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"Great game , lots of predjudice from Square fans"

Simply put , Legend of Dragon rocks .

Legend of Dragoon is one of th few RPGs to be released by Sony , and it's one of the best of the genre to hit the system . However , due to Squaresoft's loyal following , it has been shot down , put down , and dragged in the mud because of a few 'familiarties' in the game of some of Squaresoft's past games . Squaresoft does generate great RPGs , and I am a fan of theirs , but when I first got my hands on this game , I was amazed at how Sony could pull off such a magnificent game , and it not being a platformer .

Let me begin with a few of the game's most interesting qualties . First , there is the Additions system , which can be frustrating . Whenever you choose to attack with a person , a white square appears in the midle of the screen , another white square slowly moving in on it . You have to time the pressing of the X button when the squares are even . If you hit too soon , the inner square goes grey , and if you hit too late it turns blue . It can get frustrating with a few of the faster characters Additions , but normally those are the stronger additions anyways .

Another of the game's interesting , and main , features , is the ability to transform into a Dragon Knight , or a Dragoon . You gain what are called Spirit Points whenever you attack and perform an Addition correctly , which are added to a meter below your HP and MP . When the character gets at least 100 SP , which normally takes , at least , 3 attacks , a colored orb appears along with the other options of Attack , Guard , Item , and Escape . Choosing this orb puts your character into a transformation animation , it ending with you regaining control of your character and having two options , Dragoon Attack and Dragoon Magic . Every action performed as a Dragoon consumes 100 sp , so near the beginning of the game you only have one turn as a Dragoon . When a Dragoon attacks , a radar sort of item appears in the upper right screen , and a beam sits at the 12 o' clock position . You must hit X whenever the beam hits 12 o' clock position so that your character can get another hit in . Also , if each member of your party has their Dragon Spirits/Stones , and they each have their SP meter maxed , a Ying Yang symbol appears next to the orb . Choosing this transforms all of your characters into Dragoons and transforms the battleground into the elemental battleground of the character who chose it . The character who chose the Special Command/Ying Yang's Dragoon Additions are pulled off perfectly , and their attacks and magic spells are more powerful . Also , whenever a character turns into a Dragoon , all negative affects on them are canceled .

One major beef about the game might be the fact that the enemies seem to attack whenever they want , and the battles spoils are .. minor . One up of this , however , is that you would gain more SP to use against a boss or some strong enemy , and the fact you can choose to battle or not if you have a Charm Potion in your inventory . Another thing that make sup for this is the boss battles themselves , which normally give enough XP to level your main party , and give upwards of sometimes 1000 gold .

As for the story line of this game , I must say it is compareable to some of the Final Fanasties , especially 6 , which I see as the best story line of all of the FFs . This is where many of the Squaresoft fans get angry , because they notice a few similarities in the storyline of this game and some of the FFs , even though they have yet to notice that most RPGs use the same story line .. such as the fact they defeat evil group , find a lone person is behind it all , chase that person down , save the world by defeating him . Most RPGs are like that , mainly the FFs , although some of the ones with this story line have added parts , such as in FF8 with Squall's memories , and in FF7 , Red XIII learning of what happened to his father . Some RPGs don't even follow this story line , such as Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete . It begins in a totally different way than 'defeat evil group' .. but that's a different review in itself . ^^

I have only one word for the graphics of this game .. spectacular . There are a few snafus here and there , but those mean nothing when you see the Dragoon transformations , and the major detail they put into the cities and overworld map . The sound is bit odd at times , especially with the voice acting . It sometimes sounds as if they get different people to say each addition , or the people that do say the additions didn't get a correct script . ( Crush Dance is pronounced as Crash Dance on the game . Yeah , Dart ! Get down get down ! ) I really didn't pay too much attention to the music , but it did fit when I did recgonize it . Also , the FMVs are not quite on par what you might expect to see in an FF game , but they do have their charm . They are sort of animeish without being drawn ..

All in all , this game is good , and I highly reccomend purchasing , so I can get my commision from Sony . ^^ Joking aside , I know this game will get both good and bad reviews , and I'm suspecting the bad reviews will be from hardcore Squaresoft fans , and the good reviews from hardcore RPG fans or people who are just trying out RPGs for the first time . ( I know I was bedazzled by Mario RPG when I first played it .. ^^; ) I just hope that , if any hardcore Squaresoft gamers shoot this game down , that they realize Squaresoft isn't the only person who makes great RPGs . One bit of proof of that ? Wasn't Wild ARMs created by Sony ? ^^ I rest my case . Buh-bye now , enjoy the game

'' An RPG without plot is like bacon without eggs . ''

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/12/00, Updated 08/12/00

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