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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Univenon

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    Legend of Dragoon
    Strategy Guide/FAQ
    Amanda Bauer
    ======================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><><><><>< Table of Contents ><><><><><-----------------------------| [Yaay!] |
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      I. Copywrite...............................[Cpyrt]
     II. Introduction............................[Intro]
        a)Personal Information...................[StffA]
    III. Version Information.....................[Versn]
     IV. Before we really get started............[Pre-0]
        a)Basic Controls.........................[Pre-1]
        b)Battle System..........................[Pre-2]
        c)Using Items............................[Pre-3]
        d)Status Effects.........................[Pre-4]
          1 - Dart...............................[Add-1]
          2 - Lavitz/Albert......................[Add-2]
          3 - Rose...............................[Add-3]
          4 - Haschel............................[Add-4]
          5 - Meru...............................[Add-5]
          6 - Kongol.............................[Add-6]
          7 - Red Eye Dragoon....................[Dra-1]
          8 - Dark Dragoon.......................[Dra-2]
          9 - Jade Dragoon.......................[Dra-3]
         10 - White Silver Dragoon...............[Dra-4]
         11 - Thunder Dragoon....................[Dra-5]
         12 - Blue Sea Dragoon...................[Dra-6]
         13 - Golden Dragoon.....................[Dra-7]
         14 - Divine Dragoon.....................[Dra-8]
      V. Walkthrough.............................[Ch0-0]
        a) Chapter 1 - Serdian War...............[Ch1-0]
          1 - Seles and Fayrbrand................[Ch1-1]
          2 - Hellena, Shana and Lavitz..........[Ch1-2]
          3 - Chase to the Limestone Cave........[Ch1-3]
          4 - Royal capital: Bale................[Ch1-4]
          5 - A Dragoon's Awakening..............[Ch1-5]
          6 - The Marshland and Dragon's Poison..[Ch1-6]
          7 - Assault on the Dragon's Nest.......[Ch1-7]
          8 - Lohan and Dragoni Plant............[Ch1-8]
          9 - The Quest to Save the King.........[Ch1-9]
         10 - The Seige of Kazas.................[Ch1-A]
        b) Chapter 2 - Platinum Shadow...........[Ch2-0]
         11 - Fletz: City on the Sea.............[Ch2-1]
         12 - Thieves in the Desert..............[Ch2-2]
         13 - Meru and Donou's Troubles..........[Ch2-3]
         14 - Off to See the King................[Ch2-4]
         15 - The Search for the Gehrich Gang....[Ch2-5]
         16 - Protect the Moon Dagger............[Ch2-6]
         17 - Ghosts of the Ocean................[Ch2-7]
         18 - Dart and Rose......................[Ch2-8]
         19 - Dragons in the Sea.................[Ch2-9]
        c) Chapter 3 - Fate and Soul.............[Ch3-0]
         20 - Furni and Forest Wolves............[Ch3-1]
         21 - Crystal Palace of Deningrad........[Ch3-2]
         22 - The Forest of Winglys..............[Ch3-3]
         23 - Confront the Divine Dragon.........[Ch3-4]
         24 - The Last Moon Object...............[Ch3-5]
         25 - Secrets of Vellweb.................[Ch3-6]
        d) Chapter 4 - Moon and Fate.............[Ch4-0]
         26 - The Death Frontier.................[Ch4-1]
         27 - Spring Breath Town, Ulara..........[Ch4-2]
         28 - Magical City, Aglis................[Ch4-3]
         29 - Law City, Zenebatos................[Ch4-4]
         30 - Side-Quest Time!...................[Ch4-5]
         31 - Death City, Mayfil.................[Ch4-6]
         32 - The Divine Tree....................[Ch4-7]
         33 - The Moon that Never Sets...........[Ch4-8]
     VI. Reference Section.......................[Ref-0]
        a) Character Summaries...................[Ref1X]
    VII. Random End Stuff........................[Stoof]
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    ><><><><>< I. Copywrite ><><><><><----------------------------------| [Cpyrt] |
    ================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders. See? I did it. As for the guide
    This guide is a copywrite of me, Amanda Jane Bauer. (Aka Univenon) This guide
    is for personal use only and is not to be posted or printed in any public form
    (this includes personal websites) except when my personal permision is
    involved, which I would be happy to give you. You just have to ask first or I
    may have to poke you. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.
    My address is posted below. Also, if you have any additional information or
    strategies, please feel free to send them to me.
    Thank God that's over with... -.-;
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    ><><><><>< II. Introduction ><><><><><------------------------------| [Intro] |
    ====================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Hello there! ^.^ I'm glad to know that someone out there is reading this. It's
    my first guide so please go easy on me. I always thought that writing a guide
    would be fun and I decided to make one for a game that I happen to be very good
    at. Legend of Dragoon is one of my favorite games and I think it is one of the
    better made games for the PS1.
    This game is long. Very long. I hope that I can include as many aspects of the
    game as possible. This guide is meant for those of us RPG players who go for
    the big shinny 100% that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. Unlike some other
    guides, I plan to include the little side quests and things within the actual
    walkthrough of the game. I just like it that way. I think it makes getting 100%
    a little less intimidating. 
    In addition I at least find it throughly irritating to have constantly flip to
    the end of the guide to find side quest stuff. I personally like the kind of
    guide that minimizes backtracking and says happy little phrases such as "since
    you're here you may as well do this so you don't have to come back later." If I
    ever see this, then that guide gets onto my "happy 100% guides" list and I find
    myself much less irritated when I get to that little spot right before the
    final boss.
    ===================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><><>< a) Personal Information ><><><-------------------------------| [StffA] |
    ===================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
        Name: Amanda Jane Bauer
        User Name: Univenon
        E-Mail: Univenon@Gmail.com
        Version: 1.1
        Last Update: 5/15/2007
    Okay, time to get on with it.
    ============================================== - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><><><>< III. Version Information ><><><><><----------------------| [Versn] |
    ============================================== - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Version 1.2 - Added some things that I forgot to the Pre-Section. Added
                  character summaries. Did some Spell-check-y things.
    Version 1.1 - Last Bits of Pre-section complete. Getting reference section
                  started and organized.
    Version 1.0 - Walkthrough finished. Addition tables too.
    Version 0.75 - Disk 3 added to walkthrough. Addition tables about 80% complete.
    Version 0.5 - Disk 2 added to walkthough.
    Version 0.3 - Disk 1 walkthrough complete. Most of Pre-section complete.
    ====================================================== - - - - - - - =========
    ><><><><>< IV. Before we really get started ><><><><><--------------| [Pre-0] |
    ====================================================== - - - - - - - =========
    These are just a few things about the game that you may want to know before you
    start using my guide. Keep in mind that I will assume you know this stuff, (or
    at least most of it,) when going through the walkthrough. I will however,
    mention any turtorials that are available within the game itself. Check the
    additions section for a complete list of every addition for every character.
    Please forgive me if some of my explanations are a little awkward as I am
    writing all of them in my own words as my copy of the game is without a manual.
    ============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><>< a)Basic Controls ><><><--------------------------------------| [Pre-1] |
    ============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
       City/Dungeon Screen
      D-Pad - Walk/Move
      X - Talk/Examine/Perform action (when "!" appears)
      Circle - Hold down while moving to run
      Triangle - Menu
      R1/L1 - Turn entry indicators on and off (see walkthrough)
        Map Screen
      D-Pad - Move
      X - Nothing*
      Circle - Hold down while moving to run
      Square - Nothing**
      Triangle - Menu
      Start - Hold down to lable places you can see on the map
      R1/L1 - Change camera view
      R2/L2 - Zoom in and out
        Menu Screen
      D-Pad - Select
      X - Comfirm
      Circle - Cancle
        Battle Screen
      D-Pad - Select
      X - Confirm/Additions (see additions section below)
      Circle - Cancle
      L2 - Change camera angle
      * When you touch a location on the map, you can choose to enter or not, this
        confirms your choice
      ** When you can choose whether to enter or not, holding this down will show
         what services are in the location. (Hotels, Clinics, Shops, ect.)
    ============================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><><>< b)Battle System ><><><---------------------------------------| [Pre-2] |
    ============================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    One of the most innovative aspects of Legend of Dragoon is the battle system.
    Due to the fact that it is so different, it does take some getting used to. Yes
    you still have to deal with the random battles, but they are hard enough to
    prevent you from doing them in your sleep.
    Though the battles are turn-based like most RPGs, each attack requires good
    timing and concentration. Attacks are based on "additions" which are basicly
    combos that characters earn as they grow in level. I'll go into better detail
    In addition to attacking, you may chose to guard, use items, flee and later,
    transform into a dragoon.
    Guard is actually a very useful command here. Not only does it cut all damage
    in half, but it also heals 1/10 of your HP. The healing part comes in handy,
    especially in some of the longer dungeons.
    =========================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><><>< c)Using Items ><><><-----------------------------------------| [Pre-3] |
    =========================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Items can be used by selecting Items -> Use on the menu. You can also use them
    by selecting the Iten command on the battle screen.
         Attack Items and Multi-Items
    Many items in the game have the same effect as various elemental spells. Their
    effectiveness is calculated using the magic attack stat. So in other words,
        High Magic Attack = More Damage
    Some items have the phrase "Multi" in the description. When one of these items
    is used, you can greatly increace it's damage by rapidly tapping the X button.
    Using an auto-fire controler could allow you to easily reach 2 and a half times
    normal damage.
    Some attack items, (the Down Burst for example) are stronger then others so
    they don't have the Multi effect.
         Repeat Items
    Some rare items have the phrase "Repeat" in their description. (Example: The
    Psyche Bomb X.) These items will re-appear in your inventory after every battle
    so you can use them over and over again. Don't be afraid to use them as they
    will continue to reappear until you either sell the item, or throw it away. You
    may only use each repeat item once per battle.
    ============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><>< d)Status Effects ><><><--------------------------------------| [Pre-4] |
    ============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    This game has some strange ones... Here they are. This details what they do,
    and more importantly, how to get rid of them.
     | Name          | Effect                  | Cure           | Prevention     |
     | Poison        | Gradually Reduce HP     | Body Purifier  | Poison Guard   |
     | Stunning      | Can't Act               | Body Purifier  | Stun Guard     |
     |               |                         | Any Attack     |                |
     | Arm Blocking  | Can't use attack        | Body Purifier  | Protector      |
     |               | command                 |                |                |
     | Dispirit      | Can't turn into Dragoon | Mind Purifier  | Active Ring    |
     |               | Can't gain SP           |                |                |
     | Confusion     | Use random actions      | Mind Purifier  | Panic Guard    |
     | Bewitchment   | Attack allies           | Mind Purifier  | Magic Ego Bell |
     | Fear          | Halves attack and       | Mind Purifier  | Bravery Amulet |
     |               | defense                 |                |                |
     | Petrification | Can't act               | Depetrifier    | Destone Amulet |
     | Instant Death | Drops HP to 0 instantly | Angel's Prayer | Talisman       |
    All status effects other than Dispirit, Instant Death and Petrification can be 
    removed by turning into a Dragoon or using the special command.
    ========================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><><>< e)Additions ><><><-------------------------------------------| [Pre-5] |
    ========================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Additions are the key to attacking in Legend of Dragoon. They are required
    to do any decent amount of damage. They appear whenever you use a regular
    attack on something. Additions allow you to get multiple hits on an enemy. You
    can hit anywhere between 2 and 8 times per attack, depending on the addition
    you are using. You can switch between additions on the menu screen.
    As you use additions, they grow in level, just like the character does. Once
    you have used an addition 80 times (not in a row nessicarally) it becomes
    mastered and at it's full strength. I would recommend doing this as soon as you
    can for two reasons. One, an addition is always more useful at full strength
    and two, in order to obtain each character's final and most powerful addition,
    you must master all of the other ones for that character first. Getting the
    final addition early makes the game much easier. Each addition gains a level
    evey time you use it 20 times. ( 0 Times = Level 1, 20 Times = Level 2, 40
    Times = Level 3, ect.)
    When you attack in battle, a little blue square appears on the screen. Another
    square zooms in on the one in the center. To complete an addition, you have to
    push X when the squares match up. It requires good timing skills, but I found 
    it easy to get used to. That's how they work.
    Occasionally, the square will be orange instead of blue. When this occurs, it's
    the same drill except that you need to press the circle button rather then the
    X button. If you miss it, then not only does your addition end before it's
    completed, but you also get blown back and take some damage yourself. This is
    called a counter and you should watch out for them. The good thing is that
    bosses barely ever use them.
    Below are a list of additions for each character:
    ========================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< Dart's Additions ><><------------------------------------------| [Add-1] |
    ========================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
      | Addition            | When Obtained    | Number of Hits | Difficulty | 
      | Double Slash        | Starts with      | 2              | Easy       |
      | Volcano             | At Level 2       | 4              | Easy       |
      | Burning Rush        | At Level 8       | 3              | Easy       |
      | Crush Dance         | At Level 15      | 5              | Easy       |
      | Madness Hero        | At Level 22      | 6              | Medium     |
      | Moon Strike         | At Level 29      | 7              | Hard       |
      | Blazimg Dynamo      | Master Additions | 8              | Hard       |
       Addition Stats: Double Slash 
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 150      | 35        |
      | 2        | 157      | 35        |
      | 3        | 165      | 35        |
      | 4        | 180      | 35        |
      | 5        | 202      | 35        |
       Addition Stats: Volcano
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 200      | 20        |
      | 2        | 210      | 24        |
      | 3        | 220      | 28        |
      | 4        | 230      | 32        |
      | 5        | 250      | 36        |
       Additon Stats: Burning Rush
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 150      | 30        |
      | 2        | 150      | 45        |
      | 3        | 150      | 60        |
      | 4        | 150      | 75        |
      | 5        | 150      | 102       |
       Addition Stats: Crush Dance
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 150      | 50        |
      | 2        | 172      | 60        |
      | 3        | 195      | 75        |
      | 4        | 217      | 85        |
      | 5        | 250      | 100       |
       Addition Stats: Madness Hero
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 60        |
      | 2        | 100      | 90        |
      | 3        | 100      | 120       |
      | 4        | 100      | 150       |
      | 5        | 100      | 204       |
       Addition Stats: Moon Strike
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 200      | 20        |
      | 2        | 240      | 20        |
      | 3        | 280      | 20        |
      | 4        | 320      | 20        |
      | 5        | 350      | 20        |
       Addition Stats: Blazing Dynamo
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 250      | 100       |
      | 2        | 300      | 110       |
      | 3        | 350      | 120       |
      | 4        | 400      | 130       |
      | 5        | 450      | 150       |
    =================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< Lavitz/Albert's Additions ><><---------------------------------| [Add-2] |
    =================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    A Note about Albert's additions:
    Even though the additons are the same, the timing is different and Al's
    additions are faster and thus, more difficult.
      | Addition           | When Obtained    | Number of Hits | Difficulty |
      | Harpoon            | Starts with      | 2              | Easy       |
      | Spinning Cane      | At Level 5       | 3              | Easy       |
      | Rod Typhoon        | At Level 7       | 5              | Medium     |
      | Gust of Wind Dance | At Level 11      | 7              | Hard       |
      | Flower Storm       | Master Additions | 8              | Hard       |
       Addition Stats: Harpoon
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 35        |
      | 2        | 110      | 38        |
      | 3        | 120      | 42        |
      | 4        | 130      | 45        |
      | 5        | 150      | 50        |
       Addition Stats: Spinning Cane
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 35        |
      | 2        | 125      | 35        |
      | 3        | 150      | 35        |
      | 4        | 175      | 35        |
      | 5        | 200      | 35        |
       Addition Stats: Rod Typhoon
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 150      | 30        |
      | 2        | 162      | 45        |
      | 3        | 174      | 60        |
      | 4        | 186      | 75        |
      | 5        | 202      | 100       |
       Addition Stats: Gust of Wind Dance
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 200      | 35        |
      | 2        | 240      | 35        |
      | 3        | 280      | 35        |
      | 4        | 320      | 35        |
      | 5        | 350      | 35        |
       Addition Stats: Flower Storm
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 300      | 60        |
      | 2        | 324      | 90        |
      | 3        | 348      | 120       |
      | 4        | 372      | 150       |
      | 5        | 405      | 202       |
    ========================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< Rose's Additions ><><------------------------------------------| [Add-3] |
    ========================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
      | Addition           | When Obtained    | Number of Hits | Difficulty |
      | Whip Smack         | Starts With      | 2              | Easy       |
      | More and More      | At Level 14      | 4              | Easy       |
      | Hard Blade         | At Level 19      | 6              | Medium     |
      | Demon's Dance      | Master Additions | 8              | Hard       |
       Addition Stats: Whip Smack
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 35        |
      | 2        | 125      | 35        |
      | 3        | 150      | 35        |
      | 4        | 175      | 35        |
      | 5        | 200      | 35        |
       Addition Stats: More and More
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 150      | 30        |
      | 2        | 150      | 45        |
      | 3        | 150      | 60        |
      | 4        | 150      | 75        |
      | 5        | 150      | 102       |
       Addition Stats: Hard Blade
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 35        |
      | 2        | 150      | 35        |
      | 3        | 200      | 35        |
      | 4        | 250      | 35        |
      | 5        | 300      | 35        |
       Addition Stats: Demon's Dance
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 200      | 100       |
      | 2        | 280      | 100       |
      | 3        | 360      | 100       |
      | 4        | 440      | 100       |
      | 5        | 500      | 100       |
    ============================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< Haschel's Additions ><><---------------------------------------| [Add-4] |
    ============================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
      | Addition           | When Obtained    | Number of Hits | Difficulty |
      | Double Punch       | Starts With      | 2              | Easy       |
      | Flurry of Styx     | At Level 14      | 3              | Easy       |
      | Summon 4 Gods      | At level 18      | 4              | Easy       |
      | 5 Ring Shattering  | At level 22      | 5              | Medium     |
      | Hex Hammer         | At level 26      | 7              | Hard       |
      | Omni-Sweep         | Master Additions | 8              | Hard       |
       Addition Stats: Double Punch
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 35        |
      | 2        | 110      | 38        |
      | 3        | 120      | 42        |
      | 4        | 130      | 45        |
      | 5        | 150      | 50        |
       Addition Stats: Flurry of Styx
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 150      | 20        |
      | 2        | 162      | 20        |
      | 3        | 174      | 20        |
      | 4        | 186      | 20        |
      | 5        | 202      | 20        |
       Addition Stats: Summon 4 Gods
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 50        |
      | 2        | 100      | 61        |
      | 3        | 100      | 75        |
      | 4        | 100      | 86        |
      | 5        | 100      | 100       |
       Addition Stats: 5 Ring Shattering
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 150      | 35        |
      | 2        | 187      | 35        |
      | 3        | 225      | 40        |
      | 4        | 262      | 45        |
      | 5        | 300      | 50        |
       Addition Stats: Hex Hammer
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 200      | 15        |
      | 2        | 205      | 15        |
      | 3        | 300      | 15        |
      | 4        | 350      | 15        |
      | 5        | 400      | 15        |
       Addition Stats: Omni-Sweep
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 300      | 50        |
      | 2        | 345      | 75        |
      | 3        | 390      | 100       |
      | 4        | 435      | 125       |
      | 5        | 501      | 150       |
    ========================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< Meru's Additions ><><------------------------------------------| [Add-5] |
    ========================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
      | Addition           | When Obtained    | Number of Hits | Difficulty |
      | Double Smack       | Starts With      | 2              | Easy       |
      | Hammer Spin        | At Level 21      | 4              | Medium     |
      | Cool Boogie        | At Level 26      | 5              | Medium     |
      | Cat's Cradle       | At level 30      | 7              | Hard       |
      | Perky Step         | Master Additions | 8              | Hard       |
       Addition Stats: Double Smack
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 10        |
      | 2        | 110      | 24        |
      | 3        | 120      | 28        |
      | 4        | 130      | 32        |
      | 5        | 150      | 34        |
       Addition Stats: Hammer Spin
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 150      | 35        |
      | 2        | 162      | 42        |
      | 3        | 174      | 51        |
      | 4        | 186      | 59        |
      | 5        | 202      | 70        |
       Addition Stats: Cool Boogie
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 60        |
      | 2        | 100      | 90        |
      | 3        | 100      | 120       |
      | 4        | 100      | 150       |
      | 5        | 100      | 200       |
       Addition Stats: Cat's Cradle
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 150      | 20        |
      | 2        | 195      | 20        |
      | 3        | 240      | 20        |
      | 4        | 285      | 20        |
      | 5        | 351      | 20        |
       Addition Stats: Perky Step
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 200      | 100       |
      | 2        | 300      | 100       |
      | 3        | 400      | 100       |
      | 4        | 500      | 100       |
      | 5        | 600      | 100       |
    ============================ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< Kongol's Additions ><><----------------------------------------| [Add-6] |
    ============================ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
      | Addition           | When Obtained    | Number of Hits | Difficulty |
      | Pursuit            | Starts With      | 2              | Easy       |
      | Inferno            | At Level 23      | 3              | Easy       |
      | Bone Crush         | Master Additions | 6              | Easy       |
       Addition Stats: Pursuit
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 35        |
      | 2        | 110      | 38        |
      | 3        | 120      | 42        |
      | 4        | 130      | 45        |
      | 5        | 150      | 50        |
       Addition Stats: Inferno
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 100      | 20        |
      | 2        | 125      | 20        |
      | 3        | 150      | 20        |
      | 4        | 175      | 20        |
      | 5        | 200      | 20        |
       Addition Stats: Bone Crush
      | At Level | Damage % | SP Gained |
      | 1        | 200      | 100       |
      | 2        | 220      | 100       |
      | 3        | 240      | 100       |
      | 4        | 260      | 100       |
      | 5        | 300      | 100       |
    ======================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><>< f)Elements ><><><--------------------------------------------| [Pre-6] |
    ======================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Yes. There are elements in this game. Lucky for you, they don't seem to have
    too much of an impact. Though it is a good idea to become familiar with them
    anyway. There are eight elements in Legend of Dragoon. Here they are and they
    are paired with their opposites.
     - Fire <-> Water
     - Wind <-> Earth
     - Light <-> Darkness
     - Thunder
     - Non-elemental
    As you may have noticed, neither Non-Elemental nor Thunder are paired with
    anything. That's because neither of them have an opposite. The way the element
    thing works is just like most other RPGs. (Except when it comes to the special
    command, but I'll talk about that in the Dragoons section.) Elements are weak
    against their opposites, so they take more damage. (Ex: Fire elements take 2x
    damage when hit with a water attack.) They only take 1/2 when hit with the same
    element. (Ex: Fire elements take 1/2 damage when hit with another fire
    elemental attack.)
    Most of the time, this doesn't matter because regular attacks don't have an
    element. (The one exception to this is when a character is using a weapon with
    an element attached to it such as Dart's Heat Blade.) It is good to know if you
    want to use elemental attack items such as the Spark Net or the Burn Out.
    (Check "Using Items" for more info.)
    You can find out the element of any enemy by looking at it's name on the top of
    the screen. The background color tells what element they are.
     - Fire = Red
     - Water = Blue
     - Wind = Green
     - Earth = Gold
     - Light = White
     - Darkness = Dark Purple/Blue
     - Thunder = Purple
     - Non-Elemental = Grey
    It's simple enough. You should keep an eye on the element when using specials.
    (Check the "Dragoons" section for more info on specials.)
    ======================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><>< g)Dragoons ><><><--------------------------------------------| [Pre-7] |
    ======================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    A Dragoon is a special form that a character takes. It gives them a boost in
    all stats and the ablitly to cast spells. Unfourtunatly, it also restricts 
    their actions. But those actions that are lost are never needed. I only use
    dragoons for boss fights, but it's up to you.
    Dragoons run on Spirit Points (SP). SP is gained by using additions outside of
    dragoon form. Each Dragoon can grow stronger, starting at level 1 and maxing at
    level 5. Growing levels gives you additional spells and allows you to collect
    more SP and thus, stay in Dragoon form longer. You grow levels by collecting
    SP. There's no way to tell exactly how much total SP you have gained, so you
    never know when you'll grow a D-Level.
    Each turn a character is in Dragoon form uses up 100 SP. Each character starts
    at D-level 1 and can only collect 100 SP and can only stay as a Dragoon for one
    turn. Any SP you gain after you fill your SP guage will be added to your total
    and used for raising your D-level. Every D-level will also add another 20 MP
    to your total, maxing out at 100 unless you use an item to boost that.
    Once you get at least three dragoon spirits, you have the ability to perform
    specials. There are two requirements you have to fulfill before the special
    command will appear. One, all the characters in you party must have a Dragoon
    Spirit and two, all of them must have max SP. Neither of these are hard of
    What a special does is transform all of your characters into Dragoons at the
    same time. It also activates a kind of elemental aura that strengthens one
    element and weakens it's opposite.
    For example, if you were to select the special command when it is Dart's turn,
    the aura would be fire and Dart would get a nice strength boost. On the other
    hand, if you're fighting a water type boss, (like Lenus on disk 2,) they would
    be weakened.
    There is one problem with this bonus. That is, it also effects your other party
    members. Example: if you were, again, to use Dart's special command, then Meru
    would be weakened by the fire aura. Also, if you happen to be fighting a fire
    enemy, then they also would gain the strength boost from the fire aura. Be
    careful when choosing who's special to use.
    In addition to the special auras, there is another bonus from a special. All
    D-Attacks performed the the character who's special you selected will be
    maxed out at perfect automatically. In other words, you don't have to deal with
    the charge ring for that character. Spiffy, yes?
    ========================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< Red Eye Dragoon ><><-------------------------------------------| [Dra-1] |
    ========================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
       Strengthens: Fire
       Weakens: Water
    Best for use in boss fights. Uses a lot of focused attacks spells. His level
    3 spell is the best spell for taking out bosses. This is one of the first two
    dragoon spirits you'll get and it helps a lot, espcially in disc one.
    Level: 1
    Name: Flame Shot
    MP Cost: 10
    Targets: Single
    Description: Fire strength 50%
    Considering it's a level one spell, it's handy, but only until you get Final
    Burst later.
    Level: 2
    Name: Explosion
    MP Cost: 20
    Tagets: All
    Description: Fire Strength 25%
    It's only use is one particular boss battle. Other then that, stick with Flame
    Shot unless you're having trouble fighing off a group of basic enemies.
    Level: 3
    Name: Final Burst
    MP Cost: 30
    Targets: Single
    Description: Fire Strength 75%
    This spell is very cheap when you think about how much damage it can do,
    especially later in the game. I use this spell more then any other dragoon
    spell. Unlike it's slightly stronger couterpart, the dragon summoning, it's
    worth the MP needed to cast it.
