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    Story FAQ by Greatest One

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 07/27/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Story FAQ 0.3
    Before reading be WARNED: This FAQ contains major spoilers of the game. If you 
    want to be surprised and find out for yourself, don't read further. If not, 
    please continue.
    This FAQ was written solely for entertainment purposes by me, Sutanu Banerji 
    a.k.a. The Greatest One and should not be copied. Reading and printing this 
    FAQ is allowed, but no distributing. If you want to put it on your website ask 
    for permission first. I spent a lot of time on this FAQ, so I don't want it 
    copied. I may have skipped over some parts or made some mistakes, so 
    contributions are readily welcome. All contributions shall be credited. Also, 
    I probably have made some spelling mistakes, as RPGs tend to have weird names 
    for people and cities. Just let me know. All contributions or criticisms can 
    be sent to sban2k@aol.com. 
    Table of contents:
    1.	Introduction
    2. Updates.
    3.	Cast of Characters.
    4.	Story of the game.
    5.	Summary of the game.
    6.	Impression of the game.
    7.	Credits.
    1.	Introduction
    This FAQ is designed to help the reader understand the story of Legend of 
    Dragoon. It is not a walkthrough. It just tells the reader what is going on 
    in the story. It includes only the parts that are important to the story 
    and doesn't go into too much detail. It reveals the whole plot, so read at 
    your own risk.
    2.	Updates.
    0.0 This is the first copy of the FAQ, created on. Any additions      will 
    appear under this topic.
    0.1	Cleaned up the FAQ a little bit. Also added Melbu Frahma's profile.
    0.2	Added Miranda's profile. Thanks to UMAkiraGHS for reminding me. 
    0.3	Removed mention of dead people in the summary and impressions sections 
    at the request of Juan Carlos.
    3.	Cast of Characters.
    These are the main characters in the game. If there is someone else you 
    want me to do a profile on, just let me know. If you want me to put more 
    info about the characters, let me know too.
    He is the hero of the game. He is looking for the Black Monster that 
    destroyed his hometown. He joins the adventure by going to rescue Shana. 
    She is Dart's childhood friend and is in the midst of all the problems in 
    the story. The story starts with her being kidnapped because of some 
    strange power she has.
    He is a loyal knight to King Albert. He meets Dart while escaping from 
    prison and joins him on his journey. 
    King Albert
    He is the ruler of Basil. His kingdom is at war with Sandora. He is a kind 
    king who is well loved by his people.
    She is a mysterious woman who saves dart's life many times. She seems to 
    know a lot about dragoons and dragoon spirits.
    He is an expert martial artist and is a longtime friend of Dart. He is 
    looking for his long lost daughter for twenty years. He meets Dart at a 
    strength tournament.
    She is a strange girl from the village of Donau. She joins the group when 
    they undertake a common cause to rescue her friend. She is quite skilled in 
    battle and has a big secret.
    She is one of the four Sacred Sisters of Mille Seseau. She is very loyal to 
    Queen Theresa and doesn't mind fighting for justice. She has a sad past.
    He is a Giganto, who first fought against Dart for emperor Doel. He joins 
    Dart after saving his life because Dart had been kind to him earlier.
    He is a mysterious man, who is an expert fighter. Dart first meets him at 
    the strength tournament. Their paths cross many times in the future.
    Melbu Frahma
    He was the leader of the Winglies during the Dragon Campaign. Has always 
    hated humans and will do anything for power. He was supposed to have died 
    during the Dragon Campaign.
    4.	Story of the game.
    This is the basic plot of the game. I have only included the important 
    parts, as including every bit would take me 11,000 years. If there is some 
    part missing, or something you want me to add, let me know.
    The opening video shows a bunch of soldiers running about and destroying 
    a village. A man appears and goes up to a sleeping girl. He puts some kind of 
    stone near her head and it glows. The man says that that is who they were 
    looking for and orders her to be taken away. He asks a mysterious hooded man 
    what the purpose is, but gets no answer.
    Dart is a young man who is wandering about in search of the Black 
    Monster who he holds responsible for the destruction of his hometown, Neet and 
    the death of his parents. On his journey, he suddenly sees a lot of soldiers 
    running about. Suddenly he sees a huge dragon about to attack him. He runs and 
    is rescued by a mysterious woman. This woman informs Dart that the soldiers 
    were returning after destroying the village of Seles. Dart says that that is 
    his village and runs off towards Seles.
    	When Dart arrives in Seles, he finds it completely ruined. He talks to 
    the people there and finds out that Sandora soldiers had kidnapped his 
    childhood friend, Shana and destroyed the village. Dart manages to find out 
    that Shana is being held at the dangerous Hellena Prison and is urged on by 
    the villagers to go rescue her. Dart decides to go to Hellena and rescue 
    	Dart arrives at Hellena to find it well guarded. He manages to sneak in 
    on the back of a merchant's buggy. Inside he looks around for Shana and 
    eventually meets Lavitz, a knight in the service of King Albert, king of 
    Basil. Lavitz was captured by Sandora and managed to break out. Lavitz and 
    Dart agree to join forces in trying to rescue Shana and breaking out. 
    Eventually, they find Shana and manage to escape. The hooded man is seen 
    demanding the warden to find the girl.
