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    Game Script by wildcat1ky1

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ------------This FAQ is Copyright 2005 by Wildcat1ky1-------------
    |--------------------/ THE LEGEND OF DRAGOON \--------------------|
    ---------------------------- Game Script --------------------------
    Version: 1.1
    Date: July 1, 2005
    Progress: Can't say I'm working any faster, but I hear I have three
    weeks until school starts again, and my goal is Disk I. At this rate
    I may finish before I graduate from High School in two years. The
    fact I am getting God of War next week may be bad news for updates,
    but I shall try. Also, I added the chase after Hellena Prison all the
    way to the entrance to the Limestone Caves.
    Version: 1.0
    Date: June 23, 2005
    Progress: Working slowly at first, but I will speed things up
    quite a bit and hope to be finished by the end of summer with
    the script for Disk I. I have done from the opening CGI movie of Disk I
    all the way to the breakout of Hellena Prison.
    This Game Script is copyrighted to Wildcat1ky1 of GameFAQs.com. If
    anyone wants to post it somewhere for their private (hmmm....) or
    public use, just ask. Stealing is pointless, it's mere words. But if you
    do, mind the fact you shall be hunted down by robots and captured, then
    put inside of a small cage to be gawked at by passersby. Your choice.
    Opening Statement:
    Okay, hello all, my name is wildcat1ky1 at Gamefaqs.com, and I
    am creating a fanfiction for the story of Legend of Dragoon,
    based from the videogame we have all grown to love. My story
    itself strays a bit at times, and the dialogue is probably a
    lot better than the more simple stuff you’ll find here, but
    overall it’s the same lovable game. This is taken directly from
    the videogame, and not all is forced cutscenes, a lot is from
    people you can talk to by pressing the action button, so I added
    some important talks in here just for kicks.
    I used asterisks for actions performed by characters to narrate the
    story, and writing with the name of the speaker attached in front 
    for dialogue, the important stuff! For reference there is going to
    be a table of contents to see where you are currently at, or just
    an overview of the locations they visit and the important scenes.
    So, sit back in your comfortable computer chair and enjoy the
    story of The Legend of Dragoon....
    Contact info for me:
    Instant Messenger (AIM): wildcat1ky1
    E-mail: wildcat1ky1@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents:
    Disk I
    1. Pre-game CGI Movie info
    2a. Prologue
    2b. The Mysterious Woman
    3a. Chapter I: The Serdian War
    3b. Seles
    3c. The Courtesies of Hellena Prison
    3d. The Head Warden
    3e. The Forest
    4a. Hellena Prison: The Break-In
    4b. Lavitz
    4c. The Search for Shana
    4d. The Head Warden’s Rage
    4e. The Escape
    5a. The Chase
    5b. Tales of the Past
    5c. Working with What You Have
    5d. A Knight's Kindness
    6a. The Limestone Caves
    ************************** SPOILERS AHEAD ***************************
    ................It will ruin the entire game for you.................
    ........................You have been warned.........................
    ************************** SPOILERS AHEAD ***************************
    1. Pre-game CGI Movie info
    'When the clash of swords echo,
    The journey chasing the past ends and
    The journey to know today begins.
    One soul seeks another and
    Pledges their sworn friendship to another.
    One mystery begets the next and
    The doors of fate are opened.'
    "You are free to sever the chains of fate that bind you...."
    2a. Prologue....
    *fade from black screen to opening scene*
    *town of Seles burns; shows riders stampeding through
    town and stopping near a gathering of troops*
    *one soldier takes the reigns of a horse and holds it,
    while the Great Commander gets off*
    Sandoran Soldier: "Great Commander, this way."
    *the soldier gestures behind him toward a large slab
    of stone with a girl on top and leads him to it*
    Great Commander: "So, this is her...."
    *he pulls out a glowing orb and holds it over her
    forehead and allows the moon to shine, causing a light
    to shoot down*
    Great Commander: "Hmm, indeed. Put her into custody."
    *Great Commander stands and walks away as he pockets
    the orb; a shadowy cloaked figure appears beside him*
    Great Commander: "Is this really necessary?"
    Cloaked Figure: "It is his Majesty, Emperor Doel's,
    command to take that girl into custody."
    *the Great Commander halts*
    Great Commander: "Who is she?"
    *the Cloaked Figure stops as well for a brief moment*
    Cloaked Figure: "That...is not your concern."
    *Cloaked Figure walks away swiftly, leaving the
    Great Commander to ponder; the night drags onward,
    the fires continue to burn in the village, and the
    riders leave with the girl*
    *fade to black*
    2b. The Mysterious Woman
    *cut to a young woman with black hair and black armor
    standing on a rock ledge overlooking a large and dense
    forest below; the forest grows quiet; suddenly the
    trees shake as birds fly from that area and a large
    roar is heard from the forest and a green creature’s
    head and upper body emerges*
    Woman: "The Green Tusked Dragon, Feyrbrand."
    *the woman nimbly hops down the rocky cliff side near
    the big forest, going from rock to rock to reach the
    *fade to black*
    *a young man with spiky hair and red armor is sitting
    on a tree stump, reading a war bulletin*
    Dart: "Hmm, 'Chance of war more likely'."