    Level: 5
    Name: Red Eye Dragon
    MP Cost: 80
    Targets: All
    Description: Fire Strength 175%
    I know what you're thinking... 175%! OMG! Well, it looks impressive, but it
    really isn't. It does about as much as Final Burst does to all enemies. That's
    good if you're fighting a lot of enemies, but most bosses consist of a single
    target, so stick with Final Burst. You'll get more damage for your MP overall.
    ====================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< Dark Dragoon ><><----------------------------------------------| [Dra-2] |
    ====================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
       Strengthens: Darkness
       Weakens: Light
    You'll get the Dark Dragoon early on in the game. It's not a spirit you want
    to use in boss fights in the later parts of the game. Its spells can cause
    some nice status effects, like instant death, but they can't really pack that
    much of a punch later in the game.
    Level: 1
    Name: Astral Drain
    MP Cost: 10
    Targets: Single
    Description: Dark Strength 25% and HP for All Allies
    This spell is very handy at the beginning of the game. Durring the bosses
    before you get a healing spell, this could very well save you. It helps to
    keep you alive when you can't use items. Unfortunatly, it's too weak to do
    much good later on.
    Level: 2
    Name: Death Dimention
    MP Cost: 20
    Targets: All
    Description: Dark Strength 25% and Chance of Casting Fear on All Enemies
    Not all that useful against bosses because most of them are immune to fear, but
    it can come in handy against basic enemies, but it becomes less and less useful
    as the game goes on.
    Level: 3
    Name: Demon's Gate
    MP Cost: 30
    Targets: All
    Description: Instantly kills all enemies
    I'm sorry to say that this doesn't work on bosses. That and it is very
    disturbing to watch. O.o Anyway, there is one boss where it helps a great deal,
    but other then that stick to basic enemies.
    Level: 5
    Name: Dark Dragon
    MP Cost: 80
    Targets: One
    Description: Dark Strength 100%
    If you still want to use this Dragoon at the end of the game, then this is
    the spell you'll be using. All of it's other spells are... Well, pretty weak
    by the end. Then again, this character's final addition does more then this
    ever could. I would stick to that.
    ====================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< Jade Dragoon ><><----------------------------------------------| [Dra-3] |
    ====================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
       Strengthens: Wind
       Weakens: Earth
    This spirit focuses on hitting all enemies, and that causes it to suck up MP
    much faster then a lot of the other Dragoons. This can be a pain in the first
    few levels, but some of its later supportive spells help a great deal in boss
    battles. Its level 2 spell is likely to save you at least once.
    Level: 1
    Name: Wing Blaster
    MP Cost: 20
    Targets: All
    Description: Wind Strength 25%
    Like I said, this makes you suck up MP really fast for the first few levels
    and it can be hard to see the use for this Dragoon. The real attack spell for
    this character is its level 3 spell, Gaspless. Use D-Attacks for the first 2
    Level: 2
    Name: Rose Storm
    MP Cost: 20
    Targets: All Allies
    Description: Reduce Damage to 1/2 for 3 turns
    This is the spell that is going to save you when you go up against some of the
    harder-hitting bosses. Considering how much pain it can save you, I think this
    spell is very very cheap. I would use this character if this spell was all he
    had going for him. Yeah, I like it that much... But luckily, it's not.
    Level: 3
    Name: Gaspless
    MP Cost: 30
    Targets: Single
    Description: Wind Strength 75%
    This attack is similar to the Red Eye Dragoon's Final Burst, but not quite as
    strong. Like Final Burst, it's very handy against bosses. If the character is
    properly equiped, this can pack quite a punch.
    Level: 5
    Name: Jade Dragon
    MP Cost: 80
    Targets: All
    Description: Wind Strength 75%
    It's a pumped up Wing Blaster really. It's rarely worth the 80 MP. You could do
    more damage if you used Wing Blaster 4 times, but I guess you may do this if
    you're in a hurry.
    ============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< White Silver Dragoon ><><--------------------------------------| [Dra-4] |
    ============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
       Strengthens: Light
       Weakens: Darkness
    This Dragoon is almost pure support magic. It has no attack power either. Its
    healing spells might save you, but I prefer a more balanced Dragoon, like the
    Blue Sea Dragoon. If you plan on killing things quickly, this isn't a good
    pick. Pick this Dragoon for battles that are likely to last.
    Level: 1
    Name: Moon Light
    MP Cost: 10
    Targets: One Ally
    Description: 100% HP Recovery for One Ally
    This spell can save your neck. It completely heals one character. That's pretty
    good for a level one spell. It also removes status effects and can revive
    fallen party members. If you revive a character, it only heals half their HP
    Level: 2
    Name: Star Children
    MP Cost: 20
    Targets: All
    Description: Light Strength 25%
    The only attack spell for this dragoon. It hits all enemies so it comes in
    handy early. The character with this Dragoon Spirit has a high Magic Attack,
    so this can pack a bit of a punch. For a while anyway.
    Level: 3
    Name: Gates of Heaven
    MP Cost: 30
    Targets: All Allies
    Description: 100% HP recovery to All Allies
    This spell can save your neck too, but that's about all this Dragoon is good
    for. Depending on your play style, that could make it worth using. For me, it
    doesn't. Use this spell if you're going up against someone who uses a lot of
    powerful target-all attacks. Make sure all your characters are in pretty bad
    shape before you use it, or you could waste MP because you could have used
    Moon Light instead.
    Level: 5
    Name: White Silver Dragon
    MP Cost: 80
    Targets: All Enemies and All Allies
    Description: Light Strength 100%
    This is a really pumped up version of the Dark Dragoon's Astal Drain. It does
    100% damage to the enemies, then adds that damage to your party's HP. This is
    the only Dragon Summon that's worth the 80 MP needed to use it.
    ========================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< Thunder Dragoon ><><-------------------------------------------| [Dra-5] |
    ========================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
       Strengthens: Thunder
       Weakens: None
    This Dragoon is good for focusing on a single target, but its damage is not as
    high as, say, the Red Eye Dragoon. If you're fighting a boss with multiple
    targets, this dragoon is not a good choice. Considering that it focuses on
    single targets this much, you'd think that he could do more damage. This
    Dragoon is fast and it has no elemental weaknesses. It's better with physical
    attacks anyway.
    Level: 1
    Name: Atomic Mind
    MP Cost: 10
    Targets: Single
    Description: Thunder Strength 50%
    It's pretty strong for a level 1 spell. Handy in the beginning at least.
    Level: 2
    Name: Thunder Kid
    MP Cost: 20
    Targets: Single
    Description: Thunder Strength 65%
    Umm... I would stick with Atomic Mind at this point. The difference in power is
    just not worth the extra 10 MP needed to use it when it's just so much more
    painful to the bad guy if you use Atomic Mind twice.
    Level: 3
    Name: Thunder God
    MP Cost: 30
    Targets: Single
    Description: Thunder Strength 75%
    Remember Gaspless? It's just like that.
    Level: 5
    Name: Violet Dragon
    MP Cost: 80
    Targets: Single
    Description: Thunder Strength 100%
    Three words: Not Worth Using
    ========================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< Blue Sea Dragoon ><><------------------------------------------| [Dra-6] |
    ========================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
       Strengthens: Water
       Weakens: Fire
    This is a very balanced Dragoon. It has one attack all, one healing and two
    single attack spells. It's good for most situations. Its main problem is that 
    it is so fast, the form doesn't last as long as the others. The healing spell 
    will likely save you at least once. If used right, it's one of the best
    Dragoons in the game.
    Level: 1
    Name: Freezing Ring
    MP Cost: 10
    Targets: Single
    Description: Water Strength 50%
    This is the attack that I would recommend you use most. Because of the
    character's high Magic Attack stat, it can do really good damage, even later
    in the game.
    Level: 2
    Name: Rainbow Breath
    MP Cost: 20
    Targets: All Allies
    Description: HP recovery and Staus Cure for All Allies
    I love this spell... It has saved me more times then I can count. It's a lot
    like Gates of Heaven, but it only heals half your HP and won't revive
    characters, but I'm rarely below half health when in dragoon form anyway.
    Level: 3
    Name: Diamond Dust
    MP Cost: 30
    Targets: All
    Description: Water Strength 50%
    Not worth the MP unless you're fighting more then 3 enemies. Otherwise, just
    use Freezing Ring instead. You may even be able to do it in a row. Yeah, it's
    that fast...
    Level: 5
    Name: Blue Sea Dragon
    MP Cost: 80
    Targets: Single
    Description: Water Strength 100%
    ...Do I really have to say it? Use Freezing Ring twice... Please...?
    ======================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< Golden Dragoon ><><--------------------------------------------| [Dra-7] |
    ======================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
       Strengthens: Earth
       Weakens: Wind
    This Dragoon only has three spells. They all hit all targets. It's the opposite
    of the Thunder Dragoon in that way. It sucks up MP so fast you'll wonder where
    it all went. It's magic stat is very low, so if you plan on using it, use D-
    Attacks as most of its spells arent worth the MP.
    Level: 1
    Name: Grand Stream
    MP Cost: 20
    Targets: All
    Description: Earth Strength 25%
    A basic Attack all spell. Low Magic stat = Low damage. Use D-Attacks.
    Level: 3
    Name: Meteor Strike
    MP Cost: 30
    Targets: All
    Description: Earth Strength 50%
    Doubling the strength of a spell makes it worth 10 more MP. If you insist on
    using Magic, use this. It's pretty cheap for the damage it does.
    Level: 5
    Name: Golden Dragon
    MP Cost: 80
    Targets: All
    Description: Earth Strength 100%
    It might be worth using as it's the only spell this Dragoon has that can do
    a good amount of damage at the end of the game. Follow it up with some strong
    D-Attcks and you could have a good run.
    ======================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< Divine Dragoon ><><--------------------------------------------| [Dra-8] |
    ======================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
       Strengthens: Non-Elementals
       Weakens: None
    Umm... BEST DRAGOON EVER! Its stats are pumped up to insane levels and it can
    do crazy amounts of damage with both spells and D-Attacks. It's a shame that
    it only has two spells and both of which cost 50 MP, but it's worth it. Very
    much so. Plus with his high attack and easily charged D-Attacks, it doesn't
    make all that much difference.
    Level: ?
    Name: Divine DG Ball
    MP Cost: 50
    Targets: All
    Description: Non-Elemental Damage 50%
    Considering that you only use this Dragoon for ONE battle, and that battle
    only has ONE target, use the other spell. The best thing this spell does is
    make you go "Oooohhh... Sparkly..." It's extreemly powerful, but the second
    spell just works better in this situation.
    Level: ?
    Name: Divine DG Cannon
    MP Cost: 50
    Targets: Single
    Description: Non-Elemental Damage 100%
    The thing that caused so much pain when you fought the Divine Dragon is now
    your's to use. Most stuff this strong costs more like 80 MP So... Time to blow
    some stuff to oblivion. Have a ball.
    ==================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><><><>< V. Walkthrough ><><><><><--------------------------------| [Ch0-0] |
    ==================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    This is the walktrough of ubber complete-ness. May it help you complete your
    quest for the big shinny 100%. I will talk about the characters as they become
    playable. Also, when I say "Important Items" I mean equipment and rare items.
    There are other items, but they are less important.
    ======================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><>< a) Chapter 1 - Serdian War ><><><----------------------------| [Ch1-0] |
    ======================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    =============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 1)Seles and Fayrbrand ><><-------------------------------------| [Ch1-1] |
    =============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    This game starts out with a long series of cut-scenes. Just make sure you pay
    attention as they are important and they introduce quite a few characters. At
    the end, you find yourself in the village of Seles.
    At this point, you can finally do something. There isn't much before you hit
    another short cut-scene, but I will use this break to explain about your first
    character, Dart.
    Number of Additions: 7
    Element: Fire
    Weapon: Sword
    Pros: -Well balanced (No great weaknesses)
          -Most additions are easy to complete
          -Gets Dragoon Spirit early
    Cons: -Can't remove him from your party (Though I have no problem with this...)
          -No particular strengths
          -Most powerful weapon requires a Therapy ring to be of any use
    I also believe that his Dragoon spirit is one of the stronger ones, but that's
    just me.
    Now that that's over with, on with the walkthrough. Really, the only thing you
    do here is run forward. Once you find yourself at a fence, a little "!" icon
    should appear above Dart's head. Whenever you see this, push X and Dart (or
    whoever you happen to be controling at the time) will perform some action like
    jump over something or press a button. In this case, Dart will jump the fence.
    Then, another cut-scene starts.
    After that, you enter your first battle. Yaay! This battle is easy even if you 
    can't do additions yet so don't worry about it. It's still a good idea to try
    and get the hang of it before you really need to be able to do them. If you can
    do additions, you can kill each guy with one shot. Double Slash is an easy
    addition anyway.
    After that little battle, you can once again move. See the little glowing spot?
    That's a save point. Walk into it and go to the menu and you will see a save
    option at the bottom. If you want to save, then do it. Before you leave the
    screen, make sure to pick up the treasure chest next to the spot where you
    jumped the fence. There's a Burn Out in there which is a Fire Elemental Multi-
    item. (If you don't know what that means, then read the "Using Items" section
    above.) After picking that up, go west. (Note the little green arrow.)
    A short note about the arrows:
    The arrows on the screen indicate doors and ways to exit the current area.
    Green = General Exit
    Yellow = Hotels and Clinics
    Blue = Shops
    (You can turn them on and off with the R1 or L1 button)
    Again, you have a cut-scene, but it's another short one. Then you go right into
    a fight.
    >>>>> Commander <<<<<
    Minions: 2 Knights of Sandora
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    You don't really need a strategy to kill this boss. If you kill one of his
    knights, then the other one runs away. It makes things easier so do it. Once
    you do, Commander powers up, but he's still not something you have to worry
    about. Now and then, he may use a Burn Out on you which can do some good
    damage. If you do get low, use a Healing Potion or two that you got in your
    last battle. He may also use a healing item on himself, but it doesn't heal him
    too much and he rarely uses them. Just hack away until he's dead.
    Once that's done with, Dart always grows a level and he get his first new
    addition, Volcano. Yaay! Dart then decides to go after Shana. Before you leave,
    there are a few things you should pick up.
    Facilities: Save Point
    Stardust: 1
    On the north side of town, there's a man talking to a woman in a purple dress.
    Talk to him if you want some good addition practice and he will also talk
    about counters and things like that.
    In the north-west corner of town, there is a graveyard. Walk over to it and
    press X to examine the gravestones there. Once you examine the right one, you
    get your first Stardust. There are a total of 50 of these in the game and I
    will tell you where to find time all. If you DO get them all, you get some good
    items. Plus, it allows you to do another, much shorter sidequest that gets you
    even MORE good items. Trust me, it's worth doing.
    After you get it, go north and leave Seles. Time to head for Hellena.
    ===================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 2)Hellena, Shana and Lavitz ><><-------------------------------| [Ch1-2] |
    ===================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Save your money! If you do it effectivly, you can get a few things that make
    this game 50 times easier to beat.
    There's a cut-scene. Well... A couple of them really. It's one of those
    "Meanwhile" type scenes. Just pay attention.
    After that, you're back in control and on the map screen for the first time.
    Head west along the dotted path and enter the forest there. This is your first
      >The Forest<
    Dungeon Length: Short
    Enemys: Trent
            Assassin Cock
            Berserk Mouse
    Facilities: Merchant (He's only there before you get through Hellena)
    Important Items: None
    Overall Dificulty: Easy
    On the first screen, there's a merchant. Talk to him if you want to buy Healing
    Potions and other items. He will also give you a turtorial on how to use them.
    (Including Multi items.) As you wander around, you will notice that the arrow
    over Dart's head (if you have the arrows on that is) will turn from green, to
    yellow, to red as you walk. The red arrow is a warning that you could run into
    a random battle at any moment.
    As you go past the merchant, there is a split in the path. To the right is a
    dead end with a crate containing a Healing Potion. Pick it up if you wish, then
    take the left path to the next screen. If you're still low on health from the
    fight in Seles, then get into a random battle and Guard until you have full
    health again and save the Healing Potions for boss battles.
    Before I go any further, I'll give you an extra tip. Max out your Double Slash
    addition now. Not only does it make sure that you don't have to do it later,
    but it is also a good way to make sure you're strong enough to take Hellena.
    On the next screen, there's a gorge. Cross it by running up the log there. At
    the top, pick up the crate. It conatains a Charm Potion, which wards off random
    battles for a limited amount of time. Head south-west to the next screen.
    The next screen is a maze. Follow the path  east to the next exit point and you
    are warped to the path just south of where you left the screen. If you exit on
    one of the two paths that go east, you can get to a crate with 20 gold in it.
    Then head west. Take the south-west path to get to another crate with a Burn
    Out and then head back and take the north-west path. Follow that trail to leave
    the screen.
    Follow the log down in the next screen. The the bottom, you get a brief
    cut-scene which is a flashback about Dart and Shana. On to the next screen.
    This is the last screen here so if you haven't maxed out Double Slash yet, then
    get into a few random battles until you do. Then, follow the trail and leave
    the forest.
    Now that you're on the map screen again, follow the path south-west to Hellena
     >Hellena Prison Part 1<
    Dungeon Length: Short
    Enemies: Hellena Warden
    Facilities: Save Point
    Improtant Items: Leather Jacket
    Overall Dificulty: Easy
    A quick note on additions:
    Now that you're using Volcano instead of Double slash, you have to start
    preparing yourself to deal with counters. The enemy cannot counter on the first
    or last Hit. (For example: Double Slash had only two hits so it was impossible
    to use a counter on it.) Now that you're using Volcano you have one in the
    middle and they will start using counters so look out.
    As you enter Hellena, you find yourself on the road leading to the prison.
    Follow the road and you get to the front gate. Drat runs up behind the cart you
    saw earlier and hides there. The guard says he will check the load. As soon as
    he says this, the little "!" sign will appear again. Push X and Dart will hide
    around the other side of the cart. The gate is then lowered and Dart climbs
    into the back of the cart.
    You made it inside. Very good. You've probly notcied by now that the arrow over
    Dart's head has been red this whole time. In this dungeon, there are no random
    battles. It's a stealth level. If a guard sees you, he will run at you. If you
    get out of the screen before he catches you, then you don't have to fight him.
    Even if you do get caught, it isn't really a big deal as they are all weaklings
    anyway. Just kill them and there's no harm done.
    The first room contains a save point so save. The driver of the cart is the
    merchant. He's at the south-west corner of this room. Don't talk to him yet.
    Instead, go to the north-west corner of the room and exit there. This leads to
    a small room with a chest containing a Burn Out. Now go talk to the merchant.
    He'll call a guard and you will have to fight him. It's one of the few battles
    you have to fight in here.
    Just hack at him until he dies, which should be one or two hits, depending on
    your skill with additions and your level. Now that he's dead, you can talk to
    the merchant and he can sell you some items. He'll be here as long as you are.
    Leave by the exit next to where you found the merchant. In the next room,
    there's a guard. If you want to avoid fighting, wait until his back it to you,
    then run south-east around the corner. There's another guard here, but if you
    stay close to the railing, he won't see you. Go up the stairs.
    It may look impossible to get through this room without fighting the guard, but
    it isn't. Wait until the guard truns his back, then run up and press X by the
    ladder. Tadah! No fight. Follow the path at the top of the stairs to the exit.
    Now you're outside again. Cross the bridge and there's a save point. Guards
    will appear from the exits on either side so move quickly. The entrance next to
    the save point leads to a dead end room with some useful items. However, it is
    almost impossible to avoid fighting is such a cramped space with three guards.
    I would just kill all the guards and then loot the place. There are a total of
    3 chests in here. Next to the beds, there are two. One contains an Angel's
    Prayer, which revives a dead character in battle and the other contains a
    Leather Jacket, which is a piece of armor for Shana once you get her. Down the
    steps is the last one. It holds 50 gold.
    After you finish here, go back outside. To the right is a small elevator. Press
    X to ride it up to the next floor. Go inside. There's a cut-scene here. It's
    also the place where you get your first new party member, Lavits.
    You now have to fight off three of the wardens with Lavitz in your party. The
    addition he is using is called Harpoon and it's exactly like Dart's Double
    Slash. Lavitz isn't as strong as Dart, (yet) but he can still easilly kill the
    wardens in one or two hits.
    After the battle, you can now use Lavitz all the time. He's at level 3 when you
    get him. Yaay! I usually have Dart at about level 5 or higher by now.
    Number of Additions: 5
    Element: Wind
    Weapon: Spear
    Pros: -High HP, Attack and Defense
          -All additons are obtained at low levels
          -Useful Dragoon Spells
    Cons: -Low Speed and Magic Defense
          -Most additions are difficult to complete
          -Most additions don't give much SP
    Before you leave the tower where you met Lavitz, wander around and enter some
    of the cells here. There are a few chests to find. They contain a Spark Net,
    (Thunder Elemental Multi Item) and 20 gold, (this chest is on top of a pile of
    crates. To get to it, walk up the crates next to the shivering man and jump
    from crate to crate). Now, you can leave.
    When you do leave, another elevator will come down. You have to fight the guard
    in it, but once you kill him, you can use his elevator. Yaay! Take the elevator
    up and take a left.
    Once inside again, you're in a diamond shaped room. Take the stairs at the
    north point and cross the two bridges. Once at the top, Lavitz notices that the
    room seems to have especially tight guard. Dart finds a key. Now you can get to
    Shana. Go back out the way you came in.
    Now you can enter the door to the right of the elevator. Walk up to the door
    and push X to unlock it. Then go through it. Now you're in Shana's tower and
    there are a lot of guards. You're fighting three wardens at a time now. You
    should be able to easily fight them off by now.
    This tower is just like Lavitz's tower. There is a cell with a chest that
    you may want to pick up. It holds 20 Gold. Once you find Shana's cell, you have
    to fight off three wardens again. Nothing new, right?
    Once you finish them off, you get to rescue Shana. Then you leave the cell and
    have to fight more guards. You can't use Shana yet.
    After the fight, there are yet more scenes and then, you can use Shana.
    Number of Additions: 0
    Element: Light
    Weapon: Arrows
    Pros: -High Magic Attack and Defense
          -Highest HP of the girls
          -Has the only Dragon Summoning Spell that's worth the 80 MP to use it
    Cons: -Really low Attack and Defense
          -Dragoon attacks are weak
          -No additions
    Now would be a good time to pause and start mastering your current additions.
    You should be getting some new ones soon so you may as well make it easier on
    youself. It's also a good idea to have Lavitz and Shana grow a few levels.
    There's also another cell next to Shana's. There's a chest in there with
    another 20 gold in it.
    Once you feel comfortable with your levels and additions, make your way back to
    the bottom floor. Out of the tower, down the two elevators, (I recommend saving
    at the save point here). Once back inside, you see the merchant there. Buy
    something from him if you need it.
    After you leave, you meet up with Fruegel. You get to hear a little more about
    why Seles was blown to bits. Now you get to beat the crap out of him.
    >>>>> Fruegel 1 <<<<<
    Minions: 2 Hellena Wardens
             2 Senior Wardens
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    This is another easy boss. Kill the two wardens first. They like to use Burn
    Outs on you. As Shana has such a weak attack, I would just have her Guard for
    most of this battle. She can't really do much damage unless she uses magic
    items and I would save those for later. Keep in mind that the wardens on this
    battle are a bit stronger then the normal ones you always run into here.
    Once you take them out, the two senior wardens come in. These guys can take a
    few shots to kill. When they run out of health, they use an item that does fire
    damage on all of your guys and then they die. In other words, don't finish them
    off if you are low on health. They also use a power up item which increaces all
    of their stats. Try to kill them before they can do so.
    Once you finish off all his minions, it's time to hack away at Fruegel until he
    dies. Keep an eye on your health and this should be an easy win.
    After you finish him off, Dart and friends make a daring escape out the from
    gate. There's a scene.
    ======================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 3)Chase to the Limestone Cave ><><-----------------------------| [Ch1-3] |
    ======================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Now you're on the map screen again. Head north this time to the Prarie.
      >The Prarie<
    Dungeon Length: Short
    Enemies: Mole
             Crescent Bee
             Vampire Kiwi
    Facilities: Rest (Place the recovers HP/MP)
    Improtant Items: None
    Overall Difficulty: Easy
    Now you're in the Prarie. You move to the next screen automaticly. They manage
    to throw off the wardens.
    Be careful when fighting the Crescent Bees here. Kill them first or you may get
    yourself poisoned. Also, the Mantises can use a power up spell like the Senior
    Wardens so be warned.
    Now that you have control again, head to the exit in the north-west corner of
    the screen. There's a river there and Dart notes that it is to wide to jump
    across. Next, go back to the last screen and take the south-west trail.
    On the next screen is a cabin. Go into the cabin to trigger a scene and a long
    story/flashback scene. You will be seeing this a LOT. After it's all over, you
    get another goal. Get to Bale, capital of Basil.
    Now that that's done, you can come back to the shack at any time and push X
    next to the chair to replenish your HP. Time to Max out your additions again.
    From now on, whenever you get a new addition, make sure your old addition is
    mastered. Got it? Okay.
    Go back outside and leave the screen by the exit in the north-west corner.
    There's a tree by a waterfall and Dart will say that they could bridge the
    river with it but they need something to cut it down with. Time to go back to
    the shack.
    Back inside the shack, there's an axe laying on the floor. Walk over to it and
    press X to pick it up. then go back to the tree. Dart cuts down the tree and it
    falls over the edge of the cliff.
    Go back past the shack and back to the second screen again. Exit through the
    north-west exit again and you're back at the river. The tree you just chopped
    down floats by and gets caught right where you need it to be. Lucky you. Cross
    it and then it's on to the next screen.
    Right off there's a split in the path. Take the north fork and get the Angel's
    Prayer, then go back and take the west fork. If you talk to the family on this
    road, then you get to see Lavitz act all knightly. The family has no place to
    go since they left the capital of Sandora, Kazas. Lavitz invites them to stay
    at his house in Bale. See? He's such a nice guy.
    You can leave now. Follow the path north and you're out of the Prarie. Now that
    you're back on the map screen, follow the dots to the Limestone Cave.
     >The Limestone Cave<
    Dungeon Length: Medium-Short
    Enemies: Evil Spider
             Screaming Bat
             Ugly Balloon
    Facilities: Rock Fireflies (Rest)
                Save Point
    Improtant Items: Bastard Sword
                     Poison Guard
    Overall Difficulty: Medium-Easy
    Welcome to Limestone Cave. This is your longest Dungeon so far, but the enemies
    are weak for the most part. First thing you see is a chest off to your left. Go
    open it and receive a Detonate Rock, which is an attack item that attacks all
    enemies. Yaay! Follow the path into the cave.