    	When they leave Hellena, they are chased by Sandora soldiers and cannot 
    go to Seles. Lavitz suggests that they go to bale and ask King Albert for 
    help. He also says that their minister might know something about the Black 
    Monster and so Dart agrees to go. 
    	When the trio arrive at Bale they are greeted warmly and meet King 
    Albert. In his courtroom the hooded man is present. Dart asks the minister 
    about the Black Monster. The minister doesn't know much about the Black 
    Monster, but says that it appeared after the Dragon Campaign had ended. The 
    Dragon Campaign was a war for survival between Humans and Winglies 11,000 
    years ago. The humans used the help of Dragons and converted themselves into 
    Dragoons and beat the Winglies. King Albert tells Lavitz that Sandora was 
    going to attack through Hoax and they were going to use dragon, a legendary 
    monster. Lavitz gets sent to Hoax and Dart and Shana decide to go with him. In 
    Bale, they hear about Lavitz's father who was killed due to the betrayal of 
    his best friend.
    	The trio arrive at Hoax and offer their services. Dart and Lavitz are 
    appointed to keep guard at night. Suddenly they fall under attack and are 
    engaged in battle. A huge creature appears and challenges the heroes. This 
    creature is named Kongol, and he is a Giganto. Dart and Lavitz fight bravely 
    when suddenly the mysterious woman who saved Dart flies in and says something 
    about a red eye dragoon spirit. Suddenly, dart undergoes a transformation and 
    sprouts wings. Kongol is defeated, but vows to return. The woman, who is named 
    Rose, explains that Dart had a dragoon spirit, which meant that he was a 
    dragoon. She says that humans have no chance in beating Dragon, but dragoons 
    do. Hoax has been destroyed and the heroes decide that the only way to win is 
    to defeat Dragon. Rose joins the group and they set out to beat Dragon.
    	On the way they to the Dragon's nest, they encounter many enemies. While 
    walking, Shana suddenly acts strange and runs away. When the rest catch up to 
    her, she is standing next to a strange thing and says that a voice in her head 
    commanded her to go. Rose says that the thing is a Virage, which was the trump 
    card the Winglies used during the Dragon Campaign. Suddenly the thing comes to 
    life and our heroes have to fight him. They defeat him and when they are 
    walking away, it comes back to life and tries to attack Shana. But, a light 
    from her head wards it away. No one can explain it, so they go along.
    	Eventually, they reach the Dragon's Nest, where Shana starts feeling 
    sick. They rest for a while and move on, eventually coming face to face with a 
    guy. This man introduces him as Greham, the best friend of Lavitz's father. 
    Lavitz confronts him and he says that they would have to fight him and his 
    friend, Dragon. Greham, himself turns into a dragoon. The heroes eventually 
    beat both adversaries and in his dying moments, Greham shows remorse. When he 
    dies, his dragoon spirit gets transferred to Lavitz, who is now a dragoon. All 
    this time Shana has being getting sicker and sicker and they decide that bale 
    is too far off. They decide to go to a near town called Lohan where there is a 
    great doctor. 
    	In Lohan, the doctor examines Shana and says that her mind is poisoned. 
    The only way to rescue her would be to get some rare Dragoni Plant. The heroes 
    find out where they could get some and start moving. They eventually meet a 
    bandit called Drake and a strange woman called Shirley. Rose and Shirley 
    appear to know each other. Shirley says that she doesn't have any Dragoni 
    Plant, but has the white dragoon spirit. She says that the power from that, 
    combined with another dragoon spirit could heal Shana. They thank her and go 
    back to Lohan.
    	Back in Lohan, Dart puts the white dragoon spirit on Shana and prepares 
    to take out his dragoon spirit. But, the white spirit glows and Shana gets up. 
    Rose says that Shana, too has the power and is now a dragoon. Before leaving 
    the heroes decide to go to the Lohan Arena. There, Dart enters himself into a 
    tournament to decide the world's strongest man. Here he meets an old friend, 
    Haschel. They decide to meet in the final and prepare for the tournament. Dart 
    eventually reaches the final and talks to Haschel. Haschel says that he lost 
    to a great fighter with platinum hair. His name is Lloyd. Dart faces Lloyd in 
    the final and gets his ass kicked. Lloyd eventually leaves. Haschel says that 
    he is looking for his long lost daughter and has been doing so for twenty 
    years. All this time Shana keeps dropping hints that she is in love with Dart, 
    but Dart considers her to be his baby sister. Lavitz suggests that the group 
    return to Bale to give a report to King Albert. But they hear that Sandora had 
    attacked Bale and taken King Albert prisoner. The heroes decide to go to 
    Hellena and rescue King Albert. Haschel joins the group.
    In Hellena, the warden threatens to kill King Albert by dawn. The heroes 
    eventually reach there and start fighting with the warden. They beat the 
    warden, but see the hooded man stealing something from King Albert. Lavitz 
    gets pissed and charges the hooded man. The man's hood falls off and it is 
    Lloyd. He simply raises a sword and in one blow, kills Lavitz!! Rose says that 
    it is the Dragon Buster, which can kill dragoons, and that she didn't know 
    Lloyd had it. Lloyd disappears and the heroes mourn the death of Lavitz.
