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    Plot Analysis by Mysticcat

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      This FAQ is Copyright 2002 by Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan
         T H E _  L E G E N D _  O F _  D R A G O O N
          ____  _      __   _____
         |    \| |    /  \ |_   _|
         | |\ || |   | /\ |  | |
         | |/ || |   | || |  | |
         |  _/ | |   | || |  | |
         | |   | |   | || |  | |
         | |   | |   | || |  | |
         | |   | |__ | \/ |  | |
         |_|   |____| \__/   |_|
            _    _    _    _    _    _  _  ____  _   ____
           / \  | \  | |  / \  | |  | || |/    \| | /    \
          /   \ |  \ | | /   \ | |  | || || ||_|| | | ||_|
         / / \ \|   \| |/ / \ \| |  | || || |   | | | |
         | |_| || |\ | || |_| || |  | \/ | \ \  | |  \ \
         |  _  || | \  ||  _  || |   \  /   \ \ | |   \ \
         | | | || |  \ || | | || |   |  |  _ | || |  _ | |
         | | | || |  | || | | || |__ |  | | || || | | || |
         |_| |_||_|  |_||_| |_||____||__| \____/|_| \____/
          |                                                            |
          |            G A M E  I N T R O D U C T I O N                |
          |                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                           |
          |    Name : The Legend of Dragoon                            |
          |    Genre : Tradition Role-playing                          |
          |    Developer : Sony Computer Entertainment International   |
          |    Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment America         |
          |                                                            |
          |                                                            |
          |                                                            |
          |           G U I D E  I N T R O D U C T I O N               |
          |                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                           |
          |    Guide Type : Plot Analysis                              |
          |    Author : Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat"              |
          |    Version : Final                                         |
          |    Contact : fireaquarian@yahoo.com                        |
          |    Date : May 8th 2002                                     |
          |                                                            |
                       T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
      1. Introduction                                   *Complete*
      2. Legal Stuff                                    *Complete*
      3. Updates                                        *Complete*
      4. Game Story and Timeline                        *Complete*
      5. Characters' Plot Analysis                      *Complete*
           o Dart
           o Shana
           o Lavitz
           o Rose
           o Haschel
           o Albert
           o Meru
           o Kongol
           o Mirranda
           o Lloyd
      6. Other characters                               *Complete*
           o Emperor Doel
           o Zieg
           o Claire
           o Lenus
           o Bardel brothers
           o Drake the Bandit 
           o Emperor Diaz
           o The former Dragoons
           o Luanna
           o Magician Faust
           o Charle Frahma
           o Melbu Frahma
      7. Additional Explanations                        *Complete*
           o The Four Sacred Sisters of Deningrad
           o Dragon Campaign
           o Divine Moon Objects
           o Signet Spheres
           o The Dragon Buster
           o The Dragon Block Staff
           o Creator Soa & the Fruits 
           o The Black Monster
           o The Moonchild
           o The Moon That Never Sets
           o The God of Destruction
      8. Credits/End of FAQ                             *Complete*
     /\                                                                    /\
    (  )\~~~/\~~~/\~~~/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\~~~/\~~~/\~~~/(  )
    (  )  \    \    \       SECTION 1 : INTRODUCTION         /    \    /  (  )
    (  )/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\(  )
     \/                                                                    \/
      Hi everybody ! I'm back again...
      The Legend of Dragoon is a traditional RPG created by Sony Computer
    Entertainment Corporation, which is similar to Final Fantasy style of
    Squaresoft. Although this game doesn't reach the honourable peak of Final
    Fantasy, it still attracts a lot of players and always stays in Top Games
      Well, I am Phan Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat" - an amateur FAQ writer. I
    have already made a FAQ/Walkthrough for The Legend of Dragoon which I
    think to be my most faithful guide currently. Now I decide to make another
    guide for this game, but this time it'll be a plot guide. Why am I doing
    it ? I have played The Legend of Dragoon, and I myself have been confusing
    by the story and episodes in the game. After a long time of searching and
    finding out, I have understood and I think this game should have a Plot
    Analysis, as any adventure games with complex storyline. The story in The
    Legend of Dragoon, generally, is not so complex as real adventure games
    like Resident Evil or Silent Hill series. But the timeline and episodes
    are put in together, which can't be understood immediately. In this guide,
    I will try to analyze the events of the game following given numbers. I
    also make analysis for each necessary character clearly, about the
    important events in their lives. This is the first time I write a Plot
    Guide, so there may be some little mistakes after the guide is completed.
    If you readers have any ideas or spot mistakes in the FAQ, please email me
    at fireaquarian@yahoo.com. All your contributions are appreciate.
      I forgot to tell you this. It's very important. If you are a new player
    of The Legend of Dragoon, be careful to read this. Being a Plot guide, it
    contains huge spoilers which can break your enthusiasm to play the game.
    So my advice for you : Just read this FAQ when you have got through the
    game at least once.
      Thank you for reading this guide.
     /\                                                                    /\
    (  )\~~~/\~~~/\~~~/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\~~~/\~~~/\~~~/(  )
    (  )  \    \    \       SECTION 2 : LEGAL STUFF          /    \    /  (  )
    (  )/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\(  )
     \/                                                                    \/
      The Legend of Dragoon Plot Analysis is created on May 8th 2002 by Phan
    Nguyen Khanh Dan "Mysticcat". All Right Reserved.
      All the contents within the Plot Analysis are possession of Phan Nguyen
    Khanh Dan "Mysticcat" who holds all copyright of the document.
      Anyone who wants to make use on the document, must have the author's
    permission. If you want to use the guide on your sites, just email me and
    let me see your site first. And once you have my permission to use the
    guide, you may not permit anyone else to use it. If I spot anyone who
    breaks this rule, you are sure to be sued. An important note for those who
    want to use my guide is that you must check the latest updates frequently
    in www.gamefaqs.com. I don't have time to send them to each of you. If you
    feel that you can't do this work, you should not ask to use the guide.
    These are the current available sites :
      You can download the guide from the web, alter, translate or modify it
    that I myself can't manage to know. If you are kind, don't do those
    actions without my permission, or you'll get a bad result for what you
      Generally, I tell you : Just ask me about what you will do with the
    guide. When you have emailed me, that means you have got 50% of my
    permission. I'm pretty easy-going and I'm willing to allow you to use my
    guide if you are polite to me. But if you do bad actions, don't blame me
    about what I will do for you.
      Finally, I apologize of being rude.
      Thank you for reading this.
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    |  |  \    \    \          SECTION 3 : UPDATES           /    \    /  (  )
    (  )/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\(  )
     \/                                                                    \/
     - Version 0.2 (May 8th 2002)
       Plot Analysis started.
     - Version 0.5 (May 9th 2002)
       Additional Explanations added.
     - Version 0.7 (May 9th 2002, night)
       Story & Timeline completed.
       Additional Explanations basically completed.
     - Version 1.0 (May 10th 2002)
       Plot Analysis basically completed, with more events added.
     - Version 1.2 (June 28th 2004) 
       Added "Drake the Bandit" in "Other Characters" section.
       Added "The Four Sacred Sisters of Deningrad" in "Additional 
    Explanations" section. 
       Notes : It's been 2 years since I stopped updating this old guide. 
    During that time, emails mentioning this game The Legend of Dragoon still
    keep coming to me no matter how old the game has become. And recently,
    a reader has suggest that I should add "Drake the Bandit" into my plot
    explanation. So I make this update, along with adding another explanation
    that I have been thinking of "The Four Sacred Sisters of Deningrad".
    Check them out if you are interested. Again, thanks to all the readers
    who are reading my guides, including this "modest" guide and contribute
    to make it more useful. 
     - Version Final (February 11th 2005)
       Added Ouranos Heaven's suggestions in Section 7 "Additional 
       Can't believe that someone still cares about this old but awesome game. 
    I think he has explained many major things which I didn't pay much 
    attention to in my Plot Analysis. You should check it out. 
     /\                                                                    /\
    (  )\~~~/\~~~/\~~~/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\~~~/\~~~/\~~~/(  )
    |  |  \    \    \   SECTION 4 : GAME STORY & TIMELINE    /    \    /  (  )
    (  )/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\(  )
     \/                                                                    \/
      If you have read my The Legend of Dragoon FAQ/Walkthrough, you have
    realized this section : Story and Timeline. But here, this is a Plot
    Analysis. That means I will analyze the events more clearly and more
    details in certain time, especially the timeline.
    %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  TIMELINE AND EVENTS  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
      Long long ago, the earth was the world covered by darkness, terrible and
    dreadful. It had no creature and lives. It was liveless. Then Creator Soa
    - the mother of lives - dropped a seed in the earth and grew it. The seed
    grew very strongly and fast. It became a great tree - the Divine Tree. It
    had many fruits as Creator Soa's plan : Each fruit was a life, a living
    creature. The fruits grow bigger and more crowded. Then the dropped on the
    ground, becoming various living creatures who were the first lives of the
      The 97th Fruit : Gigantos
      This species has a big size and very strong at physical effects. The
    Gigantos is not a popular species. They are great with strong and huge
    weapons in fighting. Physical effects hardly make them hurt. But most of
    them have no emotion that they are rather weak at magical effects.
      As the 96th creature, The Gigantos were not as perfect as later
    creatures, especially the human beings. In the war between creature kinds,
    they were nearly annihilated. There are very few Gigantos survived from
    the chaos. One of them was Kongol. About Kongol's details, please refer to
    the next section of Characters' Plot Analysis.
      The 99th Fruit : Minitos
      This species is the opposite of Gigantos : small size, fast but weak.
    Just like the Gigantos, they are not perfect enough to become popular in
    the earth. But we can also a find a few of them wandering in the Flower
    City or anywhere else.
      The 105th Fruit : Dragons
      The second most powerful species of all 107 creatures given life by
    the Divine Tree. Their attacks and life power over helm others, however,
    the creator Soa created a balance by reducing the Dragon's intelligence.
    There fore, they were to be controlled by Humans with their wisdom. During
    the Dragon Campaign 11000 years ago, they had fierce battle against Virage
    manipulated by Winglies and couldn't avoid being annihilated.
      The Human beings who are able to control the dragons, are called the
    Dragon Knights : The Dragoons.
      The 106th Fruit : Human
      The most popular species of the world. With a very high intelligence,
    Humans rose to fight against the Winglies to take the control of the
    world. Winglies had Virage as their fighting tools, Humans had Dragons and
    seven Dragoons as their soldiers under the lead of Holy Imperial Gloriano
    - Emperor Diaz. In the end they took the victory, having become the
    species who rules the world.
      The Dragon Knights, or the Dragoons - the people who could control
    Dragons, are the leaders of Human beings, to fight for the fate of the
    lives. Their strong power grown from insanity. Dragoons, they only appear
    when the legend needs them...
      The 107th Fruit : Winglies
      The people with Wings of life who employ the magical power. They had
    their glory 11000 years ago, and had enormous magical power that could
    float colossal cities. They became extinct after the War with Humans who
    were seeking their liberation.
      The Winglies, in some side, can be considered to be more perfect than
    the Humans. They can fly with their air wings, and they possess powerful
    magical power which Humans don't have. But the fact was that they were
    losers of the Humans. And since the Winglies were defeated by Humans, they
    haven't seen in the earth, as they may still survive, in hidden shelters
    somewhere in this earth.
      The 108th Fruit : Virage Embryo
      Virage, as we know, is the creature that supported Winglies in the war
    between the two species. The Human beings have Dragon Knights as their
    leaders, so the Winglies have Virages as their fighting tools. But this
    species is a super Virage - the God of Destruction which would be given
    birth by the Moonchild. This species has the strongest power which could
    take the world to be annihilated.
      The Moonchild was supposed to be born by the creator to give birth to
    the God of Destruction. To prevent the earth from doom, the Moonchild must
    be killed. And the Black Monster, or the Black Whachamacalit, was the
    person who did that ? So who was the Black Monster ?
     --> MORE THAN 11000 YEARS AGO
      The Winglies, as the most perfect race at that time, became the rule of
    the world, with their intellgence and magical power which other species
    don't have. They had ruled this world for a long time, before the Dragon
    Campaign happend, which gave the liberation to the Humans.
      During this time, the Winglies have built a lot of magical cities used
    to rule the creatures in the earth. Each city has its own function. But
    all of them were great architectures that the Humans wasn't able to do.
    They are :
     ---Birth City Crystal Palace---
      A diagonal palace made of crystal. This city now is the Crystal Palace
    of Deningrad. Long long ago it was the Birth City of Winglies where the
    babies were chosen to be born. The Winglies has special magical power.
    Only the babies who had the strong power enough could be allowed to be
      ---Magical City Aglis---
      A mysterious city of Winglies where magic is researched and studied. It
    was a great building built under the sea which the Humans could never
      ---Law City Zenebatos---
      It was the city where Wingly laws were made. The laws were claimed for
    justice but actually they were used to judge other species. It is the
    place where executions and trials were carried out.
      ---Death City Mayfil---
      It is the place where all the souls of the dead must go.
       ---Capital Kadessa--
      This was the strongest city with most powerful system which the Winglies
    used to rule the world. But after the Dragon Campaign, it was called the
    Forbidden Land as it became ruins for years.
      *At this time, the seven human beings who later were chosen to be Dragon
    Knights were born. Two of them were Rose - the Dark Dragoon and Zieg - the
    Red-eyed Dragoon, also Dart's father. According to her age, she might be
    born 11026 years ago. About why they could still live in the earth for
    more than 11000 years, refer to their plot analysiss.
     --> 11000 YEARS AGO
      There was a war of the species to get each own liberation and to rule
    the world, especially between the two most perfect kinds : Humans and
    Winglies. In legend, that tremendous war was called the Dragon Campaign.
    It took place in Capital Vellweb. Now this place is just a ruin. But
    people's mind and souls are still around here.
      Dragon Knights, the seven heroes who led the Dragon Campaign to the
    victory 11000 years ago, crossed the sky and cast spells. The leader of
    Winglies, Melbu Frahma, was killed by very the Red-eyed Dragoon Zieg.
    After they fulfilled their roles, the Dragoons vanished with the Dragoon
    Spirits as if it were some unavoidable fate. But where were they ? The
    truth was that only the Dragoon Spirits remained, and the Dragoons... they
    died. Rose was the only survivor... She witnessed Zieg who was being
    stoned by the curse of Melbu Frahma.
      There's a small episode which is also needed to tell. At this time, the
    Divine Dragon - the Lord of Dragon who has seven eyes and a great power,
    was sealed in the Mountain of Mortal Dragon by the Winglies. He was
    uncontrollable and tough which he can bring destruction to creatures.
      *As saying above, the Dragoons just appear whe legends need them. So,
    the Dragoon Spirits take the role of choosing their owners when the time
    comes. After the Dragon Campaign, they scattered everywhere in the world.
    The Dragoon Spirits gleam at anyone whom they choose to be the owners.
      After the war, within their victory, the Humans became the new ruler of
    the world. And the Winglies, can't stand the tarnishing of losing,
    disappear in the earth. As we know, they have lived in hidden shelters all
    over the world and no one has seen them since then.
     --> 70 YEARS AGO
      Haschel was born in Rouge.
     --> ABOUT 37 YEARS AGO
      Kongol was born in Home of Gigantos.
      Some years later, within the rule of Human beings, the Gigantos were
    nearly killed, and Kongol became one of the Giganto child who survived.
    Along the ride, Emperor Doel found him lonely in the Gigantos Home. For
    some unknown reason, Doel has taken Kongol and trained him into one of his
    strongest and loyal servants.
      Also around this time, Emperor Doel, as the rule of Sandora in the South
    Serdio, might be preparing for the battle against Basil and King Carlo to
    get his throne to rule Serdio.
     --> ABOUT 34 YEARS AGO
      Lavitz Slambert was born in Basil.
      Also around this time, Emperor Doel became more firm at his leading
    position in Sandora.
     --> ABOUT 26 YEARS AGO
      Albert was born in Bales.
      Mirranda was born in Mille Seseau.
      Also around this time, there were wars between North Serdio (Basil) and
    South Serdio (Sandora). Emperor Doel gave up his soldiers to harm the
    civilians of Basil.
     --> ABOUT 23 YEARS AGO
      Dart was born in Neet, Mille Seseau.
      Maybe around this time or later, King Carlo - the king of Basil - died.
    Emperor Doel had a lot of good conditions to defeat Basil. The son of
    Carlo, Albert, became King of Basil, continued his father's harmony.
     --> 20 YEARS AGO
      Princess Emille of Tiberoa was born.
     --> 18 YEARS AGO
      The princesses of Mille Seseau - Shana and Louvia were born.