    The next room has a little slide puzzle in it. The top is right next to the
    entrance to the room. Taking certain forks in the slide can get you some good
    Push nothing and the slide will take you to a platform with a crate containing
    20 gold. If you press up by the first fork and down by the sencond, the slide
    will put you in another platform that holds a Bastard Sword, which is a better
    weapon for Dart. Equip him with it, then leave by the southern exit.
    The next room has a series of stepping stones for you to cross. The chest on
    the right contains a Total Vanishing which kills all minor enemies. Sweet...
    The chest on the left contains a Body Purifier which removes certain status
    Once you reach the end of the stepping stones, Lavitz slips and Dart saves him.
    A minor little cut-scene. You automaticaly leave afterwards. In the next room,
    the path branches, one part going south and the other going east. The east path
    leads to another chest with 100 gold. The south path branches again and the
    east part leads to some little glowing things. These are the rock fireflies.
    Walk up to them and press X to have them replenish your HP. Handy huh?
    There's also a chest further down the path that has an Angel's Prayer in it.
    You can also jump up onto the rock above and get to another chest with a Burn
    Out. Head back to the fork and follow the other path to the exit.
    If you go out the north exit in the next room, you end up in a kind of
    mini-game in which you try to catch the little creature that is hopping around.
    If you do it, he will go over to the north-east corner of the screen. Aproach
    him again and he will leave a chest containing a Poison Guard. There's another
    chest on the screen that has a Spark Net.
    Back in the other room, take the path with the chest on it, (the chest has a
    Charm Potion By the way,) and exit the room. In the next room, just follow the
    There's a Save Point here and a couple of chests. The one of the left has a
    Body Purifier. The one on the right has a Bandana which is head armor for the
    guys. Dart already has one and Lavitz has something better so don't bother
    equiping someone with it. You can just sell it later. Head on to the next area.
    In the next area, Dart hears something amd wonders what it is. It's your next
    >>>>> Urobolus <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    This is the first battle in which there is any strategy involved. At first, all
    you need to do is hack away at him with Dart and Lavitz. When Urobolus moves
    into the rock, he's to high to reach. Remember how I told you to save all those
    attack items for later? Now is the time to use them. Have Shana hit him with a
    few and he'll die. That's it. Dart will finish him off.
    Once he's dead, you will get a cut-scene which helps to develope the overall
    story of the game. Ooooo... Mysterious.
    After that's over, leave via the back exit. There is one more area. There are 2
    chests here. One with a Healing Potion, the other has 50 gold.
    On to Bale.
    =============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 4)Royal Capital: Bale ><><-------------------------------------| [Ch1-4] |
    =============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Facilities: Hotel
                Weapon Shop
                Item Shop
    Stardust: 6
    Welcome to Bale, capital of Basil. This is the first real city you've been to
    yet. There are quite a few Stardust here as well. Talk to people if you wish.
    Let's go to the Hotel first. Walk past the fountain and enter through the door
    marked with a yellow arrow. Talk to the man behind the counter to stay the
    night and replenish HP. Then save and go over to the left. Talk ot the man
    behind the counter here and buy the spirits. You'll need them later.
    Head back outside and go west to the next area. Here, you can see a blue arrow.
    That's the weapon shop. The clinic is in the alley just east of the shop. Right
    now, we want to take the path to the west of the shop.
    Welcome to Indels Castle. Don't go up the stairs just yet. Instead, enter
    through the door on the bottom floor. As soon as you enter, go to the right and
    open the chest there. It holds a Sparkle Arrow which is a weapon for Shana.
    Then go north. past the crates and up the stairs. Go left and go down the
    ladder. Go down the next ladder. Walk over to the wheel next to you and push X.
    This will open the gate below on the dock. Go back up the ladders and back down
    the stairs.
    Go to the circular area with a red floor and then head north. Examine the fire-
    place and you get another Stardust. Yaay! Turn around and go up the stairs you
    used a moment ago. Go right, then south, then left. Go past the beds and open
    the chest in here. Another 50 gold for you. Go back to the big green line and
    follow it up the stairs.
    Take a left and go up the short staircase against the outer wall. Examine the
    back of the little area to find another stardust. Go to the right of the stairs
    and enter the small room there. There's a chest with another 100 Gold. Follow
    the outer wall until you get to a small green room. Take the stairs on the
    right side. Follow them down and in the next room, go down the ladder. Open the
    crate in this room to get an Active Ring. Now go back up. Now that you're back
    in the green room, go up the stairs and meet with King Albert.
    You're in for a long cut-scene. Lots of talking and lots of story developement.
    Then, there is a cut-scene explaining the Dragon Compaign. Random FMV movie!
    Yaay! Again, you will be seeing many versions of this.
    Turn around and walk outside of the railing beside the stairs to go outside to
    a balconey and talk with Shana. This triggers another scene and you get yet
    another goal. Go help Lavitz defend Hoax, but first, we get to go meet Lavitz's
    Head back to the room where you met Albert, the go down the stairs. Make your
    way back out of the castle and back to town. Once there, head to the weapon
    shop. In the forefront of the screen is a barrel of spears. Examine it to get
    yet another stardust. Yaay! Go into the menu and make sure that everyone has
    the strongest equipment on. THen talk to the weapon seller. By anything
    stronger then what you have, which should include some armor for Dart. After
    you buy stuff, it's time to sell stuff. Sell anything you don't think you'll
    use, including the weaker weapons and armor. 
    Go back to the first area in town. Go down the stairs that lead to a path that
    goes under the fountain. Talk to the man in your way. You give him the spirits
    that you bought earlier and he moves out of the way. Now go up the stairs on
    the other side of his house. Just follow the path. When you hear the castle
    music again, you're in a room with a chest in it. One that has 20 gold. There
    are two exits here. Take the first one you get to.
    You should recodnize this place. head up the tall ladder first. There's a chest
    with another 20 gold here. Go back down and get on the boat. It will take you
    through Bale. You will eventually get an option to go strait or get off the
    boat. Get off. Go through the door and examine the pile of stuff in the back of
    the room. Another stardust! Get back on the boat. It will take you back to
    where you started. Go back to town. To the right of the Hotal is a path. On the
    other side of the path is the item shop. Go and guy anything you may need
    there. Then head up the path. Check out the well here for another stardust. Go
    to the entrance on the north wall of this area.
    Welcome to Lavitz's house. You get watch a very amusing cut-scene in which
    Lavitz's mother thinks that Shana is his bride. It get very awkward. Once it's
    over, talk to Lavitz again and he'll ask what they should do. Ask to have him
    show you around. The others have some funny responses, but this is what you
    want to pick in order to progress. Head up the stairs and go to the room on
    the left.
    There's a nice little cut-scene and Lavitz and Dart talk about a few things.
    Then you get called down for lunch. Leave the room and go back in so Lavitz's
    mother moves and you can get into the kitchen. Examine the north wall to get
    the last stardust in Bale. Yaay! You should have a total of 7. Go back to the
    library and up the ladder again. Once outside, follow the roof to the east
    point and jump down. Enter the barn and start walking. Tap X as you go so you
    don't fall off the beam. Open the chest for a Healing Breeze. It's much like a
    Healing Potion except that it heals all of your party members at once.
    Now it's time to go. Head for the exit of Bale. As you try to leave, a woman
    named Martel bumps into you. She's the reason we're collecting stardust. If you
    want to talk to her, go back to the area where Lavitz's house is and enter the
    house in the upper-left corner. If you do talk to her, then she tells you what
    stardust actually do. Cool. Talk to her if you wish, save in the hotel, then
    leave Bale.
    Time to defend Hoax.
    ================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 5)A Dragoon's Awakening ><><-----------------------------------| [Ch1-5] |
    ================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Take the new path to the west to find Hoax.
    Facilities: Hotel
    Stardust: 2
    When you enter, Shana makes a comment that Hoax looks more like a fortress then
    a town. There's a crate containing a Angel's Prayer in the hotel. Go through
    the entrance to the right of the hotal to meet up with Kaiser. Then you get an
    oppourtunity to really explore hoax.
    Turn left and go up the stairs. Enter the forst house there and go down the
    stairs inside. Check the fireplace for a stardust. Here's a little something
    optional, from the top floor of the house where you get the stardust, exit
    through the door on the south-west wall. Walk along the wall until you can see
    a window you can go through. It's an attic. There's a crate here with 20 gold.
    Go down the ladder. Talk to the old lady for an amusing cut-scene. It really
    has nothing to do with the story line, but I laugh whenever I see Shana kick
    Dart in the... *cough cough* Nevermind...
    Once back outside the window, head down the stone steps and enter there. Go
    down and behind the stairs here for a Healing Potion. (Examine the fire for an
    amusing comment too.) Head back to Kaiser's headquarters, but don't talk to him
    yet. Look around in the lower left corner of the room for a stardust. You
    should have 9 now. Then talk to kaiser, but before you do that, equip additions
    that you know you can finish at least 90% of the time. Trust me.
    Head up to where the knight is standing. Once it's night, head down the stairs.
    As you do, the Sandoras attack. Wah! The first thing you have to fight are two
    Sandora Soldiers. Easy enough. Just hack at them and they should be dead in one
    or two hits. Then things get tricky.
    >>>>> Sandora Elite <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    To start off, while on the guy until he starts using magic. Watch out when he
    starts hitting you with the green fire. It can lower your health fast. Then, he
    starts using that trick where he multiplys himself. I find that he usually
    follows a pattern. The first time the real one is the onlt on the left, then
    the right, then the center. Also take note the that the real one os the only
    one who uses magic.
    Then there's more trouble.
    >>>>> Kongol <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Kongol is semi-hard to kill. He has a lot of health and his moves are strong
    enough to make you watch your HP when your fighting him. Remember what I said
    about additions before? This is why. If you fail to complete an addition, then
    it's just like he used a counter on you and you take some damage. Be careful.
    Heal when you need to, complete your additions and wail on him until he dies.
    Now there's a cool cut-scene. After the first one, there's another long
    cut-scene that explains exactly what happened. You also get Rose in your party. 
    Before you leave Hoax, you should save at the new Save Point at the top of the
    stairs. As you walk towards the exit, Rose offers a little turtorial on
    Dragoons. Take it if you want practice or have not read the section on Dragoons
    that I put in the first part of the guide.
    It's off to the Marshland!
    ============================================= - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 6)The Marshland and Dragon's Poison ><><-----------------------| [Ch1-6] |
    ============================================= - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    First thing's first, a character summary of Rose.
    Number of Additions: 4
    Element: Darkness
    Weapon: Rapier
    Pros: -Highest attack of all characters
          -Comes with Dragoon Spirit
          -Dragoon Spells highly useful at start
    Cons: -Very low defense stats
          -Low HP stat
          -Slowest of the girls
    Go back towards Bale, but then take the new path that goes south.
    Dungeon Length: Short
    Enemies: Merman
             Sea Dragon
    Facilities: None
    Important Items: Wargod Amulet
                     Stun Guard
                     Magic Stone of Signet
    Overall Dificulty: Easy
    Head strait to get to the fort. Just keep following the path you will get
    there. Now you have a series of battles with Sandora Soldiers. Easy enough.
    Just keep challenging them until you kill them all. In the last battle, there's
    a Commander you have to fight, but just treat him as if he's another soldier. I
    would make sure to kill his soldier minions first.
    Then, head into the fort itself. Enter the first room on the right for a chest
    containing a Sun Rhapsody. This item refills all of your MP. (Sweet.) Go across
    the hall and check the fireplace for a stardust. 10 now. There's also a chest
    in here with a Healing Potion. Now head down the the hurt knights for a sad
    little cut-scene. Jump along the rocks just past them to get to another chest.
    This one with a Spirit Potion. This gives you 100 SP. 
    Turn around and go under the series of arches that lead outside. There's a
    chest with a Lance. That's a better weapon for Lavitz. Head back into the fort
    and exit through the door you entered first. Walk up onto the tree root and
    grab the Sun Rhapsody then head back to the entrance to the Marshland.
    Walk along the tree on your left. Follow it along until you get to the next
    area. Get on the boat you see here. Get off at the first stop to find a Spirit
    Potion. Back to the boat and select "Move Down". Get off here to find a Burn
    Out. Select "Move down" again. Get off here for a Body Purifier. Go left and
    exit the area. Here, you can pick up two things. One is a Stun Guard. The other
    is the Magic Stone of Signet. This is a handy little repeat (meaning it
    reappears after every battle in which you use it) item that freezes minor
    enemies for three turns. Handy right? Now go all the way back to the main path.
    Now that you're off the boat, head north and follow that path. Then there's a
    short cut-scene in which Shana twists her ankle and Dart carries her for a
    while. That takes you to the next area. Head north from here and exit the
    ======================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 7)Assault on the Dragon's Nest ><><----------------------------| [Ch1-7] |
    ======================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Head south and enter the Volcano Villude.
      >Volcano Villude<
    Dungeon Length: Medium-Short
    Enemies: Salamander
             Fire Spirit
             Magma Fish
             Red Hot
    Facilities: Save Point
                Merchant (First time through only)
    Important Items: Panic Guard
                     Sapphire Pin
    Overall Dificulty: Medium
    There are two reasons why this is the hardest dungeon yet. 1) You haven't been
    able to heal for a while and the merchant is at the end of the dungeon, and 2)
    there are two bosses you have to fight here.
    First off, follow the path here until you get to the cut-scene about the fire
    bird. This take you to the next area. The chest next to the path here holds a
    Spear Frost. (Water Elemental Multi Item)
    Just keep going through the next area. There's a point where the gap narrows
    and you can jump it to get a chest with a Mind Purifier. At the end is a fork
    in the path. The right path leads to a Panic Guard. Take the left path to the
    next area and once there, you can see the save point across the gap. Jump it
    and save. Then exit.
    In the next room, Magma Fish jump at you so move quickly. Once you get to a
    certain point, there's a cut-scene in which Shana runs off somewhere. Follow
    her, but make sure all of your guys are at least mostly healed before you do.
    In the next place, you get your first look at a Virage. Then it wakes up and
    you have to kill it. 
    >>>>> Incomplete Virage <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    In this fight, you have the option to attack the arm, body and head of the
    Virage. I suggest you whail on it's head until it dies because everything else
    just regenerates. This guy does good damage so keep a close eye on your HP,
    especially Rose.
    You will end up in the previous area. Follow the south edge of teh screen to
    exit this area. You find a man hanging from a cliff. Dart saves him and he
    gives you a sapphire pin as a reward. Yaay! The man says his name is Dabas and
    he's from Lohan. He's also the merchant that you meet up with at the end of
    the dungeon.
    The next area is where you fight your second boss so heal everyone with items.
    Walk around the edge and you will be confronted by the Fire Bird.
    >>>>> Fire Bird <<<<<
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Just keep hitting it. Keep an eye on your HP. This guy has some powerful
    attacks that hit everyone in your party. You can attack his fireballs and kill
    them before they hit you. Save some health by doing so.
    There's a chest with 50 gold in the next screen. Dabas is here too. Buy stuff
    from him. You won't get another chance to buy things before you fight the
    Dragon. Now, on to the Dragon's Nest.
     >Nest of Dragon<
    Dungeon Length: Short
    Enemies: Mandrake
             Trickt Bat
             Run Fast
             Lizard Man
             Man Eating Bud
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Bravery Amulet
    Overall Dificulty: Medium-Easy
    First off, follow the path. In the next area, you stop and There's a scene
    Shana gets a little light headed and runs off again. You follow her and she's
    fine. So you bring her back. Now, continue on.
    As you do, you find that you're standing on this spiderweb looking thing. As
    you walk across it, you fall into the dragon's den. Once down there, Shana
    notices that there is still pure water there. If you drink the water later,
    then it replenishes your HP and MP. (Sweet...)
    Climb up to the next level and go down the hole on the right. Take the left
    path to get to a Mind Purifier. Go back and take the south path, enter through
    the doorway and follow the path until you can get to the upper level again. Go
    through the tunnel and examine the funky black plant. Then go down the hole
    here. Grab the chest and get a Bravery Amulet. Go back to the split path.
    Once outside the doorway, climb up to the next level here. There are two of the
    funky black plants here. Examine them both. One will allow you to get a chest
    with a Spirit Potion. Go down to the lower level via the other hole here. Grab
    the Body purifier and head back to the split path again. Backtrack to the upper
    level again and take the new path. Save. If you're low on health, take a quick
    run back to the rest before you go on. In the next room, you face Fayrbrand.
    Once you enter, you don't find Fayrbrand. Instead, you see Greham. If you were
    good and took the time to talk to the people in Bale, then you already know who
    this is. Don't worry if you're clueless though. You'll hear the story right
    now. You then find out that Greham is a Dragoon. (Oh that's just dandy...) Then
    Fayrbrand comes out. You have to fight both of them at once.
    >>>>> Greham and Fayrbrand <<<<<
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    In this fight, take out Graham first. Once you do, Fayrbrand is easy. Transform
    Dart and Rose into Dragoons and pelt him with spells. Use their level one
    spells. Avoid using Death Dimension and Explosion as they just cost more MP and
    do less damage to the one who really needs to be hit. If you have trained
    enough to get Dart's D'lvl up to 3 then by all means use Final Burst on him.
    Just kill him before he can kill you. The handy thing is that Rose's Astral
    Drain restores some of you HP.
    Once that's done, then you can kill Fayrbrand. He has more HP then Greham, but
    his attacks do less damage. He's also a lot slower so you can get a lot of hits
    on him. He also likes to put status ailments on your guys. I hope you have a
    couple of Body Purifiers on you. If you want, you can use Dragoons on him too,
    but I never saw the need.
    After that's done with, Greham dies and Lavitz gets his Dragoon Spirit. Yaay!
    Now you have three Dragoons and you can use the special command. Then, there's
    another scene. To get out of here, climb up the webing behind where you fought
    Fayrbrand. You come out on the other side of the hole you fell through.
    Continue along the path to leave. Don't worry about all the chests you are
    leaving behind as you will be coming back here very soon.
    =================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 8)Lohan and Dragoni Plant ><><---------------------------------| [Ch1-8] |
    =================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Time to go to Lohan. Once out of the Dragon's Nest, follow the path to Lohan.
    Facilities: Hotel
                Weapon Shop
                Item Shop
    Stardust: 4
    Lohan is big. Really big. It's really easy to get lost, but never fear! I know
    the place by heart. When you first enter, you're automaticly taken to the
    clinic which is where you drop Shana off for the time being.
    The doctor says he needs something called Dragoni Plant in order to stop the
    poison. Unfortunatly, he doesn't know where you can find it. You're on your own
    for that part.
    Now that you're outside, you can see exactly how complex this city can be.
    First off, you should go collect the four stardust that are here. For the first
    one, go across the bridge and up the stairs that lead to the hotel. Go in there
    to save, heal, whatever. Exit and take a left. Go into the last door before you
    leave the area. There's a little book next to the door. Climb the ladder on the
    right side of the room and examine the bookshelf against the wall in front of
    you. Go right and climb down the ladder there. Go into the room on your left
    and examine the furnace there. You'll find it. Head back outside.
    Go down the stairs just south of you. Go south and cross the bridge. Enter
    through the blue door. This is Dabas's shop. He'll talk to you right away. You
    get a bonus for comming in here. Not only is there a stardust in his shop, but
    he also knows where you can find Dragoni Plant. When the conversation ends, you
    leave. Turn around and go right back in. Climb up in the shop until you find
    the knight's armor in the corner. Examine it for another stardust. Now you can
    Go back across the bridge. Both of the shops are here. Buy anything you may
    need. (Weapons, armor, items, ect.) While looking through the items in the
    weapon shop, you'll notice some extremely expensive items on sale. That is why
    we are currently hoarding our money. The Legend Casque makes even the most
    powerful magic spells do around 200 damage. This is at then end of the game
    when most of your characters should have about an avarage of 3000 HP each. Not
    too shaby. There's also something that you can buy in Deningrad called the
    Armor of Legend that does the same thing for physical attacks. Yaay! The
    Phantom Sheild is also here. It cuts all damage in half, but it's still not as
    effective as the Legend Casque and Armor of Legend. You can get one of these
    for free in a sidequest later anyway.
    Once you're done here, go down the stairs next to the bridge. When the vendor
    talks to you, you are able to buy a bottle to hold water. You need this. I've
    found that if you just keep telling him to lower the price, he'll just give it
    to you for free. Sucker...
    This will put you in the gate area. Examine the big jars next to the gate to
    get another stardust. Head back into town and go past the street vendors.
    There's a really big tent here. On the right, there's a crate holding 100 gold.
    Examine the baskets on the left side for the last stardust. That will bring you
    up to 14 total. Now you go get the Dragoni Plant.
    Head back to the Dragon's Nest. On the first screen, aproach the place where
    the webing crosses the stream. You can jump across here. To get back across,
    jump along the rock just south of there. You don't want to do that yet though.
    Go south along this side of the stream first. Keep going and you'll find that
    chest that you never picked up. It has a Chain Mail in it. Yaay! Good armor!
    Now go back and jump along the rocks.
    Turn around and jump into the hole to the Dragon's den. When you land, fill
    your bottle with water then get back out. Get back on the other side of the
    hole again. (Jump over the webbing then over the rocks.) Then head south.
    Follow the path that Shana took when she took a rest. The funky plant is here.
    Put the water on it and it will vanish. Head north to get to the shrine.
     >Shrine of Shirley<
    Dungeon Length: Medium
    Enemies: Crystal Golem
             Plague Rat
             Strong Man
             Living Statue
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Demon Stiletto
    Overall Dificulty: Medium-Easy
    Don't bother opening the chests here. None of them have anything in them. Just
    ignore them when you see them. When you aproach the entrance, There's a scene.
    Then you can enter.
    First, go right. Examine the statue and remember which way the sign says it's
    facing. (Example: Sign says "Statue facing left") Then go right and jump along
    the rocks there. The Dragoon spirits will resonate again and you will be all
    healed. That's the rest. Go back to the first room.
    Exit through the left door. Take a right and acitvate the lever at the end of
    the walkway. Go back to the first room again and exit via the new opening. Go
    examine the gold statue and remember which way it is facing. Then go back to
    the first room again.
    Exit out the back this time. Climb up the first 2 staircases. Here, you can
    examine a stone square. You enter in a code here later. The code is random so
    I can't tell you what it is now. For now, go up the rest of the stairs and exit
    the area. open the chest. It's a trap. As you go down, remember the numbers as
    they pop up on the screen.
    You end up at the bottom of the shrine again. Go back to the little stone
    square that I mentioned and enter the numbers you saw on the way down. This
    will open a new exit at the top of the stairs.
    Once through the new exit, examine the statues and turn them to face the way
    that their counterparts below were facing. Then it's up to the top of the
    shrine. Now you're here, you should save. Then, just keep going. Now you have
    to fight Drake the Bandit.
    >>>>> Drake the Bandit <<<<<
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Simple enough strategy for him. Hit him until he dies. The bombs he throws can
    do some good damage, but you can kill them before they hit you. Keep an eye on
    Rose's HP. When he throws up the wires, kill those so you can get to him. If he
    throws up the wires, then throws the bombs out, just turn Dart or Lavitz into a
    Dragoon and hit them with one of those attacks that hits everything. He dies
    really quick this way.
    If you feel really impatient with this guy, use a special (not Lavitz's for
    elemental reasons) and whail on him with magic.
    There's a scene where you meet Shirley. You go into a battle screen, but it
    isn't really a battle at all, more a challenge. You just have to answer her
    questions right.
    Just guard until she asks a question. For the First question, (Why do you
    fight?) pick the first option. Then she turns into Shana. Keep Guarding. For
    the first question she asks as Shana, pick the second option. Next, the first
    option. For the last question, pick the first option again. Then she's back to
    being Shirley.
    Then, she turns into King Albert. 
    Question 1) Second Option
    Question 2) First Option
    Then she asks questions to various people.
    Question 1) First Option
    Question 2) First Option
    Question 3) Second Option
    That's all. Now you get the Dragoon Spirit of the White Silver Dragon. Yaay!
    Then, there's a short scene. Now you can leave. Just make your way back to
    Lohan. Don't forget to go raid the back of the shrine first.  There's lots of
    gold and a better weapon for Rose in there. That and a Healing Breeze. Just go
    back past where you fought Drake.
    The weapon is called the Demon Stiletto. The best thing about this weapon is
    the fact that it occationally causes the fearful status effect. This cuts most
    of an enemy's stats in half. Woo!
    Here's something for you to think on. You should have Lavitz to at least level
    11 by now. That means that you have the Gust of Wind Dance addition. This is
    the last addition that he gets by leveling up. That means that you have the
    ability to get his final addition now. If you have been good, then you should
    have all of his other additions mastered and thus, getting the final addition
    shouldn't take more then a half hour. If not... Well... I told you...
    While we're on the subject, here's a quick training tip:
    If you go back to the Nest of Dragon area, you can go fight the Lizard Men.
    They have a move called Physical Attack Barrier. This automatically lowers the
    damage from all regular attacks to 0. This may seem like a bad thing, but at
    this point in the game, it comes in handy. While fighting one, guard until it
    uses the move and then you can whail on him and he won't die. This makes it so
    you can use an addition a bunch of times before the battle ends and it speeds
    up the process.
    Now head back to Lohan.
    Once back in town, head back to the clinic. Dart is about to heal Shana with
    the White Silver Dragoon Spirit when it starts glowing on it's own. It heals
    Shana and everyone realizes that this means that Shana is a Dragoon too. Yaay!
    She is semi-useful now. Most of her Dragoon Spells are healing spells which are
    always nice. The doctor then tells you about a Hero Competition that is in
    town. He encourages you to enter.
    Now that that's over with, you get to have a little fun in Lohan. Time to go to
    the competition. To get to the arena, go back down to the street where the
    merchant sold you the water bottle. Take a right and you'll eventually end up
    at the arena. This place is just one big circle so it doesn't matter which way
    you go, you will still end up at the right place. It's a first screen on the
    right. Talk to the woman behind the counter here and you can enter the
    When you fight, you can use items, but you can't turn into a Dragoon. Don't
    enter if you still want to go buy some items. The most you will need is a
    couple Healing Potions and a Body Purifier. I strongly recommend having the
    latter. You'll need it in the first battle. You may also want a mind purifier
    as well. One guy can cast fear on you. If you have all this, then enter.
    Only Dart fights in this. When you get registered, head down the stairs just
    below the counter. Once down there, you see a fight between two people. One of
    them looks just like a Hellena Warden. The guy in the purple outfit knocks him
    out. This is Haschel. He is a future party member. He's also in the
    At this point, you may go back up the stairs and take a left if you want to
    save. You may also want to change Dart's addition to whichever one has the
    highest attack %. (Which should be Volcano) If you're confident enough, then
    talk to the man in the doorway and say "Yeah!" It's off to the first match.
    >>>>> Gorgaga <<<<<
    This is what you want the Body Purifier for. First thing he does is try to
    poison you. It doesn't always work though. After that, he's dead in only 3 to 5
    Save if you want, then talk to the man again and enter the second match.
