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    Star Dust List (JP) by Happy Matt

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                             The Legend of Dragoon
                               List of Star Dust
                                  Version 0.6
                        Happy Matt - happy_matt@msn.com
    -Revision history
    -Locations of Star Dusts
    -Use of the Dispel Illusion Stone
    -Legal Note
    Version 0.0 - 11 January 2000
    - Created
    Version 0.1 - 12 January 2000
    - Corrected errors on an accessory
    - Removed some typing mistakes
    Version 0.2 - 26 January 2000
    - Added a section for the use of the Dispel Illusion Stone
    - Corrected a mistake on an accessory once again
    - Added information on how to get a rather tricky Star Dust
    Version 0.3 - 25 February 2000
    - Corrected some errors once again
    Version 0.4 - 19 March 2000
    - Corrected more errors
    - More details in some locations
    Version 0.5 - 27 March 2000
    - Yet more details in some locations
    - Update on formatting
    - Checked for consistency with my walkthrough
    Version 0.6 - 31 March 2000
    - Update on the use of the Dispel Illusion Stone
    - Update on other things
    *Note* This guide is written based on the Japanese version of the game.
    Some of the features may change when the game is translated. Also, I
    have tried my best to translate the names of the towns and the
    accessories. It may not be totally correct. I put [square brackets] 
    around names I am not too confident with.*
    I do make mistakes. If you spot any errors in this document, please send 
    me an email. Any positive suggestions are welcomed.
    The Legend of Dragoon is a huge game developed by Sony Computer 
    Entertainment Incorporation for the PlayStation. It occupies four CD-ROM
    discs. It is compatibile to both the dual shock analogue controller and
    the PocketStation. It requires a single block on the memory card for 
    saving the game.
    For more information about the game, please read my review, my complete
    Walkthrough and my Additional Skills & Dragoon Guide. The most updated
    Versions for all of them are posted to GameFAQs at www.gamefaqs.com.
    One of the minigames in the Legend of Dragoon is to collect Star Dusts
    around the world. There are 50 of them, and you will get a prize for
    every 10 Star Dusts you collect. The prize can be claim from a woman,
    called Mattel, first located at the bar in Capital City of [Fletch], the
    City of the Twin Castle. (Later in the game, this woman will move to
    Hatchel's home town, the Frontier Village of [Luzu].) The prizes are:
    10 Star Dusts:
       Physical Ring (Accessory: Maximum HP increases by 50%)
    20 Star Dusts:
       Amulet (Accessory: Double Maximum MP)
    30 Star Dusts:
       Fighter's Bead (Accessory: SP gain increases by 50%)
    40 Star Dusts:
       Rainbow Piece (Accessory: Protects against all bad statuses)
    50 Star Dusts:
       Dispel Illusion Stone (Key Item, see later for its use)
    Here is the distribution of Star Dust by chapter:
    Chapter (Disc) 1: 20
    Chapter (Disc) 2: 15
    Chapter (Disc) 3: 11
    Chapter (Disc) 4:  4
    Total           : 50
    Here are their locations:
    -Chapter 1-
    Village of [Celes] (1)
    -At the 3rd grave on the left.
    The Capital City of [Bel], [Inderus] Castle (6)
    -At a room in the basement (use the boat to get there)
    -At the weapon shop
    -At the well in front of Ravits' home
    -At the kitchen of Ravits' home
    -At the top left room, 3rd floor of the castle
    -At the fireplace, 1st floor of the castle
    The Town of [Hocus] (2)
    -At the war council, at bottom left
    -At the fireplace of the basement at the upper left house
    The Humid Terrain (1)
    -At the fireplace of the destroyed stronghold
    The Commercial City of [Loan] (4)
    -At a pot near the exit of the town
    -At a cargo near the entrance of the arena
    -At the armour in Dabas' shop
    -At a hidden cabinet at the "book shop"
    The Capital City of [Cathas], Black Castle (6)
    -At upperstair of the house right of the entrance
    -At the house left of the entrance
    -At the weapon store
    -At a bookshelf in the top room of shanty town
    -At a barrel at bottom left of the shop in Shanty town
    -At a barrel at bottom of left staircase in the shop of shanty town
    -Chapter 2-
    The Capital City of [Fletch], Twin Castle (7)
    -At the weapon shop, left box
    -At the gem shop, bottom left
    -At the item shop, telescope
    -At a box in front of the bar
    -At a platform north of [Nero]'s home
    -At the room at the base of the right tower of the castle
    -At the statue on the right of the front hall of the castle
    The Flower Capital of [Donau] (2)
    -At the water next to the entrance
    -At the kitchen of the home of the mayor
    [Giant's City] (1)
    -At a candle stick near the stair to the treasure room
    The Ship [Queen Philly] (2)
    -Next to Kongol below the lower deck in the lower engine room
    -At a pipe on the right near the exit to the lower deck
    The Village of [Rediela] (1)
    -At cupboard next to the ladder in a cage at the centre tent
    The Town of [Phino] (2)
    -At the inn, below the stairs
    -At the painting near the stairs at the healing house
    -Chapter 3-
    The Water Capital of [Farni] (2)
    -At a barrel in a house on the right
    -At crystal ball in storage room of Teo's house*
    *You need to find a switch to change the direction of the slide. It will
    then lead you directly to the basement.*
    The [Forest of the Winged] (2)
    -At top right of [Garaha]'s room
    -At the recreation room, at the right of the exit to the recovery point
    The Tragic Town of [Neat] (1)
    -At a lamp post near the entrance
    The Capital City of [Denningrad], Crystal Castle (5)**
    -At 2nd floor of the inn, near the gyroscope
    -At the pile in front of item / weapon shop x2
    -At the entrance to where Shana was before event in the castle
    -At the destroyed entrance to the [Chamber of the Seal]
    **After an event**
    The Capital City of [Belweb] (1)
    -At the alter of the central Dragoon Tower
    -Chapter 4-
    The Spring Town of [Wurara] (3)
    -At a pot on the north wall of the weapon shop
    -At the Rose flowerbed
    -At the mouth of the canivorous plant
    The Frontier Town of [Luzu] (1)
    -Near the treasure box with 100 G (in a room next to Mattel's)
    I have received email asking me about the use of this key item. So why
    bother with getting all the Star Dusts only the find that you will be
    stuck with a seemingly useless item?