     --> 17 YEARS AGO
      The tragedy happened. The Black Monster came to Neet in Mille Seseau, in
    order to kill the Moonchild who was Shana. It asked and killed the people
    who tried to hide the Moonchild. The Mille Seseau soldiers and the
    villagers in Neet were killed miserably by the Black Monster. The whole
    Neet was burnt in fire. There were very few people who survived. Some of
    them are Dart's family.
      Dart's father, Zieg, decided to help the people. He ran and disappeared
    into the fire, and so did Dart's mother.
      Still being a little child, Dart was all alone. Around him, Neet
    remained to be a ruin. Dart wandered solely, and he found something
    glowing in the ruin - a gem which was his father's memento. It was very
    the Red-eyed Dragoon Spirit. But at that time, it did not prove its true
    power yet. Dart kept it for his mine and managed all the way to live. He
    came to Seles village in Serdio.
      At the mean time of this event, the Black Monster also attacked the
    Saint Louvia ship. Princess Louvia was taken in the ship, her sister was
    lost. Louvia got killed by the Black Monster when she had been still a
    baby. Maybe because the two princess are twin, the Black Monster got
    deception to kill Louvia, while the true Moonchild was Shana, not Louvia.
    Then the ship was mysteriously lost in the sea without anything
      Louvia's twin sister who was Shana, by some way has been lost and people
    found her in Seles. She was grown there and was Dart's sweetheart.
     --> 16 YEARS AGO
      Meru was born in Wingly Forest.
     --> 6 MONTHS AGO
      There was a strange accident happening in Tiberoa. The royalists went to
    the forest to have a ride trip, including Princess Emille, Princess Lisa
    and the other members in the royal family. But then something happened
    which made Emille get confused with her riding. The horse crazily dashed
    through the wood and disappeared. Other people tried to chase after her.
    But when they caught up with her, they saw Emille lying on the ground.
    King Zior thought it was just an accident. He was happy because his
    daughter was safe. But since then, Princess Emille has become another
    person. She wasn't gentle and kind anyway. Vice-versa, she became a freaky
    and naughty lady.
     --> PRESENT
      This is the time where the game takes. I have written the long story of
    the game for this part. It's here :
      Serdio is suddenly split into two countries : Sandora is ruled by
    Emperor Doel; Basil belongs to the young King Albert. King Carlo - the
    former king of entire Serdio - was killed by Doel. He was Albert's
    father. There were a lot of rumours that war would be happened between
    these two. Now Sandora becomes stronger under the control of Emperor
    Doel. He is trying to invade Basil to combine into the whole Serdio
    ruled by him.
      At that time, Seles~a small village of Serdio is destroyed by Sandora
    soldiers under the control of Fruegel. But this guy also did following
    another mysterious guy in black hood. No one knows who this guy is. They
    destroy the village mainly catch a girl named Shana. She made some
    trouble before their eyes when Fruegel uses the Moon Gem on her. They
    brings away.
      A villager named Dart who is hunting in the forest quickly comes to
    the village to know what is happening. But he is suddenly attacked by a
    giant dragon. It's lucky for him when a passing female warrior saves him
    from danger. He doesn't know that this warrior would be an important
    person with him later. She sees something strange in Dart...
      When Dart has gone to Seles, everything is in ruin. The Mayor lets him
    know that Sandora has come here to destroy the village and brought Shana
    away. Dart is her childhood friend. He thinks that he must save her.
    Then he decides to get out of the village and head to Hellena Prison -
    where Shana is held.
      Passing the forest, with some intelligence, Dart could enter the
    prison in safe. He knocks all the wardens on his way to look for Shana.
    In the cell area, he suddenly sees the wardens taking some Knights of
    Basil. One of the knight turns against the wardens and knock them out.
    He gets there to support the brave knight. After beating them up, the
    knight introduces himself as Lavitz - the head of the first Knighthood.
    He was suddenly caught here and trying to escape. He wants to join Dart
    to help him find the girl. Spending a lot of challenges, finally they
    could find Shana. She doesn't know why she is here. Now three of them
    must get out of here as soon as possible. Even the bad Fruegel can't
    stop them, the three people run on their way to the nearest prairie in
    Serdio. The Hellena wardens still try to chase after them til there. But
    with some intelligence and calmness, Dart and his companions get out of
    their sight easily. They rest in a shack and tell each other about their
    problems. Dart says he was a survivor from the tragedy in Neet. His
    parents were lost with the Black Monster. What he got from it was the
    memento of his father - a red shining stone. He doesn't know the meaning
    of the stone for his father, but he always brought it with him. About
    Lavitz, he says now he must get to Indel Capital in Bale to report
    everything to King Albert. Dart wants to go with Lavitz for his main
    purpose : find out about the Black Monster to get revenge for his
    parents. Shana wants to go with them just because she wants to help
    them. The three people continues on their way. They pass every
    challenges on the journey, from the prairie to Limestone Cave. In this
    cave, Shana doesn't know that she has just showed everybody see
    something strange on her. The incident is that the three people are
    attacked by a huge worm. When it intends to kill Shana, she suddenly
    casts a strange shining light that kill the worm at once. She doesn't
    know anything about this. Dart tries to calm her. Then they have come to
    their destination - Capital Bale.
      Lavitz is welcomed very heartily by the people in Indel Castle,
    including King Albert. At that time, Dart and Shana know that King
    Albert is a very faithful friend of Lavitz in the court as in the
    ordinary life. Lavitz's father was the most loyal knight of Albert's
    father. Albert is a kind king who is admired by people in Serdio. He
    takes peace as the "standard" to rule his country. He is the opposite of
    violent Doel. Here Dart could find out more about the Black Monster
    which is told by Minister Noish~a regent whose brain is full of
    knowledge. Now Lavitz has a new mission to do - get to Town of Hoax to
    help the Eighth Knighthood defend from Sandora. Dart and Shana wants to
    join Lavitz. This is war, that means this affects everyone, not only the
    Knights of Basil. They want to contribute to this battle to wipe the
    war. Lavitz couldn't stop them. Then he lets them stay in his house to
    prepare for the next battle.
      Next day they get to Hoax. Dart and Shana are surprised to feel that
    it's not like a town. It's a fortress. Can't imagine how strong the
    Sandora is. Shana would take part as a back supporter. Dart and Lavitz
    replace the positions of the soldiers in the night. Suddenly Dart hears
    the sound from owns. It's the signal for a battle to be going to happen.
    And then he is right to know that's the truth. Sandora soldiers run to
    the fortress in a very sudden that many knights of Basil are killed in
    the first time. Dart and Lavitz must fight the Sandora Elite when the
    others must solve the small soldiers. Even defeating the elite, they
    must fight another strange enemy from Doel either, Kongol~a Gigantos who
    survived from Human killers. Kongol causes a lot of troubles here. With
    the great strength and stamina, he easily knocks out Dart and is ready
    to kill him. But at that dangerous moment, a black winged creature flies
    to Kongol. With the sword on her hand, she quickly makes Kongol lose his
    huge axe. Then she draws her sword at Dart and claims : "Dragoon Spirit
    of Red Eyed Dragon, wake up !!!". What an incredible moment ! The stone
    of Dart's father shines on his chest and turns him into a strange knight
    in red armor with big wings. Dart collects the power of fire and shoots
    Kongol away. After that, the black woman lands on the ground and lets
    everyone see her. Dart regconizes she was the passing warrior who saved
    him from the dragon in Seles. Kongol runs way and promises to revenge.
    Everyone is surprised by Dart's power. But he is too tired...
      He wakes up in the inn. The passing warrior introduces herself as
    Rose - a mysterious traveller. She tells Dart about his shining stone - 
    The Dragoon Spirit of Red Eyed Dragon which accepts Dart as its owner. 
    And Rose, she is the Dark Dragoon who was accepted by the Dragoon Spirit 
    of Dark Dragon. She says she wants to join Dart's party to "change the
    atmosphere". Dart and his partners feel strange about this woman. But
    they also accept her, because she is one of the Dragoons who is chosen
    by fate. The same as Dart, she could solve this war by the power of
    Dragon Knights. At that time, Kaiser - the head of Eighth Knighthood in
    Hoax - returns with much injuries on his body. Our Dragoons accept to
    help them stop this war and they continue on their way.
      Now they must go to Marshland, another place of Knights of Basil. This
    place is also being beaten by Sandora Soldiers. But when the party has
    come and finished up the Sandora, all the Knights of Basil were dead.
    Some of them were killed by special poison of a dragon. Rose guesses
    this must be the Green Tusked Dragon Feybrand which chased after Dart in
    Seles. After that, they decide to get out to find out the truth.
      Passing the Volcano Villude, they have met a person named Dabas who is
    an owner of a big Antique Shop in Lohan. He introduces them to go there
    to see his shop. But Dart must go on his journey with his partners.
    There is another trouble with Shana. Here they are attacked by an
    ancient creature of Winglies - a Virage. Shana is called by this monster
    while everyone doesn't feel anything.
      When getting to Nest of Dragon, Shana again has something strange in
    her body. But she still hides from others. All the party members are
    suddenly trapped in the nest. Here they find out about the dragon -
    Feybrand which poisoned the Knights of Basil. But it has a controller
    behind it - Greham. Lavitz regconizes him soon. He was his father's best
    friend with integrity and talent. Greham says that very he killed
    Lavitz's father to have the strongest power and the best integrity
    because he never passed over him. And now he has got that power~the
    Dragoon Spirit of Jade Dragon is shining in Greham's hand. Without
    saying a word, he attacks the party with his Green Tusked Dragon.
      In the battle, Lavitz proves the strength of his father Servi, for
    Greham to see his mistake. With the spear on his hand and help from his
    party members, he defeats Greham and the Green Tusked Dragon Feybrand on
    his father's honour. "Power" is not everything for a person. A people
    who considers himself as the servant of power is just only a cowardice.
    Greham finally sees his mistake, even it's too late. And Lavitz
    derserves to be the new Jade Dragoon.
      But at that time, Shana really feels unwell. She begins to faint. Dart
    tries to bring her to the nearest town : Lohan.
      The doctor in Lohan says that she is affected by the poison of Dragon.
    Only the Dragoni Plant could cure her. But this herb is heard in legend,
    he doesn't know if it's true. But Dart still decides to find it for
    Shana. There's another path in the nest they didn't search because of a
    strange plant blocking there. With the help of Rose and Lavitz, Dart
    finds Dabas in his Antique Shop in Lohan. He lets Dart know about the
    Life Water that can kill that plant. It's the holy water in the nest. So
    they buy an empty bottle in Lohan and return there to collect the water.
    Then they could kill the strange plant to pass the new way.
      The new path takes them to the Shrine of Shirley. Hear they face a
    strange bandit named Drake. This guy doesn't want to hear Dart explain
    his cause and attacks them. But then the soul of the shrine - Shirley
    appears to stop them. Rose might know about her. She doesn't have any
    Dragoni Plant. But there is another way to save Shana. She was the White
    Silver Dragoon in the Dragon Campaign 11000 years ago and was dead. Now
    she could give this Dragoon Spirit to another owner. But Dart and his
    partners must overcome her challenge to deserve it. They must prove that
    they have the true love to people and they fight to protect people with
    real courage and passion. Dart would save Shana no matter what, but he
    would fight for the peace of people. Lavitz would save Shana even he has
    many thing else to do. Even he is a knight, the person he would always
    protect is his mother. Rose, she spends his lonely life for fate without
    thinking about herself. All of them have great courage that Shirley
    accepts to give them the Dragoon Spirit of White Silver Dragon.
      And yes, the Dragoon Spirit heals Shana and accepts her as its next
    owner. Now the party want to take a sight~seeing about this commercal
    town Lohan. Dart takes part in a hero competition and he meets an old
    friend of his ~ Haschel, an old man who is full of martial art
    experience. He also takes part in this match. But his real purpose on
    the journey is to find the runaway daughter named Claire.
      After the match, Dart is in the second place and Haschel is the third.
    Both of them was defeated by a platinum~hair guy named Lloyd. They don't
    mention much this guy. Then they take a play around the match before
    returning to Bale with Lavitz to report the incident about Feybrand. But
    when they intend to go, a Knight of Basil whose body is full of blood
    and wounds try to use his last strength to see Lavitz, telling him that
    King Albert was caught to Hellena Prison for the safety of people in
    Basil. Lavitz becomes insane and he wants to get to Hellena as soon as
    possible to save his King. Haschel tries to calm him down and decides to
    join him in this journey. All the party gets to Hellena Prison.
      King Albert is being played with by the bad Fruegel. He accepts to die
    if Sandora doesn't touch his people. This bad Fruegel wants to hurt him
    as long as he likes. He would kill the King soon when the sun just
    rises. Lavitz and his party easily defeat the warden and pass the their
    plan to get to the place for punishment ~ where Albert is held. A battle
    happens here and of cousre , the dead must be Fruegel. But when everyone
    hasn't prompt to calm, a man in black hood appears and steals the Moon
    Gem from Albert's body. Lavitz is very angry about that action. He turns
    into Jade Dragoon and runs to punish the mysterious guy. But this guy
    extraordinarily thrusts a sword through Lavitz's heart. That weapon
    could get through the armor of Dragoons. It seems that Rose might know
    about it. But it's too late to save Lavitz's life. The guy is opened his
    face - Lloyd. He runs away before everyone's sight. Lavitz dies in
    honour, dies for the peace of Serdio. His Dragoon Spirit flies to
      Albert is a good king. He is a faithful fellow of Lavitz. Lavitz died
    mainly because of him. So he decides to abandon the position of a king
    temporarily to join Dart's party. One reason is because of Serdian War,
    but the main reason is his fate chooses him as a Dragoon. Lloyd has been
    Albert's minister. There are a lot of mysteries about that man. The King
    thinks that Emperor Doel might know about him. About Rose, she realizes
    the weapon Lloyd used to kill Lavitz is the Dragon Buster which was made
    to kill Dragons only. Anyway, the next destination would be Kazas~Black
    Castle where Emperor Doel is.
      Emperor Doel orders Fruegel to catch Shana as Lloyd's demand. But the
    reason is unknown. When the party gets to Kazas, they know that this
    place is preparing for the war by renting young mercenaries. Some of
    them are just very small children such as Popo~the boy who helps them to
    access the castle. Wandering in the castle, they have known that there
    are a lot of research about magic here. But their main purpose is asking
    Emperor Doel about Lloyd. Even they must overcome the annoying Gigantos
    Kongol, they still come to their end. Doel is waiting for them. This guy
    is the same as Greham. He killed King Carlo for his ultimate power and
    greatest talent. He gets the Dragoon Spirits from a guy who claimed to
    be Emperor Diaz. Rose is sure that Diaz was dead after the Dragon
    Campaign. But now they must talk to each other by weapons. Yes, Albert
    proves to Doel the strength and integrity of Carlo. He is strong as much
    as his father. He must be his pride, must teach Doel to know what the
    real "power" is. Power is nothing to rule people. People needs peace and
    love, not power. Of course, finally Doel also receives a worth death for
    himself because of his mistake. But before dying, he tells Dart that
    Lloyd has gone to Tiberoa, to get the next Divine Moon Object. Everyone,
    Dart, Shana, Albert and Rose all want to continue this journey to find
    the answers for all the mysteries. Haschel thinks that now he is not
    necessary in this journey anymore. But the Dragoon Spirit of Violet
    Dragon which has just been owned by Doel, suddenly flies to Haschel.
    Then he says : "I think I have had the answer...".
      Dart and his partners have been in Fletz - the capital of Tiberoa with
    a great twin castle. They ask people here about Lloyd. But they almost
    don't know. Albert has heard about beautiful Princess Emille of Tiberoa
    - who is famous with his gentle attitude and kindness. And Princess
    Emille suddenly appears in front of the castle before his eyes : rude
    and naughty. That's all Albert has seen at her(+_+). But the party is
    also lucky to meet Mr.Fester - an astrology researcher in Fletz. This man
    tells them about the Moon That Never Sets which Lloyd told Doel about
    involved the reason why they caught Shana. The god who involves the moon
    is the Moonchild - who is born to give some blessing to the world.  After
    that, this place doesn't give anything useful to them. They decide to head
    to another city.
      On the way, they must pass the barrens to go to the flower city Donau.
    But a group of gangs block them whose leader is Mappy - an ugly guy with
    sharp claws on his hand. Although Dart's party could defeat them easily,
    Mappy is wise enough to steal Dart's Dragoon Spirit and disappears as a
    real thief. They can't do anything more except to continue to go.
      Donau is a beautiful city with flowers everywhere. But it has been
    visited by the gangs recently. Before the party has come, Lloyd was here
    and he saved a special lady from the gangs. That would be the Third
    Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau named Wink.