    >>>>> Serfius <<<<<
    No real trick to this guy. He's a lot stronger then the last guy and he uses a
    power up when his health gets low. Other then that, nothing to worry about.
    Now, to the third match.
    >>>>> Danton <<<<<
    This guy has more HP and a higher attack power then the last one. If he drops
    the hammer and crosses his arms, then don't attack. He'll just throw you back
    and do some damage. Just guard. That, or use a few magic items on him. This guy
    likes to counter so be careful. He also has an all-out attack which leaves you
    with 1 HP. Owch.
    On to the fourth match.
    >>>>> Atlow <<<<<
    This guy has one attack which can cause you some problems. If it hits you, it
    always causes fear on Dart. There is an easy way to avoid it though. Guard. It
    is easy to guess when he is about to use it. He hits Dart four times, then he
    uses it. Every time. He's fast so he can get two shots in before it's your turn
    so be careful. Just guard when he uses it. It does very little damage and you
    don't have fear. He only uses it once so just hit him like crazy after he uses
    it. If you don't guard, I hope you have a Mind Purifier on you. He also uses a
    healing item on himself, but it doesn't help much.
    Now it's off to the finals. No, you don't fight Haschel. He lost in the semi-
    finals so you have to fight a man named Lloyd instead.
    >>>>> Lloyd <<<<<
    This is the easiest strategy ever created. Lose. You have to lose this match so
    swing away and just wait until he kills you. He automatically beats you after a
    few turns anyway, even if you have full HP. (I did this once.) Just last until
    he kills you. You can finish the match with full health if you just keep
    guarding. You may as well do it, as you can't hit Lloyd at all.
    After you get yourself owned by Lloyd, Lavitz comes down and has a short
    conversation with Lloyd about hoping to fight him someday. Then it's back up
    the stairs and mess with a few mini-games.
    First, go back to the entrance and meet with Shana and Rose. You get a nice
    little cut-scene.
    At this point, you get to go on a "date" with Shana. All you really do is
    wonder around and play the mini-games in the arena. I like the monster conquest
    game most. Heh. You don't have to do anything. If you don't feel like playing
    anything, just go talk to Lavitz at the entrance and say you're finished. Then,
    on with the plotline.
    Lavitz drags Dart oputside and gives him a little talking to. (Lavitz is so
    smart. =^.^=)
    Once that's all over with, you get a chance to pick who's in your party. I say
    keep Rose in your party. Why you ask? Because you want her to be D'lvl 3 before
    the next boss if you can. You should occationally fight with Shana so her D'lvl
    goes up. Her spells can be useful. Put in Lavitz if you don't have his final
    addition yet or if you just want to start mastering it.
    Head to the shops if there is anything you need. You may want to save in the
    arena before you leave. Then head to the gates out of Lohan.
    There, there's a scene. Now you have something to do. It's time to go back to
    ====================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 9)The Quest to Save the King ><><------------------------------| [Ch1-9] |
    ====================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    First thing's first. Now that you have Haschel in your party, I should give a
    Number of Additions: 6
    Element: Thunder
    Weapon: Fists
    Pros: -Highest speed stat of the guys
          -Semi-high Attack power
          -Thunder Element has no weakness (Yaay!)
    Cons: -Ubber weak Dragoon Spells
          -Armor and Weapons can be hard to find
          -Lowest HP of the guys
    Since you already picked up all the items you need, just head out of Lohan. The
    following is my recommended party members for the next part of the game.
    World Map: -Rose (If you don't have her D'lvl up to 3 yet)
               -Shana (Just to start working on her D'lvl)
    Hellena: -Lavitz (He's required so you may as well start mastering Flower
             -Haschel (Start mastering his Double Punch Addition. Once you get that
                       done, go back to using Rose and work on her D'lvl some more)
    Now head out of Lohan. Take to new path south and it will lead you to Hellena.
     >Hellena Prison Part 2<
    Dungeon Length: Medium
    Enemies: Hellena Warden
             Senior Warden
             Fowl Fighter
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Leather Armor
                     Felt Hat
                     Therapy Ring
                     Silver Embroidered Vest
    Overall Dificulty: Medium-Easy
    Remember, you can't come back to this place after you leave, so grab all the
    items you can while you're here.
    Lavitz jumps the bridge and lowers the gate for you. You then get to see how
    King Albert is doing up in the tower. Appearently, not too good. Fruegel plans
    to kill him at dawn. Crap.
    You only explored half of this place last time so there are many good things to
    find. Including a Therapy Ring, which is one of my favorite accesories. Also,
    while fighting in here, you may be lucky enough to get a Morning Star from one
    of the Hellena Wardens. This is a weapon for a character that you don't have
    yet, but you should keep it for when you do.
    The Hellena Wardens are much stronger then they used to be but they still
    shouldn't be much of a problem. You also see Senior Wardens now. No worries. I
    would recommend training with these guys for a bit so you can finish off some
    additions and get Rose up to D'lvl 3. If she gets to that level by the time you
    fight the boss here, then that boss is a lot easier.
    First off, go south until you can go west. Follow the railing there. Go through
    the first door you see and you can meet up with the merchant again. He can sell
    you some useful items if you get low. The save point is also here. Go back out
    and follow the railing again until you get to the elevator. This elevator was
    broken last time, but it works fine now. Take it up.
    Choose to get off at the first stop. Go up the ladder to the right. Follow that
    path and you'll find a chest containing a Leather Armor. Head back down the
    ladder again and go through the door there.
    Take a right and jump the gap and go through the door. Grab the Felt Hat at the
    bottom of the stairs and keep going. Eventually, you end up at a dead end with
    a chest. This chest holds the Therapy Ring. Yaay! This accesory heals 1/10 of
    your total HP every turn. I would equip it on someone right away. Now, go all
    the way back to the area with the ledges.
    Jump back over the gap and take the door to the left of the one you came
    through first. This will take you to a platform and another elevator. Ride it.
    Go through the door and grab the chest. There's a Thunderbolt inside. (Thunder
    Elemental Multi Item for all enemies) Go back through the doorway and go to the
    right side of the platform and climb down. There's a Silver Embroidered Vest in
    the chest here. It's a handy armor for Rose or Shana. I would put it on Rose.
    Go to the right and climb down again. Go through the doorway and trun left.
    Take the second door. Ride the elevator. Go through the door and open the chest
    to get the Pandemonium. It's a repeat item (Like the Signet Stone) that causes
    minor enemies to attack one character for 3 turns.
    Now you have to go all the way back to the very first elevator that you took to
    get up here. Enter it and choose to go upstairs. Cross the bridge and exit the
    room. Before you go anywhere, I would recommend changing your party to Dart,
    Lavitz and Haschel. You're about to fight a boss and you want guys with a lot
    of HP. Then go forward.
    It's an ambush. You end up falling through a trapdoor into a pit. Crap. Open
    the chest in the back of the room. It holds a Sachet. It's a really good thing
    to have for the next battle. Then, go talk to Shana. Examine the wall in front
    of her. You will find an exit, but before you can leave, you have to fight the
    monster: Jiango
    >>>>> Jiango <<<<<
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Yes, you can put this guy to sleep with the Sachet right away if you wish. I
    wouldn't though. He'll just wake up and you will still have to deal with his
    more powerful attacks. I would do it when he gets to below half health or so.
    Then you will have enough time to kill him before he wakes up. You can also use
    Dragoons on him but I would save my MP for the final boss later.
    He has some strong attacks. He can cause rocks to fall on your characters and
    that causes a good amount of damage to all three of them. Make sure to keep
    you HP above 150 and hit him with items and physical attacks.
    The battle with Jiango opens the door for you. Head up. There are a lot of
    battles that you have to fight here so make sure that you aren't mostly dead
    from the fight. Fight your way up the stairs and grab the Healing Potion from
    the chest. In the next room, you have another battle but it is really easy.
    Just 2 Hellena Wardens. Head up the stairs on the left and out the door.
    Fight your way through the next room. Next, your outside. Grap the three chests
    (20g, Spear, Broad Sword) and save. This is your last chance to train so if you
    don't have Rose's D'lvl to 3, then you can either go get it to that, or you can
    fight the next boss the hard way. It's your choice. Once done with any training
    that you still need to do, head north to face Fruegel.
    Fruegel is bragging about how he gets to kill the king when everyone comes in.
    It's time to kill this guy... Again...
    >>>>> Fruegel 2 <<<<<
    Minions: Guftas
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Finally, you get to know why I said you should get Rose's D'lvl up to 3 before
    you fought this battle. Rose's Lvl 3 spell is an instant death spell. It
    doesn't work on bosses. Except for this one. Turn her (or all three of them if
    you like) in a Dragoon and use it. Boom! Guftas and Rodriguez are dead. Now all
    you have to worry about is Fruegel himself.
    If you skiped getting Rose up to D'lvl 3 then just special and kill them with
    Dragoon spells. Either way, this battle shouldn't be too hard. Use Rose's
    Astral Drain Spell to help keep your HP up. Use Lavitz's Wing Blaster to help
    get rid of the minions. Dart's Explosion will do a great deal of damage as
    well. Fruegel Can do a great deal of damage, but just make sure to keep your HP
    at reasonable levels and you'll be fine.
    As a percaution, you can always use Lavitz's Rose Storm. It cuts all damage in
    half for three turns.
    After the battle, there are a few scenes to watch and it's all very sad.
    (LAVITZ! NOOO!!! T_T)
    =============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 10)The Seige of Kazas ><><------------------------------------ | [Ch1-A] |
    =============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    After finding shelter in the village of Seles, Dart and company decide that
    they should plan their next move, but first, some things need to be explained.
    Once you have control, talk to everyone. Once you do, there are yet more scenes
    and it's off to Kazas and the Black Castle.
    You now have Albert in your party. He's exactly the same as Lavitz in every way
    except for the timing on his additions are slightly different. You'll just have
    to get used to it.
    It's time to head for the black castle. We have to go through the forest again,
    but the monsters there are no stronger then they were the first time. Just find
    your way through and make your way the Kazas.
    Facilities: Hotel
                Weapon Shop
                Item Shop
    Stardust: 6
    First, you should gather the 6 stardust in town. For stardust number 1, enter
    the first house on the left. Examine the two barrels on the north wall to get
    it. The positioning can take a little tweaking on this one. 
    Stardust number 2. Go to the first house on the right. Climb up the ladder and
    open the chest for an attack ball. Then examine the pile of junk there for
    another Stardust.
    Stardust number 3. Go to the third house on the right. This is the weapon shop.
    As you go in, a man will talk to you and will claim that he killed the dragon.
    (>.> Jerk...) After you talk for a bit, some soldiers will come in and arrest
    him. When that's over with, examine the area to the left of the counter. Bing!
    Stardust! Take some time and upgrade your equipment while your here. If you buy
    a Heat Blade, make sure that you don't sell Dart's old sword. (Which should be
    a Bastard Sword) Why? Because most of the guys that you have to fight in the
    castle are Fire Element so if you use the Heat Blade on them, Dart does about
    half of his usual damage. You'll be using the Bastard Sword for most of the
    Stardust number 4. Before we go get this one, you should stay at the inn and
    rest up. Now, follow the road towards the Black Castle. On the next screen,
    head north and follow that path. Go down by walking along the roof here and go
    through the first door. Go forward and examine the book case for the stardust.
    Stardust number 5. Go west and exit by going down the ladder. Follow the roof
    east and go down the steps at the end. Enter through the first door on the
    left. This is the clinic.  Go left and examine the pile of barrels in the
    corner for another stardust.
    Stardust number 6. Go north-west and examine the three barrels at the foot of
    the stairs for the last stardust. That should bring your total up to 20.
    The counter on the east side of this room is the Item Shop. Buy whatever you
    need so you don't have to do it later. Then go back outside and enter through
    the next door to your left. Walk forward and talk to the kid there. He's a
    member of the New Serdio Party.
    In order to get him to trust you, you have to answer 3 questions correctly. For
    the first question, pick answer number 3. For the second question, pick number
    3 again. For the last one, pick number 2. He'll let you join now.
    His name is Popo. He's kind of hyper over the fact that Albert is there. The
    best thing about his is that he can sneak you into the castle. Save, then head
    up to the secret path.
     >Black Castle<
    Dungeon Length: Medium
    Enemies: Knight of Sandora
             Hell Hound
             Sandora Elite
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Beast Fang
                     Spirit Ring
    Overall Dificulty: Medium
    Welcome to the final dungeon on disk one! There are no random battles in the
    first area here so don't worry about them. Head right and climb up the pole. Go
    up the stairs and down the first pole. Follow the path and get the chest for 20
    gold. Go back up. Skip the next pole and go down the third one. Skip the first
    pole here and take the second one. Follow this path to the bottom floor. Go to
    the end and take the ladder. Make your way up and on to the next area.
    This place is another stealth area, just like Hellena. It is possible to avoid
    fighting here, but you may need the training. It's easier to fight them anyway.
    There's a chest in the north-east part of the area that contains a Spark Net.
    In the next area, go down the ladder and head for the castle. Two guards will
    come at you. Just kill them. Then go towards the castle. In this room, there
    are a couple more guards. Fight them if you want to but you don't have to yet.
    Take the door on the right.
    Walk up to the funky purple stuff and a little cut-scene will start. A couple
    of researchers will come and talk to you. They are happy that someone came to
    see what they are researching. One of them mentions that the white flame has
    healing properties. May come in handy. The purple stuff is also a flame and it
    powers the lifts and machines in the castle. They then give you some Magic Oil
    so you can use the lifts. Sweet... If you need healing, talk to the White Flame
    Researcher. He'll heal you. You don't even have to pay for it.
    Take the lift on the right side of this room. Use the Magic Oil on the hole in
    that wall next to it. Go to the left side of this room and take that lift down
    again. Now this can get a little tricky. You have to cross the trash catcher
    without geting hit by the gigantic balls of trash. If you do, then you get
    pinned and get sent to the trash. If you do go down there, you might as well
    pick up the Dark Mist and Trans Light (Light Elemental Multi Item) that are
    down there. Head up the ladder to go back to the trash catcher and try again.
    Once you get across, open the chest to get the Red Stone. You need this to get
    to the end of the castle. Now head back to the lift, past the flame researchers
    and back into the main hall.
    Go across the hall and take the lift on the left side of the hall. There's a
    guard up here that you have to fight. Exit though the door. On the next screen,
    go down the stairs. There's another researcher down there. Go talk to him. This
    guy is amusing. Just watch and when he turns himself into a dog, go open the
    chest. The Blue Stone is in ther and like the Red Stone, you need it to
    advance. Head back to the main hall.
    Now you have to fight those two guards. Once you do, take that lift. Take a
    right. There's a merchant in the area. Buy item's if you've used any. Enter the
    room at the top of the stairs just north of him to find a Beast Fang. It's a
    weapon for Haschel. It randomly stuns enemies too.
    Go right again. Take the lift here and fight all the soldiers that are at the
    top. It's easy. Then take the lift just behind them. Here is the guy that you
    saw way back in the opening video. The same guy who kidnapped Shana. After he
    gives a short speech about Emperor Doel, he'll give you the Yellow Stone.
    Again, this is required to advance. This is the last one you need.
    Go back down the lift and take a right. Go past the lift and fight the soldier.
    Head up the stairs. There's a Sandora Elite guard up here. Kill him too. Then
    go out the other door. Take the first lift down and get the chest. It has a
    Spinning Gale. Go back up the lift and take the other lift. There are two
    chests here.
    One holds a Spirit Ring, which builds up SP each turn. The other, a Spear
    Frost. Head back to where you fought the Elite. Now go back to where you fought
    with the three soldiers. Go to the far left lift and take it up. The save point
    is here. You can have a long chat with the priest here if you wish. Head up to
    the save point and save. Then examine the triangle shaped carving that points
    at the stature. Put all the stones you gathered into the holes. Now you can go
    through the door that opened at the base of the statue.
    Take the lift in there and exit at the top. You may also want to switch to
    Dart's Heat Blade now as there are no more fire elemental enemies to worry
    about. As you go through this area, you are confronted by Kongol of all people.
    He insists that you fight him. Here's your first boss.
    >>>>> Kongol 2 <<<<<
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Again, you want guys with high HP levels when fighting this guy. His attacks
    are flashy but they don't do too much damage. Again, make sure that you can
    complete your additions most of the time. Keep eveyone's HP above 200 just to
    be safe and slash away. I don't think guy is worth Dragoons, but use them if
    you feel you need to. Once he's below half HP, he gets faster so watch it. Try
    not to use any Healing Breezes here as you will need those when fighting Doel.
    Once that's over with, I suggest that you heal, save and restock. Your next
    battle is against Doel himself. When your prepared, go past Kongol to confront
    Emperor Doel.
    >>>>> Doel <<<<<
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Don't use your Dragoons until he turns into one himself. Then special and pound
    him with spells. If he's not dead before you run out of SP, (which is likely)
    build it back up and do it again. Make sure to have a couple of Sun Rhapsodies
    with you so you can still hit him with spells.
    When I fought Doel, I had Dart at D'lvl 4, but you're more likely to be at 3.
    Use Final Burst if you have it. It does good damage. If you have Albert to
    D'lvl 3, then you can use Gaspless, which can also do some good damage. Save at
    least 20 MP for him so you can use Rose Storm. Keep using Rose's Astral Drain
    to keep your HP up while in Dragoon form.
    Doel has a lot of powerful thunder attacks to use. Make sure to keep a close
    eye on your HP. He can also create a shield which nullifies all damage for a
    few turns. He doesn't use it often, but if he does and you're in Dragoon form,
    don't waste your MP on spells. Use Dragoon attacks instead. If your not in
    Dragoon form, guard. Attacking does nothing after all so you may as well heal
    and take half damage.
    When Doel uses magic, keep an extra close eye on Albert's HP. His low Magic
    Defense can cause some problems. You still need him to fight so you can use
    Rose Storm. The same goes for Rose. She has low HP in general so she can die
    really quickly if you're not careful.
    Once he's beaten, Doel says that Lloyd went to the country of Tiberoa. Then he
    dies. Dart decides that he's going to go after Lloyd and everyone except
    Haschel agrees to go with him. As Haschel walks away, Doel's Dragoon Spirit
    appears in front of him. Now he has to go because he's a Dragoon too. Yaay!
    On to Tiberoa! On to disk 2!
    ============================================ - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><>< b) Chapter 2 - Platinum Shadow ><><><------------------------| [Ch2-0] |
    ============================================ - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    =================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 11)Fletz: City on the Sea ><><---------------------------------| [Ch2-1] |
    =================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Facilities: Hotel
                Weapon Shop
                Item Shop
                Jewelery Shop
    Stardust: 5
    Welcome to Fletz, capital of Tiberoa. There are 5 more stardust to find here
    but we can go get them later. We should get a few of these short cut-scenes out
    of the way first.
    Go to the bridge that crosses the cannal first. This will start a short scene.
    It is something interesting to be sure.
    The hotel is just across the bridge. Go in there and save if you like, then
    head back out and follow the road to the north-west. On the next screen, keep
    going north and another cut-scene will start that involves one of the two
    princesses of Tiberoa, Emille.
    The clinic is to your right. Across the bridge are the Item and Jewelery Shops.
    Since you are here, you may as well pick up some items as well as a couple of
    stardust. Head north one first. This is the Item Shop. Replenish any of the
    items that you used while fighting Doel. The best thing about this Item Shop is
    that here, you can actually buy Healing Breezes. I keep at least 2 with me at
    all times. The stardust is hidden in the bottles along the north wall.
    The other shop is the Jewelery Shop. This is the first one you have been to.
    This place sells some handy accesories, like the sapphire pin, but I would
    prefer to save my money. The stardust is in the container containing different
    colored gems in the south-west corner of the shop.
    Once outside again, go south, back to the first area. The shop to your left is
    the Weapon Shop. Head in there and upgrade your equipment. Before you leave,
    check the box near the entrance. It has a sword, a crossbow and a couple of
    other weapons in it as well as the third stardust. Now leave.
    Next head south and go up the small set of stairs onto the platform. Look
    around up there and get the fourth stardust. Next, go west and cross the bridge
    again. Head up the stairs just to the right on the hotel. This is the bar. Look
    around the back of the hall for the last stardust. That makes 25 total.
    Go into the actual bar and a girl named Kaffi will come and talk to you. She'll
    ask you if you came from out of town. Tell her you do. She'll tell you about
    Tiberoa. She'll ask you if you want to know about stars. Say yes. After that,
    go talk to her again. Dart will ask her about Lloyd. She doesn't know anything.
    She'll then ask if you still want to hear about stars. Tell her yes again. She
    will tell you to go see an astronomer named Fester. Time to go talk to him.
    It's dark outside when you leave. You can't leave town now so you should go see
    Fester. His house is the one to the left of the hotel. There's an amusing cut-
    scene in which you ring on the doorbell and no one answers so Shana gets his
    attention. Now you have a bit of a talk with Fester and get a pretty FMV movie.
    Yaay! For the rest of the conversation, reply how you like to things. After he
    leaves, you can go up the ladder and look in the telescope for a cool picture
    of the Moon That Never Sets. Leave after that.
    Go south and cross the bridge again and enter the house in the south-west
    corner of town. This is Nello's house. He'll talk to you then him and Al will
    have a long conversation. When it's all over, it's morning again.
    After that, head for the exit out of town. There will be another cut-scene in
    which everyone decides to continue looking for Lloyd in Donau. Go save and stay
    at the hotel and get whatever you need. Time to head out. Let's go!
    ================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 12)Thieves in the Desert ><><----------------------------------| [Ch2-2] |
    ================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Take the north fork in the path to head for Donau. The south path leads back to
    Serdio. In order to get to Donau, you have to cross the barrens first.
    Dungeon Length: Short
    Enemies: Frilled Lizard
             Arrow Shooter
             Earth Shaker
    Facilities: None
    Important Items: Warrior Dress
    Overall Dificulty: Easy
    This place is pretty much just like the forest and prarie dugeons way back
    when. First off, take the south-east path and follow it to a chest with a
    Warrior Dress. Go back to the fork and take the north path. Follow it to the
    next area.
    On the next screen, you're ambushed by a bunch of thieves lead by Mappi. They
    introduce themselves as the Gehrich Gang and they intend to steal everything
    you've got. Time to teach them some manners.
    >>>>> Mappi <<<<<
    Minions: 2 Crafty Thieves
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    This guy is easy as pie. Kill the thieves first, then just hit him. He'll be
    dead real quick. Just keep an eye on your HP as a precaution. That's it.
    What happends after the fight is more improtant then the fight itself. Mappi
    manages to make off with Dart's Dragoon Spirit. It will be a while before you
    can get it back too. (Damn you! Give it back!)
    Oh well. Time to move on to Donau. There's a fork in the road just ahead. The
    left fork leads to a place called the Valley of Currupted Gravity, but you
    can't enter that area yet. Take the right fork in the road to the next area. Go
    through the tunnel on the left and follow the path to a Recovery Ball. Go back
    and take the other path. When you get to the big rock under the arch, take the
    path on the left to get the chest on the right. 50 gold for you. That's it for
    the barrens.
    ====================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 13)Meru and Donau's Troubles ><><------------------------------| [Ch2-3] |
    ====================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Facilities: Hotel
                Weapon Shop
                Item Shop
    Stardust: 2
    You get a very... hesitant welcome when you arrive in Donau. I guess that
    should be expected in a town that's over run with bandits. After a short scene
    at the entrance to Donau, you're treated to another cut-scene.
    Once back in control of Dart, you may want to go through the door on the left.
    It leads to the inn and depending on how strong you are, you may need a rest.
    Whether you do or not, you can at least go use the save point in there.
    Head back outside. There are two pools of water on the south side of this area.
    Check the one on the left for a stardust. Then, go into the house on the right
    closest to the entrance to town.
    A scene starts as soon as you enter. It's time to go see the mayor.
    There are a few things you may or may not want to do before you go see him. (It
    really doesn't matter when you do it, but I'm going to talk about it now.) Now
    that you're back outside, go up the stairs on the right. The clinic is through
    the door on the left. The right door leads to the shops. Both of them are in
    the same place. How convinient! You're treated to a short and rather pointless
    scene when you enter. Pick up any items you may need, (I would recommend lots
    of antidotes as you will be going through the Barrens a few more times in the
    near future,) and check out the new equipment at the weapons shop. You can only
    buy 2 things here, but it's worth it. The girls could always use a boost in
    Go back down the stairs and once back on the first screen, go left. Go up the
    stairs on the left and follow the path to the mayor's house. Go down the
    hallway and talk to the man blocking the door at the end. He'll show you to the
    mayor. There's a scene. Now you know where the Gehrich Gang is, but you have to
    get permission to enter the place. Now we have to go and see the king back in
    Fletz. Before you leave the mayor's house, check the sink up in the north-west
    corner for the other stardust.
    There's a commotion outside when you leave. A girl is fighting with a few of
    the Gehrichs. That's Meru. She fights them off then threatens you with a
    hammer. (OMG! It's a hammer! @.@) After a semi-long (yet very amusing)
    conversation, she joins your party. Yaay!
    Number of Additions: 5
    Element: Water
    Weapon: Hammer
    Pros: -Fastest charater in the game
          -High magic defense
          -Perky Step has the highest damage multiplier of any addition
    Cons: -Low physical defense
          -Low attack power
          -Additions get hard fast
    Equip Meru with the Morning Star if you got one in Hellena, then begin the long
    trek back through the barrens to Fletz. There's nothing new in the barrens or
    anything, but you may want to consider doing a little training or additon
    maxing. You have one more character to worry about. It you don't plan on using
    Meru for a while, then think about taking the time to max out her Double Smack
    addition now so you don't have to do it later.
    ================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 14)Off to See the King  ><><-----------------------------------| [Ch2-4] |
    ================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Now you're back in Fletz and you get a short scene reminding you what you came
    here to do. Now you have only one problem. How do you get into the castle? You
    might as well go and try. Talk to the guard at the foot of the castle on the
    north side of town. Now you get another amusing scene in which Meru tries to
    talk her way into the castle, but to no avail... Answer the question however
    you like. Either way, the result is the same. Although... The first option gets
    you an amusing moment. Time to think up another strategy.
    Head to the item shop. You'll find Fester in there drooling over that huge
    telescope. There's a short scene where he tells you to meet up with him later.
    Once he leaves, head to the north part of town again and you'll find him there.
    He invites you to his house. After you inform him of your little problems, he
    tells you that he can get you into the castle. Hurray! Problem solved! It
    doesn't matter how you answer the question, but the correct answer happens to
    be "He's a Governor."
    Follow Fester up to the castle and you're in.
