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    Dropped Item Chart by DragonMageNeo

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 12/02/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Well this is my first FAQ of any type!     I hope you Enjoy it  PLEASE TELL ME
          DROPPED ITEM CHART v2.2
        By,  DragonMageNeo
          Copywrite, 2000
       -whats new-
       -A Quick Plug-
       -Monster/item list-
       -Contact info-
       -Thank yous-
          If you Paid for this faq, you just got ripped off.  This Faq is intended
    for free use and Distrbution on the gamefaqs.com.  If you wish to use my faq
    e-mail me at Dragonmageneo@prodigy.net and ask.
         Well comeing to terms with the fact that one no longer has a life is a
    hard thing to do.  So in order to coop I decided to take on the tireless act of
    documenting all the Items droped by the Baddies In Legend of Dragoon.  Keep in
    mind that this list is Far from finished.  All info in this faq is belived to
    be accurate and near complete.  If you find any thing a miss or have other
    items to list that I have missed I will leave contact information at the bottom
    of this faq. Thank you and I hope that all my efforts have made some ones life
    :::Whats New:::
          v2.2  Hey look More critters and Items along with a NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS.
          v2.1  Ok I havent had ne real time to play.  i think I added 2 or 3 new
    Items and fixed a few more Mistakes.  PLEASE I need YOUR help.  i am working
    way to much and need people to mail me there finds.
          v2.0  I have just added a bunch of new items and a few new monsters. 
    Again I have fixed a couple of spelling mistakes.  Please if you guys find an
    item I dont have on here please e-mail me with it.  I need all the help i can
    get,  this is taking to much of my free time.
          v1.1  I have fixed a few type-o's.  I have also added a few more items.
    Other than that not to much new.  Notice the Note I added at the start of the
    Item list.  I have also added a few plugs.
          v1.0  Well this is the first version of this faq so every thing is new. 
    All I can say about the makeing of this faq is, never again.  You would not
    belive how long it took for me to get some of the monsters to drop an item.  As
    you can see I am still trying to get some of them to do so.  I can really use
    your help with this.
    :::A Few Quick PLug:::
          My first plug is for my Girlfriends web site.  She is an up and coming
    photographer, she deals with band porfolieos, weddings, and potriates, and just
    about any thing else you can think of.  If you are interested got to
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    you have to loose is your hearing.
    :::On with the Show:::
          I am adding locations only to Rare and hard to find Enemys.   If you are
    looking for battle tips, secrets to the game or any thing thats NOT related to
    monsters and the items they drop, take a look at Desmonds faqs.  (R)=Hard to
    find or Rare monsters and (*)=An Item that is worth trying to get at that point
    in the game.    ******NOTE*****  PIGGIES DO LEAVE SACHETS.  IT TAKES AN
    ALREADY KNOW.  Also the bosses do not always drop their items,  so I know I
    have missed a couple of those.  If you dont get any thing you can only reset
    your playstation and try again.
       |||||||                 ||||||||||||          ||||||||
    /*/Monster\*\           /*/Item Dropped\*\    /*/Location\*\
       |||||||                 ||||||||||||          ||||||||
    00 parts(R)             Spirit Potion         Between Lohan and Kazas
    Aqua King               Angel's Prayer
    Arcangel                ---------
    Arrow Shooter           Bemusing Bow(*)
    Assassin Cock           Healing Potion
    Baby Dragon             Mind Purifier
    Bar Sock Mouse          Healing Potion
    Baslisk                 depetrifier
    Beastie Dragon          Total Vanishing
    Belzac                  Golden Stone(*)
    Berserker               Energy Girdle(*)
    Blue Bird(R)            ---------             Between Home of Gigantos and
    Vally of
                                                   Corrupted Gravity
    Bowling                 Attack Ball
    Bursting Ball           ----------
    Cactus                  Recovery Ball
    Canbria Dayfly          Body Purifier
    Caterpillar             Moon Serenade
    Claire                  ---------
    Cleone                  ---------
    Commander 1             Burn out
    Commander 2             Attack Ball
    Crafty Thief            Pellet