      When Dart comes, he meets a lady named Kate. Her fiance~Lynn has gone
    to meet the Gehrich gangs for the safety of the town. Now she needs the
    help of Dart and his companions. They pass the letter from Lynn to the
    Mayor of Donau - his father. But they also have to go to meet the gangs,
    too for the stolen Dragoon Spirit. Here they meet Meru - a pretty dancer
    of Donau. This young girl has just accepted to help Kate and she wants
    to join your party. Rose and Albert might not like her joking attitude,
    but they can't stop her eager joining. The only way to get to the gangs
    is passing the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. But they can't go without a
    pass of King Zior in Fletz. Meru says she could help the party in this
    area. So they decide to return to Fletz.
      With the help of Mr.Fester, they could be given the pass and stay at
    the castle for night. They also have a chance to hear Princess Lisa -
    the younger sister of Princess Emille - tell them the truth about her
    sister. Yes, Emille has really been a kind princess who is loved by
    people in Fletz. But half year ago, that incident happened. When Lisa
    and Emille is riding the horse for a play in the forest, Emille's horse
    suddely became lose control and ran to the deep forest. Every soldiers
    and servants were ordered to find her. In the forest, they saw Emille
    fainting on the ground. She was still alive. But since then, she became
    another person :rude and caddish not like the one before. Lisa has
    learnt about astrology. His feeling lets her know that there is a
    relation between her sister and the gangs. The party promises Princess
    Lisa that they could help her find the answer when they meet Gehrich
      Next day, they get to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. Here the
    history is repeated : another Virage wakes the fear of Shana. Her power
    again saves the party from the deadly hit of the ancient creature. "What
    on earth is it ?" - she wonders.
      Finally, they also have a chance to meet Gehrich. Haschel realizes the
    gang as his old people in Rouge school. He has learnt the martial art of
    Rouge and was got rid because of his bad behaviour. Now Haschel wants to
    teach how the Rouge martial art is. The battle is happened and ended by
    a powerful fist of Haschel to Gehrich. The punch is strong enough to
    make the stone pillar fall on them. It's too sudden that the whole
    people couldn't prompt to run. At that time, anothe guy appears, keeping
    the stone and throws it away. It's Kongol.
      The Gigantos says that he needs a leader for the fight, the fight for
    the equal of all species. Doel has been his leader. And he thinks Dart
    is. Kongol wants to join Dart's party to help them in this fated battle.
    It's okay.
      The party has found Dart's Dragoon Spirit and Lynn. About Gehrich, he
    couldn't live any longer. Before dying, he regrets his mistake and tells
    everyone that the Princess Emille is fake. The real one is hidden
    somewhere in the castle. After that, they return to Fletz to report to
    Princess Lisa.
      This is the 20th birthday of Princess Emille. It means the Moon Dagger
    is given to her today. Every guards in the castle are arranged by the
    fake Princess Emille. They are all gangs. That means Dart and his
    companions must enter creepily. They try to find Princess Lisa and tells
    her everything. Then they continue to find Princess Emille in the other
    chamber. The princess was hidden by some strange magic. That means the
    fake one is not an ordinary person. No one could understand why only
    Albert's voice could wake her up. But the certain thing is that he has
    some feeling with the Princess (^_^).
      Finally, Princess Emille and the party prompt to stop the birthday
    ceremony. But the fake Emille is fast enough to steal the Moon Dagger
    from King Zior. She turns into her true self as a platimun~hair woman
    named Lenus. This woman attacks strangely with special spells that
    nearly confuses the party. But anyway, she is cornered with no way to
    escape. But she is not Human. That means she still escapes with the
    wings on her back. Yes, she is a Wingly - the species which was known to
    disppear in this earth.
      Now King Zior really needs the help of King Albert's party. The Moon
    Dagger is a precious object for the liberation of Humans. Only Dragon
    Knights are the best people to take it back. The party is accepted to
    use the great ship Queen Fury of Commodore Puler to pursue Lenus.
      On the way to find the female gang, the Queen Fury is stopped by
    another mysterious ship. It seems a royal ship from Mille Seseau. About
    Rose, she seems to know very much about it. But she doesn't tell anyone.
    While the Queen Fury is being fixed, the party decides to wander the
    strange ship for a while. Dart realizes Shana is lost. But then they
    find her in the strange ship with some mysterious soul. It might be a
    phantom ship. On wandering the party finds out a lot about the Black
    Monster - who killed Princess Louvia on this ship. All of the ghosts
    here are forward Rose strangely. About Dart, he feels angry about this
    cruel monster. At the end, they reach a room with the Ghost Knights and
    Ghost Nanny, they see Shana and think that she is the princess. And then
    they disappear. Shana is very hopeless and she wonders what the relation
    ship between her and this princess. But at that time, the spoiled ship
    begins to sinking. Everyone tries to get on the Queen Fury as soon as
    possible. Rose and Dart are the last. Rose could reach the ship but Dart
    doesn't. She's still on the bar outside and to hold Dart's hand. But
    then the heavy vibration of the ship makes both of them drop into the
    sea. Shana cries the captain to stop the ship but it's too late...
      Rose and Dart are still safe. Now they are in an unknown cave at the
    seashore. Rose feels something familiar at Dart. He seems like Zieg~his
    father. Rose tried to hold his hand to keep him. It made her remember a
    memory in the past. Yes, it was the Dragon Campaign 11000 years ago.
    Rose was the Dark Dragoon in that fight. And Zieg was the Red Eyed
    Dragoon who bravely killed Melbu Frahma - the leader of Winglies. The
    other Dragoons fought the Virages and they didn't return. Rose was the
    only survivor. Zieg, he was spelled by Melbu Frahma to turn into stone
    for thousand of years. Rose thinks that if she could promptly to pull
    Zieg's hand, maybe he couldn't suffer such a fate. Then she sleeps with
    Dart in the cold cave...
      Next morning, there is a little child who finds Dart and Rose in the
    cave. The boy takes them to his house at the nearest village ~ Lidiera.
      Dart thanks the child and his mother about saving them. Pete~the name
    of the boy - says that they fell in love together in the cave. But Dart
    tries to explain that he and Rose are looking for their friends. There
    are seven of them. Pete's mother is sick. The boy wants to take her to
    the neighbor town Fueno but he's afraid of the monsters in the Undersea
    Cavern. About Dart and Rose, they must go there anyway because the other
    party members might be there either.
      When Dart and Rose are going out of town, Pete changes his mind that
    he would take his mother to go with them to Fueno. All of them set out.
      They have come to Fueno. Pete's family thanks them for having
    accompanied and Pete again jokes that Rose would be in love with Dart.
    Then the two travellers get to the port of Fueno where the Queen Fury
    has stopped. After some moments, Dart and Rose could find their friends
    in the city. They were very surprised and happy, especially Dart and
    Shana. At the mean time, the party collects more information about
    Lenus~who has gone to Prison Island where the legendary Sea Dragon
    lives. There's an only way to get there : north path of Undersea Cavern.
    Dart decides to return to Lidiera, asking the Mayor to open the way.
    Then they get there as their purpose. Finally they also see Lenus giving
    the Moon Dagger to Lloyd. So he is here, too. But now he doesn't fight
    you. The coward gets away through the Illisa Bay :"Now I head to Mille
    Seseau. Pursue me if you can survive !". Lenus loves Lloyd in a crazy
    love. She stops your way, turning into a new Dragoon~the Blue Sea
    Dragoon with Water element. She doesn't fight alone. Her supporter is
    the legendadry Sea Dragon Regole. But even how strong the enemies are,
    Dart's party could handle everything and get the victory. Now Lenus has
    no way to go. She couldn't live longer. At the end, she tries to throw
    the pair of boomerangs as her last strength to kill Dart. But Shana runs
    to him and protects him to avoid one of them. But the other is going
    straight to her. Dart uses his sword to stop it. And Lenus, she dies for
    the worst coward. Meru feels sorry for her~the Wingly who is the same
    species as her. Meru is also a Wingly, but she doesn't let everyone
    know. Can't believe that the Dragoon Spirit of Blue Sea Dragon flies to
    Meru and accepts as its owner ~ a coincidence of fate. Now the party
    must return to Fletz to tell King Zior that they couldn't bring back the
    Moon Dagger.
      When they have just got in the Twin Castle, they are welcomed by the
    guards, then King Zior and the two princesses. They have defeated the
    Sea Dragon that dispels people's fear about it. Even the Moon Dagger
    wasn't brought back, King Zior has nothing to be sad because that thing
    just represents the secret that couldn't bring happiness or peace to
    people. After that, he decides to hold a big banquet to welcome the
    seven heroes from the east for defeating the Sea Dragon, bringing
    happiness to Tiberoans. Before the party, each character has their own
    feeling about fate and life. But anyway, the party is still held and
    everyone all has fun, okay ? And do you know, Albert promises to marry
    Princess Emille after the journey. (This is a good sequel for him...)
      As the last sentence of Lloyd, Dart and his friends on the Queen Fury
    head to Mille Seseau. They get off at Furni the water city. This is the
    port and also the only gate to enter Mille Seseau. The city is fully
    covered by water. Currently here there is a big prize for anyone who
    kills a wolf monster called Kamuy and bring back Teo~the child who is
    following the monster. Teo is the son of a family in Furni. Dart seems
    not to mention this. He gets a boat to go around the city and is asked
    to meet the Mayor. The reason is the Mayor's daughter involves the
    monster Kamuy. As he says, Kamuy was a lovely wolf whom Fa~his daughter
    and Teo played with as a close friend. But one day Fa is attacked by
    some monster, Kamuy protects her and becomes a mad monster either
    because of the other effect. The wolf loses control and runs around
    threatening the people. And Teo still tries to follow him to protect him
    and calms him down but it has no effect. Dart and his party decides to
    stay at the Mayor's house for a night. Also in that night, Shana has
    trouble when seeing the Moon That Never Sets. She faints...
      Next morning, she wakes up ordinarily, saying everyone that she is
    okay. Then they get out of Furni.
      To get to Deningrad - the capital of Mille Seseau, the party must pass
    the Evergreen Forest. Here they suddenly meet the wof monster Kamuy and
    Teo. A lot of competitors of the prize tries to kill the monster and
    catch Teo, including Dart's party. But most of them are thrown away by
    Kamuy, the party still survives there and fights the monster. Kamuy is
    wounded heavily by them. But then Shana uses the healing power from the
    Dragoon Spirit of White Silver Dragon to save the wolf. It not only is
    revived but also returns to itself, a lovely wolf. Then Teo and Fa could
    play with it again. They thank Shana very much...
      When getting to Deningrad, Rose says she has some errand to do and
    wants to leave the party for while. Then so does Meru. The other members
    straight to Deningrad~the famous capital with the great Crystal Palace.
      Here Dart's party finds out a lot about the mysterious legend of
    Divine Tree~the plant which gave birth to all the species in the world
    in creator Soa's plan. The Bishop says it's just an imagination. No one
    sees the real tree. Then the party has a chance to visit the National
    Library which contains a great deal of world knowledge. And Dart has a
    chance to hear the Library Ute tell about the Black Monster and the
    Moonchild. The Moonchild is the God who would give some blessing to the
    world. The Black Monster wants to kill the Moonchild. Then he tells Dart
    that The Second Sacred Sister of Deningrad was a survivor from the
    tragedy of Neet. But Dart still doesn't understand why the Black Monster
    ruined Neet...
      Meanwhile, Rose is going to Neet. Can't know why she goes here. But
    here she meets Luanna - the Second Sacred Sister of Deningrad who has a
    special sensation to feel people's thought. Then Rose knows that Luanna
    was also a survivor from Neet. She was blinded after the tragedy. But
    since then she began to have the special ability : read other's thought.
    Luanna says she could help people to forget their sadness and fear in
    her effort. Then Rose wants to return to Deningrad with her.
      About Meru, she uses her own magic to get to an unknown place called
    Wingly Forest~her hometown. But here she received a terrible welcome
    from every Wingly, even her parents and Ancestor Blano. But anyway, this
    returning of her is not in vain. Guaraha - a Wingly who is her childhood
    friend - tells her that the Divine Dragon - The King of Dragon which was
    tied in the Mountain of Mortal Dragon by Winglies now wakes up and flies
    away. Then Meru decides to find her friends to inform them as soon as
      Dart and his friends have finished work in the library. When they
    intend to go out, Rose and the Second Sacred Sister Luanna have come
    either. Then Dart has a talk with the Luanna who had the same situation
    17 years ago. Luanna feels somet strange power in Dart. Then Dart feels
    somewthing strange in his body. It's not a coincidence...
      Yes, the seven eyed Dragon King~Divine Dragon wakes up. He is flying
    around the Crystal Palace of Deningrad. He destroys a very small part of
    the palace and flies away.
      This incident is really a sudden. Then Dart introduces his party as
    the legendary seven Dragon Knights who have special power. Luanna thinks
    that now Deningrad might need their help. Then she lets them enter the
    Crystal Palace to meet Queen Theresa - the queen of Deningrad.
      When the party has got into the Queen's chamber, The First Sacred
    Sister Mirranda is blaming a knight who couldn't do anything to stop the
    destruction of Divine Dragon. Mirranda is a very loyal servant of Queen
    Theresa. Dart talks to Queen Theresa about the Divine Dragon and how to
    defeat him. And the sharp Rose says that one of the party members is a
    Wingly who knows that and shows Meru. Everybody is surprised about this.
    Meru is a Wingly, but she has hidden it for a long time from everyone.
    No way to explain, Meru can only confirm that's the truth. The Winglies
    have two special weapons : The Dragon Buster and the Dragon Block Staff
    which were made to beat Dragons only. But the Dragon Buster was stolen
    by Lloyd. Then the Dragon Block Staff would be the only way. It is
    hidden in a secret place that Wingly Ancestor Blano would know. That
    means Meru must take the party to Wingly Forest to ask for the
    Ancestor's help. Of course, she is reluctant to do that. Then Mirranda
    wants to join them, too. One reason is because of Queen Theresa. In
    addition to this, she doesn't really believe in the party's power and
    wants to see how they are. Mirranda is an arrow shooter just like Shana.
      When Dart and his friend are going out, they realize that Shana is
    missing. Where is she and what is she doing ?
      Shana has found a secret room in the Queen's chamber. The party finds
    her there. Then she feels something troubled when seeing the light
    sphere in the air. Mirranda says it's called Signet Sphere which has
    been used to seal some power for 10000 years. She says she doesn't know
    much about it. After that, the Dragoon Spirit of White Silver Dragon
    suddely gets out of Shana and flies to Mirranda...
      Shana wakes up in the palace. Now she couldn't go with Dart without
    the Dragoon's power anymore. She feels that she becomes useless. But she
    couldn't anything except trusting Mirranda to stay in her position in
    the party.
      Now their destination is Wingly Forest, and the target is the Dragon
    Block Staff. Meru takes her friends to a hidden place in Evergreen
    Forest. Then she makes some magic that a magical path appears in the
    air. Then the whole party goes to it together, reaching Wingly Forest.
    Of course, they also receive a similar awful welcome of Winglies. But
    Meru tries to explain to them about getting the Dragon Block Staff to
    kill Divine Dragon. After that, they receive a message from a Wingly
    that Ancestor Blano wants to talk to them. So the party could get into
    the house. On the way, Meru also has chance to meet her friend Guaraha
    and explains the situation to her parents. Winglies or Humans were all
    born from Creator Soa. Both lived in the same world and the same ear.
    There's no reason to turn against each other. She sees the Humans are
    not barbaric and terrible as the Winglies think. Finally. her parents
    must accept her daughter to have her own "world". Reality, they both are
    proud of her.
      Dart's party can't avoid meeting the Bardel brothers who want to get
    revenge Humans of their dead baby sister. Younger Bardel seems to have
    some plan...
      Dart anyway also meets Ancestor Blano. Now the Wingly Ancestor also
    understands the current situation and the waking of Divine Dragon. He
    accepts to let them go to the place where the Dragon Block Staff is
    put~Capital Kadessa. Now this place is called Forbidden Land because it
    has become a ruin for years after the Dragon Campaign. In the ancient
    era this place is the strongest city of Winglies when they ruled this
    world. After telling the party about Kadessa, the Ancestor uses the
    special teleporting magic of Magic to take them to that ruin of Kadessa.
      Now it's really deserted and wild. The whole city uses teleporting
    device to move. There Dart's party has found a lot about Winglies. This
    city is controlled by magic only, including doors and teleporting
    device. Here they also found a "guest" ~ a spoiled super Virage which
    slept for years. They don't know that they have just woken it up. And
    what happens then is so clearly...
