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"Good beginning, better middle, bad end."

I bought this game when it first came out and got to the fourth disc but never finished. So this week I decided to pick up an old classic. I choose the Legend of Dragoon, which took me 35 hours to complete. Since I just finished it today I thought it the best and freshest opportunity to compose a fair and balanced review.

Presentation - 4/10
Pros: Very nice and imaginative character designs and a concept that obviously didn't try to copy other games of its era TOO too much..
Cons: This game smells an awful lot like Final Fantasy VII which was released before this title. However it's missing many elements that made FFVII the masterpiece it is. Very archaic menu design and visible errors. Many however only a careful eye could discover. The story is poorly translated (and if it's a good translation the story is just extremely boring). Many of the scenes in the game could have been removed, and it's noticeable how Sony added many scenes just to lengthen the game. I love stories in RPGs, but this one is base, unoriginal, and downright boring. Treasure in dungeons.. oh boy, at the end of the game you'll want to skip them all cause they're all filled with useless crap.

Graphics - 8/10
Pros: Graphics and designs ahead of its time. Nice battle scenes, and a noticeable improvement on FFVII's out of battle models.
Cons: Poor design on many pre-rendered backgrounds. By the end, many battle animations may bore the player.

Music and sound - 7/10
Pros: Not exactly a soundtrack you may find yourself humming when you're not playing the game, but some very nice tunes nonetheless. Sound effects are adequate.
Cons: English dub when it's present is extremely poor and laughable. Movie scenes and dragoon magic are annoyingly louder than the rest of the game. I frequently had to manually lower my volume during these occurances.

Gameplay - 6/10
Pros: In the beginning of the game, the concept of the addition and dragoon systems are fun and fresh. Very welcome at their introductions.
Cons: The addition system becomes burdensome and you'll say to yourself... why do I have to do this every fight...? The dragoon system slowly becomes a resort when you need more defense. Dungeons are annoying, frequent random encounters, and many forced locations that are downright pointless to the main plot. Just wait until you have to have an active role in sorting out everyone's story at the end of the game. I wanted to pull my hair out.

Replay value - 4/10
Toward the end I remembered why I quit it when it came out. The end of this game is so poor and boring, I just wanted to finish it just to finish it and be done with it. The game will entertain you for a week or less, then bore you for the rest. If you're asking yourself... "Why am I bothering to proceed?" Welcome to the club.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/15/07

Game Release: The Legend of Dragoon (US, 06/13/00)

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