     >>Twin Castle<<
    Facilities: Save Point
    Stardust: 2
    Don't bother trying to get to the save point yet. Fester won't let you get to
    it. Just follow Fester to the King's chamber for now. There's a short scene in
    which Fester introduces you to the king and he gives you permission to enter
    the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. Yaay! Head back to the front hall and examine
    the statue on the right. Startdust! Yaay! Try to leave you are summoned by
    Princess Lisa.
    There's a long scene that follows and the plot thickens a bit. They just keep
    giving you reasons to go and kick some Gehrich ass. Once you're in control
    again, head down to the save point and save. Once that's done, find the lady in
    the blue and white dress and talk to her. She's moving around, but if you wait
    by the door half way up the stairs, she'll come around soon enough. Tell her
    you're ready and get another scene and end up staying at the castle.
    Once out of the tower again, follow the lady in the blue dress again and she'll
    lead you to the bed room, where there is another scene. Once you have control
    again, go and talk to Meru, then talk to Haschel. Answer the question how you
    When it's morning again, leave the bed room and go down. You should find
    yourself outside at the base of the two towers. Head to the base of the tower
    and enter through the purple door. Examine the alter there for the other star-
    dust. Head back inside. Go save your game if you wish,then leave the castle.
    You can go back in when ever you like now.
    Now that you have permission, you should head to the Valley of Corrupted
    Gravity. The entrance is in the Barrens. Time make a raid on the thieves.
    ============================================ - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 15)The Search for the Gehrich Gang ><><------------------------| [Ch2-5] |
    ============================================ - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Pick up anything you need in Fletz and make your way to the barrens. In the
    second area, take a left and you'll end up on the world map again. Follow the
    path to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.
     >Valley of Corrupted Gravity<
    Dungeon Length: Medium
    Enemies: Spider Urchin
             Killer Bird
             Erupting Chick
    Facilities: Saving Point
                Rock Fireflies (Rest)
    Important Items: Speed Up
                     Knight Helm
    Overall Dificulty: Medium
    The only thing that makes this dungeon worth a "Medium" dificulty rating is the
    fact that it can be very hard to get around. With all the floating platforms
    and such, it can be very easy to get flipped around and lost. Then again, it
    doesn't really matter if you do get lost, as most of the monsters here are weak
    and easy to deal with. Besides, you could probly use the time to max out an
    addition or two. Unless of course you have them all maxed out already.
    Just in case you don't, there's a monster here called a Spider Urchin. It looks
    just like what you would think it would, considering the name. It can use the
    phisical attach barrier move, just like the Lizard Man monster back in the Nest
    of Dragon Area.
    When you enter, talk to the guard and he will open the gate for you. Head
    through it and you get an amusing cut-scene. Once you have control again,
    follow the path north-west. When you reach the first rock platform, jump
    across. Heading north from here will lead you to a batch of Rock Fireflies
    which, in case you forgot, restore your HP and MP. That means that if you want
    to train, do it here and make it easy on yourself.
    Head south and you will end up at a dead end with a crate containing a Speed Up
    which is another repeat item. This one doubles one character's agility for
    three turns.
    Head back to the floating rock and jump back across to the main path again.
    Follow it a little further and you'll come to another floating platform. Jump
    across it. Notic the rock falls after you jump on it. Head up and grab the
    crate which holds a Sachet. Go strait east from here and you'll find a little
    cave. Follow it south and jump on the rock at the end. It will take you back to
    the main path again. Follow it all the way to the next area.
    This is where it starts to get tricky. Climb up the tree and jump on the rock
    when it gets to you. Get off at the first stop and get onto the other rock that
    floats by. This one only has one stop so get off there. Get on the next rock
    and get off at the first place again.
    Get onto the next rock, but this time, get off at the second stop. Go hop on
    the other rock and get off. Open the chest for a Meteor Fall. Get on the rock
    that's just sitting there and ride it down. Get on the next rock. This is the
    first one that you got on earlier. Ride it to where you got off before. Take
    the first two lifts from here same as you did the first time. On the next lift,
    get off on the first stop this time.  Take the path to the next area.
    There's only one rock to ride off of the first platform so take it. Ignore the
    glowing spot for now and take the next rock to the first platform you come to.
    Take the rock from here to the next area.
    Get off and go jump acroos the rock just north of you. The chest there holds a
    Talisman which guards against instant death. Go back to the previous area. Take
    the rock to the platform with the glowing spot. (Take note that you need to get
    off at the first stop, which is a platform you have not yet been to.) Step on
    the spot and press "X" and gravity will shift, turning you upside down. The
    controls for up and down are reversed while upside down.
    Take the rock here and get off at the stop. There's another glowing spot here
    that will put you rightside up again. Ignore the glowing spot on you right for
    now and take the rock at the south end of the platform. It leads to the next
    area and a platform with a chest. You get a Knight Helm out of it. I would
    recommend equiping it as it's better then your current equipment. Take the rock
    back to the last area.
    Now take the glowing spot on the right. From there, take the other glowing spot
    down. The rock on the left leads back to the first platform in the area. The
    one on the right leads to the next area. Obviously, you want to take the one on
    the right.
    There's a scene as soon as you get off the rock in the next area. As soon as
    it's over, go to the other end of the platform and take the rock there. Get
    off, save at the save point here and heal up. There's a boss really soon. Take
    the rock over when you're ready and head for the exit. You'll have to fight the
    >>>>> Virage <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    The strategy for this battle really depends on whether you want to use Dragoons
    on it or not. I never need to, but there isn't any real reason NOT to. If you
    do plan on using Dragoons, you may want to switch Haschel with Rose because to
    be honest, Haschel's Dragoon spells suck...
    No matter what you do, there really isn't much of a strategy here. The Virage
    does good damage so make sure to keep your HP up above 300 or so. Again, you
    have the option of taking out the arms or body first. Again, there isn't much
    of a point as they will just regenerate. Just attack the head with normal
    attacks, (or magic if you're using Dragoons) and heal as needed.
    After the battle, you get a scene. (Ooooo... More mysteriousness...)
    Once you have control again, talk to everyone. Once that's done, everyone will
    join you again. Head north and exit the Valley.
    Follow the path to the Home of Giganto.
     >Home of Giganto<
    Dungeon Length: Short
    Enemies: Piggy
             Crafty Thief
    Facilities: Saving Point
                Rock Fireflies (Rest)
    Important Items: Bandit's Ring
                     Fake Knight Shield
    Overall Dificulty: Medium-Easy
    As soon as you try to walk forward, you'll be shot at with arrows. In my
    experiance, they don't do anything, but if you want to dodge, just keep moving.
    head through the arches on the left. On the left side of the room, there's a
    little glittering spot. Go examine it and choose to push it. This will switch
    off the arrow trap outside. It makes getting the chest out there easier. Go to
    the south side of the room and open the chest there for 20G. Go back out
    through the southern-most arch. 
    Follow the little path to a chest containing a Bandit's Ring. This is a very
    good accessory that boosts agility. I would recommend equiping it on Albert if
    you use him. It will help to compensate for his low speed. Go back through the
    arch and come back out through one of the other two.
    Now that the arrows don't fire at you anymore, it's much easier to get to the
    crate that's in between the walls of rock here. Open it to get a Fake Knight
    Shield. After that, head up the stairs to the north.
    There's a scene when you enter this area. Run forward to continue it. Arrows
    will start flying at you again. Try and run forward, and they will just close
    the door on you. Then the arrows are flying again. Try and run back to the last
    area. You will be ambushed on your way out. When they start shooting at you
    again, just run around and dodge them. They will eventually get sick of you and
    come down to fight.
    Some would consider this a boss fight, but I don't. You run into these guys as
    random battles later, so I wouldn't call it a boss. Kill the Crafty Thieves
    first, then the gangster. It's just easier. The gangster has a Power Up move,
    but you've seen that before.
    After the battle, there's another scene. By the end, the door is broken and you
    can move forward again. You do so automaticly. In the next area, walk forward
    some more to trigger yet another scene. By the end of this scene, Haschel is
    gone. Time to follow him. The place where Dart went durring the scene is where
    you can find the Rock Fireflies.
    Go down the small set of stairs on the left and grab the Angel's Prayer in the
    crate. Then follow Haschel's route up the stairs. I would suggest saving at the
    save point before continuing. There's a boss in there. When you're ready, head
    There's a scene when you enter. Afterward, you're thrown into a boss fight.
    >>>>> Gehrich <<<<<
    Minions: Mappi
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    In this battle, you have to use Haschel. His Dragoon spells suck as you know
    and Dart is currently without a Dragoon Spirit. What I'm getting at is that you
    shouldn't plan to depend on Dragoons for this fight. If you have been keeping
    up with your additions, then you should well over the strength level needed to
    take this guy down without using them at all.
    I say Albert is the best choice for this battle. His high attack and defense
    make this battle easier. His greatest weaknesses are taken care of for this
    fight. Gehrich never uses magic, so you don't have to worry about his low magic
    defense. As for his low agility, that can be taken care of with your newly
    aquired Bandit's Ring.
    On to the actual fight. Take out Mappi first. Gehrich's most powerfull attacks
    are combos with him. That and he's faster then Gehrich. He also has less HP, so
    if you go for him first, it takes less time to take out those combo attacks.
    Once he's taken care of, the hard part's over. Just continue to attack Gehrich
    until he's dead.
    After the fight, there's a scene. (You could like... Run.) It's long, but it
    has one of my favorite lines in it. When it ends, you have a few things to pick
    up. Before going down the newly revealed stairs, examine the torch on the right
    side of the hole. There's a Stardust. (That should make 30 total.) I'm not sure
    why they randomly decided to hide one here, but it's there and you should pick
    it up. Then, go down the stairs.
    A scene starts when you get down there. Now that you've managed to rescue Lynn,
    it's time to rescue your Dragoon Spirit. You'll find it in the lower right
    corner of the room.
    Once you pick it up, you leave the room automaticly and there's another scene
    back in the throne room. By the end, you have gained a new, (also your last,)
    party member. Kongol the Giganto.
    Number of Additions: 3
    Element: Earth
    Weapon: Axe
    Pros: -Extremely high HP, Attack and Defense
          -All additions are easy to complete
          -Has only three additions to master
    Cons: -Very low Magic Attack and Defense
          -Weakest final addition of any character
          -Slowest character
    To be honest, I see no point to use Kongol other then to max out his additions,
    (for completeness reasons only.)
    ==================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 16)Protect the Moon Dagger ><><--------------------------------| [Ch2-6] |
    ==================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Now, you have to take the long trek back through three dungeons to make your
    way back to Fletz. While you have to travel, take the time to max out any new
    additions you may have obtained. (This includes Kongol's first addition,
    There is a quick scene as you go back through the Barrens again, but it doesn't
    affect your party at all. There's a scene as you enter Fletz itself. Once it's
    over, you're supposed to make your way up to the castle, but you can choose to
    stock up on healing items if you need to. There's a pretty tough fight coming
    up. Whatever you do, get up to the castle. There's no guard to deal with, so
    just go.
     >>Twin Castle<<
    There's a short scene when you enter. Before you can actually stop the ceremony
    itself, there are a few things you need to do first. Once the scene is over, we
    have... Another stealth level... Save if you like, then head up the stairs and
    to the right. There's another scene and they won't let you into the ceremony
    itself. Time to go see princess Lisa. Head through the door here that leads
    Unlike going through Hellena before, getting caught here doesn't result in a
    battle. No. It just warps you back to the beginning. Personally, I like the
    fight penalty more... Anyway, what you have to do here is make your way to the
    top of star tower, (the one on the right,) without being seen by the guards.
    Wait until both guards are walking away from you, then run to the purple door.
    Enter there and wait for the guard to walk back towards where you came in. Then
    run to the stairs and climb them. There's a guard looking back and forth here.
    Wait for him to turn away, then run across and continue to the top of the
    tower. There's a guard at the top too, but just don't pass in front of him and
    he won't see you.
    After the scene, you have to head to the moon tower to find the real princess
    Emille. Now that you have Lisa with you, if you get caught you will be warped
    back to the top of Star tower instead. First off, head down the stairs again.
    Get past the first and second guards the same way you did before. Now, there
    are two things you can do here. The faster thing is to run for the blue door
    and use the same trick you used on the guard with the purple door. The easier
    way, is to simply go inside and go down and up the stairs, using the exit on
    the left. Both will get you to the same place.
    The guards here are exactly the same to the ones over at the star tower. Use
    the same strategy to get to the top. (They ran away like sissy girls... O.o)
    More scenes, then you'r looking for Emille in her room. Examine the painting on
    the right to continue the scene. Once you have control again, go and examine
    the glowing stop on the wall north of you. Watch more scene-age...
    You'll end up outside again. Head to the chamber of the sun. You don't have to
    worry about getting caught anymore. (It's actually funny when you do.) It's a
    good idea to save here as there's a boss coming very soon.  Head inside and
    watch the scene. Boss fight time!
    >>>>> Lenus <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    It doesn't really seem like this boss would be that hard right? Well, she is.
    She's the hardest boss you've had to fight for quite some time. She's really
    fast, often attacking twice in a row and her attacks really hurt. I would
    say... Keep everyone in your party above 600 HP at all times if you can.
    But what makes this boss really hard you ask? This boss uses magic. Really hard
    hitting water and dark magic. That means it REALLY hurts Dart. What's good
    about this? Use Dart's special and she's suddenly really weak. *nod nod* Get
    the picture? She uses magic, so beat her up with your own. Simple enough.
    OR! If you want a bit more of a challenge, switch Rose with Haschel and don't
    use dragoons at all. It's your coice. If you do do it this way, I recommend
    using some Burn outs or other fire items. They do some good damage.
    More scenes after the battle... Time to head to Donau again. Before heading out
    you should head into the hallway in the center of the stairs by the save point.
    There are 2 chests in there. One containing a Moon Serenade and the other a Sun
    Rhapsody. Save your game and head for Donau.
    ============================================ - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><><><>< 17)Ghosts of the Ocean ><><><><><------------------------| [Ch2-7] |
    ============================================ - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    If you happened to get any new additions from that last battle, (which I
    wouldn't be suprised if you did,) then this is one of the few times where I
    wouldn't recomend maxing them out yet as you are about to go into a nice long
    dungeon in which you will have lots of time to do so.
    Before you head go to Donau, there is one thing you may want to do if you
    happen to have at least 10,000 Gold on you. Head back to Lohan in Serdio and
    pick up your first Legend Casque. While you're there, you may as well pick up
    Kongol's Dragoon Spirit. If you don't have the money or plan to just wait then
    you can skip the next section.
    From Fletz, head south back to Serdio. Choose to enter South of Serdio. Follow
    the path here to Lohan. As you go into the first area past the area with the
    gate, you will get a scene, ending with you buying Kongol's Dragoon Spirit for
    1000 Gold. You still have to talk to him again to actually buy it.
    I hope you still have enough for the Legend Casque. Head to the weapons shop
    and buy one for 10,000 gold. At this point, I would put it on Dart. The next
    part of the game has lots of water bosses. If you don't put it on him, I would
    put it on Albert to cancle out one of his major weaknesses. Or Kongol if you
    use him at all. Tadah! You officially have nothing to worry about when it comes
    to magic, or at least, for the person you put it on...
    Now, head back to Donau.
    Upon arriving in Donau, save your game and pick up any items you may need. Then
    head to the area where you met Meru and go north from there. If you entered
    this area before, then you'll notice the huge ship that is newly docked here.
    That's the Queen Fury and it's your's for using. Head down the stairs and there
    will be a short scene.
    Before you board the ship, make sure that you are finished with everything you
    may need to do on the main land. It will be a while before you can come back.
    When you want to leave, talk to Kayla and choose to board.
     >>Queen Fury<<
    Facilities: Hotel
                Weapon Shop
                Item Shop
                Save Point
    Stardust: 2
    The next part of the game is a lot of scenes and it can get a tad boring, but
    it isn't that long. It's just a matter of knowing who to talk to with which
    character and knowing where everyone is on the ship. It's pretty big.
    You start with Shana next to a save point. Your quest: Find Dart. He's up on
    the bridge. Save and head into the doorway to the north. This is the cabin.
    There's a pipe on the right side of the screen. Examine it for a stardust. The
    first door in the center of the room leads to a cabin where you can talk to
    Albert if you like. 
    The door on the west wall leads to the kitchen where you can play a little
    mini-game where you chop stuff. Talk to the cook in there to play. You get 1
    Gold for winning. Just north of the kitchen is a door that leads to a room
    where you can talk to Meru. The stairs lead to a path that goes to the engine
    room. There's nothing in there other then some amusing comments.
    Go to where you found the first stardust and take the stairs on the left. Go up
    the next set of stars too. Here, you can talk to Haschel. Head up into the
    tower in the center. This is the bridge and Dart to. Go talk to him and watch
    the scene. (It amuses me how clueless Dart is sometimes... ^_^)
    Now it's Dart's turn. Mission: Find Rose. This one is easy. Climb up the ladder
    in the back of this room. She's up in the crow's nest. Just keep climbing up
    until you get to her. Talk to her and watch the scene.
    Now, Rose. Mission: Umm... They don't give it to you, but you have to go talk
    to Haschel. Head all the way down the ladder and down the stairs to where
    Haschel is. Talk to him and watch the scene. (Yay! Haschel flahsback!)
    Next, Haschel. Mission: Go bother Kongol. Head all the way back to the area
    with Shana and the Save Point. Save and head down the stairs there. Before
    talking to Kongol, go examine the lamp just south of him for the other
    stardust. Talk to Kongol and watch the scene.
    Kongol's turn. Mission: Find Albert. Walk back up to the cabin north of the
    area where Shana is. Enter the door below the stairs that lead up to Haschel's
    area. Albert's sitting in there. Talk to him and watch the scene.
    Albert next. Mission: Find Meru. She's still exactly where she was before. Exit
    the room and go through the door in the north-west corner. Talk to her and
    watch yet another scene. (Lackadaisical... That is an awsome word!)
    Random word definition!
    Lackadaisical: Lacking spirit, liveliness, or interest. (Dictionary.com)
    Maru's turn. Mission: Find Dart... Again! Go back to the bridge and talk to him
    then, watch the scene. (No matter what you pick, it doesn't really make a
    diference. Have fun with it!)
    Now you have Dart and Meru. Head up from the bridge to the crow's nest and talk
    to Rose again. Then watch the scene. (FMV! w007!)
    Time to explore the Ghost Ship!
     >Phantom Ship<
    Dungeon Length: Medium
    Enemies: Will-o'-Wisp
             Magician Bogy
    Facilities: None (Queen Fury facilities still available.)
    Important Items: Key of Phantom Ship
                     Bravery Amulet
                     Dancing Dagger
    Overall Dificulty: Medium
    When you select your party, I recommend puting in anyone with a new addition.
    This is where you want to max those out. If you have everyone maxed out, put in
    some people with low D'lvls or low overall levels.
    As soon as you're out of the menu, you'll notice that the arrow above Dart is
    already red. This dungeon works much like Hellena, except things don't chase
    you and there are a lot more of them here. What do you need to dodge? The
    little fireball-looking things. Touching one throws you into a fight.
    This dungeon is not very big, but it earns a medium length rating because there
    is a lot of back-tracking and turning around. There's also a mini-game which
    can yield some good items. The enemies here are a tad harder then what you've
    faced before, so it's a good training spot for the next part of the game.
    Before you start trying to solve the mystery of the ghost ship, head back to
    the Queen Fury and take a look at the now available weapon shop. To get back,
    take the path to the south west. Get back on the Fury and head down the stairs.
    Upgrade your equipment as much as you can, buy any items you need and head back
    onto the Ghost Ship. If you need to rest, go down the southwest exit on the
    One quick note, if you want to avoid fighting, the easiest way to avoid the
    souls, (that's what I choose to call them anyway,) is to watch their shadows.
    Luckily, they don't move very fast.
    Head to the screen where you found Shana. Go north east around the stairs and
    enter through the door behind them. There's a short scene when you enter. Go up
    and examine the door. It won't open so turn around and leave again. Head down
    the stairs this time. There's another scene at the top of the stairs. When you
    get down there, watch where the little purple ghost goes. Follow him.
    Go open the chest you see in this room. The purple ghost pops out and makes you
    fight some skeletons. After you kill them, leave the room. There's a crate at
    the end of this hall that gets you 50g. Enter the room there. The chest gives
    you 20g. The glittering spot is part of the mini-game I mentioned. Exit the
    room for now. Enter the first room on your left. Open the chest. It's purple
    ghost dude again! Fight him and his skeletons. When he runs away, follow him.
    Once back in the hallway, go back into the room at the end of the hall. (You
    may want to go heal and save though.) There's a new chest in here this time.
    Guess what's in it? Yup. Purple ghost dude! But now, he's got buddies! Open it
    and kill him. Again. This battle can be difficult. Especially if you don't have
    any Mind purifiers on hand. My advice, kill them one at a time. They're only a
    pain when they're below half HP.
    Killing them gets you a piece of equipment and an invitation to the captain's
    cabin. Head there. (It's the room behind the stairs in case you forgot.) There
    aren't any battles so you don't have to heal and save if you don't want to.
    Once you enter, there's a scene. Watch it. Open the chests here for 200g and
    the other for another 100g. Examine the glittering spot on the ground for the
    Key of Phantom Ship.
    Outside, there's another brief scene.
    Once that's over with, go save and heal. Next, a real pain in the... Boss
    fight, but before that, make sure you have any additions maxed out that you
    want maxed. If you want to try your hand at the mini-game, you have to do that
    now. You can't came back here once you leave.
    Once you're ready to go, head to the area with the stairs and examine the door
    in the south west corner. The key you picked up will open it. Enter the room
    and pick up the chest in the corner. It contains a Bravery Amulet. Approach the
    door on the west side of the room, then watch the scene.
    >>>>> Ghost Commander <<<<<
    Minions: 4 Ghost Knights
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    This boss is one of the few that I truly recommend using dragoons on. Unless
    you are really pumped up, I doubt you can kill these guys fast enough without
    them. The goal in this battle is to knock out all the kights, but the problem
    is that you have to do it quickly or they revive and you have to kill them
    again. The reason I picked this party is because all of these people have low
    cost dragoon spells that hit all enemies. My strategy is thus:
    Special someone, (other then Rose for elemental reasons,) then and use Dart's
    Explosion, Rose's Death Demintion and Albert's Wing Blaster to quickly kill
    them all at once. This is the only battle in which I really use those spells
    Once that's done with, you get to watch more scenes. Once you have control, go
    through the newly opened door and open the chest for a Dancing Dagger which is
    a weapon for Rose. Examine the crib in the corner to continue the scene. Now
    run back to the Fury.
    ====================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><><><>< 18)Dart and Rose ><><><><><------------------------------| [Ch2-8] |
    ====================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    After extensive scenes and a really awsome FMV, you find yourself in the town
    of Lidiera.
    Facilities: Rest
                Save Point
    Stardust: 1
    This town is really small. Not much here worth mentioning except for a single
    stardust and a couple items. Jump onto the boat outside and ride it to the
    pier. The big house to the right has the save point inside. Go save.
    Climb the ladder next to the big house and follow the path to the other ladder.
    Once back in the house, examine the shelf on the right for that single
    stardust. Head back out.
    To the right of the ladder is a chest containing a Healing potion. There's a
    short scene as you try to leave. After it's over, leave again. Head west to the
    Undersea Cavern
     >Undersea Cavern<
    It's not really a dungeon at all first time through as it's only one screen
    long. Just head west through the cavern and out.
    Facilities: Hotel
                Item Shop
                Weapon Shop
    Stardust: 2
    Welcome to Fueno. There's much more to see here then back in Lidiera. There's a
    short but very amusing scene when you enter. After that, you have to find
    everyone. Just north of you is the item shop. Head up the stairs to find the
    weapon shop. You should hold off on upgrading stuff until you meet up with
    everyone again. The door next to the save point is the clinic. Enter there and
    examine the painting on the right for a stardust. Head up to the hotel, just
    north of the clinic. Once inside, examine the barrels under the staris for the
    Exit the hotel and take the stairs that do down, just north of the hotel. Sure
    enough, there's the Queen Fury. Head north from the stairs to meet up with
    Kayla. Head back out and you'll meet up with Meru. Time to head back to the
    =========================================== - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><><><><>< 19)Dragons in the Sea ><><><><><-------------------------| [Ch2-9] |
    =========================================== - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Yay! Watch more scenes. When you get control back, go upstairs and talk to
    Shana. She's in the room closest to the front. More scene-age... (Aww...)
    Head up the stairs towards the shops for the next scene. Talk to the people
    standing there to trigger it. Upgrade your stuff and head back to the Undersea
    As you pass through, there's another scene and now you have to go back to
    Lidiera. (Of all places...) Once there, get on the boat and go to the Ocean
    Terrace. Walk forward a bit and a scene will trigger. I always pick the third
    option here. I'm not really sure if the others work. Get on the boat and go to
    Pete's house. Walk along the right side, up the rocks and through the gate.
    Open the chests here to recieve your first Healing Fog, which restores all HP
    to one character and a Healing Rain, which does the same, but for everyone. Go
    down to the end of the cave and turn the crank here. Now you can actually get
    to the prison island in order to find the Dragon. The way is, of course, in the
    Undersea Cavern. Leave town and it off to see the Dragon.
     >Undersea Cavern<
    Dungeon Length: Medium
    Enemies: Sea Piranha
             Screw Shell
             Flabby Troll
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Jeweled Crown
    Overall Dificulty: Medium
    Now that you can get to more then one screen of it, Undersea Cavern is
    officially a dungeon. Not a very hard one though. Mostly because you've been
    fighting the monters you find here for quite some time. What gets it a medium
    rating is, of course, the Dragon boss at the end.
    From the first area, take the path that was previously covered with water. Open
    the Box to get an Attack Ball. In the next area, the box just north of you
    holds a Jeweled Crown. Go back and take the left fork this time. Follow it
    until you get to another fork. Take the west fork. There's a winding path that
    eventually leads to a box containing a Recovery Ball.
    Head back to the fork and take the south west path. Follow it to the next fork.
    The north west path leads to a box with a Gushing Magma. Head back to the fork,
    taking the north east path.
    Take the left path at the fork here. This leads to another box that holds a
    Recovery Ball. Head back and take the right path this time. When you come out
    the door, you can jump to the box there for a Burn Out. Jump back across and
    head up. There's a box on the way containing another Attack Ball.
    Once at the save point, heal up and save. Then, continue your way up. It's
    pretty strait-forward from there. Just follow the path. There's a scene and
    then, Boss Fight!
    >>>>> Dragoon Lenus <<<<<
    Minions: Regole
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    The party setup here is for those people who plan to use Dragoons. For those of
    you who want to try it without, I would suggest replacing Rose with, believe it
    or not, Meru. Her naturally high magic defense and her elemental affinity put
    a big dent in the amount of damage Lenus can do.