    *he puts it away and sighs*
    Dart: "I hope it's just a rumor."
    *the forest grows quiet and birds stop chirping; the
    young man hears hoof beats nearby*
    *many soldiers ride past the young man's hiding place
    on horses, going up the trail and away from him; the
    young man waits until the last one has gone by before
    emerging and standing on the broad path*
    *suddenly two straggling horses taking up the rear
    nearly run him over, two angry soldiers riding them*
    Sandoran Soldier 1: "Who are you? Are you a mercenary
    of Basil?"
    *he pulls out his spear and thrusts it at the armored 
    Sandoran Soldier 1: "Answer!"
    *the young man pulls out a long sword in retaliation
    and prepares to defend himself*
    Sandoran Soldier 2: "What are you doing?"
    Sandoran Soldier 1: "Are you drawing a sword against
    *before the young man can react, a large roar is
    heard from nearby and a large tree comes crashing
    down behind the man*
    Sandoran Soldier 2: "Wh-what is that!?"
    *suddenly a large creature, the dragon, leaps toward
    the three, its large clawed limbs slashing at them
    *the two soldiers on horses are scared, so they
    quickly gallop away after their group, forgetting the
    *the young man bats away a few swings from the clawed
    arms before giving up and deciding to run for it*
    Dart: "I gotta do something or I'll be killed!"
    *he barely avoids a swing, ducking and rolling just in
    time, then runs into a stream as another tree is felled
    by the beast; he crosses a stream and ducks as the
    claws fly by, severing a large tree in half directly
    before him*
    *he climbs over the trunk and takes a breath*
    Dart: "What a monster!"
    *he hears it roar in pleasure as massive claws dig
    into the trunk behind him*
    Dart: "It's coming!"
    *he starts running again as the beast steps over and
    crushes the large tree trunk to pieces; suddenly a
    young woman with black hair leaps from behind a bush
    to the right and grabs the young man; she pulls him
    to safety to the left behind a large boulder that is
    off the path*
    Dart: "Who are you?"
    *the woman whispers*
    Woman: "Shh! If you don't want to die."
    *the creature bashes the rock wall on the right side
    opposite the large boulder they are hiding behind,
    then stomps off*
    Dart: "Thanks for saving me. What the heck was that?"
    *the woman turns around*
    Woman: "It's a Dragon."
    Dart: "Dragon!?"
    *the young man looks horrified as the woman turns back
    to face him*
    Woman: "But it's strange. That village could've been
    easily destroyed without a dragon."
    Dart: "The village...? Are you talking about Seles!?"
    *the woman nods slightly*
    Dart: "Then those soldiers were....?"
    Woman: "There won't be anything left by now."
    *the young man shouts to her and runs down the path:*
    Dart: "Seles is my village!"
    *as he runs off, the woman watches as a stone of hers
    glows a very bright violet before fading*
    Woman [thinking]: "Oh my God...!? That man must be...?
    No. There is no way."
    *fade to black*
    3b. Seles
    *shows Dart at the top of a large hill overlooking
    the burning town of Seles*
    Dart: "Oh no! My god! Where is everybody?"
    *he flies down the hills in a cloud of dust,
    skidding to a halt and leaping over a wooden
    *hearing someone speaking around the corner of a
    burned-out building, now merely rubble, he stops*
    Villager: "You didn't get enough killing!?"
    Sandoran Soldier 1: "Hah! It may be enough if I
    kill you."
    *the two soldiers are shown kicking at the fallen
    villager; Dart cannot wait, he leaps out and
    reveals himself, drawing his blade*
    Sandoran Soldier 2: "Oh, a mercenary? Isn't it
    a little late for you to show up?"
    *angered by the abuse, Dart growls to them and
    waves his sword backwards*
    Dart: "Shut up! What are you doing here?"
    *treating Dart like a common pest, the soldiers
    Sandoran Soldier 1: "Can't you see? We're gonna
    occupy this area, and these worms were in our way."
    Dart: "Occupy? Were you sent by the Imperial Army?"
    Sandoran Soldier 2: "Even if we were, it's none of
    your business. You're gonna die soon!"
    *both soldiers draw swords and attack Dart; Dart
    beats them and they run away scared*
    *rushing to kneel beside dying villager, Dart holds
    his hand tightly*
    Villager: "Are...are you...really...Dart?"
    Dart: "Yes! It's me! Why is Seles under attack!?"
    Villager: "War...Imperial Sandora...attacked us...."
    Dart: "What about the truce?"
    Villager: "Yeah. Suddenly...I didn't imagine...they
    could come to...such an outlying area."
    Dart: "If only I had come back sooner...."
    Villager: "There is something you have to do...Shana.
    Rescue Shana, only...you can...."
    *the old villager slumps back and fades from this
    Dart: "What about Shana!? Hey! Wait!"
    *Dart releases his hold and stands, head down low
    as he walks away and sees a figure facedown a short
    distance away*
    Dart: "Plos!"
