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"How many years does it to take to translate?"

This is a classic PS era RPG. The battle system is turn based, but one of the best selling points of this game is that it is more than simply pressing "X" to attack. Characters learn Additions as they level up, which are basically combos that require timing of pressing the attack button by following the on-screen prompts. It was the first RPG I ever played that tried doing something about the monotony of "Attack" and I love this game for it.

The dragoon magic system is unique too. I wish characters would get more than the 4 magic spells they each obtain, but it is scaled to not have a huge emphasis on magic, as you can only use your magic in dragoon form and characters can only be in dragoon form for a total of up to 5 turns once leveled to that point. After depleting their SP levels, characters must build back their SP by completing Additions until they have at least one level. One SP level = one turn in dragoon form.

There are some great backgrounds and catchy music tracks in this game. Not enough games have multiple battle tracks and multiple boss battle tracks like LoD.

Another feature I really enjoyed was the cursor above your character's head. Allow me to explain: random battles are present in this game, however, the cursor above your head will change from blue, yellow, to red, indicating you will have to participate in a fight soon. I haven't noticed this in any other games. It was nice to have the heads up, even if there is nothing you can do about it. When in battle, the cursor above an enemy's head will change at half health, then at 1/4 health. Also very helpful-- especially in boss battles. Finally, while on maps and in towns, there are arrows indicating all possible exits from the screen you are on. Another great feature I wish more games would implement.

Inventory can be a chore to upkeep. You can only carry 32 consumables at a time. This can be frustrating, as mentioned before, as you can only use magic while in dragoon form to heal. Not all characters have healing spells, and the character you are led to believe serves as the healer I never used, as she has no additions to level so I didn't place her in the party. Anyway, I relied mainly on items for healing, therefore I had 32 slots to manage healing items, resurrecting items, attack items, as well as 5 special permanent items that you can use once per battle, and they have some great effects. Attack items were not all that necessary, I discarded most of them to make room for healing.

The latter parts of the game are unbalanced, as the bosses and battles rely more on magic than physical attacks. I felt cheated that I spent a lot of money on a high physical defense accessory, only to have it collect dust in my inventory. Save the money for the magic defense boosting accessories. As a typical RPG cliche, the strongest physical character in the game has a crippling weakness to magic, so only use him if you like the challenge (especially with the final optional boss in the game).

One final warning: the translations and voice acting are awful. Hilariously awful. They made the game funny in parts where it wasn't supposed to be. In a strange way, it is part of this game's charm for me.

All in all, I strongly recommend Legend of Dragoon.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/09/10

Game Release: The Legend of Dragoon (US, 06/13/00)

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