    For those of us using Dragoons, Special Dart and pummel them with spells and
    Either way, it's a good idea to take out Lenus first, just because she is much
    faster than her Dragon. That and Regole's attacks look flashy, but they don't
    really do that much damage. Just watch out for the big flood attack. That can
    be painful.
    After a short scene, its your job to get back to the Twin Castle. Unfortunatly,
    it doesn't take you there automaticly. You'll have to backtrack through the
    cave and head back to Fueno. You may want to heal, restock and other such
    things while you're here. It really depends on how much damage you got from
    fighting Lenus. There's a scene once you get back to the Queen Fury. If you
    pick the first option, Shana will yell at you, but you get a free 100G out of
    it. Yay.
    Take the Queen Fury back to Donau and head through the barrens, (Yes... Again,)
    and head to the castle.
     >>Twin Castle<<
    There's a scene after this and believe me, it lasts for a long time. Then
    again, it is the closer for this disk, so I guess it has right to be long.
    It starts as soon as you get close to the castle. Once it's over, enter the
    castle itself. Save if you wish and head for the king's chamber.(Hurray for
    awkward romantic moments! ^.^)
    Now you have to find everyone. Albert is up in Emille's tower. Go pick him up
    first. (Talk to the guard outside 2 times for something funny.) Actually,
    picking up Albert is just plain funny anyway. Head down to the main part of the
    castle. (You can stop by Lisa's tower for something else funny...) Pick up
    Meru and Haschel by walking by the door at the top of the left wing of the
    stairs in the lobby. It doesn't matter what you pick here. You can find Rose in
    the guest bedroom. (The room at the top of the right wing of stairs.) Go
    through the door in between the two wings of stairs to find Kongol. Now you
    have everyone! Select a party, then head up this hallway a little more.
    Durring the party, talk to everyone, (you can even dance with Meru) then try to
    walk up to where the king is. Then head out to the balchony. Enjoy the scene
    and get ready to change disks. 
    By the way, you should have 35 Stardust at this point.
    ========================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><><>< c)Chapter 3 - Fate and Soul ><><><---------------------------| [Ch3-0] |
    ========================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Guide note: From this disk on, the "Suggested Party" section will be totally
    based on my preference. Meaning it's usually going to be the party I use at
    the end of the game.
    ==================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 20)Furni and Forest Wolves ><><--------------------------------| [Ch3-1] |
    ==================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Welcome to Mille Seseau. After the first scene, it's time to explore.
    Facilities: Hotel
                Item Shop
                Weapon Shop
    Stardust: 2
    First off, this town is much easier to get around once you have a boat. The
    item shop are to the left, but don't bother going in there. You can't buy
    anything unless you go there by boat. Head into the first house on the right
    from the Fury. Search around the pile of stuff in the hall here to get a
    Head north for a short scene. Then go into the hotel, which is to the left.
    Save and go down the stairs. Talk to the lady behind the counter and you'll get
    a boat. For free even! Talk to her again to stay at the hotel. (What do you
    know? You're famous here already!) Hop on the boat and leave.
    Select left to talk to the weapon shop and upgrade. Go back and select front.
    Head to the item shop on the left and stock up. You can buy Healing Fogs now.
    I would recommend picking up a couple Depetrifiers. Head back out and go up.
    Go to the upper right from here. The clinic is here. Go to the Mayor's house
    first. Go up the stairs for a scene. It really doesn't matter what you pick.
    You get a new mission and a free place to stay. There really isn't anything you
    can do in town yet, so talk to the mayor again You're ready to stay. Watch some
    Once in control again, head back outside. The guy who was blocking your path is
    now gone. Go to the right and enter the house there. This is Teo's house. Go up
    the ladder and then up the first stairs. Look around the back wall up here
    until you see the action icon. Press X, then go through the door at the top.
    The slide will talk you all the way to the bottom. There's a basin down here,
    (it's the circular thing in the lower right corner,) that holds the second
    stardust. Pull the lever to the left of the ladder and go up. Exit the house
    and go right.
     >Evergreen Forest<
    Dungeon Length: Medium
    Enemies: Flying Rat
             Forest Runner
             Moss Dresser
             Dark Elf
             Wounded Bear
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Destone Amulet
    Overall Dificulty: Medium
    This would be a good time to max out some more additions. Head right fisrt off
    for a chest with a Destone Amulet. Head back and take the other fork. There's
    the Save Point. Head left here for a Body Purifier. Go back and take the right
    fork. In the next area, take the right fork and go up the stairs to where the
    boy is. There's a brief scene.
    Take a quick detour before actually following Kamuy. Head south and take a
    right before going to the next area. The chest here holds a Depetrifier. Go
    back to the first fork you came to in this area and take the left path.
    Go strait at both forks. Heal up before going to the next screen because you
    have a boss to fight. Walk forward. If you're not ready, this is the last
    chance to do it. If you're ready, choose to advance. Watch the scene.
    >>>>> Kamuy <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    The party members here are mearly my prefered party. It really doesn't matter
    who you choose. The only person I would advise against using is Kongol. Kamuy's
    magic makes it hard to even keep him alive.
    I don't think this boss is worth Dragoons, but you can use them if you wish.
    Kamuy is non-elemental so it doesn't matter who's special you use. A quick
    warning: this disk makes sure you aren't depending on Dragoons to fight every
    Kamuy's fast and his attacks can really pack a punch. (About 200 damage each
    time.) He has a howling attack that does a about 200 of magical damage to
    everyone in your party. There is another Howling attack he does that simply
    stuns everyone. Keep everyone in party above around 400 HP to make up for his
    speed. If you take my advice and use Meru, put the Therapy Ring on her to make
    up for her low HP.
    Watch the scene and be happy. Head back and take the downard path in the second
    fork. Walk south here until you get to the scene. Rebuild your party and
    continue along the path. Head north from the forest to Deningrad.
    ======================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 21)Crystal Palace of Deningrad ><><----------------------------| [Ch3-2] |
    ======================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Facilities: Hotel
                Item Shop
                Weapon Shop
    Stardust: 5
    Yes, there are many stardust here, but it's easier to get them later. First,
    the shops are both in the same place here, that place being the second house on
    the right. The weapons shop has lots of new stuff including the Armor of Legend
    for the hefty price of 10,000G. Even if you DO have that much gold at this
    point, I would hold off if I were you. For the next part of the game, Magic
    Defense means a LOT more the Physical Defense does.
    Head back outside and go up the stairs to the north and into the big building
    at the top. Watch the scene. Select yes here. (*snicker* Divine Tree...)
    There's another FMV for you. After it's over, talk to the other guy here. He
    works at the library. He locked it and you want him to unlock it. After talking
    to him, leave.
    The clinic is just across from the church. Head down the stairs in the middle.
    The hotel is in the right. Stay there if you need to. Save and enter the second
    door on the left. Yes... This is the library.
    After the first scene, wander around and talk to everyone. Once talking to
    everyone, the librarian will say something. Go talk to him next. Two FMVs in a
    row! More moon stuff... Once in control upstairs, talk to the librarian again
    to continue the scene. Select yes. Omg! 3 FMVs?!
    Now, you have control of Rose in... Neet of all places. Go forward to continue
    the scene again... And ANOTHER Neet flashback. Now, flash to Meru. Once in
    control, go up to the glowing spot. Warp from there down and go north again.
    More scenes... Take the teleport again for more scenes. MORE FMV! W00T!
    Back in Deningrad, save. Go to the entrance of the city and try to leave. Yes.
    More scenes for you. (Omigod! O.o) Now head north part the save point and enter
    the palace. Go strait through the first area and take the first left in the
    second. There's a chest next to the stairs that contains a Holy Ankh. If you
    have a lot of luck, it's a very handy item.
    Go back to the last room and keep right until you get to the queen's chamber.
    Scenes. Now they put at the bottom again, go back up to the top. From the
    queen's chamber, exit to the north east to find Shana again. More scenes.
    Now there's another change in party members. The last actually. Don't worry.
    Miranda's stats are exactly the same as Shana's were. Leave the palace and
    stock up on anything you still need and leave Deningrad. On to the Forest of
    ================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 22)The Forest of Winglys ><><----------------------------------| [Ch3-3] |
    ================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Head back to the Evergreen Forest again. This is a good time to max out your
    additions. Before you actually go to the Forest of Winglys, it's a good idea to
    take a long side trip. To where? Lohan! Yes, if you have 10,000G, it's a
    *really* good idea to go back and pick up a Legend Casque. If it's your first,
    then I would seriously advise getting one. Why? Because the next boss uses
    nothing but magic. Really powerful magic... That hurts much...
    Do any training you need to, then, you can either skip the next part or not. If
    you do, don't say I didn't warn you...
    Head back to Furni. While you're there, you can go into the house to the right
    of the hotel. Go up the stairs and talk to the guy up there for 500G.
    Hop aboard the Fury and take it back to Donau and trek back through the Barrens
    and down into South of Serdio. Head to Lohan and pick it up. It's a long walk,
    but worth it. Head back to the Evergreen Forest.
    Head to the area where you first met Teo and Kamuy. Take the exit in the lower
    right corner on the screen. Follow the path and you'll end up on the world map.
    This leads to Neet. We need to take a quick trip there in order to pick up a
    Facilities: None
    Stardust: 1
    There's nothing here really. Check the hanging lamp on the right for the
    stardust. You can go and check the monument in the back, but it doesn't amount
    to anything. Head back to the Evergreen Forest.
    Go back to where you met Teo and Kamuy again. Take the exit that's north of the
    hill that Kamuy was standing on. There's some scenes. Enter the portal and
    watch again. Head up and take the portal.
     >>Forest of Winglys<<
    Facilities: Saving Point
                Item Shop
                Weapon Shop
    Stardust: 2
    In the next area, save and then talk to the wingly to the right of the save
    point. He'll carry you up to the next floor. Enter the door to the left.
    This is where the maze starts. Go to the northern-most room for a quick scene.
    The big teleport on the left side of the area leads to the save point again.
    Go to the two teleports on the right side. Take the higher one.
    The itme shop in on the left, the weapon shop is on the right. Take the
    teleport on the right and examine the door for an interesting scene. Go back
    down and take the left teleport, taking the next teleport up at the top. Watch
    the scene, then examine the pillar in the upper right corner. Stardust! Yay!
    Go all the way back to the first room you were in. Take the lower right
    teleport this time. Examine the pillar here for the other stardust. Go into the
    tunnel there and teleport up. Walk forward to triger a scene. Outside, talk to
    the wingly and he'll carry you again. Go into the door for another scene.
    Talk to the ancestor again to open the gate to the Forbidden Land. Say you're
    ready and watch yourself get transported.
     >Forbidden Land<
    Dungeon Length: Long
    Enemies: Toad Stool
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Dancer's Shoes
                     Power Up
                     Mind Crush
    Overall Dificulty: Hard
    Yes. This is hard. It's long. It has two bosses and the last one plays dirty...
    Follow the path to the first fork. Take the lower path to get to get to a chest
    with a Mind Purifier. Go take the other fork.
    Take the glowing teleport. Follow the path until you get to the next teleport
    and take that. Then go through the door. Take the teleport in the upper left
    corner. Follow the path of teleports until you get to a chest to get the
    Dancer's Shoes. Hurray for spped boosts. Head back to the platform where you
    first entered this room. Head over to the right, passing under the pipe, and
    exit there.
    Go through a couple more more teleports until you get to the big coliseum-type
    place. Watch the scene and then, follow the path of teleports again. Once out
    of the coliseum, save at the saving point. The pink teleport-looking thing is
    the rest.
    At this point, there are two ways to complete this dungeon. There are pros and
    cons to each way. Which way you choose is up to you. Which route do I use?
    Both. That way, I max out both the experiance and items that I can get out of
    this dungeon.
    Route 1:
    -No random battles
    -One extra (but easy) boss
    -No treasures
    To take this route, head north from the save point and enter the door there.
    This is a room filled with teleports that all take you back to the center one.
    The key to unlocking it is to take the teleports in the right order. If you
    start randomly taking teleports, your fellow party members will start to give
    you a few hints as to what to order is. However, if you don't want to deal with
    that, the proper order is this:
    -Portal on the far right.
    -Portal on the far left.
    -3rd portal from the left.
    -3rd portal from the right.
    -2nd portal from the right.
    -2nd portal from the left.
    The path will then open. Take the middle teleport. Follow the teleport path
    until you reach a dead end. Then, a cut-scene and boss battle.
    >>>>> S Virage <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Unlike most of the Virage that you have met before, there is no reason NOT to
    use dragoons in this fight. In fact, it's a great deal easier if you do. As you
    will soon notice, this battle has a time limit. I'm not sure what happends if
    you don't kill it by then, but that's only because I always kill it before
    If you were hoping to save your dragoons for the other boss, then I'm sorry to
    say you won't be needing them for that. You might as well use them now. Special
    and pound him with spells and attacks. Use Meru's healing spell if needed,
    otherwise, stick to her lvl 1 spell. Pound him with Dart and Albert's lvl 3
    spells and repeat if needed. It'll go down in no time.
    His attacks pack a good punch so keep your HP up. He also performs a very
    strong attach after you finish him off so keep an eye out for it, especially
    if your not in dragoon form.
    Follow the newly opened path and take the teleport. Follow the path down and
    take the teleport at the base of the tower there.
    If you want to take both routes, back-track from here to the save point again.
    If you plan on only taking this route, skip the next section.
    Route 2:
    -Contains two items
    -One less boss
    -Random battles (with really annoying enemies)
    From the save point, take the teleport on the right. Follow the path to the
    next room. In the next room, you'll see a bunch of spinning heads bouncing
    around. Let one touch you and you have to fight it. How to get rid of them? Go
    to each of the glowing circles and break them. Once all of them are gone, go
    through the new door to the north.
    The spinning heads are the annoying enemies. They tend to put status effects on
    you a lot which can make you go through your stock of purifiers real quick. If
    you move quickly, you can avoid them and every time you break a circle, one of
    them disappears.
    Once in the next room, jump onto the elevator and ride it two levels up. Hop
    of and grab the Power up in the chest. Ride the elevator back down one level
    and hop onto the other platform and ride it over. Head right to the other
    platform and ride it down. Get onto the other platform here and ride it down.
    At the next platform, jump on and then quickly jump across to the other. Jump
    off that one before it falls and grab the Mind Chrush in the chest. If you
    don't do this fast enough, then you can take the elevator on the left back to
    the entrance of the room and try again.
    Jump back onto the platform and let it fall this time. Go left, hop on the
    platform and take the teleport to the next area. Follow the path and enter the
    room at the base of the tower. (The first door you come to.)
    No matter which way you took, you're in the same place now. Enter the room and
    watch the scene.
    >>>>> Grand Jewel <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Rule number one in this fight: don't use Dragoons. Doing so is scuicide. The
    Grand Jewel will use the dragon block staff and reduce your stats to nothing.
    Your strongest magic will do maybe 300 damage and all you charaters will die in
    a hit or two.
    If you happen to have 2 legend casques, then this battle just got really easy.
    Equip one on Dart and one on Albert. Meru has really high magic defense to
    begin with so she'll take some damage, but not nearly as much as the other two
    would if they didn't have them.
    If you only have one, put it on Albert. If you don't have any, switch Albert
    with Haschel or Rose, because without a Legend Casque, Albert dies in only a
    few hits.
    This boss uses nothing but magic, all high level, and most of it hits all of
    your characters. Damage on characters with a LC is only about 200. Anyone
    without one will be taking 6 or 7 hundred damage a hit. He also has a spell
    that lowers your stats by one level. It can add up real quick if you aren't
    careful. Try and kill him before it used the move too many times. He has a
    strong healing spell too, but he only uses it once.
    Hit him with your strongest additions. Guard and heal as needed. If you don't
    have a LC, don't say I didn't warn you.
    After a short scene, take the teleport on the right. Head south and jump down.
    Now backtrack to the entrance of the dungeon and head out. As you try to leave,
    there's another scene. Keep following the path out. More scenes. Follow Miranda
    to the palace for yet more scenes. Just keep going up. Once all the scenes are
    over and done with, time to pick up a few things before going to fight the
    Devine Dragon. Mainly, Stardust.
    ======================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 23)Confront the Divine Dragon ><><-----------------------------| [Ch3-4] |
    ======================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Stardust: 5
    Go back into the inn and go upstairs. Examine the gears/wheels on the north
    wall for the first Stardust. Next, go to the palace. Go to where the entrance
    to Shana's room was and look around to find the second Stardust. Go up to the
    Queen's Chamber and look around where the entrance to the Signet used to be.
    That makes 3. Go back outside and head south. There's a red tent with a couple
    of red blankets in front of it. Examine both to get the last 2 Stardust. Pick
    up any items you might need, then head out of town.
    Go to the evergreen forest and follow the path to the first split. Go left,
    then left again. The guard will move for you now. Open the chest for a Mind
    Purifier. Then it's on to the mountain.
     >Mountain of the Mortal Dragon<
    Dungeon Length: Short-Medium
    Enemies: Beastie Dragon
             Deadly Spider
             Baby Dragon
             Mega Sea Dragon
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Giganto Armor
                     Dragon Helm
    Overall Dificulty: Medium-Hard
    Once you enter, head north. In the second area, there's a chest of the left
    containing an attack ball. It's pretty easy to miss so be careful. Just keep
    following the path. At the first fork, head right. It leads to a Mind Purifier.
    Backtrack and take a left.You'll eventually get to a big room with lost of
    doors. Head through the first door to the north. It leads to a Healing Breeze.
    Backtrack to the big room again.
    Go down the stairs and through the door there. Grab the Giganto Armor and
    backtrack again. This time, leave by the north exit. Follow the path pick up
    the Dragon Helm along the way. You'll Eventually have to watch a short scene.
    Keep following the path. In the next area, there a partially hidden chest on
    the right with a Total Vanishing.
    Save and prepare for the battle with the dragon now. Then head north. Watch the
    scene, grab the Body Purifier in the chest and keep going. Watch the scene.
    >>>>> Divine Dragon <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Since the Dragon block staff is in play, I doubt it's a good idea to use
    dragoons. I'm not sure the effect it has in this battle, but avoid it if you
    can. The Divine Dragon uses mostly magic and it hurts even more then Grand
    Jewel's. If you have a LC or 2, you shouldn't have much trouble with that.
    It usually attacks twice in a row, but then most of your party can attack twice
    before it attacks again. It gives you some time to recover as well as go on the
    offensive. Eventually, it will start counting down. When it ends, it will use
    it's big cannon which hurts a LOT. Have everyone guard once the count gets to
    one so it won't do so much.
    Now there's more scenes. Time to start backtracking again. Save on your way out
    and head back to the big room with lots of doors. More scenes. Once it's over,
    go back through the Evergreen Forest to Deningrad. There's a scene when you
    enter Evergreen Forest. As you try to leave it on the other side, there's
    another scene.
    Once in Deningrad, head up to the palace. Go all the way to the top for another
    scene. Once you have control again, it's time to stock up. pick up anything you
    need for the next part. If you happen to have 10,000 G, (Don't worry if you
    don't, it doesn't make that big a difference.) you can buy you're first Armor
    of Legend. It's the LC of physical defence. Put it on either the person with
    the lowest defence, or the person with the lowest HP.
    Stay at the inn if you need to and restock on any items you used durring the
    fight with the Divine Dragon. Once you're ready, leave Deningrad.
    ================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 24)The Last Moon Object ><><-----------------------------------| [Ch3-5] |
    ================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    There's a new path heading west from Deningrad. Follow it to the next dungeon.
     >Kashua Glacier<
    Dungeon Length: Short
    Enemies: Mammoth
             Freeze Knight
             Icicle Ball
             Land Skater
             Rock Turtle
    Facilities: Save Point
                Weapon Shop
                Item Shop
    Important Items: Heat Blade
                     Heavy Mace
                     Phoenix Plume
                     Spirit Ring
                     Mage Ring
    Overall Dificulty: Medium
    There's a short scene when you enter. In this dungeon, the ice causes you to
    slide around a little, but it doesn't make much difference. First off, head
    north and grab the chest for a Thunderbolt. Then head to the west. Follow the
    path until you get to a fork. Go right and grab the Heat Blade in the chest.
    Then go back and take a left.
    Head north past the fork. Pick up the Meteor Fall and head back down. Take a
    left. Run past the sign and south to find a Heavy Mace. Go back to the sign and
    take a right. Go north into the cave. There are two people here. Talk to them
    and they will sell you stuff. Go south and grab the Gushing Magma on your way.
    Walk to the big icicle and climb down. Climb down the iclicle on the left side.
    Keep going down and pick up the Dancing Ray. Go back up to the second platform
    and go down the right side. Follow the icicle path up and then down again. Go
    down the right icicle and pick up the Phoenix Plume. Go back and take a left.
    At the bottom, save, then go south east.
    Follow the path that leads up until you trigger a scene.
    >>>>> Windigo <<<<<
    Minions: 2 Snow Cannons
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    This guy can be pretty tough. He has a lot of strong physical attacks, but at
    least he only uses one magic attack. Whether you use dragoons on him or not is
    you're choice. I don't see the need, but there isn't a real need to save your
    MP for anything. Just attack him with your strongest additions, or dragoon
    spells if you use them. He'll eventually capture one of your characters and
    bring in a couple snow cannons. These things attack you with a weak ice magic.
    The first thing you should do is take out the snow cannons. You can kill them
    in a single attack. Then it should let your party member go. Once he does, you
    can target it's heart. Don't attack it. It only takes one damage.
    Attack, heal and guard as needed.
    After it's over, go left to grab the Black Rain. You can go back and save if
    you want. Then go north east. Follow the path to trigger a scene. Right before
    you enter the tower, take a left and pick up the Rave Twister. Then enter the
    Pick up the Spirit Ring. Go up to the glowing spot on the left. (You can't get
    to the one on the right yet.) It's another good-ole wingly teleport. Take it.
    Now you're in a bit of a maze. Take the south east teleport. Then the north
    east one. Now you're in a room. Go pick up the Mage Ring and take the other
    teleport. Now back in the maze, take the south west route. Then the north path.
    Now there's a scene. Save here and make any preperations. Make sure to put a
    talisman as many party members as possible. Then take the north teleport to the
    top of the tower. There's a scene, and then...
    >>>>> Lloyd <<<<<
    Minions: None
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Good news and bad news. Good news: using Dragoons here is possible without
    commiting suicide. Bad news: Lloyd has the Dragon Buster. It causes instant
    death on anyone in dragoon form. How do you get around this? Talismans! It
    nullifies instant death so you can use dragoons without fear.
    Anyone who has a talisman on, turn them into a dragoon and pelt him with
    spells. Everyone else should attack with additions. If you only have one
    talisman, think carefully who you put it on. If you don't have a lot of healing
    items, put it on Meru because her healing spell will be really helpful. If you
    keep a good stock of them, put on Dart because he has the most damaging spells.
    Lloyd has some really flashy and rather painful attacks. Again, LCs help
    immensly. So does Meru's naturally high magic defence. When anyone is in
    dragoon form, he'll attack with the Dragon Buster. This is actually helpful if
    have a talisman. He'll keep trying even if it doesn't work. This means he's not
    attacking with anything that does any damage.
    Another scene follows. (I think it's really amusing...) Once it's over, you're
    at the bottom of the tower. Head outside again.
    =============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 25)Secrets of Vellweb ><><-------------------------------------| [Ch3-6] |
    =============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Vellweb is to the west. To get there, go back the way you came until you get to
    the area with the sign on the left. Go left past the sign, then north. Head
    west to the Snowfield.
    Dungeon Length: Very Short
    Enemies: Windy Weasel
             Mr. Bone
             White Ape
    Facilities: Rest
    Important Items: None (Not including Fort Magrad Side-Quest)
    Overall Dificulty: Easy
    The information above does not include the Fort Magrad side-quest. Though you
    can do that now, it's pretty difficult to defeat the boss as you are now.
    Head west. You'll soon see a chest in the background. There's a Burn out
    inside. Keep going west to trigger a scene. You can go back into this cave at
    any time and rest. From here, go west again. Be carrful and don't get to close
    to the south edge of the path. You could slip off and end up at the beginning
    of the Fort Magrad side-quest. If you do fall, there's a short scene at the
    bottom. Go up the path on the right to get to the top again. There's a chest
    containing a Burning Wave and another with a Gushing Magma.
    Head west to leave. On to Vellweb.
     >Capital Vellweb<
    Dungeon Length: Medium
    Enemies: Succubus
             Spring Hitter
             Maximum Volt
    Facilities: Save Point
                Weapon Shop
                Item Shop
    Stardust: 1
    Important Items: Rose's Headband
    Overall Dificulty: Medium-Easy
    There's a short scene when you enter. Go west and follow the path around to the
    next area. The path only goes one way here. Keep following it. When you see a
    large archway in the background, go through. It leads to an Attack Ball. Go
    back up and continue west. In the next area, make a u-turn and take the path
    going down. Talk to the guys here and they will sell you stuff. Head back up.
    Try to go west and you'll trigger a scene. Continue west. There's a scene here
    too. Watch it, then head north and save. This is the start of the Dragoon
    Towers side-quest. You can't complete it until disk 4 though, but there is
    something that you can do now. From the save point, go directly west through
    the door. This leads to the Dragoon Towers. You need to get to the top of the
    one you came out of. Head to the tower on the left, go up the stairs and take
    the path back to the first tower. Enter the room and examine the shrine in the
    back for a stardust.
    Follow the path into the building. Follow the spiraling path down. Skip the
    first door. Go through the second and follow the path to get Rose's Headband.
    Skip the third door and go through the fourth. There's a Spirit Potion. Go back
    to the thrid door and go through it. Follow the path and you'll come to a
    scene. An interesting scene. Prepare to change disks.
    Just for an update, you should have 46 stardust.
    ========================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><>< a) Chapter 4 - Moon and Fate ><><><--------------------------| [Ch4-0] |
    ========================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ===============================  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 26)The Death Frontier ><><--------------------------------------| [Ch4-1] |
    ===============================  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
     >The Death Frounteir<
    Dungeon Length: Long
    Enemies: Canbria Dayfly
             Spiky Beetle
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Gladius
                     Power Down
                     Bandit's Shoes
    Overall Dificulty: Medium-Hard
    This place is a maze, but if you actually bother to explore it, you get a few
    good items. Plus, you don't have to worr about random battle here either. You
    can see enemies as they came at you and, if you like, dodge them to avoid a
    fight. It's a lot like sneaking around Hellena Prison.
    First off, there's a scene. Once in control, head south. Theres a Save Point
    and a path leaning down into a cave. You'll soon find that this is a huge area
    with a lot of exploring and few items worth searching for. Then again, there
    are those few.
