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"Best RPG game since Final Fantasy!"


Hi thank you for checking out my review for The Legend Of Dragoon. Out of all the RPG games I played this will always remain one of my favorite ones. If you like the Final Fantasy series then you will love this game! I first bought the game thinking it'll probably be a waste of money but soon after a few hours of gameplay I thought it's the best game I've ever had! I've just recently succeed of beating the game. I enjoyed it so much that I'm going to tell people how the game is and how I feel about it!

In This review I will write many aspects of the game, like Gameplay, Music, Graphics, ect. This is only my opinion on the game so don't take it seriously. Some of you might hate it instead. Anyway enough of the long and boring introduction! Here's the review =)


This game have a extraordinary gameplay. Unlike the other RPG games, the battle mode and the gameplay in this game is quite unique and different.

Battle Mode!
Here is one interesting thing about the battle mode. in this game you can actually do moves once you attack. In a battle, once you've attacked an opponent the damages is based on how well you can do the moves. Another unique thing about the game is the Dragoons. Later in the game you will find out about being a dragoon. Then you will now know that you can transform into dragoons in battles to help you win. Once you have 100 SP (gained by each attacks) you can now transform into a dragoon! You're attack and defense will be increase greatly and you can now use dragoon magic! That's basically all of the cool things I can think of for the Battle Mode :P

The story in this game start out just like other RPG games. It goes from being small then trying to save the world from a crisis! Warning! There will be some spoiler so read at your own risk! The story in this game is about a guy name Dart. He is on a quest to pursue the Black Monster that destroy his village and kill his parents while he was little. On his quest he will beat some allies to join him. Then the story will unfold around a man name Lloyd and his quest to get all of the Divine Moon Object for his emperor, Doel! Dart and his allies then set his goal on trying to get all of the object back for they knew the three Divine Moon Objects is used for destroying the Signet Spheres. Dart and his friends succeed of destroying Lloyd but they realize that the Signet Spheres can be destroy without the objects. The Signet Spheres is the seal that holds the God Of Destruction on the Moon that Never Sets! Once he destroy the Signet Sphere and the Moonchild he can release the God Of Destruction. That's basically the break down. I won't tell you anymore of that because I don't want to ruin the story :) In any case the story is awesome and you have to buy (or rent) the game to get in on all of the action!


The music in the Legend Of Dragoon enhanced the gameplay and story. There are many great battle music in the game! The battle music will get you up and going for an incoming battle and the boss music will electrify you! Not much to say about the music but I did left out one cool thing...

The characters can finally say something in the game! Each character will speak once you've complete a move in a battle and in the movies! Though they seem to talk kind of cheesy it's still better then nothing!


What can I say about the games graphics? hmm... Excellent!! Sure in the gameplay the graphics isn't as good as other newer games today but once you watch an FMV, the graphics will take your breath away. The game have a perfect 10 for graphics for the PSOne system! That's all I can say bout the games graphics!

Final Notes

There you have it! All of the aspects of the games I can think about. Once again keep in mind this is my own opinion about the game, try to out and see what you think of it. If I were you, I would run out and buy this fantastic game ASAP! I promise you won't regret it. The Legend Of Dragoon will always remain on my top games list forever! Thanks for reading this review and good luck with it if you buy it! :)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/30/03, Updated 05/30/03

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