      Of course that creature is not strong enough to defeat our party. And
    it's not the target to see. Finally, Dart finds the Dragon Block Staff
    either. The special weapon is hung strangely on the ceiling. Meru tries
    all the way to take it out but no effect. But then the ceiling is
    suddenly shaking, revealing a Grand Jewel which kept the Dragon Block
    Staff. The party must destroy that thing to get the weapon. This is
    annoying for them. The jewel uses the power of the Dragon Block Staff to
    block the power of Dragoons that our allies can't fight it in Dragoon
    form. This battle must be done by their strength and intelligence only.
    But even how dangerous it is, our allies still pass and they could get
    the Dragon Block Staff as their victory.
      When the party is coming out, in a sudden they see Divine Dragon
    passing. Oh no, he is heading to Deningrad again. Mirranda and the party
    hurrily returns to the teleporting pillar where Ancestor Blano is
    waiting. The old man also knows the situation and tries to pull out all
    his power to make a quick teleport taking them to Deningrad as soon as
    possible. But he is too weak to do. At that time, the other Winglies,
    including Meru's parents, try to help him. It seems that they realize
    the important thing between the species. The combination of many powers
    finally succeeds to help Dart's party return.
      Divine Dragon again destroyes the Crystal Palace in bigger damage
    which affects the surrounded houses of population. But he would fly away
    after satisfying his insanity. Queen Theresa and the other Sacred
    Sisters are all right. Thanks to Shana. No one knows why the mysterious
    power in her body protected Queen Theresa from the destruction. But then
    she fainted again. About Mirranda, she blames the knights very much and
    cries a lot when seeing everything is okay (because she was so worried.
    She considers Queen Theresa as her mother).
      Now it's time for the party to kill the Divine Dragon with the special
    weapon Dragon Block Staff. Mirranda must choose between staying to guard
    the queen or joining the party. But Queen Theresa allows her to go,
    because it's her fate as a Dragoon. She promises that she would return,
    anyway. Then the party heads to Mountain of Mortal Dragon over the
    Evergreen Forest.
      In the first sight they saw some terrible corpses of animals. Rose
    says they were killed by the Dragon Buster. That means Lloyd is here,
    too. They get into the mountain by the climbing paths and caverns. Until
    they are going over the range of mountains, they sees some power cast by
    the Dragon. Next, they hear some clashes of weapons. When they come to
    the end, it's Lloyd. The Divine Dragon is fighting Lloyd. Why is he here
    and what does he want ? Now it's not time to find the answer. The party
    must kill the Dragon as soon as possible. First, Dart throws the Dragon
    Block Staff and it reduces the power of both Dragons and Dragoons. Then
    it is broken because getting out of limit. That means the allies can't
    turn into Dragoons either. They must fight by their own strength. This
    is the only time Dart and Lloyd fight at the same side.
      Although the Divine Dragon is very strong, its power can't defeat the
    party and they could be the winner in that desperate battle.
      And now you know why Lloyd kills Divine Dragon. Before your eyes, he
    jumps to the Dragon's corpse, using the Dragon Buster to cut his main
    eye. A gem drops from they eye. It's the Dragoon Spirit of Divine
    Dragon-the King of Dragons. This might be for the strongest Dragoon. But
    now it is in Lloyd's hand. Yes, the Dragoon Spirit doesn't accept Lloyd.
    But he still gets it and run away to continue searching the Three Divine
    Moon Objects. But Dart and his friends don't know anything about this
    third object, except Mirranda as she is the First Sacred Sister of
    Deningrad. They try to chase after him. But they fail. Lloyd prompts to
    use magic to push Dart and Rose drop into the lava lake. But it's lucky
    when they land on a rising ground...
      Rose is unconscious. And Dart, he begins wondering. What happened to
    him when the Divine Dragon first appeared ? What about the Three Divine
    Moon Objects ? He feels that Rose might know a lot about these
    mysteries, even the tragedy from Neet 17 years ago. Dart always wants
    Rose to tell him. He wonders why she hides him...
      Finally, Meru finds them. With her wings, she tries to bring them to
    the ground. Then Dart requests Mirranda to tell them about the third
    Divine Moon Object. Finding that this can't be hidden, Mirranda says
    that is the Moon Mirror which was held in the Flanvel Tower in Kashua
    Glacier. Only Queen Theresa knows about it. At that time, she realizes
    the most important thing : Queen Theresa is in danger. Then the party
    runs to Deningrad in a hurry...
      They were right. But Lloyd was before them...
      While The Third Sacred Sister Wink and some knights are going to find
    out about Mirranda and the party, they were faced by Younger Bardel.
    This guy wanted to get revenge Humans of having killed his baby sister.
    All the knights were defeated. Wink was so afraid, waiting for the next
    hit. But Lloyd was there. He protected Wink from Bardel's hits and
    killed him at once. Lloyd has even saved Wink once in Donau. So she was
    willing to bring him to Crystal Palace for some treatment...
      When Dart's party comes to the Crystal Palace, it was late. Queen
    Theresa wasn't there anymore. The Third Sacred Sister Wink is crying for
    her action...
      Lloyd was treated in Crystal Palace. He thanked the queen for her
    kindness, then tells her that Mirranda and other Dragoons defeated the
    Divine Dragon and they are coming here. At that time, The Second Sacred
    Sister Luanna came. With her special ability, she easily knew that Lloyd
    was not good person. She asked him what he wants to do. Then Lloyd
    quickly caught Queen Theresa and disppears immediately...
      Okay, their next destination is Kashua Glacier. They must get back the
    Moon Mirror and Queen Theresa before Lloyd can do anything. It's not far
    away from the west of Deningrad. What an icy place !!!
      When the party gets in the underground area of the Glacier, they must
    pass a lot of annoying monsters on the way. But anyway, they must reach
    the Flavel Tower in time.
      Here Lloyd could force the Dragoon Spirit to fit in him, then force
    Queen Theresa to show him the Moon Mirror. She couldn't do anything out
    of obeying him. But at that time, Dart's party has come. It's the same
    time that Lloyd holds the Moon Mirror in his hand. However, the party
    must fight him to bring back the three Divine Moon Objects and to get
    revenge for Lavitz and a lot of lives killed by him.
      Now Lloyd becomes a great swordman. He has his own powerful strength,
    the magical power of Winglies and the strong power of Divine Dragon.
    It's hard to beat him up. Even though Lloyd has more advantages, he
    misses an important thing : unity and honest. Even though how strong he
    is, he could defeat Dart with the unity of his friends. Yes, Lloyd is
    defeated. Now there are only him and Dart in the top of tower. And it's
    time for Dart to finish him here.
      Without saying a word, Dart coldly runs to Lloyd to play the finishing
    touch to Lloyd. But..."Aahhhhhhh !" ...That's not Lloyd's cry...It is
    Wink's. Why is she here ? "Because the truth is that he saved me twice
      Dart's slash has hurt Wink. Wink is a sensitive lady. Just because she
    still remembers that Lloyd has saved her. She says even if he is killed,
    we couldn't bring back the poor lives killed by him. Nothing could be
    brought back. Nothing...
      The other party members are waiting for Dart in the bottom. They trust
    that he would know the best solution for Lloyd. And yes, Dart has come.
    He didn't kill Lloyd, because nothing could be brought back even if we
    killed him. This is a correct choice. At that time, he receives a
    message from Queen Theresa that Shana was caught by a guy named Emperor
    Diaz and sent to Capital Vellweb. So this is the guy Lloyd got the three
    Divine Moon Objects for. Then anyway, Lloyd would join your party for a
    while to get to Vellweb.
      On going there, they must pass a Snowfield - the place covered by snow
    and blizzard. There is a tremendous blizzard today, Lloyd suggests the
    party to rest in a cave and hear him tell about what he has been doing.
      Yes, he doesn't try to escape. He tells everyone honestly. Everyone
    knows that Creator Soa was the creator of this world and all the species.
    Currently there are 107 species living in this world as 107 fruits
    dropped from the Divine Tree. But there is still an incomplete fruit-the
    108th fruit. Lloyd hopes that this species would be a special one that
    could change the future of the world. He and Emperor Diaz decided to do
    this when having seen the ruin of Capital Kadessa. They think that this
    world would be degenerated again. So it needs a new species to make a
    balance on this world. Lloyd himself can't answer all the questions of the
    party about the three Divine Moon Objects. He says they would know
    everything when seeing Emperor Diaz.
      Next morning, the party leaves the place and heads to Capital Vellweb.
    Now this place is a ruin just like Kadessa. It was the first place where
    Humans got their liberation to rule this world. There are still remains
    here show that historical victory. There are seven towers of the former
    Dragoons who had died after the Dragon Campaign 11000 years ago, except
    Rose. But the target is Emperor Diaz.
      Finally the party also meets the guy who claims to be the Holy
    Imperial Gloriano. Shana is here either. Dart accepts to give him the
    three Divine Moon Objects to take Shana back. Yes, he tells him that he
    wants to create the 108th species as Creator Soa's plan when giving
    birth to this world. The evidence is the Moon That Never Sets. Then he
    reveals his hidden face for you to see...
      At that sudden moment, Dart can't believe in his eyes. Rose is
    surprised for the person she loves who was lost for thousand of years :
    Zieg - Rose's fiance and also Dart's father. Then Dart knows that Rose
    and Zieg were the only survival Dragoons in the Dragon Campaign 11000
    years ago. So maybe you are also surprised why Rose could live so long.
    You would know soon. Zieg would tell the party what he really wants to
      First, he begins at the point where the world was nothing... until 
    this current world full of various species. In the Dragon Campaign, 
    Humans had destroyed the Crystal Sphere along with the royal capital of
    Winglies, Kadessa. This causes the Virage Embryo's soul to be released
    with a human body, heading to the Moon That Never Sets. It was the
    Moonchild who would give some "holy blessing" to this world. And when
    the Moon grew red, it would happen, "a destruction for the world". Yes,
    the Moonchild would destroy this world by giving the birth to the 108th
    species- The God of Destruction. There was a Dragoon who knew about
    this. She tried to kill the Moonchild to prevent from that terrible
    future. The Black Monster, it was her-Rose. Everybody is surprised about
    this, especially Dart. So the guy who he wants to revenge has been with
    him for a long time. Rose admits that's right. She confirms she had
    killed everyone in Neet or they would be the servants for the Moonchild-
    Princess Louvia. But Zieg says she killed the wrong target. Louvia has a
    twin sister-Shana. Yes, Shana is very the real Moonchild who is still
    alive in front of everyone. Then Zieg takes Shana to him again. Rose
    can't do anything on him or kill Shana...
      The party wanders day to day, night to night. They don't where to go
    next. They have been in a large desert of the Death Frontier-a hidden
    country which is far away from Mille Seseau and Gloriano. It was too far
    that they have no way to return. Just continue. On the way to get out of
    desert, the party members discuss a lot about such the sudden incident
    that has just happened. About Rose, she's still there. Nothing was
    happened to her. Didn't Dart want to get revenge with her ? Now it's not
    time to worry about that. They must get out of this place and find the
    nearest destination. Rose says it's Ulara-another city of Winglies. It's
    not so hard for the party to pass. Because they have passed so much
    places like this.
      Then they also reach another deserted place. Rose would tell you why
    she could have lived so long like this. That's the spell from her choker
    she is wearing. The sight before everyone is another desert. But when
    Rose uses her choker, the place turns into a green town which is full of
    colourful flowers. They reach there by a teleportting device. Rose wants
    to meet a Wingly friend of her - Charle Frahma. She asks Caron where she
    is being.
      The party talks to some Winglies. Here they know some more clues about
    the Dragon Campaign. At that time, the younger brother of Charle - Melbu
    Frahma looked down on every species and ruled the world due to Wingly's
    power. Accumulated anger led to the Dragon Campaign we have known. Dart
    also hears about Faust who was the right hand of Melbu in that
    historical battle. Being a powerful magician, Faust makes an apparition
    and only a Vanishing Stone can make it disappear.
      Rose and the party also meet Charle Frahma any way. She seems to know
    much about the relation between Rose and Zieg. Charle is also the person
    who created the Signet Spheres to prevent the power of the Divine Moon
    Objects to give birth to the Moonchild. Actually, there are five Signet
    Spheres. The main one - Crystal Sphere at Kadessa was destroyed in the
    Dragon Campaign. The second one at the Birth City was lost after the
    destruction of Divine Dragon. About Zieg, Rose is the person who
    understands him much. Zieg is not this kind of people who just follows
    such a fate. There is something wrong with him.
      Charle tells you that The Moon That Never Sets is almost the 108th
    species that Soa planned - the 108th fruit that Divine Tree dropped. The
    Sphere which contained the soul of the God of Destruction in Kadessa was
    destroyed. But the Human body it brought was still alive-Shana. And it
    would reborn the God of Destruction giving the end to this world.
      Dart wants to know about Rose and his father. Charle accidentally
    tells him that Rose was his fiance. But at then Rose says she would give
    a punch to Charle if she continues.
      Melbu Frahma wanted to rule this world with the magical power. Charle
    created the Signet Spheres in order to seal the power of the Crystal
    Sphere in the Kadessa to prevent Melbu getting out of his limit. So he
    made the three Divine Moon Objects to destroy the spheres, but now The
    Signet Spheres could be destroyed without three Divine Moon Objects.
    That means Zieg could still destroy the Signet Spheres by his own power
    in order to help bearing the God of Destruction just because now he has
    the Moonchild - Shana in his hand.
      Then Charle tells you the location of the three remaining Signet
    Spheres. One is at the Magical City Aglis - the place for Winglies
    studying and researching about magic. The second is at the Law City
    Zenebatos - the place where Winglies could establish their law. And the
    last is at Death City Mayfil - the place all the death souls must get to.
    Then she lets you know that Rouge is the key to get there. It's
    Haschel's hometown...
      That night, everybody split into many groups to visit the town of
    spring. Dart, he is sitting on the flower platform, thinking about
    something. "Do you really forgive...?" - asked Rose. Then they remember
    night when they practised swords together. Even Rose has spent many
    experience in her long life, she couldn't defeat Dart who has become
    stronger. Then she asked him to kill her as his wish. Dart, he drew his
    sword at Rose...then...he put in in his basket. "The Black Monster was
    dead" - he said.
      Rose and Dart both are sitting. They remember the time when they first
    meet. The Black Monster was dead. And here is Rose. They are friends.
    Nothing could change it. That's all...
      After that moment, Rose and Dart join together to gather other party
    members. They must prepare very carefully for the next journey. They
    will begin next morning to find the way to Magical City Aglis - where
    the first Signet Sphere is held.
      Just next morning, all the Winglies of Spring Breath Town Ulara gather
    at the exit teleporting device to good bye the seven heroes who would
    save the world from destruction. Charle sent a message to King Zior to
    allow the party to use the Queen Fury again and he accepted.
      The party is taken to the way to return to Tiberoa by Charle's power.
    Passing Home of Gigantos, Valley of Corrupted Gravity and Barrens, they
    have been in Fletz. When entering the twin castle, they are welcomed by
    everybody in the castle, including King Zior, Princess Emille and
    Princess Lisa. The King allows the party to use it freely. It is being
    put in the way to Rouge. Before getting on board, Kayla tells them to do
    her a favour. "Please save Miss Shana !". Of course, that's what they
    must do. Poor the lovely child !
      Okay, the party has reached Rouge easily by crossing Endiness sea.
    This is Haschel's hometown where his daughter Claire ran away and lost
    forever. Haschel tells the Mator about their purpose to be here and asks
    him if there is something strange in this area which Humans couldn't do
    or anything. The Mayor reminds about something like a stick among the
    sea which can be seen from the top yard. After that, the party climbs
    the yard to see what it is. Oh no, it's not only a simple stick as the
    Mayor said. It has become something big and impressive. Or this is the
    sequel of the party's coming ? Rose says that the only Wingliy city in
    this area is can only be Aglis the Magical City. Then she explains to
    the party more about the five ancient cities of Winglies :
      ---Capital Kadessa---
      The royal capital of Winglies which was dominated by Melbu Frahma. It
    was the center of politics and military. But it was destroyed during the
    Dragon Campaign became a ruin which is called "Forbidden Land".
      ---Birth City Crystal Palace---
      This city now is the Crystal Palace of Deningrad. Long long ago it was
    the Birth City of Winglies where the babies were chosen to be born. The
    Winglies has special magical power. Only the babies who had the strong
    power enough could be allowed to be born. If not, just abandon.
      ---Magical City Aglis---
      A mysterious city of Winglies where magic is researched and studied.
      ---Law City Zenebatos---
      It was the city where Wingly laws were made. The laws were claimed for
    justice but actually they were used to judge other species. It is the
    place where executions and trials were carried out.
      ---Death City Mayfil---
      It is the place where all the souls of the dead must go.