    	They return to Seles to discuss their next move. King Albert says that 
    Lloyd who was his advisor stole the moon gem, which is a treasured object that 
    supposedly belonged to the Winglies. After the Dragon Campaign, the Winglies 
    transferred these objects to different kingdoms as a token of peace. The 
    heroes however decide that the war is the immediate concern and figure out how 
    to end it. They decide to go to the Black Castle, which is the home of Emperor 
    Doel, ruler of Sandora.
    	At Doel, they hear a lot of people who don't like Emperor Doel and want 
    him overturned. Even the man who initially kidnapped Shana wants him changed. 
    They eventually reach his castle and make their way in. They encounter Kongol 
    who says he won't be beaten again. The heroes however do beat him and Kongol 
    asks them to kill him. Rose wants to, but Dart prevents her and spares 
    Kongol's life. Kongol wonders why they are so kind. They reach the inside and 
    meet Emperor Doel, who turns out to be Lavitz's uncle. They fight and beat 
    Doel and Doel says that Lloyd was the one behind the kidnapping and that he is 
    headed towards the western country of Tiberoa. Doel's dragoon spirit gets 
    transferred to Haschel who is a dragoon now.
    	The heroes arrive at Tiberoa at a town called Fletz and look everywhere 
    for Lloyd. In one scene Lloyd is shown actually helping a lady in distress. 
    Anyway, the heroes can't find him, but learn about Princess Emille. She is the 
    older daughter of King Zior, ruler of Tiberoa and was a very gentle person 
    until six months ago. Since then she has undergone a personality change, that 
    has left the people confused. They also learn about the Moon that Never Sets 
    and hear that every 108 years, a moon child descends on earth to bring peace 
    on earth. But, once the black monster arrived for some reason. Since the 
    heroes couldn't find Lloyd, they decide to go to Donau, a neighboring town 
    under King Zior. On the way they encounter members of the Gehrich Gang, who 
    have been terrorizing the nation. They fight and beat them, but one of the 
    members, Mappi manages to steal Dart's dragoon spirit. They decide to go to 
    Donau to find more about the Gehrich Gang. 
    	In Donau, they meet a woman called Kate who got a letter saying that her 
    fiancée Lynn had gone to talk to the Gehrich Gang about the bandit situation. 
    They decide to show the letter to the mayor, who happens to be Lynn's father. 
    The mayor becomes upset and asks the heroes to help him. Dart agrees and finds 
    out that to get to the Gehrich Gang hideout, they had to cross the Valley of 
    Corrupted Gravity. To do that, they needed permission from King Zior. As they 
    are leaving, they meet a strange girl who beats up some bandits. This girl 
    introduces herself as Meru and when she hears that the group is going to 
    rescue Lynn, she joins them.
    	Back in Fletz, the heroes make their way to the king's castle. They talk 
    to the king and receive permission to go to the Valley. They also meet 
    Princess Lisa, the younger sister of Emille. She tells them that Emille 
    changed when they went horseback riding six months ago. She got lost and was 
    found unconscious. When she came to, she had changed. Lisa feels that her 
    change has something to do with the Gehrich Gang and asks dart to check it 
    out. Dart agrees to do so.
    	The heroes reach the Valley of Corrupted Gravity, which is a strange 
    place. Here they see the full form of Virage and Shana starts hearing voices 
    again. She asks them to run, but they refuse. Virage suddenly comes to life 
    and the heroes are engaged in battle. They eventually subdue Virage, but he 
    once again tries to attack Shana and the same light from her head saves her, 
    killing Virage. No one can explain it and they decide to move on.
    	They eventually reach the hideout of the Gehrich Gang, which is the home 
    of Giganto. There they see a gangster doing martial arts style poses. Haschel 
    recognizes it as one from his school, the Rouge School. He asks the gangster 
    where he learned that and gets the answer as Gehrich, the leader of the Gang. 
    Haschel recalls kicking Gehrich out from his school twenty years ago. They 
    eventually get in and meet Gehrich and Mappi. After a battle, they beat them. 
    Gehrich suddenly spots a humongous pillar breaking and about to fall on them. 
    He asks Haschel to run, but it's too late. Suddenly the pillar stops and the 
    heroes see that Kongol had saved them. Kongol says that humans had killed his 
    kind earlier and wanted a world where every species was equal. He felt Emperor 
    Doel would be the man to do it. Since Dart killed Doel, he thinks Dart would 
    be a good leader and wants to join the group. Dart agrees. Gehrich tells 
    Haschel that the Princess Emille in Fletz is a fake and the real one is hidden 
    somewhere in the castle. The fake princess wants to get the moon dagger, which 
    is supposed to be handed over to Princess Emille on her 20th birthday, which is 
    that day. The heroes are reminded of Lloyd and decide to hurry back. They 
    manage to rescue Lynn and get back dart's dragoon spirit.
    	Back in Fletz, the town is preparing for the ceremony. Emille has 
    replaced the real knights with bandit knights and so the heroes sneak into 
    Princess Lisa's room. They tell her what happened and they decide to look for 
    Emille. They find her hidden magically behind a portrait and rush to the 
    ceremony. They arrive just in time to stop the hand over. But the fake Emille 
    manages to steal the dagger and runs towards a window. She reveals herself to 
    be a woman named Lenus and says that she stole the dagger for her love. The 
    heroes fight her and find out that she has unnatural strengths. They do manage 
    to defeat her, though. Lenus however simply laughs and jumps out of the 
    window. She appears with wings and flies away. Rose comments that she is a 
    Wingly. King Zior tells that they need to get the dagger back and is sending 
    his best battleship, the Queen Fury to do so. He invites Dart and his friends 
    to join the mission. They agree.