    *rushing over to the man, Dart helps him sit up*
    Plos: "That voice...is that you, Dart?"
    Dart: "It's just a light wound."
    Plos: "I guess...I was lucky. But look at this
    village. If only you came back earlier.... It's
    about Shana, too."
    Dart: "What's wrong with Shana?"
    Plos: "She was taken away. It seems Shana was their
    primary purpose."
    Dart: "Do you know where they went?"
    Plos: "I...don't know...."
    *concerned for her safety, Dart is riled up now; he
    soon hears clanks of armor as a heavily clad soldier
    walks up*
    Dart (to Plos): "I'm gonna make him talk!"
    *commander laughs at those words and smiles at the
    two soldiers with him, the same two from before that
    ran away*
    Commander: "Besting a private is no reason to be
    *ignoring the comment, Dart said:*
    Dart: "Where did you take Shana?"
    Commander: "Shana.... Don't you worry about her. She
    must be receiving the courtesies of Hellena Prison
    by now."
    Dart: "Hellena?"
    Commander: "Surprised, huh? We specifically invited
    only that woman."
    Dart: "You must be kidding!? You attacked the village
    only to kidnap Shana!?"
    Commander: "Exactly, but don't worry, I will let you
    follow them. Although not to Hellena!"
    *he draws his sword as his two lackeys also do and
    they all three charge as he yells*
    Commander: "To Hell!"
    *Dart fights them all, slaying the two lackeys rapidly
    and then besting the commander and smiting him with
    his blade*
    *Dart drags Plos to lean against a burned house wall*
    Plos: "Dart, you are going to go rescue Shana, aren't
    Dart: "Yes."
    Plos: "I won't stop you, but be careful. Your journey
    is not over yet."
    Dart: "...No."
    Plos: "You can count on us about Seles. There should be
    enough people who can still move."
    Dart: "Thank you. When I settle everything, I'll be back.
    With Shana."
    *Plos nods and smiles, when suddenly two children rush at
    Dart, a boy attempting to tackle him*
    Isha: "Go away!"
    Lowe: "Be gone, Sandorans!"
    Dart: "Stop it! It's me!"
    Isha: "Is it...Dart?..."
    Dart: "Both of you have grown up."
    Isha: "Dart! Sandora, Sandora got everybody!"
    *she hugs Dart and pulls back*
    Dart: "I got them. Everything is okay now."
    Lowe: "Everybody's dead."
    Dart: "Not everybody."
    Lowe: "What?"
    Dart: "Not everyone was killed. So you have to help the
    people in the village. I will rescue...Shana."
    Plos: "Indeed. Do what you can."
    Isha: "I'll get medical herbs!"
    Lowe: "Me too!"
    *they both rush into the house, then each split up after
    getting the herbs to tend to the injured*
    Plos: "We can take care of the village. Focus on Shana and
    yourself. Good luck, Dart."
    *as Dart nods, he sees Isha nearby*
    Isha: "Go rescue Shana...good luck."
    *as Dart nods and hugs her one last time, he turns and walks
    away, seeing Lowe tending to a sick man*
    Lowe: "I wonder how Shana is doing?
    Dart: "We can only hope for the best."
    *he moves on when a man leaps before him, crying*
    Man: "Dart, you shamelessly came back! Because you weren't
    here...they took her! What are you going to do about my
    feelings towards Shana? You should have come back earlier!
    For Shana's sake!"
    *without another word, the man leaves in a huff, making
    Dart feel worse*
    *Dart is ready to leave when the man being tended by Lowe
    Wounded Villager: "It was a nightmare. The fires set by
    Sandora scorched the entire village to the ground. Everybody
    ran away from the village, but it was before dawn, and I
    didn't know where everybody ran to...."
    *the man broke down and started crying, falling to sleep
    again as Dart sighed and turned away*
    *as he neared the exit of the village, he came upon a large
    well, where a lone woman sat, staring at the large graveyard
    recently dug*
    Woman: "We wanted to ask for help from Indels Castle, but
    they say there is a guardian living in the Limestone Cave
    on the way and we couldn't go. If there was no guardian
    living in the Limestone  Cave, I would go ask for help
    Dart: "I do not know if that is true, but for now you are
    most needed here...."
    *he put a hand on her shoulder and was prepared to leave
    when a hand touched his shoulder; he spun around to face
    his old mentor*
    Dart: "Master Tasman!?"
    Tasman: "I taught you how to use the sword. I won't be
    killed so easily."
    *the two embrace briefly, shaking hands enthusiastically
    and pull apart*
    Tasman: "But, we were outnumbered. I couldn't stop them
    by myself."
    *they are saddened as he talks again*
    Tasman: "You already heard about Shana?
    Dart: "I am...heading to Hellena."
    *he thinks for a second, Tasman finally smiles faintly*
    Tasman: "Then have a match with me before you go. I want
    to see if you have the ability to rescue Shana."
    Dart: “Very well, Master Tasman.”
    Tasman: "Then show your true power! Don't even think about
    being easy on me because of my weakened condition! Shall
    we begin?"