      After that, the party gets down. Then Rose says that she feels someone
    watching after the party. Just then an earthquake happens. Everybody
    runs to the top yard to see what happens. Oh ! The strange thing becomes
    bigger which seems like a real city. The sea is split reveal a path to
    reach there. Without hearing the Mayor's recommend, they just go there
    with the small boat. This is their only chance. They have nothing else
    to do except continuing.
      The party has been in the undersea city. Just like the usual cities of
    Winglies, it uses teleporting system to move and transport. Here they
    meet a lot of strange lovely creatures which were made by magic. One of
    them named Ruff notices them to go deeper. Then the party meets a lot of
    other creatures doing some research related to something called Psyche
    Bomb and Moot. After passing a lot of areas, the party meets an ancient
    Wingly - Savan - who claims to be waiting for Rose for thousand of years
    until the day she comes here to save the world...
      Savan has known the current situation of this world. Zieg wants to
    destroy this world that he thinks to be Creator Soa's plan. But all of
    them think that fate doesn't belong to the creator. It is all in their
    hands. They could change their fate, not the creator. This work needs
    courage of all people. These "courage" combination would become a power
    to face against the bad thing. It's the Psyche Bomb. Savan and his
    creatures have searched about this multi-hit bomb. It is only made by
    the courage of the party. That means the party must pass a challenge to
    prove their courage. Each character must pass one :
      He has known the right thing and hasn't followed the bad thing. He
    tries all his effort to make an equal between species. He doesn't let
    himself lose self-control at any outside bad control. We have seen the
    courage of a Giganto.
      She fights for this world, for everyone she loves. She doesn't accept
    to die when she hasn't done anything for this world. She knows when she
    could die satisfactorily. This is also a kind of courage.
      Even he knows his country Bale is being in danger, he couldn't return
    anyway when the world is threatening by the biggest destruction. We have
    just seen the courage of the King - who knew what is more important to
      She has played with Humans as a Wingly. The Bardel brother hates
    Humans for having killed their sister, so they hate Meru as the same as
    those. They want to kill her as killing a Human. But she refused to die
    because she cannot die in this serious situation. That is also the
    courage of a person who knows when is needed to die.
      His daughter Claire has gone away for 20 years because he couldn't
    keep his anger. He admits that even if the past returned, he couldn't
    save her. That's the courage of a real father who accepts his mistake in
    the past.
      Now the world is going to the end. Everyone is afraid and does nothing
    else except requesting for blessing. "No"- Rose confirms : We cannot
    just stand to see the end of the world. We have our strength, our fate.
    We must change it anyway. She proves the courage of a person who doesn't
    let her life decided by others.
      He loves Shana as himself - an eternal love. Even if Shana is a
    Moonchild who would give birth to the God of Destruction, even if he
    must take sword against her, Dart would save her no matter what, even
    losing his life for her. Their great love could change such a fate.
      All the party members pass their challenge easily because they prepare
    for them a real courage in this journey. All of those are collected by
    Savan to create a extremely strong power : The Psyche Bomb X. This would
    be one of the weapons to fight Zieg. Now the next thing is Moot. This
    thing can be used to seal the Signet Sphere which Zieg wants to destroy.
    It is being protected by the sea creature Last Kraken. But when the
    party has entered the place where the Signet Sphere is, Last Kraken
    becomes lose control and insane. Oh no, they are slower than Zieg just
    one step. This creature is being controlled by Zieg and begins to
    destroy the Signet Sphere as fast as possible. Dart and his friends try
    to stop the violent creature. But it's too late. Last Kraken has
    destroyed the Signet Sphere as Zieg does. Even though they kill it, Zieg
    still succeeds in this part. The explosion of the Signet Sphere takes
    the explosion of the whole room. Savan tries to use all his last power
    to teleport all the party members out of the room and dies inside. You
    also have courage, Savan !!! "I would give the you the wings to
    everywhere" - what does he mean before dying ?
      It's not time to feeling sorry. Now the party must head to the Law
    City Zenebatos to destroy the next Signet Sphere as soon as possible.
    When seeking the way to go out, they have met the lovely magical
    creatures who are preparing to die. Buckle, it has just threatened
    Mirranda to die with it. Mirranda asks if it jokes her again. No, this
    is thr truth : "Buckle die, uck !". Lulu, Spino, Phewy and Decal all
    dies before the party comes. And Ruff, it uses all his last power to
    open the way to the party. Poor thing ! "We won't let your death in
    vain". As the new way, the party finds a teleporting device taking them
    to The Law City Zenebatos.
      In this city, Dart and his friends must face a great deal of confusing
    laws which even a Wingly like Meru can't understand. At that time, a
    flying creature called Coolon comes to them. It says it would take Dart
    and his party to anywhere they want. So this is the Wings Savan reminds
    them before dying. Thanks to him about this !
      However, the party also finds out how to use the law. And they also
    reach the Signet Sphere by it. But Zieg is before them again. Nomos -
    the guard who protects the Signet Sphere here was controlled by him. It
    attacks you by casting the three dark monsters Selebus, Kubila and
    Vector. Even the party could overcome them, Zieg has much time to
    destroy this second Signet Sphere easily. "The sky is my road" - said
    Zieg. No one believes that he could fly in ordinary state, even Rose.
    No, he is not Zieg. Zieg is not that type of people. Something wrong
    happens in him. Now the party just has a last chance : The Signet Sphere
    in Death City Mayfil. They must use the law to connect the teleporting
    device between Zenebatos and Mayfil. Then they come there.
      Zieg has got here before them. He might be very satisfied of his plan
    and now it's going be successful.
      Everyone is surprised by this place. It's dark and fear. This place is
    gathered by the dead souls from the earth. When wandering in the dark
    city, the party faces a lot of familiar guests : the three spirits of
    the three Dragons killed by them : Feybrand, Regole and Divine Dragon.
    They had received an incomplete death because they were killed by the
    species which is considered to be weaker than them very much. Although
    Dart and his friends have their target Zieg, they still try to kill the
    Dragon Spirits again to help them get the pride of species. Yes, but an
    unexpecting incident happens. They see Lavitz - the faithful fellow of
    Dart and Albert - the friend who died in honour. Lavitz is glad to see
    his friends again, too. Although they are very happy, Lavitz reminds
    something like Devildom in his life at this city. But then, he suddenly
    changes into a monster who tries to get rid of Dart and Albert. No, he
    doesn't let them touch him. It seems Lavitz is being controlled by
    someone else. Then he disappears through the teleporting device. The
    party chases after him. He holds his spear turning against everyone.
    Dart tries to call him, call his name. Then Lavitz feels a
    headache...Hey, there's something strange on his back - Rose feels
    wrong. But then he becomes more insane and attacks the party.
      Dart doesn't attack him. He tries to call Lavitz, call the real sefl
    of him, their faithful fellow in battle. Lavitz feels trouble again. He
    turns his back to the party. And now it's time get rid of the strange
    thing which is controlling Lavitz.
      After some moments, it also turns its true self as a Devildom -
    Zackwell - the guy who likes to joke on other spirits in this city. He
    plays on Lavitz's spirit and jokes on his worrying about his friends.
    That is unforgivable. As soon as the party must get rid of this devil
    creature to rescue for the spirits who were its victim. But then, Lavitz
    wakes up again. He is still controlled and intends to kill a party
    member. "Lavitz !" - Dart's call. It seems to persuade the real Lavitz
    in the flesh of Devildom. Lavitz holds up his spear and...thrust it
    through very his body and finishes the life of the sticking Devildom on
    his back.
      "We are friends !". Dart, Lavitz, Albert. They are friends and nothing
    could change it. Lavitz says he must thank to Zackwell because he gives
    him this chance to see his friends again, even in the death. Poor him !
    Now there's no way to reach the Signet Sphere. Lavitz uses all his last
    strength to open the way for the party to do their mission. "You are not
    dead. You live forever in us..."...
      The party is eager to find the Signet Sphere. But Zieg is here at the
    same time. Dart intends to fight Zieg to seal the Signet Sphere before
    him. Just one hit of Zieg could throw Dart away and he has time to
    destroy this last Signet Sphere. Then he disappears with a big laugh.
      Do they fail ? Do they really have no way ?...
      Nope, they must chase after him...until the limited end. They can
    still change their fate. They must stop Zieg doing the next work. They
    must find Shana and bring her back...
      The Moon That Never Sets is falling onto the Divine Tree as a fruit.
    The Virage Embryo - which is woken up when the time has come - gets out
    of the Moon and flies around.
      Now Dart and his party come to the dead end of Mayfil. They have no
    road to reach Divine Tree. Not yet, Coolon has come to pick them up. The
    huge Moon is on the top of Divine Tree that is easy to see. But the
    surrounding Virages shoot one another continually that Coolon couldn't
    fly fast. It seems to be wounded. But it tries all its last power to
    take the party to their destination...then it dies at the root of Divine
    Tree. "Your death won't be in vain." Then Dart and his party begins
    climb the Divine Tree to reach the Moon That Never Sets.
      On the way, the party again faces a lot of challenges. The monsters
    are always around the tree. The butterfly monster who is a special fruit
    of Divine Tree stops their way. But they still keep their courage and
    patience. They have come to the Moon anyway...
      The Moon That Never Sets is so huge that contains a lot of miracles.
    Now the party must reach its core where Shana is held, giving birth to
    the God of Destruction. But when they first enter the Moon, there are a
    lot of strange events happening to them. Each character faces their own
    past and tries to overcome them.
      Mirranda sees a rose in the forest of her hometown. She hates roses
    very much, because it is her mother's favourite flower. Then she
    remembers her past. When she was young, her family was very poor. Her
    father rarely works but he is always drunk. Her mother couldn't suffer a
    terrible husband. She follows another man, leaves Mirranda forever and
    never returns. Mirranda hates her mother. Queen Theresa rear her as her
    real daughter so she always considers Queen Theresa as her mother. She
    works as a Sacred Sister to forget her own pain. Then the rose changes
    into a monster. No, it's Mirranda's mother. Her mother in the Death Rose
    tries to explain the situation for the poor daughter.
      She still loves her daughter. She couldn't stand a terrible husband
    like that. Mirranda says she is a terrible mother. She leaves her and
    her father that the two father and child had to live miserable poverty.
    Even though her father was not good, he was still with Mirranda, not
    like her mother. The face in the Death Rose tries to say that Mirranda's
    father works less than he drinks. He always beats her in drunk. A mother
    like her had to get away. But she returned to take Mirranda with her.
    But her father kicked her out. "It hurts..." - the mother always repeats
    those words. It's really hurt.
      "I'll forgive you..." - that's what the daughter could do now...The
    Death Rose smiles satisfactorily. Maybe she could tranquilized now...and
    it disappears...
      Mirranda - the daughter had to keep a big pain for years. But she
    didn't think of the other's pain, such as her mother. Mirranda misses
    her mother very much...
      Haschel sees a little girl wandering in the Minitos world. Dart comes
    to her, but she is suddenly away. "It's Claire. She hasn't known you
    yet...". Then Haschel comes into the illusion Claire made.
      "I hate you, Dad..." - the girl cries.
       She is really a lovely girl. But just a moment, she is suddenly
    changed into a killing machine losing self-control. Even trying to wake
    up his daughter, Haschel is reluctant to fight her.
      "I'm not Claire. I'm the War God..."
       The girl continuously attacks Haschel. The father is hurt to turn
    against his daughter. He tries to wake her daughter up. It was all his
    fault. He really regrets and has looked for her for twenty years. And
    Claire, she says that he didn't love her. He tried to make her become a
    martial art machine while what she needed are love and freedom. But
    Haschel, he doesn't need to know what happens. He just wants to wake her
    up. The little "War God" plays a heavy hit to Haschel : The Four Gods
    Destruction. Even being wounded by that daughter, Haschel still tries to
    explain that he loves her and nothing could change it. He doesn't need
    how much she beats him, he just wants her to understand and forgive him.
      The girls many times beat Haschel heavily. But the true love of
    Haschel for his daughter can't be changed. After some moments, she
    becomes mad and really lose control. The War god and Claire is
    exchanging position. It seems Claire understands her father and wants to
    return to herself. She is fighting the War God to get her flesh.
     - Mind's eye, awaken ! - Haschel cries
      Yes, the call of the father makes an enormous effect on the poor
     - ...Thank you, father... - It seems that Claire forgives his father.
    She disappears...
      Kongol was the only survival Gigantos from Human's killing. But now he
    is fighting, for the survive of this world, for the coexistence of all
    species. He has ever considered Doel as his leader. But now Dart is the
    real leader for him. Dart needs his power. He proves that power to Dart.
    He needs power to help Dart. Then he sees Indora - his Gigantos brother.
    Indora was the strongest Gigantos in Kongol's mind. Kongol wants to
    fight brother, to have that strongest power. Yeah, the little Kongol now
    must prove himself by himself. Indora is really so strong that it seems
    that Kongol can't win. But he could do that. He has to save this world
    as his friends does. He can't lose.
      Indora, at the end, is the loser. But Kongol would be his pride, the
    pride of Gigantos. Kongol is inheritted Indora's Axe. Yes, he would use
    this weapon to save the world. Dart needs him, this world needs him...
      Michael, the Vassal Dragon of Rose suddenly appears in the Moon That
    Never Sets. It splits everyone and corners Rose and Dart to its world.
    Rose realizes this place where is full of dragons. She was first here.
    This was the place where she first saw Michael.
      It was a Dragon which uses Dark-based attack. In the Dragon Campaign,
    it became the tool of Humans to fight against Winglies and Virages.
    Humans had to sacrifice it for the war. Rose, she defeated it and has
    got the Dragoon Spirit of Dark Dragon from its body. It returns to a
    baby Dark Dragon. Rose named it Michael and she was always with it
    during the war...
      Can't believe now Rose could meet Michael in this place. But it hasn't
    regconized her anymore. Michael attacks both Rose and Dart. Rose has
    loved it as her real friend. She didn't want to kill it. But Michael is
    the strongest Dragon which has the highest speed, strength and defense
    in species. Every of their attacks have no effect on it. After a lot of
    dangerous moments, Rose tells Dart the weakness of Michael : the blind
    spot. This thing just appears after Michael uses the dark laser. Of
    course, they must kill the Dragon anyway.
      Dart asks Rose why she could easily kill a Dragon which was very
    faithful to her. Rose says that it's still a Dragon anyway. Dragon is a
    creature which has no love and feeling. It's just a kind of wild
    animals. It might be obey its controller at the young age. But when
    growing up, it realizes its wildness, it would return to wildness...
      Everyone is surprised about Doel when he let Kongol join him and
    didn't kill the Gigantos. What did he really want to do ? Albert still
    feels puzzled why Doel killed his father - King Carlo. Then he enters
    the Black Castle in the Moon That Never Sets to find out about the past
    of himself. Doel is waiting for him. Albert at once asks about what he
    always wonders. But Doel wants to talk to him by weapons :
      Doel, he only needs the power. He and Carlo were close friends for a
    long time. Carlo was a king of integrity and talent. He was always the
    best in people's mind. And Doel, he never got pass Carlo about strength
    and talent. If he didn't kill him, he could never rise up. When Albert
    asks, Doel just says Serdians needs him because he is a real emperor
    than Carlo. He rules them by power. He needs the strongest power to rule
      Albert says that's not all. People don't need power. People need love
    and peace. Doel thinks it's just a stupid thing. He confirms that people
    cannot live without power. And now he has the strongest power, he isn't
    afraid of anyone...
      But after the fight, Albert almost defeats Doel. What's wrong with his
    power ? - Doel wonders. Why can't his power defeat a young aged guy as
    Albert ? He is really the loser...
    - "...It can't bring happiness to people..." - said Albert. Power is
    nothing for him. Although being a King, Albert himself never mentions
    power. He likes to live in peace. He likes to live with his people in
    happiness. Yes, he doesn't possess the strong power as Doel. But he has
    his courage, he has his friends who are always with him in troubles and
    challneges. That's all he possesses in this battle. Doel has made a
    mistake. He lost his self-control because of power. Very his power defeats
      Archangel is the ancient guardian of Winglies who has divine power of
    light. And now Meru - a Wingly must face her guardian and turn against
    her. Archangel is the ancient Wingly angel who keeps the all tradition
    that Wingly is the most noble species who deserve to rule this world.
    Those barbaric Humans are just their servant. And Meru, she says her
    guardian is a persistent guy. All the species in this world are equal.
    There's no reason to turn against one another like that. Archangel
    considers Humans as the terrible and useless species who have no magical
    power, inoble and bad. Meru says they are very cool. They are better than
    Winglies a lot of points. They have courage, they have friendship, they
    have peace. All of those help them to have the liberation to rule this
    world. They play with Meru even she is a Wingly the species turns against
    them. At that time, the persistent Winglies just hide themself in their
    secret small world just because the old imbalance opinion. Archangel many
    times punishes Meru about her opposing. But finally she must lose the
    little brave girl...