    It would be way too hard to explain where to go to get everything, so I
    A map! *tadah*
     Items:                          -------   -------   -------
       1-Moon Seranade              |       | |       | |    10 |
       2-Healing Rain               |       |-|       |-|       |
       3-Healing Breeze             |       | | ##### | | # 9 # |
       4-Healing Fog                 -------   -------   -------
       5-Recovery Ball                  |
       6-Gladius                     -------   -------   -------
       7-Sun Rhapsody               |       | | ##### | | # 9 # |
       8-Power Down                 |       |-|       |-|       |
       9-Bandit's Shoes             |       | |       | |       |
      10-Healing Potion              -------   -------   -------
                                        |         |         |
                                     -------   -------   ------- 
      X-Rest                        |       | |       | |       |
      #-Sand Whirlpools             |       |-|   X   |-|       |
                                    | ##### | |       | | ##### |
                                     -------   -------   -------
                                     -------   -------   -------
                                    | ##### | | #     | | ##### |
                                    |   8 7 | | 7     |-|       |
                                    |     # | | #     | |       |
                  Start              -------   -------   -------
                    |                   |         |         |
       -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------
      |       | |       | |       | |     # | | #     | |     # | | #     |
      |       |-|       |-|       | |     # | | #     |-|     # | | #     |
      |       | | ##### | |       | |     # | | ##### | |     # | | #     |
       -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------
          |                   |         |                   |         |
       -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------
      |     # | | ##### | | #     | |       | | ##### | |       | |       |
      |     1 | | 1 3 # | | #     | |       | |       |-|       |-|       |
      |     # | | #   # | | #     | | ##### | |       | |       | |       |
       -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------
          |         |         |                   |         |         |
       -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------
      |       | |       | |       | | ##### | |       | |     # | | #     |
      |       |-|       |-|       | |       |-|   X   |-|     # | | #     |
      | # 2 # | |       | |       | |       | |       | |     # | | #     |
       -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------
                    |         |         |         |         |         |
       -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------
      | # 2 # | |     # | | #     | |       | |     # | | #   # | | #     |
      |       |-|     X | | X     |-|       | |     # | | #   5 | | 5     |
      |       | |     # | | #     | |       | |     # | | #   # | | #     |
       -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------
    If you only pick up one thing in this area, pick up the Bandit's Shoes. Try and
    grab the Gladius weapon for Rose while you're at it. A lot of items you get to
    by falling into the sand whirlpools. They drop you into a cave and if you fall
    into the right one, you land next to a chest. The exits to the caves are always
    either back at the start, or at the rest in the south east.
    Avoiding enemies is easy, just keep moving and you're not likely to run into
    one. Keep an eye on the shadows in the sand and look out for the flying insects
    too. The plants that sit in some areas also lead to a battle. When you get
    everything you want to pick up, make you're way to the exit.
    Once through, head north. Follow the path on the world map to find Ulara.
    ====================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 27)Spring Breath Town, Ulara ><><------------------------------| [Ch4-2] |
    ====================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Facilities: Saving Point
                Item Shop
                Weapon Shop
    Stardust: 3
    There's a scene when you enter. Before you use the transporter, pick up the
    Sun Rhapsody from the lower right corner. Now, take the teleport to Ulara.
    There's another scene inside. Time to pick up some stardust. Once in town, take
    the path that goes north. Eventually you'll come to a place with a lot of
    roses. There's a quick scene. Grab the stardust by examining the roses next to
    the save point. Take the west path from here and use the teleport to get to the
    weapon shop. Examine the vase under the window for another stardust. Go back
    past the area with the roses and get to the path that exits north on the right
    side. There's another scene here. Before leaving, check the flowers here for
    the last stardust.
    Go northeast and take the transport. There's a scene. Just ask about everything
    and it'll eventually end. Go upstiars, (the teleport on the right side of the
    house,) and grab the chest with a Moon Seranade. The go back to town. There's a
    scene when you leave the house. Leave, going south east, and go take the
    teleport on the lower, right corner. Watch the scene and then leave. Go back to
    the weapon shop for another scene. To get to the item shop, take the newly
    opened lower left teleport. Go back to where you first entered Ulara to find
    In the morning, go back to where you met up with Meru. There's scene and a
    send-off. Then you're in the Home of Gigantos. There is nothing new here. Just
    go though it on you're way to Fletz. Same with the Valley of Corrupted Gravity
    and the Barrens. This is a great time to make sure you have all the stardust.
    you should have 49 total. If you missed one somewhere, check the refference
    guide below. We finish this quest in Rouge. Unfoutunatly, if one of those you
    are missing are anywhere you need a boat to get to, you'll have to wait.
    Once you have everything wraped up, head to Fletz. Head up to the castle.
    There's a scene and when it's over, there are two new doors open. Save if you
    wish, then head down. When you want to go, talk to Kayla and tell her you're
    ready to go.
    Follow the path to find Rouge.
    ================================ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 28)Magical City, Aglis ><><------------------------------------| [Ch4-3] |
    ================================ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    Facilities: Saving Point
                Item Shop
                Weapon Shop
    Stardust: 1
    There's a scene when you enter. Climb up the first ladder you come to. There
    are two people standing on this platform. They sell weapons and items. Pick up
    whatever you need, then keep climbing up. All the exits lead to the same place.
    There's a save point in this room. Use it is you wish. Go into the room in the
    north east corner. This is where Martel (The stardust collector) will be for
    the rest of the game. If you have 49 Stardust, you'll talk to her in a second.
    Go through her room and exit out the back. Examine the vase down in the lower
    right corner of the last stardust in the game.
    If you have all 50 of them, go and talk to Martel. Talk to her a second time
    and she'll give you lots of good stuff for them. Don't talk to her quite yet if
    you don't have them all. You can come back later.
    You get the following items for giving her a certain number of stardust:
    10 - Physical Ring
    20 - Amulet
    30 - Wargod's Sash
    40 - Rainbow Earings
    50 - Vanishing Stone
    You need the Vanishing Stone for a side quest later on.
    Whether you completed the quest now or not, go back out to the main room again.
    Talk to the man in yellow for a scene. Once it's done, exit out the south east
    exit. There's a chest containing a Wargod's Calling. Go back inside and climb
    down the ladder on the west side. This Path leads to a Satori Vest. Climb back
    up to the main room again. Go down the ladder on the south wall. Exit out the
    south entrance below. Then, follow the path to the clifftop. Watch the scene.
    Go back to town again for another scene. Head back to you're boat and take it
    to the city.
     >Magical City, Aglis<
    Dungeon Length: Long
    Enemies: Scud Shark
             Aqua King
             Stern Fish
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Magical Hat
                     Psyche Bomb X
    Overall Dificulty: Medium-Hard
    Watch the scene, then open the door. Watch another scne, then take the
    teleport. Keep taking teleports until you get to the next area. There's another
    scene here. Follow ruff north from here.
    Take the first teleport, grab the Burn Out and keep going. The next chest you
    come across holds a Gushing Magma. Take the next teleport and follow them to
    two chests. A Magical Hat and a Moon Seranade. Go back to the last chest. Skip
    the teleport this time and go north. Follow the path.
    You'll find ruff and another creature in this room. Talk to them if you wish,
    then grab the Angel's Prayer in the upper left corner. Exit out the north east.
    When you reach the platform with 4 teleports, take the norht east one for a
    chest containing a Sun Rhapsody. Go back and take the left teleport. Follow the
    path here. Watch the scene and keep going. Talk to the little guy rolling
    around if you want.
    On the second platform, grab the Healing Fog before continuing. Once you get to
    a fork, take the lowest teleport. Follow that path to a Healing Rain. Go back
    to the fork and take the second teleport on the north path.
    There's a scene in the next room. Once it's over, talk to Savan and tell him
    you're ready. Save, then talk to him again. Now you just have to pick the right
    answers. You can save in between each one. First off is Kongol's challenge.
    When given the choice, choose to take the sword.
    Talk to Savan again for Miranda's challenge. It doesn't matter what you pick
    for the first question. On the second question, pick the second option.
    Next is Albet's challenge. Pick the second option here too.
    Now, Meru's. Second option again.
    Then Haschel. Second option.
    Next is Rose. There is nothing to answer. Just watch.
    For the last one, pick the first option.
    Rebuild you're party and head west. When on the platform with three teleports,
    take the one on the left. Take the left one on the next platform too. Then
    follow the path. Walk up to Savan for a scene. Follow the path again, picking
    up the 200G and the Healing Breeze in the chests on your way.
    Save at the save point and keep going until you get to a scene.
    >>>>> Last Kraken <<<<<
    Minions: 2 Cleones
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    It's a simple enough fight really. You can do some good damage by using the
    bomb you just got. It will reappear in your inventory after the battle anyway.
    You can either hit him with your strongest additions, or special and spell him.
    If you special, avoid using Meru's. Use Dart's.
    He has a nasty water beam attack, but he doesn't use it very often. So it isn't
    much of a problem. Especially if you have LCs or Dart's special running. My
    party was a lot faster then he was, so I got a couple rounds with everyone in
    between his attacks. Don't forget the healing effects of guarding.
    Once half his health is gone, he'll release a couple of creatures. Just kill
    them and go back to smacking him.
    Watch the scene and save. Now you have to backtrack all the way back to the
    entrance. Yes, all the way. Make the best of it. Max out an addition if you
    have any left to max. You'll run into a few scenes on the way back, but it's
    the same as it was before.
    Once you actually get back to the entrance, check the door on the left that you
    couldn't open before. You can go through now. Watch the scene and take the
    teleporter to Zenebatos.
    ================================ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 29)Law City, Zenebatos ><><------------------------------------| [Ch4-4] |
    ================================ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
     >Law City, Zenebatos<
    Dungeon Length: Medium
    Enemies: Harpy
             Death Purger
    Facilities: Save Point
                Weapon Shop
                Item Shop
    Important Items: Spirit Cloak
                     Rainbow Dress
    Overall Dificulty: Medium
    Welcome to Zenebatos. This is a very interesting dungeon that can be made much
    easier with a little trick. Exit the room and watch the scene. You'll meet up
    with a strange flying manta ray named Coolon. Talk to him after the scene and
    he'll take you to any city.
    Take the teleport at the lower corner of the building. Go examine the glowing
    stone and learn that you can't get to the Signet because it's against the law.
    When the robot says "Wingly Code Article ***" write down that number at the
    end. You'll need it later. Take the teleporter down again and evit right.
    This dungeon is strange because there are only a few areas where you need to
    worry about random battles. It takes a really long time in most areas for the
    arrow to turn red. Save here and talk to the robot on the left.
    If you choose "Law Factory" as a destination, you'll be taken to a platform
    with two robots. One will let you go places, the other runs the shop. The
    weapon shop here has a useful set of armors that nullify certain elements. Pick
    up Dart's even if you have an Armor of Legend on him. It will com in handy for
    a boss later. In fact, I would recommend getting all 4, just because they're
    Once done here, head left. In this area, there are little robots running
    around. Yup, you guessed it. Another stealth section. This time though, getting
    caught won't force you into a battle. Instead, you'll be transported to a
    prison cell, and you'll have to start back at the beginning.
    First off, go get caught. We're going to go find a handy piece of info. Watch
    the scene here and exit. Talk to the robot. He'll say something about another
    Wingly Code Article. Write down the article number for later. Pick up the two
    chests (a Flash Hall and 200g,) and take the platform in the northern part of
    the room.
    Go the the Legislation Center. There are more of those annoying patrol robots
    here. There are also some chests here. Don't bother grabing them yet. It will
    be much easier later, and you'll be coming here multiple times anyway,
    So, the point here is to get from teleport to teleport without getting caught.
    The Robots can't get to you while you're standing off the main path. (Meaning,
    on a teleport or by a chest.) Going through a doorway will warp you to the
    other door on the same level. Use this to your advantage as the robots can't go
    through them. The blue robots will wait for you to come onto the path and then
    they will chase you. It's usually a mad dash to the portal with these things.
    Make your way through. Once you get to a circular room with lots of the robots,
    go to the north part of the room and stand in line and wait your turn. When it
    comes up, go to the center of the circle and press X.
    When they ask is you are submitting a bill, say no. Then they will ask if it is
    a revision of a law. Say yes to this. Enter the article number you got from the
    robot by the prison cell. They'll give you a Law Production Lisence. Now, head
    back to the area with the shop. If you want, get caught. That would probly be
    the easiest way and there is no penalty.
    This time, select Law Factory as your destination. Make your way past the
    robots and talk to the robot here. He'll give you the Law Launching License.
    Go back to the beginning again.
    Head to the Law Launcher. Take the platform up and submit the Law Launching
    License. Take the Teleport back. Notice something? Now the robots won't chase
    you around anymore and you can run around all you like. Have fun screwing with
    Wingly laws. Anyway, the main purpose for this was to allow you to grab the
    chests without having to worry about getting caught by the robots.
    In the area leading to the Law Launcher, there is a Gravity Grabber, a Spirit
    Cloak, and a Down Burst.
    Head back to the Legislation Center. The Chests on the way contain a Frozen Jet
    and a Burning Wave. Once there, get in aline again and submit a revision. This
    time, enter the number you got from the robot who told you that you couldn't go
    to the signet.
    Take the Law Production License to the Law Factory and pick up the chests on
    the way. (A Night Rain, a Rainbow Dress and a Spectral Flash.) Get your Law 
    Launching License and head back to the Law Launcher. Once done, head back to
    the first area.
    Talk to the robot on top of the building and watch the scene. Then go to the
    signet. Save and equip everyone you can with a Talisman, then head north.
    Watch then scene and then...
    >>>>> Winged Exocutioners <<<<<
    Minions: Vector
    Suggested Party: -Dart
    Selebus has a healing spell, so you may want to take her out first. It can heal
    1000 HP on all three on them. I personally take out Kubila first because he has
    a really annoying instant death spell. If you have enough talismans equiped,
    then it's not a problem, but it can waste a lot of Angel's Prayers if you
    don't. He will  use it when he dies so just hope he goes for someone with a
    talisman. (I find he usually hits Dart with it...)
    Take out Selebus next. She still has that healing spell, but it doesn't heal
    her. She'll counter attack every time you hit her, so take her out in as few
    hits as possible. It only does a couple hundred damage.
    She'll use a spell on Vector that makes him get a lot bigger. Now he can attack
    all three on your party members at once, but it only does 100-200 each. It can
    wear you down if you're not careful. Guard for a while if you need health, or
    use Meru's healing spell if it comes to that. He also has an attack that can
    do almost 900 damage, which could easily take out a low HP character like Meru.
    Luckily, he's really slow when he gets big.
    Beat them and watch the scene and head north. More scenes. Head back to Coolon.
    ============================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 30)Side-Quest Time! ><><---------------------------------------| [Ch4-5] |
    ============================= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    That's right! Time to wrap all those lose ends before we take the final dash to
    the end. This game has one of those endings where, once you go to the final
    dungeon, you can't come back out again. Though Mayfil isn't the final dungeon,
    it's connected to the final dungeon, much like Aglis is connected to Zenebatos.
    If you don't want to bother with the side-quests, skip this section and go to
    [Ch4-6], which starts with the Mayfil dungeon. For everyone else, READ ON!
    Here are all the great items you're going to get for this:
      -Therapy Ring
      -Dragon Helm
      -Phantom Shield
      -Magical Hat
      -Holy Ankh
      -Dancer's Ring
      -Soul Eater
      -Armor of Yore
      -Jade Stone
      -Blue Sea Stone
      -Golden Stone
      -Violet Stone
    First off, you should have about 10000g again. Time to pick up another LC or
    AoL. I personally would go and pick up a third LC at this point. The optional
    bosses use a lot of magic. You can get an Armor of Legend if you like, but it
    will help you less in the side-quests.
    Hop on Coolon and head to either Lohan or Deningrad and pick up your desired
    Legend Item.
    Most of the Side-Quests are on the path between Deningrad and Vellweb, so lets
    do them in that order.
     >Faust: the Wingly Magician<
    First, go out and make sure you have all 50 stardust. If you haven't already,
    go to Rouge and give them to Martel and get the Vanishing Stone. Stock up on
    healing items and anything else you may need and fly via Coolon to Deningrad.
    Go south, then west toward Gloriano and enter the Kashua Glacier area. Go down
    into the glacier and make your way to Flanvel tower, where you got the Moon
    Mirror. Go back to section [Ch3-5] if you really need directions.
    Once at in the tower, make your way to the area with the save point.
    Some directions to get through the transporters:
      Take the south east teleport. Then the north east one. Now you're in a room, 
      take the other teleport. Now back in the maze, take the south west route.
      Then the north path.
    Save here and take the teleport on the right. Never been here? Walk forward and
    watch a short scene and see the use for the Vanishing Stone. Pick up the
    Therapy Ring and take the teleport down.
    This isn't much of a maze at first. The only place where there's more then one
    teleport to chose from, they both go to the same place. Keep going until you
    get to a room with a chest and a save point. Save and pick up the Dragon Helm.
    There are three teleports in this room. It may seem like a maze, but they all
    lead to the same place. Take the one on the left. Go north east. Follow the
    path until you get to a room with three doors and a platform in the middle.
    Walk out onto the platform.
    Go back and take the teleports until you get to the first room again. Take the
    south teleport this time. When you get to the junction with 4 paths, take the
    south east one. Walk out and the ground will break again. Go back and take the
    north east path. Go through the next junction and take the north east path at
    the next one.
    Walk out onto the platform again for a scene. Choose to fight.
    >>>>> Magician Faust <<<<<
    Minions: There are 4, but you can't attack them
    This is one of the few fights where I actually discourage using Dragoons. This
    guy has a really high magic defense. So much so that regular additions do more
    damage then dragoon spells. Unless you get a perfect every time with your
    D-Attacks, don't bother. The only magic that might be worth using is some kind
    of healing spell, Meru's in my party.
    Besides, at this point in the game, everyone should have they're final
    addition. Maybe you even have it maxed, either way, it still does more damage
    than magic.
    He uses all kinds of magic, but if you have the Dragoon Armors from Zenebatos,
    you may get lucky and take no damage. Sometimes he casts 4 or 5 spells in a
    turn, so I hope you have LCs equiped on as many people as possible.
    He has one attack when a huge ball of fire falls on your characters. This can
    do 1000+ damage even with LCs, but it's likely to miss. Keep everyone alive,
    use healing spells if you need to, otherwise, stick to additions. Do your best
    to finish him off quickly. In this case, the best defence is a good offence.
    Don't be afraid to use items. This guys is much harder to kill then pretty
    much anything else you'll have to fight in the future.
    Remember: His magic is on par with that of the Final Boss, but his HP is not.
    Your reward? 10000g! And a Phantom Shield which cuts all damage in half! And
    20000 exp! Woo!
    Pick up the three chests here, (a Holy Ankh, a Magical Hat and a Dancer's
    Ring,) and head north. Take the teleport out. It takes you all the way back to
    the entrance! Yaay!
    So now you have another Therapy Ring! Now Dart's final weapon, Soul Eater, is
    worth using right? Well, we're going to go get that next. Make your way out of
    Kashua Glacier and exit on the west side.
    Head west to the Snowfields. Take a break in the cave here if you're low on HP
    after fighting Faust. Go west and jump off the cliff. If you don't have the
    chests that you see on the way down yet, here's how to get to them:
        As you fall, you can press X to change your direction. To get to the first
        chest, jump off on the right side of the sign. There's a Dancer's Ring in
                O-X-O-X    Press X where there's an X, don't press X where there's
                           a O.
        Jump off the right side of the sign. There's a Magic Shield.
    This is the enterance to the second optional dungeon.
     >Fort Magrad<
    There's a short scene when you enter. I personally enjoy watching Meru do a
    faceplant in the snow. Follow the path to the chest. It contains a Midnight
    Terror. Go through the archway to the next area. Watch the scene and then make
    your way down to the save point. Pick up the Stunning Hammer on the way. Save
    and pick up the Poison Needle. The head into the little area to the north.
    There's a scene and...
    >>>>> Polter <<<<<
    This guy comes in three part. A Helm, a Sword and an Armor. I take out the
    sword first as it can do the most damage. The helm can black commands, and that
    can be a real pain, but that's pretty much all it can do so I usually leave it
    for last. The armor uses some semi-strong dark and light elemental magics.
    Feel free to special him and beat on him with spells to your heart's content.
    Unlike the last optional boss, he's actaully pretty easy to take out. When the
    sword dies, it uses an instant death move. You may want to use a talisman.
    You may want to take out the helm next, just because it's so easy to do. Then,
    you don't have to deal with the command blocker later.
    Winning gets you the Soul Eater, Dart's best weapon. It's just too bad that it
    sucks a tenth of your HP away when you use it. Well, that's why you needed that
    extra Therapy Ring. Pick up the chests for a Panic Bell and an Armor of Yore.
    Time to head out. Exit the fort and make your way back to the snowfields. I've
    found that you can warp back up to the top of the cliff. Just press start when
    you get onto the winding path that leads to the top.
    Exil the snowfields via the west exit. Make your way to Vellweb.
     >The Dragoon Towers<
    Make your way to the spot where you met Shirley back at the end of disk 3. Even
    if you can't remember where that was, you'll meet her again as you go by the
    place so it's not hard to find. This area acts as a rest for the remainder of
    the game. It does come in handy to have a rest and a save point so close. The
    dragoons aren't as hard as Faust, but they aren't exactly push-overs either.
    Save and enter the door to the left of the save point. Your goal here is to
    save the spirits of the dragoons from 11,000 years ago. There were 7. Rose and
    Zeig are still living and Shirley already passed on, so that leaves four that
    you have to take care of. I'll explain the battles in the order you would find
    them if you went couter-clockwise through the towers. Enter the top of the
    first tower on the left. When you enter, there's a short scene.
    >>>>> Syuveil <<<<<
    You can special these guys and kill them with spells if you want. Make sure
    you take their element into account when choosing who's special to use. As
    Syuveil is the wind dragoon, avoid using Albert's special. In fact you may want
    to use, (dare I say it?) Kongol's. Although I don't think the weakening caused
    by the special is enough to make it worth using Kongol for this.
    The spells are the same as your's so keep that in mind. They DO use the lvl 5
    dragon summoning spells, even if you don't, and they have enough MP to use them
    a lot. The good thing is that their spells are not quite as powerful as your's.
    A lot of Syuveil's spells hit all characters, but his D-Attacks tend to be
    more dangerous.
    They always max out their D-Attacks and they can do some good damage. (Around
    700-1000 damage to someone with an AoL.) They don't usually use any of their
    Supportive spells. (Healing, protection, ect.)
    If you decide to take him out without using dragoons, I suggest having Albert
    in your party. Especially if he's equiped with the Jade Dragoon Armor. It
    nullifies all of Syuveil's dragoon spells, thought not the D-Attacks.
    Beat him with dragoons or additions, it your choice.
    Watch the scene and exit. Feel free to run back and save/heal before you keep
    going. Head left again. Go to the top of the second tower here. Watch the scene
    and there's another battle.
    >>>>> Damia <<<<<
    Damia is the water dragoon, so obviously using Meru's special is a bad idea.
    If you're using that strategy, use Dart's special.
    She won't use her healing spell, so that's one less headache, she leans toward
    using Diamond Dust I think. I fyou're not using Dragoons, have Meru with you.
    If she has the Blue Dragoons armor equiped, all of Damia's spells are
    nullified. On the other hand, Dart with be taking a bit more damage this time
    around and he could lose a lot of HP real fast.
    Again, watch the scene and exit. Heal if needed and then head left. If you
    don't want to bother with running all the way back to the save, get into a
    random battle and guard to get your HP back up. Enter the second tower in this
    area. Watch the scene.
    >>>>> Belzac <<<<<
    Belzac is the earth dragoon. If you're using specials, use Albert's. Belzac
    only has three spells, but all of them hit your whole party. This can depleat
    your HP quickly if you don't keep an eye on it.
    If you don't want to use Dragoons... Don't bother using Kongol. He'll just get
    slaughtered by the magic. He doesn't have dragoon armor, so there's no point.
    Belzac is slow, but he can hit hard. If you haven't healed yet, this battle
    could get dangerous. Especially his D-Attacks which do about 1600 damage. All
    you can do here is hope he targets someone with a AoL, or cast Blossom Storm
    a lot.
    Keep going left to the next area. Enter the first tower here. Scene and...
    >>>>> Kanzas <<<<<
    This guy is a pushover compared to Belzac. Nothing he can through at you has
    the power to hit all your party. His has weaker attack power too. You can't get
    the edge on him with any special though. Just don't use Haschel. Haschel
    doesn't have a dragoon armor either so don't use him just for elemental
    He's faster then Belzac though, so keep your HP above 1000 at all times.
    Thus this side-quest is done. Head to the next tower on the left and go down to
    the save point. Exit Vellweb. Go pick up your next Legend Item using the gold
    you got from your fight with Faust. In my case, that would be an Armor of
    =============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><>< 31)Death City, Mayfil ><><-------------------------------------| [Ch4-5] |
    =============================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Weather you did the side quests or not, you're in the same place now. This is
    you last chance to wrap up any lose ends. Then again, that is what the side-
    quest section is for. When you're ready to go, hop on Coolon and head to
    Before you can take the teleport to Mayfil, you have to change another law
    here. It's not that hard now that you turned off the security. Talk to the
    robot at the south end of the area where Coolon is. He'll say you need to
    revise article 410. Go do it. Then, come back and head into the teleporter.
    Select Mayfil and off we go.
     >Death City, Mayfil<
    Dungeon Length: Long
    Enemies: Loner Knight
             Hyper Skeleton
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Poison Guard
                     Panic Guard
                     Stun Guard
                     Destone Amulet
                     Bravery Amulet
                     Magic Ego Bell
    Overall Dificulty: Medium-Hard
    There's a brief scene. Once in control, head out the door for another scene.
    You can take the teleporter back to Zenabatos anytime, but it's easier to just
    keep going on at the end instead of having to backtrack. Take the teleport
    on the east side down and enter Mayfil.
    Here, you'll meet the ghost of Feyerbrand. Though the characters say you don't
    have time, there's nothing stopping you from fighting him. You get some good
    experiance for it and he isn't that hard to fight. You also get a Down Burst
    for your trouble. If you want to fight him, just walk up to him.
    In the next area, take the first teleport down. There's a bridge that will
    appear if you go north from the circular part of this platform. Take it to the
    Poison Guard in the chest. Go towards the teleport to the east for another
    bridge. Take that down to a chest with a Panic Guard. From here, go northeast
    for another path that leads to a Protector. Go back to the platform with the
    poison guard.
    Head to the west teleport and take it to a chest with a Stun Guard. Go back and
    take the last teleport. Go through the door. Here's you'll meet the ghost of
    Regole. Feel free to fight him for the experiance if you want. You get a Frozen
    Jet for your trouble.