    *Dart nods and they draw blades and prepare to fight,
    circling each other cautiously*
    Tasman: "I will remind you about the fundamentals of sword
    fighting I taught you long ago."
    *the two battle for a few minutes, having fun and forgetting
    about the way things are before finally stopping*
    Tasman: "I am going to go on a journey soon. If you think you
    need to practice more, ask me now. We most likely won't see
    each other again."
    Dart: "No, thank you, Master. I believe I am ready."
    *Master Tasman nods in acceptance and bows, allowing Dart
    to take one last look at Seles and everyone here before leaving*
    *fade to black*
    3c. The Courtesies of Hellena Prison
    *in a cell at the tallest tower of Hellena prison, the
    young girl taken from Seles is led to a cell and knocked
    down to the floor by a rude Hellena Warden's spear butt*
    Hellena Warden: "Be good in there!"
    *he shuts the door as a rat scurries across the floor, the
    girl curling up and crying softly*
    *fade to black*
    3d. The Head Warden
    *on a wooden, rickety bridge high in the tower of Hellena,
    where wooden rafters and platforms mix with pure cliff sides,
    there is talking*
    *a large monstrosity of a man named Fruegel, the Head Warden
    of Hellena Prison, is talking to the Cloaked Figure from
    earlier on the bridge*
    Fruegel: "Who in the world is the girl!? You can tell me."
    Cloaked Figure: "The world's future rests on her."
    Fruegel: "That's it!?"
    Cloaked Figure: "This is enough information for you. Those of
    you who do not grasp the value should just do what the order
    *angered by this, Fruegel makes a fist at the hooded being*
    Fruegel: "I am not taking your orders! Only His Majesty, Doel,
    can order me!"
    Cloaked Figure: "Anyway...you must remember this. If you make
    a scratch on her, it'll cost more than your head. This is a
    message from Emperor Doel."
    *Fruegel has lost this round with words, so he screams:*
    Fruegel: "Argh!"
    *turning from the cloaked one, Fruegel stomps off, swinging
    his right arm wide and clipping a guard under the chin; the
    guard stumbles back, plummeting over the side of the railing
    to fall to his demise far below*
    *the cloaked one merely watches, pleased*
    *fade to black*
    3e. The Forest
    *cut to Dart in the forest near Seles, where he bumps into a
    Merchant doubled over searching the ground*
    Merchant: "I lost the squirrel. Oh well. In these troubled
    times you have to protect yourself. What do you think? Wanna
    buy something?"
    Dart: "No thanks."
    Merchant: "I see. Oh well. Come again. I'll teach you how to
    use the items."
    *Dart goes through forest until he comes upon the log
    connecting the two lands, a deep abyss underneath the log;
    after crossing it a boar jumps out to scare him, and he
    merely looks at it fiercely and it runs away*
    Dart: "It reminds me..."
    *he has a vision of the past where he and Shana crossed the
    log as children*
    Dart: "Wait!"
    Shana: "This way! This way!"
    *a boar leaps out*
    Shana: "Yeek!"
    Dart: "Cut it out! Leave Shana aone!"
    *it cuts back to present day*
    Dart (to imaginary boar): "Leave Shana alone! Hang in there,
    I'll get you out from there."
    *fade to black*
    4a. Hellena Prison: The Break-In
    *Dart gets out of the Forest and reaches the rocky cliffs
    near the sea, where he sees the great fortress of Hellena;
    many towers and spires are spawning from the immense stone
    Dart: "Well, how can I sneak in?"
    *he leaps behind a rock as the merchant from earlier and a
    cart stroll by slowly; Dart follows with an idea*
    *cut to gatekeeper near gate*
    Gatekeeper: "...I see. Good meat and fish. Sir Fruegul will
    be happy."
    Merchant: "You bought a lot recently. Is there something
    going on?"
    Gatekeeper: "It's not the business of a merchant like you."
    Merchant: "Okay, okay. Sorry."
    Gatekeeper: "I'll inspect the load."
    *Dart leaps out of the back end and hides on the side
    opposite to the gatekeeper as he checks the products in
    the back*
    Gatekeeper: "It seems to be okay."
    *he goes back to his position as Dart hops back inside the
    Gatekeeper: "LOWER THE BRIDGE!"
    *with a thunderous crash the iron grate bridge is lowered, so
    the cart can pass into Hellena safely*
    *they stop and Dart gets out as merchant walks to the end of
    the hallway, seeing where he is to unload products*
    Dart [thinking]: "I made it!"
    *he sees the only exit is the way by the main gate, and a
    guard is stationed there, so he attempts to sneak past the
    Merchant (frightened at first): "Who are you?!"
    Dart [thinking]: "Oh no, I've been discovered!"
    *suddenly the raised voices bring a nearby guard there, where
    the merchant backs off as Dart fights and kills the guard*
    Merchant: "He-help me! I am just a delivery man!"
    Dart: "Be quiet, I'm not going to kill you."
    Merchant: "O-okay, I won't make a noise."