      All those challenges take the party to the core of the Moon That Never
    Sets. Really ? They are closing to the last destination. Dart begins to
    hear Shana's cry. Although they must pass over the gate keeper Virage,
    they have come to the end.
      Shana is held here. Her power is being used to create the God of
    Destruction. Zieg is waiting there so long. Now this is the challenge
    for Dart. The anger of Dart turns him into the Red Eyed Dragoon and runs
    to fight very his father. But Zieg is faster enough to steal the Dragoon
    Spirit from Dart. Rose thinks that that bad person can't be accepted. But
    the Dragoon Spirit regconizes Zieg before everyone. He turns into the
    legendary Red Eyed Dragoon in the Dragon Campaign 11000 years ago. But now
    his target is not Melbu Frahma. It's his son Dart. This is an incredible
    fight between father and son.
      The battle lasts very long. There is no winner or loser. And Zieg, he
    says he doesn't need to hide anymore. At that time, Zieg suddenly
    faints. Behin him is rising a shadow - a very familiar face of Rose -
    Melbu Frahma.
      Yeah, the famous leader of Winglies in the Dragon Campaign - Melbu
    Frahma - is still alive. It seems that he has been waiting for this
    moment for over 10000 years ago. In the Dragon Campaign, Zieg did not
    completely killed Melbu. He just destroyed his flesh, not his soul. When
    he was being petrified, Melbu transmigrating his soul into Zieg's
    Dragoon Spirit. When Rose - the Black Monster came to Neet to destroy
    everything. Zieg used the Dragoon Spirit to transform. Melbu possessed
    Zieg's body since then.
      Now Melbu Frahma has succeeded. He then absorbs the power of Shana and
    becomes the God of Destruction himself by merging with the Virage
    Embryo. The God Of Destruction has been born.
      At that time, Lloyd appears to get revenge with Melbu for having
    deceived him. Even how strong he is, Melbu could still kill Lloyd with
    just one shot... Before dying, Lloyd gives Dart the Dragoon Spirit of
    Divine Dragon and gives Rose the Dragon Buster to fight Melbu. Now Dart is
    the Divine Dragoon. He would lead the party to take part in this fated
    battle which decide the lives of all species and this world...
      ...Til the end of the battle, Melbu is almost destroyed. The Moon That
    Never Sets is going to explode. Dart tries to bring Shana on his huge hand
    of Divine Dragoon armor. And Rose, she slowly comes to see her fiance -
    Zieg - the only person she loves - the only person she has been waiting
    for over 10000 years. Melbu, he tries to use all his last power to kill
    Dart - the guy who had just destroyed his plan.
    - Would you come with me, Rose ? - said Zieg is a weak voice
    - Yes, I have been waiting for this moment... - Rose answers
      At that time, Zieg holds the sword of Red Eyed Dragoon. Rose, with her
    wings, brings him fly into Melbu Frahma to play the finishing touch. Dart
    and other Dragoons try to fly out of the Moon. The end of the God of
    Destruction is the end of the Moon. They just fly, fly, fly to the
    outside. The Moon begins exploding itself.
    - Rose !!! Father !!! - cried Dart
    - Farewell... - that's what Dart could hear from the explosion. Rose had
    died. But the most happy is that she could die with his lover Zieg. Their
    long lives finally should go to the end - a beautiful end...
     /\                                                                    /\
    (  )\~~~/\~~~/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\~~~/\~~~/(  )
    (  )  \    \     SECTION 5 : CHARACTERS' PLOT ANALYSIS        \    /  (  )
    (  )/~~~\/~~~\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/~~~\/~~~\(  )
     \/                                                                    \/
      Here in this section, I still keep on analyzing the game plots, but on 
    each exact character with their exact events. Reading this section will
    give you a deeper look on the complicated story of the game. 
                                    D A R T
      What is the Plot Event of Dart ?
      The important event of Dart is his past or the revenge with the Black
      As I said above, Dart lost his parents 17 years ago when his hometown
    Neet was destroyed by the Black Monster. He soon became an orphan and
    during his life, his desire is to avenge the Black Monster for what it did
    to him.
      Dart's childhood
      There are not many clues about Dart's childhood given in the game. But
    according to what we know, he was an orphan and by someway, he was taken 
    to Seles and grew up there. His closest friend, also his sweetheart is 
    Shana. But if you pay attention to the Haschel's lines in the game, you'll 
    see. When Dart met Haschel before the Heroes Competition, Haschel claimed 
    him to be the "lonely wolf". We can think that he didn't have many friends 
    besides sweet Shana. But now, he has got a friend, a real friend Lavitz.
      Who does Dart love ?
      Well, although there have been many girls appearing around Dart. But the
    answer must be Shana anyway. Many people think differently, but I don't
    think so :
    - With Shana : Dart's love for Shana doesn't change and never changes. In
    childhood, they were close friends and he always protected Shana as if
    she were his baby sister. But now, that love isn't changed. Dart is always
    kind to Shana and he does everything to save her and protect her from
    - With Rose : You should refer to Rose's plot analysis to know more, but
    here I attempt to Dart. I agree that Dart is grateful to Rose when she
    saved him from the Green Tusked Dragon Feybrand. But Dart just considers
    her as a close partner with him. He doesn't love her as he does with
    Shana. In the opposite of this, Dart wonders about Rose, about her
    mystery and her knowledges of the world history more than gets any 
    emtional feelings with her.
    - With Meru : Well, I have no idea with this dancing babe. Refer to Meru's
    plot analysis to know more about her, but I assure with you that Dart has
    nothing with this girl, although she always tries to be his tail.
                                  S H A N A
      What is the Plot Event of Shana ?
      The most important Plot Event of Shana is her true identity. Shana
    herself is not an ordinary child born in the Seles. She was a royalist, a
    princess of Mille Seseau.
      Shana's Identity & her childhood
      There's no proof about the real name of Shana, as I don't know Shana is
    her real name or the name given by people who reared her up in Seles. But
    anyway, Shana was one of the princesses of Mille Seseau. She had a twin
    sister - Princess Louvia. But the majorer fact is that she was chosen to
    be the Moonchild who would give birth to the God of Destruction. Just
    because of this, Shana brought the tragedy to people in Mille Seseau, or
    creatures living on the earth. The God of Destruction will take the world
    to annihilation when it is born. And it's a calamity for everybody. So this
    made the appearance of the Black Monster. The Black Monster's true purpose
    is to kill the Moonchild to prevent the world from annihilation. But its
    barbaric actions for people in Mille Seseau is considered to be terrible,
    and then it has become a symbol of ultimate evil.
      Shana and Louvia were separated. By some way, Shana was lost and drifted
    to Seles. But The Black Monster was still destroying everything to pursue 
    the Moonchild. Louvia and the royalists escaped on the Saint Louvia ship. 
    But they couldn't get out of Black Monsters : They were all killed, even 
    the baby princess Louvia. The Black Monster thought that he had killed the
    Moonchild, so there has been no info about it since the tragedy.
    Eventually, the Moonchild - Shana was still alive, living happily with
    Dart and people in Seles.
      There are no clear clues about Shana's childhood either. But we can
    think she has got a very beautiful memory with Dart in her childhood.
      Why did the Sandora want Shana ?
      Emperor Doel ordered Fruegel to catch up Shana. But in fact, he did this
    following a Man in Black Hood whose name is Lloyd. Refer to Lloyd's plot
    analysis to know about him. But that's not all. Lloyd needs Shana for
    Emperor Diaz. This guy has a darker purpose that you'll find out at the end
    of the game. You can refer to the Story and those character's plot
    analysis to know about them.
      Why did Emperor Diaz want Shana ?
      Refer to Story and Melbu Frahma's plot analysis.
      Who does Shana love ?
      Of course, the answer must be Dart. Although in the game, there's an
    optional episode in Basil that Dart makes couple for Lavitz and Shana . 
    But Shana still loves Dart, as you can there are many lovely romantic 
    scenes between the two scaterring in the game.
                                L A V I T Z
      What is the Plot Event of Lavitz ?
      Lavitz's appearance is pretty short in the game. And he himself doesn't
    have major plot event. But we can take a drill about his honor as his
    pride about his respectable father - Servi.
      Lavitz's father - Servi
      Servi doesn't appear in the game, as he died with King Carlo in the wars
    with Sandora. But there are a few proofs about him given in the game.
    Servi was a loyal knight of King Carlo. He was talented, a person of
    integrity and justice who was respected by people in Basil. He made many
    victories in wars, and was the person of success. Greham was a close
    friend of Servi, who later was Emperor Doel's knight. Greham was also
    talented. But he did never get over his close friend Servi. Servi was
    always shining, and he felt that he was living under his shadow. So
    because of that, when Emperoe Doel betrayed the kingdom, Greham followed 
    him and fought against Basil and Servi. As Lavitz said, his father Servi 
    was killed cowardly by very Greham. Greham finished Servi's life as if he 
    had got rid of a powerful rival. If Servi was a person of justice and 
    intergrity, so Greham belonged to power and strength.
      Servi died. Lavits continued his harmony by becoming the leader of
    Knights of Basil, as a very loyal knight of King Albert - the son of
      Who does Lavitz love ?
      Lavitz is a soldier who always gets away from home. He never minds about
    himself or his own life. He wants to devote his life to the peace of
    Serdio, as his father's wish. But anyway, if he must choose between
    Lordship and Mother, so his mother is the person he loves best. He is his
    mother's pride, and he always works hard to deserve that, to deserve to be
    his father's honor. This can be proved by the battle between the party and
    the soul of former White Silver Dragoon Shirley. 
                                  R O S E
      What is the Plot Event of Rose ?
      The major Plot Event of this mysterious character is very her mystery,
    or her true identity.
      Rose's True Identity
      Rose was the first and the only Dragoon of the era who has survived
    during over 11000 years since the time of Dragon Campaign. With thick
    experience within her life, she has a huge wisdom of knowledges about the
    earth and historical events.
      First of all, she was the Dark Dragoon who joined the Dragon Campaign
    11000 years ago. She, and the Red-eyed Dragoon Zieg were the only
    survivors, as the other Dragoons were killed. Refer to Zieg's plot
    analysis to know about him. Here I attempt to Rose. She has lived on this
    earth until now.
      Second, she was very the legendary barbaric Black Monster who caused the
    tragedy in Dart's hometown. She had already known the appearance of the
    Moonchild, and decided to kill it as soon as possible before the God of
    Destruction could be born to annihilate the world. Since she met Dart, she
    has guessed the result if Dart knew her as the Black Monster. She tried to
    hide everything. But the fact is that she couldn't hide her own mystery. 
    Being the evil Black Monster was the destiny she chose for herself as the 
    only survivor from the Dragon Campaign 11000 years ago with the desire of 
    saving the world from Doom's day. So we can have a relative conclusion that 
    what the Black Monster was just for the good, but the way how she did it 
    was just the most unforgivable sin. 
      Rose's Secret Love
      Rose was truely Zieg's fiance. Zieg and Rose loved each other 11000
    years ago, and they became fiances. But the Dragon Campaign separated them
    from each other, and Rose thought that Zieg was dead, as she witnessed him
    being stoned and his hand was left from hers. So with the question "Who
    does Rose love ?", the correct answer is Zieg, not Dart.
      Rose's Romance
      You have played through the game, and maybe you have seen the event after
    Rose saves Dart when the Phantom Ship disappears. Dart was unconscious. At
    that time, Rose has got back her memory about 11000 years ago and
    accidentally said about Zieg. She thought that Zieg was dead. But by this
    episode, we can be more sure that Rose loves Zieg very much. Dart looks
    like Zieg very much. He has Zieg's face, but he is not Zieg, and he
    couldn't replace the Zieg she loves... the eternal love which has lasted
    for 11000 years...
      Another strange episode about Rose is that when she is waiting before
    the party in Fletz. Before that, Haschel complaint why she couldn't make a 
    smile even a little. Then Rose replies by a funny answer : "I...don't 
    remember how to smile." Before the party, Rose has stood in the bedroom, 
    saying to herself : "I did laugh..." or she said about her past, about her 
    lost happiness. When Zieg was with her, she did smile, she did laugh. But 
    since the Dragon Campaign, since she wore the magical choker to live until 
    now, she has stopped laughing. And now, she even doesn't remember how to 
    express her happiness, since it was lost along with Zieg.
      How does Rose live so long ?
      Rose has spent an eternally long life. Until now, she is about 11026 
    years old. So maybe many of you wonder about that. That's because of the 
    choker she wears on her neck. Charle Frahma has made it for her to keep her 
    immortal, because Rose was given the duty to kill the Moonchildren whenever 
    they were born, as the Black Monster. Anyway, I think that the choker just
    has the role to disarm the time and it can't keep Rose invulnerable to 
    deaths by physical forces, proving by the fact both Zieg and she died at 
    the kamikaze final blow in the end of the game. 
                                H A S C H E L
      What is the Plot Event of Haschel ?
      That's about his daughter Claire, who ran away many years ago.
      Haschel's daughter Claire
      Claire is Haschel's only daughter. According to the events in The Moon
    That Never Sets, the reason she left him was because she needed love and
    freedom. Haschel is the master Rouge School - a martial art school. When
    Claire was young, Haschel all the way trained her into a talented martial
    artist like him. Of course, being his daughter, Claire obeyed and tried to
    work hard. She learnt martial arts pretty well. In school, Haschel told
    her to consider him as her master, not her father, and he always kept her
    in discipline. That was all Haschel did for her. But anyway, she was still
    a young lady, who liked to dream and to be loved. She didn't feel her
    father's love for her. One day, while practising, Claire accidentally
    punched her comrade fatally, so then Haschel angrily blamed her of not
    controlling her fists. She was too hurt and ran away. It has been many
    years, and she has never returned...
      Haschel himself always regrets about that. Claire lost her mother very
    early, so he tried to rear her as well as he could. But he made her run
    away. In his challenges in Aglis and The Moon That Never Sets, Haschel has
    honestly confirmed that he could not get back the past, but his love for
    her daughter never changes.
      But anyway, Claire's Plot Event is also short but not simple as 
    Haschel's story. If you want to know, refer to her plot analysis. I'll 
    analyze her more clearly there.
                               A L B E R T
      What is the Plot Event of Albert ?
      This character is pretty similar to Lavitz. His life also doesn't have 
    a major plot event, but he has the pride of his father King Carlo - who 
    was the former king of Basil.
      Albert's father - King Carlo
      Albert is also Emperor Doel's nephew. Many years ago, King Carlo was the
    king of the whole Serdio. He ruled his country in peace. But inside his
    court, Emperor Doel had plan to betray. Just like the relation between
    Servi and Greham, Emperor Doel is a talented person who thought that he
    was living under the shadow of King Carlo. He guessed he must be better
    than Carlo. He needed power and strength to become better. So he gathered
    his own troop and betrayed, creating the Sandora which is South Serdio,
    spliting Serdio. He made many wars with Basil to get Carlo's throne. And
    now he is still doing it. Next to Carlo is Albert. And of course, Emperor
    Doel still continues his plan, and Albert still fights against him to wake
    him up. Doel rules his people by power, but Albert opinions that power is
    not everything. He understands that his people need peace and love. People
    loves make him stronger.
      Who does Albert love ?
      Of course, needless to say, the elder Princess of Tiberoa, Emille. They 
    have married each other in the ending of the game. I think there's nothing 
    to tell here. It's too clear.
                                  M E R U
      What is the Plot Event of Meru ?
      I think there are not many clues given about her life. But at least, we
    can take a look at what we know about her : She is a Wingly.
      Meru is a Wingly ?
      We first met Meru as a dancer in the Flower City Donau. But no one knew
    that she had been a Wingly. She tried to hide that fact because she was 
    afraid that they wouldn't believe her or they would stay away from her. 
    Her real home was the Wingly Forest - a hidden shelter of the Winglies on 
    the earth. They used magic to seal the place and that was the reason why 
    humans couldn't find them. But before Meru reveals the truth about herself 
    for the party, we have seen many scenes proving her to be a Wingly. Let's 
    see :
     - If you have paid attention to all the scenes in the game, maybe you
    still remember the ones with Lenus. When we defeated Lenus the first
    time, the party said that she had no way to go. But then Lenus pointed at
    Meru and asked her what she would do if she were her. Why Meru ? Because
    Lenus had already known that Meru was a Wingly. She recognized her,
    because she herself is also a Wingly. And then she flew away with her
    wings. Although this episode is not very clear, we can see that the game
    has partly wanted to show you that Meru is not so ordinary as she looks.
    - The second scene is when Lenus dies in Prison Island. You remember ?
