale right?"
    Lavitz:   "Yeah!"
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    The party senses something...
    Dart  :  "There is something there."
    Lavitz: "Could that be the much talked about guardian of the Cave?"
    Dart  :  "Shana, step back!"
    Shana : "Don't worry about me.  I can help!"
    Lavitz:  "It's coming!"
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
    The three defeat the giant Urobolus.
    Dart  :  "Shana."
    Dart  : "Shana !!!!"
    Shana :  "Wh, what was ...."
    Dart  :  "What on earth happened?"
    Shana :  "I, I don't know."
    Shana : "..."
    Lavitz:  "Anyway, we are safe.  We should think about how to get out of
              here.  And ...."
    Lavitz:  "It'll be fine when we get to Bale ..."
    Shana :  "I think."
    The three arrive at Bale.
    Lavitz:  "I would like to show you around, but we better hurry to the 
    Lavitz:  "We have to brief his Majesty Albert about the war."
    Dart  :  "Shana, can you come with us?"
    Shana :  "I'm fine.  I'm much better now."
    Shana :  "Shall we?"
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     ix.    my summary (review) of the demo
    Legend of Dragoon, announced to go beyond the high standard 
    SquareSoft's 'Final Fantasy' has set, but did it?  Yes, no, and sort
    of.  Graphically, the rendered backgrounds are above Final Fantasy
    VIII's, and about equal to IX's.  The first sceen you see is an grassy
    field with a path worn down through it.  Soaring above it are a small
    flock of seagulls, and in the horizon we see the depths of a saphire
    ocean.  Doesn't sound so great?  Well, maybe my literature is getting
    bad, because it -is- great.  I just let my characters sit around for
    a few minuites as I admire the water cascade onto the coast.  Phew.
    Character wise, they were well designed but they looked familiar ...
    from where, you say?  Legend of Lagaia.  I mean, look at them.  Same
    build, same stats, same personalities.  They emulated one of
    SquareSoft's flaws, making new characters look like old ones.  Take
    Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII, and the two main characters
    of Final Fantasy X, and you will see a remarkable resemblance.  Works
    for the 'Lunar' series as well, jeez.  Great companies, lazy designers.
    Well, the battle system looks nice.  A bit of a copy of F.F. VIII,
    but still nice.  The polygons are a bit chunky, but that's something
    you can overlook.  Animations are also missing a few frames, which
    does horrible things to the smoothness of the movements.  Batles
    take place on well rendered 'platforms', where the heroes square off
    on one side, and vilains the other.  Nothing new.
    The battle system is a nice bit of nostalgia, bringing you back to
    the days of Super Mario RPG where timing was vital as well.  Only
    here, it's a bit more on the tedious side.  The addition system
    looks great, but feels a little -too- tight.  I mean, how are us
    clumsy RPG players supposed to live with it?  It would also
    be nice if each time we tap the button in sync, it would have
    dealt damage rather than a big sum in the end ... oh well.
    Story wise, it sounds rather typical.  There big bad guy.  Hero's
    family got killed by big bad guy.  Hero go kill big bad guy and
    find lots of bored people on the way.  No matter what some people
    say, I see no resemblance to the F.F. VIII plot line.  If you're
    looking for a great story, pick up a copy of 'Chrono Cross' or
    'Saga Frontier 2' (don't expect to get much gameplay out of the
    latter).  You're not going to find it here, it's too predictable.
    Music was dull, and did not fit any of the scenes well at all.
    The battle music did not get the blood coursing through my veins,
    it got me a copy of Ja Rule's new CD.  Another SquareSoft copy,
    like 'Chrono Cross'.  Bah.  The victory music was nice though,
    how it melded in with the battle music.  A nice change from
    abrupt changes of music like other titles.
    There were only a couple of puzzles in the demo, and they didn't
    give me too much of a chalenge.  I hope to see more in the future.
    Even though there were only a couple, they were simple enough, and
    straight forward.  That's something most companies can not put
    together, so I applaud them there.
    All in all, this is a fairly decent game.  I just don't see why
    some people praise it so much, or diss it so much.  It has
    decent qualities, but (unfortunately) too many flaws.
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     x.   rpg newbies and little kids seem to love this game
    A small note for RPG converts and little kids, you are most likely to
    love this game.  I don't know, maybe the game's flaws attract a younger
    crowd.  Most likely the simple plot line, all the kids where I live
    are talking about it, and only about it.  I'm still playing Valkyrie
    Profile, now that's deep.
    Mind you, don't go rushing out to buy a copy of this just because of
    what I just said.  Rent it first, you still may not like it as much
    as I would have figured.
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     xi.   should you buy the real deal?
    Now, this is a simple question.  It's all a matter of taste.  My
    first bit of advice is to not do what I do.  Rent first, then buy
    if you like it.  If I hear it's good, I buy it.  Don't be like me,
    it's not a good thing.
    Mrmm .. well, keep in mind it is an RPG.  It's -very- linear,
    but it looks good.  The music is crap, but the voice actors did
    a decent job.  If you want a more in depth look at this, read my
    review above.
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     xii.   differences between demo and final
    No clue what-so-ever.  Haven't played the final yet, anyone care
    to contribute?
     -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- -+- 
     xiii.   contributions
    Here's the deal.  You contribute, you get listed here and where I
    place your contribution.  It's your material, and you own it, even
    when it is posted here.  I'm open to all suggestions and comments
    as well.  I just don't want single line emails that suggest I go
    fruitcake myself.
    E-mail me at:  triemplem@hotmail.com
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     xiv.   credits
    Me - I did this.
    Any contributers in the future - It's not complete without 
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     xv.   you can find this faq at ...
    tri-emplem: idleness of the void
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     xvi.   copyright
    This 'The Legend of Dragoon Demo FAQ', is CopyRight of Jeremy C. L.
    Any unauthorized reproduction will be punished by the full extent
    of the law.  This doesn't have to be extensive like my others, you
    know the concequences and they have been expressed explicitly.

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