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Reviewed: 04/18/01 | Updated: 04/18/01

Why would anybody waste their time?

If there was anybody worried about SCEI stealing the RPG market from Square or Enix, relax, this game sucks. I guess it wouldn't be so low, but considering that this game has been in developement for 4 years, labled as the Final Fantasy ''Killer'', and supposed to have a ''involving'' story you would think that I should have high expectations for this and I do. Anyway here is the review

Graphics: 7 FMV graphics: 9

If this game was released when FFVII was out then they probably would have done good...but you can see that these are old previous generation graphics. Lets get past the idea that the main character is without a doubt...a cross between Cloud and Crono. If you don't belive me just take a long look. HE EVEN HAS ARMOR ON THE SAME ARM!! I really don't need to go on the subject, they look good..but nowhere near as good as FFVIII or somthing that was brought out in the same period. The backgrounds are beatiful, and it shows where the time was spent. The FMV was excellent, but most of it was showing old scrolls telling the story now much more you don't get your first good FMV till the second disc...and even then I have seen better, but believe me the FMV is great and beats the socks off of FFVIII.

Music: 2

UGH! what the hell is this?! I can't hear it too well to begin with and there are only 3 tunes that are actually well done It is stuff like this that makes me want to break out some of my grindcore and listen to that while I am killing bad guys.

Gameplay: 4

You would think that somthing with a lousy story would make up for it with it's battle system(ex. FFV's amasingly cool job class system) well it doesn't. Think of the Gunblade idea from Squall but being able to do more of them in succession...the catch? It gets frustratingly difficult. I guess it wouldn't be so hard but it gets quite frustrating when you die at the hands of a boss and your exuse is...I couldn't finish my move. As for level building, you can do it a lot in the beggining but later on, call in sick because it is going to take you a day to level up. Also the bosses are way unbalenced. I went from a quick kill to someone who uses their ultimate attack followed by their medium attack...YEAH THAT'S FAIR. The magic system is equally annoying because you have to go into your Dragoon stage to use it...and my only person who SPECIALISES in curative magic, has none of those addition thingies so I usually just rely on potions. Morphing into dragons is cool persay but still, it is annoying when you can't get a full attack.

Story: 2

if you played FFIV then you've played this. I won't spoil it for you. It isn't the same in all is just sorta the same environment. Dart is a mercenary(and a quite a weird one who seems happy sometimes and like a loner the other half) and their is war going on. that is all I will say...if your still crazy for picking this one up I am going to keep my mouth shut...just you've heard it all before. The translation is equally terrible, sounds like FFVIIs(they even take the translation type from FF!)

Rent or Buy

it would be a good weekend play for you...but SCEI should be embarrased that this game took this long and it plays like puu. This is ridiculous, SCEI is our first party and they put crap like this out on the shelves. If you are done with all the good stuff then maybey this can keep you busy, if your deciding between this and Breath of Fire...I would go with Capcom.


Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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