    Lenus lies on the ground, calling Lloyd. Dart and Shana are still
    frightened by what she did. But let's pay attention carefully to Meru. She
    stands by Lenus, looking at her with a sympathetic stare. This scene is
    shown pretty clearly. It also proves to you that there must be a relation
    ship between Lenus and Meru : They are both Winglies.
      Meru is a young Wingly who wants to fit in the human world. Without
    telling anyone, she left home and lived in the human world as a dancer in
    Donau. Since she got acquanted with Dart's party, she realized that humans
    were so kind and cool. They were not barbaric and rude as the former
    Winglies told her. She thought that her race was so persistent and old.
    Being a naughty and stubborn girl, Meru has tried to change the Winglies'
    opinions about humans, making the two races to live with each other in
      Meru's Romance
      Meru's sweetheart is Guaraha - a Wingly who has grown with her in the
    Wingly Forest. Guaraha likes Meru very much and no matter what she does,
    he always supports her all the way. I don't know much about the relation
    between these two, but maybe they could make a couple.
      Since Meru joined Dart's party, she has paid much of her attention to
    Dart - the leader. But I think her feeling about is not like a love. She
    is still a child who loves joking and playing, just too young to 
    understand what love is truly is. But it seems that she is very 
    interested in romance. She chases after Dart when he is talking to the 
    girls (Shana or Rose), and then she can whisper anything about them with 
    Dart, or even pick him up. She is kidding !!!
                                 K O N G O L
      What is the Plot Event of Kongol ?
      Kongol is a playable character of the game, but his role is not very
    big. There are very few things about his life given in the game. But the
    important event is that how he became Emperor Doel's knight.
      Kongol joined Emperor Doel
      As I said in the above section, Kongol was the one of the few Gigantos
    who survived after being killed by the humans. He was alone, no friend, no
    relative. At that time, Emperor Doel passed by the Giganto Home and found
    him. After knowing what had happened, he told Kongol that in the future,
    he would make Humans, Gigantos and all the existing races will be equal to
    one another. And then he persuaded Kongol to join him to be his servant.
    Emperor Doel's words are so effective, because that was also what Kongol
    wanted. So he joined Doel at a very small age. Since then, Kongol became
    the strongest servant of Emperor Doel, and he did whatever Doel ordered.
    He fought like a killing machine who had no heart. Many times Kongol were
    sent in Sandora troops to fight against the Knights of Basil. And he 
    became the nightmare of Basil for his great power and vitality.
      Kongol joined Dart's party
      In Disc 2, after the party defeats Gehrich Gang in Giganto Home, the
    powerful fist of Haschel made the statues collapse. And they drop on
    everybody. But then Kongol has come to save them. With the extreme
    strength of a Giganto, he stops the huge statue and puts it out of people
    below. Then he tells Dart that he wants to join the party. Maybe there are
    two reasons :
    - Kongol always needs a leader to take him fight for the equal of species.
    Emperor Doel has died, as Dart defeated him. And he thinks that Dart now
    is the strongest leader of him. He joins Dart in order to do his childhood
    - In the event before meeting Emperor Doel, Dart's party got a fight with
    Kongol. And Kongol lost. He should have been killed because of this. But
    Dart gave up and let him live. Maybe that action of Dart partly woke up
    Kongol, making Kongol trust him more.
      Kongol's brother - Indora
      I really wonder about this brother. I don't see him in Kongol's past.
    When little Kongol was taken away by Emperor Doel, I wonder where he was.
    Or had he been killed by the humans either ? Kongol met the image of
    Indora in The Moon That Never Sets, but there is no info about the true
    Indora. But according to the events in the Moon, this is what I can say.
      Indora might be a true Giganto who got powerful strength. He hoped a lot
    in his younger brother to become the true Giganto like him, also to prove
    the pride of Gigantos. So we can think that this was also one of the
    reasons why Kongol joined Emperor Doel. Kongol himself is very proud of
    his unwashed brother Indora. He thought that with Emperor Doel, he would
    get more training and improve his strength as his brother wanted. And in
    the challenge of the Moon That Never Sets, he has really faced Indora and
    he has satisfied his brother.
                              M I R R A N D A
      What is the Plot Event of Mirranda ?
      Not very much. But I think that's her childhood past.
      Mirranda's childhood
      Mirranda has spent her childhood which she thought to be painful and
    unworthy to be remembered.
      She was born in a poor family. Her mother alone reared her. The father
    got drunk all the time and always beat her mother. One day, Mirranda
    witnessed her mother going with a strange man. Her mother said that she
    could stay at home any longer with a bad husband like that. Then she went
    away, leaving Mirranda and her father. She never saw her mother return
    again. The father and daughter lived in poverty and misery. But according
    to Mirranda, although her father was always drunk, he did love her very
    much and always stayed by her. No matter what happened, she loved her
    father and hated her mother very much for leaving her in misery.
      But it seems that Mirranda's father also died after spending his
    miserable life in poverty. The daughter was alone. But then, she was
    adopted by Queen Theresa - the Queen of Mille Seseau. She worked hard to
    forget the pain of life. And maybe because of her great ability of
    fighting, she was chosen to be the First Sacred Sister of Deningrad. For
    her, Queen Theresa is like a respectable mother who has reared her up.
      Mirranda hates Rose
      "Rose" here has both meanings : The character in Dart's party and the
    name of a flower type. Mirranda hates both.
      She hates roses because her mother loved roses very much, as she
    extremely hates her mother for having left her in poverty. She told this
    to Haschel in the bar in Ulara.
      She hates Rose, partly because of her name coinsides the hated flower.
    And the other reason is that Rose doesn't seem good in Mirranda's opinion
    : "What a clumsy woman !". Fortunately later, after having understood what 
    Rose has spent during her eternal life, Mirranda has changed her mind and 
    fought alongside with her.
                                  L L O Y D
      What is the Plot Event of Lloyd ?
      There are two events I think to be important :
    - The relation between Lloyd and Emperor Diaz.
    - The relation between Lloyd and Lenus.
      Lloyd and Emperor Diaz
      Well, this relation still has many mysteries. But first, discuss about
    Lloyd's self.
      Lloyd is a young Wingly (of course) who wanders around the earth. He is
    the man of ambition. With his young age, his desire to do something big
    has taken him to Emperor Diaz. About this, you can refer to Emperor Diaz's
    plot analysis to know why Lloyd got contact with him instead of with
    anyone else. Both Lloyd and Emperor Diaz have the same desire. There are
    currently 107 creature kinds on the earth, as 107 fruits given by the
    Divine Tree. But there is an incomplete 108th fruit as a new creature,
    which they think to be born to change the world. Within the current chaos,
    the world will be degenerated again. So it needs a new species to rebuild
    the balance which was first given by Creator Soa. Well, they began their
    first explore at Capital Kadessa. And Diaz told Lloyd to collect the three
    Divine Moon Objects to him. Lloyd himself knew nothing about this, and he
    just did what Diaz told him to do. He also ordered Lloyd to bring Shana -
    the Moonchild to him. Lloyd did all the way to do Diaz's order without
    realizing that he was becoming an evil.
      Many players wonder about how Lloyd obtained the Dragon Buster - the
    powerful weapon which was only used to kill Dragons. So then the answer is
    that Emperor Diaz gave it to him. Again, refer to Emperor Diaz's and Melbu
    Frahma's plot analysis.
      Lloyd and Lenus
      Lloyd and Lenus are both Winglies. There's no clue about how they met
    each other. But Lenus loves Lloyd to death and she's willing to do
    whatever he orders to satisfy him. But Lloyd just considers Lenus to be a
    protective gear, a sacrifice for his ambition. First, he orders her to find 
    the Moon Dagger for him. And then, when he is pursued by Dart's party, he 
    leaves the rest for Lenus then cowardly runs away. Lenus fought alone and 
    died. She didn't know that she had loved the wrong person even when dying. 
    What love !!! :(
      Well, you can refer to Lenus' plot analysis to know about her.
      Lloyd - The Man in Black Hood
      The Man in Black Hood who followed Fruegel, and the one who was Albert's
    general are all the same : Lloyd. About the reason why he had to cover
    himself like that, is to find the things as Emperor Diaz wanted. He
    followed Fruegel to see what this did to catch up Shana. And he tried to
    be Albert's general in order to steal the Moon Gem the Albert was having.
      Lloyd and Wink
      In order to collect the Moon Mirror located in Mille Seseau, Flanvel
    Tower, Lloyd had to find all the ways to catch a person in Deningrad. On
    the way to there, he has saved The Third Sacred Sister of Deningrad - Wink
    from gangsters and Younger Bardel twice and she was very grateful to him.
    In the second time, Lloyd was injured. So Wink brought him to Deningrad,
    accidentally making a chance for Lloyd to do his mission. He was be able
    to contact Queen Theresa and then caught her, ordered her to take him to
    the Flanvel Tower to grab the Moon Mirror.
      Lloyd and the Divine Dragoon Spirit
      With the powerful Dragon Buster in hand, Lloyd decides to conquer the
    Divine Dragon to get its Dragoon Spirit to become the Divine Dragoon. He
    was very the person who unsealed the Divine Dragon in the Mountain of
    Mortal Dragon. And then he tried to fight it himself. It was lucky for him
    that Dart's party also fought the dragon to prevent its destruction for
    the people. They fought together. But finally, Lloyd got the Dragoon
    Spirit before the others could stop him. Luckily, the spirit didn't accept
    him as its owner.
     /\                                                                    /\
    (  )\~~~/\~~~/\~~~/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\~~~/\~~~/\~~~/(  )
    (  )  \    \    \     SECTION 6 : OTHER CHARACTERS       \    \    /  (  )
    (  )/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\(  )
     \/                                                                    \/
      Besides the main characters, the subordinate characters also take big
    roles to build up the story of The Legend of Dragoon. So I decided to make
    an own section to analyze them either.
                            E M P E R O R  D O E L
      He is the Emperor of Sandora, South Serdio. You can take a look at
    Albert's analysis to know some plot events about him. The major event of
    this character is that he betrayed King Carlo, making his own troop, and
    then defeated Carlo to get his throne. But his plan was a failure, as
    Albert replaced his father to rule Serdio. With the help of his faithful
    friends, Albert has defeated Emperor Doel and shown him the true meaning
    of a good ruler.
     * Where did Doel get the Dragoon Spirit of Violet Dragon ?
      Remember that Doel got contact with Lloyd, and Lloyd got contact with
    Emperor Diaz. According to what he said, the Dragon Spirit of Violet
    Dragon was given to him by Emperor Diaz. It seems that this guy owns a lot
    of things involved with the legend. Lloyd's Dragon Buster was also given 
    by him. And who the hell truely him ? Read the next plot analysis below.
                                  Z I E G
      Zieg was Dart's father and also Rose's finance. He was the Red-eyed
    Dragoon who fought in the Dragon Campaign 11000 years ago.
     Zieg was not immortal like Rose. How could he live so long like Rose ?
      Yes, Zieg wasn't immortal. But do you remember the FMV of Rose's memory
    ? Rose saw Zieg being stoned by Melbu Frahma's curse. Yes, because of the
    curse, Zieg has been stoned for thousands of years. But when the curse had
    came to its limit, Zieg was freed. Then he lived in Neet, got married and
    gave birth to Dart.
      Why did Zieg disguise into Emperor Diaz ?
      That was because Melbu Frahma possessed Zieg's body, not Zieg did. Read
    Melbu Frahma's plot analysis.
      Why did Zieg want Shana ?
     That was because Melbu Frahma possessed Zieg's body, not Zieg did. Read
    Melbu Frahma's plot analysis.
      Why did Zieg destroy the Signet Spheres and obtain the three Divine Moon
    Objects ?
     That was because Melbu Frahma possessed Zieg's body, not Zieg did. Read
    Melbu Frahma's plot analysis.
      When was Zieg possessed by Melbu Frahma ?
      In the tragedy 17 years ago. When the Black Monster destroyed the
    village Neet, Zieg took his family to a safe place. You all know what
    happened. Zieg said that he had to help the people. So he ran and
    disappeared into the fire, along with Dart's mother and left the child alone. 
    I guess that was when he got possessed.
      Did Zieg still love Rose ?
      Of course, that's true. The true Zieg has finally shown up in the ending
    scenes of the game and finally the two lovers have reunited after 11000
    years of separation and pain. 
                                C L A I R E
      Claire is Haschel's runaway daughter, and also supposed to be Dart's
      Is Haschel's daughter and Dart's mother are the same ?
      Maybe. The game doesn't confirm about this. But according to the
    episodes, we can be sure that they are the same :
    - When you first go to Fletz, let's try to check one of the bridges in the
    city. One of them is Claire bridge. When Haschel sees the bridge's name,
    he says that it is his daughter's name. But then Dart also tells that
    Claire is his mother's name. And then both Dart and Haschel look at each
    other : "Is this a coincidence ?".
    - When you get to the Water City Furni and stay in the Mayor's house,
    Haschel hears Shana singing a lullaby to console Fa. He soon realized that
    was his daughter's favourite lullaby when she was with him. Haschel
    remembered that his daughter had said that she would sing this lullaby for
    her future baby. Then Shana told him that Dart sang this lullaby to her
    when she was small. And according to Dart said, this lullaby was
    originally sung by his mother. Well...
      So if they were the same, where was she ?
      If we accept the fact that Haschel's daughter and Dart's mother are the
    same, maybe she was dead. In the tragedy 17 years ago in Neet, Dart's
    mother said that she had to help the people with her husband. Then she
    disappeared into the fire either. Since then, there has been no info about
    her. So we can think that Claire did die in that burning village (Is there
    any different idea... ?). Here we can also give up the theory that Dart 
    must be Haschel's grandson which explains their strange understanding of
    each other. Don't you see that the relation between Dart and Haschel is 
    close and friendly in a *weird* manner ? 
                                 L E N U S
       Lenus is a wandering Wingly who caused the strange accident in Tiberoa
    and a person who loved Lloyd to death.
      How did Lenus cause the strange accident in Tiberoa ?
      I don't witness the accident, so I can't tell the details of the
    accident. But we can report it like this : When Princess Emille went to
    the wood, Lenus and the Gehrich Gang had waited there and then kidnapped
    her away. After that, Lenus dressed up like Emille and lay on the ground
    as if she had fallen. And when the royal people were still searching for
    Emille, maybe the gangs brought the real Emille back to the castle ans
    hode her sometwhere. Then when Lenus went to the castle as the form of
    Emille, she used magic to hide Emille in the painting.
      Why didn't Lenus live with her community in Wingly Forest or Ulara ?
      Maybe she wanted to follow Lloyd to get him.
                         B A R D E L  B R O T H E R S
       Younger Bardel and Elder Bardel are the Wingly brothers who live with
    Meru in Wingly Forest. They are pretty persistent and unfriendly with
      Why do Bardel brothers hate Meru ?
      Because Meru plays with Humans, their most hated species.
      Why do Bardel brothers hate Humans ?
      Bardel brothers think that Humans are all the same : crude and barbaric.
    Because of species distinguishing, their baby sister was killed by a human
    some years ago, so they always have bad thoughts about humans and they
    dislike Meru when she gets contact with them.
                         D R A K E   T H E   B A N D I T         
      Remember this guy, one of your toughest bosses in Disc 1 ? I didn't 
    mention this guy in this section because his plots are not remarkable 
    enough to be discussed. Besides, the game doesn't reveal so many 
    information about his background that I don't find it worthy to write 
    here. Now as a reader's request, I decide to let him join this section and
    I'll explain everything can be known about him and my theories. 
      So who is Drake ?
      Of course, he's a bandit, just as his name implies. Looking at him lets
    you know that he belongs to Minito race. When we meet him, he keeps 
    boasting on his past as a famous bandit in the zone. Certainly I don't 
    know if this is true or not. But we can make a modest conclusion here : 
    Drake is a Minito bandit, and that's all. 
      Why can Drake stay in Shirley's Shrine and devote his life to protect 
    it ?
      Geez, this is the question asked by my reader who requests to add Drake
    in this section. Good question, right ? I have read all the related 
    conversations in the game but none of them mentioned Drake's past or the
    reason why he protects Shirley at all cost. But here is my theory. As
    you see, Drake fights you simply because he thinks you are some kind of
    gangsters who come to rob the Shrine - where Shirley rests, so we can
    think that he's completely not an evil one. Before Shirley, he always 
    expresses some kind of grattitude which must be the cause for his
    protecting her and the shrine. Drake now is no more a jerky bandit and
    perhaps the spirit of Shirley did help him to become a good person
    somehow. Drake was moved since she was so kind to him, and maybe 
    regretting his damn past. Then he decided to devote the rest of his life
    protecting the Shrine of Shirley so that she could rest in peace. 
                            E M P E R O R  D I A Z
       Who is Emperor Diaz ?