    	They go to Donau to board the ship where they hear rumors about a 
    Phantom Ship and a Sea Dragon. They still board the ship and start sailing. 
    Inside the heroes talk about their journey. Suddenly they see a strange ship 
    approaching them. This ship crashes into them. Meru remarks that it is the 
    Phantom Ship. Shana is inside and is attacked by some strange skeletons. 
    Suddenly two knights appear and save her and disappear. The heroes decide to 
    explore the ship. Inside, they meet the ghost captain of the ship, who says 
    that the black monster caused the damage in the ship. Because they couldn't 
    protect their princess, Princess Loauvia they weren't able to fully die, He 
    asks the heroes to save their spirits. When they come out of his room, two 
    knights appear and try to attack Rose. The heroes comment about the cruelness 
    of the Black Monster and Rose seems to get upset. She covers up quickly 
    though. They go into a room where suddenly, a bunch of ghost knights appear 
    and fight them. Once they are beaten, the ghost commander looks at Shana and 
    says that he is happy that princess Loauvia is alive and disappears. Shana 
    doesn't understand what's going on. They go to the next room where a ghost 
    nanny sees Shana and has the same reaction. Suddenly there is a huge noise and 
    the ship starts sinking. The heroes run to the Queen Fury, but Dart slips and 
    barely hangs on to the edge of the boat. Rose tries to help him, but they both 
    fall into the ocean.
    	Rose is seen taking care of Dart on a beach. Dart is unconscious. Rose 
    says that she is attracted to dart cause he reminds her a lot of Zieg. A video 
    is shown where the Dragon Campaign is going on. In the video, both Rose and 
    Zieg are fighting as dragoons. Zieg somehow gets killed and tells Rose to 
    leave him. Rose is very sad. In the present Rose realizes that Dart is not 
    Zieg and goes to sleep. In the morning a fisherman finds them and takes them 
    to his house. He says that his mother is sick and needs to go to the 
    neighboring town of Fueno. But, they can't because the way is blocked by the 
    Sea Dragon. Dart helps them reach Fueno without meeting the Dragon. In Fueno 
    Dart and Rose meet up with the rest of the gang. There they find out that six 
    months ago, a lot of monsters started appearing at the area, mainly at Prison 
    Island. The Sea Dragon appeared at the same time. They realize that it was the 
    same time Lenus joined the Gehrich gang and think there is a connection. They 
    decide to go to Prison Island.
    	Once they reach Prison Island, they see Lenus there with Lloyd. She 
    gives the Moon Dagger to Lloyd and Lloyd says that his plan is going 
    perfectly. Dart and the others show up and demand an explanation. Lloyd says 
    that he is the one who destroyed Dart's village and killed Lavitz. He says 
    that he is going to the country of Mille Seseau and challenges the heroes to 
    follow him. He says that it is the will of Emperor Diaz, who was an emperor 
    11,000 years ago. But, Lenus says that she is going to kill them and attacks 
    them with the help of the Sea Dragon. Eventually they beat both of them. As 
    Lenus dies, she says that her life is for Lloyd. Meru gets the water dragoon 
    spirit and is now a dragoon. They decide to go back to Fletz and give a report 
    to King Zior.
    	Back at Fletz, they are treated as heroes. There even is a banquet 
    thrown in their honor. It is here that Dart and Shana reveal their love for 
    each other. So do King Albert and princess Emille. Finally they make their way 
    to Mille Seseau.
    	They arrive at a town called Furni. Here they see a gathering where the 
    resident knight offers a reward to the person who could kill the white wolf, 
    Kamuy who is hiding in the Evergreen Forest. He also wants a kid from the 
    village, Teo to be returned. Kamuy is Teo's pet and has apparently become 
    savage. Dart gets involved and decides to go. Before they leave, they go to 
    the mayor's house. Here Haschel gets some proof that his long lost daughter is 
    possibly the same woman as dart's late mother. Also, Shana has a strange 
    reaction to the Moon that Never Sets and the light in her head starts to glow 
    again. The next day, they leave for the Evergreen Forest.
    	At the forest, they find Teo with a huge wolf. Teo says that Kamuy isn't 
    wrong, but Kamuy attacks a knight and runs off with Teo. Dart and the others 
    follow and find them again. Kamuy attacks one more person and Dart decides to 
    fight him. They beat him and Kamuy is almost dead, when Shana cures him with 
    her dragoon spirit. Kamuy turns into a small, lovable cub and everyone is 
    happy. No one knows, though what caused the change in Kamuy. The heroes go 
    back to get a reward of 500G. (Note: I don't know what the point of this 
    mission was. Maybe it's just a side quest, but I'm not sure if it is related 
    to the main story). Anyway, they move towards Deningrad, the capital. On the 
    way, Rose and Meru leave the group saying that they have errands. Meru says 
    she is meeting her parents. 