    *Dart kills two more guards outside the room, then he goes
    up some stone stairs to the right*
    *he kills two guards on the way upstairs, then goes out and
    kills a guard exiting another doorway; Dart kills three more
    guards inside the new room with a large fireplace at the
    center, then leaves the room*
    *he takes a working elevator up one level and kills the guard
    waiting for the elevator*
    *he enters into a circular tower room that splits off from
    the main building, with a central support stone pillar holding
    it together; a wooden bridge separates the inner walkway with
    the outer walkway, where the prison cells are located at*
    *fade to black*
    4b. Lavitz
    Hellena Warden: "Move quicker! You have such bad luck! You
    will regret not being killed on the battlefield!"
    *the two wardens push two Knights of Basil along*
    Basil Knight: "What do you mean?"
    Hellena Warden: "You really believe you can live comfortably
    in the jail? The Head Warden, Fruegel, will feed you to the
    Basil Knight: "Feed us to the monster? I won't let you
    humiliate us anymore!"
    Hellena Warden: "Oh, feisty, feisty! It's the worst kind of
    P.O.W., but the best kind of feed."
    Basil Knight: "If you want to kill me, kill me now!"
    Voice: "I won't let him!"
    *suddenly a dead Hellena warden is thrown around the corner
    and a man brandishing a spear in fancy green clothes and armor
    twirls it in circles*
    Knight of Basil: "Sit Lavitz!"
    Hellena Warden: "You, you bastard! You broke out of the
    jail!? Silly guy! You think you can escape from here alone!?”
    *Lavitz holds off the warden*
    Lavitz: “I’ll take care of this! Survive and go back to
    Indels Castle alive! Tell King Albert…!”
    *Lavitz kills his warden as the two Knights shove the second
    one to the ground and run away*
    New Hellena Warden: "I won't let you!"
    *suddenly more guards arrive, throwing the two Knights over
    the railing and into the deep abyss between the two walkways*
    Hellena Warden: "I took care of those guys!"
    *Lavitz fights the other guard off; as Lavitz kills his
    guard Dart arrives and finishes off the new guard*
    Dart: "Is this civil war!?"
    Lavitz: "You, who are you? Are you a dog of Basil too?"
    *they both slay two more guards and then clash weapons*
    Lavitz: "Who are you!?"
    Dart: "I am Dart! I am not your enemy!"
    Lavitz: "I am Lavitz Slambert. I am head of the First
    Knighthood of the Kingdom of Basil."
    Dart: "Well, it seems we don't have time for introductions."
    *they fend off two more guards*
    Dart: "No, we don't!"
    *another guard arrives; they slay all three guards*
    Lavitz: "I will carry out your wish. You said, Dart. I cannot
    imagine there is anybody that intentionally comes to Hellena?
    What are you up to?"
    Dart: "I am here to rescue someone important to me. Do you
    know anything about her!? Her name is Shana!"
    Lavitz: "I am sorry, but..."
    Dart: "I'll look elsewhere."
    Lavitz: "I'll go with you."
    Dart: "I thought you had to go back to the castle as soon as
    Lavitz: "She's important, this girl you are looking for."
    Dart: "It's my problem. It was my fault."
    Lavitz: "I don't know what brought you here to Hellena, but
    it's not that easy to go through alone. That goes for me too.
    But, I can break out of here, together with you! Of course with
    the girl."
    Dart: "How come you trust me? We've just met."
    Lavitz: "The raid you made was quite impressive. I trusted you
    to guard my back. That's the way I think."
    Dart: "Alright. Let's go together."
    *fade to black*
    4c. The Search for Shana
    *they check first cell and see only a skeleton*
    *second cell has a man hiding in it*
    Man: "Fruegel's coming, Fruegel's coming to kill me! Fruegel's,
    *they leave, then try the third cell*
    Man: "I didn't want to fight, why did I have to be sent to
    this hell? God, if I had only known, I wouldn't have offended
    Second man: "The wardens were saying "that girl's confined
    in the second prison tower." Why are they making so much noise
    about one girl?"
    *they leave the tower, killing the guard that came from an
    above elevator and take the elevator to the top level*
    *entering into the room to the left, they see many guards at
    the two ends of the room, so they quietly sneak up onto the
    wooden platform right to their left*
    Dart: "The security is tight here."
    Lavitz: "Yes, this room is extra tightly guarded."
    Dart: "What about this key?"
    *Dart picks up key left atop a crate*
    Lavitz: "Take it with us. We'll need if the girl called Shana
    is under confinement. But why only that girl?"
    Dart: "I intend to ask that directly to the head warden. But
    that's after we rescue Shana."
    *they go into new tower using the key and into the first cell*
    Man: "Everything is over. There is no getting out of here alive.
    My life is over."
    Man 2: "Hey, don't give up! If we just throw our hope away,
    we are fools! I won't give up! I will get out of here alive!"
    *they leave the two men and see a heavily guarded cell;
    outside Shana's cell two guards rise*
    Hellena Guard: "You...you are from Basil!"
    Dart: "Lavitz, get 'em before they make a sound!"
    *they slay the guards*
    Female Voice: "Who is it?"	
    Dart: "That voice. Is that Shana? It's me!"
    Shana: "Dart...is that you, Dart?"