      Emperor Diaz was the person who led the human soldiers to victory in the
    Dragon Campaign along with the Dragon Knights 11000 years ago. He was
    called with another name Holy Imperial Gloriano. But he did die in the
    war. You can find his monument in Fort Condor under the Snowfield.
      So who the hell is the Emperor Diaz we saw in the game ?
      That guy is neither Emperor Diaz nor Zieg as he reveals. He is truely
    Melbu Frahma. For more information, read Melbu Frahma's plot analysis.
                     T H E  F O R M E R  D R A G O O N S
      Of course, here I mention the former Dragoons who fought and got killed
    in the Dragon Campaign 11000 years ago to bring the victory to humans, not
    including Rose and Zieg. But we should also take some info about them.
      He was the former Jade Dragoon. The FMV in Rose's memory doesn't show
    him, so I can't determine why he died. But when we met him in Vellweb, it
    seems that he was a researcher or a scientist when he had lived. He loved
    his work and his tools, that his soul didn't want to leave the earth.
      He was the former Violet Dragoon. According to the conversation between
    Rose and Kanzas, and the room he was in, we can guess that Kanzas was a
    bloody killer. He loved killing and touching blood. All those who had been
    killed by him were made into the figures in his room. His soul still
    wanders in the earth because that was not enough for me. He wanted to kill
    more, and Rose came to be either his last enemy or his last victim.
      In Rose's memory, we can see a scene that Kanzas was alone fighting a
    Virage. But it seems that he was out of his power. So Kanzas tried to
    gather all his remaining strength to play kamikaze with the Virage. And
    both of them exploded into pieces. Rose turned back and shouted his name.
    But it was too late and Zieg tried to take her away.
      He was the former Golden Dragoon, with big body and great strength.
    According to the conversation between Rose and Belzac, we can guess that
    Belzac was a person who had got feelings about the innocent people and
    children in the wars. We can also see him in Rose's memory. In the Dragon
    Campaign, he and White Silver Dragoon Shirley were fighting a Super Virage.
    The contruction in Vellweb collapsed, dropping on Belzac and Shirley.
    Belzac got all his strength to keep the dropping ceiling over, shielding
    Shirley inside, while the Super Virage still assaulted them outside. It
    prepared to finish them. But then Shirley has shot an arrow to play the
    finishing touch. Belzac's strength also had its limited. And all of them
    did die. But now, his soul still wandered here, as he couldn't believe
    that Shirley did die, as he had tried to protect her. It seems that he
    loved her very much. And Rose had to rescue his soul.
      She was the former White Silver Dragoon. About Shirley's death, I have
    explained pretty much in Belzac's analysis. And Shirley was the only dead
    one who accepted to leave the earth. But why was she still around ?
    Because she worried about his Dragoon friends who didn't accept their
    fates. She asked Rose and Dart to help and rescue their souls. As you 
    knew, her wandering spirit rests in The Shrine of Shirley, which is
    protected by Drake the Bandit. 
      She was the former Blue Sea Dragoon. There is no info about her in the
    Dragon Campaign. But according to the conversation between her and Rose,
    she was the lonely child who was half-human, half-mermaid. Dart was
    surprised how Damia could be chosen at a very young age like that (She was
    dead at 15 years old, even younger than little Meru who is 16). Rose said
    just because she has mermaid blood in her body she had got a special power
    to receive the power given by the Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit. Damia still
    wandered in the earth, because she thought that the Death City would be
    very terrible and she would be lonely again. But Rose had tried to explain
    to her that where she had to go, and she wouldn't feel lonely anymore.
                                 L U A N N A
       Luanna is the Second Sacred Sister of Deningrad who works with Mirranda
    to serve Queen Theresa. She was from Dart's hometown Neet and she herself
    has also spent that miserable tragedy like Dart.
      Luanna's special ability
      The Fourth Sacred Sisters of Deningrad are chosen due to their special
    abilities. Mirranda is expert at battling and physics, Luanna is good at
    telepathy and reading others' minds. So how did she get this special
    ability ? It was all caused by the tragedy 17 years ago.
      When the Black Monster attacked Neet and killed people. Luanna and her
    mother was hiding somewhere in the village. But they were sound by the
    Black Monster. It asked them where the Moonchild was. But they themselve
    didn't know anything and were frightened. Luanna's mother tried to protect
    her daughter, telling her to close her eyes to prevent her from being
    frightened. Then the Black Monster soon burned her mother miserably.
    Luanna was too young, and she just obeyed her mother and closed her eyes.
    She heard her mother's scream, and she felt the fire. But she couldn't do
    anything. She was so frightened, just screamed and screamed... But at
    last, Luanna was still alive. She didn't know why the Black Monster didn't
    kill her. But since, she got blinded. But to compensate this, Luanna grew
    a special ability : reading the others' minds. She could read what the
    otheres were thinking. She could felt the hapinness and the pains in their
    minds, and then she could share with them. This was also the reason why
    Lloyd was spotted when he came to Crystal Palace to do his plan. Luanna
    soon realized him to be evil, as she could read his thoughts.
                          M A G I C I A N  F A U S T
      Who is Magician Faust ?
      This is a side quest of this game. In the Dragon Campaign, human
    soldiers had Holy Imperial Gloriano as their captain. And the Winglies
    also have Melbu Frahma as their leader. Melbu Frahma's right hand was
    Magician Faust. They all had the ambition to have the world in their hand.
    But since the Winglies lost, Melbu Frahma was supposed to be dead,
    Magician Faust disappeared and no one saw him since then. In fact, he hode
    himself in his own place Taboo hidden in the Tower of Flanvel. According
    to known information, Magician Faust was the strongest lord of magic. His
    magical power was unwashed and he was immortal, except if he was affected
    by the Vanishing Stone.
                           C H A R L E  F R A H M A
      Charle Frahma was Melbu Frahma's sister and she was a kind Wingly. It
    seems that she knows a lot about the relation between Rossie and Zieggy -
    how she called them. She herself was immortal either. 11000 years ago,
    very Charle created and gave Rose the magical choker to keep her immortal,
    as she was chosen to kill the Moonchild when it was born every 108 years.
    Charle knew the historical events very clearly. She had expected the day
    of the Moon That Never Sets, when the Moonchild would give birth to the
    God of Destruction. So she created the five Signet Spheres located in the
    five cities of Winglies. These magical spheres have the power to prevent
    the Moon from dropping onto the earth, as they could seal the Moonchild to
    give birth to the God of Destruction. All those events were expected by
    Charle, and she put a lot of hopes to Dart's party to save the world from
    annihilation, by telling them to save the Signet Spheres as soon as
    possible before "Zieg" could destroy them.
                             M E L B U  F R A H M A
      Who is Melbu Frahma ?
      He is Charle Frahma's brother. He was the captain of Wingly soldiers in
    the Dragon Campaign 11000 years ago.
      Did he get killed by Zieg ?
      Yes, he did, as we saw in Rose's memory. But Melbu was a Wingly with
    strong magical power. He was be able to exist without his physical body.
    When dying, he left a curse that stoned Zieg for thousands of years. And
    Melbu himself tried to exist without his body for the same time.
      Why and how did Melbu possess Zieg ?
      Existing without his physical body prevented him from doing anything. So
    he needed a physical flesh to survive and to do his plan : becoming the
    108th creature - The God of Destruction to rule the world. He chose Zieg
    because he wanted to get revenge Zieg of killing him. He did possess Zieg
    when the Black Monster attacked Neet 17 years ago.
      Why did Melbu disguise into Emperor Diaz ?
      To make it easier for him to do his plan. With the name of Emperor Diaz,
    he could easily persuade and order Lloyd to do what he wanted, and also to
    cover the fact that he was Melbu Frahma who was borrowing Zieg's body to
    do his evil plan.
      Why did he need Shana ?
      Because Shana was the Moonchild who could help him to become the God of
      Why did he need the three Divine Moon Objects ?
      Because the three of them gathered will obtain the power that the
    Moonchild used to give birth to the God of Destruction.
      Why did he have to destroy the Signet Spheres ?
      Because the Signet Spheres were created to seal the power of the
     /\                                                                    /\
    (  )\~~~/\~~~/\~~~/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\~~~/\~~~/\~~~/(  )
    (  )  \    \    \   SECTION 7 : ADDITIONAL EXPLANATIONS  \    \    /  (  )
    (  )/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/~~~\/~~~\/~~~\(  )
     \/                                                                    \/
      I open this section, in order to explain some confusing phrases in
    the game that you can understand what I'm saying about.
      Anyone who has played this game are not strange with this name. They 
    are the Four Sacred Sisters of Deningrad - Queen Theresa's right hand to
    rule the kingdom. I list them here since their positions always make me
    wonder. The phrase "Sacred" seems to imply their special abilities and
    maybe they were honoured because of them. These are just my theories.
      - The First Sacred Sister : This was chosen for Mirranda - a playable
    fighter in the game. She may be an expert fighter who is talented at
    shooting (as we see). She is assigned because not only of her straight-
    forward personality and the bravery in battlefields, but also her ability
    to protect the country. Her harsh childhood has formed her a tough lady 
    in both saying and doing. And perhaps she deserves it. 
      - The Second Sacred Sister : Except the ability of fighting, the 
    blinded lady Luanna can be compared to Mirranda about her being strong-
    hearted and bravery. She can even be better than Mirranda with her wisdom 
    and experience about life. In my guess, if Mirranda is a great fighter on 
    the real battles, Luanna must be the great oracle in the spiritual 
    combats. Her special telepathy allows her to read others' minds and 
    heartily help them with her admirable understandings. 
      - The Third Sacred Sister : This is indeed Wink, according to the game. 
    According a few scenes in the game, I guess her special ability is 
    teleport. The proof is that she could make a short flash from the Capital
    of Deningrad to Flanvel Tower to interfere Dart's battle against Lloyd. 
    Besides that special power, she proves to be completely clumsy compared to
    her older sisters Mirranda and Luanna in every field. While most of other
    people around, especially Luanna, keeps a careful eye on the strange guest 
    Lloyd, Wink may be the only one who trusts him at all cost. Yeah, and 
    finally she has to pay for that. 
      - The Fourth Sacred Sister : Setie is the name of this youngest sister. 
    But what is her speciality ? I don't know. She seems to take no major role 
    in the events of the game besides the role of being Sister Luanna's guide
    and helper. The only clue we can find out about Setie is that she's a very 
    kind one - according to Luanna. 
      Anyone has your own theories about these honourable ladies ?  
      I have explained about this in Timeline section. It was the war among
    the world races, especially between Humans and Winglies 11000 years. The
    Winglies used the Virages as their fighting tools, and the Humans had
    Dragoons be their leaders. The Dragoons controlled the Dragons to fight
    against the Virages of Winglies. The victory belonged to Human race and 
    the first time they got their own liberty after a long time living under 
    the rule of Winglies.
      They are the three Divine Moon Objects which contain mysterious power.
    Once their power is gathered, they will raise up the true power of the
    Moonchild to give birth to God of Destruction. The three Divine Moon
    Objects are located everywhere all over the world which are :
    - The Moon Gem : It is located in Serdio and possessed by King Albert.
    - The Moon Dagger : located in Tiberoa, possessed by King Zior.
    - The Moon Mirror : located in Mille Seseau, possessed by Queen Theresa
    and placed in the Tower of Flanvel.
      That's the reason why Emperor Diaz - Melbu Frahma ordered Lloyd to find
    the three Divine Moon Objects for him. Then he can obtain the power of the
    Moonchild and turn into the God of Destruction as he wished.
      The Moonchild is gradually supposed to be born to give birth to the God
    of Destruction. In showing of this, there was a strange event called "The
    Moon That Never Sets" happenning on the earth, as the God of Destruction
    was being born within the power of the Moonchild. To prevent this event,
    Charle Frahma created five Signet Spheres to seal the power of the
    Moonchild and also to prevent "The Moon That Never Sets". There are five
    Signet Spheres around in Wingly cities. The main signet sphere - the
    Crystal Sphere located in Capital Kadessa was destroyed during the Dragon
    Campaign. The four remaining ones are located in The Crystal Palace in the 
    Capital of Deningrad, Magical City Aglis, Law City Zenebatos and Death 
    City Mayfil. In order to prevent the catastrophe, Dart's party must try 
    all the way to save the Signet Spheres before Melbu Frahma could destroy 
    them to obtain the power of the Moonchild and become the God of Destruction.
      This is one of the two weapons created to kill the powerful Dragons
    only. The Dragon Buster is known as a sword-like weapon with strong
    piercing power which can hurt the giant body parts of dragons. Because of
    this strong piercing, Lloyd used it to slash the Divine Dragon's eye and
    one thrust of the Dragon Buster killed Lavitz immediately.
      The magical staff is not used as a fighting weapon. When being used in
    battle, it will drain all the power of Dragons and Dragoons into it,
    extremely reducing the strength of Dragons and Dragoons. This is the true
    function of the Dragon Block Staff. But when it drains the power so fully,
    it may break out.
      **Contributed by Ouranos Heaven**
      Soa's intension : Last fruit will destroy the world unless all species 
    unite and do something about it (they did in this game). Soa gave a 
    chance for every species to put aside difference and unite in protecting 
    their world and making the world a better place. 
      After the seed had grown, she left. No more interference from Soa. 
      Later people mentioning about God in the game only referred to the last 
    fruit (God = God of destruction = Virage embryo = last fruit). By the way, 
    the last fruit is the moon. (the biggest fruit that appeared on top of the 
    Divine Tree). 
      Winglies were the first to find out about the last fruit(GOD). In order 
    to stop the birth of the last fruit, Winglies separated the body and the 
    soul of the last fruit. How did they do that ? They took out the soul of 
    the fruit and kept it in the spheres. Then, they floated the body (the moon) 
    in the space. They also placed the signets around the body (the moon) so 
    that the soul couldn’t return to the body in case the spheres broke. The 
    sphere containing the soul of the fruit had enormous power. Winglies drew 
    the power from the sphere (the soul) and grew even more powerful. 
       Melbu frama abused the power given by the sphere. Human didn't know about 
    the last fruit. So, in order to defeat Melbu Frama, they broke his main power 
    source which is the sphere containing the soul of the fruit (the God of 
    Destruction). The soul is free now. But...
       Because of the signet sphere, the soul couldn’t return to the moon even 
    after the sphere was broken. From that time on, the soul wandered around the 
    world. Finally, the soul reincarnated into human body (as the Moonchild) 
    every 108 years. If the Moonchild was allowed to live and grew powerful, 
    he/she might find a way to return to his body (the moon) and might be born as 
    the God of Destruction (Virage Embryo). 
       In order to prevent the soul of the fruit from maturing and growing 
    powerful as the Moonchild, Rose (the Black Monster) kept killing the Moonchild 
    as soon as it was born.
      An immortal creature who was given the duty to kill the Moonchild when
    it is born. After the tragedy in Mille Seseau, people always consider that
    Black Monster is a barbaric evil who touch blood. But once the Moonchild
    is killed, the world can be saved from annihilation. In this game, The
    chosen Black Monster was Rose. Charle Frahma gave her the magical choker
    to keep her immortal to do this important duty. That's the reason why Rose
    could spend a very long life.
      Born by the God, who is considered to give "holy blessing" to the
    people. The Moonchildren are born every 108 years to do its function. But
    the truth was that the Moonchild gives birth to the God of Destruction in
    order to take the world to annihilation. In this game, the Moonchild was
    chosen to be Shana.
      As the Moonchild is giving birth to the God of Destruction, the Moon
    will be lowered to earth, staying on the Divine Tree that is called "The
    Moon That Never Sets". It's a signal heralding that the world is going to
    be annihilated.
      Virage, as we know, is the creature that supported Winglies in the
    Dragon Campaign. But this species is a super Virage - the God of
    Destruction which would be given birth by the Moonchild. This
    species has the strongest power which could take the world to ruin. It's 
    very the incomplete fruit that Emperor Diaz/Melbu Frahma mentioned - the 
    new species who "will change the world".
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      I would like to send my special thanks to the people who has helped me
    to do this FAQ - the first plot guide of mine :
      + SCEI and SCEA - for creating and publishing this great game The Legend
    of Dragoon.
      + People in The Legend of Dragoon GameFAQs message board, especially
    KTG2 - for answering me the plot questions about the game.
      + Jeff "CJC" Veasay - for posting this FAQ on GameFAQs and for creating
    the greatest gaming site for us gamers.
      + All the sites who have used my FAQ legally - for giving up my guide to
    the community of players.
      + All readers who have read or taken a look at my guide - for using your
    time to get interested in the FAQ.
      + All people who have contributed to the FAQ, especially Ouranos Heaven 
    - for making my guide better.
      This is the end of my FAQ.
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