    	Once they arrive in Deningrad, they learn that Mille Seseau is ruled by 
    Queen Theresa and four sacred sisters. They go to a church where the bishop 
    tells them about the Divine Tree. It is a tree that was planted by the 
    creator, Soa in the beginning of time. This tree bore 108 fruits, which were 
    different forms of life. Thus there were 108 different species of life on 
    earth. The bishop tells the gang to learn more by going to the National 
    Library. The group decides that they might learn something about Lloyd and 
    decide to go.
    	In the library, they learn a lot of things. After the Dragon Campaign, 
    humans controlled the planet. They divided it into 4 pieces and established 
    three countries: Serdio, Tiberoa and Mille Seseau. The fourth part was the 
    untouched land, the Death Frontier. After the Campaign, each country received 
    one divine moon object from the Winglies as a sign of peace. These objects are 
    supposed to contain special magical powers, but no one knows what. They also 
    learn that they are the first dragoons since the Dragon Campaign. There were 7 
    dragoons who led the humans to victory. After that they vanished along with 
    the dragoon spirits. Dragons are the 2nd most powerful species of the 107 
    created by the Divine Tree. But they lacked intelligence and were controlled 
    by humans. They fought against Virages who were controlled by Winglies. The 
    group realizes that Winglies, Divine Moon Objects, Dragons and Dragoons all 
    had something to do with the Dragon Campaign. Dart wonders if Lloyd had 
    something to do with it, too. They also learn that at the peak of the Winglies 
    supremacy, they even ruled Gods. The dragoons freed the Gods and ever since, 
    the Gods have been looking over Earth as The Moon that Never Sets. The 
    librarian mentions that they have some stuff from the time the Black Monster 
    attacked. Dart is obviously interested and goes to look. The librarian says 
    that he knows of one survivor from Neet: The Second Sacred Sister, Luanna. He 
    also tells Dart about the legend of the Black Monster and The Moon Child. He 
    says that every 108 years the Moon that Never Sets glows red and a Moon Child 
    descends on the earth to purify everyone. The Black Monster was also created 
    by the Gods, but no one knows why. The Monster hates the Gods and wants to 
    destroy them. The Black Monsters main goal is to hunt down and kill every Moon 
    	The scene shifts to Neet where Rose is seen arriving. She says that Neet 
    hadn't changed. She meets Sister Luanna and learns about the incident at Neet. 
    The Black Monster was looking for Princess Louvia, the Moon Child. He couldn't 
    find her, but had to destroy everything else. Sister Luanna survived, but was 
    blinded. She got the power to see the souls of humans though and heal them. 
    Rose offers to accompany her back to Deningrad.
    	Meru is seen arriving at her home. She meets an old friend, Guaraha. 
    Guaraha suddenly sprouts wings and tells Meru that she shouldn't have left the 
    place. She had broken a rule. Meru decides to talk to The Ancestor. She goes 
    in and there we find that the place is filled with Winglies. Apparently Meru 
    is one too! Everyone is upset that she left to join the humans and refuse to 
    let her in. Before she leaves, Guaraha says that everyone is nervous because 
    the earth has been surging. That has caused animals to go savage. The reason 
    is that the Winglies are anticipating the return of a Dragon. But this Dragon 
    is supposedly the strongest of all, the Divine Dragon. Meru says that they 
    have the Dragon Buster and the Dragon Block Staff. But Guaraha says that they 
    lost it somehow. A video is shown of a Dragon breaking free of some shackles.  
    	Back in Deningrad, Dart and co. plot their next move when they see Rose 
    arriving with Sister Luanna. She tells Dart that his body has changed 
    recently. Meru also arrives. They go to a room to talk, where Dart suddenly 
    feels strange. His dragoon spirit starts to glow. Rose says that it is the 
    entity that controls the dragoon spirits. A video is shown of the Divine 
    Dragon passing over Deningrad. When the Sisters find out about it, they get 
    scared. They learn that the heroes are dragoons and ask them for help. Rose 
    says that they would need the Dragon Block Staff, which concealed the Dragon's 
    power. Meru blurts out that she knows about it. She tells them that it is in 
    the Forest of the Winglies and that Winglies are still alive. They decide to 
    go there along with the First Sacred Sister, Miranda. Shana disappears and 
    they find her in a room. She says that she was summoned by a thing. The group 
    sees an object in the air, glowing. Queen Theresa says that the castle was 
    initially a fort of the Winglies. The Dragon must be coming back because of 
    the object and to attack Winglies. Shana suddenly loses her dragoon spirit and 
    it gets transferred to Sister Miranda who is now a dragoon. Shana cannot go on 
    and the group leaves her there and head for the Forest of Winglies.  
    	At the forest of the Winglies, Meru reveals to the gang that she is a 
    Wingly. Once they enter, the Winglies are all wary of the group. The Ancestor 
    agrees to meet them and decides that to beat the Divine Dragon, both species 
    had to work together. The group asks for the Dragon Block Staff and the 
    Ancestor agrees to give it to them. He says that it is in The Forbidden land 
    and they will have to go get it. They agree and head for the Forbidden Land.