    Dart: "Yes, it is me! I am here to rescue you!"
    Lavitz: "Hurry up, the guard is coming!"
    *Dart opens cell with key*
    Dart: "Shana..."
    Shana: "Dart..."
    Dart: "I am here to rescue you. You haven't forgotten me even
    though we haven't seen each other for five years?"
    Shana: "How could I forget? Show me your face."
    Dart: "I haven't changed much."
    Shana: "Yes, you have. You look much stronger, much more than
    the Dart I knew."
    Lavitz: "Hurry up, the guards are coming back!"
    *the two walk out to see guards surrounding Lavitz*
    Hellena Warden: "The girl is breaking out! I won't let her!"
    *after they fight the guards are dead*
    Dart: "Shana, are you hurt?"
    Shana: "No, I'm fine."
    Lavitz: "We can celebrate later; we are still deep within the
    belly of the enemy. Besides, it's too damp to have a party,
    isn't it?"
    Dart: "Yes, so let's go, Lavitz. Follow me, Shana."
    Shana: "Dart, I'm 18 years old now...I can fight too!"
    *Shana grabs a bow and a quiver of arrows from a nearby weapon
    Lavitz: "She grew up. She was alone in such a hell-like place.
    If she was a regular woman, she wouldn't have been able to
    survive. Of course, there are not that many fools who would
    come to save her."
    Dart: "But, the Shana of my memory hasn't changed a bit."
    Lavitz: "Let's talk about that after we get her out of here."
    *fade to black*
    4d. The Head Warden’s Rage
    *scene cuts to Fruegel and two Hellena wardens*
    Fruegel: "Say that again!?"
    Hellena Warden: "Well, well, the Knight from Basil broke out of
    jail. I am sorry!"
    Fruegel: "I am not talking about that, rat! After that!"
    Hellena Warden: "The girl from Seles was taken by the red guy."
    *Fruegel starts to choke him as he holds him up*
    Hellena Warden: "The girl was taken by the guy with red armor!?"
    *he throws him off the edge of the wooden bridge they are on*
    Fruegel: "You bastard, don't let them out alive! Wait, I almost
    forgot the important thing! Don't kill the girl; it's an order
    from his Majesty Doel!"
    Hellena Warden: "Aye, aye, sir!"
    *guard runs away to help*
    Fruegel: "If you fail, I will behead all of you! The red one!?
    I'll get you! I might as well dye everything else red with your
    *fade to black*
    4e. The Escape
    *Fruegel is standing between the three heroes and the horse pen,
    keeping them from leaving through the way the merchant was
    standing nearby*
    Fruegel: "So, you are the red one acting like a prince!"
    Dart: "Then what!?"
    Fruegel: "There is one answer! You and the leader of the knights
    are feed for the pet! After I mince you up!"
    Dart: "Lavitz, is this the head warden?"
    Lavitz: "His name is Fruegel. He is so bad even the people of his
    own country are afraid of him."
    Fruegel: "You have such a calm face...or are you paralyzed from
    Dart: "You attacked Seles, didn't you?"
    Fruegel: "No, I just gave them the order."
    Dart: "Why did you have Shana taken away!?"
    Fruegel: "I don't know, Emperor Doel just said to bring that
    girl back. The order was so trivial I added the new one of
    annihilating Seles!"
    Dart: "Fruegel...unforgivable!"
    *they defeat Fruegel, his two normal guards, and elite wardens*
    Dart: "Is he immortal!? Let's get out of here, Shana!"
    Lavitz: "Get on the horse, hurry!"
    Fruegel: "Bastard! Keep them from going even if it costs you
    your life!"
    Hellena Warden: "Raise the bridge, jail break!"
    Fruegel (to a guard): "Bring her back here, or you will be
    *he turns to see the figure with the cloak*
    Fruegel: "You, when did you sneak in here!?"
    Figure: "Should we tell this to his Majesty Doel?"
    Fruegel: "Wait! I'll bring back the girl!"
    Figure: "Otherwise, you would be dead by now."
    *Fruegel shoves another guard after them*
    Fruegel: "You go too, bastard!"
    Figure: "It doesn't matter; everything is going just as I
    planned. Yes...they don't know they are in the palm of my hand."
    *shows the horses leap the bridge; Lavitz barely makes it;
    they rush away from Hellena*
    *fade to black*
    5a. The Chase
    *Dart, Shana, and Lavitz are shown running along a path on foot, the
    horses they were once riding mysteriously gone*
    Dart: "Lavitz, can you keep going?"
    Lavitz: "Yeah!"
    *the three continue onward, but as they pass a fallen log an arrow
    careens out of nowhere and grazes Lavitz' leg; they crouch behind
    the log quickly, knowing Hellena Wardens are in pursuit now, and that
    their archers suddenly realized how to use a bow and arrow accurately*
    Dart: "Does it hurt?"
    *Lavitz is probably thinking something along the lines of "How would
    you feel if you were shot in the leg with an arrow?" but instead says:*
    Lavitz: "It's only a scratch."
    Shana: "But you gotta cover the wound."
    Lavitz: "It can be treated later. We gotta run first."
