Review by Geodole

Reviewed: 01/24/00 | Updated: 01/24/00

WOW! This is a Playstation Game???

This is a truly amazing game! SCEJ has really outdone themselves with this one, and brought over to North America, it would do better than even Final Fantasy VII!

Graphics 10+!!
Oh My GOD! The graphics in this game are amazing for the Playstations limitataions. The graphics in this game are better by any N64 Game by far! Coloured effect lighting, realisticaly lighted shadows, and beautifully rendered backgrounds make this game a truly wondrous experience.

Movies 10+
Another aspect of this game that truly outshines the rest is the quality and amount of CGI animated cutscenes (fully voiced). I swear there is about 1 hour of movies in this game!!

Gameplay/Plot/Story 10
This game has a very compelling story, i could not put down my controller for 48 hours on end, I wanted MORE! It runs over 4 Cds packed with one of the greatest (besides Chrono Trigger, SOM, and FFA-6) stories ever to be written. The characters are believable, accuratly voice depicted, and beautifuuly drawn in all their polygonal glory.

Music/Sound 9.5
The Music is amazing, not as good as Parasite Eve, FF8,Xenogears, or FF7 reunion, but still really good. (I wish i could find a soundtrack of it).


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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