    	There they break through and arrive at the room where the Dragon Block 
    Staff is being sealed. Meru tries to pry it out, but suddenly a rock-like 
    monster attacks them. It is a Grand Jewel. After a grueling battle, the heroes 
    vanquish it. It uses the Dragon Block Staff, which greatly reduces the power 
    of the dragoons. They finally manage to get the Dragon Block Staff and start 
    to head back. Suddenly, they spot the Divine Dragon heading towards Deningrad. 
    The Ancestor helps them reach Deningrad as quickly as possible. A video is 
    shown where the Dragon annihilates the city. Also a beam is seen going to the 
    Moon from the Crystal Palace in Deningrad.
    	Once the group arrives at Deningrad, they find that it has been 
    destroyed. They go to the palace and find that the Sisters and Queen Theresa 
    are safe due to a light coming out from Shana's forehead. Shana cannot explain 
    the power. Dart decides that they are going to go to the Mountain of Mortal 
    Dragon to fight the Divine Dragon. Once again, Shana has to stay back. 
    	The group reaches the Mountain of Mortal Dragon and sees powerful beams 
    coming from the top. They realize that the Divine Dragon is up there and hurry 
    towards it. They hear swords clashing and realize that someone is fighting the 
    dragon. They see that it is Lloyd. Lloyd says that the Dragon gave him a hard 
    time even with the Dragon Buster. But, the Dragon is almost dead. Suddenly he 
    disappears and the group has to fight the Divine Dragon. Dart uses the Dragon 
    Block Staff which reduces the Dragon's power as well as the dragoons'. After a 
    long battle, they kill the Divine Dragon. Lloyd suddenly appears and grabs a 
    glowing object. It is the dragoon spirit of the Divine Dragon. Dart asks him 
    if that was his goal. Lloyd says that the Dragon was just an obstacle in his 
    ideal. He claimed the dragoon spirit as a prize. Lloyd says he wants to 
    destroy the world and leaves. The group starts chasing him. When they find him 
    again, Lloyd sprouts wings and attacks them. Dart realizes that Lloyd is a 
    Wingly. Rose passes out and when she comes to, Dart asks her about himself. 
    She mumbles something about the Black Monster and the familiar flashback of 
    Neet being destroyed is shown. They ask Sister Miranda about the Divine Moon 
    Object in Mille Seseau. She says that it is the Moon Mirror. They realize that 
    Queen Theresa may be in danger and hurry back.   
    A scene is shown where Bardel, an evil Wingly attacks Sister Wink and her 
    knights. He says that he wants to kill all humans and gets ready to kill 
    Sister Wink when Lloyd appears. He saves Sister Wink and kills Bardel. Sister 
    Wink recognizes him from the time he saved her before and offers to treat his 
    wound at the castle. Lloyd agrees. As our heroes make their way back, they are 
    informed that Queen Theresa has been abducted by Lloyd. They rush to the 
    castle where they learn that Lloyd helped Sister Wink just to get to the 
    castle. He is after the Moon Mirror and has abducted Theresa to get it. He 
    says he wants to create a utopia. Miranda says that the Moon Mirror is at the 
    Tower of Flanvel and they rush there.
    	On the way, they encounter and beat a very strong monster, Windigo. They 
    reach the Tower of Flanvel where they see that Lloyd has gotten all three 
    Divine Moon Objects. He says that he will reform the world into a utopia that 
    he and Emperor Diaz desire. He says that the utopia is going to be created by 
    the last species from the Divine Tree, the 108th species. He says the Moon 
    Objects will help him do just that. He then attacks the group and a battle 
    starts. After a long fight, Lloyd gets beaten. Dart gets ready to unleash the 
    final blow, when out of nowhere, Sister Wink appears and cuts in front, saving 
    Lloyd. She says that killing Lloyd won't solve a thing. Emperor Diaz appeared 
    and he took Shana away. He wants Dart to bring the Divine Moon Objects and 
    Lloyd to him. Lloyd says that Emperor Diaz is finally starting to take charge 
    and that his work is done. He asks Dart to kill him, but Dart doesn't saying 
    that it won't bring anyone back. He learns that Emperor Diaz is at Vellweb and 
    decides to go there. 
    	On the way to Vellweb, Lloyd tells the group about Emperor Diaz. He was 
    the human emperor that led them during the Dragon Campaign. He felt that the 
    world was rotting and all the species were in danger. He wanted to regenerate 
    the world by creating a utopia. This utopia could be created by the 108th 
    species of life, the Moon Child. The Winglies were the 107th species and were 
    scared that the Moon Child would be stronger than them. So, they sealed its 
    powers in three Divine Objects. He doesn't say anything else and says that the 
    rest could be learned from Emperor Diaz.