    Crescent Bee            Body Purifier
    Crocodile               Pellet
    Crystal Golem           Sapphire Pin
    Cursed Jar(R)           Night Raid
    Cute Cat                Dancers Shoes (*)
    Damia                   Blue Sea Stone(*)
    Dark Elf                Depetrifier
    Dark Doel               ---------
    Deadly Spider           Body Purifier
    Death                   Angel's Prayer
    Death Purger            Total Vanishing
    Death Rose              ----------
    Divine Ball             Dragon Sheild
    Divine Cannon           Gravitiy Grabber
    Divine Dragon           Flash Hall
    Divine Dragon Spirit    Flash Hall
    Dragon fly              Angel's Prayer
    Dragon Soldier          Knight Sheild
    Dragoon Dole            ----------
    Drake                   Bandits Shoes/Bandits Ring
    Erupting Chick          Mind Purifier
    Emperor Doel            ----------
    Evil Spider             Angel's Prayer
    Fairy                   Sun Rhapsody
    Feyrbrand               Down Burst
    Feyrbrand Spirit        Down Burst
    Fire Spirit             Spirit Cloak(*)
    Flying Rat              Angel's Prayer
    Forest Runner           Recovery Ball
    Fowl Fighter            Mind Purifier
    Freeze Knight           Fatal Blizzard
    Frilled Lizard          Healing Potion
    Fruegel1                Knight Shield
    Fruegel2                Gravity Grabber
    Gangster                Bandits Ring  (*)
    Gargoyle                Dark Mist
    Gehrich                 Soul Headband
    Ghost Knight            ---------
    Ghost Commander         Night Raid
    Glare                   Mind Purifier
    Gnome                   Healing Potion
    Goblin                  Detonate Rock
    Grand Jewel             Spectral Flash
    Greham                  Jade Dragon Spirit/Plate Mail
    Guftas                  ----------
    Guillatine              Healing Breeze
    Happy Troll             Knight Sheild
    Harpy                   Panic Bell
    Hell Hound
    Hellena Warden          Healing Potion
    Human Hunter            Recovery Ball
    Hyper Skeleton          Spear Of Terror
    Icicle ball             Spirit Potion
    Imago                   Healing Rain
    Indora                  Indora's Ax(*) (and Kongols Dragoon spirit if you dont
    have it yet)
    Jelly                   Healing Fog
    Jiango                  Sachet
    Kamuy                   Darkness Stone(*)
    Kanzas                  Violet Stone
    Killer Bird             Panic Bell
    Kongol 1                Power Wrist
    Kongol 2                Wargod Calling
    Land Stalker            Spear Frost
    Last Kraken             Pretty Hammer
    Lenus1                  ---------
    Lenus2                  Jeweld Crown
    Light Sword             ---------
    Living Statue           Detonate Rock
    Lizard Man              Beast Fang
    Lloyd                   --------
    Loner Knight            Soul Eater(*)
    Lucky Jar               Moon Serenade
    Madman                  Body Purifier
    Magician Bogey           ---------
    Magician Faust          Phantom Sheild(*)     Get all 50 stardust
    Magma Fish              Healing Potion
    Mammoth                 Stunning Hammer
    Man eating Bud(R)       Plate Mail            Dragons Nest, in the last room
    before boss
    Mandrake                Sun Rhapsody
    Manticore               Depetrifier
    Mantis                  Pellet
    Mappi1                  Total Vanishing
    Mappi2                  Diamond Claw
    Maximum Volt            Flash Hall
    Mega Sea Dragon         Gushing Magma
    Melbu Frahma            ---------
    Mermaid                 Spirit Potion
    Merman                  Spear
    Metal Fang              Beast Fang
    Michael                 ---------
    Minotour                Heavy Mace
    Mole                    Angel's Prayer
    Moss Dresser            Healing Fog
    Mountain Ape            Angels Prayer
    Mr. Bone                Bastard Sword
    Myconids                Body Purifier
    Orc                     Dark Mist
    Piggy                   Sachet(*)             yes this is right  so dont e-mail
    me about it                                                                    
       (see the note at top)
    Piton                   Red-Eyed Stone
    Plague Rat              Body Purifier
    Polter Armor-Armor      Smoke Ball(*)
    Polter Armor-Helmet     ---------
    Polter Armor-Sword      Soul Eater(*)
    Pot Belly               Healing Breeze
    Professor               Sage Cloak(*)
    Psyche Droid
    Puck                    Dancers Ring(*)
    Pupa                    Sun Rhapsody
