Review by Blakekl

"Legendary mediocrity"

This game had some potential. I feel like the ideas were good, but he execution left much to be desired and a lack of some much needed polish. I liked this game a lot in the beginning. Additions were simple and engaging and made battles more fun. In later stages of the game, they became tedious and frustrating. It was a good idea in theory to keep the player involved in the game, the execution was just poor and in the end dragged the game on. Sure you can equip items that auto perform the additions, but this is kind of a waste of an equipment slot that you don't really want to give up. Instead, you continue to Perform additions manually, dragging fights out considerably, especially if you mess up the addition.

Which leads me to my second complaint: everything in this game takes a long time. Sure, the spells and battle effects look awesome and super flashy, but after seeing them so many times you'll be begging for a skip button, that unfortunately does not exist. There is an option to shorten the dragoon transformation sequences, but even these shortened scenes were painfully long. The defend sequence is long. The item use sequence is long. Pseudo cutscenes are too long. The game insists you watch a character shake their head for 5 seconds and then read "no." By the time I reached disc 4, the game was no longer fun. It was a gauntlet of boredom and tedium. Determination and my own stubborn nature is the only reason I beat the game. 45 hours of gameplay feels more like 80, and not in a good way.

The story started out pretty good, but it soon got warped and twisted into a confusing jumble of bad characters and mini-arcs that just distracted from the overall story, which really wasn't that great either. It's essentially save the world and childhood-romantic-interest all at the same time. There were just a lot of holes in the plot at the end that bothered me. And the story was pretty cliche.

The graphics and sound were all great, other than the sometimes awful voice acting (which most noticeably occurs in the final cutscene). The characters are pretty blocky, but the backgrounds and the FMV sequences are very pretty.

Overall, the game just did not stay fun. I found myself feeling forced to play rather than wanting to play. A game should never feel that way. 4/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/07/11

Game Release: The Legend of Dragoon (Greatest Hits) (US, 12/31/01)

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