    	When they arrive at Vellweb, they see Shirley. She says that the souls 
    of four dragoons that died during the Dragon Campaign were trapped there and 
    asked them to free them after they were done. They eventually find Diaz and 
    Dart gives him the Moon Objects. Diaz then frees Shana. Albert asks Diaz what 
    he is going to do. Diaz says that he is going to destroy the world. Lloyd 
    seems surprised and says that he didn't want the world to be destroyed. He 
    realizes that Diaz duped him. Diaz says that he is going to release the 108th 
    species to help him. When Soa created life, he intended it to evolve until the 
    108th species. Then it was supposed to disintegrate. The 108th species is the 
    God of Destruction, the Virage Embryo. It is the true Virage. He says that he 
    doesn't need Lloyd anymore and kills him. He then reveals his true self. He is 
    actually Dart's father. Rose also recognizes him as Zieg. Zieg explains Soa's 
    plan for creation. He says that the flesh of the Embryo was taken away from 
    the Winglies as the Moon that Never Sets. Its soul was captured in a crystal 
    sphere which prevented it from being born. The humans however destroyed the 
    sphere. The soul takes a human form and goes to the Moon that Never Sets every 
    108 years as the Moon Child. The peace that the Moon Child is supposed to 
    bring is actually destruction. During the dragon campaign, one dragoon found 
    out about this. This dragoon has been killing the Moon Child every time. It is 
    the Black Monster and is actually Rose. Zieg tells Rose that the Princess 
    Louvia she killed wasn't actually the Moon Child. She had a twin sister. Shana 
    is the real Moon Child. Zieg grabs Shana and Rose tries to kill her. She 
    fails. Zieg then disappears. The group heads to the Death Frontier and the 
    City of Winglies, Ulara.
    	In Ulara, we learn that this is the place where time was stopped for 
    Rose. The Winglies were led by siblings, Charle and Melbu Frahma. They 
    concealed the power of the Virage Embryo in the Crystal Sphere. But, Charle 
    Frahma also created 5 Signet Spheres which would serve as the last barrier in 
    case the Moon Child reached the Moon that Never Sets. But, Melbu wanted to 
    rule the world and created the Divine moon Objects to break the Signet 
    Spheres. Two Spheres were lost; thus only three divine Moon Objects are 
    required. Charle stopped rose's time in order to make her the Black Monster 
    and kill the Moon Child every 108 years. The Signet Sphere was created in case 
    Rose made a mistake like she did with Shana. Dart asks Charle where the other 
    Signet Spheres were and she says that they are in three ancient Wingly cities. 
    To get there they had to first go to Rouge, Haschel's hometown. 
    	When they arrive at Rouge, Haschel asks the mayor about the ancient 
    cities. The mayor says that he doesn't know anything about that but shows them 
    a strange tower jutting out from the sea. Rose says that it is probably the 
    Magical City, Aglis. They try to figure out a way to get there. A scene is 
    shown where a person is watching them, magically inside Aglis. Suddenly there 
    is a huge noise and they see that the sea has parted and they can see a path 
    from Rouge to Aglis. They decide to take it.
    In Aglis they are greeted by strange little creatures made of magic. They keep 
    talking about a person named Savan who was watching them and two things called 
    The Psychedelic Bomb and Moot. They eventually find Savan who is a Wingly that 
    survived the Dragon Campaign. He was saved by Rose 7,000 years ago. He can see 
    the world and knows of the danger. Thus he is creating the psychedelic bomb 
    which is a strong magic that could help defeat Zieg. He is also creating Moot 
    which will serve as another barrier for the Moon that Never Sets. To complete 
    the bomb, he needs the courage of the heroes and they undergo tests to 
    determine it. When they pass, Dart gets the bomb. They then to go to look at 
    the Signet Sphere which is being guarded by a powerful magic creature called 
    Last Kraken. Suddenly they hear Zieg saying that he is going to destroy the 
    world for it is Soa's intention. He somehow controls last Kraken and commands 
    it to destroy the Signet Sphere. The heroes engage in battle to stop it. After 
    beating Kraken, there is a huge noise and Savan says that the dragoon powers 
    reacted with Moot and is going to destroy the Signet. He tells them to go to 
    the next Ancient City, Law City Zenebatos. He prepares a portal to send them 
    there and dies. The heroes decide to avenge him. They also see through the 
    mirror, Zieg destroying the Moon Mirror because he doesn't need it anymore. 
    The group heads for Zenebatos.
    	In Zenebatos, they are prevented from entering the room with the Signet 
    Sphere due to a Wingly Law. They realize that Zieg couldn't get in either. 
    Somehow they work around the law and enter the room. There they are greeted by 
    the Law Maker who has been manipulated by Zieg. They have to fight three 
    powerful enemies, but defeat them. Then they go to the room, but they are too 
    late. Zieg has already used the Moon Object and the Signet Sphere is 
    deteriorating fast. Dart wonders how Zieg got in. Suddenly Zieg appears and 
    says that he is very close to releasing the Virage Embryo. He says that Shana 
    is going to destroy them all and disappears. Rose says that that is not Zieg. 
    Dart says that they will find out who that is once they get to the third 
    Ancient City, the Death City, Mayfil.
    	 Zieg is shown arriving at Mayfil. Dart and co. arrive to find that it 
    is a place where souls of dead species go. They find the trapped souls of the 
    Dragons they have vanquished and beat them to release them. They then 
    encounter the soul of Lavitz. Lavitz seems strange and even attacks the group. 
    Rose says that something is controlling his soul. They find out that a 
    resident of hell, Zackwell allowed Lavitz to live there, but took control of 
    him. They beat Zackwell and free Lavitz. Lavitz shows them the way to the 
    Signet Sphere and dies in peace. They arrive at the Signet Sphere and see Zieg 
    using the Moon Object. Dart tries to stop him, but can't. Suddenly, there is a 
    huge noise and Rose says that the Moon is starting to fall. Dart says that 
    they still have time as long as Shana doesn't reach it. A video is shown of 
    the Moon falling on earth and landing on the Divine Tree. A lot of Virages 
    come out of it. Rose says that they are just the guardians for the Virage 
    Embryo. They decide to go to the Moon that Never Sets.