    Dart: "I will carry Lavitz. Shana, go first."
    Shana: "Don't treat me like a child. I will go with you guys."
    Lavitz: "I can walk by myself."
    *Shana looks over the log and whispers*
    Shana: "Here they come!"
    Lavitz: "Let's go!"
    *the three start running away once more as two Hellena Wardens start
    running down the path after them; scene fades to black*
    5b. Tales of the Past
    *a short distance down the path the trio hide behind
    a large tree that has tall weeds and grasses all around it; the two
    Hellena Wardens approach the tree slowly, where the road splits into
    several different directions; suddenly a sound is head in the grass*
    Hellena Warden 1: "There they are!"
    *he points to the grasses as they raise their spears*
    Hellena Warden 2: "Women first! Then we might spare those people in Basil!"
    *as this is said a small rodent leaps out, hopping around in front of them*
    Hellena Warden 2: "Is this the fugitive?"
    Hellena Warden 1: "Don't be silly! Go look over there!"
    *the two guards rush off down the right path; when they are out of sight
    the three companions all emerge from behind the tree*
    Dart: "That was close."
    *they head up the left path, where they see a raging river separating
    them from the other side*
    Dart: "I guess we'll have to find another way."
    *they leave the scene and head down a southern path, where a stray horse is
    kept inside of a wooden pen; they pass the horse's position, heading toward
    a wooden shack located near the pen as Lavitz stops*
    Lavitz: "Tut, such a trifle wound."
    Shana: "Does it still hurt?"
    Lavitz: "A little bit."
    Shana: "I learned first aid, I thought it might be useful. Particularly in
    times like these."
    Dart: "Shana? Learning? That's something new!"
    Shana: "Mr. So-and-so might come back injured at any moment."
    Dart: "Let's use the shack over there."
    Lavitz: "All right."
    *Shana helps wrap the wound as they sit inside the old wooden shack, Dart
    heading back outside to check for signs of the Hellena Wardens*
    Shana: "Here you go."
    Lavitz: "Thanks. It's much better now."
    *suddenly Dart reappears*
    Dart: "It seems we completely lost those fools from Hellena."
    Shana: "Dart. Tell me about these last five years."
    *after she sees his expression, she changes her mind*
    Shana: "It's okay, nevermind! We don't have time for this now."
    *Dart shakes his head, ignoring her last comments*
    Dart: "It was a journey for revenge. It was a journey to find a guy that
    deprived me of something precious, and kill him. I couldn't tell you,
    Shana. That's why I left by myself."
    Shana: "The Black Monster?"
    *when Dart looks at her she adds:*
    Shana: "I only know the name. Nobody would tell me more about it
    because they said I was still too young."
    Lavitz: "What is the Black Monster? What are you talking about?"
    Dart: "I have two homes. One is Seles, where I spend time with Shana.
    And the other is where I spent time with my parents, my first home
    which was taken from me by the monster eighteen years ago. Neet."
    *a flashback occurs, where Dart is narrating the story*
    Dart: "It was when I was five years old. Neet was assaulted by the
    Black Monster."
    *it shows a very dark and shadowy demonic figure grasping a citizen
    of Neet and incinerating him*
    *the scene shifts to a mother and father ushering a young Dart away
    from the burning village of Neet; they are atop a hill in the nearby
    forest overlooking the burning village*
    Dart: "We were lucky. Only three of us could get out from the village.
    But my father returned to the village."
    *the father hugs the mother, bidding farewell to the young Dart before
    leaving down the hill, entering the flaming village*
    Dart: "And my mother followed by father into the village to help
    everybody, but that's where the Black Monster was waiting."
    *the mother hugs Dart before rushing down after the father, and the
    scene fades to black*
    Dart: "I was left alone, shivering and waiting for dawn."
    *it is now morning time, Neet's fires are all out; Dart walks around
    the ashes that are left of the village*
    Dart: "The sun revealed a foreign landscape. It was a transformed Neet."
    *the young Dart is shown picking up a shining object from the ground*
    Dart: "And I found this."
    *flashback ends; scene fades to black*
    5c. Working with What You Have
    *showing present day Dart in shack, taking the glowing red stone out*
    Dart: "What I found on the ground was only this. It's a memento, the
    only thing my father carried around all the time."
    Shana: "Dart, it's okay. I understand."
    Dart: "Shana, I'm sorry I didn't tell you."
    Shana: "It's okay, I knew you would tell me someday. Don't say anymore."
    Lavitz: "So you just came back from a journey to bring closure to the
    Dart: "I'm still not there yet."
    Lavitz: "You said Neet. It doesn't seem to be a village in this country."
    Dart: "It was located farther north from here. I guess nobody even
    remembers its name anymore."
    *he pauses*
    Dart: "Lavitz, tell me, what is going on in this country?"
    Lavitz: "Currently, our Kingdom of Basil is at war with the Imperial
    Sandora. The war has spread all over Serdio."
    Dart: "Why was the truce broken?"
    Lavitz: "Because of the Dragon, the legendary monster added weight to
    Sandora and broke the balance of power. Then Emperor Doel started to
    be more aggressive."