    Head out the other door. Teleport to the first platform and take the path to
    the northeast. Follow it to an Active Ring. Go back to the first platform
    again. Take the other teleport and enter the room.
    Guess who? Yup! The Devine Dragon! Feel free to fight him. If you faught the
    other two, then you get an extra item for this. Be warned! He still has the
    Divine Dragon Cannon and yes, it still hurts. You get a Flash Hall for winning.
    If you fought the other two dragons, you get a Destone Amulet for all your hard
    GO through the other door. Take the first teleport and save. Then head north
    to the next room. In this room, just run out onto the grid and you'll fall.
    Pick up the Bravery Amulet at the bottom. Exit by the door.
    Now back at the top. The key to getting through here is to watch the balls of
    light. If the light turns red, you can step there. Here's a map of the grid.
              v   ^
       | | | |X| |X|X|X| | |
       | | |X|X| | | |X|X|X|
      <|X| |X| | | | | | |X|
       |X| |X| | | | | | |X|<
       |X|X|X|X|X| | | | | |
       | |X| | |X| | | |X|X|>
       |X|X| |X|X| | | |X| |
       | | | |X| | | |X|X| |
       |X| |X|X| |X|X|X| | |
       |X|X|X| | |X| | | | |
                ^ ^
    Follow the path to the east exit. Go through for a scene. Grab the chest for a
    Magic Ego Bell. Exit through the other door. Head to the north exit. Watch the
    scene and go through the other door.
    Take the path to the teleport and use it, There's a scene. Open the chest for
    a Healing Rain. Save and take the teleport.
    This fight is a lot like the Shirley fight back in the Shrine. There's more
    picking of options and guarding then actual fighting.
    At first, attacking won't do you any good, so just guard. When given the
    choice, talk to him. This will make Lavitz turn around. Take this chance to
    attack the thing on his back. If your fast enough, you can take it out before
    he turns back around again, if not, just repeat until you do.
    Now the acutal fight starts. Zackwell starts with a basic set of various
    physical and magical attacks. Nothing new or special. When his health starts
    to get low, he'll sink into the ground and you can't hit him with anything.
    Just guard until he pops back up again.
    It's a very touching scene. After this, it's your last chance to run back and
    do anything else. I had just crossed the 10000g mark again so I had to run back
    and pick up another AoL. Other then that, walk into the beam of light and head
    to the signet.
    Pick up the Spectral Flash and head through the door for more scenes. (One's
    a really pretty FMV...)
    ============================ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 32)The Divine Tree ><><----------------------------------------| [Ch4-7] |
    ============================ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
     >The Divine Tree<
    Dungeon Length: Medium
    Enemies: Mountain Ape
             Cute Cat
    Facilities: Save Point
    Important Items: Phoenix Plume
                     White Silver Dragon's Armor
    Overall Dificulty: Medium
    Save and head north. In the next area, you can see something sparkling on the
    left. Go look around there for a Phoenix Plume. Just keep following the path.
    If you see anything sparkle, go look at it for some scenes about the friuts of
    the Divine Tree.
    Keep in mind that the monsters here drop some really good items. I've won some
    Dancer's Shoes even.
    After you jump into the vital stream, examine the sparkle at the base of the
    tree here to the White Silver Dragon's Armor. Though you were healed when you
    used the vital stream as an elevator, the puddle on the right will do the same.
    You'll eventually come to a save point. I suggest you use it. Eventually,
    you'll come to a scene, and a boss.
    This thing has three forms. It starts off as a caterpillar. Hit it with
    additions. If you want to use Dragoons on it, wait until it becomes a moth
    before you use your special, or you make run out of SP long before it dies.
    As a caterpillar, it can poison you. So be prepared to use a couple Body
    Purifiers. If you run out mid battle, turn whoever was poisoned into a dragoon.
    That should get rid of it.
    Once it turns into a Pupa, it can't attack, so guard for a minute to get your
    HP bakc up if you need to, then hit it a few times to get it to turn into it's
    last form. This is the only form that can be that dificult to take down. It has
    more HP then it's first two forms. It's faster too. It likes to cause various
    status effects like fear, so if you run out of purifiers, use a dragoon
    transformation to get rid of it.
    Keep going until you get to a scene. Jump into the hole to get to the Moon that
    Never Sets.
    =====================================  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><>< 33)The Moon that Never Sets ><><-------------------------------| [Ch4-8] |
    =====================================  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
     >The Moon that Never Sets<
    Dungeon Length: Holy !#%@ Long!
    Enemies: Swift Dragon
             Psyche Druid
             Roulette Face
             Air Combat
             Mad Skull
    Facilities: Save Point
                Weapon Shop
                Item Shop
    Important Items: Golden Dragon Armor
    Overall Dificulty: ...Hard...
    Congrats! You made it all the way to the final dungeon. *clap clap* Watch the
    scene as you enter, then head east. There's a scene again.
    Now you're in a forest. There's a log on the right. Cross it to get to a
    Frozen Jet in the chest. Head north around the tree to the next area.
    In the Moon, each character must face some kind of boss by themselves. They are
    more of those, more picking options then fighting kinds of battles, but they
    can be dificult if you don't have any decent additions for your characters. If
    you do, then they are, for the most part, a sad level of easy.
    You're about to run into your first one. Follow the path until you get to a
    scene where Miranda runs off. Her boss is first.
    >>>>>Death Rose<<<<<
    Keep attacking the thing until it opens up. If your HP starts to get low, guard
    to get it back up again. Watch the scenes when it opens and eventually, you'll
    get an option to forgive her. Choose to do so and the battle will end.
    You'll have to rebuild your party, then head back and go south. The chest on
    the way contains a Down Burst.
    You'll come to a town eventually. There's an item shop and a weapon shop that
    I encourage you to use. You can also rest up and save. Follow the girl when
    you want to continue.
    Talk to the Minitos to get some info. The bigger house on the left has a chest
    with 200g. Head south and pick up the Spectral Flash. Keep going south until
    you come to a scene.
    It's the same as with Miranda, although this one can get dangerous. Attack
    until Clair uses a move called "Destroy the 4 Gods" This lowers your HP to 1
    every time. Use a healing item to keep yourself alive. If you bought Haschel's
    weapon back in town, then you may want to risk attacking her while you have
    only 1 HP, so you can do about 1000 more damage. I wouldn't sugest it though.
    Eventually, you'll get an option. Pick the top choice, and the battle will
    Rebuild your party and keep following the path. You'll come to a dead end and
    a chest containing a Flash Hall. Go back to town.
    Save. Then, leave through the door that was blocked by the guard before. Jump
    into the swirling whole on the other end of the area. When you're floating in
    the sky, head north west. You'll get separated. As Al, go north until you come
    to a scene.
    This is Kongol's fight. In fact, to me is feels a lot like when we were
    fighting Kongol back in disk one. Indora uses a lot of flashy moves, but they
    don't hurt that much. It's a battle of enduarance. There's really nothing to
    Go through the hole in the floor. Flip the switch on the left wall and grab the
    Golden Dragon Armor in the chest. Then, head back up. Once back in the area
    with stairs, head most of the way down and when you can, take a left. Jump into
    the swirling hole there. From here, head back to town again.
    Then, you're back with Dart and Rose. Follow the path, on the next screen, pick
    up the night raid. Skip the path heading down the stairs for now. Take the next
    path that heads right. Jump down to the chest and pick up the Burning Wave. 
    Head North.
    Guard at first. You can't do any damage to Michael at this point. If Rose is
    equiped with the Dark Dragoon Armor, then he can't hurt her either. Just focus
    on keeping Dart alive. That shouldn't be a problem as he still has your
    strongest equips.
    You may need to attack him a couple times, but I'm not sure. When you get the
    choice, have Rose tell Dart the weak point. Wait until he uses his laser and
    then attack his heart. It's a separate target so make sure you select it.
    Head back and take the stairs you skipped earlier. Take the left fork here.
    Rebuild your party and save. Then go outside. Talk to the guards and you'll
    trigger a scene.
    >>>>>Dark Doel<<<<<
    It's simple really. Attack and destroy the swords. Doel's attacks are pitiful
    and both swords break in one attack if you're using a decent addition.
    Then attack him. He dies in a shot too.
    Honestly, hardest thing about this battle is the fact that Doel's flailing
    around makes it harder to see the addition squares... -.-
    Rebuild your party and leave. Jump into the hole in the lower left corner
    again. Now you can go through the place where Michael first attacked you. Take
    the left path until you trigger a scene.
    Now this battle can be pretty hard or very easy, depending on Meru's equipment.
    I always use her regularly, so I had her equiped with a LC and an AoL. It's
    not that hard even without really strong equips. Meru's speed should give her
    the advantage, especially if it's boosted with Drancer's Shoes or a Dancer's
    He'll eventually use a move that lowers you HP to one. Guard or use a healing
    item and then start beating on him again.
    Rebuild your party again and use the beam of light to get out. Follow the path
    to the first fork. Take the north path to a chest with a Gravity Grabber. Go
    back and take the other fork. Save here and keep going to trigger a scene.
    In the next area well... You know what they say...
    >>>>>S Virage<<<<<
    I would avoid using Dragoons here. You'll need them later.
    This boss is really the same as all the other Virages you've faces so far. It's
    just this one hurts more. Attack the head, the body parts regenerate so there's
    not point in attacking them.
    He'll attack you multiple times when it's his turn so mucke sure you keep your
    HP high. When you actually finish him off, he'll use a big self-destruct move
    which does a lot of damage so make sure your HP is almost full when he dies.
    Once that's over, make sure Dart has the Red Dragoon Armor equiped. Trust me,
    it'lll help. Then head north again. Save, pick up the Detonate Arrow and head
    >>>>>Zieg Feld<<<<<
    Now that Dart doesn't have a Dragoon Spirit, you can't use your special, but
    that doesn't stop you from using your other two party members as Dragoons.
    Be sure to pummel him with your best spells, especially if you used Meru.
    Dart always goes first in this battle. Attack Zieg even though it won't show
    a damage count this time, Zieg goes right after this.
    Zieg will always use his first turn to attack Dart with Final Burst, but if
    you did like I told you and equiped Dart with the Red Dragoon armor, then it
    does nothing anyway,
    If you're using Albert, use Rose Storm. It will help Dart to live through the
    D-Attacks. If you run out of SP, beat on him with additions and build it up
    again. Repeat the process, using Sun Rhapsodys and Moon Serenades as needed.
    There are some scenes and a battle starts, but it's one of those watch battles
    and you don't actually do anything. >.>;
    After all that Dart gets the Divine Dragoon Spirit and the Dragon Buster. The
    Dragon Buster is Rose's strongest weapon and, when equiped with it, she has the
    highest attack strangth of any character.
    The Divine Dragoon Spirit replaces Dart's recently lost Red Dragoon Spirit.
    Run back and save. Heal up and talk to whoever you want. This is the final
    fight so make sure you're prepared. Pick your party, put on your strangest
    equips and then it's time to fight Melbu.
    >>>>>Melbu Frahma<<<<<
    My Party: Dart
    Congrats! You made it all the way to the final boss! I you used Dragoons in the
    last fight, your SP could still be low or empty. If this is the case, beat on
    him until you build it up some. Go ahead and special him now if you want.
    You'll have plenty of time to build up you SP and do it again later when he
    starts using his more painful magic.
    For those of you who did the Faust Side-Quest, this battle is much longer, but
    don't depend on a quick fight this time. Melbu has 4 forms and it's going to
    take a while to bring all of them down. The moves are similar, but Melbu lacks
    the high Magic Defence that made Faust such an awkward fight. Don't be afraid
    to use items, this is your last fight so all those healing rains aren't going
    to do you any good after this.
       Form 1:
    Take out the tenticles. They don't regenerate and even 2 or 3 hundred damage
    is a lot when you multiply it by four. This is one of the few times that I
    would recommend using Dragoon spells like Diamond Dust that hit all enemies.
    That way, Melbu takes damage along with his evil tentacles.
    He uses some basic magic at this point in the battle. His most annoying spell
    is a petrification spell which can be really bad if you don't have any way to
    get rid of it.
    His source of physical damage is mostly the tenticles which can be taken out in
    two shots by a character using a maxed final addition.
    Feel free to take Dart's new Dragoon Spirit for a spin, but if you special, use
    his. Not for any elemantal reason, it's just that Dart only has two spells now
    and both of them cost 50MP. Don't get me wrong, they are worth it, but you're
    going to have to use some D-Attacks too, so you might as well make sure it's a
    perfect every time.
       Form 2:
    This form is the easiest in most ways. He only has one move that can do any
    real damage. Most of the time he uses a little sword move that does some 300
    damage. Eventually, he'll suck one of your characters up and you won't be able
    to use them for a while. He then shoots them out again and THAT does 700-800 to
    both the character he sucked up and the character he shot at. There's not
    really a good way to prevent it so keep your health up.
       Form 3:
    Umm... I have to say, I think it takes longer for Melbu to switch forms then
    it takes for me to kill them off...>_>;;
    And Why? Why does he look like a spaceship?
    Anyway, in this form, Melbu starts using some stronger magic. He's faster too.
    His favorite spell is one that's just like the effect of the Gravity Grabber
    item. He also releases little things called Starbombs. They shoot into the air
    and attack all of your party for a couple hundred damage, that is, unless you
    kill them first. They are about as hard to kill as the tenticles from his first
    The good thing is that he will change the background from night to day and stop
    using them after that. But then he starts using a heat spell, but it does less
    then the starbombs overall.
    You're most likely starting to get worn down at this point, but don't let up
    and make sure you save at least a couple of healing items for his last form.
    If you're using someone with a healing spell, like Miranda or Meru, then save
    a Sun Rhapsody for the final form. It'll come in handy.
    This is a good form to pause and guard to get your HP up if you need it. Most
    of his attacks won't do more than you can heal with a guard, especially if
    you're, well... Guarding.
       Form 4:
    Nows the time to use Dragoons if you've been holding off until now. The boost
    in magic defence will deffinatly help you stay alive. This is where it really
    starts to feel like the Faust fight, but unlike Faust, you've been fighting
    for a while at this point.
    There is one bad thing about the Dragoon strategy, that being that Melbu has
    a move that works much like the Dragon Blocker Staff back in disk 3. He doesn't
    use it often, but it's a risk. Be prepared with Healing spells and hope you're
    almost out of SP when he uses it.
    He'll use a move that looks a lot like the one Archangel used to lower your HP
    to 1, but luckily it only does about 800 damage. (Only...? O_o)
    His magic is as about as strong as magic gets. LCs help more then anything
    else. If you get out the dragoons, avoid using the Dragon Summonings as they
    are more of a waste of MP then a help. Use any spells you can and focus on
    spells that only hit one target. If you're using Albert, Rose Storm helps.
    Meru's and Miranda's healing spells are very handy too.
    Make sure to use Dart's Divine Dragon Cannon. It hurts a lot. Time to go all
    Sit back and enjoy the ending. It's just too bad that the english voice acting
    is so bad, but then again, I turn off the sound and listen to some good music.
                                        You win!!
                                     Good for you...
    =========================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - -=========
    ><><><><>< VI. Reference Section ><><><><><-------------------------| [Ref-0] |
    =========================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - -=========
    Here be the reference section of doom. This is where you can look stuff up if
    you need the info. All of the information here is in the walkthrough too,
    except for the item details. All items are arranged alphabetically for easy
    searching. You could always use the good old Ctrl+F trick too.
    ==================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    ><><>< a) Character Summaries ><><><--------------------------------| [Ref1X] |
    ==================================== - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =========
    These are character summaries. No, I do not spoil any plot here. This is
    strictly a place for my thoughts on the abilities of each character and their
    strengths. They are in order of appearance.
    Number of Additions: 7
    Element: Fire
    Weapon: Sword
    Pros: -Well balanced (No great weaknesses)
          -Most additions are easy to complete
          -Gets Dragoon Spirit early
    Cons: -Can't remove him from your party (Though I have no problem with this...)
          -No particular strengths
          -Most powerful weapon requires a Therapy ring to be of any use
    Debating whether or not Dart is a good character doesn't make much sense to me.
    You have to keep him in your party 90% of the time anyway, so if you think he
    sucks as a character, too bad for you. I would have kept him in my party even
    if I didn't have to. Why? Two words: Final Burst.
    But before I get into that, I suppose we should start from the basics: stats.
    As stated above, all of Dart's stats are pretty average. If I had to give him
    a strength, I would say he is best at physical attacking, although he's still
    great at doing damage with magic too.
    His HP and defense are high, so you really don't have to worry about him dying
    unless you happen to be fighting someone who likes to use high level water
    He has a handy set of magic too. Final Burst is one of my favorite spells. It
    does kick ass damage and it only costs you 30 MP. It's great for boss fights.
    His best weapon, the Soul Eater, is a little tricky to use. It sucks 1/10th of
    your HP away every turn. The good thing is that it gives you a very nice
    attack bonus. The problem is, how do you not die? Two words: Therapy Ring.
    Overall, I think Dart is a good character and you won't catch me complaining
    about having to keep him around.
       >Suggested Equips<
         -Therapy Ring
           If you plan on using the Soul Eater, you'll need to equip one of these.
    Number of Additions: 5
    Element: Wind
    Weapon: Spear
    Pros: -High HP, Attack and Defense
          -All additons are obtained at low levels
          -Useful Dragoon Spells
    Cons: -Low Speed and Magic Defense
          -Most additions are difficult to complete
          -Most additions don't give much SP
    Lavitz is a hard character to use at the beginning. His additions get really
    hard, really fast. If you actually train your additions, you can get ahold of
    his final addition before disk one is over. The only problem is, it really hard
    to complete at that point, that is, when you are still somewhat new to
    If you manage to get good at additions however, having his most powerful move
    so early could be a Godsend. Bosses aren't nearly as scary when they go below
    half health in only a couple rounds. His speed is a little low, but his damage
    gets impressive quickly.
    His low magic defense is hard to deal with throughout the game. Until you can
    manage to get your hands on a Legend Casque, he can die quite quickly in boss
    fights. Then again, his HP is high, so he can take more damage.
    I think that Lavitz is a great tank, especially with a Legend Casque. Though
    his magic stats are both low, he has a very handy set of Dragoon magic at his
    disposal. Rose Storm cuts all damage in half for 3 turns. It only costs 20 MP
    to cast it too. His 3rd level spell, Gaspless, is just like Dart's Final Burst,
    though it will do less damage because his Magic Attack is lower then Dart's.
    All in all, I think he is a great character to use, especially if this is your
    second play through or additions come easily. Just keep an eye on his HP when
    there's magic flying at him.
       >Suggested Equips<
         -Legend Casque
           Takes care of that low magic defense.
         -Bandit's Shoes
           Gives a nice speed boost. Makes him faster then Dart actually.
    Number of Additions: 0
    Element: Light
    Weapon: Arrows
    Pros: -High Magic Attack and Defense
          -Highest HP of the girls
          -Has the only Dragon Summoning Spell that's worth the 80 MP to use it
    Cons: -Really low Attack and Defense
          -Dragoon attacks are weak
          -No additions
    I admit, I don't use Shana. I don't care for her as a character in general
    either. I think she's really annoying, but that's not the point. The point is
    that she's a hard character to use unless you want to use Dragoons.
    Her attack, defense and HP are all rather low. Her speed is good, but not
    great. Shana's only real stat advantage is her magic. Both the Magic attack
    and defense are high, but unlike attack, defense and speed, Magic stats are
    hard to take advantage of.
    She takes less damage from magical attacks, but most of the time, she can't
    really do any damage back to the enemy. She has no additions to amp her already
    sad attack, and unless you have a lot of magical items like Burn Outs sitting
    around in you inventory, she can't really use that high magic attack.
    Shana is not built for doing damage. Only 2 of her 4 dragoon spells can
    actually do any damage. One of those is a Dragon Summoning which costs 80 MP.
    No, what she can do is KEEP YOU ALIVE! As a Dragoon, her healing abilities are
    as good as they come. They can remove status effects, heal all HP and resurrect
    all at the same time.
    That can free up a lot of space in your inventory so you actually CAN have all
    those magical items laying around.
    If you're looking at a long, drawn out battle, Shana is a good choice, just
    don't expect her to deal a lot of damage. Personally, I don't use her.
       >Suggested Equips<
         -Dancer's Shoes
           Speed boost is nice...
         -Armor of Legend
           Low Defense + Low HP + Boss Physical Attack = Dead
         -Anything that Boosts HP
           Again... Low Defense + Low HP + Boss Physical Attack = Dead
    Number of Additions: 4
    Element: Darkness
    Weapon: Rapier
    Pros: -Highest attack of all characters
          -Comes with Dragoon Spirit
          -Dragoon Spells highly useful at start
    Cons: -Very low defense stats
          -Low HP stat
          -Slowest of the girls
    Rose is a character that is very useful. Outside of boss fights. Her HP is low
    but her attack gets to insane levels. When given the right equipment, her
    attack is the highest out of all the characters.
    The downside of this is that she doesn't have very many additions, so it takes
    a while to get her to a point where she gets a high enough damage multiplier
    to take full advantage of it. Once you get your hands on Demon's Dance, her
    damage is almost psychotic.
    Her low HP makes her die quickly in boss fights, but if you're bad at
    completing additions, then she could be your best source of damage. It's all a
    matter of speed. If you want to take out a boss quickly, then she's actually a
    good choice.
    Her dragoon spells are very useful at the beginning of the game. Astral Drain
    can be what keeps you alive until you get your hands on someone with a better
    healing spell. It does damage too, so it's nice to whittle down something's HP
    while you heal.
    All in all, I feel that Rose is a good character at the beginning, but her
    usefulness declines as the game progresses and you get more balanced characters
    to use. She's good for beating dungeons because she can kill most regular
    monsters in a turn, but I tend to switch her out once I get to the boss.
       >Suggested Equips<
         -Dancer's Shoes
           She needs it if she wants to kill things before they kill her.
         -Armor of Legend
           You need to be alive to kill things...
         -Anything that Boosts HP
           Again... You can't kill stuff if you're dead.
    Number of Additions: 6
    Element: Thunder
    Weapon: Fists
    Pros: -Highest speed stat of the guys
          -Semi-high Attack power
          -Thunder Element has no weakness (Yaay!)
    Cons: -Ubber weak Dragoon Spells
          -Armor and Weapons can be hard to find
          -Lowest HP of the guys
    Saving your MP and SP for a later boss? Got something big and nasty in the way?
    (*cough-Kongol-cough*) Then, have I got a character for you! Haschel is a
    great character. Unless you plan on using dragoons any time soon. His speed is
    high, (for a guy anyway,) his attack is decent and he has no elemental
    weaknesses! Yay!
    Unfortunately, his dragoon spells suck. They are all pretty much the same spell
    but with different MP costs and power levels. He's not exactly versatile, but
    then again, most of the time, you aren't in dragoon form anyway. In other
    words, like Rose, he's good for beating dungeons and minor bosses.
    His additions are relatively easy to complete right up to the end of the game,
    so he might be another good character to use if you're having difficulty
    getting used to additions. The only problem is that by the time you actually
    get Haschel, you've been playing the game long enough to get used to them.
    Unlike some characters, Haschel doesn't really share any equipment with other
    characters, which can make it a little harder to find. His armor has less
    upgrades then most of the other characters.
    As I stated before, Haschel is a good character for taking out dungeons and
    mini-bosses if you're trying to keep your main party fresh.
       >Suggested Equips<
         -HP Boosting Items
           His HP is kinda low for a guy. A little extra HP makes him a much better
    Number of Additions: 5
    Element: Water
    Weapon: Hammer
    Pros: -Fastest charater in the game
          -High magic defense
          -Perky Step has the highest damage multiplier of any addition
    Cons: -Low physical defense
          -Low attack power
          -Additions get hard fast
    This is the third member of my party. I love this character. Meru has her share
    of weaknesses, but I find them easy to compensate for. Well, at least easier
    then most characters.
    Meru is the fastest character in the game. With a pair of dancer's shoes on,
    she was getting about 3 or 4 attacks per 1 attack done by the final boss. Her
    magic attack and defense are both really high; highest in the game in fact. Her
    HP is really low, which can be hard to deal with, especially if you're up
    against a boss that uses a lot of physical attacks.
    Meru's final addition, Perky Step, has the highest damage multiplier of any
    addition, an impressive 600%. Her attack may be low, but I think this makes up
    for it. The problem is that Meru's additions are some of the most difficult to
    complete. The timing can get really funky, but with some practice, it pays off.
    Meru's dragoon spirit is one of the more balanced spirits. She has 2 single
    target spells, 1 all target spell and 1 healing spell, which makes her a very
    balanced character. Her speed can cause a problem with her dragoon spirit
    though. Since she IS so fast, she stays in dragoon form for about half as long
    as everyone else does, which means she gets less benefits from her boosted
    defense stats.
    With the right equipment, Meru can be the best character in the game.
       >Suggested Equips<
         -Dancer's Shoes
           High Speed + Speed Boost = Lots and lots of turns. Turns are good...
         -Armor of Legend
           She only needs to be able to take one hit.
         -Therapy Ring
           High Speed = Lots of Turns. Lots of turns + Therapy Ring = Lots of HP
    Number of Additions: 3
    Element: Earth
    Weapon: Axe
    Pros: -Extremely high HP, Attack and Defense
          -All additions are easy to complete
          -Has only three additions to master
    Cons: -Very low Magic Attack and Defense
          -Weakest final addition of any character
          -Slowest character
    Kongol... What can I say about Kongol...? Um... Don't bother using him if what
    you're fighting can cast magic. Kongol is pretty much a less balanced version
    of Lavitz or Albert. His attack and defense are really high, but his magic
    stats are pitifully low. His HP is really high as well, but it goes down quick.
    He only has three additions to complete, which means that he takes very little
    training to beef up. His final addition only has 5 hits, but it's damage
    multiplier is only 300%, the lowest of any character. His speed is also really
    low, which can be a pain.
    He only has three dragoon spells, which all hit every target. They suck up a
    lot of MP quickly and don't do a lot of damage. His dragoon attacks can hurt a
    lot though, so it's not totally worthless.
    I honestly can't see a reason to use Kongol, but that's me.
       >Suggested Equips<
         -Bandit's Shoes
           Let's try to make his speed... Average?
         -Legend Casque
           Make his magic less pitiful...
    ========================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    ><><><><>< V. Random End Stuff ><><><><><---------------------------| [Stoof] |
    ========================================= - - - - - - - - - - - - -  =========
    Umm... Here's a special thanks to everyone who helped me out with this thing.
    - SCEI and SCEA, for making the game.
    - My friend Josh for making me play it.
    - Myself for spending a year and a half writing this guide.
    - Alex from GameFAQs for all his great Final Fantasy guides (which I based my
         format on...)
    - And any site that may end up posting it for people to read.

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