    Rainbow Bird(R)         Rainbow Dress         Any Where While on the Queen Fury
    on disk 4
    Red Bird(R)             Pheonix Plume         Between The Evergreen Forest and
    Red Hot                 Body Purifier
    Regole                  Frozen Jet
    Regole Spirit           Frozen Jet
    Roc                     Down Burst
    Rocky Turtle            Guard Badge
    Rodriguez               -------------
    Run Fast                Body Purifier
    Salamander              Sun Rhapsody
    Sandora Elite           Healing Breeze
    Sandora Solder1         Healing Potion
    Sandora Solder2         Sun Rhapsody
    Sand Worm               Spirit Potion
    Scissor Hands           Meteor Fall
    Scorpion                Posin Needle
    Screaming Bat           Healing Potion
    Screw Shell             Healing Potion
    Scud Shark              Body Purifier
    Sea Dragon              Burn Out
    Sea Piranha             Spear Frost
    Senior Warden           Healing Potion
    Shadow Blade            ---------
    Shirley                 Silver Stone
    Skeleton                Broad Sword
    Sky Chaser              Body Purifier
    Slime                   Body Purifier
    Slug                    Mind Purifier
    Snow Cannon             ---------
    Spider Urchin           Posin Needle
    Spiky Beetle            Attack Ball
    Spinning Head           Mind Purifier
    Spectre                 Midnight Terror
    Spring Hitter           Healing Fog
    Stern Fish              Frozen Jet
    Stinger                 Body Purifier
    Strong Man              Fake Power Wrist
    Succubus                Platinum Collar
    Super Virage Arm1       ---------
    Super Virage Body1      Healing Rain
    Super Virage Head1      ---------
    Swift Dragon            Burning Wave
    Syuveil                 Jade Stone(*)
    Terminator              Total Vanishing
    Toad Stool              Body Purifier
    Trap Plant
    Treasure Jar(R)         Ruby Ring
    Trent                   Pellet
    Tricky Bat              Mind Purifier
    Ugly Ballon             Posin Guard
    Undead                  Mind Purifier
    Unicorn                 Healing Rain
    Urobolus                Wargods Amulet
    Vampire Kiwi            Healing Potion
    Virage Arm1             Mind Purifier
    Virage Body1            Healing Potion
    Virage Head1            Healing Potion
    Virage Arm2             ---------
    Virage Body2            ---------
    Virage Head2            Moon Serenade
    White Ape               Healing Potion
    WildMan                 Gigantos Ring
    Will-O-Wisp             Spirit Potion
    Windigo                 Brass Knuckle
    Wire                    ---------
    Windy Weasel            Rave Twister
    Witch                   Angels Prayer
    Wounded Bear            Attack Ball
    Wyvern                  Down Burst
    Yellow Bird(R)          Elude Cloak
    Zackwell                Healing Rain
    Zieg Feld               ---------
                                      ------CONTACT INFO-------
          If you want to contact me, to report on other items I missed, monsters I
    missed, My wounderful Spelling, or to tell me how great of a guy I am, my
    E-mail is DragonMageNeo@prodigy.net
                                      ------THANK YOUS-------
    My Very Spelcial Thanks go to,
           Desmond for the use of his monster list, making some of the best facts
    on the web, and being surportive on the LOD message Board.  Also I would like
    to thank him for the Items that are dropped by The Loner Knights and all The
    birds as well as 00 parts.
           Mountian Dew for caffine needed to stay focused on the task at hand.
           Miller for the alchohal needed to become unfocused on the task at hand.
           Sony for Making a Game that is not Crap.
           Prima for absolutely nothing.
           I would also like to thank some one who I only know as Sister from the
    "LOD" Message board for the items that Crystal Golem, Puck, Wildman, and many
    others left.  She also donated a bunch more, but out of disoraganizaton, I seem
    to of lost them.  But thank you once again.
           A thank you also goes out to Belzac from the LOD board for his info on
    the Stern fish.
           It seems I can not thank Sister enouph for helping me.  When ever I
    least expect it she helps me out.
           A very warm thanx goes out to Andrew and John for whom have done a lot
    of playing and research for this faq.  i couldnt be doing this without them.
    Oh, Btw did I mention   CopyWrite 2000  DragonMageNeo

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