    Dart: "Dragon? No, no way! Such a thing can be used in war?
    *Lavitz looks at Dart intently*
    Lavitz: "Do you know something about it?"
    Dart: "I was swooped down on by a dragon before I entered Seles. I was
    overwhelmed. There was no way to escape from it. I was saved by a
    passing warrior. That's why I'm still alive."
    *Lavitz frowns, crossing his arms*
    Lavitz: "The Dragon is advancing faster than I thought. We must do
    something or it'll be too late."
    Dart: "You mean more casualties?"
    Lavitz: "Yeah, it's a 'war'."
    *Dart ignores or has missed the blatant sarcasm*
    Lavitz: "Anyway, I have to go back to Indels Castle in Bale. There are
    so many things I have to report to King Albert. You know what, Dart?
    You guys should come along with me. Minister Noish might know something
    about the Black Monster."
    Dart: "I see. They're a royalty with a long history. I might be able to
    find out something new."
    Lavitz: "It's a done deal."
    Shana: "Lavitz, don't take chances. You are not completely well."
    Lavitz: "You'll make a good wife one day."
    Shana: "Thanks!"
    Dart: "Let's go."
    *they exit the shack, lone Dart, who notices an axe*
    Dart: "It is a pretty well-worn axe."
    *he leaves the axe, following the other two up the hill that leads to a
    tree that is nearly about to fall down, hanging dangerously over the
    raging river down below*
    Dart: "If we put this tree across the river...."
    Lavitz: "Hmm...it could work as a bridge. It may be worth trying."
    *Dart remembers the axe, not wanting to damage his sword*
    Dart: "I get it. We can knock down the tree on the cliff using this."
    *he picks up the axe and brings it to the hill-top; he takes a few
    swings until the tree tilts over and starts to fall toward the river*
    Lavitz: "Shoot!"
    *Lavitz grasps at the end of the falling tree as Dart drops the axe to
    help; Lavitz nearly falls over the edge as the tree drops down below
    into the rapid moving water*
    Dart: "We'll have to think of another way."
    *they head back to the river's edge where they were a while ago*
    Lavitz: "What's that?"
    *they see the tree trunk floating downstream toward them, getting hung
    horizontally in between two large rocks on either side of the banks*
    Dart: "We can use that as a bridge to get across!"
    *they cross the bridge and head along down the path; fade to black*
    5d. A Knight's Kindness
    *down the path a man, woman, and a small boy huddle together at a bend
    in the dirt road*
    Lavitz: "You look like a civilian. What is the matter?"
    Father: "What do you mean, "What's the matter?" It's your Knights'
    Lavitz: "Hold on. I am a Knight of Basil. We should be allies."
    Father: "I'm your enemy! We escaped from Sandora!"
    Mother: "Honey! Don't say that or we'll be arrested!"
    Father: "B-but, these Knights destroyed our lives!"
    Mother: "We couldn't stand living in Kazas and ran away from there.
    Please excuse us."
    Lavitz: "You don't need to excuse yourself. King Albert always lends a
    helping hand to sufferers, even those from an enemy country"
    Father: "What?"
    Lavitz: "Son, are you hungry?"
    Child: "Yes."
    Lavitz: "Then have this."
    *Lavitz hands the boy some food he had left over in a pouch*
    Child: "T-thank you."
    Father: "You...."
    Lavitz: "If you go through here, you will find Bale. You can go there if
    you like."
    Father: "B-but we don't know anybody."
    Lavitz: "Why don't you go to my house? It's too big for my mother and
    myself anyway."
    Father: "You are?"
    Lavitz: "My name is Lavitz. I am a Knight in the service of King Albert."
    Mother: "Th-thank you very much!"
    Father: "How kind of you, Sir Lavitz! Freedom. I have been waiting for
    it and it will soon be mine. I am glad that I am alive."
    Mother: "I will never forget your kindness. Thank you very much!"
    *the three companions leave the happy family, leaving the path through
    the meadow, following the path until they come upon the entrace to a
    very large cave; fade to black*
    6a. The Limestone Caves
    *Coming very soon to a computer screen near you!*
    To Sony, the creators of this magnificent videogame.
    To my friends that are just as crazy as me about the Legend of Dragoon
    videogame, telling me not to quit this project or they would kill me.
    Thanks guys (and one gal). I value my life a lot more.
    To myself for being un-lazy during summer enough to even start writing
    a fanfiction, which led to creating a game script just for kicks.
    To everyone else, you all rock since you're obviously a fan of LoD or
    you would not be reading this.
    To the weird people that read the "thanks" section for no reason.
    To Amy Lee of Evanescence, my favorite singer with the best vocal
    ability ever heard. She kept my computer's CD drive hot as I wrote
    this guide.
    To GameFAQs.com, where would I even begin to put this guide without you?
    To my parents for letting me buy this game.
    To anyone still reading past the above line.
    Are you still reading? WELL STOP IT! It's getting strange now.
    You need a life.
    Thanks once again everyone, Wildcat out.
                    This is "The Legend of Dragoon" Game Script
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