    	In the Moon that Never Sets, they each encounter their past and realize 
    the truth. Miranda realizes that her mother left her, because she couldn't 
    bear to watch her father ruin their lives. She always loved Miranda. Haschel 
    realizes that he pushed his daughter too far and was able to find peace. 
    Kongol realizes that Emperor Doel was really helping him. He also earns the 
    respect of his brother by beating him. In return he gets the Golden Dragoon 
    Spirit and now, Kongol too is a dragoon. Meru fights the Archangel, the god of 
    Winglies, and tells it that humans are good people. She escapes from the 
    Archangel's curse. Albert manages to forgive his uncle for killing his father. 
    He realizes that Emperor Doel was misguided, but had good intentions. Rose 
    defeats her Dragon to release it from its misery. Finally, they all reach the 
    core of the Moon.
    	There they are blocked by a Super Virage guarding the path. They defeat 
    it to get through. Dart sees Shana and tries to go to her, but Zieg appears. 
    He steals Dart's dragoon spirit and turns into a dragoon. They fight Zieg and 
    defeat him. After the battle, Zieg reveals his true self. Rose says that it is 
    Melbu Frahma, the one time ruler of Winglies. When Zieg defeated Melbu during 
    the Dragon Campaign, Melbu transferred his soul to Zieg's body and later to 
    Dart's father. He sends Shana to the Embryo and releases her. Then he goes in 
    there and Rose realizes that he is merging with the Embryo. They wonder what 
    to do, when out of nowhere Lloyd appears. He engages in battle with Melbu and 
    does quite well until an attack from Melbu kills him. Before dying he gives 
    Dart the Divine Dragon spirit and the Dragon Buster. He tells Dart to kill 
    Melbu. Dart is now the dragoon of the Divine Dragon. They get ready for the 
    final battle with Melbu Frahma.  
    	A long battle ensues and eventually the heroes come out on top. Dart 
    flies over to Shana to check on her. Rose goes to Zieg. Zieg says that it is 
    the end of their journey and asks Rose to come with him. Rose accepts. Melbu 
    rises up and says that he is not finished. Zieg and Rose tell the others to 
    leave and unleash a massive attack on Melbu, but get trapped with him. Dart 
    and the others escape from a crumbling Moon that Never Sets. When they exit, 
    they see the Moon exploding and going up in flames. Dart lets out a yell 
    knowing that Zieg and Rose sacrificed themselves for the future of the world. 
    In the end some scenes are shown in which peace has returned to the world and 
    everyone lives happily.
    --------------------------------The End--------------------------------
    5.	Summary of the game.
    In this section, I will briefly summarize the game with the main plot and 
    The basic concept is that the life on earth was created by the creator, 
    Soa. He planted the Divine Tree, which eventually bore 108 fruits. These 
    fruits were the various life forms. His plan was for the fruits to be 
    developed one after the other until it reached the 108th fruit which is the 
    God of Destruction. This was supposed to destroy everything and allow life 
    to start over. The Winglies, who were the 107th species didn't want a being 
    more powerful than them and therefore separated its flesh from its soul. 
    The flesh became the Moon that Never Sets and the soul was trapped in a 
    crystal sphere. Charle Frahma, one of the two leaders of the Winglies 
    created a bunch of Signet Spheres that would prevent the soul from reaching 
    the flesh, but her brother, Melbu created the Divine Moon Objects which 
    could destroy the Signet Spheres. During the Dragon Campaign, a war for 
    survival between humans and Winglies, the humans destroyed the crystal 
    sphere. Since then, every 108 years the Moon that Never Sets glows, and the 
    soul assumes a human form and tries to reach the flesh. This human form is 
    the Moon Child. Charle learned about this and granted one of the dragoons, 
    Rose immortality so she could assume the role of the Black Monster and kill 
    the Moon Child. Lloyd's goal was to get the Moon Objects and hand them to 
    Melbu Frahma, pretending to be Zieg, pretending to be Emperor Diaz. Melbu 
    wants to destroy the world, so he could be the God and Dart and co. are 
    involved in a mammoth struggle to stop him. Eventually the heroes manage to 
    defeat Melbu and restore peace to the world.
    6.	Impression of the game.
    This was a really good game with some of the best graphics on any system 
    ever. The story was a bit generic, but there were a lot of twists and turns 
    near the end which were very interesting. The characters evoked a lot of 
    emotion and the fact that a lot of them died shows how tough their battle 
    was. This game really makes me look forward to a sequel.
    7. Credits.
    Thanks to me for having the patience to write this FAQ.
    Thanks to my brother, Bohnish for contributing as little as possible.
    Thanks to UMAkiraGHS for reminding me that I missed Miranda's profile.
    Thanks to the people at SCEA for making a great game.
    Thanks to anyone who reads this FAQ and gamefaqs.com. 
    It was a lot of fun writing this FAQ. This is the first FAQ of any kind I have 
    ever written. I hope to write some more in the future. Till then keep playing.

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