    Once you have got the Dispel Illusion Stone in Disc 4, you can go back to
    the Fulanbel Tower to fight Fausta the Magician Elder. Go back to Cashua
    Glacier. (You will need to have Disc 3 ready to gain access to this
    area.) Go all the way down through the underground cave below the glacier
    and go all the way up the Fulanbel Tower. At the screen below the chamber
    where you fought Lloyd, you will be able to use the teleporter on the
    bottom right to get to a new area.
    In the centre of this room, you will meet the illusion of the Magician
    Elder. If you don't have the Dispel Illusion Stone yet, you will be
    attacked in here. You will not be able to do any damage to him, because
    you will just be attacking an illusion. You will have no choice but to
    escape from this fight. Once you have the Dispel Illusion Stone, however,
    you will get a short sequence. The Magician Elder, Fausta will claim to
    be the most powerful magician in the world. Being the right-hand man of
    Emperor Merv Frama of the Winged, the Magician is also the commander of
    the super fortress Fulanbel. Rosé will then tell Dart to use the Dispel
    Illusion Stone. The illusion of the Magic Elder will be destroyed and you
    will be able to proceed through a teleporter at the centre. If you have
    not opened the chest in this room yet, it contains a Survival Ring.
    Go down through the teleporter and continue your way down the teleporter
    / sphere maze. Eventually, you will end up in a room with a save point, a
    chest and three exits. The chest contains a Dragon Helm. The three exit
    leads to a new teleporter / sphere maze. If you make your way through the
    maze, you will come into a room with a platform at the centre and there
    are three paths leading to it. When you try to proceed, the path will
    break and you will have to go back. Go back and try another way. It will
    break again. Go back again and try yet another way. This time, it seems
    the path will hold, and you will be able to reach the central platform.
    (Here, it does not matter which way you come into first, the first two
    paths will always break.)
    Before walking towards the central platform, make sure you are ready for
    a very tough fight. I recommend having a party that is strong in magical
    defence. The ladies are good choice for this fight for their natural
    resistant to magic attacks. I strongly recommend getting at least one
    Legendary Helm before entering this fight. Have Dart equip the helm. The
    other characters should also have appropriate guards to protect them
    against magic. In addition, any equipment that can boost up their speeds
    are good. The Dragon Armours are quite good as well because they will
    give your characters immunity to their own element. Finally, you should
    also have plenty of recovery items in your inventory. Of course, you
    should have mastered all your Additional skills already.
    Walk towards the platform at the centre and you will fall down with it.
    At the bottom, Fausta will "welcome" you again and he will continue his
    speech. OK, he is the strongest magic user in the world. He can create
    illusion of himself. He believes that it is a miracle that you managed to
    dispel his illusion with your ridiculous little piece of stone. He has
    used magic to keep himself alive for longer than 11,000 years. He also
    wants to conquer the world once he manage to fix his super fortress. (He
    must be pretty useless compared to Savan in the Magic Capital. At least
    Savan managed to create something during his semi-immortal life time.
    This guy cannot even fix his own tower!) You will then be given and
    option to either pull back or fight. Whatever you choose, you will end up
    in battle.
    -> Boss: Magician Elder Fausta (Void)
    This guy has approximately 32,000 HP. He is extremely strong in magic,
    but is relatively weak on physical. He is not really that fast, but can
    easily have your party completely wiped out if you do not have the right
    equipment on you. While he does not seem too dangerous on his usual
    speed, he can fight extremely unfairly at time. He will perform multiple
    counter-attacks every time he takes damage from your attacks. If you have
    had your characters equipping a Legendary Helm or two, you should be able
    to laugh at his attacks most of time. Otherwise, you will be in for a
    tough fight. Don't bother changing to Dragoon in this battle, because
    normal Additional attacks work best on him. (The exception is Miranda. If
    you have her, you can have her transform into Dragoon, but she should be
    concentrated on healing, but not attacking.) The best strategy is to have
    only one character attack all the time. The other should keep healing or
    simply Guard. It will reduce the number of times you will get counter
    If you have trained your characters enough and if you have the right
    equipment, this fight should not last too long. You will be awarded an
    Illusion Shield, 10,000 G and 20,000 EXP for winning the battle. You can
    also open the chests in the room and you will get a Magical Hat, a Holy
    Person's Anhk and a Dancer's Ring. Use the teleporter at the top of the
    screen and it will send you all the way back to outside of the tower.
    Thanks to SCEI (http://www.scei.co.jp) for producing an evil grey box
    called PlayStation and for producing this nice and addictive game.
    Thanks to GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com) for providing a place for
    this document.
    Thanks to YOU for reading.
    :-) Matt
    This document is intended for personal reference only. This document can 
    be distributed freely so long as I am fully credited and that none of the 
    parts are changed.
    home work if you want to make money. Life is tough.
    "PlayStation", "DUALSHOCK", "PocketStation", "The Legend of Dragoon" and
    "Moguuru Dabas" are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    Copyright (c) 2000 Happy Matt. All rights reserved.

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